Keefer Madness - A homeschooled kids  'Summa Cum Laude' cake is censored

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, May 22nd
A homeschooled child in North Carolina graduated at the top of his class and his parents decided to get him a cake. However, the cake company decided to censor the middle of “Summa Cum Laude” The family will be compensated for receiving a censored cake.

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She's hurt. Yes I'm ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon not TVs and yes he's a nice guy and so screw you keep the gap to secure you led. You know you're used you. I hate which yeah so it just Baghdad to. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. 250. Dollars worth of Pokemon toys. Send me naked pictures on my account has yet. Something I played and I love myself yeah. But the former rockets are. Or. Vernon Maxwell. Fix it for the Mets game. Aren't receives it could top Dale's tape worms story but I don't it'll granted I don't know why can't I don't know of anybody candle to go down to a story in North Carolina. It's graduation season guys is a lot of people graduating from high school college here. This month and so we have. And I Stanley stories from. From North Carolina. The signs of a graduation party are still left around the hulls of the Kaczynski family. It's nice regulation graduation party police albums and streamers and saloon will remain the pastoral all that stuff. Jake you graduated Saturday with the highest honors from Christian based home schooling program. With doctorate there. At least accurate there yeah you're the best home school. It would be fair to say you were also the worst of it only. Do it here yeah how could you ever ranking of home school ranging. And I don't Hitler program how many kids are in the program at points roller hockey committed brother. I guess the highest honors thanks mom I appreciate it. We have decided in the highest of honors I don't. So already I'm red flag Jay can graduated Saturday with the highest honors from Christian based home schooling program and so his mom ordered a cake. Access to take. Dale lets you don't know how that's not good but at a desk they'll try to figure out the whole way this is gone he had no I don't know albeit that the yes I have a feeling there's a whole organization of home schooled kids in the I don't know if I'm athletic of them on CNN and that's true obviously got to get this guy. And not know we're OK it is not the case later. On mom levee against south yes you're a guy like cake you know you don't go to school you don't want to eat cake what is owed all liked how woody Dolly that's true doesn't it reduces its first case potentially. So heat we're all beaming mayor Tim waiting to see it and when you opened it it with a huge. Shocked. What do they haven't they opened the cage open it's a huge you not shocked all of us we're those are Arnold makes you ask is that natural only one out there that aren't takes that he sent out to that other radio station half. Could be picked and have something like that. It is a Christian based home schooling that's program where he has made mile mark all dollar bill in the all that America will find them. So he cleared off meaning there to waiting to see it and when you opened it it was. A huge. Shocked. Camera Kaczynski explained how she ordered the three quarter inch sheet cake on line through public's. But when she requested the bakery include Jacobs honor she was alerted propane for special characters weren't allowed. Kara clarified her request with special instructions. She wanted to have something special account data as. I noted and I got. And about unveiled its go ahead and his special honors its not exactly high honors albums classic more Latin and it was the again it was frowned upon by the by the public's apparently missed. With special instructions. D.'s but think censored me. And this is the web that you can refer you for the last term for him a lot which means I'm on. I. You know I go with the highest honors they wanted to go with us chemical blog. That there putter he's common phrase very common especially around this actually stymie is this season for that that they apparently were were having none on and it was slide. For the Latin term yeah hour and a lot of the things the right time. Kara said when her husband picked up the cake from public's on Savannah highway and main road. He didn't know that they three omitted the middle Latin word. It was replaced with heightened. Oh I thought I thought it. It. The this explanation why. They got they got the script for the cake they're like absolutely. Not we're not putting the Florida cage. Those who aren't on line. I mean. Maybe that is why there baking cakes republics. Don't recognize it weren't pretty op at their home schooling I guess we weren't the one. The cake experience was frustrating. Hitting because that this is the gentleman who graduated top. Snacks graduated with deals with these guys graduated its ugly as that civil cum laude this was the gentleman here note it is the it is a graduate graduates is the graduate. The key experience was kind of frustrating humiliating because I had to explain to my friends and family. Like what that meant and they were giggling uncontrollably. That was my friends were. Well not very mature guys. Guys it's over in the corner didn't see if he had a serious matter if he had explained to his friends but not his classmates. Now. There aren't aren't often ignored a big difference though none of that how I I don't know social networking. I'm asked that that's not and I'm not entirely. You're you're gonna home school Christine dance ones that knee may be. Like what that meant and that they were giggling uncontrollably. It was my friends were. The Kaczynski said a manager from public's apologized. And offered to refund. For now they're nibbling on the left over dessert and looking forward to Jacobs freshman year at Wingate universal time of the so it's. Fine for us to be compensated for the cake we're just happy that I found graduated school and have a bright future. Castle that's the only quality really graduate from school ma'am yes he did top one or not he's going to wind gates. Never heard of wind on thereby assuming those persons school so probably that's that's a hole it don't happen all the colleges or you don't others. I. I think that's the idea. You know there's a topless that's I don't think he get them home colleges which don't have homes schools that you're making cakes for your graduate with him I would just they'd be very careful what's your does not look. I've Italians I like tonight a psychiatrist and I put the collar and had a time it is clear now that you're not trying to be funny we Gejdenson. Of course there's through school but then we'll look at him. You've probably played them at some point your collegiate career division three I was also there ahead of Dan Yan well are there a the released risen to rates thanks for coming in again I think it's only like art you'll see it enix and the Celtics lose. I don't think that would it and yeah I love it I got out over the line again street babies on then oh yeah great needs to be here baby stuff yeah. I added my wife and I want to tough. Tomorrow. Will west and Johnny's. As we get ready for Celtics. Game five tomorrow night at the TD garden I saw my whole body is here so it is a McKnight is with us keep it coming up next by. Just give graduated Saturday. With the highest honors from Christian based home schooling program. For the Latin term for them than a lot of things with hype. The key experience was kind of frustrating humiliating. They were giggling uncontrollably and my friends. It yeah I don't growth. Fast.