Keefer Madness: The most frustrating reason for a plane to make an emergency landing

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 20th

Today's Keefer Madness includes the most frustrating reason a plane had to make an emergency landing was because of a gas leak that started a riot. However, not your ordinary gas leak because this was from a human being. A Toronto morning show discusses the use of F-A-R-T, and how is a fascinating yet stalkerish website.


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Served. Yeah ready to keep her madness and when bragged that one out for Iraqi tremendously and I talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild of the men and nothing so screw you keep yeah I assure you guys. Adjourned until. I got sick it just bad guys make you. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. The maid of honor hit the bottle hard. Almost to the best man wins his own car. Like this you know quotes I don't know. Let me tell you something I fighter and I level myself when I read these. Nice I've never had a guy scream act. Every other Tuesday that it is time for Kiefer madness is I would Tuesday means. For me and I think or do all of the list on. Tuesday is pretty consistently on that aired Friday dale they're working in Brian and I knew I'd I don't know Woolsey. This is an important story though that we should share maybe some of us have bad in these situations like this. Happened over the weekend. And it happened on an airplane. But let's look the people from law NBC eleven in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina ABC. ABC eleventh they community let's have them explain the story for us play was forced to make an emergency landing after a fight broke out. Because a man allegedly would not stop passing gas it hooked what. I've been put in the hallway passing gas for cook what little cut but it your Mike is on film. Did all the odds I get. So a gentleman as he's obviously someone who doesn't pass etc. that's correct because no woman does strength so this was a failure on of diligent you and that there aren't that I'd like to hold late that night the well OK got to leave it there they're very prepared and out of there there was somebody that was passing gas on a plane and then they had to wanted to be real because a man allegedly would not stop passing gas it hooked what two passengers on that trans India flight from Dubai to the Netherlands. Ask the man to stop. You know what but he refused and he continued to ask ask the war. You know like that so that was closer than news anchor I suppose. This that you fill in the blank there for rain those huge ego wants you know I don't play. You can always easy to it to stop to mean it can occasionally hired by the Tillman on the plane yes but he he could not stop but he was asked the stuff but I am just saying just because you say yeah that. All right what he can't. Yeah go to the bathroom courtyard a you know what but he refused and he continued to pass gas. That's when the fight broke out and the plane was diverted to begin on the other five there in the life I probably asked several times in the guy would not cool so by April. There were people were removed. From the white. Two of those people are suing claiming they weren't the ones who were. FA RTI and teeing. The goodness. An entire audience made up of four year old yeah this is that a swear word. It's not a problem that we cannot just let go let's go now we know that's the secondary that there's a secondary list of words that I was joining an awful. All the weapons and people are suing to claim that they weren't the ones that gas is is the old. The united supplied really numbers out there the whole thing is NAFTA goes back years via FA RTI and Jeanne. We're out of band from the airline. Other calls but I can't lie ever ebit airlines you now because they. And ARD ILG and an album and by GHT ideas well now that are out there also LE NT ING because of that snow I yeah I did that you do that. After that fight over FA RT. Spelling as you can't say part and TV right. And I know it's FA RTI and team. When you viewers filly is you can't say part MTV right place right dry but I don't hang on those you know our idea was very helpful in front runner up I heard it yet why. Passing gas it hooked what. Could what. That's the story from bug North Carolina now the other morning show. In that Toronto. International news international and that's right yeah it'll run for the border yet the Bruins will be in Toronto starting tomorrow until Saturday night so they can take that you wake up early and watch of this show as they were able to discuss the finer points. Of this story you know that there had to be an emergency landing in a plane this weekend all eyes are actually an analyst party I was watching this happen live Canadian diplomat finds standard that I don't know I don't hit the ladies don't mind saying that they're gonna let it fly to listen to what this guy just said here this weekend all eyes are. Actually an analyst art I was watching this happen live plus. I was watching this happen with playing IE he was not on the plane. You're there with him an accident earlier a lot of very close. On airline dot net you can you can see when a plane has been forced to make a landing. Air live. What is that egg on their bill on airline dot nab it. Airlines I've dot net you can apparently watched planes that have to make emergency in the best stuff web site. While earth which you wanna do that I'm on it. Yeah he see any flights or flights in the I'm antsy all sorts having from the east at thirteen Smart and he. The best part is is that it's finding out scroll so I just don't think this is a great website that without proper that we should be. Anyway so I'm I'm looking at the rugby charters that Edinburgh airport no just in case he's on this gentleman that nobody exited the party honestly no I yes. I. That maybe you can you can see when a plane has been forced to make a landing them and who wants a lot on the radar and all padded and had the wrong angle I don't. Give the read officials and yet this plane it was going from Dubai to Amsterdam. A man wouldn't stop Harding apparently he couldn't help but obviously you couldn't help but right media's IDS who knows of. Just wanted to do maybe while she's there since what he's suggesting irritable bowel syndrome Andy that's right the biggest challenge the US's. Educated well. The foot or two million people that most of us never. It strikes without regard age gender or. That was that the poll by India's. A killer a quality film but I want to let her talk what I've yet. Purple cut from lady killers prior to that security first you're Cohen Brothers and the quality. Belmont nothing on the right there will be it's just that it's like the border all that I'll put an update keep my dad had a plane landed I don't right now I don't know are watching it landed Heathrow this isn't me this but it's ridiculous. Stolen found dead in Kenya Airways. I don't think it's written or whether it's all like her won't lose support what yeah I don't think if they agree it's. Anyway the members site and asked him to please stop target he wouldn't passengers started to complain nothing was being done. Full on fight breaks out. I'm full on fire breaks are you can tell she's Canadian viewers sitting next to somebody who was passing gas the entire time would you even say anything that you would not the hose her down. If you despite what you asked the hot you know what they're not out of the idea that there. I don't know I don't know vote saying it could I use it depends on who it is what we didn't. Yeah it is still all that soon right I'd be pissed off Brett I don't live. There needs to be an emergency landing which you know because of the flags and Lance. No passengers were actually kicked off the plane because apparently didn't break any Austrian las however there banned from flying trends ATA airlines in the future. They had to live there and as an emergency landing in via. And the guy. Was that he was partly but he can't help at all and so what I don't know if he can't help but are what was going on the one thing led to another so. Emeril was was jumping on a given headlined it if Atlanta because the party was in Atlanta because there's arrive on board the board right. So there was turbulence of its own kind of you know what I'm saying. Both terrible but just a terrible he was sick bumps you written a big egos as younger crop of so there was turbulence of its own kind of you know what I'm saying. Both on ski. He got to think it definitely CU on never and it. Could well. There's the FA RTI and teeing I also banned from the airline right. After that fight over FA RT rates that it did semite why would this Friday and it anomalous in that shell knob novelist orally decent deal you secondary list that it was fascinating it was an in the secondary the stared ahead you know the I think I'm I don't have an awful night. I only have them vote yes. Or what made about the player after this I don't you think get a way with the fear that the part of my horrible. No the Saint Paul don't play horrible little caveat you hear all this you know it all well he'll if it don't always get sick after you cannot play because Eddie Guerrero you know what they say they filter everything. We are going on now it appears sitting in a canister. Everyone's Braff. On how the ladies like a great air play. Well no there isn't it that's right we hit for a look at the plague on the high I think she's never about a place that's fires and disorder and constructive criticism instantly on the text like his op idea destructive they can they are gentlemen. Yes you're conversation here right now is juvenile why I for one and uninterested in hearing you talk about farming. I'm driving home from work and I'm interest in sports talk the level that maturity that I have been subjected to is unnecessary and unprofessional. Thank you for your understand that they are TI NG. You know I appreciate the feedback to the coast what. Speaking of smiles complaints though you guys you know won't we we move back from the Super Bowl I told you guys one party near me no no but I told you guys they don't usually shoes on pointed to smell anything I said it that's right yeah I kind of got out front yeah that was an I think I have seen others just popped the shoe yeah. That's the Iowa and you know where you remember Pete Shepperd obviously but yet a member of the region yet they and chanting mosque threw him my sense. I know he's. I BS right. PO basically. At our former. 300 cash. To switch seats with him so we would have to smell you don't flight. And I heard. Yeah I don't like off off off 300 dollars 300 cash. I was sent them it was from ever want to play Arizona from Arizona alone like six hours from Wales. A man wouldn't stop party. On believable. All right at dinner. Sorry for the juvenile humor nuclear understand if it please stop for us that it. So and Turkey is up next with that much is back but got back my guys all right that's coming up next we'll leave that tomorrow see guys later my. The guy what did he was partly. I was watching this capitalize. After that fight over FA RT I'm spelling if you can't take part and TV. The biggest challenge the idea is to educating the public. We'll put us over two million people that most of us never. Dennis strikes without regard to age gender or race. I don't know what.