Keefer Madness - Pathological Liar Edition 10-20-17

Dale & Keefe
Friday, October 20th

We close out the week with a Holley-requested edition of the Madness.


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Yes you ready to keep her madness. Rack that when up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon and not think I hate hate. It's got strictly just got to. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. They encrypted on me is that it's being while in the pecking order I'm liking what I thought she. I'm so corny I haven't used my vibrator weeks. It. I hear a wrap of the week it took some requests for this for the open for everyone here for madness I like that I think on Friday. Requests all the sound you won my order paid bottles off earlier. Now this is what might very excited about this bill well he overheard any night talking about it yes he has built this up to a fever pain he is very excited about it big fan favorite in this area Rick Pitino. It would do if they let them and they saw. Rick Pitino in the news again he's officially out as Louisville policy at a sit down interview would shape vilified. Without a inappropriate time to relive some of the great moments that part but you know and I she's well that is fatigue pat remember in his late friend Karen ciphers. Aria let out right now the big story is that what we call would you call that is that word. Jump off a mistress files to head off a contract that I don't know what is caller at all slump buster when the roof if if I. It event at an event where where where the wife was vascular and what was that orders moment quality is first but he finally gone back several years w.'s first asked about this he decided to go to the denial. Everything has been for and everything's report everything you're showing it breaking news updated at can be is our home. Albrecht still play hey all right don't want my act you right now and talk about you right now that I don't do that does that candidate had to wait until tomorrow it raised a lot out there you maybe Rickie could pick another day to do what you did correct. They take can be is 100% to a lie. There is gone otherwise it's all about the whole we thought it only got had a tendency to start there now he does about the good way places that are these guys leave everything year we were denied dip in beaten and usually. With a there's fire hazard often references. A lot. All of this in line. Okay total fabrication of the truth. To the other way around I haven't put back. A lot the application of the truth I don't we got it that lives fit my god we went out these guys. There was no truth to Sacramento Kings is no truth and speculation and all said very little truth instead period and it's that you know that. And truth will be told certain type. The way he took on the Sacramento Kings filled out what you're apparently there's rumored to order tonight if you add those together so now. Let's change up a little maybe it's alive but there's something else only that but we're missing the whole point of everything that's gone on here. I didn't blackmailed. Seven months ago. Black olives black male announcer now I have a victim of a criminal out now right now we're breaking the news leader of the alive but now you know blackmail out by now. And these allegations. We'll proven false and I'll repeat the commonwealth attorney's words will avoid any credibility whatsoever. And that's nor university expense. It. But that if you will remain as it is the authors go out there go well here in this state because enough is enough and everybody's hire. Now we need to get on with with the important things in life like the economy. I'll tell you after before we need to Rick. It could fix the economy if you'd just lead PLO for a while you can learn about my thing yeah our economy they're bigger they're out there are bigger issues out there. It. We need to get on with with the important things a lot in life like the economy object. Goals about relations crucial things in life like basketball. Court that you're fragile economy out probably used up my gas confidently while at the sound up. Yup my easier is it about. And that's no university fans that if any he put this on the news anymore just. If he just fans of anything we've accomplished that just changed channels. I'm. I. That's. Don't even be important it is not being informed about it is that it's not driving around town by and the copies of hello I'm newspaper cronies product on sale of church and he does that's in the paper and the newspapers won't write it I just read something else. And wait for the trauma truth will come out of this is blackmail. So not a lot of notes black or by that I skewed to the end of that as we get the thank you very. And they do it now that's about it there's more on loss on cipher as well moral or just ciphers. When you have a problem if you tell the truth your problem becomes part of your past. If you light becomes part of the future and it made it very difficult decision to tell the truth. The federal authorities local authorities to university officials the most important people that love me the most my family friends. Well of aware of what did you tell that after you're out of your federal laws as a whole lot to cover all allies would. Would technically she be called a shot clock violation. That's there are that you got there but does this say about violations like now. Three seconds but I. It's not have to worry about that poor mileage hit it. Was it unlike an Italian Mike Mosley but how do you knows that table Klausner who you know was the checkered Italian deal all of us out. I think but they have. It was a nicer restaurant and back. At a lenient with that someplace that he frequent it all the time yeah well some employee Twitty Italian restaurant after hours yeah or those are. Precluded it all different recent. But I am here today because I personally apologize to to let him leave every single day my particular. As yours particular. They make the sudden rise to me every morning. All goes on bail and I booths and must and I Audi that dangle off. Feel. Runs and even then there as Europeans prefer that you like yeah he's so good at the flag he really used the word change everything they are highly principled people very strong Marley. Very strong fundamental. And let him down with my in discretion. Six years ago about it. And now six years ago excuse me here is hung up ball lie sixty yeah that's why it happened a long time but it it was a while ago. And I let them down what might indiscretions. Six years ago and I'm sorry that I want to tell my extended family which is all my players. Recruits who believe me families who have believed in me that I'm sorry that indiscretions should use our secure. Yeah and waited for. At double value desires reiterate how long ago this was out now is obviously one of the times he was very much in the news and there's the next senator rosier member of that's part of this now they had a a different type of sex scandal at Louisville. And he had to try to explain the solar. We knew we had full security in the dog. We knew we had magic living in the dawn. Social media. Never even entered this ever came up. And reason never would come up to me in any way is everybody knew they'd. If you were play you'd be immediately suspended. And if you are coaching would have been terminated immediately. They all knew that so that's why it was kept from. I believe in the NCAA. Well I love al-Qaeda and I believe there's you don't want he believes power and I'll let these incidents in LA believe me NCAA until yes Dudley said. Colin on the sort of been an innocent Iraqis did for a bit yet. The people who and who investigated. This what highly professional they were fair do I agree with affiliate to monitor what are let people know absolutely not. Because I over monitor my staff. Winner. He always verb on it they were fair they had a great job fair highly professional now agree I don't agree with what they. And he told her I'm. And this young man made it very big mistake and we apologize to his mistakes. We apologize to offense to a university many many times we don't believe in any of this. Lutz disappointment is that. Somebody who's seen is going on didn't come to me he'll come go to wanted to assistant coaches and say what's going on is wrong we need to put a stop to it. So moving forward and go talk to my team today. They have vague sense about a lot of different things that if you see something wrong and I made that there whether or not it's not snitching it's not turning someone and it's protecting your program. And especially your house ever. That comes due mainly me tonight you fast forward to useless. 600 CJ's hands seats are right exactly the you get to what's going on with the FBI and with the fetus is a chance to sit down with bill others didn't know anything about. What do toughest to get to do and hope let's take it like this are. Spotlighted that that we aren't going there yet I just like how did you know if you do it well I'll start safer than he did each start it's a very well. What do toughest to get to do it. Hope you it's take like it. Hopefully use that route that they realize that was the reporters currently. Tied Rick I've been accused of and I think NASA athlete development and I don't know why are regulars you blood pressure machine. You're wired up. And I guess I was asked two questions question and I want to ask me. If any other recruits I want to ask me I like you and I are requiring that you know that it is the lack. I've wanted to up the movies at GE shows that you don't get asked the questions when you're doing a lot of art in my tenure. Whether given anything it's that that's what we're here for now it is good and I now I asked the question you. We're here for what did you have any knowledge of the boat that we getting money do you have any knowledge of these transactions. That it's actually not a question asked like. So I had no knowledge of idiots. Out there to question of model and how would you how could you not have now. How how do you respond to. All I can tell you is I don't answer those people well I answered to my players who have been over the top. In support of me I instantly assistant coaches and most importantly failed. But the one person you got to answer to your items got online and as I sit here today and tell you should I had known that somebody walked into a hotel room. That I don't see how I could possibly know. In the other case people say how did you not know what do we security in the building assistant coaches. Met twenty manages. So we monitor social media not one thing and not social media an open case so should I know. Let's just say I take ownership for who I hired and take full responsibility for that. It's not a line. If you believe. He dug in deep buried the lead. Up Portman that we play like there isn't it twenty yards and run 2210 yeah. Gatorade and manager players we monitored she of the blue Gatorade manager but he feels pretty good I think he feels like he's going to be in the long run. You said publicly on on multiple occasions now that you will be vindicated in this what does vindication mean. I've already been vindicated. Not by lightning take the test. OK. A lot of excellent. People there. Just plain text messages like places set the phone calls from my assistant coaches. Other people. I've been vindicated in my past nobody's been arrested on my staff. I've been vindicated because I had incident. One person here wheeled. Whatever god you believe that's mostly what. Do you feel comfortable that you will be clear of any charge coming your way in the future 1000 person. Because I know. I know the truth like I tell my players. I'm not the one thing you don't wanna do. Is ever. Mislead the FBI but yeah. President fake so definitely after well Activision Qaeda there's probably about the table and pulled it a ghetto but. And it what they get away with this. Guy sort of mislead the FBI. What this terror. You don't you don't want do that there you go to the problems if you do that you that it helped. Don't thank you coach the good ones I think you know. The one and I should add that tattooed on his forearm and I read every one wanted to that's what I got out of the university of movable. Never look this league the FBI or the US turn. And it felt that stuff you know two and now I'm ready I'm ready for the Hollywood mogul Lou it was. Well we put about the whole year. We will be positive every day your of people negative op in some fans. Larry bird's not walking through that door here Kevin details about what went through that door Robert Parish is not walking through that dog at all. And it's expected to walk through that door they're going to be great at all. What we are young exciting hard working and going to improve. People don't realize that. And as soon as they realize that those three guys and not come through that thought that that this town will be for all of us. By the way honesty and integrity are walking through that door anytime soon audibly so. Pogrom produce quick little. Interaction it would Acer and this was called the filth and or or torque but certainly in areas. And actually vote. I saw you running dude down the commons yeah. Good event and there is yeah I didn't let it. Not on Ghana got me all about. Hours ago and the other one that I remembers when he told backs off from Max asked him about the numbers after a loss aria during this I don't get is about numbers. Number is totally irrelevant members of the people who lose to the throat and number is that when you lose you can go to numbers in the toilet that's where blogs. The numbers you'd you'd get on something on you you did lose. That's why are bringing up and ask you about that numbers ever keep is coming up next I thought Tommy current water in the hall rights activist Gilani blood alcohol as the government here in a cast of thousands coming in you know host the week's strong got to bring up this falcons game to turn because I don't think our current is going we've done injuring about boom at the pictures salute today. While we will be at Gillette Monday after the patriots falcons game on Sunday night you guys in jury we hadn't and join the I think there might be getting Belichick will be there and Alex Cora. Maybe the big plus for the rest not so hard that it became involved. I believe in the NCAA. I over monitored my state. Of Oregon and not quite like it that's. I.