Keefer Madness - Port-a-Potty fling around & A woman at a music festival got her head stuck where?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, June 19th
A new theory arises about just how a woman’s car got covered in poo from last week’s Keefer Madness. Maybe a strong wind took a port-a-potty and threw it into the air, and as a bonus Keefer Madness this week a woman gets her head stuck in a tailpipe at music festival, but how did she end up there?

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Yes you ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly from the swings it talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like Kiefer match. Good deal of rebuild of the men who love you so nice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah screw you guys value. During his sister and I hate which he's got sick of Baghdad they. I don't think that's one of the strongest segments. And if the Celtics. I didn't consult with any medical professional alone. Your professionalism stinks. I question it. I was doing you've got you know she came up from dank Enron problem. I don't Aaron. Where where. It's Patrick keeper Matt this is the alpha actually. The acute for madness revisit law if you remember last visit symbol will do. Part of it does not available closer arrest an artist and is that it dragged about and we we don't find the key for madness the department of spying on us now is lastly we have the lady who has been fortunate. Experience burners on sunroof and raining down. On them just felt like something wet hitting me it stunk I. It lets them groves really idiot out dirty great week could smell the smell of the. Susan Allen and her son or part of this very intersection. As they watched the liquid covered their vehicle and fall all over them. Yes exactly right grossed out enough time and it tests and those days that it was planes as it is planes overhead and as a result there was another theory though. The airport as a theory as to what might have happened to Alan's car on perhaps say could have been some birds that Allen isn't buying the bird theory. There's no way it could be thirds there was so much that on my car in order for it to be that much he had been 500 birds thinking Paula the same time so. Yeah we have playing the area and we had her theory I never actually got those coverage you don't like either one good because they set the plane thing Dave Abrams noted there was no planes media in the air and I'm not by and the birds the birds out planes out goods we have a new story that could uncover what was going on. How strong as the roaring wind at this park in Denver. Strong enough to lift those portable items on the what I thought that I'm poor I have seen the video of the flying Porta potty let's move it looked like like a house in wizard Abbas says. We've house as a news or maybe it lineup everybody. Like that. I mean it happening are like 6070 feet but then they came back down I'm always plays right under the blind Porta potty at that exact moment maybe budget it's in this guys that the the thing about. I always afraid when I don't know border potter party. That's some Smart Alec is go and push it. And push it over and land on the door and then you're stuck in there. I'm always the part of the irrational here he's got probably CKY and jackass they would do the different things in the in the Porter parties do it they launch my premiere. But that part of it as a practical joke if you push it over. Every chemical in their normal ways of looking and obviously if somebody got out pretty kick it out. Aren't there yet to does that to or your pushed down on top of that the war. So that you would have to the only hole a couple of I don't what do you do you inside this I don't know I don't get up unless the bodily bodies around with a little claustrophobic as it is and that at bats -- I thought I'm always terrified of Portland I think that when they pushed it over they push over she could get out no I don't know I don't know didn't go very much the other way all and that's like cops. At that point though. Strong enough to lift the import of products so them. Here's the worst part one of its rates. Thump from all over the place. You know if you geragos. They don't gassing Ari what is first. There is raised some and they are not Don and number. That you do some. Those port a body's way of the 300. It also. A lot of activity have to report in the wit US yeah. It just goes south the where's our Arnold Clinton I don't know acts in the parents. Protect their kids from its own. And a decent I think so yeah they put in liberalism. And the from line. And we got it and are we actually we have a we have a bonus here we usually do one story we have we have a bonus all the stories here this this happened not too long goes well without beavers finish. They haven't found yourself in the wrong place at essential method music festival. Where it makes you found yourself in reported by Kathy maybe maybe. Market yes. And in the past that yet music festival probably inside a a circle of everybody doing that perhaps a process. Map out shorten up circle there ought to with a portable what am I arrogance and scale people do drugs contracts but it just it just in the circle here. Without ever they're clerk about circle. Place at a sentiment that music festival check this out. I'm not sure Esquire house got here vet the woman's car got stuck and the exhaust pie or else. Opting I don't have I'm all but yet there's vote that don't you all. Photo yeah I doubt we re all that router if he had that right okay eats you out there isn't an old way a human head yeah. Fits into an exhaust pipes is smaller had a guy right there exhausted my thoughts. Are. This have another website music festival when staff and that. Clark county sheriff's office says that they cited her for under age drinking. Those part of that too. But the lesson don't drink I want Claudia poll wow isn't there. You probably not in Aaron he's in there. In their dale gap power saw the power slug who shot deal calls me to have all the the arteries are able to. That's almost as good as Eddie Murphy's banana and a half I think if there are really. So yeah. They like to have to elect them a lot of other fields of young demo that's what they're doing and I have a little fun. I am sorry but I don't believe me human head fits into a tail it's one of those in the large huge bag they'll pipes you know where people can hear you coming from the blocks away dale right here see it. This have another website music festival went dead and that. Clark county sheriff's office says that they studied her for under age drinking. This is today GAAP. It's all real putter head out of the tailpipe and immediately joined the myths are as has yet to get in there and I'm. It would have made more sixty seats went to the mess circle and then put her head in the tailpipe incidents that there's nothing in that they'll play integrity. This have another website music ya we got we don't know that we don't know. Market to see again today. I mean if you promise this month in the built bought is here. Mostly I haven't seen them by hurdles here Hummer. Around the neck because. See guys tomorrow by. Article to be detailed as it's also miles like feces. And it started crying and like I wouldn't doing. This all the woman that marching stock. It.