Keefer Madness - A raccoon ruins Walmart

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, July 18th
On the latest edition of Keefer Madness we hear the tale of a racoon invading a Walmart in Tennessee. The Walmart then had to be shut down for the day in order to let a private contractor extract the raccoon from the store. The locals were stunned.

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Yes you are ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for methods when he talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild of the men and I love you so nice he's a nice guy and a screw you keep yeah screw you left. You could introduce you to. Yeah so. I don't think that's one of the strongest segments. Well I don't like FaceBook. Luckily Jackie to a paper in the car. When it was so close at. Patriots start phase three of their offseason program today. Period today hump day and today exchanging is that Cuba doubtless this game and terrible I'm not that's patriotic dark cities three of their offseason program today dentures and with what you did that but he found like that that if and it's the Celtic. Like. They won't work anymore password up into that red stuff they three or. OT vigilant. God noted that but today we go down south for the madness in back office. It's kind of hard now that's a very simply get an accident reports on the Bob let's head down south and see what's going on in the great state of Tennessee. Covington had to shut dormitory that without Iraq. I'll wait now I I didn't did you hear that then now again I'm just happy we're at a Wal-Mart Tennessee pentagon you're gonna want. And Covington had to shut down this morning that without a they found one lies at the shutdown they found one. Wal-Mart Tennessee had a shot down. What I'm pleased. That not enough putts today don't know. It yet she said. It's on the to W ordinance that white trash warriors. If that's true that in the liberation war means eating in the bath OK don't find him it was. I was gonna guess it was an animal of some OK one of awful. What you won't water buffalo finally it's Covington had to shut down this morning that without a rat code roaming around that store. Back and argue and just take all and I can't I've won. You say all. It goes Microsoft knows you have to listen to be honest. Oh animals. Part of the human inhabitants not one to be scary that they didn't basis record of their big. They can be vicious in fact we've had other raccoon stories. Oh we've had other accrued stories including this guy who came across one. Wasn't trying to intentionally throw the animal but. Natural instinct to give it away was so let's just get that thing as far as quickly as I get. These early third I had this guy threw a book of records are part of our solidarity runs these aren't rock. Over the goal posts is that this lady had a different experience. I was just running. And myself with headphones playing HA. And out of nowhere I see this afternoon like with its T fair but very angry charging at me. I'd I would have been able like outrun it because of how dense but we'll Woodward so. I just knew I was going to attack. She then grafted into round. Should help underwater until it's not like wow that's receded. Think of raccoon is cute and kinda late though would not be more nice that's why the hell record in the Wal-Mart. Like when she's a beautiful out journalism believe I asked why a raccoon and Wal-Mart and Tennessee is obvious he argued it was a par for the course the raccoon section of the present or Wal-Mart and might have been that's true I think food there. Big to get us trust me fox thirteen collectible rigs don't live in Covington Alexa you did find out the store has reopened so I guess they caught the critter good news well this conference. On. They did catch the critter I spoke to a Wal-Mart spokesperson who said they had to close the store and take this morning after someone spotted it but luckily they were able to open around noon today. Ours is shut down that track Iraq Edward miraculous that bounded on the run in his. Security cameras and it's innocent aerial section of the battle it out right. Shoppers at a Wal-Mart super center in Covington stopped in their tracks. When they learned Iraq who was inside this store. Let's hear some of these people odds yeah yeah hogs now all I how many shoppers were there at 6 AM. Amounted to 24 hour Wal-Mart knows that we're on the way to work ethic for. You or we'll be you know let me know relax arraigned in just anywhere take out there we're gonna hear from all four of the people that aren't that does that raccoon right loads. What it is or how important it. A source the Rosen says that raccoon right who knows what it is or how the war in Iraq and didn't. Crack on Jesse and out of retirement correct yourself the world and Iraq and didn't. OK if you don't question everyone is asking and trying to get answers jailed a little record. They go out record. And they want to get out. Pretty broken down pretty well taken to act we are dead after. I've domesticated raccoon eyes slowdown that audio is that's all that is I suspect mrs. Lucent real high gored by two analysts think the this is it in and around him. I don't know Rackers. They've allowed record and they want to get out. Tonight king get hurt somebody's yeah. From my fans there are some oxygen and let go right through bad rides are they would allow tractor and I hunt that's wild out of maybe wants to get out I heard you and I think it hurts. Okay what led the news this was the lead story in Panama and colleagues Sabrina what I think I liked what a tight race weren't planned for the about the announcement the predators there as a country sponsors them. Speculated way to block. There was nothing else going on in the that world this is this is at least the elite local dale let's about it. If crazy but you know the doctors say there's no thing so. They're both fun and play Ian I guess because right here in the country they're Joseph Klein run there and all of your mind that they're. Back out of solution everybody who's willing to help him no link I don't know who now on there. There are no longer run the very bottom of your mind and then boom. It there and I like that accept the good that would conduct to catch reckons an iso name I think that's how it picnic later on that we're not herding cows those people don't know. We've got the call this morning the mayor the mayor of well I don't bear. Are those odds of Italy and the ads have given parole officer at a failed the full help. I think our come in and defending myself to bulldogs on bulls. A heart belonged. Well yeah actually yeah they knew used to that's the word billion loss that can't had donated you fifty dollars to people's correct. One. It made them but permit depends and so yes. You know I have had never tough for the British and must finish probably not provide a stronger dollar is no bull fighting Spanish and they're British bulldogs. Without the old taxi got ahead we got the call this morning the mayor of Abington told me to store closed its stores early this morning to keep shoppers safe. Anything can cause a shopping nightmare. A that is true I should I figured out black front and although it is throttle just look at for a big gulp doctor pepper and the next guy oh yeah OJ out of this are correct yeah. Anything can cause a shopping nightmare. And consistent a very unusual circumstance this morning most people say they found out about the unexpected shock are on social media. It's gonna make it posted on FaceBook is like. Justin. Let's go to court and give my dog food. He's just giving them take his business somewhere else really ridiculous now yeah. Infamous go to Kroger and get my dog food and plug for that and all the money lost I know via recruitment there for. Six hours. The wild animals removed by a private contractor yeah they can't wait when Atlanta. Actually means do I. Always got lives here they can play man and man. The mayor told me this and that it is one for the books. What ports are what did they don't wake of may around get down to Wal-Mart. One Erica. But. We can't make this stuff about them that was my first reaction I mean you can't. Everyone was happy Nolan was hurt and nothing too serious to place. And it's funny I figured just get us like that and why they're on to a long way at. It is unclear how the raccoon and insert the Wal-Mart she was definitely a great day. Yeah if you strip out all the cars that are blue and clear how the raccoon and Internet Wal-Mart super center here in coming in but they are working to figure that out. And planning coming to an Alexa Lorenzo fox thirteen is profit in Q. Think he's analyzed the Polaroid instant cameras that it's weird but it and apparently well buddy. He shows up by the mega selling its most outrageous thing of all time but she only lives it's nothing serious happened yet what. Semi serious thing that they did apparently there has a lot of things. There a way went. I don't know why anybody there and all of your mind and digital. Actually still missing he says that if it. Don't know why anybody look through all of your mind and capable. In a corn. He'd have to I don't get higher ticket foil him full computer or all of it retired in as a kid I felt like mechanical want to be easy being well I'm gonna go get them from. And Astoria on line. It says bacon is bad for your mental health say researchers. I think we just drove it hunt and that if I bear on the bay can be any millionaire that is when I look vaguely thing. Thank you your honor I think you know prosecuted grass is. We got to get out of here. Ever keep this up now a full hour of ever keep Alex Roemer is it for months that Vermont at night rolls on here at beautiful show that the people shows all week but. They've gone out with a lot of action but so Roemer is going to be on the way in. And Agassi thanks. Sorry I didn't. I apple. If crazy but you know on the garden center no wind so. They're both fun and I Ian. They weren't in Iraq and get. A good. Just a red cool when you lose what we just don't want. Records have been big two yeah trust me.