Keefer Madness - WEEI Week In Review

Dale & Keefe
Friday, April 20th
This week saw Keefe and Andy Hart host live from the Globe Bar and Cafe near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, the second edition of “Keefe’s Keys”, a poor attempt by Lucy to impersonate Dale during a “Trending Now” update, Rob Ninkovich in the studio, and one of the more delusional callers.

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Yes you ready to keep her madness. When I racked up more not directly tremendously I talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. You'll be in a great film of the man now thanks so screw you keep yeah I assure you that. Adjourned until. I got sick leave it to Baghdad they. Hopefully this is one of the strongest segments. Disguised in a bull Costa once. You professionalism stinks. I question it. Not that good to me I had a little bit cheat who have that happen. I do listen to remind them who's just trying to just see how I'm part of caused her emotional. Year ago it is. They've tried and let me ask you format this week in review time dale have a lot to get to an island lot of he gets it and let's start on Monday it was Marathon Monday anti heart and I were down at globe horrified the the finish line daily we learned a little bit about. And hurt that day. I think you're right just drives you know I thought I thought I was somebody it's it's. A father figure a way. Well are we got a few of their fellow voters make their way and soaking. It all about you feel you guys nuts if you don't I dumped hail I don't know why and I never will. If you get a similar ovation when he came in today at a pretty sensitive now that I think I know who ran it down with it never as bad as this weather lots now now. Through like Ricky salt on it to block walk from our policy name open all the way over an agenda going on he'd open. Plowed through obviously on they're better than I had a good thing though. Some of the key issues that nothing happened today I can only imagine you know other shorts get bunched up like you do between your way. Don't delicate tight but one of those so what did you do with sometimes that doesn't pay and I don't wanna think about anywhere near totaled 600 vehicles and got to -- ultimately that's why they give out the -- created -- -- they get they they stand up with sticks with -- Lee County can nipple you -- belong yeah a little bit about anywhere around however it's route I took a couple of athlete students. Is Google got it well and within the next few. Both are very it's a good idea how little a little idea that would be written. All Yemen killing me with both of these things you don't know like you don't really understand a lot of no hard to top off. Of why your body. It's your shirt. Oh at all. Pop the top or no I haven't had in between talking about public bigger server. In the marathon world we don't say that sort that's why it was yeah sure I don't. Club without any heart he was full marathon harder he ran two marathons you on the letter read all about it we just find more marathons that I will ever run. The middle of your Vasily. That kind of threw me for a Lutheran he did go to. 46 point two sticker on the back he did do that he was wearing his marathon sweatshirt throughout the entire block yet again I can't really hate on that he's he completed American to marathon so. Yeah apparently it's from those that your new rules you know. Apparently our image she was a disaster yet you can make your Apple's lead else yes you can thank you for that takes us through. You do need to compare what you do pays himself a move up all that they hydrated yet Basilan in the polls but hey hey hey art. What you said it was OK it's not you know I would prefer you didn't would you not gone there about it thinking about right now don't feel like if this. I don't yards I. That's a good answer if it. And I just a thought there that's there. Always he never you know you're gonna get when it hard as I guess we don't and that's kind of what we were able to get there so he learned from his first marathon to a Basilan and an old little gasoline dad's pretty much what you decide to do. Now we already went over some of these. Earlier in the hour is he's he's such a success but let's take effect until Tuesday. And you can find out just how on point. He skis were back for game two between the Celtics and bucks us. Deer are the only group of animals in the world to have in Hitler's. Plus yeah what about mobile and includes what Bennett at public and what. If apple had no. Makes sense almost boots are actually a form of the year and I don't have a out an alert antelope. It's a little bit pointless all walk public spectacle I said you'd like them people these notes I don't know if that I have answered antlers the it moves very. I Padilla are so they're not terrible tyrants that hear them. I'm an expert on here. Obvious that the Michael real real what kind of wild card while there. How does this most dear will bed facing downward they do this or to cover their rear with their nose. What do you mean Baghdad do you mean sleep or do we mean the other me. Now do we ever answer on the terrible thing refer to. He's whether he visited the type of the year maybe he's right maybe maybe he's right of retailers could I outsource some of the keys no kidding I come up with a lot of home but I don't have any ideas and bailed out yet though they had sales well below that as well. Yes the terror group also known as the rain here. All that's right. A doll is that your plan at all times that they did all right so Lucy who produces some of these shows she's actually producing ever Keefe tonight. She when she's on the mid day show like a big step up for her I don't midday show she was on that she was. Last week she did trending educated as one or way we played that warrior. Well yes. She did her best Glenn Norway this week dale she took a stab at doing trending as Dale Arnold. I don't know how this is gonna go we'll find out. Trending now on WEEI. And WB yeah I dot com. Well chef there reported this morning Freeney has not committed to playing in 2018. Even though people who know him when he he will return. 6177797937. Point by attacks there. And at the BC game four is tomorrow hockey and make out the night flying 37937. And. Was not rates. Everything in the text Ferrer now. Cadence wasn't right I don't know I'd these. She said she didn't wanna do it should suit Bob Johnson bullied into doing and I think that in my Christian bed bigger concern with what they think if there wasn't Lily Ellis liabilities. I was very oppressive. Those who was that he was dale. You think you guys yeah those our wow I mean it seemed like a lot of bill famous yet with Dale's alleged bill accent right there was no. At first I know you're doing dale you know but it was that. I'd like the input on the next line with some creativity phone numbers and I need I need you to Indy guy came to the deal voice. 100% go don't don't tiptoe around trending now on W. Thought I hope so it's. Innately bad you didn't. Ahead at the constructive criticism there are thought well that's gonna be an ongoing thing or that is filled with pizza duties Kerry. The wonder what the very next I don't think she likes to witness now not a fan not at all he's at and it. Out and she eats and realism on. Distinct ways it is like. Who put it quickly added it just becomes an impression of other impressions that that becomes easier and she is a much you can do a month per bit. Not inundated actually handling it he did he isn't a key compression. I'm sure it's on the docket. Definitely different counts the counter police all right well that without help you started and they get the energy going on Wednesday we had Rob Ninkovich in the and yeah he really wanted to do some different things he thinks that he could take a stab at some live reads which he eventually did it. But he was telling us how he gets himself in that in that mind space when I do any type of late Reid or like some type of any anything that I am reading I instantly think of map life. And why say that is because the way they admit wrong. I've known known Matt is really good at all so mad is really good he's got great pipes too so yeah that's what I did it I don't they don't like. He does. Five. I'm Matt Light and he like really like changes as you know doesn't really and you know or were rules of investing and it doesn't hello wolves they're elated that he got to drag and Alec. Susie his wife. Walk a turbulent world and that's. Please stop yeah. Definitely strong on a map like this Matt Light and he likely that change is to know does it really you know were rule of investing. World of investment. At. Any spot on I would say. So because we heard that we were able to what he took what deals lie every serve the commercials we'll see you on that one. When your battery goes dead everything come to a stop and it always seems to have been at the most inconvenient time. Don't take the risk on a dead battery it's not worth the hassle luckily or Riley auto parts provides free battery testing across all of their locations. So if your battery does need to be replaced. O Reilly professional sports people can find the exact battery that Spitzer or truck with free installation that's right bill feature tests or test or battery. Free installation. O'Reilly auto parts of better part of water prices everyday not bad I was going. You are not Floyd Mayweather I give you you know mark those are not thought dissolves like area on art and panicked a little and I try to finish your real quick count on Imus it's. Both Internet and you'd put it on the put the pressure on me yeah like our Robin and Anders first order. Live greed and I think people thought route that that's about it it was that he that at least that was like and I. He. Really did not. And he did rub a little trouble that's right so feature yes or tester battery free installation. O'Reilly auto parts. But that not bad not bad at all last thing we have we have a caller yesterday Chris. He called in and right away dale the use of the first fight we were talking about Tim Thomas you're saying how he might have been a little bit of all odd character. We brought up the fact that he didn't go to the White House but we didn't equate the two necessarily Chris heard something different Chris on the cape pay Chris. I had at my call charge or what's not. I've got a little hypocritical they gathered all of them black and quite outward lol lol I federal. Well what what we sent black people applauded for skipping the White House today and every or Chris what all plotting an easier here you know listening Chris what I said was people in this town were upset with him when he didn't go with his team. Abbott then added Rezko. You can't whack. It's kind of wacky because I think the odds that you don't know an odd duck out what I mean listen to one interview of his stated these odd duck he might be an odd that they don't you know. Arctic. So why that's not like they're all ours that's a terrible job listening and apartments is all that. I never I never equated the kind of terrible did you were terrible you did a terrible job then you decide calling her a terrible point out of that terrible is because it's not it's not right I did it because if the white out he's an odd duck but just wasn't veterans find threats and all of you don't have different issues in office. Flat out. Did we mention Enron audit that's on you that's on you you obviously want to talk about fraud it called another show where that's not what we're doing here that nothing to do trial I'm not gonna ran amok and you've literally brought him utterly not try to be your you're doing a bad job of that as well. Yards aren't currency. I hang in their growth terrible golf. In an ultimate roller reach all right rich. You bothered me you know my condolences to. And Uga Uga he'd bother he got and got a bothered me a little bit you know our current and hang in their growth. It's already should give me an afterthought and not their buddy pal a different guy goes for a stereo if we can do. Final drive resulted cosponsored by cars for kids donate our health child today schedule your free pick up at 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Great thank you very much anyway thank you Kyle CU like Kate by about right across the back. I tried Sunday. Enforcement is an immoral attack every time they don't explain how coveted like that is that again. That's that's I think that the message is quite what does that will there be a bag of chips that I throughout Draper and unfortunately or. Jimmie Johnson the men by the way. In your Monday. Yes in that chair out of there though. Greg Dickerson always Fred Dicker is huge and they'll run away we're excited he will be in here on Monday Glenz combatants in one. Among reported seeing Greg who get the Richard in the papers. They both vigil against Atlanta. Ever keep it up next whip it is that Patrick Gilroy pay go about that. I can hardly wait I'll deal with Lucy producing that's correct. And probably doing imitations of votes from him as he goes on stick around for a moment and about five. And if your vessel and. Did feel like Mitt might yours I. Add. On a map like this is Matt Light and he like really like changes as to how does I don't really you know. We're live in domestic. A world of invest.