Keefer Madness - WEEI Week in Review 8-10-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 10th
Rich Keefe brings you the best of the week that was at WEEI in his final afternoon version of Keefer Madness.

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Bird may. Yes I'm ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild Lebanon and now he's an ice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep GAAP screw you guys. No news you true. And display which he's got slightly did you guys make you. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. The library and blocked my password. Now Tony does that make any sense do you. A little bit not at all and smell this this well but an endorsement for. I mean she during the most older model fireball. We could you he and I did anybody who can take almost the entire block fireball canceled some sentiment seems civic. Yeah there's. Foreshadow. That I don't know. We begin what we say our long time producer Andy you be staying with the guys in the afternoon so we go -- listen we're certainly gonna miss him working with them and he is among the best I've ever worked with ever in liberty and here's radio in a fine man you know it's gonna miss anymore that I had street so lots of them over the last six months ago Nazi must I just donated time flies when it is but yeah eighties and grateful filthy and every day so that's good. But we also we we know where his loyalty was so I was young. Quickly or is he aware. And these loyalty gravitate towards ya but he was order ways producer price there aren't all that absurd that's you know it's probably gonna heat apology to hate me Andy. But get this out of the way right now like all the producers and the ADV for some reason a pawn on the most loyal. I'm most dedicated and most understanding of their position Lou he's in different. For the most part an orderly you know. It's a pushy death. If it's in Weston its ups. And all you're gonna give us the only I think broadly in line again a little while since you two been together. The city BG control you whose businesses were as well where you say you're gonna give us lessons in Europe. Bring customers show you mystery few things about the timing of the equipment and it also works. It in there. I thought it may. Sound. On this is not gonna go big and often pause there is an honest Clinton knows although Clinton sometimes. Is also a bit unrealistic with his expectations somewhat yeah. I worked with Glen 3 years evening there's magical sound yet all the time and it disappears out the new York and it just the players quoted as we get the sound Ira doesn't exist already dealt. That you play it's completely force. All I thought on Tuesday via Wi at a very important conversation. You know the states affected Tom Brady. Shirtless picture that was out there but I said you know what there's. What if you want to work. You know I would like to see I'm probably not alone here is all 32 starting quarterbacks shirtless. Side by side by side with a silence your site because it. I don't it's funny which is you were saying it I do all shirtless quarterback I figured that I I didn't get rusty and it did Lucy. And I think that I want to comment windshield as safe and baseball so yeah. But you imagine underworld and that I don't dad bonds notes and I don't know Brady would actually look good compared to younger guys. That are probably good at what did you think like Matt Stafford is written though. That's ever meet. He's one of the starting quarterbacks in the basis of a cover do you think any starting quarterback for businesses that Saturday. That if that route now I admit we did little research that day we are we are pulling up shirtless photos of a quarter manager work and I got it yet. And a little underwhelmed. I mean I thought. Russell Wilson must look written notes among its not a attorney she must be I'm actually these guys and talented Alaska retired quarterback yeah it was a terrible quarterback. Tim Tebow TiVo's reps. He was acutely error Rogers is not shredded merry out that he's mark scenario out of Cam Newton might read out nowadays I can out quarterback Kansas expecting them to eat out of work but I think that the date of our own. They vote a Ben Roethlisberger shirtless. A ball. And Andy Dalton have a law. Are okay. I apologize I wanna see these guys come on ten and old Josh McCown UNC assurance that topped our own. Arnold the bodies gathered grows every one of them rose cared off Philip Rivers. No come on Eli Manning shirtless about the Russell Wilson. Maybe yeah Russell soft and he's got a little Dolly. I mean. First of all fact that you both said Dolly's eye silently looked at Idaho and you are right now ready to breeze was just talking about people were weak and Acropolis is well that was voted no and delicate there right. So I don't into the conversation about. For some reason how much would you. Need to get paid to step into off the right to step in there in an octagon and and you know how it then turns you know the text lines and what about page in Santa. People who don't know that is very attractive you're the fighter. And that sort of led to a different conversations. As well they'll certain things in. I mean that's fun for really only so long and right out of that Merck I really urge. Oh out of the problem went exactly as are say 45. And there we go with them pan out that have been part of their arm you know career. Go to out bouts million dollars notes app that's more backward attitude note out of this era. Note that is there were doubts that and pleasure to much. You found out you found out they'll say Nobel. Feel bad about it threatens to close well. Who knows everybody is we're gonna have. There it. Also Jane brown were out of regarding. Rounds. Over Delaware that you from all right. If you don't rate with the Mario but. The I thought that the lovemaking starts in the kitchen and do it go from there profits on us right up. I do not has to be very comfortable but I among good company to multi okay. By the way. And your lap but now bill listening to a that's key. It's an edit out this update on now crops by the way off I've I don't know do you still are that way and it's depressing but did love proxy is identical to that action or a bit selling the brands. Sort of merger I'm hoping and sometimes yeah some of them but I'm hoping this means it immediately after the conflict five it might just given away actually Illinois like in building nineteen still exists whatever the equipment whether it tomorrow with them like real problems. Those that. There are rip off Crocs and called rocks to. Bricks at critics are. They're terrible. This is sad things. I'll Wednesday was our last interview without score he's got to maintain. It's 230 time slots and will be joined by or well joining on math on it well I don't know about. It started out a little emotional this past Wednesday. And he used for minority. To see del DFX. Break the news. Guys have to worry about hand foot and mouth disease seems to be going on the league. A mountain out there aren't good memories of the way. And let. You. And it's been. A blast I think this shows that a lot of Barney and and we've become friends together and I've got to imagine that UK's gonna miss you like deals that you're in Iraq can be far. So that's why what. That was the montage of Padilla leading into crossing leaving the Ron Arnold Rossi wants he's not doing a great job communicating with the right now. He's looking at me you know you might cause a war. But he gets organized that. If your try to be silent which are full disclosure don't assignment and what you're doing better to sit over here. Yes we're gonna kill Leona responses. Thank you for I'm right. And not diet here you know just scorching day parts I don't realize this was going to be so emotional Alex. I'm becoming emotionally. And pursue our Olympic we're here and I know. Where'd you like people try to. Wednesday night we are struggling in the number and it statement that well now and news. Because now it changes and other people are going to be mean and we are struggling. We have employment those guys view there is this struggle not you know Beijing. We're gonna blame Lou reload that's a great point at the time this interview eighty and 34 the best record and a header a volley Canberra there. And by the way since then one and 11 in one good point. So somebody keep an eye on here in just about record is there were just. Say and Roland bill on Wednesday the same days outscored the later on in the program we spoke with a gentleman named Larry in New Hampshire. Not my biggest man. For summary tonight and I figured door stating it'll maybe now this also white I'll admit that maybe not my finest moment but let's let's take a listen to that the call from a Larry's in New Hampshire had Larry. As you know aria by things are you GO of that apparently that it would Eddie Andelman couldn't stand that show. Not a big Gator yo to stop that right now Sony. Eight or if you were OK I'm fifth so our days dating himself he scenario he's been listening to stationary front that they live listens that he does have a real problem but you know but I don't I don't think I need around you are the problem in there somewhere. Not a big cater you know. But they cater it there I can not stand. The ball was that it was the biggest from Larry. Everything audio off yeah you disagree with a doll test. If you shut episodes you and you shout out Larry's though here's that answer probably you don't agree with things that I say seated hate everything I say. I don't agree with any news does so so you just you hate people we don't agree with. Got now that's what I said Larry I'd just hate you want but if you have to give it a good reason. Larry there. Larry I know you sent a little slow but that's all right we got time. There you go but got up and with what people. So let them notable moves so slowly it's really difficult for like I don't listeners are probably turning off that it's it's tough shot up but. Give me one reason why hate me let's let's hear. Like I just because you don't so or whatever people. I even thirty shoppers like Larry I'd give you thirty on Europe executives I want you not get Larry Larry I believe very good news. Larry the one you can't say the words shut up there you can't say the words shut up maybe thirty seconds starting now. Yeah. You can put that term shut up that's all he says the ready on the operating on zero. One I don't know congressman now that you earn what you are not like I'm. After Freddie don't deal to get that out for another operative ordained that if that we're gonna try it one last time and are ago. Good luck on your own ship iron so site you. Via its second Larry yeah. You seconds. I'm on all night guy who won her record you know the Larry great call rack from lack of. As Larry Larry calls on Monday Hauser very cheap you think the book value and I would add up to Larry just yeah good tiny little thing. If the money's the same it's comfortable ocean that the general if they don't mess with your money he doesn't get that part of its view it's not an emotion it's a change of hours if you like obligated at whatever job Larry works at a state changes hours but they don't know messed with his money they changes hours. I notice that he wouldn't consider himself being demoted right I'm not. Here you maybe actually that big right now as you. Iowa New Hampshire response fall about and tiles in New Hampshire I'll call another New Hampshire PayPal site on. I don't you know I Larry tarnished the good name of the rest of folk here yeah. And the Shia that would be. I never would come on don't look at it I'd love for our guys tax very beautiful beautiful granite state. Damn right callers today they came out when we were we going to be huge in New Hampshire by the way toddlers and that's you have tough loss and little you know I'm sure right now there's a twelve year old who still sobbing. Probably and I bet they caught on camera up in the Gary England onions was it a little wrote he came back and beat them is that. Still fresh and so rational lastly we have Florio on a Thursday we gentlemen. Named Bob who called in and I was a little worried about Bob's a New Hampshire about. If you can't fault. That is the dead gag at this point every single guy that calls its New Hampshire spots in New Hampshire about. What about. Today are yeah. Hey you Bobby Orr Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob Bob afraid Bob might also Andy's this. Yeah. Bob left the car body he's got run down by UPS strawberries. And dignity of the road rage. Scripts for these arguments. Other Bob echoed by the one bounce back yeah I swear Bob. Yes. Yeah right what happened and what. I don't apologize you're okay. The law we know how to re screaming yeah it happened. While. Well involving their. Montana had a great every bit split us folded. Everybody else but I have to. Like yeah. Yeah. Now Bob are. The world's longest let's turn it the parents'. Pockets and yet. And we're not the case won the Super Bowl against Seattle. Yeah oh loss stuff. OK. Okay. Oh yeah. More than than just all the record that was not us that was not us we don't control that that was Rossi Ross is at full control of that now over the act. That was pretty good. Well for the moment yes well sure. Who knows ringing endorsement that proves that that will allow wrap things up for us as far as afternoon drive is concerned. We we will switch our hours to tended to next week. And not much gonna change as far as the show was concerned it'll have a little different sound move that the sound its going to be we don't know we're OK I vowed to going to be better we're gonna take this opportunity to improve the program we're gonna hit the reset but yes we're gonna work go from here and and I am looking forward to meet soon. Soul ever keep this up next alike forgot about the emotional last ever idiot series finale of ever keys were they get the Red Sox baseball thank you Jason might play this and the entire episode. We are to thank all of the co hosts all of the people who have children thought all we want to thank you. Failure down there particularly on the air you know you're welcome you're OK okay. Well see guys Monday 10 o'clock down at Gillette Stadium. But. If you don't shut up or what sort of people. You know ha ball. You don't shut out the work of the people. I did not do it at all.