Keefer Madness Week in Review, 8-17-18

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 17th
Keefe reviews the best moments of the week, including a woman that claims she has sex with a ghost and DeOssie reacts by trying to explain how his mind wanders during a certain act, or so he’s read.

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Yes you make a cheaper madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines and talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Maybe in a great deal of the men who love you so nice he's a nice guy and so screw you keep yeah I assure you guys. Dirty jokes that I hate which he's got sick of Baghdad to. I don't think this is one of the stronger segments. As a red blue you know what it is otherwise we're discussing their re zoning and the key third before I live on sixty. Tired. This. And it's the Celtics. Period out it is noon thirty ought to Friday that means it's week in review I'm dale overdue at the same segment that we were doing in the afternoon for bringing the mid days thank you at noon thirty witches. Always a secret about it is that we will get right back to the calls that you guys on the other side yes we will have more time to create more at a moment's a week. So I take it as a let's start on Monday where all the year. It's very flowers came and we were interviewed him on patriots Monday and dale was quick to point out how he thought he was it would have been a lot. Here that he was and so that during the interview last and that's all. When details that he thought he'd be bigger. But not not not give it a lot I lie I had expected what I got but you have first time today and I've seen you play and that's the kind of today okay okay yeah I do I've lived with it best not as these big news you know amazed somebody out there. And I think somebody days without light the DBS from. I might not park outside who influences that. Listen to some you know the Iran and deter flowers yes. Very briefly seen smaller than you would expect he looks bigger on the field yes some plays big. It plays day in and losers here and urged players to. Our reporters he has very does so we're live report it talked them up the road most Mondays throughout the season are on Tuesday this this topic comes up from time to time dealt with that picture. What ghost expert and on yeah. OK I I stuff up Dell I think you are IIIII. I'm me interest and very interest in the parent you are adjusted to the paranormal and so while well with him if the earth right flat you'd have to build value here this brownie ego that way to bring new. Bring adults I know and rob got done with Canada and absolutely. We. Now where whose. I would rule on open door I heard that is a little kids freak me out mommy at that mommy would deal and I yeah. While Roth do you have that audio ready to play what is you know that anything else I think it's on a I. Disagree and I. The verb Brady cut. I don't advise me what where where is that from. I don't like that conventional in my right headphones that just that look like government but they are lots of surrealism film. Different people out but car right of the round as. Its new host him. Terror why I don't like any of an owner who allegedly I don't like that. I don't like it or food and I'm gonna take you wanna ghost. I'd like to go only goes look I have a few years something like I don't know I just I'd be we'll see what happens you don't know until you actually you know seen for the first timer here and it. Is this just from like the exorcist or something. What is that just could build girls not a cricket girl's father Steve you are on ghosts. I would I'd I'd love to suit I'd love to have fees improved for love to see it happen I'd love to yeah. I think we got another guy the outcome of Yugoslavia can be a form and angry and it got an awful how we're gonna get it actually goes on. I somehow forgot this is actually on Monday believe and I skip this thing we need to go back to this this was the the first call we took. And are moved to admit that model that was our first day and was kind of a momentous it was an important call and make sure that Rossi was able to store this arbor back here in front and there's a really good start for us Delhi is in Mansfield you'll kick it off for us here on. Sports Radio stale Inky. I'd like bill yeah like my comment was you know don't think this the wrong way but I don't think changing I'm really gonna help. The money is where the shot and I know I figured out well we think you know way. Well again I'll do whatever. Drew record of any it would fix our we just to an internal memo to call the end meaning though I. Got our our. Hey there law outfield about now but not all the calls were negative in fact some of them were very positive. Maybe you'd like your honor there were plants. Might Tim Wakefield they might. I'm are right Juan caddie and if you weren't quite as he is to the do thirty coming up I don't know thirty yeah I hate about today you might thank you. I also felt. Yeah now it went back out I was still coming out are still do it Tuesday night's reveal is that what got a good driver there this guy out of the mosque and I don't know like come on I don't know lies that. It's specifically ask you about the dork podcast on it's not a and I avail Paulus not a plan all along I wish I did notice of the great guy a lot of it's a pretty Smart guy and Smart guy. My college time. He got there I in my boxers or you're older you're liberal. He's an early on in my picture at a moment or are very much big fan out of the hole through the hectic start on Wednesday dale who I would consider a radio professional used to be kind of got out. Of his other board. Just a mess this morning wasn't the first time ever I had asked Lucy to go in our office yeah I had phones that I had I left them in the other Rome. You hear it's your sponsor for the top of the that's not my we attacked as all good work Rauf here that's in air date three days we are roses pilgrims are headphones thank you unity is excited to help me out a few days she stated today. But the issue we have more work quicker producers here again I was the only one I would have dared. Trust him with that there are others in the timeframe that I gave what was about fourteen cents so pulled it off one for one your great start to the show. Rossi take that as a slight completely thrown under the bus that will. Last now he said adding that reads and I just think from here to there. The office and it Lucy you get there quicker than not at the end I think it's. The time it loose is not had your kids than I was when you're an excellent climate sneakers and mobile. Sneakers she's the kind of neat and he's the only entity if she can do it in heels a penalty flags are relaxed and it to back pedal and about. I think it adds that the conservatives I think it's good to have a lot of weight my whole lot of fast. As well. We've backwards and road back from then on our on Wednesday our caller of the week with them to call back and mites and Wakefield might. They look out buildup it was a night. They don't aren't there won't make anything about aspect dork or noon there. In Ireland. The perfect call. There is is your guy is of that god. Don't you agree with the calls through. I give a little afternoon. Usually I'm the one that the seamlessly tactic or what Brady talked about on last night but this yeah Purdue in when he usually keeps guys like he has a little odd and sort either colonies hour of the now it's an easy that number though than that you're able to beating Texas Arctic of that day. Which is your thing. Ralston while at the Bob Hope I don't want to get a confidence in Hampshire. We might. We just one now Thursday. Also known as yesterday was a banner day on the program guys as an absolute banner day. As Dale's talking about the pocket they were at the time anyway Tucker Red Sox. Having the hot winters outfits so we started talking about this I did last night 190 yeah. The protective wingers. Real. Go on to blow in a note for orders but right now Ali Zardari. And so while we had we had this discussion just a little bit. Yeah you know you wanted to talk it out we do they listening bucket list of the hat like there's certainly. Got it that you. Course of two kids who went to high school and I'm policy could I possibly. Give. The east eastern is now like. We. Here in the area where attended the everyday the winners. Rough here emperor you're big dog died do not use. Our leader. Out -- a ton of all in all weekend analog things I don't think big numbers. You. We'll see where you stand on winners I out. I. And forty days. Ago rural crowd is out. Now. That was out earlier in the program couple hours later next you know Johnny for the Red Sox shows up with hot cleaners with a hot air stats and not sure it was the best thing we got rats stamp at its best day ever staged it in our house I've been trying to drop Antonin now that team whose hair. Who to vote vote vote. Have to agree and I'm like damn I get old after a lot of vomit I and I. Hungary Hungary's first eager to refine it appeared. Four on Tuesday Gail your members speaking of goes we the the key for madness win kissed. We have via plane flew it. The lady who made sweet love you're ex boyfriend claimed nationalized bill having sex. With her dead ex boyfriend. Automatically an ex boyfriend when you're dead. Dues for right out of redundant and are totally broke out it's well I think break. So obviously the other boys don't suited to blow apparently the right let's just. Is. Oh. All of them. Those that are New Zealand and she was very added that she's still making love to a host and not everybody including the nail holes are really terror I know she she was very passionate about it. Products of religion points kind of odd detail and there are no kissing for the main personals ad was Nokia think dale the skeptic. But we had a caller call in that wanted to sort of confirm what that would it was thing. Yeah out. And there. What's. Don't know that O'Donnell reports are there cruising ghost. He goes he went a different direction bill and I okay I'm. Sex and that's not without not a thing though is that they in some places it wasn't a thing on the issue out. So here I believe viewed viewer believable of those old woman that now. You'll be separate topic anti Aristide to go slow. Or did that analyst would mean having who has and a the snake who is who let the generals are are really a veneer to have me who has with the Mont wander off wandered so. What word rose. What game but he hasn't lingered to hear the I love hot for a a year. But do you know what I a year you're buying waters and were wingers Pinkerton. Is mapped out what did they just wanted to rent somewhere from what I've heard. Oral out of there today that I don't know. But it will be on the subway station. And we're told. Duke Nolan never heard of what were your self. Ban whatever. Words that there's. Pleasures and you'll have to order. I. This is desert dogs is definitely does. It obviously our probably decided she. And I won't. Shots are not as we've got to challenge. I'll start us news outlet she dropped her line unless the other day at all back to what I said it's federal crack addicts go into and he and I happen to die of pot. Mommy. Just a mess more. There won't make anything about act back door or noon there I. All right I'll soon if that's the aqueduct boat.