Keefe's Reimer recap, turkey drops, and childhood posters

Mut at Night
Wednesday, November 22nd

keefe and Bradford are holding down the fort on this Thanksgiving eve, they open things up with getting Keefe's initial reactions to working a 4 hour show with Alex Reimer, and what that was like. They also talk about childhood memories and posters they had on their walls as kids


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The frat explain that referenced the like I'm so disappointed look on our TV references that movie era of all I don't know I don't know here you little younger but still well they were good again that future. You saying that makes you sound so an educated with a yeah history I don't know I apologize I wanna find out when it was all WK RP in Cincinnati so this was probably like seventies early eighty's wheel so long ago on the deck funny Anderson wrap up I'd. This show. Tighter unit that show. Yeah every night radio to buy radio I had heard of it but I never seen anything from the show was on from 78 to 82. I'm not saying get the real wide for it -- I understand there are movies that came out that I that would before I was born I'd seen them but I did not go back and watched Debbie Kaye are not the thing I apologize for that I should of it's about a radio station and worked at a radio station well. And if nothing else even if you have a vague recollection of that show still that bit. The explode a victim equities slid to me even without seeing it it was still very funny so should we go we haven't really. We have a but he of the whole thing is that is through laws and play. When you wanna do that we play some of the highlights I others others setup does not so. We you'll do radio promotions right radio promotion authority find a good one it's it's like gold. In this case your idea radio promotion with the go fly a helicopter over a mall parking law. I during Thanksgiving yeah and the the gift was. Basically with a banner happy Thanksgiving from WK RP brought out just right WEI let every what is that all goes. And Glassman announcement the news that the hard court news guy that's out there like. The announcer for the hit a bird would be. Hey guys so he's out there and in he's giving the play by play live on the air. So anyway there is up anyway turkeys for our golf classic lies and classical do there you go he he. It's a whole map I think hasn't let it be that they can't be Skype directory so doing it the lie that he had his classic with a home. That the F program director comes at he comes in he has feathers all over him he's like I. I did everything down to the last detail I noted that they're back at the at that he said this right gets. Radio as awesome really good opportunity for this guy I would have enjoyed the show I just an unfortunate this that we see it's an idea that we can I think we can build on FaceBook allies take that idea he ran into something else Turkey's tomorrow course happy Thanksgiving to everybody. Everybody out there. Did you happen to catch any of all the afternoon show its yes so it's faux news is that via. I went to this afternoon I went through mold is and it wasn't just and go to a movie blast that. Well here's you know let me explain just very interest of it was it was it was work related. Because because I heard you hear the Tom Brady interview this week. Yes so at the end of it he site I went to seed daddy's home to on and the denial and they said how'd you like easily opt it was hilarious it was so funny my goodness well hold our right. I was you stated that now this is Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg I know is I did see daddy's home one I was out. It was okay it wasn't as bad as he might begin audio today pointed out. They did the other guys which is a really funny rule that highlight that I was funny but but. Mark Wahlberg is also friends of Brady and was had to a gas though so you have Brady saying it was sold it was so hilarious in. He went with some teammates and I thought it would go with his kids he went with the other adults to this movie is that there is PG thirteen. What does it yet aren't Martha Zoller always an LPG. I can't be anything. Yes so anyway when your morals that different than some others yeah well planes trains and automobile automobile was rated car which Australia. Yeah I was I was weird 1000 market quality thing that isn't it that maybe the only Thanksgiving movies via morphing it all together but. I Wilson threw. I would buy it so I just want this day is Tom Brady I think very highly of Tom Brady even more so after its performance after what he's doing. But there's always that element of robberies a little weird. You know I'll always comes out now again 99 W the real beating him the not real and not really Indy in the video where he looks like he went to the plastic surgery factory just for the week in and you know today SNL style well yeah yeah it's those little weird though so he goes this movies that with colors those players know literally he's. Kiss the ass of war Barbara my end of the blue and brown is still you have that you have to temporal that your reputation of those malaria and moviegoers on the line. It was so bad but it was bad yeah. So anyway in the movie. So you went so you went and sobbed as you just sort of work related to look at that once the I want to come on giver view and say whether Tom Brady's insane and is that right healthy right now and I would like that's what I thought dazzled those with a company cards something save the style got a report that do that to the movie was terrible with terrible by Mel Gibson and that radiate surest. Now that the people are just final of that now been burger would nuggets than he bogeyed all my directed he directed. What was it heart corporate rates right. Yeah he did that I know heartbreak ridge the name of the heart not let them know that I know I know exact words I've won an Oscar nominee. The heartbreak it's it's a clip with a ridge is stubborn op plan saturated right now this. Accelerated tax I was asked odds are moderated ridges aggregate Clint Eastwood heartbreaker red. But so taxed at the Dubai desert as it would with distance and now he's in a comedy well he definitely said he directed he went the Oscars he looked bizarre eco experts argued it is pressing. It was Izzo wasn't funny at all it was and it was a bad bad Williams sitting there by myself with my feet up. As I usually do them now I'm not yeah I'd go to snack on myself so I always glad that Justice League glass of milk duds don't that's my go to nice food court note that it's the big tips. I keep that my body's a temple absolute. So anyway I wanted to see if it was it was if regularly talk about heat in anyway as a crap movies and rent movies don't see it Brady once again he went so high up this week and now he's back now little bit since Q rating is still I think you can do okay have a good year but yes. So but in the movie I get a text from Ryan Handel who's who's. The patriots schedule for the media is bizarre like they spread things out like this will begin at 8 AM this of the game nude in the locker room was going to be at five. So allows its overt nature plays go check out a movie not daddy's I don't know how you no they were right and they work in the glass of everything else but he was listening to the beauty your show a bad so I. What I I assume they get the car listened but why it's on he says are you listening to this as something that fact. And so on like it must begin at the beginning of your show with a Raeburn dale in in rich yes. So are wondering coming in here the first question I would have his from the sort of what the social podcast late. From your perspective how was a little bit of build up I think throughout the day about. You recover and then. I guess I guess there's a little bit of Bob although I find out about last night yes so was my goes on the schedule for a long time now the so I'll let out of a prayer no I don't and president Carlos stories differ chemistry they didn't have a chance to do that to this without a second time working with him I think he filled in on ever Keefe one night but not with dale. No no it was just me and really has that down wild that's the big I mean it's a three man we. So he was then in the first segment. Because. I don't remorse on the cross over with a client and Christians then he was at all I went out and shake it out on a shake up the afternoon show when I got common enslaved scale conflict and back rolled his eyes will be sent everybody out here and it's only started it off and I think the largest. Members pauses along the idea basically is asking in my case of what do cartel leaders say and then now I. LaMont in my own ideas and mesmerized I am not wasn't our night in the press that up to them more than anybody that he does well except for attorney and the modification. Betty they kept. Rawlings and our show did more politics we did talk about trump and I said I don't know I love doing that he's a while doing that's about what's right math and lots Ireland my favorite thing and then. Dale and then that was kind of that the the the first segment we kind of got that all out of the way is BMI below the is he trying to bring. The morning show in the afternoon showtime at the right by this getting out of the way it is the getting the conversation now away and then you know as wells argued in his next three hours pull out right out I spotted unsatisfied but it was also one of those things words I urge you start talking about Donald Trump Lavar ball for a segment and then the weights all the sudden bring up. What maybe some people thought we're gonna talk one on those are today at the beginning and didn't really come up again and we we did a lot of Lavar ball trump stuff. Then that always morphs into as you know everything that we were Kaplan calls again today of that the the thought I mean again and this is the nonstop nonstop in the fails say yeah our forever. So how would you grade out the show and and I agree what's the state okay it was a lot of strain or this together as we're grading on a global occurred here because that is the day before Thanksgiving this is the rod Bradford primetime at this oh. So I made it clear that tougher shift yeah added a tougher shifts especially because I think. It's not like there's a lot of traffic up there at the rear drive and and talent on the also a little Tuesday this but there's still some people out there they'll answer and so what what letter grade or one through ten they'll let it go it was probably. The a B minus you know old probably real they go that's fun. Or through a letter. I don't I didn't find myself staring at the clock I monetary and they've really that's so crucial things right the show's moving in that I think that's that's final take will be mine and now. That's also will buys them part of the show so much much worse than that I let myself honestly is it doesn't nobody else matters assist about if the show's moving on for you. Throw. This text in that it sucks. By the way not the answer is referring to. Daddy's home to both show yeah I don't know if you don't know I could tell you had absolutely I agree with that military. What did you use so when you let out a daddy's home to rarely hear some of the show that he would hear that person be heard about it not so might my son's home from college and he's doing friends giving in my house in my mind. Like my friends there ties inference. Yeah. In nineteen people in my house starting tomorrow afternoon I'd like to review of like I got them by gets them show prompted you and Arnold movie. And then I'm coming now and I'm driving hear about it don't be late just in case the brick on the move by the way totally worth going to say it is pretty good rights of the drought that's now died this adds I was that I verbally. I gave you belong to the movies like two hours hours it's too long if you're bad comedy or too long so the gap he. They have Mark Wahlberg slight model wife right. I mean not relied on our on on on the in the in the in the movie like he has this model wife a guy in the movie you know I miss daddy's home boy had no law how dare you this what if and an accident I thought they know it's an added face the you do have a good bye to making a murderer marathon debate watch the data don't. Seniors Iowa so and then the the woman who is married to Will Ferrell used to do plays when the car Bellini. She was in bad. Issuance is also in freaks and geeks yeah I'd inviting grandma Claudia oh she was issue is that the Earl and colonels or that men impressive I'd mad dad out of your. Yes have a great relationship with Don Draper now known as most of the when nobody if she looked like she is right yet you've got older and methods let's listen to its Nam. Like it freaks and geeks and patio you watch freaks and geeks right in most of did not. This is this is my WP ROK on his Cincinnati Paula you do that in I'll do that you'd UW there paean it's like a nice high school comedy about coming of age story and it's a cast a cast that'll knock the socks off Linda currently. James Franco Seth Rogen. Jason Segal Lonnie Anderson. Lonnie Anderson the Robby Anderson from the jets it's odd that unbelievable cast of characters David Cassidy died on the last night how does that affect you right yeah I had nowhere I ignored. I start reference Teemu his throat to break around. To take a mark tried to give our tight at the moment the respected deserved to do a moment of silence on the now they would not like that no odds confusing get there Carl's that in dead air and on the next as it is more important that you honored him cast the what did you do with getting to steal one in Houston posters we go to posters that you put on walls. As your kid oh well I'll tell join our girls when I hear is like back in the semi used to quotes and I. Think that's what I hear from about yeah. It's John Kass the shot that's the does he was his brother I had a guy Shawn Kemp poster that's their little that the Rain Man. Soda all fifteen visited so if you're not in hopes. A if you would begin my post are you of your talk of these people. That you are another rabbit hole Xavier beat the zodiac raft and accidentally goes right now that that would be officially get it way out the relatively all the posters are in my role as a youth coming up next it felt Sports Radio when I meet the gassing with the posted so like Lonnie Anderson that I was poster yes Joseph the eighties shelty who has it who wanted but he'll implode Derrick still in the rotation there may be you know like Molder. And Al MacPherson and then that's probably snapped at you which a little bit where saluted you have on your wall. I Al spurts. I feel like elsewhere it's fifth. I had a lot of Bo Jackson I'd vote those reading the other good when he said every doled out of the city where it of the CI out of in this had a picture of Rupert it's the this is good tester sports knowledge they're very sharp veterinarian. Hagan period Hagan Jerry Hagan was. Darian Hagan. Now because he is likely that running back for the Colorado back when they were really really dead. For Colorado the football team like the college team early ninety's Du'Shon salaam. You know he's before or so is also that when they wanted to Andy's mother entered their. I don't one terrible. The terrible idea that Bo Jackson Deion Sanders Graham Amare Shawn Kemp. Ken Griffey junior yeah those are those with little ridiculous it's a cliche I want all of the Jordan wings post. Now I don't think I did ID brown dunk contest he brown identity I have Beastie Boys Beastie Boys is a good one mile or more sports I think the one lady. Was Buffy the Vampire Slayer is nice cellular you're very respectful thing and I always wonder when people of that poster. Oh so what's what's the name servers until he had been out yet still married to Freddie prinze junior you know they're cute they're make it work so well as close to getting moment podcast Freddy prinze yeah for the summer catch yes and I was gonna speak at a Cape Cod league event and I figured what better way to go into that is speak to Freddie prinze junior put the Chatham NC did he talked about that how did you think he looked in the film athletic wise. And better than nothing Lily yeah maybe the worst athlete or pronounced dead now now only be yap. It was he was okay preference is okay it was a hard throwing lefty believe he was he like he looked like he could actually throw basins in the Peter do you you've done a he was better than Richard Pryor Brewster known. Slightly better yet the power and yet few little bit better at NASA where the week ago so overall you're saying the show today was great. Like the show and I like when I was driving it like to show you guys are talking drop lower probably talks among about that of course we have the Michael team and it in men's ski hearts though power hour at 9 o'clock and we do have I want it set this up it's there at 7 o'clock yeah. You know what you mutton I've been going back some constructive criticism recently we have puzzle on well. Oh look at that segues so so we've we've we've he's that people are gonna go anywhere we're through that which aren't you know we're trying to find the best the way where the sweet spot for the hearts though the Michael. And and so he said he doesn't one guess I can respect that that this time slot. But he did say one last time we could do gas as long as they were very very short. So it's 7 o'clock is going to be keys for the hearts though show and the keys. Will get week. Mark came and along with some other people and we hate some gas but we made interviews very very short very it's a state of good and so we're gonna play like this a rapid fire in I think it's going to be really really good at the people like that 7 o'clock 7 o'clock on the report that you're here till ten. Jack here it'll take all of that pause and I Italy earlier honestly you see what I'm here the last hour I don't think this debate is that you've got fired back noticed that. If if I get somebody come and join anti Islam in the Osce channel solo hot though notably. Did you know Thanksgiving use this point. The old the old hot stove showdown would it had to guess and see you later on Thanksgiving night yet exactly but we take group you'd be respect my time slot and so yeah. Never mod that night. If that's over columnist good right now I am honored to the filling in and helping him reach his bonus word up until that. On badger here you can join us at 6177797937. I got to find out what's going on would you vs mark the others sub sub that the mess I was studied at her close. Something seems off I also have comments from your weekend you know. Obama but OK at the issue there it did so of all that and your phone calls coming out never modified experts Keefe rob Bradford Sports Radio WB yeah. Never thought I rolled bomb which you rob Bradford the night before Thanksgiving will travel safe out there. Those same thing that you're gonna regret summary graduate high school at ten years ago yet well where are you that you guys. I just missed my if scheme of cat was fifteen yeah fifteen yet and there's a suites. Yeah I went back for ten. That was that you look after DC ten was good and it was good years I was I was hoping more people would look growths but never looked about a big cities FaceBook is off teams the minute your parents is out. You also numbers and when I know what you're into allotted to the full scouting report before it meant that's that wasn't my pad levels of mayors at the time. Dead does the only thing I thought it. I don't know what to stop Ray Allen on every year endeavor do you like go to high school with and she did not okay you never bring year your wife or your girlfriend. To a reunion was it easier to cheat. No no what was the point nobody but what do you get under way is it is that you have to these awkward conversations because you feel bad for them they don't know anybody they know very few people might never do this isn't going to be the I think that Nike what about I want to be here for these people going to union extras it's that I got through it now I've got through about. What about the net before Thanksgiving like mini reunions of those don't you in the past those are better. Yet the Dunbar yet the is that those you usually do and only just hope that you're not. Redick and the next day but yeah it's the the it's off balance yet that's all if it's and you had some resentment built up may be one tell somebody off if you want but never mind I don't know how to live your life that's really sounds like bill document there aren't on and now it's your viewers know and then you -- you'll Wear seat their policy ball so close differently there to have a football team those. Distant fertility. Act to David Farrell for all over the Thanksgiving. I see that's sock that's I really miss that I wish I wish we did prep schools and different animal did you played Saturdays and knows his whatever yet so thank you got to land but ultimately. You go to the Thanksgiving so it's sort of like. You know people banged up a little bit the next day is giving or you know you see it and and Turkey trot your big runner you wanted to try tomorrow. Now I usually Turkey trying to do was classics which is as last weekend with Sunday I've always done it always. I showed up because of that stupid flights on I mean that awesome flight for her liberal picks and yet that I can't read zone defense that more raw arm strength thorn acknowledged on arms of bank. Our friends out its its like actress he's trying to gym things in windows that aren't there so I've kind of been a good drop of Los I. By the my knees by and he's Earl banged up so an injury so no Turkey trot this notes are drawn and they that makes sense now now one of the guys your playing flag football where yeah both of their show my third round pick. What else going on there now than what's out you guys don't go along now you have you I tell them what Brad I jumped up for hamas' grip every channel that was on the podcast unit that we did I said like two or three years have been viewed four times a year. Is sort of this bizarre thing markets usually might get the senate me for something. And he'd shuts it down a little bit. This was a little left shots that the count and that's that's that's that's the bill will next focus don't you know my Frontline I have. You know what of his great strength is not being passive aggressive right right so that's his MO four you're right. Yes oh yes thank you keep that drop we need better I fifth fifty more times tonight. So. I think it's. Is so he was you know you could legitimately upset when we came in to do the podcast of Kirk the other day. I thought this is gonna take ten minutes and really understand why Purdue in the podcast the pockets of one that you well I mean I introduced a bill that's on the website a lot V Bradford almost like Batman v.s Superman and it probably got Donna just adds definitely got better ratings it was probably an armada on rotten tomatoes as it but I got a podcast is nick fry in tan and we're gonna talk about Huntsville late comeback from the GM meetings. And out of the gate we start talking about the hot stove show that happened the day before putts though for those who don't know the show 8 o'clock Wednesday night we're concentrated 9 o'clock and it's now at all. Michael. I'm so we'd in this podcast a lot of it was about the heart the bizarre sort of also show the night before where there was a few things that I had a problem within my biggest problem I pulled mutt. He was sitting in that seat I was sitting here I told them on the air. Said ma I don't want you doing the show because I don't think you wanted to show. And and and heat. I think he gets upset because it's his time slot he wants to take ownership in my point was that's fine I can respect that right. This not do the show during your time slot is doing another content you have ever in anyway I don't really feel as though policy don't push your buttons like does he get upset when that. He's literally never end and this came back he thought I was questioned his work ethic on the show exit. No not that now it's like any show like if you don't if you are someone before and after the show. It's sort of bitching about are now argument do this I don't want to what they're a lot of pitching behind the C yelling at you although the agenda passed the path right. So and it is he thinks it's like about the gas that is not about the gassing on about the cast doubt it's it was just sweet baseball hot stove I guess it's in the Houston saying it is right -- doubt delighted this isn't the this isn't your show this is it now and our own thing nudity to podcast that can put that addict who's going to be the role is relief man this year you guys can sort of re you know take a look at that going in and year tonight we did breakdown of who should be on the forty man roster and not. John John Karr. So that's tough for me is so so anyway that was the is so Omar podcast we talked a lot about that can came in there and I said I'm very open about the sites and on the year but what would you put the show that because you're going to be stuck at somebody's Jose Vicente 3 o'clock Friday afternoon. Dale hauling kids would say wait a minute wait a minute rob this is our time's run outlook and I wouldn't blame anybody single day Monday morning good morning guys Matsui and then out of there are certain weakness and I admit they might say that I've read it's more important the Brady view of our. Other overloading my love that if he did admit that and a high noon Tuesday sir you could Christian or go home early be thrilled. Welcome that might have the quarterback it's well so silly I think you kind of know where I'm coming from ID and now I and I respect my time slot he would clear he's obsessed over this still haunted I've boat as I've voter has done judged and judged and then he's not here for sixty president not only is the governor it's ever keep well it also was he all upset that the lot of you last night so probably by heat so anyway steam in about I think he was. He mutt is a talented guy win this tremendous work ethic yet but my heart I yes and I think that he was he thought I was going after his work ethic which I was did not what he got no beef with planet Mikey about yet. Dow's got out that he did little wow I have a moment he had house among comfortable yet radio gas. Yeah no doubt about what the work ethic thing was that. Yeah all of the justifiably so I mean that was Mikey wasn't putting in the time in the but I thought my used but not on mock. I thought mutt it was and it was what didn't they all I was going to hit that shot went but went to somebody else behind the scenes in Mikey found out about it and then became a big thing and so this was the one thing I felt pretty confident is like everything he said. On my podcast and then the current podcast I'd said to him as it on the year it's at I don't want you to Mitch well. Denver answers phase outs are ideal the cardinals you know he just like flipped out over this and so when we came into do Kurtz podcast here today. I'm like yeah you know this would be ten minutes I don't know if you tell you right does that Heath. I've sitting in Scotland conference office you Watson that his office hey ma. The nuns and I think no older than what he called me. Real I cannot repeat on the year what's like what area we're talking here. And a sexual thing is that the UU. Aft. Today. Off record public view. And I thought dad daddy he interviewed yet you yes I'll kick your ass like a no problem doing it you you laughing I gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta ally and then I went when he went and went into his office public gets where kids and that has been so nice to know so we can hope if we go into the do the podcast. And he had notes he had a page and a half of note that these that's like also attacking. I don't know how well yeah I just don't trust us yet it was Chopra I don't I couldn't say hey you're not prepared to meet him and he's shown outside. But it was a pays to have and little little letters to lobby I'm guessing that's our life so it wouldn't work in the army to of that 15100 words worth of notes so. I'm like yours though. He's we get in there he's got the notes he's ready to go in you know and he was ready go our and I'd I don't know what else I can say. And so what the bottom line is you don't want him doing the show because you'd not because he's not good at it or not because he doesn't. Work hard is because he doesn't want to he doesn't want about it as ever and I made the suggestion I said can I ever bought united said he wanted you so much. I said well you know month to six to nine in the you can take off take often candle June 9 and I thought I was doing him a favor turns out. He he wants that our he reignited at our ever adequately it's a big big part of. The vote to structure I just feel like. Yup Monday Night Football yeah Thursday night football. What's that what's the Harmon have a little there's a lot we keep keep going little I don't house that is 50% of the time that it wasn't there is little better Friday yeah so. It was the whole thing it was not a problem an hour to this forum. If there's any night you like to do from six to seven and I can leave early you're welcome don't go get approval you're welcome the roadmap and our load there ago in a nutshell there it is that sums it up and I I don't a comment about it and show this past weekend which anyone again too yeah I don't do that your phone call 61777. I 7937. Keefe and Bradford sports rated WE yeah. Keep in Bradford for other 1015 minutes or so there is too mossy committed seven. There around eight proves that might be some solo Brad phones show a little bit I got some plans I'd I don't I don't doubt that you're very well prepared you always have been. And yet you what some movies and it just for the work you wanna see this column that before the job I actually could have seen this movie before the fifth year olds on movies that seemed in the in the wheel house guys that does he justly with France. And I've gone through that and thought that no Colby this ticket next well we're not gonna take the easy way they'd daddy's home. When it goes the murder on you or you express. Next level how's that it was terrible it was terrible I tell you think it was those flow. I did a good pace and it Kenneth brand now who is played the character actor yet it was about. This is that it was it was NASCAR should audit would cast our stuff and I act I turned human rights on an. You wanna leave you wanna leave. Power in the past about you know better than us the whole again directly but I wanted to since you're you're very well prepared. I'd I was listening to your show last week last weekend Saturday yet you're on without a draw we sure war twilight. He. However don't know about didn't wash the Celtics war if so how is that but you have a good job of calling about as funny I was meeting a friend somewhere and he was obviously we're all McCarthy the same time and we weren't listening together both so we've we've got to the place and we're ball obviously listened to EID he says. Analysts most of it like each other how they elect well. It's now back got well that's how I act of I remembered forever rise that's that's how we talk big a deal. But your column off for not seeing the southern than him trying to spin it away and run. If you want to hear that there is so soul I thought that. Hours and twenty was pretty decent yeah as I made the most when it could be we come out of the gate tickets out so that's let's look it's a highlight it felt wanna get that makes chicken salad valued salad but I went in you can you can relate. Alabama a big Gavin has a good future he's witty guy he takes all this with a dream about their baseball guys yes he's he's he gets Mikey gets. So but the problem is is that when he I said who would you wanna commit us and find yams and and the Celtics are going to be the Celtics are going to be. If we're gonna talk hasn't lost in years rice and they just beat the warriors yeah an image that's beaten someone young warriors on Thursday night. So if we're gonna arts sports that is going to be if I'm sorry have been I don't know if you wanna talk about baseball and I I'll be happy to 2 o'clock right or tonight at nine iPod though wouldn't you come out the gate yesterday I didn't watch the warriors fertile. I don't really knowing about the Celtics who says on the air. A yeah okay what it but I have I have a good excuse because of writing a book. Recounted heat you mentioned as a 26 times to plug in the motion there for the book was isn't available now. Yeah and on Amazon library yet recorder at the best thing was we got these older gentleman call up yet this ripping him for writing this like you are too young to be ready to moderates like street anyway. So hi all I get to be credible item listed as if the abuse before everything that is provide so that dialogue is. So I just so we what we tried doing after we did the Lexus thing. Funny. That yet so we had to weed the electric thing and then. As an OK we did do the you'd have a drug knows nothing about Boston sports tributes at the I am and you've heard this bit on on the radio before yeah yes but I I've messed up I'd be you do you know no no you know we're right messed up where we I tried to do bull global callers going to get seven whatever the other Booth right. The easiest easiest Boston questions. He couldn't hear asked the callers should work fine but venue for the second call you realize on mine guy. Who is now asking these questions do you just heard the questions that he was on pole. I didn't think that thorough knowledge do but the the intent with this it was is a great idea Erica workshop with nothing there. That's pretty that's what you do now that was good as for the actual Celtics team themselves you yet do you think that that you were there's a big cell that I must idol itself you'll talk Celtics in my final couple minutes here would with the Celtics. This on the that was I was asking somebody yesterday. I eleventh Lawny. They have overcome Sony deficits at this point that in the third quarter of say third quarter. How how many points today have to be behind for your earliest I actually heard this. I heard that's pretty broad. You. RV you can weather down seventeen can be down toward an exceedingly that you're over heavily yeah this is this isn't this the Celtics and this is the NBA. By there isn't a value to that sort of what the Red Sox this year you if you feel like you come back you feel like you can come back you not give up in the fourth court. Like at the end of that team that that game you tonight Dallas. It was like. How they came back in the game it was so sorry stacked up against them and they are making these these played the you don't see in the NBA these hostile place this city. Are you as speaking hustle plays are you enjoying everybody repent you're gonna Marcus mark that seems to be nada takeaways a La we might see is. There's a huge misperception when it comes to my relationship marked as Smart as evidence everyone's talking about it on the street. Well I said. All the on like jet skiers jet jet audit is jets though here. I gotta get he's trying to leave just yet it sheds light before Thanksgiving wants to go I don't care about I accidents of this earlier. So I think with markets marvel government in Austin T mean you know as wells I'd be rich a couple of years ago. Even last year if you say that people like and night out yeah. The woman who called up without exactly like that thank you so but she every time I said this would like no no he's trending the same way things that should be Butler. Yeah or or you might not want Illinois Maine Iowa or Florida invited him Russell Nolan Russell Russell Westbrook dad and inner. It's not happening. It's not happen by year's one would be. Two on the mosque the knows this. I love my curious case of stories yes this is the perfect serious case of markets market is so bizarre. As it is really have repeated. He's pretty polarizing too and on the winning streak has really been much to criticize or our unit as well as their role so it will talk about it it's jacking up three's one a 6% or whatever it is. Our that's editor for me or thanked patty O rob Bradford is gonna stick around till 10 o'clock Johnson mossy is now in the studio or you sir I wanna crazy you know on your freaks and geeks take thank you rate show you have to watch it is like Ellison I'm start arguing that the al-Qaeda a little surprising you know W care paean Cincinnati now I never watched their earlier this I don't view of the show. Yeah more also ten years old activities but this match that's. And right up there that no matter I've got guys who if I W can't you need an Asia it was like Bentsen those kind of senators like a channel 38 at like three in the ad out and what you wish declines were aware that Turkey drop guys my witness I thought to gridlock lies on. Now. Separately it that night that aren't recap and dad are Bradford monster coming up next their have a great Thanksgiving. It's portrait that Lilja. The deal Derrick still in the rotation on May be you know like Wimbledon. I'll MacPherson and then that's probably. You it's a little bit where sandwich you have on your wall. I als works some.