Kirk in the Car joins the Real K&C 12-28-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, December 28th

While on vacation in Florida, Kirk in the Car checks in on the senior producers.


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Let's go to delete the state of Florida for Kirk in the car your routine weaker. Dollar gate spent go for power walked to the gym like. Typically a golf ball on the cigar never won back. Just look at Ashton on the back deck or the pro tablet if I did. Yeah and tells Florida. It's fine and the kids are done for the language. I was tormented chicken and I saw that she does draw beside the check in them. And still holed this I guess what go full and astute major -- to step back for work meter and 200 workers to make to make you right. So out of what cater to play it perfectly and no problems at all Richard at least. I would say in where it is not a Smart no audio Johnson. John I don't want fun during the crossing their. I would say ultimately we need sit in the insanity in the match and get through everything ultimately it is simply at its core. Just a philosophical disagreement on how would you radio real asphalt. Anger in the madness and all that really what it is like we like I like it throughout in the fight you know each other. John doesn't. Know better I think you can. And doesn't like it that much. Of recognition that the three Vista they showed again and as you disagree bet. There was never an issue with you guys and it was something that even when we had the in the the plate gay troopers out there that we have on every week you have you know bring a mod knock him around every day. We were students at the top of the list screaming down these guys going back and forth and those were dealt festival was in the middle of me what that. Are you done it I've got to meet here. And Ottawa are going to drug users and partners. Your turn. What sure I'm positive please. Well the irony is of course the bid the most boring shot the three shows the station orbit that. It was a number one is one of the track each other at all alternatives. Missing it I did the first segment today I don't apology to Richie alliger orbit oh my god Rick dees. Twice the personality victory or. Two times 12 whatever bill I mean forget how bad or oh my god. Said Merrill servicing you know. What you interpret channel 798 cents. Hi. That was. Well off in the short darker without social and running here. It's hurt your card locked into the microphone that we do don't dropped. It was funny you know a bit of fourteen minute monologue and possibly. I don't even know where where it late where to go was right now. Actually I met John alt fire which we talked whatever sober. I can Obama and I just don't understand. Polite and what it is issue is with mock I've listened to it three times. I'm not being sarcastic and nice today. We do stuff more severe than at 1520 times each show a show. Usually in the other thing that it was bizarre was that he was seemingly turned into this earlier. Didn't wanna get into politics when that's all he talks about on Twitter that's literally has only existence on social media is to talk about trumping jet fuel and all the other stuff. I think though crescent and banks who I think ultimately though when it comes James Harrison. I think about the laundry. Academic report about that he sent the country what sector he set yet alone. Well I would say personally for me right now. I would go Williams. I'm a bird. Or obviously an actually great I got commonwealth should put up. What about yeah as vs Ortiz that's a big battle Red Sox are. That's that second here I think that the conversation too happy to do it I would go personally Bork. I'd still go up. I don't Diaz Triple Crown all around player. And and Michael Russell. That's what I mean that's you know that's that would. The the decision to bring him back at all Thursday today by management approval. Also caught sort of controversy Jerry talent packed in the during predator and could you repeat tonight. Period now impact and means I can't believe that brought you back. Mike Inglis first of all like what let me have this week music and secondly I mean what do you want I mean. I you have to be ready for this thing tomorrow morning you can. Tomorrow morning and you know it starts talking he's monologue or simply must overdo you know you have to be that's. Number two the public last year with meter trendy beater and wait or is the candidate you have to work bench you know. I guess sixteen year old guys that like what what it will put the bat but the bottom line as you can talk about you know. Chris a lot of bookstore I you know it is if it you'll become an increasingly think about it again for Christmas week. I think is that you really tell you Maloney. Like in rob Bradford got a Margaret Court execution of this weight like it's not your show. I like to talk. Do you really say that. I aegs he said he did some loss in Bradford said I think sort of yet they got a little lecture about it yet but not made it said he portrayed it. But I was off from the guys that ride on book. I'd never hurt when they sit you don't walk. As you know he fought like crazy I'd seen on here Jerry to you want to I want her to walk outs like battle might when it's my say. That they. Thought was. Let them get like you know it it'll just like it was the most confusing. We have heard about like it was to sit three times I still don't know. What is upset about. And I actually can't do it will be after Friday show it. Well it is said that that ultimately it's philosophical disagreement. On integration. Older and I guess she likes when people talk. Saw in the the other person talk you know I think a bit from that perspective I heard Johnson. How intelligent debate on ballot or whatever I mean you know it's yeah mount Rushmore and launchers not exactly critic stock. I would say you know we talk I try to talk like that talk often here three of us while we could get and I. Truck each other in front of each other intelligent shot up. Each other's balls that trio. Works John. Doesn't wanna do that. That's fine but I mean you know is there so I think Iraq. Recognizes that our I don't know by the way I still think you guys you brought the suffered get a chance was outdated. 26 and change on the truck tomorrow port 26%. Ken thinks he's back tomorrow yeah jobs ideal the only gives her. He's really enjoying the limelight being back on them today in the afternoon show he was saying if I come back I don't know fall come back so he's really. Basking in the glow of being back in the spotlight I'd it is my. Sorry I mean police. My should be viewed at the old colors were a few old guy code or force her you know arm Mali all god must juggle schedules. There's no I mean again there's no better as the signature is no better source of the shuttle external persons into the show tonight. Also in the marsh ordered him out of normal people assuming there is no better advertisement or people calling you saying he expects. That's victory and finally the victory yes may take a second to congratulate. Myself. Four number one again. In the mornings in that you can take a Serb CIA out streamer out there streaming and derby you want you try to slice bites in any way you want Fred Richie. Number one again clearly in the fall book when they had the patriots and Celtics started like for 26 to. And beat beat him against him and other tweet. The bill in December which is true. And about. To eat or some again 2554. Number one again it's graduation all of us. Thoroughly. I think. The odds of being a close play anyway useless. Now so regulation you guys carry out. I think that's just the just what Heidi spec read or contribute to be tomorrow be my last question. I tell you. I got back from both John Bennett and Alex treatment to light show. So that Satan and my words to re word if you don't guitar to walk outdoor bands once again. So these are talented and that I'd I'd or is it better duo. To get jobs. Together counts in the training in all due to voice in oh you know Alex dying please. It is Alex is probably so it must got you walk out out is going to be. Accurate noxious Ohio State. For holiday Friday show you it's it's up I would and anybody would think that they should we should make I don't Bradford was saying it's ridiculous that it. Pitino stood on the building site if grad but wanted to host front. Get on I assume it's like the one about a minute right. Like you won't turn in the mall post what you are you know market talk. The debate last time you're. I think. That's why again what about the only podcast. You know. I don't RB I mean you know aggregate talking I didn't think. Out short of what was a fight would you know and I know that gunners. Would. But like that in soccer and play ball. What I. It would be Smart move because you really to go to Arnett and doing the podcast and he would look like yet the balls go on the early and a pretty happy in evidently. And clearly that we should all there is at all. Or what was sick for over assemble all but remastered. And greens rated show about a lack. A doctor public once it was. Back Robert so happy part of what you these radios and the ones like if you want to say are probably you know it's like. You know feud played late the you know you'd pay the tambourine like age you. You're like you're technically in the realm. I mean. You know in my stick in my mind I have the Biden in the Java craft here at all. Yes yes side I think subliminally more than three orchestrated media. I would also would be like some. It was solely or completely boring Trump's pocket or witnesses is interesting you say how I am. A fat thing about it ironically I have about how to talk to share your tires we've talked all. That would take some point. Schilling is out but they sure did Eric adoption of children that was going on board has some angle past election he wanted to in the on the ultra open. You think she's not being used and the he refused pointed out the night sky like Jerry but it's unbelievable it was an afternoon show. Or for two years but I would say you know like it's what they're saying like audition that it's all gossipy. It's something should they be you know what I mean like it's like really work. Or it sure it was number why might get it gets awkward night. Or like before I got there you set like you gotta say. It if you would you like it or not it's work. I noted we talked about earlier was just quickly oh we gotta run okay we talked about the of them saying you read it. And we we talked about the the shots that just continued Gerri about Jerry being disloyal and I just found it to be laughable I mean I. If Jerry saw a few solid you know the way UC Jerry. And you said you know I want allowed myself to Dino and I think you know as a guy wanted to shows with you think he would have put up a fight had no we got to bring scenario long Norman saying. Well what do not accept the job I thought John I forget that there cross site features like a Kirk is so incredibly young talent on this likely. Expect but it's not it liquid. Regionals possibly go on better job and I. From the start it was an initial bounce of the show I want it to you as I settled across I could do that chose once there. So you know they couldn't move on comedian Jon dirt has done their show. And they could've done which I'm like sitting just like Yugoslav slate. Kind letters together and you know. At bat and that's a bit like that's what you like and what it. Used big words like he's having these delicate you know thoughtful conversations. I got ordered to show pictures that were also started sport. I think it's on the way he does radial force way I do Rio clearly I would like philosophical difference. You know we can line up concede times he beat a direction that. I'd I'd I'd like my chances you know again. Numbers our numbers are you know in Johnson. In about what was that all house actually loosens Maude yes it. You know and injured in the Jerry you know obviously deeper. You know at some point you know I answer yes there are pretty much. It's a boy the last. Regrets of the book Kirk awesome ratings well poised. Tuesday to look out for her. To Kirk millions great. Changes will be back rent a rookie NC it.