Kyrie Irving speaks out about leaving Cleveland, didn't care what Lebron thought

Dale & Keefe
Monday, September 18th

Hour #3 and we wrap up the Pats talk and then transition in to the interview Kyrie Irving gave to ESPN this morning about his departure from Cleveland.


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Gala Hollywood heat. Sports Radio WEEI patriots Monday edition of our program. Down here at Gillette Stadium. I would talk to bill bella check already for those that you didn't get a chance to hearing we'll bring it back during our final drive let's just say he was. Somewhat more expensive than it was a week ago today eating so those comparison you know slightly more expensive films more dollars in. He was like all right I'm glad you're you're another hallway okay he's a lie and stock up three word answers there's so many ways and go out and it was afternoon so trains here though so you're trying to get out of paying off of that. That's what's at Wentworth and Italy is that the company that. Which bit is this the that it would be good on Monday the one lap I wait yeah last Monday he lets. Horrible last week here's a bad move I need to remind you again and how long birds that I'm. And it's very nicely all our time now he has great judgment if any decided that was appropriate for from a drive with your. People like to hear us squirm and I were able to hear that very act yeah they wanted to hear about what I guess technically it was good all right well. Hey hey hey it was going to be progress all the hole I go on Alex Smith today are very Linux which is still got some movement are bad go to the lawyer out of a given out but announcement states. I still think after fourteen that's court I know he's not in the top half are guilty confirmed killed in a result of mocked top 32 quarterbacks you've also done top avenues. I don't know if you guys feel this way MVP awards in football don't matter like it's. The patriots have reached that level guy gets where he would get I guess it's sort so if they put out super bowl of these Super Bowl MVPs difference our regular season MVPs. Don't care yeah you have the patriots they care a lot of if your guy gets it but I'm awards okay yeah. I lowered its just different openings brought back sorry to give me the Lombardi I say that to say that. When Alex Smith the beauty of the nobody here I want him to be the people immediately he won't really so you can move them up from that. A lot. Haven't Jimmy Carter I think still we I think we had an 1818. He's likable as well be the MVP of the league yet -- Alex Smith when you want wanted to get a really good running back at it that he does one huge announcement than just does everything that it that it does everything right getting beat the patriots knowledge that the only way the greatest you lose if they lose the by the way that's the only team that plays like that against does that patriotic spirit of the regular career and it doesn't look Pittsburgh had a wonderful career isn't for touchdowns it will love the yeah yeah I think that's all important. Could tell you when you went out of what what you have the budget games incidents that would go to this doable ever. The idea argue that is available only known way of audio inept teammates who were there to support the you're gonna want to the by your kids' regular season. He sure has. Yeah I don't say is different you know this is the year for Alex. They're pushing government should go out and ever have an audio Thomas got a path you know what thoughts on Matt. Now now it audiences not really now I Alex that part about playing the jobs go. Not on the anybody can Alison Bert plan for Andy Reid now now. Mel no doubt about that out of that you beat anybody look at laws that show would have any interest here Alex Smith but 8156. And one that's this particular time would you like to hear him then widget to your interview and absolutely and say you know what I have now. We'll just wrote your first question we outsmart so awesome OK okay is there anything you don't feel rather well to overcome it upon last kind of get fired him so great. How did you beat there filtered to other speakers italics some would say you are not a top ten quarterback but not say not aid to these guys here the growth of the bus. And no thank you Austin toward. Let's hope this is the show used to be a democracy and basically what he's saying well now thought Michael booking guests. You guys maybe talk to the marveled that didn't work out there and all right. Hold their fair trade off the bubbles I was at an interview. Yeah it was it was it was watchers that more people wanna hear that announcement. And it's not close at what does that say about our society and the Lott might go talk about at 20 yeah I wanna hear from Lavar ball than the great Alex which together if society expert on died then yes bring it down to why is that why is Lamar ball more intrigued announcement. Alex that this better be one on the totality of one dug wells that he's this is no matter what does that that would put Lavar ball goes right. Well what does a marble there okay. In my employ if it's just get attention and knowing that you does a better job of that announcement does anything else the old Shaq can get that's not true pitches and not Wear herself after months of another blog Twitter and YouTube and other social media people live there trying to get attention that I didn't like Alice admit the wanted to get attention he can do it. Leah is a platform to a Bible at twelve under by a comment the department boy should be fun. 6177797937. I'd rather talk to Mike in Framingham and Alex Phillips here all night and likewise kept insults you like Agassi. There are a you can controversy at the circuit the practice to think like older all the potential scenario singles or was wood to the did you play elect will be different on site kicks. Into the penalty assessed on the kick awkward instead of the patriots because approaching it to get the ticket that plywood blue. So make no essentially bring this to. I do think that this team is probably as good a situation coaching. No they're not as good they're better battery at situation in coaching than any team in the league. You know every single possible. Situation is is practiced. And it keep it's like you were saying you Michael the entire season. And not run that play. The field go on right yeah practiced I mean I can't remember the last time I saw them you know do go to Russia one of the feel no timeouts left their camp clocked the ball because it's you know it's it's about. Is it your boy Andy Reid can do that play. If I develop the sleep. I'm no chance I don't think so it takes a lot of Alex Alex what do we now I think a lot of coordination. A lot of practice couldn't be some penalty there'd be some penalty on the play without guys that fly guys on the field and yes somebody had not set for sure or they just rotted out or did they played too close. Or or someplace of these young quarterbacks might even run or senator and spike it on fourth down when I just and you see these things happen before. Where guys just lose their minds or that they try to get off an offensive play in the just miscommunication. But everybody knew they were doing their news. Is pretty good news just three pointer of the game which they win by sixteen but still that was who's. Pretty cool to see any note they can do that again and then there might be a game a closer game maybe even a playoff game where that ends of what are. I'll by the way I'm breaking if you wanna use that term when all sports legal news and judgments at the denies the NFL's emergency motion for a stay of the Ezekiel Eliot preliminary injunction. Next up they go to the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Here he initially like he looked like Tom Brady had more rushing yards and Ezekiel Elliott had yesterday correct an equivalence there he looked like a guy who's. Mind is elsewhere as many. Doubt that that's the that's the other thing about of operating a hate that you don't always bring about the Brady but but to bring it back to Brady. He had the NFL. Against him everybody in the league against the rarely. Any continued to play at a high level as if nothing was going on so that was he did that. Starting in 2002 well 2015 technically January FC championship game when the incident first came out. Like Super Bowl great greatness of Kabul that whole year. It you know gone back and forth from training camp to court plays 2015 season he was great it and make it to the Super Bowl but he did pretty well in 2016. That they not come off four games beginning of the year and he goes and wins the Super Bowl he made it look easy but it's not that it's got to be on your mind. If you have the NFL against you just going to court gets. That that the nosy neighbor down the street. Bull won a court against the entire league. Has been around for a long time and has the resources. Deeper than yours has little more lawyers than you do. A little dirt plays dirtier you willing to play so yet that's got away on. No one of the guys that was really against Brady at that time Jerry Jones and then use the Donnelly and ask that is how is vehemently denying this report. I gotta tell you Adam chapter in Chris Moore considered pretty good at this stuff like they have it in on a date they don't generally get a whole lot of stuff frog investors are simply. Yeah no more. And I got it off on Bartlett I don't know I don't know even shifter who said they're not trading him no matter what the offer but Jimmy Rob Lowe and we're all mocking him and he was right. They both said that Jerry Jones who was not on the compensation committee. Was attempting to put a halt to the the contract negotiation that supposedly ongoing. With Roger Goodell people like Robert Kraft and Arthur Blank are on the compensation committee John Mara. Forget that we think we're beyond gals of the rule needs it's it's all those guys who you'd expect. Now when I first read it I was I I went well good for Jerry Jones I wish Robert Kraft had done this yes but now the league is saying it's not that's not what's happening here. We'll see hasn't signed that extension yet ready hasn't picked up and in. And again at fixed price contracts in 2099. No and there's got to get timeframe I don't know why they need this done. But also show after his make in the point two sort of hauled up on a bad. They're not saying that could Dell's going to be gone. Thank that was the first thing we're looking out yeah actually out here with Jerry Jones that can get our team now I know you're you're trying to screw Brady but whatever what will take you on our side now you're trying to get ready Dell. But it's more. They don't want him as much or they want their to do like incentives if he makes this much profit that he gets more money order or whatever might have but being. So it does Salant you'll still be the commissioner furlongs. But I do have to give them credit the the league has grown under him and he may be coincidence I don't know yet. Because he's kind of he's in the right place the right time you can send it. Yeah I don't let Fredricka I would even say that if if I'm Roger Goodell it in my contract negotiations take you could have gotten this from anybody on the commission and a half hour me about guys well you might as well pay me and I I don't wanna point out just who that think. It's the hole exactly accurate everything now everything's just the extreme no. We don't know we don't want rhetoric. Even. In the dip in in the ratings. In which are still ongoing. At that that tipped in the rain last night Sunday Night Football game was the lowest rated since 2008 it in no way or even going up against him on yet you know what. You know who was experienced. The dip in the ratings. Every. Except in front of everybody and let everybody auto wreck brought on regular TV yes so. I think you just you would have to go across the problem is though the networks have made promises to advertise well again and that's a problem. That's a huge prob that's a problem but then that correction yet to come up with a market correction just like any other business. And this is our old model with our previous in his previous contract negotiation. Now this is not. It's not viable. But you gotta do something else in the that would affect the amount of money. That the NFL is requiring these networks come up with him. 75%. Discount or outlook you are just gonna is gonna have to adjust. Did you see that the attendance numbers in LA this weekend. Yes it was embarrassing via the chargers play their home opener in their 37000. Seat temporary stadium while that the new what's being built. 37000 seats. Couldn't sell it out. The Atlanta. Major League soccer team played in a 71 that thousand seat NFL stadium and sold it out. Well USC played Saturday night had more people epic game against Texas then both the chargers and the rams combined. They don't want one team little too late don't want NFL football and LA. Well I think also the chargers. The chargers in this is going to be this is going to be hard have. No connection connection at all to San Diego or Los Angeles so understand this as the as a football fan. The rabbit you know the charters belonged to him. And and that stadium issues in hidden behind the scenes politics I don't know anything about that it is really hard for me to look at them say they're the Los Angeles charges. The LA he's really weird idea that I don't know how much I roll out to have a clever regulators clippers' Al ICL ER. Don't. You know I understand from a business perspective of just green and I wanna get as much money is again I I'm not going to be Greg you're going to get to money. But I understand the fans of Los Angeles saying we can't pretend that the chargers or hours or. We've been waiting to get charged back the rams different story. The rams weren't reluctant assure us until 1995 and they go often to Saint Louis. The result of oval yet and it could decorated with immigrate to be. There there's a connection to the ranch. No connection whatsoever to the chargers not apply in and Ricky big stadium what should a child here sellout. 37000. Seat why we're here don't. Now what would you Steve says that there about the between. Parking around the from charters effort on. Under underdogs the park news. And they're using right now slash U riding in the LE paper about tennis said the chargers. Are plagued by anger to the south and apathy to the north. I mean that's that people south of him right now has now left people looked on don't give. Did you eat for beer. A much in 58. And by comparison the Atlanta stadium you can buy it pulled pork sandwich and pleaded not choose for sixty. Did you see it into. Arthur Blank wants of the cheapest confessions in the league it's like five dollars for the year it's like two dollars for the the falcons. That's amazing but pulled pork sandwich or what else and Joe's for six. Combined. Are you kidding me at a stadium you know just like fifteen bucks for beer. With the chargers are now that's that's crazy. About six hours. It takes a lot of knock joke about what it all but she can handle it the other way. It is where it was a chip. A but Angel Stadium that's pretty amazing. That's pretty I love with a to a and garlic Mr. Bush other teams that do them well I doubt well. If if this continues to fail ethnically and ally you able Roger Goodell takes some heat about this. I mean everybody wants give Roger Goodell all the credit for all the money that's Rolen and and the franchise values I mean that the cowboys are worth like four point eight billion dollars the most valuable franchise in sport in American sports. The patriots are second at three point seven billion I mean all the franchise values are gonna pay Roger had to do that. If they put two teams in LA and it fails. Does he get some of the grief. Well it's not gonna fail it is absolutely legal analyst job with their turnaround because they got. He was brought to you don't care about more money fans going crazy home. I told you before it is app teams in LA and a pair of one they got out and well. That's what I'll I'll what they just want want what it would be fine and getting San Diego there is is completely different story but bring the rams back to LA. Got a new stadium they don't have all the site themed stuff around it. It just took place holder really care about the team has won the LA market it would have a presence in the market what do they. At this polish my hall of football stadiums and nobody goes and they care. Like I did they absolutely Medicare money already I think they care a lot of loud when that TV shot shows a half empty stadium it's embarrassing. I mean in wrecks in wrestling we stick everybody on our camera side here they are out yeah well. Even shot that we don't really care about. Because you're seeing it on highlights that the few highlights that come from those games but I have many national TV games it let niners that niners came opening weekend. Niners right there is celebrating our comrade minutes at at halftime and the place is empty not a legal entity and a but again that's where I think that team owner. Is annoyed and frustrated at not making money you know ticket sales and things like that but the commissioner of the league and in the league in general the program will be doing their said. They're against it. I I think that it that there is that there is a tilt point and they may not reached it yet by the way I'll grant you that but their. Is a point of you know you're not gonna just keep growing. You just let them keep growing the game by the TV numbers in the attendance numbers here it's different. Here DO a its always sold out the TV numbers are always through the roof it's different here than it is for the rest of the world. You're seeing you're seeing empty mama empty houses. But you're seeing none sellout crowds in many many more venues than you ever use that that was the reason to having seventeen years where your Super Bowl contender in a row and you've won multiple the patriots may be part of the reason for some of that apathy out there. Read what we know who's gonna win anyway yeah I mean we know they're divesting a football so whatever cement. Right. Yeah in the when you take the charges are the rams and it's been so what a year a whole generation into the ram through their 95. Whole generation of fans had to pick another team. And now just to get the rams are back all of its armor raiders fan now or a mom of Broncos fan wherever you are in none of these your teams that generally don't want to Steve's and neither one of our great. The other not a browns down the ridge pretty bad that it looked okay they've looked aren't so far this season but it's not your brain in. Two playoff contenders and and its unique easier just to have for any tension. If you did bring a playoff contenders and dale but but what you is that this is the story of modern. TV. What the NFL is experiences not is not an NFL problem it is a 2017. Problem. With with TV habits. So the TV. People watched watched thinks of is it that way people watch things. In 2017. Differently than they did in 2007. And so NFL have to adjust to that. Along with any other any other show on TV anybody who's putting on a show and dealing with advertisers has to. Embrace the realities of the present. So I don't think it's like. That the NFL is figure out what our problem and somebody down or whether it's the news or whether it's here your favorite does succumb. Doesn't have that problem everybody has that problem NFL is probably in better shape than. 9798%. Of the programming on TV if. Not all of them a year ago the NFL seized upon the presidential election as a way to explain away the drop in rates. One can use this year because they're down this year from last year if you're Michael's -- you know our anti excuse of Michael's point is not one that they can sell you'll probably true artist told they can't just say hey Erin dumping murderers like Marty told their advertisers were gonna give you desks and desk and we're guaranteeing these numbers and they're not getting them so now the advertisers sent a whole wall wall like they I got a contract here but he's ever blame Netflix and Amazon Hulu like they they can't do they care about. Yeah that's yeah that's a real thing and so they'll come back and look at it because advertisers. And you know you don't want to acknowledge this. But the advertisers know that it's not just NFL. That's not delivering on on the numbers and they expected numbers just don't know I understand that but they they also been given guarantees of what numbers the NFL yet is gonna give them in his time back must not happen those rights are gonna have to refund money. What are the three a refund I think is more of the next negotiation is gonna happen is going to be a little more sobering. You know NFL negotiations numbers you always what number's going to be this time mats can be crazy is gonna be up the charts. There might. Stay the same but the on the terms. Yeah. Not off now dawned on the chart 6177797937. Is telefono protect slide is 37937. I haven't heard it yet. I do know that carrier ring was on on the first take today with. With us Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman I haven't heard it is we got some cuts that will play from now when we come back we'll get back your calls as well. 6177797937. It's still a Hollywood Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI. Sixty years you think about how the journey. Transcended my career started first three years that was. Picture himself and then the last three years and you think about. Those final moments that defined as a player and as a man very appreciative of it. In the chance to play with some unbelievable teammates and I had a chance to do some unbelievable coaches well got a chance to develop and evolve as a man. I just thought it was best for months consistently. That's carrier ring from Boston celtics' number eleven in your program number one in your heart. And on the cover of EA sports' NBA two K team so lot carrier ring today went to Bristol. And that actually brought Stephen made at Bristol he had normally like to do that by no I. But Stephen I actually hiked himself to Bristol today so that he could be in studio to talk to Tyree urban. Now that's the only cut I've heard so far. It would not we I was down here when he was on first take I did not hear the conversation but I was following along on Twitter. And he said some things that apparently opened up semis so so I'll be hearing this stuff as your hearing this stuff as kite re Erving talked to Stephen A Smith earlier today. It was a very taste in my approach you know understanding with the magnitude of the moment was I wasn't going to allow anything else so get in the way of our team's success. So I was just very diligent. Very professional in terms in this whole entire process. And in the request came at a at a time where afloat deemed right for me as a Tony your year old involving men. Coming into effect my craft every single day I just wanted to be an environment where I felt like I can be taught every single day and be. Have that demand from my coaches that have a demand from a franchise. That would propel me to exceed my potential so you know we're. How far can go. What an indictment. Either involving men know about a little higher on little cottage can't knock on the whole organization I want indictment of the organizations and yeah. Like like Brad Stevens a lot of character does let you learn every day yes where I can learn an environment where can learn every day. And I get that that that demand from the coaching staff. We'll. About it gets hot Alou who is just a LeBron yes we added Dick Gilbert who is. Blogs and insane asylum or have any of LeBron James thought everything about surprising Andy Andy exactly deceit that they say it best that is first opportunity to really let loose its before that we've heard. Ilia the press conference we want over a lot of what he said there he was asked a lot of questions about. But the brawn and everything else in the press conference this is sort of a bit different kinda. Setting Foreman yeah he's getting some things off as just I'll just let's hear the next cut on enough on the perception. He had. Well the actual storyline for everything that was created. From a variety of sources of writing people whether be from my server whether it be from anywhere else the last person and every body. Kind of forgot about to me and save. As you sat and say damn word and that is true and there was any result. Because that was never reality for me because I knew. The type I know that type of person I am and I know who I'm developing into 11 become and we never came from the fact that you want to be. Absolutely selfish and absolutely. Putting myself first and wanted to be the man I don't really have an ego have a presence in or about me that's very reality based. Went divinity. Hello. What's that what are so first of all yeah he didn't say anything he didn't think they put the what was said about the game to game the past it was for. He wanted to wanted out of Cleveland yeah he didn't want a player LeBron James current. In so he got out of Cleveland featured don't take it reinstated thing but that happen. All right it wasn't like you know create let's not let IG that's not played a game of I never said anything while this to go and say it but it it was true. You want it to be trading he got traded did it publicly all what what what a coincidence that you know some not out there you are somebody out there are saying things about you you're not saying anything that you went after Archie shocked. Shocked got to turn it because I hate it. Sport you greatly on the planet. Aren't there are our next cut. I guess past has to do with truthful to us or the lack thereof. Well we think about the journey and then you also also put things into perspective for what they really are. It's a truthful environment and I wasn't getting that. And that's where really stands. What's unique truthful now environments Cleveland sucks you in the hole or if they got and that's really what he's saying. Then you don't you don't wanna be there do you think it is a LeBron he's gonna be here next year and yeah I'll be here next year you your story about it okay. Our we asked this question about Tom Brady where if you seen any follow up and they slippage in Tom Brady answered here is always now. And nationally for most people now. With the LeBron James have you seen any slippage in his game you personally and he. I'm not. Dale by an old okay. He's gonna he's their best player gonna have the best season of his career this year this year he's gonna have the best season of his career almighty god this is like. He's basically this is ads. LeBron has have been called out like this by he's never called out like this by his peers. I'm I'm always want to serve a game winning streak yeah. Or not I don't. Hi hey you know that I know they lost that expired by the way guys run shout out here is don't do this to handle it's amazing that in little dog got a little he ate the federal bed. I don't know they do literal the former players know they haven't cooled. Yeah big big cooled from it they went like Charles Barkley went from how we rejoin Miami canal are like Harry would wanna leave this the first guy who says publicly. Sucks to play with him and uses it I don't what. What a let them if I didn't particularly think that that's it that's what it. I mean it's not really about wanting or or not wanting to and really just became. However one turns into a madness because it was myself and LeBron. This for anybody else didn't traded I don't think you didn't it would it would have been as big storyline. You with that guy was unbelievable it's it was something that will relish and for the rest of my life because. The situation that we came across as individuals and as a team collectively we all grew. And what's the other part yeah let's let let's let's. Drop the other issue here when you get so that cross through here and your career and your life and you have to make that decision. It's not about necessarily. Figuring out what the other person's intent is a street you know where you're incidents and wanna. Gina that crossroads another puzzle from the air I was like OK this is absolutely something that I wanna do. It didn't have anything to do not want to play with the best player on the planet didn't have anything to do not want to be do. Second fiddle and I wanted to sons and as you like to say Macs being a second class citizen I have no idea what that is a second banana I don't have any idea what that is. But I know that I'm very solidified in Hawaiian as a person known to be. Acts he had you know an after match flown there to avoid Max I think. Most of what he's saying is true I do think he's forever reason covering up the fact that he just hates LeBron that he won't just come flat out and say he hates LeBron the first few. Answers that we heard you could see it does sort of a whole organization but LeBron is your house specifically talking about that is what they're Gilbert LeBron makes all the decisions they might not like regular about whatever you're you're really your problem is with LeBron. And it's island. Anti idol George he's associate executive of the because he I guess is a protector of LeBron and I got bottled assistant coaches LeBron is Tyson is LeBron assistant coach though. He just wanted but he but he won't be brings himself close to. But that he says oh I in all relished you know playing with the broad and it's not about not playing with a broader being. You know the the sidekick or anything else having a lot of that you don't want to decide here. Which is great which is fine that's. A big. For other Celtics then you don't you wanna be a psychic he's out to be the main guy here. Well then the question becomes. Did he talk to LeBron before all this happen. Let me go someplace else did you speak to LeBron James and talk to LeBron James before you before you and your representatives. Met with a ownership let them know that you wanted to. Thank god. I love this. I think Bill Belichick and ask you lastly. Now I don't know being Jersey all right so there's another part. While he's. I'm Austin and I'm not implying that you. Have to at all but he's the best player in the world he's a superstar he's considered the leader of the team. Your teammate who you speak glowingly of very highly about one. And if you don't want to play there anymore even though it was a personal decision. Chances are if you don't speak to somebody about it they might take it person there. Do you care about that at all no. The mother you know I love you oh. Could you talk about know what our needs to have. And honesty did see the basket that you did it he's the man while he made the rock and Austin I'm not imply that you have to little. Yes I'm. What they don't know all please feel like LeBron that's your thing. Don't let the U problem I'd say it Medicare we probably don't Larry from here he's going aids abroad and now that's into the big rival wished lingerie honest puts him on your Christmas card oh my goodness I hear what you we have him on the show for Alex Smith really carrier on the show. Don't you think though. In not that you're asking for permission from the bronze. From a plea to have that dishonest she made at least they let you jump on LeBron for not telling Dwyane Wade and hope to put the question and I only saw it cost him money rightfully so you don't want to decide on its okay. What the Dwyane Wade out. I'm gonna tell me anything right so tiger guys went to the NBA finals last year our third consecutive year one of final won one championship a couple of years ago. And console to find out what. From Twitter Heidi think Carrie who's gonna find out that LeBron left him next year. But he that you're on the amount Karrie keeps he's an evolving and revolving you would have thought about our instant Reynolds I mean you talk to him Lee Jenkins sports and football are better anyway but still an evolving man who is also Smart that I think yard you know. I think you owed by the Chrysler much dishonesty and things like that clearly knows the truth but I heard some different from abroad. And he doesn't want to be stuck in Cleveland without them I'd final cut. Can you kind re win without them. First of all let me ask this one last question about LeBron in this respect do you believe you can win without him. I know season ridiculous what I'm asking for the record do you believe you can win without much Tom what's so Ashley would you believe collapse moving. Or a sort of wishy washy. What time will tell yet and LA well because the wanted to avoid the headlines than it was headlined a daycare so I have no idea there had died mysteriously at nearly as just try to get it clear outline how to remove that up front I will say this because like I said anything that that rips LeBron James Keefe is four score and in favor of anyway current. He does sound a little weak minded in some of these notes that back right now I'm not buying. How so he sounds like it you know that he he sounds a little touchy. I think he's ago so I think so housing or respond to the first the first dose of criticism he gets in a town that we'll give you some I think most. His issue is LeBron and and a number different levels on the floor off the floor he gets all the credit even now he's on a new team and all the questions are still about LeBron but he did he can't avoid LeBron at all because he spent the last three seasons as a teammate with a and happy to be the second best player on the team. I think he's just more eventually go broader questions will dry up. I think those who want to touch him off more than anything. Villanova drive should they well they want when he went out at when he would. When he wins it's definitely a pretty good chance that gonna play each Andre playoffs area nobody out total first game of the year yeah first every year is that if they're talented and they believed there Favreau felt that it. The question yeah leading up that game. But well bronze playing with the lakers next season are adults in the following season or are we still gonna be impairment they could go to Cleveland to go to the store could not depends about how well the team does. The team has to. They're gonna have to win he put you could have they're gonna have to get to the conference finals. Add it to kind of shut that down once the season starts how often will he be asked about LeBron. He'll do we hold close analog on scores fifty you can't get grounded last night and it depends on how is adjustment. Seemed to Boston is it becomes it becomes the Boston continuously did last year maybe not a lot of. Questions about I won't ask you about retiree come on the show I won't ask you about the broad Laura wasn't his stuff that we hate about LeBron would go back for the a lot of good ones. I'm not let those other guys have actually I'll I'll admit I don't like what would tell you right now. You guys may have seen the interview earlier today I heard the cuts the first time when you heard them so we'll get your response to them as well will add that into the mix. How you thought ivory handled himself with Stephen and Max today 6177797937. This telephone number. We're down here at Gillette Stadium on patriots Monday at dale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio WE yeah. And you go someplace else. Did you speak to LeBron James are both LeBron did. They're representative. Met with the ownership and let them know she wanted to. 617. 7797937. This telephone number. No that's not milk. Are. Wondering if that makes some of that team. No I think you have to look at it differently this LeBron James now you'll have to yeah I make no I don't Friday you guys need to do now I. They've let that or he's left the team's high drive before I don't know how many guys he told in the past. Luck Perry didn't want that to happen to him he learned probably from LeBron and all of the players get elected Ager in both rounds Q article. Months ago and right when I reset that he wanted to allow any sort of paint pictures like LeBron is sort of created this new and the day. Where these players you have the runner contractor growth sort of pick and choose where they ago. And they're going to be the ones kind of dictating all these things and he did feel before LeBron. Could do it to have avail themselves didn't have the eight great relationship. Structure and stuff. You. Exactly and after school special look this is an afterschool special Harry learned from the and I didn't hear about Ron before LeBron can do it to him the harder they got the NBA finals last year with them and I think Michael's point about the good teammate thing it's legit that he may be great teammate. But that doesn't sound like you brought up misty may still have some of the other questions that he is the audience is asked about LeBron is that you do realize it would put the thirteen other guys to. Well every cares about is. LeBron the best player in the world together are part of our Kevin Love and yet to all of this LeBron that's it's nonstop and also the bronze got it. Pretty good to Wear when they win LeBron won when they lose named LeBron needs more help. Although nobody no LeBron critics a year in Europe you are one of them yeah its been two and three and horrible stuff they just a couple of months. When LeBron doesn't weigh do you say he needs more help what do you say I'll look at the great LeBron. Look at his finals record is under 500 as a lot of things right he got out of that little LeBron could he have more fans and critics though question yeah. But the critics use it go to his files are. But usually is one of his teammates is not a critic and that's why this is so unique to leave it all the other guys played live. Have great things to say about LeBron carrier during the first one that says you know. He's he's not that great not that special Ed. He would go head to head against them a bunch this year we also we're gonna meet in the final are the Eastern Conference finals the if not before. I'll be curious to see how he talks around here. Yeah it's different here yeah and then again you can't you can't avoid it maybe goes wrong when I said it won't be a story forever but. That first game that opener is that a lot of questions about it. And especially with if I think it Thomas doesn't play in that game which you probably won't do that would have distracted from a there would have been a lot of story lines around Isiah but he's not there. That only really odd is is kind of reversal wrong. A little cheek products and there's a crowd there they go into the ground and love him there is no though. My deal for more frightening to you know. Could be you what the 34 best player Rangel we had ruthless though. Which we I don't he's asked what it don't well it was a very good on that route while I'm not a bail amount amount. What do you mean. Are you a bailout. It was just like I wanted to I was it because he wouldn't talk about that the radio show laughter that I was right well. You know he had now I hope Michael Michaels on a broad enough is that Kyle Lowry better there that are IJ Crowder but I got out of my colleague that's one estimate commented yet and without it he's like a tenth better point guard now all of a sudden. As Lowrie and Connolly. Wall although he did debate wall that's for sure 6177797937. Is telephone number text like 37 ID 37 we get right back to your calls on the other side. The patriots Monday down here to let Sports Radio WEEI.