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Sunday, February 18th

The guys delve into the lack of excitement for the Red Sox even with the Nunez signing, and more.


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Hey guys relish stories about how we don't have enough leadership and all the stuff on my. Thinking about it I'm like how the wind the Red Sox targeting successful you know from. 2002. Or whatever on. You know they had tech but not only that tech but they had David they had Trot Nixon and Johnny Damon there there's a ton of you know core players that. We're leaders. And then you look at the next championship they won they had. David tech Mike lol Alex there's there's multiple leaders. Hard core group are earth you know guys they were young it's my responsibility it's I need down. And they they need me we all have to work together because it's not one leader. Solar cells at the joy yesterday spoke as did Bogart's earlier this weekend's didn't keep that stated price alrighty that's our Iowa analysts I like it. Ever like I've now listened to a price five or six times. And the more it's either him admitting he's not really a leader or. Him throwing the rest of the corps that's here now under the bus like they're not stepping up to be leaders like it was back in the day because they have a cool. It's not that hard to point to the core of this team is a well they'll be all ready last year on the leader. There'll he's acting bill now I think he's trying to be like the bigger man say it's. We got a -- leaders moved easily to vote you know he's Writely is a knowledge in all these stories about a lack of leadership and saying it's not just me it has to be everybody else eat you know when do we start getting good we had a core of leaders yeah so you're saying this no core of leaders but so here's. Say yeah smoking it's bogey it's Jacqui it's been me it's it's our team. So we have to go be together. Honestly for whatever reason there's not much the Red Sox are ready to players can do anything they do gets mocked. Not by everybody I mean aren't there some socks die hards that are out there excited about Eduardo Nunez signs to be your first reaction was what championship. A Venus this is the the first any art tweet I'm like I say it is wrong people look at and say that's not gonna catch the Yankees. Even if exciting it Martinez people are gonna be like audio yankees'. Lineup would want to judge is so. I'd sure what Pedroia could have said. To make it not that anything but that I'll talk for like half an hours and should he be even in you guys write all the stores are we mean leadership. I know I come from the patriots world where they would never acknowledge anyone writing all these stories about me any right. But I don't know that that's good to aide acknowledged that the outside view is or at least the media's outside view is there's no leadership and then beat. Start dancing around him back pedaling as to why there's no leadership and it's me but it's not me it's all those guys it. I don't think you're being fair and a lot of people unfair of them I think it was a good week with him to admit there were issues last year and for Pedroia to be out of characters speak for a long time at least is to be it's it's a step in the right direction for our they admitted they mocking we need to decide that our prices but he's. Probably he's the marking but he. He's part of your leadership core right or should be anything negative leader. And negative leaders can bring down. Weaker or in different potential leaders correct yeah army brat for us he talked about. They're nervous because an attendee was out of locker too much last year and he's gonna be negative influence on those guys I guess if if he pitches well nobody care. I think it's a little over that is accurate if it's sale and price both go out and win twenty plus games with sub three ERA is yet a lot of this talk closed on the crowd upper about not having leadership. Because you will be winning and Miami firm believer that winning cures all. That winning cultures often come after you win or in the midst of winning and they don't create the winning the culture comes through winning. Now he could he's also at a point noble Lehman could any at any moment right tickets you know also. There's reason to be worried about him yardages but did not all offseason deals if he hasn't felt that all offseason. Eating a sandwich lunch time I don't know if there's one major take away from the first week of the red sites being down there they're trying to either try it maybe it's faint praise. They just cited ward of new news it's a good sign you can market but he's a good player he's a good sign 300 hitter and if it were the fifth signing of the off season their but he would be pumped engine acts like he Cara please so I guess but at least Judy Martinez that's all anybody could ask for from a 93 win team that won the division for the second year row is pretty good. And really don't have pretty good I mean Dombrowski said let me say they have ruled for a couple of players if they sign Martinez which I think they're playing well. She knew you by local situation. The Red Sox are actually doing right in your weight. He has nowhere else to go there as well that's why I actually agreed we'd be the Dave to browse the quotes that were a little bit marked. That you know I go to Dunkin' Donuts and there's fans tell me don't do any guest and I actually think there is they send him base that believes that yes because they are they see it in a bright future five years left on his deal making thirty minute war. Hanley Ramirez or problems and a ball and the idea to spend. A twenty plus million dollar a year slot just because Ukrainian occurs you're reacting workers. You didn't do anything else you feel like you need something for them the TV product or to add opera blows to the offseason. You generally regret that I think that's not a good move for instance Eric Hosmer signs yesterday depositors. Would you be comfortable with the Red Sox to sign him eight years a 144 million outs really. Potentially five and a hundred right. Correct he's got an opt out and it's twenty million a year for each numbers five years would not have excited me and I would. Wondered if you were going to regret that in the not distant future Russell. I mean lets you all got a look at it's it's in real were back to the days of this is in relation to the Yankees correct. It is where they are where they're going what they did this off season compared to what you didn't do this offseason there's some of that and I like that I think that bred some of the best. Baseball talk or or vibe in this town when it's Red Sox yankees competing right that's epic or of the passion for the team. In the Yankees went out more aggressive this offseason now they're pitching they suck. And they mace they may you know lose every game 1110. And they have home runs and judge in these great or pretty you know I know but I'm just saying maybe they're pitching falls apart and they just can't compete. Shortly right arrives staff the pitching is dominant and better and it overcomes a lack of pop in the line. But people are just looking at it from the buzz factor of the offseason and left one thing I just think you and others are being a little unfair to them they had a pretty good week. Surely this week highlight is they sign unions ignition of a problem except this that they had a problem off you have a problem. Price mocked it a little bit but he a little bit but he at least you can you can understand like. He's come to grips with the fact that I am I gotta be here at least gonna suck it up and pretend a little. Take a couple jazzy media and so he's mocking. A day after saying I want that I didn't handle things well last year won a reset blah blah blah clearly don't want a reason to be a mock. You just gonna fight everybody needs to be but he eats a lot on that fans don't care peace these where audience all the fans dislike him. It's like it right now but he has a good year that we're all products Streisand has the judge no question Susie as 250 strikeouts and a 27 ERA and when he wins were all fraud he's fine I get the Red Sox a little credit is all right. For watched. For signing it boarded again you are for playing the GD were seated on picnic table saying that we had leaders. We were good now we don't have leaders in is not just mean it's not a leader were all not leaders and we need leaders said the switcher that walked by 67779737. Red Sox getting a raw deal Andy Clarke and what an apologist is that just as you know games are on you be going next week. I am not. Wish it was going to be here act he would really fit in skirts that rocked the tires at 6 AM regularly marked the Fort Myers Kirk and Jeremy fired up talk talk first interview will be. Paula I sure will happened under this week I don't know sometimes they defense and their games on here they're gonna get on and observe. Just can observe yes from above if there's an essentially there's a great interview he had though that David brought locked into anything we would that you David re write down again into crisis media possible stats. Can you draw he has a big interest Pedroia. The I do recently that they will be. So I think it's an open bats open door that's is also but again it's not the it's for sale lashes it was negative. I can imagine Chris Sale. Is the and that's at the forefront of leader shortly I would write a degree now but the problem you get into there is the the the pitching aspect that he's a pitcher in this sort of disconnect there without the need and what he's easily or five days yet for any and every day leader will host part of the Hosmer appealing guest just go this quick went back in the that's not gonna. Went eighty yards and people are craving the patriots drama in the Nazi's we started their first hour drama everywhere every team has drama but hospital part of the thing was this is a good guy he's gonna come here he's gonna reshape the clubhouse obviously defensively he's excellent he's a multi. Your gold glove one of these a four time gold glove winner. It's 318 Lester is coming off the best year of his career. 94 on broad street and went to the World Series twice on as you want it wants. So he signs this deal with the Padres and you wonder what it means for Martinez so it's five years when he million basically the way your paired short. Size three years are like thirteen million per hour yes and and he's got a no trade clause for the first three years Billick a limited one for two Lyndon. East becomes a ten year players which this is so we can't beat traits he's got a lot of control here I think it's a it's gonna be a bad deal by the end of the potter's one Adams. So if you're Scott Boris new G Martinez this guy signed five years point billion per year. You want obviously. Substantially more than that heat they said he wants eight years the Red Sox have been reported offer went five for a 105. That was five went on trial what's when he for the pens have been multiple 25 million between friends OK it's somewhere in that range when Arizona is the only Souter. Nobody else needs a DH in the American linked Toronto's managers that apparently the Rangers don't wanna go for it. Up Austral Miranda style preference mossy yesterday the Indians and the money yankees spent their money. So he's got to cash in now coming off the best year of his career. He doesn't like going to the pool that is the Red Sox are playing this right and I don't know how much more than ospreys can get actually it was he wants that. He start lowering the off right but I guess US five and eighty taken a leave it. They're gonna get him for a hundred million less than people thought it was possible. So you still believe he's going to end appear idol CN I see any chance he goes anywhere else why why would you go for one year to Arizona not take advantage of the best year your career and and come out next year with. Loaded clots loaded class doesn't make any sense for. So I think that that he'll come here in the next week or two session to order enters and you should shape up Martina here's victory party EI a pop that's the pop the offseason. And as far as the leaders go I haven't that is granted a question mark and I'll say this I'm not in a big core guy I think. You gotta somebody who's on the first year of the job he's gonna there'd be some growing pains that they would have been better serve the more veteran and a leader. I am a little idea what the perfect guy for the job that's all I hear perfect guy for the job. I I've got my doubts I think there will be some growing pains with him but now I think ultimately indicators give him a chance okay. It's a positive Red Sox are six or seven flagship finish 793 cent yet the other. I guess a story of the week was. The health of the rotation whatever he had Steve right back in the Somali capital and Iran that I think that'll be as a minor things pretty much they've got a little bit minors I was right up until you know month and a half into the season and having guys pitched it doesn't look like in major setbacks. Since this is the bond now backed positive they'll be fine. They'll be fine fine for opening day I teased this a never got to we get transition back in the patriots a fairly version of the New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 ring with Brady on it. Sold. This morning this is their rebel. 4:3 and outsold this morning write a story was not like. 6 AM in public auction that Bremer closed the option it's was from Friday through today yours and caller okay so just there was a time to close. This Super Bowl 51 ring with Brady on it sold for 344000. Dollars a record for a football. The ring had 265. Diamonds on some bought the 283 wreck that Brady's actual rate as. In the ring as 10% smaller. But it has the same engraving the parade featuring would have comes with a letter appraisal. And the value was assessed at 29000 dollars bond as he went for a huge money nobody would say who consigned it. The buyer prefers to remain anonymous. This breaks the record for sports memorabilia last 45 years the old record was. Guess. I wouldn't know Alia. Somebody's father or mother sold the ring. Right I don't know this they say this is Mike yachts as uniform from the Mets game after September 11 which was sold for 306. The 5000. When he sixties this is the most since. On of the highest paid for a Super Bowl it was Lawrence Taylor sold he octaves from 2.5. Back in points all but what the obvious question here would be about a world go to this rattled would who would Brady Stanley would have. Sold the ring present him I mean could be how he raised you think the Brady Finley gets. Well I I read something that he for 51 he had commissioned or whatever for. He'd given out for rings Tuesday that this is clearly not the the ring that everybody heard about that went to his mother. That Robert Kraft gave her in the concede I mean W don't be shocked at it and that was. My understanding is that's a real that's a legit it's a full player 283 diamonds. Ring this is a family version whatever that players are allowed to get or at least Brady. Is allowed to commission but it's weird I mean. It makes sense you just found out you can turn a 29000 dollar ring into 300000 dollars I guess if you're in law that if you need money it needs money and but if you're that close to Brady that he got you a ring could you just ask him for you know alone or something if you're in dire straits what Brady does ones like the ink if you're right the you know multiple rings and both usually the sort of red cent for okay. So he's got a point 5% chance and what I would call people don't like. AM we're gonna do this fancy thing we want all take. Take a photo with a ring so could you come over and then we'll take that photo and whoever shows up without a break the curse I'm mad at fair and you write us joint session. Dec Youkilis. Could I mean I have no idea -- he wouldn't want them for. Just for sports sympathies of their good buddies well it he's married to the white helmeted and its family maybe 1141. At the sisters third. Strapped for cash right is probably bad rattled and his additional I like it you don't interest yes yes and maybe it's Alex Guerrero we better steer way right but Alex Greg could be. It may be the business needs a little more capital so we sold strength Briton Laura TB twelve that's right. Good app in Everett. Eight outlook quick we thought we started to show that talking about grown and latest WW rumor and you you. Subscribe to the network WB network I don't will ensure that the crown theater also rose you water right. Usually clips all the time sikh prime rate it off even as a business expected exactly ten bucks a month. From deal from San and a good deal if he does call it quits which I think you and I are both a little skeptical from the get your very skeptical lump. Starbeat there is enough here that is sort of become. A lot of smoke and so I'm starting to buy into it a little bit but if he does call it quits at age 28. Is he a hall of famers is the yet we are no doubt no doubt no doubt arguably the best tide in the ever played the game. With stats are legit in the kid a stats are not totally widget and intestines. Touchdowns villages yes because their children yards compared to know don't give me the compared to the fate tight ends like Tony Gonzales think Antonio seats in our receivers in the modern passing Wednesday outcrop is a tight end he actually blocks access actually lines up at the end of the line of scrimmage with his hand in the dirt now I got to defend wrong here. Excel arsenal want to be paid like a wide receivers has been fighting that with Alfred says we need for a well edit the Jimmy Graham went down that road with would be franchised as a potential tight and saying no I'm really receiver but yeah I come grant is a dominant force. At the position you really think he won't go to the hall now he may not be able personnel edits of sick of people pacing back and forth and a world apart his hall of fame credentials. But he is and it was helped paved by eight Terrell Davis a similar story of dominant short run where injuries derailed and I think Bronx run is longer. And more dominant. Eight years he has like compare him to a Gonzales at seventeen years thirteen hundred catches. Wrong Kansas. Eight years and 474. Catches and different position different player oak Gonzales was a wide receiver Allah chanted char. Fine better comparison but still a guy that bubble catches fourteen years eight. Sharp many pro bulls grown K as for the 45 is funniest eight to five. Crawl which has. The touchdown numbers are right insane for no matter double digits national seasons the what else people pick apart and people say. Look at the cast that Shannon Sharpe had to work with he stood out among other great players like Terrel Davis. Crawl was the only clear starved their four he was like. Of course he was gonna shine in Iraq I don't maybe people say Welker. I think though the one thing that he with a look at the supporting cast a little bit I think the Super Bowl stuff may hurt him. He has credit for go. Owing to Super Bowls but. They didn't win when he played all the time anyone when he didn't play I think there will be some people that will look at that whereas. I won't I mean I think he is the main reason they went to a bunch of doubles yet he helped them clearly beat. The Seahawks he should have helped them if the defense had made a single play. Big time beat the Eagles so. To me he's he's a no question I mean I know. Those hall of fame voters when they get in that room India all these things come up and people get this he and biases and you know the guy who brought up Shannon Sharpe are brought up Tony Gonzales they go back and forth yeah wasn't Clark judge recently like squat about injuring genes yes they'll just put him in at least pouting about it. I just to me if you if you watch the game of football and don't. You don't care about longevity you're just saying golf and watched the dominant and in the ability for him to win a football game and even carry I would argue at times carry. Tom Brady. Just be Brady's guy to say I'm just gonna throw it up to him because he's the best player on the field right now. He's domino taken five years to get in that I'm veggies he's a fight at least a short flight it yet and it all depends on when it ends and who he's compared to as they voting in these classes you know who the other candidates are first stretch but if he's not in. 95 winners for I don't know gave Jason Witten is a law hall of fame first ballot tremendous but again longevity. Yes has longevity but to me does is a little bit more of a true tight end then some of those other guys who also had longevity. Witten yet Witten is a no no argument guy in my opinion he should be a first ballot bowl but he does crop would have brought cares about that off he's mulling a location I stepped aside shouldn't play another year obviously Brady being backed a big factor in that but. One more years solidifies me. But it Famer too you know where your yellow hazard number Leno does it helps every year helps. But you also run the risk doesn't hurt if you get hurt and miss another season and now people start to add up the number of seasons master games man yes that's another blade that death would be against injuries and they're only plenty of two full full seasons there will be plenty of arguments against him. But I just think if you will literally watch the games if you watched how he. Affected football games and did his job I find it hard to believe. Two years in three years and they may hold but not first ballot against him because that's special candidates and special criteria he's hall of Famer. He just has tailored a heart with you till 1 o'clock in the remnants of NFL Sunday we will transition into a lot in hard next week to be back at this spot is going to be those guys that talking your order to 1 o'clock today to weigh in on the Hosmer Nunez signings in baseball happy get to take some of those calls six or 77797937. But. Started withdrawal can get back into the patriot some of the drama isn't real do you believe crawl could retire or be traded actually. And yet another. Tom Brady is not the greatest quarterback of all time Joseph Montana at least I technically he still keep coming up there is a yet another when it is one from. No surprise California. Picking apart once again after another Brady's Super Bowl loss white month and is still degrees QB so we'll throw that into the mix as well sports rated Libya. When you're talking about it was coming in relation to the pretty boy stuff with Tom Brady or people coming down. So in the humid there's a human aspect of football where you can tell yourself oh yeah outside the box I just saying that the patriot way is there's a fear based organization obviously do they win hell yes and women wants relaunch under a baby boy enjoy it has to say. I had a lot of fun playing there. No doubt where it messes got forresters. Other successful woman go to interviews bit light. Robots right and it made the sovereign and we can be cordial for a little bit any you don't get to do this job one time so let's let's have fun while we're doing a lifetime I like that. Now you amounted reckless birthday how I would much rather have fun and then and win a Super Bowl than Bemis Warren. You know in the previous wins I suits him impossible when I hit it very tomatoes. Honestly John's he critical announce a couple hundred times he keeps added unbelievable iron Arturo sports rated than the guy it to the point where I think it's now. It's not like trolling. Pretty expert level he's getting to Max Kellerman oh here but this is actually his supplier who just won a championship who seems more focused on enjoying his championship. You know on the patrons that he has sitting back in a joint title. He's up I guess he responded in a wake is Tedy Bruschi came out rainy and said yes that's not fun and it's not fair at Reno we had a lot of fun there we won five. He went fine but you know all the whole Bruschi response and to which lane Johnson said. They keep interviewing ex patriots players what do you think they're gonna say and bleeping hated it there now once who crumbles we had a great time talking to bad mouth their coach that I can say what you really wanna say. What do you think's gonna happen hell knows not gonna happen I peed in everybody's Cheerios everybody Boston handout hate mail I still haven't read I'm looking forward to reading and quote. And it seems to be legitimately now ticking people off her well he popped up in the. That's sensing an eight clearly pisses people off and and that's the way it works that are there very defensive of the quote unquote patriot way and all that but I found inching today's globe and Jim McBride filled in for eyesight of the notes in bowling yes. And he wrote about this. Under the process bird brained. Taking a shot at him but he says. You know maybe he should have talked to Chris Long and leader blunt. How do we know he has yeah I thought that I think there's a good chance. That he may have thought this from afar and it has private conversations with those guys they said you know obviously was great to win we love. Oh we didn't really enjoyed it there. But the rest obviously got a little too political but Chris Long is obviously not a trump guy and right sure Bill Belichick is based on my breasts and long clearly. Didn't fit here on the field there was all the talk like they they let him goes right find a place three to be used but. I think this opinion from Wayne Johnson there's a chance that it is based on his conversations with people that were here. I totally believe that I blogs on the other and I thought. Seemed like you hear a lot all know what the Steelers come back lap came back you like to hear more but. You know it ends poorly they don't bring him back and he thought he should have been back coming off a a thousand yard season and eighteen touchdowns in all that in portly though did you get that sense super multi I think he wanted to be back and I think you wanna be back to you need a little bit and then they clearly decided they could move on and bring in jealously and he'll be just as good or better he wasn't. He was worse deals we did nothing. But I just two to assume that lane Johnson via is basing this solely on his own opinions and didn't talk to those guys. I wouldn't make that assumption and that's a dangerous assumption and I don't know that makes it better or worse if your patriots fan has getting a little annoyed that all of whom we have fun too. Well they what do you care you really care whether your team is seen as having fun or not having fun as long as they win I think. They really want PT players around the league wanted to railed patriots dynasty they are gonna do everything they can't perpetuate this it. That it sucks here it is enough players that are saying it a dailies Thomas threw Bart Scott. Was another recent one. You know parts got a new show in New York team maybe he was just spouting off on a term it doesn't sound like it we knew deals Thomas didn't like it here why because he had the whole. Jetsons late Gator you know the party boy is and I'm not a kindergarten or treat me like a man all those who say it's like a traffic he didn't like it that's fine it's not for everyone and oh by the way you were a disappointment you didn't play as well as he should have based on your contract right. But like to link Johnson. Say his contract runs out in Philly and the patriots offer him. Market value or above to come play tackle coming here exactly will be quick this writing its lust especially the contracts above and beyond anything else he's getting somewhere else but even if it's you know similar. If there's an offer here and an offer in. Jacksonville and an offer in Cleveland and an offer in. Denver and they're all basically the same offer you think he's eliminating this one because they don't have fun there I'm a goat to some other city now easily been eight years and collect the money is gonna go to a suitable but let's say Jimmy Graham. Look at still eat each year possibility that patriots should be brought out your thought. Let's say he's got multiple offers and green Bay's one and doing is the other it's similar money. You'll think he's more likely it. Sign their writers that he is to come here where it appears from the outside even if it's not legitimate counseling Johnson it's Malcolm Butler got benched well what's going on their. Lingering sadness percent quicker champ. It's gonna affect something. Subliminally this offseason. I'm delighted I don't know that that's the case I really don't I think the players look at it differently and they all have so many connections they all played in college with so and so so they call. An and I also wonder is this. Is this about work. This is about hard work you know between the lines or practice or expectations there is it about what he brought up that you can't speak freely I guess in the media. What is it really wears the on mother's guys regularly get LeBron yesterday we can get in those comments or later but. LeBron saying I mean too much to society I think a lot of these players now want to be on the front lines would be able to speak their mind and hear their stifled an animal that matters that much. I think there but. Few and far between that wouldn't come here because they feel like they can't speak their minds they can't be. A positive aspect of social change in that you know Belichick wants to keep it alt a football and Pablo block a just. I don't think there's that many guys I. I don't I never really understood this whole thing but the thing I understand least I can understand Tedy Bruschi defending the patriots. And dazzling Johnson said it would be expecting it's that's a teeny plea for his entire career he had success there he wants to defend his guy. But the the fact that patriots fans get so worked up I don't really understand why not his personal right did you it is operational front. You get to decide whether they have on or not people get upset at stereotypes that are not true. Where in their mind and archer a you know it's true or not I don't need. Again who it was the other fullback that said this week what's his name the media said it was five stops this was his least. They replaced all that was Ross Tucker yeah I thought Ross Tucker. And yeah and he was barely hear he was not even a blip on the radar I didn't have fun. I important I find it very and seeing when fans get worked up over things like this. Like if you wanna you worked up over they cheat accusations OK now that's calling into. Question everything they've accomplished. But what do you care whether they have fun on October 3 or not. Are you cares what they go to the Super Bowl where they win they went twelve games every year people wanted to hear grown talk about the celebration stifled. You know but it wasn't it was bright funny hear him for saying it that way I wanna talk but I can't talk about what would you really gonna say describe it how they choreographed that no one gives a rat's ass about pat do you care about these gigs Celine Johnson keeps taking and this perception. But the patriots don't have fun 6177797937. Is that part of late legitimate drama of the patriots this offseason are again as it. Some dialing neatest. Making stuff up to try to make it seem warts in two weeks out of Super Bowl we of that. We have growth may be leading. We've got the defense in shambles maybe that's shambles now that shambles over all total rebuild total rebuild I heard people say that's. Let's say they get we get inundated that began in Europe begin. Needed impact pass rusher yes OK who isn't but say they get one piece is that it like Don know. Now I've theorized. I think with the core they have year two or three pieces away from being a very mean. You were already a top five scoring defense based on who you played in when you played them in the offense you work with via. Yeah you get Robert Quinn they were until Super Bowl there were so with the Eagles until the toddler talk for its points allowed defense until they got to the Super Bowl are good point. By I do think they're more than just one player even you would you would admit that yesterday to a U2 lead to a jazz players is tough would given their current cap space let some of that comes from within in as some of it is just Donta hightower you hope you get a you know fourteen game season out of him in nada a six game season. Some of it is you hope your top pick from a year ago Derek rivers is. You know factored in this narrow body don't sure. Coming off an ACL I wasn't overly impressed unless I'm practice and the transition from Youngstown State the NFL's a big one but. They saw enough in him to want to make him a higher pick than say Dietrich wise was it rotational guy last year at him to the rotation go to Robert Quinn. Your front seven. It'll do a little free agency it's been that way as well for it to the calls entities this. This from the Santa Rosa press Democrat. But the hell is that I California can. Grants Cohn Tom Brady is the greatest. If you don't count Joseph Montana so it's getting other Joseph Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time you wanna get into the surges like you I feel very passionately against the idiocy. A fact that you just put forth one of the greatest performances in Super Bowl history and that somehow except the fumble eliminated you from being the greatest of all time or hurt. You in comparison to Joseph Montana because you ascended to the biggest game in all of sports more often then he did. Is absolutely asinine it's not. Even really related to the Super Bowl it's it's a little odd he goes through this whole thing this is like a at. Inside football metric. He's appalled average getting dumber by the second debate basically he says she'd have to account for the different heiress. Delete was different or Montana played. Regis on the at a they'll change their rules to protect quarterbacks and wide receivers these rules have played passing stats. The NFL offense is a ball from tight formations the spreads which created isolated one on ones these make the quarterback priest that decision making process easier. Modern and a full court quarterbacks are prepared on a weekly basis more so than in one tennis era. Watered NFL quarterbacks have more opportunities to throw. Danny goes in evidence for everyone so that's not just for Brady that's for Brady's competition true that he probably shouldn't dominate. As much if all the other guys have better opportunities to beat him. He's saying this guys take is. Brady did not dominate his competition as much as month candidate. He puts quarterback's stats in the context of the other quarterbacks in the air he says Montana's 1989 season. We had a quarterback rating of 112 was 53%. Better than the average quarterback that year Brady's 2007 season was only 44%. Better. I hate this and but I mean this could not dork up. Oh it's all super sports talk is super Gorky who is this guy again. Is there column rich tone and a anomalies or is he just a stat geek for pro football most likely solace. I don't know why now is it but you know this is what we're too miso soup more people are hungry for some football but that's even worse. Then the band bowl in theory. Like before the fight for revenge compared to fifty per at least Ben bowl in his cockamamie theory about you'd be better better off to lose the aptly titled the title losses in big games like this is statistically based on who was also in the league get the same time in the era and I mean d'etat by the salary capital as sort of salary cap in as he'd act that. You know. Would would Montana have had Jerry Rice and John Taylor together for as long in this era probably not right because you're only an assigned one of them. He also highlights on Brady's. Postseason mastery. Ninety point nine it's only 11% than in the average rating in the NFL since he has played Montana's career postseason passer rating. Was 95 point six that was 32% better you can't. I mean big the strongest argument for Montana is just like the perfection in Super Bowls he doesn't screw up he doesn't lose he doesn't throw interceptions all of that. Except then you go back I watched something that because I don't remember all this stuff like specifically there was a special on about niners dangles. And right before he throws like the touchdown for the comeback. He hit a linebacker between the five in the eight that should have been an inner option gives out like it and and we just. Is that anywhere in the 44% better than 11% of the quarterback of his Ara. 'cause I don't think it's. This is the money line. It's a short. The only factor in Brady's favor is longevity. He stayed healthy Montana Brooke doesn't easily back up until then Steve to berg is actually better than Brady agree because he hung around for longer that's his lessons at. Yeah that should have been edited off you know the old editing thing where you cut it off wherever and people don't. Know that they cut something off they should cut that off because it's stupid they should probably goes the first sentence. Percents as I can prove Joseph Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time yet the should have been cut off after that the licenses. Brady is great don't get me wrong but he is also a product of his era Montana was ahead of his time he was a prodigy. No quarterback ever dominate the NFL it heated. He wasn't a product of Bill Walsh now or anything like that tight formations he's filter all ads this. Now it's spread that was not spread back in but that's cells in his area and I think it's get a Ira that given the local crowd what they wanna read. Stretch in football for another week his base that is yes stretch of guess we are here can learn IndyCar were with you till 1 o'clock it'll baseball like in Indies go to the Sox but he's down on them the only thoughts Nunez is official. Hosmer sign which could open the door for JD Martinez coop who set the bar old but for a Boras client. And you know it's like all things about patriots drama I guess we'll reset to crawl stuff also. I want to just be a short. Were knee deep in football under dump it got pretty dirty with the Malcolm Butler benching stuff I think he would agree yes in terms of the on field theories of why it happened tonight get your five minute synopsis on that next to what he believed bill you know there was a football decision. Sure next. Next five minutes with the any heartbreak in on the exodus as. I saw the thing Gary tag is reporting a Friday the only yet. His theory by the way the Butler failed on the white board with the saints that was a problem all year he also is the guy who on Twitter. Probably in December may be. Accused Malcolm Butler being the source for the set wicker shams story I know I thought that for a minute but the story was so pro Belichick doesn't make sense it does not make any scent and that immediately and it also had like inside info on the offense and Josh McDaniels dad sitting in the crowd and all these things that. Find it hard to believe if Malcolm butlers oh as aloof as some people are pinning him that he noticed like us. As Thom mcdaniels up in the crowd I tell Seth wicker chair of Alec talk about here. All right love Yuba what you'd you leadership sources you. Pointed out earlier as patriots dot com based in the selling the reporting in the story I wouldn't rule it out I mean he could have listened. To our podcast I'm patriots stuck comments at some in the building think Belichick might. Did you say infinite set but you said. Some of the building think Belichick and I you know. I able to work at times for wicca so that this could be the last year that there were signs like circumstantial evidence that could point to like trading on opera for a second Olympic. No more little stuff. Interactions with the media or fast forwarding it to that the black hat. At the Super Bowl as dad's hat that because owes his dad's had a makes sense it would just it will western dude where's dad hat's why is doing his dad's hat now. One person told me it reminded them of something in Fargo may be your that was like a black bat of death Kirkland religion or something I'll far from that and so there's all these theories. It's not like wearing their shoes and a page in a pretty much as the sun you can loses that. For awhile there it looked like the entire coaching staff was leaving you can remember always taught in care Patricia mcdaniels Flores could go to the cardinals yeah notes are and should play in ski and judge. In other are all gone that was the reason belief. I guess I mean and you still think he's only if I still think tomorrow's today yeah Tim morrow is the day. Attachments now he'd do one final. Patriots Monday if he leaves off court call into the afternoon and show with a fellas and think it's the optics if you. Become the wrong name only half done music although I do think he has a better relationship with him and some of the people that he's interviewed on that Cogent and when data yet. Now while you know bring all this up because last week you guys took with Keefe by the way four hours of Malcolm with theories. And conspiracies keeps not likely that there are a lot of good ones. There was rich did not offer up an illegal accusers how what was what's is there it was convoluted it made no sense and I Frederic. Quite as it was so bad I don't recall it and for the man who supposedly coined the phrase it was embarrassing a cable broke out early this two minutes let alone five you are gonna give me 50 scales the start to you know down to two. Do you believe the it was he football decision. Theory and there's a whole article on this which I needed to be just in general first of all do you believe Belichick has made that call for football reasons. And you mean football reasons strictly for on field the time of the game yes on ideal axes and those are not adding to their may have been a day. Aspect of that a match up her size and Al rose bigger in the big receivers yankees into part of it yet but keeping him out that makes absolutely no sense to play Jordan Richard so he can stink and then Johnson venom OC so he can missed tackles they. We're they were using more defensive backs and shows. To bench one of their best defensive backs it made no sense football wise but what if they felt like he was just gonna get exposed in the run game. The bargaining you know posed in every freaking way possible by the Eagles so. You know beat the break glass in case of emergency should have happened he should have been on the field so there has to be more than just football. Prior to the game and what about our our game yet what about prior you can sell me on match ups to start in all that. That it's better all we're gonna put Richards on the field because he's kind of like a linebacker yes all of that. But when that socks and it's not working. And not what Malcolm Butler and makes no sense to me that is not strictly a football decision but they basically they didn't want to be run on. They were trying to. Has also has the makings they were trying to entice falls the throw enemies in source CB speaks. Like the unorthodox don't think it is six defensive backs and and think that's gonna make the other team throw when you put six defensive backs on the field in the NFL when you go dime. Most quarterbacks or going to run the football so that theory yet Israel upcoming. True but their thicker. And their normal dime package would have been with. Sort of yes I know they had four safeties on the field for portions of that game as part of their dime package yet they're still defensive backs you still know. But you can run on Jordan richest human to the opener when the chiefs which oh by the way it happened to be the team Doug Peters and he changed from yes there are ties to the chiefs ran all over Jordan Richards in the patriots on opening night. So take where for whatever but it did not believe they did it was not pretty they couldn't stop the chiefs in in other ways as well they couldn't stop that offense and and that's scheme. But in my opinion no football lies at some point if this were purely a football match up. Results decision Malcolm Butler would have been on the field at some point. And not the bills' Super Bowl at 45 Thurman Thomas. You know again that we want to let him get a hundred yards it was the opposite. Right and the docs theory at one point that's also always lost in that whole discussion is a they missed a field goal with one game all of a sudden they don't and doesn't well. And the giants ran the ball and held onto the football as part of that wasn't just the defense that miraculously got the job done. Item that was their strategy to that was taught part of their strategy yes and that we've heard a ton about I like to hear a ton about this by the way. I'd love for their to be a some document he did documentary from Kenny Rogers and NFL films to tell me. You know the Butler decision and somebody knows something right at least the leadership group in there at least. According you're somebody someday able. Right get in the Fultz that we Belichick bill says it's football decision no one asks Patricia the players have no idea if you believe -- pre the owner has no idea. How to find out. Eventually Malcolm Fowler when he signed somewhere else I don't think grieving and get a real answer their beyond my nose every time he talks and especially when it's controversial. He stumbles and bubbles and says eight different things all at once. Yeah right and I jump on the patriots for a bit. There is some squawking going on between LeBron James any Fox News host. This would be. I think. Kirk Callahan topic we did as a fumbled through the week. We'll see if that's the case set for a spike tomorrow we'd be heavy Red Sox and Kirk society's heading down there regarding outlets such and these play all those interviewed plan Pedroia apprised that you don't want to then at 6 o'clock arguably have seen it yet yes. But. There's an idiotic comments on both sides as gets ticket Parse which was worse. I know you brought Doug Duncan the three point contest lastly your thoughts would get in that old as well good plus the broad gamely lastly it's been a lot to get to we make eighty Arctic expand your life I carry the Bruins talk. Opiate acts 61 by the time I do what's a mention of the broad statement and and a of course we get a trending and a warm and trending commendable all the imported Nunez details he's officially signed if you just hop in the car this morning champion is Sunday. I do not gesture radio to electric guys can't Laird an indie art with 2 to 1 o'clock Sports Radio W the.