Late Night with Alex Reimer: Do people still need a reminder that racism still exist? 09-14-17

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, September 14th

In the first hour Alex talks about the protest that took place at Fenway Park. He disagrees when the protesters hung the banner but he agrees with their message. 


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Guys point 30. 93 point seven FM. As what was Diane. This is the only show in this city that's live in taking your phone calls up until 2 o'clock 617779. 7937. Late night here in WEEI my name's Alex remarried. You know the news. Or fans unfurled a banner and between the third and fourth sitting at Fenway Park tonight. That red racism is as American as baseball. They did it during the hats off to hear a ceremony. When lieutenant colonel in the army was being honored. Red Sox released a statement a couple of hours ago confirming. That the four fans had been and escorted out of Fenway Park and dejected. As I said in trending one of the organizers of the stunts spoke to Comcast sports net Evans relic. He said they were from various groups affiliated with the racial justice causes the black guys like him the black lives matter movement is one of their inspirations. Hot and to provide more insight on this we bring on Michelle McPhee she's the author of maximum harm. Is there and I Brothers the FBI and the road to merit on bombing she's been doing her own digging on this is while Michelle thanks staying up with a us carrier. Well Michelle Harrier. I like how our our hero I am doing well ISO Michelle you've been all of this story as well tonight do it any additional information but who is involved with the stunt. Well I mean bark in Yankee who I actually. In action in Berry and act rally that the pot Valium Bopp comet where. Members of the Arctic where hurling bottles the area and that's how we got there are. You know we start we are there they did agree don't you check a cop caught you know all I know read and I thought that. A I don't see any object hovering at the Mac. But why you keep and you know pretty that's going to be back in Thailand and can eat it your credit on their water feed for a bit. Rate Saddam is dead American and ate all of which has no idea what you're obviously what I am not what Kirk and I are. Here again rape minimal worry and what are they talking about. What they said they are against the mission allied they spoke DeVon jog and said that it is a message against racism reminding nets and it is prevalent in this country's fabric. Just like baseball odds. While you look laughable and that it for people who are jacket from Fenway Park not a Wiki. I guess it'll be a compliment to identify. And anything other or bad but he won't be white people. I don't care appearance. On the second in the rain mark and I out Arabic either deported into the green monster you know and Palin are. It's. Do and I overnights here Michelle's looks like it too carried away but I don't know it's it's it's there like overpriced bleacher seats to meeting green monster anyway. But on so you said Bosnian team. Outlet you're like look I'm I didn't engineered new monster ever got closer under a dark and aren't biting irony didn't. But the pop Warner here that are in their camp because it's cheaper to drive arrogant out arm and go to the park. Closer to close 200 bucks I think to be honest with you for again overpriced bleacher seats and and and married a pop in the so so I and the ever drug report Michelle I Bosnian T by is not mentioned that you're saying he claimed credit on their Twitter account do you have other sources that tell you that they are involved with us tonight. Well you don't obviously bought complete secretary and how they got the pair and two young unit at our place you know security is pretty tight. What about them I need to question about how they got something I'm active say in how they were able toward Charlotte without without security intervening. You know how you know I see Abbott park securities backed and it I think there are a lot of honey epic far and and the buck and leave it at a chart national. And look we know we don't want people coming into the state and have it pretty talks about and Kenya. Now when you say Bosnian team mission on unused airwaves they've gotten a lot it's a lot of run here over the last month. If you are a lot of equipment pronounced but don't include organization and credit. Irked her arm of the op action today undertaken. In any objective and it can lead to induct. To be attacking mark what can now read that and it gave an order. Packaging at a family ball being cool and just the way at a time aren't hearing aren't accurate. Yeah I agree that timing the timing is not get at all but I mean this is not on the level during year in that police officers I mean this is a message they wanted out there and you grew up right. Our short why not. Mean they had a message it got lots can be the biggest story in the country tomorrow they had something to say and they said it. Aren't out there are I mean come on what are they really accomplishing. Well what we know that the story great men and Eric are all about wind inning and you and I lie and margarine together are about and I today I edit stroke and what they're baggage that's right thing radically great at. I would not Marat in the jacket a lot of people don't believe that the myself you know as well as I do want to leave it all began at Arby's have historic event I carried it. Or are completely. Odd holes so all I think poppy get out of Iraq I mean it is pretty how. You hear me why but the real meat you know what I'm Kitna throwing our. Now pardon again I would want to know how many of them are bought and hi Laurie can get that would be better not eat right now that not a single one from mark and limb here now. I wanna keep it right now I'm on the war. Beauty. Like it did you know anything about it. That's your shirt off I'll take about a two had at least one of the they went to be you like me got wind all they had at Robert and bought at and I bot. When you say in. Pretty good at it and I can't hit an all that hair. It I don't have don't have a lot of I'll have played down and let them or I guess I can go like five or ten bucks with either Michelle I can't I can't go much more to be honest with you. I am you know that. Our. He's the east. East decent RP is your pick up it's an East Boston. Productivity act I'll tunes on that and five bucks Spybot at a three bucks us like god might. It got packet can't get it right diet soda pop and while I am Brooklyn man myself. And I went to aren't. Here at them what you are my people are writers write and I love her. So does that tell us about John you also had a tweet earlier saying one source told Judas was possibly an inside job when you mean by that. Well we are imminent now that I had you know while I'm there I'm white I'm curious about how the we have her back into the stadium and current account. I don't think it will be likely people Arnold up and removed from the 8 am. And thought about it. Yes. Love it well and ended did you read it eight at your partner from patriot. Q proper hour on border. Yes I do boss anti a statement yes I did they sedated they're taking credit for it they said talk and he think they not to eleven drought. Get rid of now they want MLB TV at all. I do not and did not read out. Our aren't out turner order. But Michelle I mean look this anti Boston Twitter account now I mean amateur that's legitimate accountancy seen the stories near ninety and I wanna barter credit at Barnes and your bottled hot and that. Protests. I but if you Google and teeth if you Google and fake anti fact counts on it says it's certainly counts and it was an anti for Boston was a phony account and renew your magazine story right now from August 21. Sao. And a 900 I don't know how do you do at leopard in India that they Wear a steady. Well one of the floor are actually federal loud that he got what are quite Barrett. And all the men like it would quit popping if you. I don't celebrate him. Where they just seem out there at the same as black lines matters now. Bosnian empty out I think you could argue that he contacted the ideal urge and accurate or aren't aren't what it that somebody market our partner. How how people aren't Bosnian T from the shop yet to give a rough estimate how are we talking doesn't. Karl really no idea I mean I can't think it either professional. You know rob or out in Australia I mean to the editor there or are match. Applaud at Hayward I'm not. You know that the trouble maker that he had feet. A decade ago you know I I think you're either people are professional gravel were out there and make it on different identity and slogans. Attending aren't in adults. And outlast that last question here Michelle before in which he gala any word on where the Red Sox have taken further disciplinary action against them besides speaking out of the park what are your security forces on the ground saying. Why they've got a red carpet that and act you know I think we need to build a high. Her knowledge in the current charred about. How much are you get you booted out and eighteen are. All right Michelle McKinney she's the author of maximum harm this or not a Brothers the FBI and the roads the marathon bombing I outing her perspective here with us. And that's and TARP is that it's still on his is that is that's is adds up the. The final runs Beckett and you know people from Bachmann. Are you agreeing. Fill the integrity and we have an orbiter radio even adds that it stands I'm not bad out Turkey it. Oh any beat people up and often act are deducted from my ire you can't copy it he. You actually they're worried you can but I think I'll eat it actually I think a curtain back up and are. One to take your mind that is get the Green Line to blue line is each trip but I'll do it for you how about that. I. You don't want to begin her cherry will if if you walk. You act at a media act and can't copy them. All of his son saying my way there parent Michelle McPhee again Alter maximum harm this or diapers the FBI the red the merit I'm bombing thanks for joining us tonight. Right now as Michelle McPhee in joining us here in WEEI 617779. 79837. So a lot to unpack Darren again Evan jock from Comcast had the exclusive report. Saying that up for people were rejected from Fenway Park. A when he organizers spoke to him on the record saying they were from various groups that affiliate that affiliate with racial justice causes the black eyes manner movement was one of their inspirations. Other group us released a statement having relic saying overall. We see bossy continually prodding itself as a kind of liberal not racist city. And are reminded also constantly that's an extremely segregated city it has been furlong time and that no white people can avoid the history of racism essentially. So we did this banner as a gesture towards that have a conversation about that now in Tebow was not identified. And the Evans relics story. Michelle McPhee said that anti spam has taking credit for those are said they're involved with this. She cited the ante for Boston Twitter account but it is not confirmed whether that is a verified. And teeth account York magazine have a story from August when he first talking about the various app AT&T for Twitter accounts that are out there but. It wouldn't surprise me if anti was involved in this if they organize this it seems like something. They would do on an overall you know there's a lot of ways we can go at this NBC lining up on the phones. I group my. I agree Michelle beyond stupid to do this during the hats off to heroes portion. Of the evening at Fenway Park and mean when an army veteran. Is being honored. You stand up and clap. That's what you do you are you stand up at your hands buyer's side you don't and Val a banner. You don't unveil a distraction like this so we all agree stupid to do it during the sag during now that during that. During that portion of the evening. Stupid to do it during the hats off to heroes you don't wanna do dot eight gives people low hanging effort to pick on it gives them months of the world's low hanging fruit. The Jerry talent and the current men hand you don't do that. It hurts your cots and I'm also pay of these four individuals. Are banned for life I mean on the back get a ticket Mike McCann Sports Illustrated tweeted this out and says if you cause disruption. You lose your license you lose your ticket license so this was disruptive unveiling a banner on top of the green monster so. I have no problem if they get banned for life from Fenway Park I think it was beyond stupid they did it during the hats off to heroes portion of the of the night. However. However and this is right side with my racial justice warriors and mine teeth are brother and these people are not morons and their son was not down they had a message and they want it to be heard and the message wise. That racism. Is still prevalent all over this country it's a fabric of this country. Just like baseball is and you may say well of course. Dot. Do we really need that reminder. While I would say yeah how we do. Because I think over the last several months some of us and Boston have shown that we need a reminder. About the prevalence of racism. You heard people over the city questioning Adam Jones when he said a racial epithet was hurled item from the bleachers at Fenway Park. It it's just heard assault last week with Michael Bennett. People questioning Michael Bennett's hot recounting of what happened to one in Las Vegas few months ago LeBron James. Add the racist graffiti spray painted on his garage and Brent when people are questioning him. CC the questioning of racism and the questioning of racism incidents nationally. And you see it locally you sought with Adam Jones the Adam Jones truth there is as I label them. Then the falling out of Fenway Park you had to stand picked out banned for life for saying a racial slur to another person in the stands you also had some people. Questioning that story and the Red Sox account there so it may be opposite obvious point TO. It may be an obvious point to me. That yes racism is problem prevalent it's apart the fabric of this country OK this guy is a blow. But we have a lot of people that whenever they hear reports about a racial incidents. Their first inclination. Is to question the victim. Their first inclination. Is to try to poke holes in the story. And until that stops happening. Signs like this are necessary. So the timing was stupid. I'm OK with these individuals being banned for life they obviously are not Red Sox fans they went to Fenway Park with a protest they went to Fenway Park with a message. But these people are not morons and their sign it most certainly was not down. Next time Adam Jones or somebody else says they heard the and word yelled at them from Fenway Park and a bunch of white people don't say a lot what do you mean. I never heard the N word shouted I've ever heard racial slurs shouted at Fenway. If that doesn't happen next time or racial incidents reported in Boston or elsewhere than okay right. These folks these racial justice social justice warriors they can put their signs away they can put their banners away. We're not there yet I mean we went there that's. In the spring without him Johns we've gone through it all summer along with the LeBron James incident nationally Michael Bennett nationally last week that's still continuing. This happens time and time again where racial incident is reported and it went to white people sit there and question it. So in May be an obvious point to you. Racism is the matter is as American as baseball well. It's not obvious point to a lot of people 'cause a lot of people refuse to believe and refuse to accept that this stuff still happens. As longs as people are out there this kind of sign is necessary to have. It was a stunt gas a stunt stunts are supposed to get attention. And don't give me a sanctimonious crap but oddly dated at the ballpark in front of the children come on really. Great time to get your message out there this thing was splattered all over Twitter within seconds. It will be won in the lead stories in the country tomorrow. We're talking about it with you tonight 617779. 79837. In his WEEI late night mining is not streamer we'll take your phone call will take your phone calls next. Point seven. You mentioned that. Under veteran at that moment. There was no indication to me that that was somehow intentional that they were doing that to detract. That that was somehow related it was confirmed to me that. One of the movement that is why this was black lives matter there were other groups the original group that planned it was about a group of eight and they they. Represented different groups like there was one. Group. Of people with a name that was planning this event these are different people who came together. To do this. Does having jog on Comcast sports net news first the story tonight. The people behind the racism is as American as baseball banner. Those unfurled between the third and fourth inning at Fenway Park tonight during hats off to hear a ceremony. When lieutenant colonel in the army was being honored question as to who is responsible for this again Evan Dre Alex said. Eight people involved with racial justice causes. And racial justice groups in Boston. They identified the black lives matter movement as an inspiration now Michelle McPhee was with us earlier this hour. Said that Bosnian T thighs taking credit. For the stunt at Fenway tonight in a Twitter account by the name Minty for Boston. Has released a statement saying why they are at Fenway tonight. ID said they were largely inspired by Howard Bryant. Mean our rights for ESPN. Is article don't expect protests in baseball it's a white man's game was by design was inspirational. They say they're Red Sox on history comes into play as well going back to yawkey way this team has made its name on racism. The Red Sox were the last to actually admit PSE players considering that's people of color players. Back in the days of Jackie Robinson. This. NT for Boston account goes on to say. And Albie as a league should be dissolved. By the confederate monuments the Nazis are defending across the nation remove bits and replace it. Wood something of value to all people. A sport where people who identify as non mail make up 50% of the week. Not disperse spot not just the spot for white male population it's still refuses to would not Spock lives matter and votes for neo fascism to fill the highest. Offices of this nation so why an explosive statements from the ante for Boston Twitter accounts on. I am not radius say that is a verified NT account they referenced in my conversation with Michelle. Any out piece in New York magazine from a blast off from August. I don't how to spot AT&T account apparently there's a number of these handles around at NT for Boston. Other ones got caught out in Teepen Beverly Hills. There's Amaro are going ante by count Wall Street NT five markers vineyard ante but Nantucket anti facilities real upper class areas. I have ante for Twitter accounts and if you look closer. Into the ante for Boston accountant you reverse image search is on some of the images they've put out there. On one of the features that they claim to us from Boston protest. Was actually from a 2015 protest in Denver and the other was of a sign burning that happened in Berkeley so. You know not saying that this is an impostor accounts not saying. You know that it's definitely NT five either I'm saying now is I still to be determined who exactly was responsible. For this banner at Fenway Park but if and Tebow was involved it would not surprise me certainly. Is this the kind of stunt they would Paul and Ozzie said earlier I think it's stupid. To do it during hats off to hear a segment because it gives that. Jerry out hands of the world in the current men hands in the months the low hanging fruit to pick on that they desperately creative. On I'm OK with these individuals being banned for life never allowed into Fenway and clearly they're not fans anyway and they disrupted the game for those around them. But these people are not morons in their sign was not done. They're signed was not done. We've seen it time and time again nationally and in Boston Adam Jones says he heard the N word at Fenway Park and some people's first inclination. Is to question him is try to poke holes in his story. And Intel that problem goes away. Still need to be reminded it's still worth reminding us that racism is prevalent in this country. As part it is part of this country's fabric just like baseball is so that's the sign that was at Fenway Park tonight. That's Reno per shore. What do you say 61777979837. Is your phone number let's go to Melanie and when I you're first up tonight allow. I owe an apology it is now and which not only range but anti American. And that angle is anti American. And the funny lines some people are not aware of the issue not just. An American thing not that the black and white saying you know the human brain and anti Shaq and people need to lying bag cheated that I am you know. Our region went up that I did not mean to play a bad name wanna drag range. This. Melanie bet that we believe lead in America we live in Boston so are you trying to take care the proms in your own backyard first. EF I don't. And it and it has admitted he conducted a little man and and Google on a warning be bug advocated an. And then machine and and trying to convey the Cheney it's kind. Like I have did make it English great through them to make things and none it's not a healthy thing. Tiger that Melanie but we can't extinguish racism in tell you acknowledge it exists. And time and time again we of people who do not knowledge it exists. Look at them up more overt Gmail help. This week calling Donald Trump a white supremacist don't want against about a whole debate now bite. You can quibble you know whether or not it was a stretcher and appropriate for Heller called trump awaits a promises but it's clear that. He surrounds himself with white Nationalists. You know it's clear that after the Charlottesville attacks. He went out and condemned many sides. You did not explicitly condemn neo Nazis and other white nationalist hate groups at first. So you know those those things are out there those things are out there mean the president did the United States right now today. Once his political career off of the birth terrorism why. The birth tourism Wideman to delegitimize. Our first African American president. So don't act like racism doesn't exist and I think racism is instill a fabric of this country. Because that is now is the message that the folks at Fenway Park wanted to get out there tonight and they dead. Because it's perhaps the biggest story in the country right now let's go to brining copies and waiting patiently Brian. And I'll do well. I'd wondering about sect. From. And posters here remember they. They'll look like they're stadium. That the cops were you not. But it goes for the white wine in that writes that that's right what I understand message that they were trying to get a fraud. And I agree with a completely I have a degree from South Carolina and history. I agree with what they are saying. I think this is something that you are going to be walks during the table and people are gonna forget about three days. So I appreciate their camps and I agree with a adjust so feel that was. A lot of press it's a lot and they were all there or. And the pride that you can walk and chew gum at the same time right so you can make knowledge set out unveiling a banner Fenway Park. There's nothing to change the big picture but it once again puts this issue to the forefront in you can do other things I mean you can. Get the message out there and also simultaneously work on for correcting a problem. Well exactly if people. In journalism covering it correctly. And they. You due diligence to put out there now backing boy which has yet in the nation founded on. You know white power from the beginning. Then. It can be effective but I'd get so over that was that's way to go across doing an idol that it has affected because I think that racism. Is a huge issue here in America. I just don't think that will be effective as they want to. Doug good it it is it is like the pipeline pipeline if you are helped edit. They you know. A little more front page that. Yeah a bride in and as I was saying thanks for the caught in that the big problem I have with the way this sign was unfurled at Fenway tonight is the timing of it right I mean it happens. During the hats off to hero's ceremony. Why do with ban why they are in nine innings and a baseball game. Three plus hours along there is plenty of down time. That would allow you to. Unveiled this banner on the green monster have all the attention. And not have to deal with any of these ancillary distractions. And that's they're doing now because they did it. During the middle of the hats off to hear a segment in an about team minus six hours my good friend Gerry Callahan who sits in this chair is gonna go on here and they were doing it. When are honoring the troops. Is that disrespectful hi anti American. And runs going to be all riled up and you know this that would have been very easy to avoid that. If they did it during the fifth betting you're the sixth inning of the second inning the third inning would have been very easy to avoid that they had so many opportunities. To do it at a time. When their hats off to year's ceremony was not going on when an armed forces veteran was not being honored so I agree with you there Brian. In the way they did this isn't a distracting manner. I wish they had done it at another time because I think it's a message that we still need to hear you know you talk about. Correcting racism and what do we need to do well Thursday to accept that it happens and for a large portion of people here and throughout the country again. That's why cited the national examples earlier not to singling out Austin here it happens everywhere but we have people. We still don't recognize that racism exists and racism as prevalent in that police brutality African American neighborhoods is a real issue we still. Have people who don't. Recognize that again we have a president of the United States. We may not even recognize that he encouraged police officers this summer to rough up suspects. Right I mean again he was elected EU's political careers started. Off the birth there is a wise so let's not act like this racism has gone to bed it has not. And until we all come to an agreement there. We really can't fight the problem and not that the sign was about let's go to Paul in Concord pol what's going on. Why are a bit but I'd agree we appreciate arm. Are you have. Always been there are some who aren't aren't aren't far racism or mile wide as it ever. Are you know we and I were here or there it's been skiing out work. Out in public. There aren't more often than not like make good morning troops say there outburst and realize what you're doing or saying racist. And half. A lot of times which product or just like to do some examples. A lot of privacy but people don't accuse to Seoul accused repeat. Gently toward that record matches don't realize that they are outrageous crime. Well a lot of currency or thing it would play out to them they just like they want their shoulders quality trying to make. You don't like some bad guy. Because you're trying to tell them that they're back and it just gets so frustrated sort understand how you'll they've won it. Quite the frustration of racism in a public place I understand how to deal. I like where. I've just I've accepted it as well as I live my life. The way that I no way I know what's right. There are people around me at that store don't get the races are. And some of these reasons. Yeah. Say. Yeah it came Carmine. Yeah don't do it if you just look at you and to know that you edit. And maybe. Some day. It. It will last and invest in and out there are other ways to get that message across like art improved brew I wanna diplomatic articles about yeah. Yeah I mean there's Robert against a break policy at the league thanks for the call on there are lots of ways to get the message across and this was a way to get the message across I mean it's was splattered all over Twitter. Within seconds seven happening. Sides on every web site from I signed WEEI dot com we have full coverage of it from Sports Illustrated dead splint Beecher Bleacher Report SP nation go on down the line. This is going to be one of the biggest stories that country tomorrow so in terms of getting the message out there. About the prevalence of racism in about a racism is a part of this country's fabric just like baseball. The baseball time and on. It's affected by mean the timing I don't like. It gives a lot of people low hanging fruit and it's disrespectful on top of at all. Did you entering hats off to hear segment jet segment of the night just dom dom dom dom. But the message was not dominate the sign was not down and I hope that's not lost a sneak another call before the break let's go to John in New Hampshire John thanks for waiting. And yeah. You know I fully agree with almost everything you have to say here now. Refreshing breath of for a share on the station where often times a very different viewpoint is human. On the but one thing off stated I I worked in political communication IA. I don't be departments. I agree with what they did in no way I agree with their message if they have a good Matt had it terrible that. You're Tagamet the ambiguity of the San every. They were they view it nobody knew what we're trying to. I've got a game everybody to be thought they were like it. Who are doing something despicable. A short I'm much more clear message to send it anywhere. If they did that they. It much better comfort. It made me huge mistake there Al quick to opt out point out what. That lady Michelle McPhee was saying she was wrong. Comparing black eyes matter Q yeah hi I I do I disagree to their team yet I don't announced honors now it upsetting but. Add rich allies and not you know which year Mort you know. So much right John thanks upon in my man's 6177797. 97 on the ambiguity part. When he organizers. Talked Evan talk about that. And got a call like this doesn't exactly help the cause either like a light but quite a bloody up to be set such a DB. This is one of the organizers said I guess we should have seen that coming. Boy also didn't think of that as an ambiguous message it's kind of tying it is being interpreted as one. Mean come on really. It's kind of telling its being interpreted as an ambiguous message Snider saying if you. Miss read demeaning which I did at first to I went back in port nigh you're saying that any new kind of misread it is a racist did you mistreated at first ban. Yeah I was I was confused yeah I wasn't sure so apparently were border racist bone operator raised as it's kind of telling really. Kind of talent 6177797. At night threw seven taking your reaction about this next WEEI we're here told him. Side. Greetings. This is Boston fever. So as to why we did this tonight at Fenway. Park statement is simple. We were largely inspired by Howard Bryant who now writes for ESPN. His article don't expect protests in baseball it's a white man's game design was inspirational. Red Sox is our own history comes into play as well. Going back to tongue hockey that teen has made its name on racism. The Red Sox were the last to actually admit pfc players back in the days and Jackie Robinson. The state of the sport today. Is obviously justice traveling honestly we don't see redemption for baseball in any future. Minorities barely seem involved PC players don't make it to double digit percentages. And an LB. LG BTQ I eight plus plus is completely absent. Sports leagues in Europe and Canada offer people who identify as non mail the opportunity to join the where's this in the USA. In regards to baseball. And protests in the future we are happy to bird proved Howard Bryant wrong. But this is certainly only the beginning of that. MLB as he league should be dissolved. Like the confederate monuments the Nazis are defending across the nation. Let's remove it and replace it with something of value to all people. It's sport where perhaps people who identify as non mail make up 50% of the week. Not just the sport for white male populations. That still refuse to acknowledge that black lives matter. And those who vote for new fascism to fill the highest offices of this nation. OK so that's a member you suppose a member of Boston and T five. A video just posted to the Twitter account at and T for Boston that's who this carries people among has spent how old the act didn't look like eighteen. Mean it's. To be on at that day. Younger. I I think he's bright like when he OK but why he looks. Celestine they're asking those who died for those who write you have Twitter I would recommend go to the at at and T for Boston page this group that claims to be Bosnian T five. As I said earlier some question as to their legitimacy I mean they certainly guy. Have some my pretty pretty heavy statements declaring war on Major League Baseball tonight. There when shut down Major League Baseball just like we wanted to take down confederate monuments. And they just posted a video seven minutes ago we played it for you coming out of the break. Verbalize things statement that they posted it right before we got on the air tonight. He has kiddies like eighteen years old. As has a red handkerchief covering is now he has classes and a black hood. Over his head I mean I lost an arm wrestling contest to Jack and so on camped many people opera I'm pretty sure I can take on. These so called the ante for Boston people. Tracer look at what this one looks like right here yet delicate through tough not look in the author recording it in a closet. It looks like it it's doesn't seem very threatening to me you now. 95 the biggest threat among us know please if that's the biggest threat among us we are fine. Where five so a Twitter account out boss at and T for Boston taking credit. For the banner that was unfurled at Fenway Park tonight seeing rates saying racism as American as baseball. Evans relic of Comcast sports net I had the story first this evening. Said that eight people were involved. Red Sox confirmed that forward checked it from the park I NT but was not mentioned in draw Alex story. On he's sad about. That they were involved with racial justice movements around the city. Oz so maybe that does mean anti again it wouldn't surprise me if NT but was involved but a lot of noise coming from here and you know I think really it's kind of a relevant. Who was behind SI mean no one was hurt it was not a violent act. The timing was bad doing it during the hats off to heroes segments again timing was bad. Could've done it between any other running and they dated when they were honoring a US army veteran bad move. The timing was bad but it was not a high disgusting acts was not a violent act did not put anybody in danger. And it's a message it's a message that should be self evident to racism is is is as American as baseball. By. It's not self that. Because of all the race street there is out there from. Adam Jones to Michael Bennett to LeBron James to the night after Adam judge at Fenway that fan who was banned for life. After saying a racial slur to another fan in the stands people saying. While how to we know where's the proof where's the proof. So. We can quibble all we want about who was behind this was in Tebow was not Tebow what are they saying about. Declaring I mean all this Salinas is just really noise the central issue is still recognizing that racism. Exists racism is a big part of the nation's fabric it's still going on today. And dot and that's what the message was about in knots and I think the focus should be on tonight. 61777979837. Is your phone number. Let's go back to be phones and talked to Jimmy in Dorchester Jimmie thanks for waiting. I. A lot on your. Yes. Swat militants in you know I believe in what trailed 25 years since that route I may have a call and thank you. I feel. You know I like like you show up but. A lot of Karen Hughes you know I feel like your race speed you know all time greats in the last few years president twittering stuff it just stir in. You don't look into it just something like that say you know I think the new generation. It was you know we're a quarter up like I like you know lately received black people would keynote just some. All the people you know what to Iraq today it hasn't but it was changing the school was to change it anyway but don't seem like the black beret commando. Why don't they talk about all of our black people being killed like Jeremy don't you think that's more important to. They do that tonight what all they did you talk about now. Black clubs where it. That was seen in the media and Armenia somewhat. Gay guy you never seed in the media can that because. What that does mean it's not happening just as the media doesn't cover it extensively doesn't mean it's not happening yes I mean your. With the media goes to sensationalist stuff in the sensational part of black lives matter is they're statements against police brutality subsidies he got a. All right here's you know in 2016137. People wish up by police. Almost 60% of white. For example two weeks of old guy now IBM domestic called tomorrow's south of the spoon in his hand shot children now in the in the knows anything. The jury apparently black Americans Jimmie are arrested at a rate five times higher than white Americans I mean so. I mean we we go back import these doubts holiday do you agree that's. Black people are singled out unfairly by law enforcement. All I've I've experienced you don't like you hunting it would change you know I've been Ngo and turn them over the limit kind of is say look you white. You know that was in the ninety's. So what you wait and get an Irish judge. Jimmy thanks for the call we appreciate your holding on and crying and after all of these years we get them all back here in late night we get ex cons. All of them they all come out for banner -- thing you know it's an interesting time to the duck and it is Tim and Attleboro IDF the sack. I don't do well. Yeah I don't know you know attribute to have and I think you're kind of array spirited artists put it this way. You know I had a music teacher in my fixed my son's eleven say the other day that no any appearance of Border Patrol when neo Nazis. Which the superintendent called me today. But you know you Democrats can't get over that the thing that trump want you know what I'd like you to go to YouTube and look up a video. Blacks which were all okay. I know this guy are you this guy's a total not ten but why is these guys stands behind him with the rallies right the blacks are trumped guy. No no no these these these are people like Shaquille O'Neal. He and Mike Tyson in about fifteen to probably twenty to 2530. Different African Americans professionals in the new in bought. On the relationship. Would die Dennis Rodman and Darryl Strawberry workout today room I'm all cops daddy daddy he'd regret and engage shot and add. Way back stick a rat. Tim when snowball on him when Obama say he wanted to talk student shot and city. In America that. What are not indeed mark thanks for Compton. Yeah I love that the Blacksburg yeah salt rich black athletes like trump rates. It sneaking who does that mean. Who what does that mean Darryl Strawberry comes out today things strums a great guy awesome. You know my Don King like Strom to Ford truck that's a picture with Floyd Mayweather that's awesome. Police. Please I mean look at the policies Edmond to place look at that. Policing policies it and put into place by act. Attorney general Jeff Sessions reviewing all consent consent decrees it's when the Justice Department. Reviews in monitors troubled police departments would Jeff Sessions announced a few months ago they don't report those back. You know saying that it's okay now for police to get there weapons from the military. I yak militarization of police that's okay trump in Long Island this some. Encouraging police officers to rough up suspects. There's a lot of ambiguity with trumpet where he stands in terms of policy. Especially tonight the news about the docket agreement with Chucky Nancy. We'll get into that but I will say there's ambiguity which comes policies except for his embrace. Of hard core policing tactics. Oz so there that there is no ambiguity there. 61777979837. Let's sneak in another call before atop the hours deed is done in Miami Steve parry and. I had to do and while. Its main power. Sports has become political and cultural I had no escaping it. It is mostly it's the world and people who. I'm definitely not relations start have a lot of black French and Spanish on form here and so we're my wife this it's them. And so I don't know I'm not. Reasons I'm not actually anti Hispanic and long putt however there you know wearing the and I'm thinking that I hate it and once again in Boston get shambles well it happened throughout the entire country happens to the world. And income on what you mean immune. When you're rich source privilege we did he cheating thing in my office. Both Google and applaud Jeanne I mean parking ticket to directing most of these people and not while I'm standing hockey situations you know let. You people warn people about rod circuit through to back up again toward contract with the war and all that and fortunately. Racism and Miramar beach and all that are always can be hit McCain Kennedy. Congrats and try to get cute and work. He parents teach them up on the it to me. Pigmentation or we are a black and white child. Look together and so this they're not born hard. Lesions and I was so it's an extra room. I mean until we can educate people. Yeah in this country end this world unfortunately think that they can happen and I hate the fact can work. Bought and shingle pulpit and tired of hearing it not that it don't do not not hard of hearing that racism and stand that. And and where and Adam Jones came that. LeBron James came to the front Austin and another group that bought all that. It's unfortunate. Should I it took tiring pretty irritable or bark bark and you know what happened. Emmett Stephen admit that it's it's did it happens though I mean it and we had Adam Jones does this season you had a lot of chronicling this I don't requesting their generosity of his claims so that's why. And I am not one of the likelihood that we could have a what I am saying you're so it's not just. Boston. It is I mean look what happened not because we enjoy it. I want to know what what happened at a lot of other places. But they they talked about it and when he moved on the block and just seemed to be dragged down because of yawkey because you are complete green being the last. Black. It is being let black numbers aren't baseball. Yeah out there there's a lot there's a lot of history here Stephen we're up against it thanks for the cause there's a lot of history here you mentioned Tommy hockey is like to see we had that debate. I this summer but do you change jockey way Red Sox are the last team to integrate. That no black player to Ponzi green 1959 we know all that and the history matters here you know Bill Russell I's house getting vandalized. I know happy 5060 years ago by. It's still have been and it's still apart. Of the history at the city. House to deal with 61777979837. Late night with yours truly odd generals on. For another hour continuing to take your phone cause on. Racism banner. Racism banner tot racism banner at Fenway Park. A group unfurl in a sign that read racism is as American as baseball taking your reaction on not up until 2 I am Sports Radio WEEI.