Late Night with Alex Reimer: The focus should be on the message of the banner not when it was done. 09-14-17

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Thursday, September 14th

In the 2nd hour it is revealed that Boston Antifa didn't have anything to do with the banner hung at Fenway Park. Alex wants people to focus on the message these protesters were trying to make and not when and where they did it. 


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Yeah I Sports Radio. 93 point seven FM. But. It's a continuing this zips through. The racism banner. Doesn't hurled on top of the monster. Red for the top of the fourth tonight at Fenway. During the hats off to hear aside portion of the evening and hats off to hear a ceremony. US army veterans being honored. As they said last hour. Not the ideal time to do it pitted doubted any other time it takes away from their message. It's low hanging fruit. About five hours from now my good pal Gerry Callahan will be sitting in this seat talking about eight disrespect in the country. This respected that troops. And well I mean he'd be right on now mean on the servers it was disrespectful. Stand up and cheer or stand up with your hands on your side just don't don't unveil a banner like this during hats off to here as type the ceremonies so. Bad timing. Bad timing. For whoever did this but it doesn't mean they're sign was down it doesn't mean at their message was done. Racism is as American as baseball. Saying that racism is a fabric of this country now. Evans relic of Comcast sports that whispers the story tonight he spoke to one of the organizers of the stunts the person told him not you asked to be anonymous. I says that there were eight people involved with this four or Wear a jacket from the reds from the ballpark the Red Sox confirmed gotten a statement. The only said that black lives matter is one of their inspirations for this is said that got others involved with the group were are affiliated with. Racial and social justice groups around the city I Twitter accounts into eight the Boston also taking credit for this. Released a long statement just with Oregon on the air at midnight. Saying they were largely inspired by Howard Bryant of ESP and because of his article don't expect protests in baseball it's a white man's game by design. They Yasser referenced the Red Sox history of racism going back to Tom jockey being the last team inner great. And at the end is the real whopper MLB as a league should be dissolved. Went to confederate monuments the Nazis are depending across the country remove it and replace it with something about you to all people so. Well bombs being thrown. Bombs being in the round from ante for Boston this accounts. About you know says it's the anti faux Boston branch. Op I'm still not 100% sure that do you read out one piece in New York magazine. Published in late August about oddities. Questionable anti but I counts Wall Street ante by Beverly Hills ante by new port NT but Nantucket ante up. There's that Nantucket anti Imus be a lot of racial unrest in Nantucket you know. Prime prime place for Bradley Scarsdale anti in Arizona you know Scarsdale ninety buck morrow Largo ante by my personal favorite. Think there's a large anti for president morrow are now and are now. A huge huge massive yes they post today. Pictures in August. Calling these solar eclipse bigoted and racist past tag resist the clips now. I don't know I mean summit this it seems like two over the top to me and he just teaser heads a little bit people. Seems a little over the top to me on the PG reverse image searches on Google you see. Images that this Bosnian T account there is up that can be linked back that when he fifteen protesting down protests in Denver in. Other stuff from Berkeley they say happened in Boston so I don't know whether it's real or not I guess it wouldn't surprise me if NT five were involved but. What to say that Bosnian cupid was involved with so let's just say that this is. There official accounts. They have 4681. Dollars OK I. 4681. Dollars. To one on many. YouTube views. Their statement dot posted twenty minutes ago. Sixty eights. 68 got sent. Suppose this is even if this is a legitimate it's. Accounts. This really represents the Boston anti whoever they may be. Did they don't have a lot of reach. They don't have a lot of reach. Certainly don't have the reached out we signed on insurance though with the Nazis and kkk and a certainly not anywhere close to that level so I don't. I think. The NT let's stop and Michelle McPhee we had her on last hour at the top of the show she says day. Took credit for the. Stunt tonight at Fenway and she was condemning anti flag and I like the back and forth but I think that's distracting here ideal I don't think dots. The main point of the night the point of the night is. Top of the Fort Benning. Banner unfurled on top of the monster racism. Is as American as baseball. And yeah that was a stunt. And stunts are meant to get attention. In this got attention and don't give me the sanctimonious. Garbage about how it happens. At the park all the kids people just there are trying to enjoy the game. It was anybody's enjoyment of the game disrupted. By the banner and if you're still driving around around home in rapid gains and I'd love to hear you 6177797937. Ides did this banner. Prevents you from enjoying the game. Again reports all say it was only up for a couple of seconds before it was removed in the four people work. Peacefully. I objected that's acting till right I mean if anti. Was involved in this this violent anarchist group that we hear so much about its. All reports say the Red Sox say it. They didn't put up a fight and they rejected from Fenway they are peaceful they moved on they got their point across and now was that so. Again I think a lot of that stuff is a distraction the main point is the message. Do you think it needed to be said. Do you not think you need to be sad 617779. Seven at 9837 let's go to miles he's in New York he's been hanging on miles Harry. Hey Alex thank for taking my call. I disagree with the metrics. When you say that baseball is an American as racism. It's insinuating that America or create your range of them because America created baseball. And also is on the exact exactly go there miles what makes you make that we. I just feel that that's what they meant I mean I think a lot of these young kids. Really think that they see they are just dumb they think that like. All the people who world started with America the only good thing it slavery existed before America. I mean I think I've I think they might they'll miles I mean I think their message is about America because they live in America you know. So that's why the focus is on America because we're here. This is our country. Sure I mean I obviously can't argue with would use that but I don't believe that I think it's it's just a convenient target contributed. America is evil it's really not taking her courage to stand at all especially when it's generally like white kids with with body actions quake. It comes off like go to click here. A cool thing to do. If it's white kids with money they can have and the fear they can't they can't have perspective I mean what what makes white kids with money and qualified you know to make a statement that's. Well everybody's qualified to say anything there were just talking I'm not integrate not qualified. The direction where my instincts tell me as far as that and his more quickly get into very. The website is all that is true. Like I know that many cars we have got there at the track at this saying they want it removed bait ball. Because there's too many white guys and there's not enough women and they don't have the wording that we've that might actually disturbing and I mean. The fact is this the reason people are able to play baseball because they're good at it and make money for a Majorly based call. He can't remove it the conviction not fair. And me in Europe obviously they're based off and I know you're into the politics with you can't agree with us. Yeah miles thanks for the call I had. Certainly a lot to unpack their 617779798370. Yeah I but I I think the fact is that. Look I mean this stuff is still out there we recognize that an and that's what and that's what the message wise that's what the message was tonight's. On that that got that racism is still prevalent in this country and it's something that we. How to deal west and it's something that we have to recognize and we still of this pattern every these incidents come up. You know people deny that it happens and I think in that the real point is the message tonight. Sneak another car before the break let's go to Steve in April Steve what's going on. Where are you gonna do in this mine early morning and doing well things are kind. Pablo I'm gonna be one and number eight people that column and I'm a coast aren't new because. I really believe he'd back and possibly could be a future when our country's credit to. We just need more people like you who actually Willie and sue lights. Open air greens up in a sword a little bit of knowledge. Because now Bonnie Raitt and as you probably could be trapped or nick first name wrong staying in your going to be right. We're on the back burner and a level which you do win. And though we eat meat I don't ever watched a goalie we noticed too much radio Molly go on the road but. I'm very happy to hear so Owens saying watchers say it about the young lady. Earlier who wanted to do they should go would be or who would like your client and that none of them people work from fox spin or implying in that Eden. They have a beer from Boston that it really doesn't happen and they don't understand that in and out of box spin. But let me. If anyone knows anything about it and they're not so austere and and they talk about segregation on this little error that they were reversed. Explain what not. One year ago the US African American. Indians drove on through Charles down. Or stroll on through this out there and we strolled on Peru and the more than. The only issue that. It also where bodies are so if you work. Why innings strolled along through. Door chaps are our expert at the wrong turn. There would you attack so segregation in it and something magic as optimistic even if the there's certainly been something that's been going on in this still warm up now. And I think we sit well Boston Stephen I mean this is a heavily segregated area. While it is an admitted and I I guess the yoga. You're going to be get a lot of calls tonight from a lot of people who are not happy widget speed at all light because. If you just did a poll on the people who are caught a limited. There and they're current that you don't dispute what you are saying they don't have a big issue with what you're sick and I'd like to get here age range and I would love to know. We grew up there what they're neutrality what was growth would not because I mean if you among you have to how won't argue. 24. Millennia only evil millennial Stephen. Are not the way you I don't I hate the term allay any old baby boomer I hate that terminology. Because they're useless. Just there that's another form of what internal body and category just the Berkman out at war. Or opt. Just speak or your twenty sport deadening. That you're stupid. Or they'll understand the ins and outs of how the world works. If anything. How which you have a better spent on it because. You have a lot more knowledge to take Q and there's a lot more to a stream form that Internet that actually outcome. From. Move any older whatnot. So I mean. The dispute on hold any old baby boomers and how that's thrown out the window. All I'm saying is just keep what you're doing and don't let anybody get reached orbit mentality. And how you're gonna that your light. In the gentleman called earlier it was talking about the children. It really does. Boil down to the children. We need to actually affect our children to that reality and how they're gonna grow up extra saying it would affect young we are now what happened here should act at that knows what around your neck. And you know it just this week that wondered now. Know Stephen and and are up against some great things for the caught yeah I mean we signed in Charlottesville you referenced the NC New Hampshire last week got. Stuff happens a lot in mean it happens with a lot of regularity. And we had a presence in the Oval Office to. L dot Willis has those people quite a bit as well so. Certainly these issues are gonna continue to be to the forefront here. And they're can continue in they're going to continue to intersected sports is well because if you want an audience. You something of a sporting event I mean tonight at Fenway Park they unfurled a banner right before the Fort Benning. And within moments it's all over Twitter that images out there the message out there. And dad's going to be one of the biggest stories in the country tomorrow 6177797937. Late night and WEEI rolls on after us. Sees. Sports Radio One network. This is Boston to. So as to why we did this tonight at Fenway. Are statement is simple. We were largely inspired by Howard Bryant who now writes for ESPN. His article don't expect protests in baseball it's a white man's game by design was inspirational. Read Fox's own history comes into play as well. Going back and tongue hockey that team has made its name on racism. The Red Sox were the last to actually admit pfc players back in the days and Jackie Robinson. The state of the sport today. Is obviously justice traveling honestly we don't seek redemption for baseball. Enough is enough enough enough enough for the please stop. Off. Some and is claiming to be members of Bosnian T. Twitter account at and T the Boston took credit for the stunt at Fenway tonight. Racism is an American is based off in an update now. Filed a little after 1 AM by Evan drought like on Comcast. The purchase group members spoke to CSN any sense even Boston's claim of responsibility for hanging a banner at Fenway is ridiculous. The five of us are in no way associated with in Teepen nor did and keep Abbas that anything you do the action the group member would be taxed as proof they provided. An image of the banner and it was unfurled and the demonstration as a test and narratives racism as American as baseball so. A Twitter account at and T from Boston taking credit. For what occurred at Fenway Park tonight spun out when he organizers telling Evans relic who was first the story. That I NT file was not involved in any way and I say it's that that's all ancillary stuff. I mean auntie flo was not I don't know the fact is it was a peaceful protest. Was people coming to Fenway Park in just unfurl a banner unfurling at a horrible time I cannot stress that enough at a bad bad time. During the hats off to hero's ceremony don't do what you can do it in any other inning like why did you do it then so. Bad time to unfurl its but the message was not done the message is accurate the messages something that needs to be sad. And that's that the focus is the focus should be on the message not on it wasn't anti was it not anti. Not on. The focus is on the message and not we're talking about with you until 2 AM this morning. At 6177797937. Let's go back to. A new loans so you and well. This sort of spoke with me what the old rhetoric self and it turned out. I think the bearer of was this a bad idea overall in the resort fit that is because that first before there's been came out. They had people. Whether they were supporter Rick logo. What they were. Got the warning is ambiguous the ad first to take Camille Little bet but you know I think. Or go Adams. But I work so. I think you because of could through diet and I applaud them for being called what yes. A lot of subjects are home. But everything their message had to be more clear now disagreements from the caller earlier on in me. I had to call myself going to be to a couple calls. You Meebo you know I had to know a lot of people commodity and every column mentions no black cloud matter there automatically look up black on black. Every ethnicity agreed the pro experience you know why don't like crime that I hired for the better title but to me is the refusal. Of them not willing to open I have to admit that this. Right I'll let you finish TD that's always my thing is while rightly guessed he recognizes blackened back black on black crime it's a huge epidemic by. At that doesn't mean that there also is in police brutality against African Americans right demeanor can be two things going on at once. Certainly an answer probably is not a legitimate government should be noted that our circle with African American but look pathetic. This is social jets the ball all army and and if you duplicate how urban neighborhoods that it. Suburbia that. Look at the other recorded and and help. You know develop the next generation. See that there is a bright future. On another thing about it businesses. I like to call it the belt object. Not by about the look you. Out of legacies are wallet go apple like OK if you RB and although by a police officer. Would you like. What's which a black couple. No dramatic I wanna hear how many of them what it would jump at the opportunity. I'm me before it'd before. Your body care and everything but also come you don't know what what did you body care and like you they'll beat police are able to get away with certain date. But. Of people not compute what would open are there it is partly they've come a bit let those know where are where our state apartments in his belt especially. What the president we have apple refuted for the Merrill. So like David duke and it takes from multiple times with so. Like hers but first occurred here I mean dean thanks to their climbing in and all of L fairness he couldn't hear you doing David duke knows person to. His ear pieces treat ear pieces but I think those are all good points he now in its appoint I brought up last week we were talking about Michael Bennett here. You know when I'm driving around late at night from watching late at night and don't have to worry about it. Police officer assaulting me your police officer mistaking me for a suspect I don't worry about that doesn't even. Cross my minding on some when he grew up in the suburbs and live in Brookline Alan freed a pretty much do whatever. You know like they need do you I can walk outside my apartment and smokey joint defy wanted to you and you nobody would bother me new body would bother even if I was in the inner city of thousand area with heavier police presence. You get now what's that was at smell like doc and I can I go inside they see a much you have. It snowballs from neck so we have to recognize is issues still exist and some people. Refuse to do that. Refused to do that when Adam Jones says he hears yen roared at Fenway Park it's now I never heard the and waited and why some of us that's never been said Abner. You now or when LeBron James to use a national example says that racist graffiti was painted. On his garage and Bradley it's what are the pictures where the taxes Dennis approved Dennis the proof. You know so until we until we we can't fix the problem until we recognizes a prom right. And we have people in the highest levels of our government. Our president of the United States. Who says after white supremacist kill an innocent person in Charlottesville. There's violence on many sides. That's the response of the president of the United States. After we have racial violence in Charlottesville. So. President trump. I hope you read that banner tonight. Racism is as American is based box it's a lesson he could learn as well. Can't fix a problem until we recognize there's upon and we have. Lotteries and racism the niners are as I dubbed them the racism truth there's skirted gem is also an icon Jim what's going on tonight. Pretoria thanks for taking my call no problem. I'm about the game and I saw the banner. Into it it bothered me because I just felt like it's. I understand what you're saying that you know we we do need to create more awareness of the ocean bar district -- about you're in general regardless of the inning that they chat message got out there than Jim was plastered all Britannica but you know it. I mean if if if you can see what happened in Charlottesville where he's living under a rock. There are just see this fueling the flames in regard to racial issues. And not really doing anything about it and you guys look like idiots of the talking about dismantling his baseball today. Yeah and an elegant without. All. Reality organizes again Jim my said tonight and moments ago that that that in teeth Abbas and account does not affiliated with what happens in itself. What we're it would be it would be cheaper guys that's had some yes. They wanted to dismantle these yes yes okay so what would guys who organized this it's despite rigorous. Okay well still I just know it just may be feel uncomfortable and unsure or something else would you the irony was that. Sitting right for me that you got ladies and bigger public costumes. One African American one white. Enjoy the game thank god they see that sign actually you know because I just picked its problems are taken tobacco. And I was looking at them. They had their security came to guys where weigh in the agency here but you know I think here's these two enjoying this game my body and I actually took their picture. You know and and. How did it affect your enjoyment of the game that Jim was just a banner that was up there for a few seconds in between innings. That's I just feel like. Regardless of they're trying to create more awareness of the issue I feel like it's on the flames should worst so you know we had enough of seeing all of this what happened. Charlotte we of people the gym is still denied that it exists and Adam Jones says he hear the endured at Fenway Park we still scores of white people who say no you didn't sell. Well we don't recognize it happens. I Ali you're our exposure it was you know primary I would assure something else or use our big quicktime. What are ultra popular best. Our group in a town in the 97 is that first began. Posturing. And you know bringing Anderson chipped out to the suburbs and when I was in second grade. One of the kids on the bosses told me your word as are walking in the school and I just what parents and I don't understand why you're calling me back. And so are grown up being aware of this issue for very long time. I have. Embrace all people all the time all my life I I don't see. Black and white I see people and so maybe that's why I have an issue was such it was parked it and see a bunch of kids that are. Are we to try to create more awareness or that you're saying but it bothered me because I feel like it's just. I feel like it's exasperating issue more than anything you know. I got Tim thanks for the call on yeah. I I I disagree that you know exacerbating used to it's exacerbating the issues denying. That racism. Is out there are stale which we still have a lot of people doing I don't see how. Unfurling a banner with the words on its you know its few words races and his American is based on CO that's inflaming. Racial tensions of any sort it's just again bringing more awareness and you may say while we've been talking about racism. Since this dot dawn of time you know so while much more awareness do we need well we needed because we have a president to after racial mountain Charlottesville. Condemns both sides not the white supremacists we needed because we have police departments that still use way too much for his. In minority communities amber ticker we need because he still scores of white people refuse to recognize that it exists is out there. And when a black person says there was assaulted by the police I mean look at the plans are to steal video in Minneapolis last summer guy in his car. Shot and held. And the reaction isn't ala. What was going on now or via their reaction as well he said he got a gun and so I mean so watts because you just out again in the car. Means you have to get shot and killed dies so until we stop. Having responses like that. The assigned like this needs to be out there and I see why people felt like tonight it was inappropriate venue. An appropriate spot to do it's I yes it was a stunt by. The stunt worked because now it's one of the biggest stories in the country. 61777979837. Late night without tumor wraps up after this we'll take more your calls and also get into you are. Midnight morons yes last night we had a new segments here. Midnight morons who lost the day. We'll get we'll do that next don't going. Maybe three point seven FM. Back here late night I'd say review until 2 o'clock. The zip through some more of these calls for a re do the midnight morons. Salmon Springfield and hold on Sam welcome to the shall. All thank you stick coal expert on March we call a radio show thank you. Either wanted to come up or not the whole idea that they know who passionately argue that they blew it all big Oak Ridge. Our home. I think that people miss. The whole. Yeah definition of it all. And what person bottled agreement. Are my true that there's really only one race and nasty human rates were just divided by culture and go. And what people you know they they don't see that looks and we all. Live here in America. You might be a white Mayo are might be a blackmail. The next person could be a porch he's mail and so one muscle where. But we all want to paint thinks what you wanna chop and secure your tail right. Yes. And have a family now but may be wonder what all. OK okay but you know become become senators we all want to think things yes why is here racism. Second question Sam I wish I had an answer for area you know two people you know they people want to feel superior to others. And we especially see it when people feel aggrieved. They want you point the finger at another group. They want to scapegoats. We see that all the time when there is more and more financial disparity. People try to scapegoats. And they think a lot of that white resentment. Is happening here and I think that explains to an extent. Election Don trump in November. African country of the last word on this what's going on. I guess. Eleven. Pretty much mostly white area of the country were about an hour north of Boston and then I had bartender and been. Portsmouth, New Hampshire popular area we get may be you know one out of every seventy people who actually happens to be black. And I think big disconnect that people. Where. This whole racism thing is that I think the media loves it I think. Worse. Racism race race fell BB it sells. It's it's insane under and so when you come from an area where I have you know we I mean most people where I live eleven a town called Dahlberg. Small pretty much small town big enough whatever. And we'll just see people has people they happen to be black and what happens be quite so what happens to be the only Indian or wherever. With that never comes into our head but then when you see the media constantly. Even on football games they catch a the National Anthem they got immediately go to the one guy taking your name you know I think back creates a Dubai. And then. Patrick amateur players protest the aunt Demi knots in at the big story I mean of course that should be shown that's a part of the game. Part of the coverage. Sets the scene. Nobody what you're talking about where you're saying that people like don't think racism excess night. I think a lot of room think it's not necessarily that it doesn't exist about it being like created. More so now I don't know what you I don't know if you get what I'm saying without it. I think it really well I mean there's more and more media what is more immediate than ever right Patrick is more immediate and amber and because of that we see. More of these images and sometimes the issues are amplified that is correct. I mean that's that's my biggest thing at this a government area where I mean we really don't see it that way we just see people as people. I. And I did I just feel like the media is getting the biggest upper hand on this and they're getting more coverage from it and I feel like. In other guards I just wish I almost wish I didn't think that they have something to gain from it but I come from New Hampshire I don't come from the shelf where it's probably a lot. Racism of a lot more prevalent in your face in the inner city areas too so that's just my two cents I appreciate you taking my call. I Patrick appreciate you Colin eyes to certainly tomorrow all day on the station starting at 530 with drinking now annually here reaction. To the Fenway banner and we also and I think Michelle McPhee for joining us tonight and I'll lending. Her perspective but before we sign off I started this last night's next time and then we'll continue it. It is the midnight morons. Who lost the day fan who lost today well. Craig carton from WFAN and has had a rough. Rough couple weeks. Rough couple weeks five point six million dollar Ponzi scheme through pais on gambling debts well. He resigned from the fan tonight. Unfortunately the unfounded legal issues currently plaguing me only be a distraction to everyone at WFAN this show I helped build. With that in mind I've submitted my resignation to the station and they have accepted. I'm sad to these chapter of my life close but no that it will allow me to focus on my family. My well being in clearing my name or giving us this show the best opportunity to succeed without further disruption so carton out. From the ban. Boomer on his own in the mornings there. He's facing charges of conspiracy securities fraud and wire fraud. For allegedly taking money from investors. First sham ticket reselling operation. Now that he promised big returns Oz so. Craig you know taken a lot of money to morning drive in New York. In the whole millions of dollars. Yemen is a serious thing do you feel any. Got a sympathy for him at all and none none at all you don't -- the only gambling that disease. The man is sick. He needs our sympathy. I think that he threw it it did it diction yes I but running the Ponzi so yeah the body is where I bad insight. Are and how does know what note that this guy late and it boomer like they go to Vegas and stuff yeah I have yet you package. And no one knows that this guy who he Hoover to know like Albert he's making like. He's living this lavish life go to the casino throwing angered like 101000 dollars a hand it's late now but no one knows that this is happening. May have been CT with puma and now maybe miss is some things may be misses something so Craig carton. Off from the fan is midnight on the other big loser of the day Martin's rally remember him is the pharmaceutical executive. Who increased the price the lifesaving drug guy Derrick ran by. 5000%. Member that people. B minus dry guide to save their life keep them alive and I eat up the charge by 5000%. A couple years ago well. Here is convicted and August of three counts of fraud use out awaiting sentencing. 5 million dollar bell missed a backhand pass except he's going back in the slammer until his sentencing in January. If he had because he may series of posts on FaceBook. Asking people to give him Hillary Clinton's hand. He was offering to pay 5000 dollars. Her hair. Wanted people to go to her book tour events. In try to get a piece of her hand and he offered to pay 5000 dollars for it. And a judge put a magellan's that he is a threat to society. His threat it is giving people an incentive for violence. And I say I couldn't agree more enough with this guy this guy is the most arrogant puke you ever sign your life. He's finally getting what's coming to him so Martin's rally. The big loser out on bail five million bucks has a lot of money right all I can wait these charges. In every note. Now makes post on FaceBook asking for HRC's hair five grand apiece. He's back in the slammer now what happened to that Wu tang album you bought that point I don't know if you could be used as collateral. I mean dubbed the five million bucks to come up with bail is still pretty good and then top tens of thousands of more dollars that you want to pay for Hillary Clinton's hair I mean this guy clearly. Not hard up on cash but I Craig carton. Martin's going to too big midnight morons. Speaking of morons I'm out they do off from listening. Thank you for calling again Turkey talent and 5:30 tomorrow morning. I'm sure we'll have this banner story covered wall to wall who was responsible was an anti fox. Was it not NT five. Were you offended by it. I'm with the timing of anti dated during the hats off to heroes wants to get into banks listening tonight again curtains giant tomorrow at 5:30 am sure all day here in WEP. Dot.