Late Night with Alex Reimer - Michele McPhee: Who is responsible for the banner that was hung on the green monster.

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, September 14th

Michele McPhee joins Alex to talk about the banner that was hung on the green monster during hats off to heroes ceremony. They talk about why was the banner hung at that time and did people understand their message. 


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Well Michelle how area. How are our hero I am doing well ISO Michelle you've been all of this story as well tonight do it any additional information but who is involved with the Stein. Well I mean why do you keep. Who I actually. In action in Barry and act rally called valiant but common where. Members of the market group were hurling bottles the area and equity Aaron. You know that we aren't we are all day they did agree don't you check that pop up you know all know Reid and I thought that. I don't see any out there covering that. You keep and you know pretty that's going to be Jack Ireland and can make it a credit on it Turkey. For a bit rate Don is that American and it all went out Arnold I mean look it you're obviously what guys are not what. Earth and haven't cracked. Up against rape and more worried what are they talking. What they said they are against English allied they spoke DeVon jock and said that it is a message against racism reminding nets and it is prevalent in this country's fabric. Just like baseball wise. Well you look laughable Ed that the sport people who are jacket term and they are. Not a Wiki. I guess it would be a compliment like edit I. Are anything other than yeah. Lobbied white people. Her appearance. On the second degree mark and IL Arabic got the what it into the green monster deal. Now and alien. And it's and do and I overnights here Michelle's looks like it too carried away but I don't know it's it's it's there like overpriced bleacher seats to meeting green monster anyway. But on so you said Bosnian team. Outlet. And I didn't end that we monster ever got out of a dark and aren't biting irony didn't. But the Baltimore here that are in their camera could seek to drag arrogant out our name to go to the park. Closer to close 200 bucks I think to be honest with you for again overpriced bleacher seats and and and mannered Bob. The so so I and the ever drug report Michelle I've Bosnian T by is not mentioned that you're saying he claimed credit on their Twitter account you have other sources that tell you that they are involved with us tonight. You don't obviously bot fleet like Jerry and how they got the pair and two young men that are laid out security yet pretty tight. While I am I need to question about how they got something I'm active say in how they were able like Charlotte and on about security intervening. You know how utilized the app are part securities act and it I think there are a lot of funny at the arts and in the bus completely at a chart national. And what we know we don't want people coming didn't they didn't have it pretty talks about Andy you Kenya. Now when you say Bosnian TV Michelle on unused airwaves they've gotten a lot it's a lot of run here over the last month. Our ally. But now I don't yet we're going to be in and credit. There are some of the actions today undertaken. In any objective and it can you got to induct. To be acting mark what can now read that and it yeah it sort of packaging at a Stanley ball being. Away at a time aren't hearing on that and. I agree that timing the timing is not good at all but I mean this is not on the level and throwing urine at police officers and mean this is a message they want about the music group got right. Aren't sure why not. Mean they had a message it got lots can be the biggest story in the country tomorrow they had something to say and they said it. Out this out I mean c'mon what are they really accomplishing. Well what we know how that story agreed and then and Alec are all about wind any new ally and mourn her together are about and I today I hate it edit stroke and what they're baguette. That's right thing radically great at. I would Marat in the jacket. Don't we don't sell you know as well as I do want to leave well again what are you the story about I created or are completely. All else all I poppy get a bad Iraq I mean it is pretty hot. Here anyway but you real neat that he's like I'm kidnapper. Allan park again I would love to know how many of them are bop. I am going to be that would be about it right now that not a single one from mark and limb here now. I wanna keep it right ally on the law. You'd think. It did you know anything about it. That's your shirt all politics go to at least one. They want to be you like mine are so they had at Robert and bought at and I bop. Would you say it's. A pretty good that I can't hit an all that hair. I don't have a have a lot of I'll have like a lot of work I do like eagle like five or ten bucks with either Michelle I can't I take a much more to be honest with you do. It and you know that. Our. He's. East decent hour via an opulent. It's an East Boston. But it act I'll in on that and five bucks Spybot at a Reebok's it's like god might. It got to get a quick guide it or not while I'm while I am Brooklyn man myself mom. And woods aren't. Here and what you are my people are writers write in my locker. So does that tell us about John you also to tweet earlier saying one source told Judas was possibly an inside job what you mean by that. When an Allah that I could you know watney. My problem Gerri at about how the hair back into the stadium and her. I played it will be likely people Arnold up admirable but it am. About a minute. Yes. Now they are well and he did every eight I hear I hear from patriot. Proper our current quarter. Yes I've been boss anti a statement yes I did they sedated they're taking credit for it they said talk MD think did not tell eleven drought. Did you read about they want and I'll eat it eat that apple. I do not deny. Aren't out of the order. Michelle I mean what this anti Boston Twitter account though I mean amateur that's legitimate count and show you seen the stories near mag. And a lot of credit card you're bottled hot hand out. Protest. I but if you Google and teeth if you Google and fake NT five counts on it says it's certain accounts and it was an anti for Boston was a phony account renew your magazine story right now from August 21. So I don't know I am and I don't know. How about huge huge at leopard in regular date where it Ed where quite a bit or are actually had a lot of that he got a placard Barrett. And I didn't like it slowed it up in Yankee. I don't know celebration. Or they the same out there at the same as black lives matter now. Bosnian NT. I think that you could argue that he gave. Sometimes it the ideal urge and I certainly have aren't aren't what did that somebody Mark Kirk. How how people are in Bosnian T from the shop yet to give a rough estimate how are we talking doesn't. Little later idea I mean I can't think that either professional. You know grab or out really I mean we have to go there or are match. Applaud at a word I'm not. You know that the troublemaker that. Yeah see. A decade ago. You know I I think these people are our national rabble were out there and make it aren't I get ready and slogans. Depending aren't in adults. And outlast that last question here Michelle before early two gala any word on where the Red Sox have taken further disciplinary action against them besides speaking out of the park what are your security forces on the ground sang. Why they've got a red are at at and act you know I've made it look I had. Herb Allen in any current chart at. How much are you get you booted out and eighteen are. Right. All right Michelle McKinney she's the author of maximum harm this or not a Brothers the FBI and the roads the marathon bombing I outing her perspective here with us. And that's Antar is that it's still on his is that is that is that adds up to the final out on. Back and you know people Bachmann. Are you leaning. All the integrity and we have an old radio exit stamps. Not bad out of it. Any beat people bought back are deducted from my ire you can't copy it to. You actually worried you can. Help it needs I think the curtain back up and are. I'm you take your line that is the Green Line to blue line is a trip but I'll do it for you how about that. I. You don't want. Beginner chariot wheel edge if you walk. At a meet me at an end up in the column that. I'll be sauce saying my way there heard Michelle makes me again on their maximum harm is or not produce the FBI the red America I'm bombing banks are joining us tonight. It.