Late Night with Ben Maller: Are there moves for the Red Sox to make at the deadline? 7-18-18

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, July 19th
Hour 2: Ben Maller takes calls on the Red Sox trade options and continues to ponder the Kawhi Leonard move. 

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They're illustrating now on WEEI. In WEEI. Dot com passed the 11 o'clock hour as we head into the meat of the 11 o'clock hour rock Dubai New England. That laws restricted free agent guard mark is Smart. Looks like he will be back in the full with the Celtics multiple reports out tonight claiming Smart is this close to signing. A new contract to remain in the Celtics uniform for years to come the speculation is a four year contract. In the neighborhood of fifty million dollars. Could be done soon here with market Smart big news of the day in the NBA the transaction of stars. DeMar DeRozan goes from Toronto to San Antonio. And heading from San Antonio to Canada would be cool why Leonard. Other players involved in that trade Leonard has one year left on his contract before he can opt out. Of a raptors uniform the Red Sox and join an all star break. Back in action on Friday night instead a six game road trip in the motor city David Price. We amount Friday night as the Red Sox get back to work. In after they visit the motor city of Detroit the Red Sox will head to Baltimore. And they will not see Manny Machado he has been traded. The trade official the Orioles took all day to finally sign off on it but Machado heading to. The Dodgers were five minor league players most of them low rated. Minor leaguers in the NFL Darrelle Revis. Has closed up Revis island the former patriots defensive back part of the Super Bowl winning. Patriots team known for his days with the jets. Hey it up he's retired from the NFL after an eleven. Season. Run weather brought to you by triple A northeast it is 72 degrees in Boston the forecast calls. Or sunny skies and a high of 79. Degrees. On Thursday I am Ben Mallard and that is what stranding Alan WEEI. AW EE EI dot com. Think I've done a lot of offensive. You know I'm very proud of the things I've been able to do so far. You know I've had a lot of things that. I've been Talking Heads yeah normal law. The drama. No one's ever yeah embrace the drama if you like the NBA after that was the sound byte of Karl went in the towns that has a way. Too low bunch of people just jumping to conclusions here as they try to deep code what that means their try to translate what that means. In the early consensus is. I am not happy. I am not happy and welcome to the mellow drama. That is the MB and how does that tie into the celtics' US what we were were taught about earlier here. Now that Hawaii Leonard is off the board there has to be someone. To take over as the most. Likely player to be trade. And it could be Carl Anthony Townsend if you look at the Celtics knew what the Celtics have on the roster. And you can you can make the pretty compelling argument. That Carl Anthony Townsend guys that you would accompany. I think you would want to add to this it was like this problem is he's got. So in some questionable. Things that are being said about. And when you are. Talked about would all like tendencies. That you're lackadaisical. That is you wanna stay away from its viewing when nothing to do with. But but he got to find out for sure if that's the case but we'll talk more but that is B we go forward here but I wanted to pivot away from. The NBA. Because we got we don't want Major League Baseball. And it was a question if you you know Shakespeare from Hamlet. That famous. Play Hamlet Shakespeare said to spend or not the Spain. At the baseball trade deadline that is the question. To direct quote. From Hamlet. And in this in the roundabout way is all about Dave Dombrowski is baseball I forgave them browse the has picked up the reputation. As a big. Team hauler he loves the big tree he's that he will pull it off he will wheel and deal would anybody. And typically this is the tiebreak to trade them in Major League Baseball trade in line. You are in full lawn. Attack mode. I you are ready. For the onslaught. You're ready for that and he does not appear that's the case. A right now with the Red Sox at least in these the speculation is. That's. Sounds like it's it's different. That he's the Red Sox are pacing the field. As you know you look at this in for the games. Red Sox at the top record. In baseball. And or they gonna add to the T. No I see attitude I'm talking about an actual major addition. Two team in the question is it is is a mile ride. From Dave Baum browse easy just use and some kind of like weird poker face year. Or are there Red Sox can be aggressive and it got depending on do you believe in depending on which supposedly baseball insider. You turn to. The Red Sox. Had a shot. At one point in the last six months they had a shot. With Manny Machado. But Baltimore traded him. A few hours ago to the Dodgers. Which is a wonderful pickup for the Dodgers. That's adding he Lamborghini. Your life. You wanna get a Lambert he really got a Lamborghini you name him maybe he's the he's not only gain more support. So the Red Sox they've got a bunch of bad at least they've got a butcher rolls Royces in the lineup right now also use while you may keep going army general and you don't need Manny Machado. They already have guys better than any of its shadow in Milwaukee bets in G eighty Martinez. Why are the Red Sox at the deadline they gonna go I try to get a BMW or Ferrari or they get a god try to get. Or Chevy sonic. Attacks. That's the question here and his money as well there's money involved in his. No where would the Red Sox the obvious answers bull hit that eight inning. Relief pitcher. A second closer to put behind Kimbrel. In the pool clean. And how about starting pitching got it mortal Rodriguez's on the disabled list. Yeah a couple of starting pitchers who were down for the count you can go out and getting back of the rotation starting pitcher or middle of the rotation starting pitcher. As long as it's not JA happ. Somebody else. And and you go I do that and then in the roster option you have you want to improve the lineup or at least in theory approval lineup. The Red Sox have been tied. From what I'm hearing your two and the most Mike whose stock is. Of the Kansas City Royals who suck this year they're terrible. And then that's a possibility. That you could get was stock is as a rental for for part of the year so they're all our options. I'm saying their options for David or browse to. And Modi. Is going to be Knoll object. Money is going to be no object I've I don't use all this you heard about it over the last couple days Hubert Sam Kennedy. The big shot the president of the Red Sox he revealed this week. That ownership is willing to goal over. The port of demarcation the luxury tax threshold. Which is 237. Billion dollars. And acorda Sam Kennedy they're willing to go all it. Ownership. Is it across that line. But it has to be Enqvist that this is always the caveat is always catch. And catches that pass to be player they feel can get them to the world sinners. But can't yet have got to quote straight Kennedy said John Henry and Tom Warner. Are on board these are my words that they're on the money train. And they're trying to get that worth. World Series under their watch one no morals World Series shoves the Red Sox have if my numbers are correct. In a very good at math lesson. The Red Sox have. 233. Million dollars committee. In salary this season now not all of those players on the active roster what does that meet. That meets. They have been every little rule the take on any more players. Anybody you've heard. You you're rained on back to baseball players make like four million dollars these days so the money he is plentiful. In Major League Baseball and it but if they if they get even one more halfway decent contract. The Red Sox crossed the rubicon. And they goal over the the highest threshold. And in what does that meet that means that the Red Sox would then. Cross that market they would have to pay 62 point 5%. Packs. On every dollar spent over the threshold then but wait there's. They would also old lose. Draft capital their draft pick would dropped in slots lower. Ten spots lower in the draft and next year's. Amateur draft for based. Our soul there's a lot to digest elect unpacked. The question. And and direct this to USC. Follower of this team is somewhat emotionally invested in the Red Sox. Is this open to worry about would you be sure to be worried about. I'm not nearly as invested as you but I won't golfers. And I am going to say. Absolutely no acts. Actually that this is not something. To have concern about not at all at all if you are a neutral observer like I. But if you can imagine that neutral I I'm neutral I'm talking about if you if you've invested time. You're really not neutral. Right you've invested time is is all we have right if you've you're genuinely into the Red Sox and this in the game's all time. You watch as many educated. You have he profile owned investment in the team but you don't work for the so but my position is not you've you've got absolutely not you've got the cost of business. But GA. Dated. The iron is hot. And we will tie all of this together now a win you are in the upper crust of baseball where the Red Sox are right now. This. Is Howard knows. It in unless you are. An employee of the T. OK. If you're in the accounting department for the Red Sox. I get it. You know. You. Systems chill. It in India in this position. Because of players like him B Ramirez who they got rid of Pablo Sandoval who they got rid of and others. So solar Sox this. They have nails that they have the lay on his tight rope walk if you financially is because of that the Red Sox have 18%. Of that payroll. Tied up to him Lee Ramirez in pay and a Haley who's on a beach somewhere on vacation. And pay endo who is. Sticky at all. Would these efforts is going got days. To about 41 billion dollars. I toss in the fact that route snake is steel. The highest paid minor league player is making almost twelve million dollars in the Red Sox are paying. 52 to 53 million dollars in Erie money. That counts against the payroll. And so you know you goal luxury tax threshold which is where they're headed. That is the cost of business when you make those kind of blunders. And you bang it in its apiece it was the previous regime. So that's the previous Eugene. When you bet on. Haley Ramirez Pablo saying the wall and Ruth snake is the deal. And you fail on all three that you got up that the punishment as you got this 62 point 5% tax. Now when you go over that special Ed in the second part of this. When I looked on the outside. At the the biz news. All of the Red Sox. This team they can take the financial hit on luxury tax. You would prefer not to. But nevertheless you can. What G-8. For this John Henry is one of the wealthiest people around those people even wealthy use him but John John Henry's get a network. Of 2.5. Billion. Dollars. Tom Werner. So that's a much easier is 300 million god forbid. Which you toss in the television money the Red Sox have witness in. In ways that golden goose it's a license to print money that you think about where the Red Sox are right now. Even with all these people knocked in baseball's Al baseball Salk satellite baseball boring and no one likes baseball. You're Kirk in the morning go on these rants about how he hates baseball. The Red Sox have gone for 800 million. That's the value of the Red Sox in 208. Net they're now worth two point eight billion. So they've got the capital they can spend the money. And sold to put it differently they should be hyper aggress. Now who's the guy to get cool is the guy to get to guide to get. Now that it now that the the big fish is gone. Manny Machado. The next top guy is Jacob the ground. Of the metro Paul that's the guy and I if you've you're looking at the next couple years in the fact that the ground is not under contract passed. You say you are guaranteed big money contract past the series arbitration eligible who's like you dirty year. Player but he's locked up for the next couple years. He has the top run average base. The idea that the Red Sox somehow cannot. Pursue that either handcuffed because of their minor league players not being that good I don't buy it. You can get create. We're talking about the Mets. The Mets don't know what to do. Okay. There are clueless. Team with systematic dysfunction there and it's gone not but Jacob de gras. If you look at who's the got a glut get. That's the Guiding Light he's not a relief pitcher he's not an infielder. Thought this would be pre sale 2.0. You put him in that rotation. And here's a guy unlike. The core of the Red Sox that have been terrible. The Red Sox pitchers that have struggled in the playoffs the drama actually had success when the Mets went on that run. Couple years ago got to the World Series for the loss of the royals the ground was really good. It doesn't he's gonna be really good this year so rather have him in your rotation. Now do I think the Red Sox are gonna get ticket. No sure the Red Sox attempt to get Jacob yes. So what are the Red Sox actually and the Smart money says. That the Red Sox by the time the trade at on the non waiver trade deadline comes and goes. And we in the that is the date worth what two weeks lesson two weeks away from the trade deadline July 31. Is that not we retreat that line. Expect the Red Sox to pillage. The Padres. And the Marlins. For some nondescript. Baseless. Relief pitchers. That's what their most likely that's the Smart money says the net now that. The last thing here we'll take some phone calls. The the parting shot it is never a bad idea. To bring in reinforcements. I yet this this is what you're supposed to this what they're really good teams do titled salt. I'm talking about fortifying. Whatever weaknesses yet in. Think the key to winning a World Series typically has been the formula. You've got to have a couple of guys having career years. Things have to break right for you bitch gotta have a couple players ever careers the retouched happen. They've got smoky bets in G eighty Martinez. That our monster mash. Now the problem is that that the American League is stacked. And the Red Sox can beat anybody but they're also capable losing in the first round of the playoffs. And that's it. In the a lot of ghosts get to that later there's a lot of post float around there from guys like Chris Sale last year David Price is entire group reports LO. These guys have not been good. Have not been good in the post season their careers. I would take your calls if you would like to be part the number. Has notching 61 set. 77979837. As ought to point out you know I am not in award show guy. Despise. It works all the work. I have V. Pulled a fly eighty hatred for awards shows possibly because they're winning. I think you're off I don't I don't know why don't get why people watch my wife loves the Academy Awards I don't. And it just maybe if you're into the whole fashion thing in the red carpet okay that's not mine that's not my. Passion. But so lifer I mentioned earlier if you were listening in the 10 o'clock Aaron it's some friends of mine and he watched in the espy's and on. A new like seven hours of radio. But I'm not into it. Text back while I've getting messages here. And I have not confirmed his desire and I was not watching and obviously over that. But apparently. Danica Patrick. Was an unadulterated. Failure. As the years she was hosting this thing. And it is. The she's just getting roasted it was horrible. Who could've seen that coming if that's true I don't know I didn't I didn't watch it. Shocking you put into a race car driver. Out there with Noelle hosting experience. And that would be the that would be awkward. All you do all right we'll get what producer to Whittle or play or make some of that stuff and later this producer Tim here. Yes some of the hits. When when Danica attempted be comedian. Here's a here's some of some that I will get to it again the number. 61 set 7797937. If you would like to be part. Of the festivities also on Twitter at Bain matter. That's at and Mather. And not the favorite not the favorite we'll get to that end up watching your phone calls. Will do it next. I we love LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. And now LeBron is the newest Los Angeles transplant. Los Angeles transplant is also what he Google's. When he needs new hair. That something in my little run and you know didn't he made on any sale. I say or even. JR Smith let's say Iraq finalize. Is that the they have me applause light going there. Yeah that's a sound from. Tonight at the the espy's like Hewitt sounds like for someone to drown. When their onstage but I got a bunch of people here as it was she crashed early. There was a crash and burn. That's as night we're overmatched when you're overmatched things don't normally don't go well. You know I'd like to know. At some point. Amoroso the disease say a reasonable people would say. That the the people running ESPN when they pick Danica Patrick they had ulterior motives picking Danica Patrick. They had didn't know they had to do some dry runs. At some point they had to realize. That this was not going to go well. You know reds suck at some point. Somebody had this way image she can't do this. What they had already sent out the news release that Danica was gonna post this. And so they had to go with. At. And Andy's still a bit. Also like to point out that Danica Patrick on my overnight show over fox. If you listen to that we. And almost every week. She provided us with a eight with a wrecked very rarely finish the race. When you lose on the NASCAR circuit art to the phones we go and I'd better kiss the rain news of mr. irrigation who's next year. On WEI hello mr. irrigation. Been a while mr. yeah where you've been. A lot of them hanging out and I'm working you know quite busy coming here. Us like an eight you're you are mr. irrigation this is the time to put in the irrigation. That's correct. I asking you know. We got and the actors with the AL MVP. You know Tuesday. The World Series MVP was springer in the last night. I'm that you had a flashback of the campaigning when Redmond walked Paula. Out of apart. And in court he got the all star MVP and I was wondering how often has a team garnered all three of those MBP. You know coming at that. Something kind of unique or. Why don't see what you're doing mr. regulations are trying to hit my buttons which I'm on a Monday and odds are high mr. pretty busy hiding it. Hi I've heard you're setting yourself ball. We're such a disappointment mr. engaged you understand the kind at this point you're setting yourself up for. The Astros have. The winner's curse. All right they're done. It's all it's going to be the Red Sox the Yankees are god forbid the Mariners out of the American league of the Indians it's not going to be asked not even get back to the world just how about that. Now Deanna. You know I think the Red Sox aren't going to be a tough a cut interest to beat but we do route to the occasion amendment you saw last night. Mr. Gibson know have you. It just you get home with mr. usually you'll get home field advantage in the World Series because you won the American League what that's all. That's what it was just it was like a spring training game. It was like a cactus league and I'm glad you feel all warm and Fuzzy mr. did you. Let me point out to. You know all you've been around awhile. The term grooving a fastball does that do anything for it is that is what happened baseball was headed towards a tie game in the all star game. And Dave Roberts at the sign out they got a groove one any it a couple of pitches groove there. A Bragman and springer and the all star game indeed. And the American League what he's at it that it continued past the tenth inning. And and gone further and further it would have ended up to tie. Right yeah they don't let out of teachers. Well I'm no bird having been great run out of your family to your doctor. Yeah I. The eight are you happy he says thank you I I gotta go thank you. And yes. If you didn't know he's listening on the app but their cues. The beat radio app which is. The only place you hear WEEI and a radio docked on the radio that. Correctness and business that's right got everything right there all you need I haven't on my phone. Listen get hooked up on the the Bluetooth. In the Mallard will be when I'm drought around all right let's go now without further ado he's heavily invested in video games hanging out. In his mom's basement somewhere deep in the woods of Maine we say hello to blue air. In Maine hello. Glad. Actually in my game room cleared totally wrong about. Has my mom's asleep definitely. Like to. I hope she's not medicine and I hope he's just asleep that'll now be dead asleep I'd like you're just this week. This is fully yet should I chatted for instance of the radio job is to sound of sleep and gone bad and so what. Let me take a picture Blair it's radio so we I wanna live my life through you so what is Blair and means team. You wanna look I I have very that you live your life all of my home. No I don't live my life I'm fascinated by you. I watch those doctors get blown out by the interview you did you read out by by the who. Yeah totally the red. What little Blair last nice guy he does he do you changing your story. And if it split up last night when you call that the overnight show. And eventually it just went to the Dodgers this. And as well. That's does a great that was a wonderful trade for the Dodgers didn't mean Regina. Don't drink doesn't turn to enter let him play your cards say. I do. Dodgers. No it doesn't act out some objective about this Blair left how is that a bad thing he explained to me blather you just being a troll. And that's all you're doing here is to be neutral. My parents license plate says something about the Dodgers are well. Don't you like your game do you hate your AM Blair. But what's what's your tropical. Action when does it hurt blared just because. I. Know. All over the player just because these were some okay. Just because you were raised improperly you feel like a Rockies innocently that I mean I don't know what's going on what you got issue. In California. Are the California. I don't have to go to you know you've been many times that you're. Now you value them in May and you're instead of being a Red Sox may which is the closest. Team you can get do you picked a Colorado Rockies what sense does that make. Oh. Nolan. Oh yeah are you wanna first base and if I Vical mole there and auto up is he gonna say Blair. I know Blair but. He doesn't mean it's a you know. We're really. It. He went outside Austin bus allow us right now off fight go right much. You know punch. You right hander left in ambler. I can knock you loud and one point. 000. That's who broke that he moved you moved on for me to Patrick Gilroy and you don't would meet how could you keep called overnight showed it. Well I didn't feel like I'm still busy from staying up. Might explain ideas. Oregon and Chile. And Patrick. Air. When. I. They. Go I've gone you know what you're go until full blown multi million. Like he's like bipolar. And he's like he's all over the Vienna that he's got he brings the energy. We knew import none Abu listen like he. He occasionally be huge but then other times she's like very common like he's he's in a coma. It's very bizarre. He's all is up he's down he's all over the place raise it. He's cantankerous sometimes that is like a big man LAQ. We will press on in and then that opens up line. Boy that's that's quite the act to follow. That the let lunatic Blair. Inmate 61777979376177797. 937 also on Twitter at Bain matter not the favorite and I teased that earlier not the favorite. There are new updated American League most valuable player rods. And despite smoky bets in G eighty Martinez both dominating. Might. Trout. Is the favorite. With the wise guys the bookmakers there Mike Trout as minus 142. Win the American League MVP that's at west gate super book out in Vegas. A minus 140. Milwaukee bets in G eighty Martinez are both tied for second. At plus 275. Now if you're not a gambler you should be given out the Supreme Court. Has changed everything around the implied odds. On might shroud. Of Anaheim winning the MVP award. Based on the implied odds years. Minus 140 works out to a 58 pursue it change that the Trout win the American League MVP even though the angels enacted make the playoffs. What about walking bats what are the odds say about we'll keep bets. The implied odds indicate there's a 26%. Chance. Almost a 27% chance for both. JD Martinez. And will keep its and then after that you've got Chris Sale. Who's also their Jose Ramirez of the Indians put Chris sales listed at plus 250. Or actually no not up close to thirty. He's at plus 2000 in fifty yeah that's right which means Chris Hill has a three point 8% chance. Based on the yachts. I will press on time now for the units trivia here we. Mean to get this right on Twitter at Ben power. Many Machado. Traded to the dodge he's 26 years old. He's already made for all star teams. For Baltimore. He is now just the fourth player. At that age or younger to make for all star teams. And be traded. Wind is the last again which shot 026 years old for all star teams. And he's just the fourth player to be traded in that situation. Blades is the last. CP can get that right. We will give any answer and we'll do it we'll do it next. Goes from Baltimore to the Dodgers. And at age 26 he's our image for all star teams for the Orioles but shot and not just the fourth player. To be traded it aged 46 or younger after making for all star teams Blake is the last player. To have this happen. And that's the question what's the answer rob listening to the radio that come wrapped in new Vegas. Buddy Robin Vegas is going with with crap pond sold four point. Hit Syria. Apparently former football player for the chiefs that's a good. I like that and road checks in with the Hebrew hammer Ryan brawn. As his answer the crime dog Fred McGriff tossed out by Steve. Some other random names here we're short on time so. We you'll hold off from the rest the correct answer ago. Many much shot oh the first player age 26 or younger. As made for all star teams to be traded since. The courage stopper. Of your Boston Red Sox. Craig Kimbrel. Craig Kimbrel back into when he fifteen. When he was sent packing as the last time it happened before Kimbrel. Miguel Cabrera. He's on that list. Rickey Henderson way back in 1984. To the New York Yankees. Rickey Henderson also. On that list. And getting Twitter bombed by this guy mark the forming guy who listens to my overnight Shoney's is nonstop relentless. Threatening these nasty the issue he should play the harmonica I don't care I don't you list I don't care if you play the harmonica and just leave me alone on Twitter. You moron police are right. In his street tickets one after another ought I to the full week all that say hello to my eight. In north Providence who's up next year on WEEI what's going all Mike. I've been and yet it's in the dark of the united wearing a trade. I mean to be great to have the to rom but ought to be great to have Mike Trout I mean they just they don't have. The tree capital other other than trading at record player like commander Bogart to go out get them elected rob I just don't see it. I believe you are under estimating the systematic incompetence of the New York Mets. I I think even they are that's do you know and with the guards that like getting back and starter. And we you know we currently have Rodriguez Johnson right impoverish it kind of pulled on the went out there. Andy one of them can come back he did that factor just start from now. One of the traffic guys because they have a they have a higher party guy back and starter Erik leopard suit the Arabic record. He's gonna he's not going to be a factor in the playoffs. Well that's true that's true but Mike you know you've got a hold off the Yankees in the you know the Red Sox have built up a little bit of a little bit of room there's not much. And these just sixty plus games to go into got to stay ahead of the Yankees to avoid that. Rated one game playoff where you might be forced to start David Price and one game wild card game. Stand by I'm just any Arab they're earned one of those four guys that maybe even two of them will be coming back before yeah. But I'll go back to the ground is that you brought up Mike Trout and that does not your that's a fair point you rather have Mike Trout. But the differences. Jacob de gras. He's aging essentially asked for a trade or Mike Trout agent hasn't mass retreat from angels. Why I know I know. August to me that's the guy that everybody in baseball are just the Red Sox I I follow the Dodgers do they should be trying to get everybody should be trying to get it he is in his prime right now he can't be a free agent. Until after the 22 when he sees. So you can Dedham it's it's very similar to Chris at worse ill although still was had a contract with the White Sox. Did gram the money he's making his half of what Chris salesman at the time. That's why they did this no incentive really for the Mets to move them a much forgiving huge windfall talent return. With regard like it's as they what they really need though they need to eat our our role and let the right which is good. Or at this ideally. Try to get some of the team's closer. Would it even dilate Emilia might be able to help. Just has to solidify the open honestly I'll take part on what even a guy like peak and off a Texas. We'll be fine. Other name is the and that now at the Orioles are open for business in and they're unloading their terrible players went terribly at a terrible team but Zach Britton. I that's that's the well defined he's been here he's at and her buddies put when he's when he's when he's right he's really. Picture yeah borderline try and award winner in a when he felt the help but that that they needed. Is once again will then the will the Orioles traded they hate Nazis should know. August it was I cinema but that the Orioles some some baseball wants you celebrated got five minor leaguers from the Dodgers remaining which shot. They even get anything. They got one minor league player who's like ranked seventieth or eightieth in the top 100 prospects in baseball the other guys aren't even ranked. So it's not like the got a huge hole for me in which shot oh. I know it's a little different with a contract with Zach Britton. What what they did what they did ban though they got a and it differently under different coast. On a team would deep pockets who might be able to resign on. And I think it would look for and his stay over there never it feel like once every five years one of those deals now. Yeah well the way the Orioles are going there ought to worry about the playoffs anytime soon it's a moment China might be out of baseball but I'm yours ago and again and so. Are thank you might dig you make your case compelling case for. Relief pitching. Looking at the union look at tendencies like the dumb browse Willits where's he gonna where's he. He's made a deal or two with the Padres in Seoul league they got a closer name Brad hand. Took the time we get guys in the Padres. Once the last time the Padres played a meaningful game when when the late great Tony Gwynn. Mr. Padre was there but what. I this guy Brad hill has. Pretty good number. As pretty good numbers been all star couple times with the Padres. And he has yet to pitch in a meaningful game. You could get this guy and toss him out as the eight inning relief pitcher for the Red Sox. And he could literally. Wet the bed. And then what he'd. Good luck on. And we will press on more on the Red Sox also. Right around the corner you can you can feel. Just days away. From the beginning of NFL training camps for the the patriots in this some teams are starting. Their training camps the hall of fame game coming up August 3 I think the date. For the hall of fame game that. A little bit as well if you would like to be part there is in lie and open for stamina while he can be part of the show. And producer Tim is standing by. Executive produce all of your needs. The number 6177797937. Joint it's not a chest. 6177797937. Also. On Twitter at. Paine Mallard. To believe or not to believe in the that also and we will too.