Late Night with Ben Maller - Did Alex Corastep in it when he responded to President Trump? 9-13-2018

WEEI Late Night
Friday, September 14th
Ben Maller is talking Alex Cora who made some comments on President Trump and Ben asks if Cora will regret it in the long run.

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These these late night east peace lately slug Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack. Tonight you too mr. overnight Big Ben Mallard let's kick going. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Now it's Kazaa is a little bit of college frustrating that the topic keeps coming coming coming. Wasn't quite honestly you know and I respect him now he's the president and staged like I don't agree with us that he says us. It's tremendously big and tremendously wet and if it's the pyrotechnics show. He's to have a boss a pedestal when my losses and he would always say I'd go in these these meetings. And we talked about show I don't do that much anymore as they've given up 101 in my old program under which today. Whenever we bring up politics since that's the third album I don't touch help. What is the third rail would certainly worthy of some conversation tonight that a lot of reaction and one lower east and this is the first. Car insurers see. In the Alex Cora you're involving Al escort. And they were. Innocuous comments to a point because he says I was where you we played a little clip there. Of the comic who just turned and on the radio it's in what the hell is this the mallet talking. What is this moron I looks. That this happened this afternoon before the Red Sox beat the blue jays. And outscored who's from Puerto Rico. Was asked about Donald Trump's comments on Twitter from this morning. About the damage done in in Puerto Rico in hurricane Maria. Back to last year this is this has become come around now with the hurricane hitting the Carolinas. A hurricane Florence is so he did come back a civil let's look back at. Analyst at C and console there's some some news reports out claiming that. That the number of people that died were 3000 dollar trump the president. He saw these reports on CNN and other channels and he ought to have to buy it that way now I'm a fight back but this is bogeys. And so the president went on twitters at 3000 people did not die. In the hurricanes hit Puerto Rico. And he said that when that he left the island after the storms that hit it. And he said there were anywhere between six and eighteen people that died. And as time went apply. It did not go quite that much the president is set him reading from his comments year. And then a long time later they started report really large numbers like 3000. And so those those the commerce and that. Got a question that was asked them who asked the question but Al square was asked about it and he gave. His response. The the government of Puerto Rico announced the death poll. I as 2900. In 75. Which use of 9/11 proportions. And so. Corwin asked about it said that with trump said was disrespect. And you we put a lot of it only to pretend like a mouse cord and in. Re read the quote but the key word there disrespectful. He did couch it a little bit. And try to make it less harmless by saying he respects the president but he doesn't agree with what the president a lot of what the president says. And so that's what we stand right. Somewhere where you stand here get the pulse of the people we've heard. Both sides of the political theater. We begin with a guy named Kwame. Was very upset and believes that there everything's going to Helen hand basket as the old cliche goes with that Donald Trump in the Easter responsible way everything. Everything bad apple we've heard the other side as well so where he's at it in more since we are plausibly. Doing Sports Radio. With a wink and a nod to political radio put in these sports theater if you. It. This kind of fallout is is that I had my first thought on this is that he is going to have public's. Because it involves the president any time you. Throw the president's name out there. There's a possibility. There's a possibility. That he's going to comment on Twitter. And so then that cranks it up and then all the political media will be hovering around the Red Sox try to get more comments out of out of the Red Sox manager it's one of those games of you would discuss it about you do you what he said about it either responsible. He got but she's a menu go to respond you can't let him say that about unit back and forth back and forth like tennis match. Soul so we'll we'll see what happens the next couple days and even if it dies that even if this turns out to be just one day story. And you know something else and one thing about. This political time that were in. The the 2.4 hour political news cycle isn't even 24. Who thinks of soul. Here raising in Seoul would dramatically it changes by the hour. It is so we'll see what happens on Friday there how much publishing covers the story adds but if it dies down. Remember the ball Moret. Remember the boomerang. And the possibility. NBC very strong possibility that the boom. You'll come back. That by the time the playoffs kick ordered a couple weeks in the in the do those news conferences and picked up by the MLB network it would carries that. The managers news conferences in the lead up to lose the playoff series. In the Red Sox got the top record in baseball the number one team and all that. And someone's gonna go fish. It's someone's gonna go fishing. And they're gonna say hey. You made some comments. Mr. Cora. Oh by our old cultural. Do you still feel that way so that's a loaded question because it says yes the least August. If he says no story. And in so it's a scavenger. The other part of the story. As we tiptoe through the tulips is going to be some other medley in. Reporters are trying to. Get some. Some eyeballs on an website. Is some clicks on social media. We're gonna go around listen prominent Red Sox players and say hey your manager. Said this about president trump do you wanna comment you agree with. That trump was disrespectful and then that will. That would advance the story that's that's that's how this is where advance the story. So where do you stand on this that's that the basic question give back the phone calls and the threats such winning tonight. Over Toronto in the opening game vomiting all over the mound in the eight inning. In the news some work. Who do. As the race some renovations. Or else is going to be a lot of angry. And delayed. Displeased. People watching the Red Sox in in the post season does that. That you talk about the quick exit your bullpen comes in the seventh and eighth inning and starts giving up crooked numbers. And that good ship Red Sox capsize it's pretty quick. Pretty quick if that's the case 6177797. 937. He met moral production tonight here on late night on WEEI let's go to wane in south feet. He's like don't go to waited south beat he's going to hunt me down. And harass me tremendously. Were due to horrible human being are. Among all seventy dollars ruler showed them our sort of wrote I just. Let me clue you in. Change America. To do I don't wanna Wear you down and wrong I hate to change and could and paying attention and jumped on camera and. The. I only caught you try to create jobs and take it one angle typed HE at Oakland Elliott enters what did you. I. Yeah that knows why did not see that one coming way I am soul proud of it away happy for you. A one out. I don't even care about what Brady let me tell you with the story that team is US and shot all the Du'Shon watts in sick of things for me. I have been you don't know this week at the I got into with Shawn Watson. On social mean yeah. I know we called me clown. Right we Clinton. Had to sell also told club. Only make him really got what I don't want to. Yeah so what happened was all these provoked Houston Texans fans into Shawn Watson doc Clemson into what you want to what are now all they were sold. They were so angry with me there was so outraged and offended. Hill now malware and cheered. I'm sure glad Bill Belichick back that he currently Matt Patricia could plug in arbitration. And I didn't connect to. Regain it ought to court. In kindergarten they're gonna have a horrible in Iowa and articulate a more global Kamal what. Well there are legal and physical they're well. We'll prepare to cool but it's. Won't seek authority shut up bulletin and the world market. Was that was some slop lines serves up on Monday we got countless. Now what you might want to read thank what I mean that you can't hide always. Important. Putting Mac job what you get a technical going to be that little bit. Guys I got eleven and five no way I'm picking Jacksonville was weakened because I said they'd lose one of the first two games so for that this hold up. They got to lose on Sunday to Jackson I need Jacksonville win for my prediction. They're gonna win by at the going to be projector trying to keep such as gonna show up their game I keep that gap in getting older or eat at. And we kept a poor little thing court outlawed Irish to name. Eighty. But when you understand the women. Jacksonville's got a wonderful defense and the page. How you play effectively on off Maine's. On the old. How could Jack you're looking entered great. Up like you all go to. Some drastic. Blame someone has to catch the ball way clues could. You go they let it could well go to war what are you yesterday I think all work. We used to play the Jack a million complaint against Jack to go come Sunday. By you know he's gonna be active in the yeah. And our valued at Jacobs quite ready to do that he's one of Lakhdar. You don't even notice c'mon he's not he's not doing right. Inequality play calling and Jack to Bill Clinton go. No it would come. Down Corey Coleman was a number one pick. And he's been terrible in the NFL he's the other guy he's most proud. She went right molecular Cleveland what Belichick rabbit everywhere in Cleveland. That's a great point you'll realize is that my right the the patriots have three players that were part of the owns sixteen rounds on their feet three man roster. Yeah well out of hand shelter and. Thought that that tests say that's like 5%. Of this year's patriot roster that was on the Owen sixteen browns were. What man mental bill when I struggled bulletin. Cuomo the patriot group. Nobody took a government are going to go to Brian now Mattie enjoy now you can't get a chance we get jet that Google greeting. The militants in Dwayne yeah. Yes this bra I still want to his bride every bringing dead bride yes sign that. Everett Raymond. Read Macon to look at look like you don't want to bailout bill rather great glad you don't get to know what that is generally don't look like. LA and now you've lost you marbles you're going to crazy town when you're here we thank you can. Not a PC can two one of Greeks need to look if you look I want that to be a little brat out and AJ Delaware that Pete do you and I talked now. Other they're they're feeling good right now we'll see when they play some better teams later that says he confidence boosting win on the road to score 41 points. Against anybody that that we force does anything to write home now home about it. And wells could they be that. That dark horse team to win Norway. Clemson. In PCB that he and they often it's. They are it is. Late night would mean Ben now we'll take more of your phone calls the Red Sox win tonight also the and the patriots. The page's defense which was more impressive than patriot off until the pitcher scoring any points. Without enrollment in who some of these guys are they're playing receiver it's insane to. That. Put the height her only speaking of the patriots the hyperbole. Getting cranked up we'll get to that. And we will do it next door locked until late night would then Mallard on Sports Radio WEEI. I'm back to we goal big contentious. Conversation. Relate to the party tonight on late night. Thomas by Alice Corey was asked about the hurricane response comments by president trump and he'd eaten signal com there are wanna talk about that he caught on it. In the Red Sox manager. Saying that Donald chose words were quote disrespectful. To his home and so worked. Discussing that now. Does outscored have the right to say it is of course he. Sure Alice corps have said that. If I'm working for the Red Sox I say now. As a gas bag on the radio I say yes but if I'm with the Red Sox I'm not happy because now you have opened the floodgates. On. The political media circling around and asking other players in the Red Sox in this becoming. Issue now IE I tend to agree that quality is a mighty old controversy. And anytime you bring up Donald Trump people be very argumentative. And it confrontational. Another thing the people what to do is to come back to. Issuing with Donald Trump again. What we start bringing it up with other players it's it's Konerko that hung around does that mean that it's gonna affect the Red Sox and not we in the playoffs because this Null. It doesn't mean that will keep an eye on it and keep on the next 24 hours or so specially Friday morning. In the AM when the president gets up usually send some tweets out. But I know what might open actual fox I get done in about 6 in the morning effect exactly 6 morning in so usually I miss it by about half an hour to hour. Is normally by 7 in the morning the president has sent out a barrage of tweets. And it's usually right after you're done with my my overnight show let's go to the phones. And though let's see you wish though we let's go to him. Drive around and he is next year on late night on uneasy I was taught him. Getting in Cuba. Good evening good night the whole thing. I'm tip if I was any better. I would be a Red Sox but not out escort to she's gonna have to deal with this the next couple days. Purity better where. That's true or not the Minnesota Twins is an act goods. Good they climate retired air fire chief from an organization called the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection California. Short version is Carol for our big wildfires in California I was a fire chief what the units for cal fire. 34 years of emergency management response and got a question. Maybe an hour or so ago you weren't real sure about. Emergency response so I try to ordered to throw out there because. A lot trash people don't understand that they are going to say when it comes to an emergency order after. Their preparedness. Your response in her recovery. The federal government did not have resources. To provide aid preparation. In any emergency squad. The resource that they pick for our from local governments that send them on mutually agreement being elbowed each other. So when you hear people say well how government didn't responders emergency appropriately. Well I went to Harvard management training you know routine commander where it hit fifty people that work under guillotine we have pictures were freed by a thousand people side. The federal government is not setup to respond. In any thing less than 48 hours and more like 72. In emergency responders have been around a while though. Probably a good 96 hour or they get there they eagle on episode beat. Bet that the abortion is when your permanent battleship instructor at a we'll. Export target date shipped them right. Yeah Wyatt met this and that's the question. Is this is this an issue of FEMA or is this an issue of the local government in. Import wreak. It's become a sports issue in a way because. Because of economists by Alastair and I am not Italy because of the comments by Al escort who answered the question. And so were talking about that let's go to one of my regular guys we the man hippie. Who has literally been on hold the entire time I've been on tonight. He's been standby mode. I'm doing it now title of the yields. Little reason to vibration of humanity you don't country and it. And and you go in batting practice. And on him five mile an hour all Luke Shatner who need the you'll. OK so weird many loans you want to read you'll fees and bad. We we admit. I'll use this mature before we would lead. Okay okay okay we've seen I grew up with trump. And John battery might peninsula where Bloomberg honored and we got all of us. In this league we've trump. So you can't won't kick Lee cook will be at least as to why they hope will lead free when you are very musical note in the country. Are so obsolete and even gregarious in his that you always begged me for money. He sent me money give me a hotel casino and. Abu one million dollars or no matter but I just can't happen we don't know now go back and then continue in eastbourne and delete and give it Wembley. We do we patient who. Wouldn't have known him out and all of the selling. We've mamet tell you how to get a million dollars. Allow god the all England I have 20 my Omar it. But this I've heard it come up with that I voted in the window and in my own I quadrupled. See you should be happy huge upset would each be happy you all set with me that. Edgar if you you and we if you don't yet know grew regret that we are altered bats but I can't wait for the thank. It almost if you want a million dollars. Go out work hard invent something you'll save your money is always that that story that person. Saved their money they make a few good investments when they're young and by the time they're in their sixties is that you know seventies there millionaires and. And he. Let's go to terrible Tom all this ought to be good my guy terrible Arab fired up as always LO Terrell brown. I did your band. Did you large additions a billion doctor and Greg it would Alex Cora. It's regrettable. The only way it's not a dip into newspapers portrait portrait of Saddam happened Brigham. I'm tiger I'm circulation of people core value of the big yeah. Maxine Waters and Hillary Clinton purely mental annual I'd tell you mine mayor Donald Trump is only good parent tribe and it. Dubya elected by the people since Harry yes Goldman. And you don't want a great job. The he's a best. Got to do no wrong to eat they must now. I. Asia and what you can argue all. Arabs I know that's a way to say it all all our all our president have been selected. But I did do you need steady. These politicians. In congress are Arab. They are 203040. Years after crowded do you stand. Wanna keep themselves so more important job they have is to keep themselves and are. And it's starting tomorrow probably grown ups are or at least he's got to try I don't general has already are you upset that he's a I don't know how much you can do all the games are usually great caddie he shall remain at Bordeaux color and she's got. From your strong manner so much I can't redeem me. So I found signed the last time you called you were pretty positive but at any time Tom Brady comes up do you like. Yeah like a Pallet Jack you hate anyway. You Bill Belichick he's. Usually you are darn right they don't just everybody a terrible coach. But I don't want you know I don't like football anymore. Anybody need no doubt in my military. My bleached my Iron Man. Mike Agassi against. Anybody Daniel Jack Campbell I never have blushed a Danish yet I what's owner Russell ball boy Lackey but that was then. You're not gonna watch the patriots dumb enough to make an extension OK attack. Ahmad don't football higher and I don't know what march. Actual what is Sunday 1 o'clock. To midnight what do you do on Sunday it was nice and he has always. I don't dornin yet just what actual door guaranteed me a market to a barge no it's a hundred frustrated. It's it's bad for your health it's bad man held the watch too much news. Didn't have a. Our daughter actually aren't that at. Well I don't lock and. I got you I don't know I guy I can't I'm a sports talk shows that have to watch the I can't now and it's a there was that Michelle Bjorn ESP it's about watching the NFL this year assigned to the NBA's tees that they. Low will press on here and all the way up tool one. AM it is late night on he guy and could there be some alarm. Bells ringing. It. We'll get to that it will do. Rocks late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Us right back to the falls we go on late night you'd be sure that day the night early morning hours. This these comments by Alex Cora. Controversial. Visiting one day story is it going to continue to have would have more bickering about this over the next couple days. Eight. Depends on what happens in the news cycle. Over the next 24 hours. Put it certainly could reignite when the playoffs tomorrow. Someone's gonna come back and phase in the just keep go on the on the phones. Bill is next on them. Late night on yeah I was on our bill. Let me what's going on. They. Just wanna talk about core. We would call a rookie would stay put even even mention it. And the thing political. I mean to a vote no comment. You know. Or reduce the scope he's gonna put has like a palpable personal effect it's not a good use of Borden in my logo monologue 101 wins are bigger. And we've still loves him and human and it. We'll see how big it is it it could be a small mistake but it's definitely. It's it's something that. The the busy bodies are gonna be trying to dig a little deeper. And they're going to be passed during incentive limit and we got something. We got something so. I heard you say earlier groups and no story in my view day and you're doing and it's gone away you're able optional. Could not give my rookie press may have put the what do you mean it's the oldest. So I can tell your voice disgusted so you so upset with what we need this is the magical season for the Red Sox. Don't need something like this right bill. There. You know why curl acog and Lleyton in the mud came chief. From talk radio standpoint it's it's. I think you're remote remote Utah Washington. Hopefully it won't do you agree with bill will give them a mole. The playing golf if you. He peaked how to. Salute. So if you have a lot of disdain for Al scores this. Fees ended the political realm he needs I respect the present which was TV and said that our respect is some of those NBA guys that Gregg Popovich she's will mean he's off the reservation IO like this. Steve occurs like that too. Our real quick. From this is probably offshore books the odds are out on where Levy on bail. The unsigned running back to the Steelers the franchise players in the play in November 1 the trade deadlines at the end of October in the NFL. The Steelers are the favorite. At minus 140s or 50% chance but a quarter of the offshore odds. Of Libya on Bell's traded. The favorite to get him the patriots. The patriots are favored on the offshore go to plus one for his second choice behind the Steelers s.'s is a 41% chance. I would say the most likely destination beat the raiders do most draft picks now because of the new Mac tree. The other thing with that raiders stories Jon Gruden that one paid and that's the problem bill. I think to. Met moral are producing good job by you Mack great job on the phones. Colony in and all that heavy wonderful. Late night I've got my overnight shall over on fox keep it locked right here. On WEI have a good night.