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Thursday, July 19th
Hour 3: Ben takes calls to end the show and talks about the Patriots offseason moves before training camp begins. 

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It right back to what we go. The whining the complaining. It never ends it never did either that's the great thing that's what we're here. Late night and all that on the B but this. This Jon Lester story which I am sure you read you saw his on the B I'd like to talk about here. Now often on throughout the David John lesser. At the all star game with Brad full commenting on it and no number of different things now. Depending on how you wanna billboard. The issue of David Price came out and Jon Lester who's now been with the cops for several years he's. He's been in deep talks. From his time with the Red Sox rays moved on he's won a World Series with Chicago Cubs and all that. Will Jon Lester was asked about David Price in this situation with. David Price Carpal Tunnel Syndrome the video games the howdy faced David Price the whole thing. Bolton out of you've heard this or not if you have not heard. Believe we have some of the clips your soul will go through presided its edges they aren't particular food down. This rabbit hole for a second he can go over some of the stop what do we do we have this now by your this year Jon Lester he was asked about. David Price and how things are going clearly they're not going that well. For David Price and Red Sox uniform British Jon Lester giving his ten cents. You know it doesn't always it's good. Mentally that's the way that it took kind of approaches from comes. You know saying thank you team previously had little bothered you leave the room and your teams were no matter what you do you can. The knuckle balls and do whatever you're still in drafting this it's this kind of part of the game. But no I don't think David Wright to reinvent himself and he's pretty pretty darn good pitcher he's been one for awhile and I'm sure. You know from what I heard about it as far as work ethic how he goes about it rapture. You'll figure out yankees at some point. I said I was molested and you're talking about the Yankee I eighties which they are prices it appears that it's India it's a condition it's mental condition. When he sees those constraints of that interlocking NY. He tightens opt. And then at that not that effective. We have more we have more let's it's what is next on the menu items he sits so much. Jon Lester. I'll always love when guys address sports talk radio and the bohemian of sports talk radio the power. One of the great things about being on. W the guy I'm not making this up bottom not in a sarcastic jackass this this has got legitimate muscle here you are even day. US a listeners. On this side of the microphone is there. These guys listen to Jon Lester. Now with the cubbies talking about the power of the influence. W he guy's Sports Radio embossed. You know I think our guys do your job at the Boston loss included a good job I think what happens a lot of times you know talk radio log on. But talk so making it can make things. Better exit makes things worse so. That's what it is that comes the territory up there and tell you do get up from. Well Lester it is that you run from but the radio signals you'll still here and now with the radio dot com app you can't get away from anywhere you go you can hear. WEEI. What else is it just again a short of the sound it's we have here producer. Producer Tim I know of Leicester city he's got no moon no regrets that I he's got no regrets about everything that happened with the Red Sox people pointing out. The the famous chicken and beer. Virtually all we have are who that is Jon Lester is in kind of referencing vaguely. The infamous party they were having me in the clubhouse there with a beer in the chick. I think that's a loaded question. And let them very often. Yeah let me know it's there so what I note in the I think that's a question for guys that criticize me is that hard to play their 100% of total play. It is that you don't it was a grind it for me at times. But I think when you sit back when I when I look back at my time there do I regret anything that. That I do not fit now. Yeah I'd like to think that. May not come across as is the most friendly person in the world but. I would like to think that and I covered the years I've played this game that I've been terrific questions truthfully yeah. All right so so that's the the gist of it smaller stuff there you for for all of you should go to W yeah I'd like you can hear. All the clips you can read the quotes and Jon Lester didn't just a couple of things but the questions what you wouldn't take away from that. I take away nothing. From Jon Lester is imports mean of David Price. That's number one I'll tell you. Because it's a huge part of the the fraternity part of the brotherhood of baseball right these guys are all part of the scene union. And Jon Lester almond assumed the position does not Bobble. The Red Sox that closely anymore he's got other problems he's got other things he's got to deal with pitching for the Chicago Cubs. This is not watching the Red Sox is up following this is closely so he's not up to speed and everything is going on. But more than that. The reality is that David Price. Is not to have figured. And he's not gonna go anywhere and this idea. David Price you talk about financial. Suicide the amount of money David Price has left in this country he can opt out right and opt out after the 2018 season been well documented. And he would then walk away from a 31 million dollar salary next year a 32 million dollar salary the year after that the year after that. And the year after that. Who would do that. Even if peeked in he hates everything that has to do with Boston the entire experience he can it's been the green monster. He wants to vomit when he when he looks across across the way driving into the parking lot of a PH every. Even if that was the case. He can't do the play here for David Price. And it you know this is going to be one of the big issues after the season engine room was see how far the recessed going playoffs. But at the end of the year it's gonna be what's gonna have with their prize was gonna opt out when's the date he can opt out will he do aid. Is get really walk away from it no. The move here for I've been seeing this for months the move for David Price. No one's gonna give him that length the country he'd he'd have to gay. If you left this contract with four years left on at thirty plus million dollars a year so that's a 120 million. Through his age 36 season can't do. No wanted. Not the cardinals and Dodgers but the giants yankees and I can do. Too much back too much mileage. On the arc for David Price the play here for price. Is you're a good soldier. Yup opt even have a contract you don't opt out you opt into the contract in vain. You become king of all deuce bags and and at that particular point. You behind the scenes and then if that doesn't work you go public with the you force your way you force the Red Sox. Hated. The trade. That's them and in the opening about Jon Lester in what he would say. The economist by his time with the Red Sox and he has no regrets what he's pretty proud mid Agassi is he regrets of course I would have regrets. You're admitting faults cannot do that. But that's the one people very upset still buy it at of the the players that got away. That went elsewhere. Jon Lester. He's the one where you see it boy that woods. What a horrible. Horrible decision that turned out to be in hindsight. When you look at the the numbers that Jon Lester. Has put up. Now last year he did not have a agree you're getting your rave over four last year but the year before that. Yet in the area of 2.4 I think overall with the cubs. He's got a lower earned run average I always the Red Sox. I think five years longer than he's been with the cubs. What is our average he's he's made well over a hundred starts. And Jon Lester is get a better earned run average any better winning percentage. As it called. That he did with the Red Sox par that's been in the nationally. If you would like to be part the number. 6177797937. You can be part of the festivities. Let's say a low low Opel pivot away from this day and we'll talk to us about things with the legendary. Wayne in southeast this guy can throw a football. Set the 85 yards in the fair he's like it Donna's here. And now I'm Misch jealous Joseph Torre for a week. Crede gentle mellowed a bit you know when it came out in the large and mutual feeling a minute wait and you'll you'll know that called Malibu it. You're usually don't Alter traction. Yet yeah there's always a bit of commotion when Blair when Blair calls in their lousy the other night when I was in on Monday night I was. I don't I don't want to mention the all star game and Ireland and now you're. I call we're like oh I. At Atlanta at. Seed seed blip blip or is it like a parallel universe. He isn't went no no way in this heat usually I figured out this guy bullet. I he's got to be a game room he plays on his PS four. Dave and I he's got nothing else going on and he's got all these numbers calls W the aisle time he calls my overnight show fox because he's got a list. Others that there's a radio station in San Francisco that he calls into he just because he knew I had that bald guy ESP and it doesn't that college football. You don't call like you called only you probably eight other remaining saw her companion boat up the Mano. Yeah yeah yeah which I. You do you and the city. And printed. Thirteen days piano I opened camp maybe I can't wait and one I got re charge 41. And he's gonna have my guarantee and Al I'm only all year racially and real people that ate a cat jumped to a Malloch. But that's like completely quote I can adapt to meet I would probably you know what I. I look now what they only call I had got in dirty here don't know until the public but you know. At what point out what I would do or die you very optimistic way that's one thing I love about you when you when it comes to Tom Brady. There is no doubt at all you have no doubt that it's gonna be utopia a day with Tom Brady's here. Dudamel Atlanta people talked down along when he gets you know gold and that if you want to what woke up don't really make a match yeah in honoring and you talk about marriage. You can read the paper jail Ninkovich and you'll make it go we are gonna to a column don't worry about it you know I mean those were game. Q do you know eight I don't know. Oh my god. Shot a bit now a dignity and it went shipped to the mailing game out there whatever it is in Jacksonville. One in Russia are still. Yeah how resilient they won a Busch deal last year elements in place only they were flying without homeland appeal of the wind. Last year. When he won the when he got to catch a much welcome Doug or John McCain. It's not about Julian Adams he missed all of last year he's got hurt in the exhibition season. I don't know adjunct when when their when you look. All reality clay again he played that I've talked about last year the when they got to the Super Bowl he wasn't there news. You need him they wouldn't chip they had him in that you won't it would have been OK and I mean you'll open up too little double why haven't you were brilliant screen. You wanna you wanna replay the Super Bowl if you'd stop that ball mix foale's a couple of times you were one seat loss. Have a DOD perhaps any Shelby got all these young guys and would payment dictated oh lead that they a look at it and got Alabama. I shall I tell iCloud can lead all these young guy yeah I mean that we got a good people this year the only thing they'll award devoted. There's been so worried about on the right here jibe well with that ultimately even a picture according to a shake you say you're aiming. You know wait a massive what do you do to companies just just pretty Zack and play differently what do you do at that point. You're so invested in Tom Brady went. Employee Eric and I'll PMP wine and how would let alone pay Matt Howard you know we get all the interest a lot of things where you are an. Okay. You. Extinct you know I don't I don't an added note and noise I hear how much are there a couple of it was wanna I wanna. Laker arsenal should go to be growing at. That game. Look in the mirror you look lately that it literally went wrong and right now elderly and critic of I can't. Tell you. Learning but it when he haven't. I 120 children and don't try to get my particular play and dirty joke. You can't act. When you are one called. Police. I think we're glad you're with us. By Chris. Kind of a big deal yet the Wachovia deal and now no way I think have vast used before but I when you're in the gym or not knowing when I go to the gym like I worked out every module overnight Chicago's Jim religious nut. Probably. My wallet like. We do I would creep I'm a creature had said that Bob Bob my these I have a routine. I think most you'll like the fact I have a routine and very comfortable my routine. I don't like when he changes it all you know but I can religion and usually when I go there is no one I get there added it's it's 44 our gym I go to. I don't know which time we will. I'll move towards its actual hard get a longer look shorts. Or short your wife was a tour. I'm very stubborn person as you when your wife is probably support. Via exactly. But no I it is like it is like 23 different types of people go to. That is what I. I'd. Want to be clear about. What. You hesitated as I hate to take you look at the division by default the patriots. Are going to win the AFC's the question becomes are they good enough to win the AFC again and Allah you look around the division. I buffalo yeah they got chaos in buffalo that probably be without cheating equally. Yeah I know quarterback there the jets are a mask. Yeah. So let me go look around the AFC is there will always you know it's Pittsburg Zack. And out. Outsold the Jackson is going to be back today they came out of no where. They had a nasty defense lasted this that you do it again. Like today guys take away get a little guys. We will have to win. Ian he's ye ye come out of nowhere people there even in a small town like Jacksonville got the greatest thing ever. I'm gonna make a prediction right now mallet Mac tip that we got from Alabama Beckett I've my issue might what you're only shares. Yelled Georgia tomorrow. He's close he's you know the kids who held payment. The items you know. I got it all way and I got a guy that. I have got popular and cannot change. Thank you way. Tough go away. He's close you know he's like wanes like the kinda I'm in the neighborhood guy that weighs the in the neighborhood guy when he's got optimism and the one thing patriot. Yeah it's gonna be better we got two guys from the browns. At everybody's always agrees when accompanied here that's a fair point in the is a little over. That that happens that I at anybody the other thing that I've noticed here from from working it WEI. Tim anybody who leaves. And I hate yet there's even they saw they've got nothing left they can't play anymore their bombs. The other shoe that's that's tacos Jamie and I mean he uses he could have been a pro. Every time it's never. Know but what I loved bill. My favorite thing is as if the Red Sox have done this occasionally. And a similar teams do Burris I think most famous sport when a popular player leaves town. They had eight full long character assassination like. A win may Ramirez left it was like he you know he beat up the traveling secretary he's a bomb. There was stories about Nomar Garciaparra when he left about the issue I know that stuff really came out all the guys were playing for the Red Sox and then as soon as they left. It was like we were off to the races. Every time I'm surprised and happy with you know and the president tamp it seemed like for a month. It was the first time somebody left and there was no rumblings that nothing terrible happened maybe some on the action. Considering the circumstances means pretty clean. It is bizarre that came the Q we yard and he is somebody. Z is waiting to see if you play this year number one and if he does play. Is the move here you know wait until like than the last day before you can be eligible for a playoff roster and then. Then cherry pick a team and signed with like the Mariners or something like that for like the last month of the year. The point it was on the morning. That the pictures would you rather. You know make 22 million dollars in the each committee for would you rather make 29 dollars and 300000. The pretty good if you must make more money next that's you're the next contract that's. Q2 122 million dollars that you I would I would invest diversify have a nice portfolio the real estate or stock market the Wall Street. And I would be I would live off that I would be fine. I would not need anything other than be very happy I can budget my life. That's how I would. Will press on now the team the patriots lost to even a super ball they are chirping again. They are talking some trash about the patriots and the Eagles are up to their old tricks will get to that. And we will do it next. Latest salvo tossed up by the Philadelphia Eagles towards the patriots. Their number one topic of conversation they are obsessed. Obsessed. With the patriot the first he development now Manny Machado traded to the Dodgers. Today or yesterday were cross. Grossman I put traded to the Dodgers the Orioles and questions about whether to stay in LA and or test the free agent waters Bob nightingale. Reporting tonight these seemed to indicate that the belief still is that Manny Machado. Who's number one goal. In free agency. Is to play for the Yankees. That he wants to play for the New. York. Yea so close to be a brief chebaa see out of my child as well with the Dodgers I'm feeling you'll. Attempt to throw money at them and the Yankees have some money to play where they also have. A terrible shortstop indeed eager glories. Who got off to a wonderful start and is now putting up very mediocre numbers. 260 eating shortstop what does that seventy home runs for the Yankees so keep an eye and it. And now to the patriots. And that the well more about the Eagles so if you've been keeping track years you've that the highlight so far has been Wayne Johnson. Who said that the patriots are eight fear based organizing a short. I T said that have been smaller players have backed up those comments the latest commentary coming out of Philadelphia. From Jason Kelsey. That's right. So Jason Kelsey the eagles' offensive lineman I've interviewed by Sports Illustrated that's still things Sports Illustrated here's what Jason Kelsey had to say. He. Celebrate the Bill Belichick believe not in the coaching staff and the patriots. At the expense. All the Patriots defense. Here's the quote this is Jason Kelsey offensive lineman. For the Philadelphia Eagles quote the last defense we have seen was Minnesota's. Jealousy says of the Eagles and we were like these don't have got some players. Then we see the patriots Kelsey claimed and we are like those dudes have some. Coaches. And are a couple things number one. That is not. That is not rock beat if you looked at the page's defense last year we talked about it as in here last year talking about a new re we had all of the the reaction is that was going on that pitcher's defense was the weak link. And they did not have a lot of guys. That look like Adonis. And then on Greek gods and all that there was a rag tag defense it's starting in the release that the super bull with that that group of players. Without true impact guys and Eva so that's not necessarily wrong. Like chasing Kelsey is say that the other thing that's odd though is the results. Right his. He talked about Minnesota's defense and how the vikings last year being they had some places in some dues were good players let's hear freezing. Kelsey. But if you remember the playoffs last year the Philadelphia Eagles. Took a chainsaw. To the Minnesota Vikings defense. They dismantled. Them. And in yet you look at the that the patriots. In the suitable how that would he was had no trouble with the vikings. And that the pictures were neck in neck in to the very end of that game. Even with that rag tag. Bad news bears style. Of defense of that. So they all look take your calls you would like to be part the number. Utah has much it has 98 61 set. 7797937. That's 6177797. 937. Yet Revis island. Closing for business the awful soft goal career of Darrelle Revis. As conduit in that you'll remember the last play of Darrelle Revis is career. You are what happened. On the last play of Revis is career. That is right. It was deep playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. A late season picked up. By Andy Reid. And Revis so many wonderful moments with the jets and patriots. The last play the last meaningful player Revis is career. He helped. Marcus Mario. Completed touchdown pass to himself. Remember. That made it apparent that the pass bounced off. Revis. And merry go to caught the pass. And scored a touchdown. Now that was this I believe it was his first playoff touchdown pass. In his first playoff a touchdown reception. On the same play. Because of Darrelle Revis. And the other of being in probably will rain at about this more later on over the over and actually do. Like the thing about Revis the late June of Revis and the reality real race. Are two different things that really was a good player. He's not the greatest defensive back. In the history of the NFL. He is one of the great. Marketing people. In the history Vietnam I didn't complete and total credit Revis is made over 120 million dollars. All one on up to about endorsements until I'm about on field earnings. For re decides that's the first point that's a great job by him. And he's also someone that proves the old point that. When you talk a good game if you repeat yourself and off. People will buy it. In the history of the NFL you know where Darrelle Revis ranks in terms of interceptions. I looked it up because I thought man this guy's ever wants his greatest of all time. That New York media machine is celebrating. Is career Revis gradient. Darrelle Revis. Is ranked 200 in 25. In NFL history in interceptions. 200 in 25. It's an ad of the the issues as well you know he needed throat whom do you think he threw do Deion Sanders gore. You get done as high law Charles Woodson in the room this bunch of the guys ahead of Revis. On the all time interceptions. He's given credit man he's been able to repeat that in that marketing campaign. It is certainly paid off. It is more phone calls straight ahead also. Opportunity. Knocked it. Remember the patriots will get done that. And we will do it next. Aren't back yet we go another is assorted I wanted to bring up I believe this is an opportunity situation opportunity knock. And it's knocking for a red set not a you've been following this at all with the all star game or on. And all of that that drama put the commissioner of Major League based. At the commissioner of Major League Baseball. Has been getting pressured by some of the national baseball guys because Mike Trout is putting up. Hall of fame numbers legendary numbers. And he's not the face of baseball. Is not in many national commercials doesn't do too much. And the commissioner. Did the thing that nobody thought you would be willing to do as the Commissioner of Baseball. He. Essentially said the reason that Mike Trout is not the face of baseball the ambassador to baseball. You don't wanna be that is what I've been saying for for some. Reason I bring this up here is because now what's happening. Is the the fan boys the sick of finance of the media their outrage right how could you how could the commissioners say this. About Mike Trout what's wrong with you mr. commissioner they're going nuts. And that's what you get right you get you get that because and because the commission it was August. He was honest about a guy that doesn't want. The baseball meet the wants my truck beget the face basement he doesn't wanna be it and so what this is his opportunity. It's opportunity for a guy like Milwaukee backs. Its opportunity for him. Not so much. Judy Martinez because of he's age but bookie bet is 245 years old he is on pace. This year to shatter. Career numbers right he's he's he's tracking to hit around forty home runs. He can win a batting title is yours at 359. He's on pace is 131. Runs for the Red Sox this year and memory miss the much time also he'd be. On pasted around 45 or fifty home runs if he had gotten hurt. You play the if some butts. But if you're an optimist. If you're an optimist he's OK so you look at it this to say the Red Sox. They've already won 68 games they they only have a 64 games to so they're they're going to wean. 10800. Plus games just by beating up on the Orioles blue jays. In the Tampa Bay Rays did if you extend this out cigarettes such ago on this glorious run in the playoffs. And rookie Betts is going to be the central figure in that. Big hits big moments great catches in the outfield. There's an opportunity here from bookie bats. Now he plays high profile team with the Red Sox a huge following there there's an opportunity wants. You've got to embrace it. And I would think it will keep vets would be more into and I I'm a little doubt on the fact that smoky trashed the homer dirty bad job by him. It's it's bad job by a rookie bats but he can he did that the day last week he did. Speaking to Brad fluently. Last week it's all but there's again. Now who else in the him Bryce Harper people bring a price are worried he's got some national commercial people people don't go out of their way to. The follow Bryce Harper. Maybe much shot oh. If those guys that are around 254647. Somewhere in there. Looking for that for the face bit but I am a by the commission said it I didn't think he would say. Does it actually takes on some balsa because usually we live in the age now where if you say the thing that's actually true. If people can handle. And look at the reaction the angels issued a statement defending Mike Trout they were like deals celebrating my Trout all these other people come out with statements. The traditional role in the role. It until four he was not wrong. Thank you. For being part of this all night this just never ending journey here in the late night hours on. EIR executive producers. To eventually take you to appreciate that future play by play voice. Of the New England Patriots. Now c'mon boss rob cited doused outlets apologized. And I'm sure you'll take me hear from you turned down the patriot job yes if they offered you know play lovely jobs I don't want it when they bring me and they say well we got a board up W the guys that got the greatest thing ever to be at tackle and if you think this act. And I did every he's getting you know plot the get a puff up your risen as what you gotta do anyway I have a great night. And a I want Puckett next time keep it locked right here in W yeah.