Late Night with Ben Maller - The "Great Baseball Debate" - the Shift 7-16-18

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Tuesday, July 17th
Hour 3: Maller wonders if the shift is about to come to an end, as players continue to complain about it. Will Rob Manfred change the rules like he did with collision plays. 

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Well some calling to get rid of the home run derby gets played out it's that worn out its stale old. But he dramatic. Bain data kind of a night for Bryce Harper. As he wins the home run derby in DC. In the on the main event. On Tuesday night put price harper who's dead. Was the hero. That and head band. Of Bryce Harper in the beard of Bryce Harper's dad that I collective getting it done their harper with nine home runs at the end to win. The Holman during which sets up for the mayor of it involving many Red Sox in the all star game. But I wanted to get to the great debate. And the reason I wanna get to the gate the praise because there's a new layer to this story now. The debate is to use strategy or not to use strategy. In the sport of bass. And I busted is the great debate of our time in this is very important. So we need to take a very valuable airtime. Lead at night here until the guy. Because of now what better time to check the idea of the all star race going on right in which we all star game. On Tuesday night now the reason I bring this up is because there's there's two things involved did not David Ortiz. Became the latest big name to chime in on the defensive shift. He he did this over the weekend I don't know if you were paying attention to. You might have missed it but David Ortiz was whining about this year if he was asked about Sosa he. He opened up the conversation used interviews he was part of Leo all star celebrity event. That took place on Sunday and David Ortiz was asked about the defense of UT said. That the shift has taken away like 500 hits from. Which use. Probably. He also said that fans should stop focusing. On batting. And instead you need to look at. How poor or see who's getting obviously the batting average doesn't matter and there's a lot of people who have been singing that song. For awhile. Big Papi also revealed that he now it's. That Major League Baseball actually do anything different to me in the ship there have been calls. By some prominent people in baseball to get read of the defensive she. That it is a play on the game. And sorties doesn't think that's gonna happen now among those that have complained include. Among active players Jackie Bradley Juli. He was asked about this last week he was asked about is Jackie Bradley junior a JBJ. He can play and that is not not so simple. To beat the shift blows are so let's discuss now the question here. You watch the Red Sox votes he was some of the games here on on stage and watch other days. The question is will frame this do you have any empathy. Four major league baseball players who why in a pile the defensive shift the woe is me crowd of Major League Baseball I call. Now my perspective here you've got the fruit the degree of difficulty it'd. The slippery slope. And not out of attempt to link these together we'll take some phone calls on this end of the all star game in general what Bud Day. We'll begin with his on why my overnight issue or fox. This has been an issue we've talked about a fair amount Paramount over the last couple. And maybe even last year. But lately. Some of the things that pop up Matt cartridge. Who's playing for the St. Louis Cardinals right now a pretty well the last couple months. Matt carpenter was someone who say we should outlaw the shifty he's advocating. Outlaw initiative he says that Major League Baseball team should be required. To have two defenders on each side of second base. I bet you got Scott Boris. The super agent to the stars who said the defensive shift is discriminatory. Against lefthanded hitters. That's when I think of discrimination I think all of the defensive shift right anti capitalist. And ebony the other that the numbers point out that left handed batters faced this year of a lot more in fact. According to state run Major League Baseball bat. Left handed batters in baseball they face the ship over 30% of the time. Compared. To less than 9%. For right handed batters that is data from so far in the 2018 season. Now. Full disclosure here this is dean. Low hanging fruit. For me it's a pet peeve of mine Major League Baseball. Has done a number. Of stupid things in the last five to ten years. Many of them directly tied back to the tentacles of rob man for the Commissioner of Baseball. Most notably. The commissioner has bay and pretty much any play that a balls visit physical content. The Buster Posey and Chase Utley rules respectively. Soft. Right. And it and it kind of FISA tally the in baseball. They have essentially tried to knew. He was suffocation of Major League Baseball. It's ridiculous. I knew Buster Posey was in the proper position with the giants he got run over and truck and got hurt. And then Ruben Tejada the Mets infield I was at that demon Mets dodger playoff team and Chase Utley with an aggressive. Slide is that he's a bad baseball players want to that was an aggressive edgy play. And the Mets infielder was in the wrong position and because of that. Decommission or overreact. And he changed all these rules in their view the committees the blue ribbon panels get together. And it's embarrass. That's embarrassing and you talked all time baseball people they contradict. Added that the takeout slide at second base the play at home plate. While it's not completely outlawed the play at home plate it's been altered great. And that's the doing all of this commission. He has used his fingerprints are all over that and so far. He he's avoided the temptation to incriminate. The defensive ship so. I doesn't mean it's not gonna happen in. Every year at the end of the baseball season and they you know in the off season winter meetings. They get these panels together they go over all of the minutia and all this. And so it's it's not out of the realm of possibility. That circa 2019 or 20/20. That they get rid of the defensive shift now part B of this. My position is there's no need add more bureaucracy. You don't need another layer rules. In base. You don't have to be Jerry read the or Dennis excuse Leo one of these other broadcasting. Baseball walked type guys to know hole. How to beat the ship I put this up for. But I and beating a dead horse here it is so simple. Someone who never played the game based. Here's what you do you hit the ball the other way you attempt to hit the ball the other way or you bought. Do that enough. And it's like up up that magic show pressed uh oh. Abracadabra. Eventually what's gonna happen. That's right this shift is going to go away not when I heard Jackie Bradley junior JBG. And other players complain. And they sage in some version of it's not that's. Not that simple to hit the ball the other way via. When I hear that. I find it. Amuse right there there is supposed to be. A degree of difficulty. In the sport of bass I think that's still the case right just because it's not easy. Does not mean it can't be don't. In many of these things base and maybe they're not taught anymore I don't goes but. These are things. That one employee where the boo boo the foundation. Of baseball things that you'll learn if you ever played Little League Baseball choke up on the back. Adjuster batting stance right. Rudimentary. Basics of baseball. Bet either of these players. Were not taught. Or I think what's more likely keys here is it's more of an issue players just people had they know how to do these things. They just don't want to change. The very stubborn I can respect that as someone who is he stubborn human being myself. And in the counterargument. Is that Major League Baseball does not pay 8%. They pay for extra bases you've got to hit doubles you've got to hit home runs in mostly home. And even if it helps your team win even if by adjusting your batting stance moving up in the box. Opening up you stance a little bit choking up on the back and just trying to make contact and hit the ball away from the ship. Even if you did that help your team win. You're not gonna get paid for. Two guys don't want to do they don't. I was told a couple of months ago by a a friend of mine who's a broadcaster for a team. That there is a player on his team that has told people with the organization. That he's not getting hit behind runners. He doesn't believe in that he's not pit strategy in advance runners and the fundamentals of baseball. Because he's not paid to do he's paid hit home runs paid to drive in runs and this is he hated. Enemy. Around based. Now the last thing on his we'll take some phone policy because the full two lined up the the parting shot on this now former MLB coach Tim Flannery had a great line. And it bears repeating here. He said the VP baseball people should also being in the curve ball. Because guys have trouble hitting. When when there was talk about being the the ship the defensive shift. And that brings up a greater point is this is the old. Slippery slope art by the defensive shift. I was reading on one of the baseball under web sites desserts are rule. That the defensive shift has been around since at least the 1950s. It has become I would agree it's become in bold. More today writes it's. You say it's a Madden. Joseph Maddon with the cubs it's his doing there. I'll put peaceful. Walks. It is the same crowd loved the exit velocity to launch a goal. They are also obsessed. With the defensive she. And in many players many players have lost here it's because. Because that's how it works right you can eat he did pitch a ship is effective. Because players. Do dotted just. Right what it you know this slippery slope argument is okay if you're gonna get rid of the defensive shift because it's tough for players to which us. If you want often used to go. If you want production to go up. How much you get rid of of baseball glove so it wouldn't it be much easier to get hits of the other team didn't have it leatherman on. Try to catch the ball. I I would think so. I'd be much more of a public to take a way to principally about instead of having. The the eight defensive players in the pitcher. How about instead of that. You take away one of the outfielders you just have to outfielders. Be much more difficult right for the defense to be much more easy for the office to get hits. Mean there's there's other things you can do is now 41. How far would you like ago. Down the rabbit hole. This is something you know those things that was not need to be changed it does not need to reach. And in the the fact that you know the cheat code you guys are unwilling to do it. And now there's there's buzz about changing it so far it hasn't happened. Ease its annoying. Is what is our if you would like to comment on that we will open up the phone lines shoot WEEI. And producer drew standing by. Anxiously awaiting. Your contributions 6177797937. At 617. 7797. 937. You can be part of the show also on Twitter at. Bay and Mallard that had been malware. That is the call in number to the phones we goal. Assertion that the Twitter handle let's go to Ralph. Who's hanging out in Jersey he's listened to Debbie I was. What on routes. Say thank you to the Michael greater country. Which. I didn't wanna talk about hiking and will be really needs to. Try to go back a little old school how to gain was waived all star game. Because there's gonna erupt from every team because if you're trying to draw change would have the best talent on the field. You don't need to eyes. After which out of the tree next year pro ball you have guys from Baltimore. Could you wanna draw and in one of the the best part don't feel all time could they drop out OK I'll hold you. Fourteen. Fourteen look at you you wanna go old school how. Old school like when you were separate. That's old school when you go back to the olden days right noise. I'll pop up blocking like. All opal won't play the game actually batters in the eighties and we'll take. Legally Ralph your entire life the game has mattered right because that he changed the rules you know you would what you were you born you were born in little four Zahara are. Yet so we even before you were born your entire life up until this year Ralph the all star game did matter for home field advantage this is the first used to be weird for. This is the first year it doesn't matter. Your entire life Ralph it's mattered now it doesn't matter in now it's really just an exhibition. Yeah but way back at least. American League person nationally night are guys who are you playing in new go for guys. Who mobile. But still it's yeah buddy it's still it's still American leveraged national. Mean you know they haven't changed that far yet guys don't want advocacy in the rather go on vacation in the Bahamas. And hang. Roster. And our opponent there's a large gap between the towel between the American League in the National League. I mean. Audio clip of look at me look at in the U sub alliance Ralph look at the National League face of the call only look at the National League outfield. And the American League outfield. If you've got like what side. You talk about being weaponized. The American League all stars the National League all stars. I guess with the comparison would be if you were to compare the American League. And the National League all stars. In my man Ralph knows this disease a baseball guy but the National League all stars come at you with a butter knife. And the American League all stars have a machete. And that's that would be the difference in the match. It's a pin Moehler and you late night how about Ralph. That's an open coming caller that's acute caller. And as a former kid called her to sports talk radio myself many years ago. I have developed I have jive I reached my my potential doing right radio. And I reached my hand my pinnacle. Of broadcasting. I but full light is open up after Ralph their 6177797937. That's 617. 7797. 937. You can be part of all of this in that will continue with the conversation but the all star festivities in the shift the dreaded shift. In baseball later Iran. We will makes him what I believe. Is the bella check he. Kiss of death. We will work our way towards that we'll get to it and we'll do it next. Are taught the the debate of our times the defensive shift is actually eight campaign underway grass roots movement to get rid of the defensive shift. Has left handed batters are according to Scott Boras. These super agent it is discriminatory. Towards left handed hitters we've heard Matt carpenter the cardinals advocated for outlaw on the ship. JBJ Jackie Bradley junior complained it's not simple the peak this year. And all the players have voice in on this type I brought it up is David Ortiz over the weekend was asked about it. He doesn't think baseball's gonna get rid of the defensive shift but he claimed. It took away 500 hits he also said we watch baseball now. We shouldn't be worried about batting average instead we should be worried about power and all that to before we go all. Fans. A serial Luke who's up first year in Mansfield what's going on oak. You tell me to Adobe. Oh. I import upended the but it took them they would need to learn how to that the quality of the way forward it to body in the way I I agree with that hit that that that variable torque advocate Ralph. Yet we need to gold Kobe won't need to worry about people get a number eight to decrypt trio and they could and executing the perfect but it I think dad it's fun to watch. Our little earlier this in the in the anybody's. That the pendulum has shifted so far. So far into the direction on I local homeless. I was talking to somebody last night about these when my buddies and radio we're talking about like. You watch baseball and here's our rumor based. Baseball men probably wrongness but years ago he used to be teams had 23 the tour three koppers. Guys that try to hit home runs and that was pretty much their job and line up. And the rest of the life especially American League teams there were guys acute for average. There were doubles haters guys that it's good run to get on base create Havoc. And now all. It's all about just to homeless. Yet said in 89 hitters. That are attempting the home runs in the the pendulum has gone. All. All the way in the direction. Of the home run us go to Tom. Cruise and around driving around here a late night on WEEI hello Tom. It. All right bye if I was any better I would have a solution for the defense to shift but I do know Tom I do have a solution what's your solution. Not eloquent compared to the NFL and I think that it would look. I think even at least some cool chains and the NFL. Make rules about ways you can line up out you know you gotta turn on a guy alliant. I think the MLB and a gold outlet I can see it happening in the near future. It is not necessary to you need to do it again as we've we've talked about things are callable week. We've seen how to beat the defensive shift. We we've seen the techniques needed to beat the defensive shift. And it's involving if you if you simply attempt I know studies. What life's not supposed to meet its its your your craft your profession. You attempt to bore you move up in the batter's box. You would just the way you hold back the simple new wants of the game you do that and off and you practice it enough it will become easier for you. And then as a result. Amazingly. Maybe I'm completely wrong on this amazingly the defensive shift. We'll go the way of the go to Albert will woolly mammoth it'll it'll disappear. I didn't occasion you coma but Mike players like Jeff for example bright spark. Bryce Harper is so stop. He is not gonna change. I change it that's why he's batting 214. I did you watch him in the home run derby. Yeah when they're grooving pitches in and he's he's like Paul Bunyan. Hitting home runs all over the place. Our if you would like to be part the number 61 set. 6177797937. That's 6177797937. Also you have. Some new you're curious about and I have a pretty good group emails me. What the email address years if you want to be on Wednesday night eight as being all star weeks are all being on Wednesday night but if you would like to join. The fund the number. These are the the united druthers is Bain dot Mallon that's been dot M a LL ER at WEEI dot com. If you have the suggesting Anderson. You can email me horse to send a message on. On Twitter is all you have to do. That's all in the Chad. Jet hagee conspiracy theory. On the home run derby he says Bryce Harper plays in Washington DC. And the endorser of the home run derby. These team mobile. Home run derby in DC. Sponsored by T-Mobile. Chet believes those are the ingredients. Needed Britney Spears. And (%expletive) up and tell us. I like year I like your pick. I'm not against. I am not if I remember correctly the great NBA slam dunk conspiracy. Which IE uncovered back in my website days that was the bleeding heart blogger. Back in the days it was about Blake Griff. And if I remember correctly Kia. Was the sponsor of that slam dunk contest in which Blake Griffin won. And if I remember correctly the the way that went down. And Blake wasn't that he's won his big sponsors was key I believe before the event. LT happened after when he was before the event if I remember. The problem boat shed. Would this have met chip but the problem with his two spears. Is how do you see how do you really. Were Bryce Harper's down by nine home runs. With immediate two goal and an insult tying. And it eventually winning in boldest. That's a that's a pretty extreme. Pretty extreme a right engine. You know I say I mean I know the whole creative license and all that in. They used to call it what poetic license that's because they get all that put that layer of drama. You can enhance it so much put. What what if you finished one home run away from in home under what was the well with the home run what with the story of and then. It takes more phone calls year all the way up to one. AM and that's it all the way till 1 AM there it's in my version of the Mallard marathon. For those that are sleep deprived like myself it's that's how it goes. We will press on you'll get to that bella checking kiss of death much more also. On the great debate of our times these defensive shift. Get all that we will do it next. Jordan lucky until late night. With the any malice. College Sports Radio WEEI. Provided by one Malcolm Butler. He is now eight Tennessee titan Malcolm bloggers get to play with Tennessee Titans and played. There's starting training camp all these teams starting training camp assumed Malcolm Butler telling you dictate. Actually wasn't Peter was the MM QB which used to be Peter Kingsley but now it's now it's somebody else doing the MM QB. But Malcolm Butler commenting on. Mike Vrabel. The former patriot now head coach of the Tennessee Titans. It and without even realizing he was doing eight not a Butler manage deployed. A jinx. On and on the head coach he not know this is not a death blow by it is the kiss of death. He compared Mike Vrabel who is only gain you know around with the titans were few months. And said the quote was. You can tell Mike Vrabel. Played for Ballard checked because you can see some of the similarities. There about winning it. The way New England is about winning. There's more there. What the headlines on the stories are Malcolm Butler compares Mike Vrabel says he's similar to Bill Belichick some version. Of that. Which news. I believe be the case of that amount Butler got 61 million dollars not all right guaranteed. From the Tennessee Titans and the the titans and patriots. We'll get together. November 11. That will be the week of Malcolm Butler. Bill Belichick. Belichick will be asked why he didn't play Malcolm buttons suitable. They'll say we've moved on I'm not here to talk about last year we wish Malcolm bought the best Malcolm by the will be asked about why he didn't play in the suitable. And then he will rip bill Ballard checked that's how that's gonna go. Speaking of former. Patriots. Did you see what's going on with the no other former patriot assistant Matt Patricia. Who is now the big man on campus. With the Detroit Lions he is taking. Some Belichick tendencies. And he is running. He is running. With those a report out of Detroit Matt Patricia has adopted. Bill Belichick's media policy. Which is essentially not to talk to the media isn't that Bill Belichick strategies due to not. Say anything of substance. Yeah I believe that I believe that is the that is the strategy. The the patriots so anyway the report added choice says that a Matt Patricia. As essentially the advised his players. To say enough. And very strict rules there be bella check you like rules and law. Back to before we go let's go to be lying to Scott king and out in the north name. And he is next year and EI what's going on line Scott. Failure you know the Tennessee Titans in Detroit Lions quite a great shot but what are they gonna plan anyway Q Alec come up. Say that amount from Boston you know I'm not here. Hey you know La when Medicare route called and you show that was not so much. It at your comment rootkit so yeah I know we talk about that and click on the best and that really actually bet you're dumb you're not. A character on a daily web site earlier by the China there are now. I really appreciate me like I took my called it gave me a phone number. I can't somebody out and at what we've done in the hunt Gretna police time and we just that lethal military conflict what you Fella there he. You can if you don't play until could be that guy he would like to motivate employer paid only to serve the most fun. All the talk a particularly great that baseball that don't we go to break bought it not true. They bought very much a lot of good job because again there's so many idiots they're Raikkonen can't wait to get people don't watch argued that the mean he ought to play out. I'd been. Not a retired I'm deeply as people looked over the terms of by the etiquette you don't plan Eric we here take anymore called Germany but in May. People from Maine that's coached from Britain they will want to show. In the Edmonton Canada. We'll opportunity and we'll meet all Red Hat and their ugly and everything and that married or and look at it. They've really got to. Alito speak up to shell maybe grab installed bump than you know thump that. I instead absolute lie that was that was one of the better efforts by glides got there a helter skelter attempt. And I get plus guy credit because he realized if he if he paused. That would've been like that would have if you applause that would have ended the full well that drew would have just hung up on him. Their biggest jump gold key gauge grew producer Andrew Knoll Abbott who. To end the call. That's a veteran technique veteran technique. Bosnia pipelines. Well the all star game he's Tuesday night I will actually back him leave on Wednesday night tentatively schedule. To return for your dancing and dining place. On Wednesday. Recently. Should I just it's. Cyrus Joseph. Of these patriots and disagree AM a posted the pictures legalized. We watch your news is leading the campaign legalize marijuana. In mass choose. That's gonna. That's our face to our executive. Producer drew Johnson for keeping us on. The radio and somewhat on. I am on timeout by the clock or the clock unless I'm not achieved. Follow me on Twitter at bay in Mallard if you were so inclined I have the Mallard marathon. All night long but whatever you do keep it locked right here. The have a good night.