Late Night with Ben Maller - More on Celtics Offseason and Should a Trade be a Priority? - 6-18-18

WEEI Late Night
Tuesday, June 19th
Final Hour. Ben continues the Celtics offseason talk and wonders if a trade should even be a priority for the team or if it should give this current group a chance. 

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Well consider this some last minute shopping. Helping out the hometown team man in the NFL that is in we will. We'll get to that right now welcome in the beginning of another hour we are even the year everywhere the vast power. Of WEP guys in this the com. Before the storm the patriot players and coaches. On nice exotic vacation some guys go to Europe. Other guys going tropical. On their vacations so you know ports what does it. It means that this is typically the most dormant tying him. On the NFL count now everybody's going to be backed he'd meet until late July training can't should open up. There's no date yet officially been around July 25. Will be when the page street veteran players the full squad shows up to work. And certainly a lot of people getting rest and relaxation. Why that time of the year to get the occasion. I do have some advice rubio brooch. That he's on vacation right now but I I know he always monitors these things I have some advice. Now if you do not know I have for many many years you've been. When I've got. Given out copious amounts of advice. And some people. Don't like to certain quarterbacks in the NFL we can't handle my advice. And we easily they try to push back to name any names here but between over the soul hughes' the thing about the trait I believe the page featured reconsider. A position they have. Regarding. The white out. Right now you don't go wouldn't. I. Cryptically you mentioned this in the past I wanna go back down highway that we briefly traveled down a couple weeks. Indeed if you. Not. Figured things out here not put it together the may help yeah. I admired by issues. Two words. Is as. Bright. Ray unit that's my head so to talk about this now. We will frame it this way and I'll throw it out to you we'll take some calls year. And I'll give up the number. In a few minutes but the question is. Why should the patriots pursued as I'll explain why a tail and make my eight. Elevator pitch forever make my pitch to you on to why this would be a net positive. For the patriots now my viewpoint you've got the blue light. The bounce back and patients. And I will attempt. Through. Magic and illusion to tie all this together in a first. Dez Bryant. Currently available at a bargain rate. No one is breaking down the gore. Of desert world. And then may. Anything going on right in the news. And occasionally some NFL player or former player will chime in and have some hot speak. On Dez Bryant. And you know I saw that I was Deion Sanders is a week or so ago was once and it should sign Dez Bryant and in the team some massage go back to the cowboys. You've got players like Jalen Ramsey Jacksonville trying to recruit Dez Bryant. The jags witch's curse. I believe that's occurs. But as far as the patriots are concerned. You can get him. By NFL standards on the cheap. I this has been to the Pro Bowl much at times he's had success he's tasted success he's been a first team all parole. In the National Football League. And he the reason is that we're Dez Bryant discovery's right dig Hillary's is number one. He wouldn't give back any money with the cowboys. And so that's part of the reason he's in the pickle he's in right now as bright the other thing is he turned down the race. And that was he wise career choice. Ever tell you why that was he wise career choice. Because playing with Joseph Flacco. Would have been. Career suicide by no more you talk about a one. Way highway and at the end of the highway. Is age I gave peak. Concrete wall. And you're going 85 miles an hour into the wall. By Joseph Flacco is not only quarterback he's been terrible. For seven years so Dez Bryant is going to have a turnaround. And find success in the NFL game he's got to find a competent quarterback that's like going to Jackson will be a hot mess also. For Dez Bryant. In that. Is where the patriots come in the wage at playing with Tom Brady for one sees. That's all it's Garrity who knows Tom Brady might. Able up at the end Veba for one you played with Tom Brady. For a season would help ignite. As bright you would beat getting. The paycheck to be getting you motivated player. Who as I should he be easy on the pocketbook by an ethical standards. How do you turn now this is the equivalent of a blue light Spanish. Everybody loves to blue light special you've got to get the blue light special it's a limited time you gotta go get it for the blue light turns off. And this would be also a bella checking in type of move. They take on a veteran player. Someone who's been due value. And try to. The squeeze a little more tooth paste data to. And it's like Dez Bryant is. A gazillion years all these 29. Years old who turned twenty as usual thirty jury in the indices have birthdays in November. So you get a guy who's not quite thirty day. And he's he's had a a pretty good batting average Belichick. Over the years you know about a thousand. Brees had a pretty good batting average year. It's it's the economical way to put together TE. One a bunch of guys that's what guys that are home. I am I eight believe vote for what I have seen here in what I've heard that as Bryant would be a guy who's motivated. He's motivated by vengeance. That's a good thing I wanna stick it to Jerry Jones in the cowboys. And what better place Billick there with the patriots high profile games big gains the big stage with the patriots and secondly. I think conventional wisdom. Is what the commercialism as well I don't really need to pay just really need Dez Bryant. I disagree. I when I look at the page you adapter. Here's what ice I'm not overly impressed at the receiver position. Not our Rob Gronkowski. Train and send it talent. Wonderful. When he's not wrestling or has an eye of Hollywood tremendous. Putting is targeted he's not a receipt. If you look at the wide outs you've got Julien oh man who's your number one receiver. He's coming off a career altering injury in. The cherry on top of the poor Sunday. You know and I noted to be an open unless there's a hail Mary situation is out he suspended for the first four games. Of the seas. So then that bobs up Chris Hogan. As your new number one receiver and then he'll slide back as the number two receiver in the depth chart Libya. Quiz on this. Politically but Chris Hogan had all 34. Receptions last year and that he got hurt. So you've got Hogan and Andelman. And then there's a handful of players battling an out. A player that the patriots picked up from the raiders scored Darrell Paterson. He's not receive these special teams play he's. He's masquerading. As a receiver but he's been shown to be a much before much more lethal weapon as a special teams and a change of play a change of pace. You make player that's what Cordero Paterson can. Well she got Malcolm Mitchell. He's also got some knee issues he's deal with and then after that it's a bunch a retread Jordan Matthews who's got. Hands of stalled. And Kenny Britt. Kenny Britt has so much carry on baggage how mustard on baggage as yet. The baggage fees alone for Kenny break. He can't afford to fly is isowich back to me at you know ports. Dez Bryant. Would absolutely. Have a key role. On the 2018 page patriots have been brought him. I did this would be a classic. Career Renaissance story. He bounced back story. For Dez Bryant. I knew we giving away from Dakota press guy. Those guys were never on the same page in the house. And I'm telling you there's still talent there I. I'm generally a pessimist but with Dez Bryant I'm an optimist. Could be thirty years though he's not. The old man on a blocked you can you can play and play well as a wide receiver aged thirty to go. He can push the reset button. In play for five more seasons in the NFL. Now the final. Word on this day is right. Boldest look like Dez Bryant also. He's got a few packages on his back. He's he's got hot headed. Tendencies. JD also adds a lot of Eva qualities. But that's how all receivers that are great generally ER. In the NFL it cool news we if the terror report. I goes with the territory and I understand the argument counterargument I've heard it I've talked about this in the past deals where. And the counterargument is well the patriot way. It's not the way for every and that is Bryant wouldn't assimilate with the patriots it would be a disaster for both parties. So why even bought. I disagree. I. And I'll tell you my example he Bill Belichick from his perspective. As I've laid out this is the perfect situation. Belichick loves players who are veterans who have had success. And I have those aspirations and their goals still. And and in wanna prove people rule. By and it was was if you put up with really walks. In Ravi moss had the greatest season he ever had whose hall of fame career with the patriots. You can put up with Dez Bryant you can put up with just about anybody. I Belichick kept patient he can deal with these young guys and did Bryant again would love nothing more than this sticky. Jittery. And decal. That's so essentially it's a risk free. Situation that's a risk re situation here. You've got to have some patients like we said you've got to have some patients they got that. And the reason it's a risk free there's limited liability for the page. Let's say they aside art we're gonna bring Dez Bryant in a training camp given opportunity. Can he bring him in limited liability that means if he does not a jobs. And he is not handle life with the patriots and how they do business. The Bill Belichick and simply wash its chains. After couple weeks training camp say listen this night Hewitt's thoughts. Brooke block. Knock yourself out. What's not to like about me based on the odds. There's a change not a great you know I have the updated offshore odds that you look at these things design. In the degenerate category. So here and yachts have you seen as the odds Dez Bryant ends up in eight patriot uniform. Plus 800. No what does that mean that implies. There's an 11%. Chance of this happening now the pictures are not the feet. The Tennessee Titans and Marcus. Mario. Are the favored at minus 200 Texans. They're looking for quarterback I think their plus 200. They are the Nicole favorites. Well titans are headed. Of the Texas which you get you get my point are so that's my pitch I that is my pitch wanna hear your thoughts on that and you can join. Other conversation. Now we'll see if you can figure out the phone there have been told earlier that I the way idea about the numbers so disjointed. That you will not be able to figure out how to call in but I think you're Smart enough to even at this late hour. This on holy hour you can figure out. And the the phones are open for you it's 61 set. 779798376177797. Night 37. And you know also reach me on Twitter at Bain Mallard. That's at then Mallard you can be part. Of the festivities and also even though if you if you want it without you're not I'll be back here later in the week the Red Sox play in the next couple of nights. But I will be back on Thursday. For the NBA draft gala. Attorneys more of a jubilation. Or like a draft allow local lose I'm not sure exactly what the call may be the he frolic. And waiting game that is the NBA draft and every Thursday late night. The draft to be over by the time we you know you're put in what went precisely the on on thirst did you get email. Get to the point please email us. Bid. Dot now there ad WEEI dot com if you don't put the dot in there won't work then dot dollar. I WEEI. Dot com you can reach me. There are so it would take some calls the patriots now in addition. In addition to that much of the conversation if you were listening earlier you might that's a lot of TSL. We talk a lot about the Red Sox if you weren't listening earlier. And it appears there could be a solution. For one of the great. Weaknesses. And there aren't many but this Red Sox team it is not. There's not many here they have been very consistent there is there's a couple of chinks in the armor year. That could turn into a fatal flaws. When the playoffs come around and there has been is so machine. Cost out for the Red Sox won't gave him that that will take your phone calls. We're doing all due next. Ambac till we go and we. Get away from Dez Bryant here for a second those people would email me here are some comments about this Brad but I wanted to. The pivot away here helter skelter style if you will this last hour. And we need talked a good amount of time about. The Red Sox and then their situation on what they were gonna do there was a trade tonight in baseball. Kelvin how rare the former all star relief pitcher in royals traded to the nationals. And so if past results indicate future outcomes. That should mean a run on relief pitchers. That the first domino has full and fallen down and so then. Will be despite role and we're gonna be off to the races with the relief pitchers being traded but there are other weaknesses. When you look at the Red Sox and that we. Discussed the vulnerable point. For the rats as it's really a jarring statistic. That your Red Sox this year. Against right handed pitching. Have a set in 32 winning percentage their 41 in fifteen. When a right handed starting pitchers on the amount that it's. Stunningly good. And yet when the Red Sox go against the lefty and it's starting pitcher they have to boozing record. They're either in nine for 71 winning percentage now big part of that. Is the fact of the Red Sox simply can't hit left handed pitching is a team. They've hit 235 got a couple of guys that are fine. Smokey batch has been great. As a matter where there's a left hander or right hander on the mound Zander Bogart's has been good. JD Martinez. Moody bitches in 365 in his left theaters Bogart's Angie Martinez a rat right around 300 but the rest of the Red Sox lineup. Top each object to is stick against left handers so far and we are Jew. We're almost at the midway point of the baseball season. And you kind of are which are will jolt passes this on Joan Boston brings up it's missing rumor being forwarded by. John Moore Rosie formally John Paul rose. MLB guru. At the MLB network occasionally if fox and even the NHL that. And he tosses out the scenario. That the Red Sox. Could end up with me a deal with the Colorado Rockies. To get. DJ. But Mayhew. Any Red Sox uniform now here's the way John Paul Burroughs who reports he sees DJ LeMay you're the Red Sox. Is a possible trade Nash key part of that. Is the weasel word possible possible treatment. If Dustin Pedroia is the issues persist. I'm a Rosie said he believes that the main UA free agent after this year. Eight potent bat against lefthander pitched Artest talk about. I don't put you on the spot here and I don't know how many Rockies schemes you watch. Leaving in the the Greater Boston or New England in general. What where are you on TJ LeMay you. I'll go first. I my knee jerk reaction. And I don't have a bunch in numbers in front of me budget data. I like. I like it. It makes sense because you're not gonna have to give up too much. To get DJ LeMay hue and in addition of that. If I remember correctly he's a guy that hasn't had a gigantic. Separation between news. He splits at Coors Field in Denver that the pinball machine that is corps' field. And when he goes on the road. In fact if you look at his numbers this year I've got an affront to be right now. DJ of the Mayhew actually has more home runs. On the road. Many does heating it course feel he's played. A similar number of games he's get one more at bat. One more plate appearance. On the road and he does at home. And he's got six home runs on the road one home run. At Coors Field in Denver more important. I this is a guy can hit left handed pitching this year he has Slade left handed pitching DJ LeMay using 351. Against left handed pitching. Sole and absolute. You have Dustin Pedroia is healthy. Why not. If you don't give up too much to get. LeMay you this guy's won a batting title. Seems like everybody in the Rockies one point and others won a batting title which are absolutely second basically third base there's a guy you can get. We talk about rob feel devers and if he continues to be the butcher. Of the hot corner. And you don't trust them defensively at third base you can get DJ LeMay you can rotate him. Between second and third base that's a that's a solid. That's a solid need to toss out there's a possibility for the Red Sox and he's gonna be a free agent the nearest 49 years old he turns thirty. In a couple of weeks in July mid July's his birthday so yes. I fully endorse the latest Red Sox rover. Involving DJ LeMay hue of the Rockies. Let's go to the phones right now let's say a little let's go to sleep. Ease next Steve is in Miami what's going on Steve. It was a tough week but. Don't I'll tell you. Belarus while things get better every year. You proud. I had my oldest dog we had him down about that at all. Some. He'll go out. I'll tell you I relief pitcher with the Marlins in and out into that front I got name out of bear club. Quote what we can out name. You look at mop he's been solid but. Not just this year but last year. Of course the ball and not going anywhere this guy's name. BA RR SC 08 GH I think it's. Expelled. Their cloth. I like to bear clawed donut I don't know about the pitcher. Well check it checked out it step last year and also this year he's been solid. I need to under the radar and and nausea and Stew him a little bit down here. And he's been rarely saw it is numbers are very cute story. I'll tell Kyle bear claw that's a good bet it's not spell bear club at BA RR as you said ACL low you would GH days. But he pronounces. They had their club. The idea US UN and housing JC is check the numbers keep on on as you know from being in Miami. No pressure situations that are Steve with the Marlins yes. There are adept enough of a minute they put it before what fifty people also are no pressure put still. He's still facing Major League at that exact. Job. At. You either I never heard of the guy but why not he's got an ERA of one's so sure wine. Also. Now regarding debt strategy mansion and mock up bring up another guy who were unsuccessful but he kept its motion. In the patriot way and that's a question Chad ought to I just can't go oh yeah this. Great judge Johnson that's right. An analysis but he really didn't and it was because he always tells how he loved playing in Italy talked. He won't play it from Belichick and you know I agree argue. You gonna get them where it. No contract. Amount of money did you go to really little and if you turned out great you got a fantastic dining if he doesn't. You can't duplicate that I had with a few years ago so I see why not you know especially adamant. I guess he still appealing the board games and they still don't say what you want it but. We all know that the NFL hasn't put pictures of that fine thanks but. Oh well yeah I aside mid by arguing I made my pitch at sounds like you grew three Stevens. Will leave it that. So lot of guys is a pitcher named bear claw. It's great he's not from like the south you'd think he'd be like below the Mason Dixon line somewhere bodies. It's from California to northern California. Title bear claw. That's that is he ratings winner on WEEI to a deep dive and Kyle opener claw that's what we need. Are we call this one slaying. A giant slaying that giant would get to that. And we will do it next. Well it is really a case of slaying the giants. And I don't know how much you follow the marketing side of things and maybe you don't pay any attention to it. What I am fasten the lie was going on in basketball. Right now as we speak. Because. For years the 800 pound gorilla. The monster in the corner of the room has been Nike. Pretty much unchallenged they are also possible rise up in the though two and a half hearted effort together to try to take away some market share. From Nike. And generally it doesn't. Go anywhere and this might go no where also. But the people at home. Are being. More aggressive here trying to take away market share. From Nike. They were completely nonexistent. In the basketball. Space if you will put this week have you been following this they have gone out and signed the Andre who is projected as the number one pick by the suns. Marvin Bagley. From duke who could be the number two pick and they always side a couple of other players who were projected to be first round picks. In the NBA draft is the first basketball endorsement deal. In twenty years you gotta go back to Vince Carter. Back in the day. Eric handed with the Toronto Raptors last time puma. Signed a basketball player 1998. Was the year so they've been doing nothing in for a very long time in. In an effort to try to get younger people to be all mean. Paul was they've gone out and added Jay-Z. They give him a bunch of money they give the title have creative director. It is one of the hardest things to do in life once a mind is made up. Eaten rarely changes whether it's your favorite Sports Radio show your favorite Sports Radio station. Basketball shoes toothpaste. One of the reasons advertisers don't generally go for older consumers. Is people don't like to change their minds once. We perceive things one way that's it would Don and so if you're cool what you got to try to get younger people. Think that we're in pumas are cool. But they really ought to get that much of the market shooting just have to get a little bit away from Nike. And they can make you work at their spirit a ton of money funneled money to try to make that happen. To promote. And build up some hype. Around cool book. I'd rather by the big Boller brain. Is that's a viral. I official executive producer team on for teaching me how to give up the phone number which I continue to butcher and I'll continue to butcher that on Thursday at Red Sox baseball. The next couple of nights have a long wonderful night I got my overnight shows that we go over at fox have a great night keep it locked. Right here Adobe.