Late Night with Ben Maller - Should the Red Sox Continue to Wait on Rafael Devers' Progression or Trade Him for Pitching? 6-18-18

WEEI Late Night
Monday, June 18th
Hour 1. Ben talks about the Red Sox bullpen and how they need help and could Rafael Devers be a likely candidate for trade or does he need more time to progress before considering a trade. 

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I see you know the drill in the Red Sox don't play at night or in this case not at all. That I. It's coming here alive and those days pretend this week rickety and it's such are off today. And they play between this the next couple of days in Minnesota and Thursday. Which is NBA draft night. The Red Sox have a day game that day so we'll have a late night extended. Draft dance remixed. Basketball style but tonight. I out this published cup might just now don't work my way towards. The transaction. I mean big fan of the transaction in this one involving. The Red Sox but I I heard I was not emit at a lie around I was sleeping I will admit I was sleeping earlier. Do it overnight showed addition this so why it was sleeping when. OMF were on but I did hear the podcast version of their chit chat with eight droll. Martinez I don't know if you were listening. Earlier gradualist over the exact a couple of thoughts Pedro they covered a lot of stuff. Pedro Martinez you talked about. The the baseball that are used today EU not a not a fan of that just the general state. Of pitching in baseball. He complained about the dynamic that's going on in the sport of baseball as far as. You know home runs strike out and pretty much nothing else. He whined about that he also commented about David Price cutting back on video games. He had so this say about that he he announced to the rest of the world how to get G eighty Martinez operative thing so wanted to focus in. That caught my attention. The baseball congress' right to baseball conversation. We had a domino Spanish we have the audio art let's play the audio here this is from earlier OMF. Pedro Martinez is on he talked about the B baseballs. And that there is in un Kosher about those days. I I totally agree I think the game has changed. You know on low low cost much. Through baseball. Like like we used to. I think a lot of young players coming up a lot of injuries which is. A well a lot of kids that haven't read media and the proper time in the minor leagues and and it's sad to see the beard sometimes. Also doubles type I I'd do it ought to because I'm always you know I also feel pitchers in volatile which meant to run with the ball. I do feel like double loaded bit tighter. And yelled at horseshoe. On the on this on the seams of the ball it's a little bit. And sort. I think you're going to be terribly good disputed figures and it's almost impossible for me to get. Great but to be able to seem possible and not how. Either finger touch in the theme of the bull which is something very unusual. Before YouTube where able to give you want to go on top of him and feel probably a bit of the state to play. RR it's is Pedro as the gist of it here. And I I just imagine and the guy got into his car in turn on the radio and heard that in takes it out of context. After exacted that could feel totally different if you just hear Pedro Martinez is do we need deep dive on balls. Back to you accord with the hell's going on here. Now this one of my pet peas. Night one of my pet peeves years is that the it's always the baseball I remember doing radio back in the east that they heyday of the steroid era. And at that time people were. It's that the baseball's Jews that's why the home runs are going up. And he got Pedro Martinez. On WEEI earlier talking about he'd he felt like the ball was different as he says it is worth a tighter there. This seems of the baseball were narrower in and that was. Part of the the reason were in the conundrum. If there is such a thing is under here's the odd thing about based. By the ratings for baseball least from what I have seen have not nosedive people are still watching baseball. On television the problem the pace wise is this an older. Crowd and advertisers generally as a rule Juan younger people attacked with a look. Mean for the younger demographic in the argument is will baseball's fans are dying but they have not seen any direct correlation. As far as the television ratings are concerned. In baseball. And I hate most would agree and we all agreed that there's got to be some kind. Of balance. In this sport of baseball that the pendulum. Has long way too far. Into a home run line. That there the ability. To consistently. The creator rally. Is is almost extinct in effect for some franchises. It is completely. Gone space on the way of the dinosaur. And that it's undervalued the teams that can get a runner on first leg lead off walk. Sacrificed the runner to second or have the run or steal second go to third on a sac fly and hit a ground out. And you can score ride that is completely brushed aside. It is trivialized. In fact he was they do that. Are diminished right there they're taught down and not built up delight but in the playoffs it used to be the way he wouldn't west Nile last year. If you look at it in a small sample size and also my they had reasons he buys but if you look at how the Dodgers in the Astros got to the World Series. And the Astros ultimately winning the World Series they DD by heating a bunch of homeless. That's how they get you to punch a home runs and that model hasn't changed you look at the way to games on here. But as far as the the point I was trying to get to a Pedro Martinez talked about. The bout of home runs you heard the full interview like I recommended. It's on the it's on the web so check out. On the podcast and the B the gap on the B I accomplish. You know he he complained about he complain about the pitch it's in the podcast such as audio on demand rights audio and amenity. I can fight it but but here's the IV. And there's got to be a little bit of balance. IE chip everyone's trying to hit almost you got up like him you would think in the perfect world you have a mix. And match. Some guys that it much home runs. And then you got a bunch other guys that are contacted to get on base on the business and he contacted because that's. That's a negative term now in baseball. Back though I had a conversation that it goes up Bryce Harper. On the overnight showing the general consensus among baseball ladies. That. Batting average doesn't matter heading into today Bryce Harper was hitting 217. For the Washington Nationals. And pretty much all of baseball doesn't it doesn't matter. As always. The Mac but he's get paid eight horn of money by someone. This offseason baseball has turned a blind guy. Who batting. It's. That I guess the teams that play baseball. Where he put together apology here it's and you try to play that way and have a couple of guys don't run that is like taboo. Today listen to read such a pretty lucky they are very good offensive team but even the Red Sox is good as the Red Sox offense is being. And it's if not the number one office in baseball it's right here depending on. Which statistical category you're looking at. The Red Sox but it does the bottom of the order stinks. This sort of what two runs and yet the bottom of the order. Golf lodge. Up for the most part. So. Pedro Martinez in the lol time so this is complaining being grumpy in the last generation complains about the next generation. That's pretty much in the way it's been my entire life and all of these sports. The this generation will complain about the next generation. It's the circle of life in sports conversation that's out goes. I meanwhile it's just gunfire. Moments ago. In Washington DC the Yankee national game is all. And the Yankees have won that game saw a couple of games they have the make up game. And then the rain out game. And the Yankees win. Awarded to. Over the nationals are all this Chapman closes it out so the Yankees and Red Sox if you look at your American League eastern division snakes. The Yankees and Red Sox after this. Tied up tied up is still in the Red Sox trailing by two games were lost normally when that that leaky tonight. Fortitude meanwhile. Get away from Pedro Martins you hear an active podcast. On the WI what's it what. The the weekend's series he get heavyweight matchup for the Red Sox against the Mariners. Scored a draw. And now they're off to Minnesota. This week at a trade chatter. Has been cranked up are we at a trade tonight in baseball it's of that. A little bit later not involving the Red Sox were several weeks away from the meat and potatoes. Of betrayed chat. And it is never too early to speculate. And much of the talk. Has been about what are the Red Sox here do they need you any. Signet 4924. And in all of baseball. In all look the big leagues the Yankees and Red Sox have the top two wrecked. I top. The top four teams in baseball all all. American League teams. Eating is an absolute stacked deck. In the American. And so the obvious answer for the Red Sox if you look at where are they deficient. Offense behind the plate. And not get much if any. The pool game and it affected the ball then there's some some holes starting to pop up here in the read sites open there's some. Weak links that need to be addressed however. Put the Red Sox make an outside. The box move for exit. Many have tossed out the possibility. Of going big. Big game haunt him for the Red Sox something that Dave Dombrowski has done in the past. And certainly if you look at his track record and based future. Future moves based on past results you would say that the Red Sox are more likely than not to do something. Outside of the norm. That you would say it would just the conservative thing would be just to get a relief pitcher to. Maybe you get another catcher but it NAFTA be an everyday catcher to someone mix in who's a little bit better. It sounds like they're gonna continue to ride. The way eve of strikeouts. And home run once every couple weeks for Jackie Bradley junior. What about rob field devers. Is that a possibility. Could he be someone history now Ken Rosenthal. Of fox sports and the fledgling athletic. He reported. That. Its its Dave dumb browse keys believe that the Red Sox are not. A match for May be much shot. Which some connecting the dots and lol I feel devers is not being old really good. He did have a three run homer on Sunday. In Seattle had a couple hits in that team and he has been better. Of lady at the ball very well. In the last four years he's played in he's got. Three multi hit games so like he's been good lately for the Red Sox. Lied. Overall the numbers and arteries it in 239. This year the slugging percentage is. A little over 400 the on base numbers he's just not getting on base rough field livers get to 87. On base percentage those are. On remarkable number so even if Manny Ramirez is outside. Of the realm of possibilities. Because of the finances which I never believed for the Red Sox and the Red Sox are always. Even. Are always able to find more money as always some more money hidden the couch somewhere that they want they can get the money's Spain. On much I don't know that it's a two way street right he's gonna have to wanna stay and there's some debate whether that's. That's actually going to be the case that he's got his eyes on New York or some other. Far away tropical destination. What is forms rock field average is cancer. I he's hit a little better the last week which is a very small sample size. His defense. Has been. Amateur ish. I got a very good on get a bazooka for an arm but he's not exactly. Get a win a gold glove anytime soon is he third baseman. In the American League so the question and I oppose it are frame it this. You are now all going to help out. The Red Sox you're gonna help them out there. Have to do anything to conservative road would be good enough. He just I guess at make a minor transaction in improve. One of the secondary bullpen roles and that's it everything else will take care of itself. Why if you were. Irked to give some advice would you trade Raphael devers is he a clutch of. Now here's my position I don't believe he's untouched while he anybody's unpalatable. So I I I totally dismiss the idea that rough field everybody else for that matter. He's untouchable you to make the argument that Mike Trout. With the agents although we have traded last night was here last week I try to work country would Blair. In Maine didn't work out. He would not agree to terms of the trailers trying to hammer out a deal for my truck can read such. But the point is other than Mike Trout in May be one or two other players in baseball. Anyone seen beech tree so the idea that Raphael devers is untouchable. I'd hit. The youth I understand that here are my thoughts I got work in progress. The Achilles he old. And moose. Hunting. Moose hunting we'll tie all ST and on number one rock field devers. Is not a finished project he's not a guy in the V8 play eighty aged. IE play the age team and there are certain people that are convinced. That every young player. Is going to be destined. We're great. And I am not in that can not certainly you'd rather have young players because they're generally cheaper right the way baseball. Pay structure works rob feel that resist 41 years olds birthday. Is in October the twenty whose board 1986. Eyes birthdays in in October turned 22 years holes so that is both a blessing. And a first is if you're an optimist. Which I generally side the other way but if you're an optimist you'll say well this guy's a future 35 plus home run player. Who can be Red Sox for the next teen years and played Fenway and beauty of rock a stable force. For the Red Sox for years to come up your pessimist. Or is I like to call it a realist. You'll point out. The maddening. Inconsistency. Of his office in the sloppiness. Obviously is now players. Who get. Better. But it always get better right it always better Leo long term. There are questions of whether or not rob feel devers is going to be able to continue to be a third base. Is he eventually going to have to play. First base is he gonna have to be designated hitter down the line is this someone who's. His conditioning is going to be problematic there is no guarantee. Off sparked. By not pushed back on this put me as early as this and work in progress year he does not always blossomed. The way you expect devers is on pace this year for 33 doubles. 24 home runs. And he's been rely a. He's mineralized played a lot he's on pace the play in a 155. Games you'd assume that that's gonna slow down exactly. A 155 games this year. Automated EU look at as well that's for 21 year old 33 doubles and Torry Holt four home runs. Is pretty go. Right but the question is do the Red Sox wanna put up with the the growing pains in. These shaky. Hot and cold defense the devers provides. At third is the exit its third base that he was a shortstop for a second baseman or center field leader iWeb is no way. But third base you can you can ride a guy. Who's not. The most dynamic defensive play you can overcome. What do the Red Sox want to do that. Are they completely all lean. On rock field devers is a core player and many seem to think that's the case not a second being here. And this is where it gets interest because rob feel devers like many of the Red Sox regulars. Have a similar Achilles heel though you all as walls I know by watching the rest of what is the week. Link. On this Red Sox. What is what if you want us both the Red Sox down. To a crawl what are you have to do. That's right. You start. A left handed pitcher. The Red Sox this year when right handed pitchers start the Red Sox. Or 41 in fifteen it was 732. Winning percentage against right handed starter good bad and our. It doesn't Matt. And then you know as stunning news that is in his greatest that is how about the left in his that is what we need. The Red Sox have only faced seventeen left hand in starting pitchers. And they have a losing record. Against lefthanded starting pitching and most of that is because of an inept. Live offense against lefthanded pitcher the rest center even nine. Against lefties so you do not have to be. In MLB guru. You ought to be Ortiz can balls on the MLB network gore. When he's inside baseball guys to Null that is going to be the ultimate test. When you look down life for the Red Sox forced us off a smoky batch is finding is left handers Zander Bogart's has been good Judy Martinez has been good those guys. Have been insisted his right handed pitching. Or left handed pitching doesn't matter. But overall the Red Sox as a team are heating to a 35. Against lefties to a 35 is their batting it. Andrew Bennett candy. Who got up that miserable start pretty good lately he's hitting. A buck 97. Jackie Bradley junior. Is cheating 120. Against lefthanded pitching this year. And rob field levers who's right there in that categories that tool theory. So what does that me. What does it mean it means. That when you get down to the end of the season in October the Red Sox can expect. Peace Buddy Guy all of left handed pitch. In fact when one of the rumors that's that's going around edition to. Whether or not meaning which Otto was going to be traded one of the other talking points in baseball. Involves the Yankees. And the Seattle Mariners. We're trying to get a left handed pitcher by the name of of the Toronto blue you know why are they trying to get a left handed pitcher. In part the belief news. Because of ark told you looking down and you're looking ahead to say OK well if you're the other teams in the American League top four teams are all. American League teams we say and you're projecting on. How do you beat the Red Sox in the house. Well one of the ways to slow down their office is his star left handed pitching. And so the Yankees who only have one lefthanded starter in their rotations and who's a regular CC sabathia. They're trying to get JA happ from Toronto the Astros have not been mentioned in Dallas tight cool. And he's their only left in the Mariners have James Paxton and Marco Gonzales in wade blocked. These Red Sox saw the mayor's over the weekend which they have also possible. 44 CS of Mosul the teams of the Red Sox have to get through. In the American League playoffs and they all have. Varying degrees of left handed pitcher. That that the Red Sox again at Uga is the last thing you will take some phone calls will open up the phone lines in many years. The last. The Smart money and I always try to be on the side of the Smart the Smart money says the Red Sox. All are going to deal for boy opened up rather than Nina gets mentioned quite a bit Zach Britton. Old Baltimore. And he got hurt he missed a lot of time and in his name came up last year. At the trade deadline and he he would trade last year got hurt now he's back and his knee is popped up. Yet again that would be a wonderful. Addition to the backside. Of the Red Sox pull it. If you're not gonna get many and many good shot if that is. Outside the realm of possibility to close the door on Manny Machado. Then I have a different me. If you get a look for a mild upgrade at third base. And you know. Might not even have to trade rough field devers. To make this happen. IE you know with a recession go after. There won't prove third base little bit. Maybe hit it's moose. Hunting. Season. It's right might boost pockets. The moose 29 year old these items on miserable royals team this year. Former all star. Now he hasn't been playing very well the last month. I would think based on how the royals do business. You can get him for pennies on the dollar. Red Sox supposedly you know according to baseball walks. They're minor league system EU's discourage. So if that's the case. You would think it's that the Dave Dombrowski can be encouraged by getting a trade in for someone you don't have to give up blue chip. Meyer mightily players again. I you wanna renal player and gamble stock is I would think. At Fenway would hit a bunch of home runs is a better defensive player. And rob field Evers a new don't necessarily have to be married to move stock news. Were years and years to calm because of the contract. So that's a that's a nice reads the pay eighteen. Again rob feel devers. As they say is that he's not untouchable. He still. On improving. And I always go by the golden rule. When it comes to minor league players are young players in the major leagues that have an established themselves a prospect. Is a suspect in 'til proven otherwise. And rob feel devers is still a prospect hasn't proven that he's going to be consistently. Good. Major League hitter. And that will be your thoughts on that you talk about this in any else that's on your mind. As we hang out here on me rained on Monday night Red Sox in Minnesota. Starting a three game set. Starting on Tuesday the number 61. Set. 7797937. That's 6177797. 937. Team on his producing you can also hit us up on the the text lions 37937. I am on Twitter. And that's at. Bain Matt. That's ad then Mallory deep part of the show that way but we're yet you're the Red Sox were still a month. And a month and a half away from the trade deadline the non Weaver trade deadline. In baseball but trades are starting to happen. In fact this is the story. Of the ones that got away. The one that got away what is that about. We will tell you we'll take your phone calls and able to at all. And we will do it. Next. Yeah it. It's not a threat in the he is not open. We closed our premiums and they met him adjustment would camp. It's a lot a lot quieter now with his hands there's not much movement. He got a radar that it was in Baltimore it's a home run the previous spiritual are open in. And he got to a very easy and that he hasn't been able to get trapped on a walk and back candlelight canal. We were like okay. It is working and then the next pitch it was he got to live and we'll share. Yes it goes the other ways so little by little is coming out of it and you know it. If you get pot legally the other guys are some of the bat is going to be on there's a guy that. Everybody knows there's potential. Everybody knows it is when he won that crucial learning curve. What. It is clear the big league level and we have to be patient. Are you gonna what does your program that was Alex Cora on the last week here on EI's site about rob field ever as we began. It was a talk about off field devers if that's the cost. To assure the Red Sox a trip back to the World Series which of course is a wonderful hypothetical. Which we can do right the all important. Addition of the Red Sox lineup which has been scoring. A ton. A ton Iran's I beyond the offense has not been. Any problem for the Red Sox in fact you could argue that they are Knoll. Wearing holes threats of more playing a hypothetical in the Red Sox got to give up something to get something that's you'll argument goes trades or quid pro quo. And the Red Sox. By most accounts the the baseball. Scouting community seems to think that the Red Sox are pretty weak. As far as their abilities to. The trade mightily players not a lot bear in the Marley so if you look at the Red Sox year what they've done so far they're second in runs scored and hit the bottom of the Red Sox lineup. Has keeping holes all over the place so is rob field devers. Untouchable I say now. I wouldn't just give normal way so we don't trade him for many much shot though who. Is a better player than Raphael devers put is also pending free agency is gonna get. A gazillion dollars from somebody. On the freeagent marquee. Why if you make a deal and improve the roster. And you get to a position where you can get back to the world's is that its authority could get to the World Series if they do nothing. Which won him if you did the front office you wanna close the gap even more right here. You're in a four team race to win the American League pay you got the Yankees and Astros and mariners who were all seem like they're going to be there. In the post season and so how do you beat those other teams with what's gonna it's gonna take to beat those of a team. Are you are talking to the number 6177797. 937. That's 6177797. 937. And there was a trade tonight in baseball player that some said the Red Sox should go but Garrett. Will not be coming to Fenway the Kansas City Royals have treated Kelvin Pereira. There relief pitcher former all star relief pitcher Kelvin for a back in the glory days. When the royals were in the World Series back to back years yeah that guy Cabrera. He has been traded to the Washington Nationals. For three minor league players. And so the nationals now will we assume make Calvin Pereira. They're closer but he goes to go to Washington so he does not end up going to be. The Ritz of Kelvin a rare though this year. In Kansas City Hattie one point 05 earned run average he pitched 25 and two thirds innings for the royals. Had to who walks. Who walk batters. In 25 and two thirds innings of work over 27 different games. Retains city. That is is it high ratio of strikes. For mr. Guerrero who's now hated. He joined Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals who falls we go let's go to Eric. On the cell who's driving around I assume what's going on Eric your next appeared he. He's got to go to Kelly what's got not jelly. And what do record you cut into me there but I'm not air but I am here let up yet I'll I want you that you do you. So so my point is about devers I wouldn't be untouchable. But I disagree about the prospect they are ready yet to agree. That a prospect of the suspects took over and otherwise I think he has proved otherwise now as he proved that he can do for years and years. Now I mean we don't know that until years and years go five but. No or Kellie to an earlier I know you're an optimistic fellow. What you did tell me you can't tell waited devers at this point has proven he's an established player he's not that's not reality. Is hitting 239. Season. He has should own. And yeah and what checked apparently he has shown. He stands still while he does not though they don't use Jackie Bradley is the model year. Didn't see it in Vietnam a player early hurt all are there any news. Has ever proven they can do that for years now we don't know that it your article I've but he actually he can do Major League level. You do it right now for Howard picked her up art I. One thing. And I really got to point out of that I'd like shell out they are over. But you know America. Eats me up phone number. 334003. Or read it's I don't rock creek don't even know how to call technical. I'll come on did I say I say the number the proper way how did you rip my ability to you about a phone number. Dog. It won't have not been. Are you have been. We tell you something to tell you some giant explains I'll take a Radio One 01 K you Smart guy over there. Most people that listen the radio this is Shockey are not staring at the radio listening to every stupid word I say. Right so I'd go slow. So at stake is so inclined to call him collect all he talks slowly so I can write the number it out about that. Now I don't know it's not about the speed it's about that that Peyton it's about the about the other big thing. You say. You were annoyed with Mike Higgins. Iraq be partnered up. Iraq Korea but I am trying to court our report. Out that's given Jodi I don't. I'm voting this station while I'm giving up the number that's called multitasking. Kelly's ladies all liked ASCII. Our editors some guy out there with a hot take on hiring your being here Colin because we like wait a minute he went. Retreat there. I told this you call I know you call all the time I know you're a regular here I was doing that and there's a lot of these guys that are raised if you're not if you can't figure out how to find the number. All right the numbers everywhere you can Google and number it's on the web site out on WEEI dot com right now Derrick is there's the phone. If you eat meat just given a reminder that's like assigned if you want to call you can call us fighting over the phone them to help going on here. I don't know let me elaborate the number to call he'd been hit people glad I. I and that's the guy caught that yet call him up to give you some other stuff too. Seek out is gonna change now I'm just gonna keep giving up the number that way not just to annoy him. How would we give up an ever listen I don't realistic deli 6177797. Nodding he. 37 you see what decade there. You see that that's promotion. I. I nailed that writing is at that I was pretty good right yeah it's proper way to Cuba. I never thought that I would agree with Kelly and hammers but I do the number where you give up the number is weird to you know it's how are not at all like teenage. I figured out how would you like to give up and you know the normal way it like Ellis that. I feel like I'm giving up the number than normal wham I'm promoting the station at the same time by. I'm giving up the number is promoted as they did you feel like I get more phone calls if I gave up the number. Your way yes you are so what's your way do you Europe pretend pretend you're on here right now which you are on the year. How would you give about the number no it. 617779. 79837. I talked I just pause pause way that's it now he's right you do put that that. That fool first seven on the four digit at the end you put it with a three. So you say that I should forget the seven I should focus more on the 9937. As what should be focused on it that's why she goes 617779793. Set. Bank so I should. I should overlook the set. A reply spots on ignore the Seve and I'll get the first three sevens I'll get that mind. I'll ignore pretty much the last seven and I'll move on. But all I'd not the last set now defused so the number I should sit in the target is right here so six or 77797937. Like that. Philip is a bad rip off of that Howard Stern movie. And like Kelly an inverse is like pig vomit. The program director trying to get me to give at the numbers certainly. I was doing fine with the number. People seem to be calling here by comedian do these shows people seem to be calling. Bells going off I just think you would get even more. Seven. You know I don't know but I can't bowed down to Kelly in Amherst. I do like your inclination not to give in to the caller that's occurred instant. Yeah my my instinct is if the caller recommend something I run the other way I run for the hills. That's generally my tendency is a talk show host. The run the other way. What US the executive producer you money if you recommend this or that this. If you want me to avoid focusing on that seven instead go to 937. I can do I mean just the thought you know tried out of doesn't work go back to the lower. Nine. Well you know the number I think we've given it out enough for the rest of the revealed giving up the number at all the rest Leo but you can't he be up on Twitter. At bin malice back actually Eric called up earlier we got disconnected. Retirement the Red Sox in the trade situation rock field devers. And we ciller Erik Erik what's going Ahmed. It and they call it air what's the proper way to give up the phone numbers or if you were doing the show how do you about the audit. And wait that it you see. You're a Smart mail. This is a man who's got a life you've got a family loves you act you understand what I given a phone number how to transcribed the phone number in your phones yes. Yeah I doubt not exactly. Is this is not eat you can do two things went Sunday what's on your mind here. Yet though are that they can about the rat that situation. Like an intriguing. Trade chip the you might you are only trade chip. By all of it or we can't trade him. Under any circumstances. Chris the L Craig Kimbrel and keep that vendor Bogart. They're all free agent and two years albeit paid. They're aura like the only all. That Canadian. You can't eat all the guys. War without. Someone like Gabbard making a Major League minimum. Air right now like it by the growing pains of third day. He built about an average offenses these slightly above average third base and offensively. I I I back. I do what you say out here DOJ say I understand your argument there but my on this the counter that I would point out that. At this is gonna work itself out there all those guys likely will not be on the Red Sox and not going to be able to keep everybody at some of those guys leave some of those guys will underperform the the Red Sox might wanna keep them. It's to tell the ebb and flow right over time things changed and is forced the minor league systems concerned. I've always gone by the belief that that is a renewable. Situation it's it's like. In the farmers in the midwest you can play it new plants and or new new crops every year. And so it's a renewable resource you you cannot she's not it's not great right now if you read the scouting reports the Red Sox minor leagues are. Do boy aid of top talent but you can still that's an area where in. One year or two years you complete completely re stacked the minor league system it did doesn't take ten years to read you'll minor league system. Yeah I. It will be on her pit window of contention. I feel a lot better about it is our best mightily crop back hitting wise that could replace devers the third made it seem to next year. Once in a better perjury and. That is that is a monkey wrench in the plans of the Ritz I won't stomach pushed back on that there Comerica. Back in his BR thank you appreciate. I it's been Mather and you we're hang out late night I'm learning how to give up the phone number the way the team on watch producer he money not for Kelly in Amherst. Sony let me try this. So 6177797937. Is that right. You did it again you put the seven in the middle so I can't put its like it was 7797937. I gotta go 793 said. 7797. In 937. That's putting in the middle two billion he kind of put in the middle their false. 779. 790%. In your kind of separating it by itself actually and that instead of putting on an island as a special said. I like it yeah. It's a magical number seven. Gut mystical powers as what it's guy. All right time now for The Who MI gaming blatant attempt to get you to listen to go longer. Thus it's The Who have like here we. I in the batter that has the most. Two strike hits in baseball since the start of the 2015 season they say that's. That's the hardest how you got two strikes to get hits in that situation it is. The batting average goes down but it all the players in professional baseball I have the most. Two strike hits in the big leagues since when he fifteen. Cool. Them die that is the question. The answer. Next. Our back so we go to amateur of the Red Sox are off tonight in Minnesota for the start of a three game series starting on Tuesday night at the twinkies. The rest of the week and then back back home after that I do believe in that time for The Who in my game a blatant attempt. To get you to listen a little bit longer thus we call it. The Who am I gay people answered in this answers coming in on Twitter. And that's at. Paine Mallard had been out there on Twitter but I am the batter who as the most. Two strike hits in baseball. Since the start of the 2015 season. They say this is the hardest county get hits in. Yeah those two strikes on your batting average goes way way down some of the guests coming in rob. Listening online out in Vegas is going with Whitey Bulger. As his answers. It's a year Brian the lions guy big prize going with night your mortgage and there's a good. Says he's playing in the Mexican League night your mortgage playing in the Mexican League I gotta look that up. The great Niger work did you play in Japan also she making the global pilgrimage to play professional baseball oblivious. Who else do we have Dwight Evans I guess by Mike we have. Mo Vaughn and tossed out by Steve in Connecticut the correct answer those are all wrong. Other correctly answer who lost to Tennessee males go all Brenton Branson listening in Maine got it right back job I you Britain there. The correct answer. Zander Bogart's. Of the Red Sox Santa Barbara says 276. Two strike hits since the start of the 2015 season that is sixteen more than any other player baseball. Next closest from the Chicago White Sox. Jose Abreu. With 262. Strike hits but then that's number one center Bogart's. Of the Red Sox in the big leagues are back to the phones we go. In. And let's say hello to Steve. In May who's next up a late night here on CI what's going on Steve. Barack yell expand what's up Steve talked. Well. Couple days flood is that. There's law and a psychologist. I could Saudia. One thing that numbers when they are. Put together are easily remembered I don't know if you're familiar with the numbers or numbers backward tests on the IQ test. But that's how do you hate that part of that are remembering numbers like putting them together Novo larger than. Number the better work so you're you're right about. You know phone call move all of those numbers together as much as you possibly yeah. Dynasty but you don't realize I'm trying nasty about China jet I mine trickier to promote. The the radio station all court yes. I don't hit those very clever that's true. But the other millions you know I think. My college yeah baseball. When the biggest thing news. Making sure your pictures are not carried out. Taking them out early and I think it's too bad about the trade Washington. You know because see we need a closer the Red Sox but. We don't need to read a closer Steve would you like to have another arm a power arm in the bullpen as the an eighth inning guy. But I hear. Exactly but I wouldn't say it is. Coates has got to recognize. Coaches got to recognize where and his players tired he's got to know them inside out and what they can do what they can't do. I think that would be a big big boon. The red dot I wanted to in the Red Sox. Take Minnesota all three games. Do and I'd like at the end and the fact that the key will be a cute pictures where they're tired and I'll start the. Reduce the value fired up but this year so I would argue it out now you you'd think that Alex Cora you believe he is failing in this exact. I look at it like the Red Sox early at least the beginning part of the year in April they were being being the starting pitchers they were taking him out when he weren't tired. They were prematurely taken dramatic gains. Okay does happens better and better to error on the side of caution and not put your players through it just it's just. Unwise and. What what have followed the much he's seen here's my eight powder are up play devil's advocate Steve you're the site either today. Glad to pay for this by the lake is psychologist a lot. And I eEye yeah. The bill Vietnam get. I guess send it to chair of W the idea producer you mind and take care of it wanted to try. It yet how many billable hours yet anyways so here's a deal Steve enemies at devil's advocate. Isn't part of athletics to test. Of achieves most the right word plied you have to. To test yourself to see how well you can do Chevy to the white the right word here and it's. It's not you and in other there's. Two. To basics dialed in sports gave a target the American sports psychology. Network a couple of years back and what does that it's very clear that. You know Michael Jordan at the book competitive fire. You know that the competitive. Dobbs has been replaced by low you know about slow. Reasons closer. LA you know it is basically in the zone and slow is it. Is the way to get there was invented by colleges and the university Chicago. And he's done a lot of research network chickened out but slow SL OW. And yes. It pitchers are in the lull there in that loan. Okay people men but if they're not keeping demand just frustrated that more and more and make can't. Do it. So I mean aren't looking very closely. Yes I think you have to keep. People had to be competitive. But not when they're tired and not when they're in the. Are seizing control with him but I and I got a tasty by read those it's thanks for the call I read those as psychology studies become. I get completely bogged down. With those it's one of my pathetic habits that I have I believe pretty much every. I'm very gullible. Focuses. A study that was published in some journal of science somewhere I read my talk. I got the dance and then like. Three months later there's another study becomes out from a different university. That has a completely. Different result and then I'm like what else. Tour all year. But essentially what he was saying was the beat temple the pattern this week his art. But I don't like and I appreciate. When players are empowered. And permit aid. To go. Far in the games at that that's not a bad. I did that one of my main complaints over the last painful years in baseball I think of yours you've been around awhile you might agree with me on this. Is he the 100. Peach. Barrier. This. Magical barrier where you know you get 200 pitches is as is wall. And and you can't get past a hundred pitches in its. It's this point of demarcation for pitchers. And and they've been program generations of pitchers now baseball program once you reach a hundred pages. That that's it you know you can't grind it out you're done you gotta get out of the game. So anyway arts Ben now there. And you were paying out late night I'm learning out how to give up the phone right account like the way I'm given out. But there's no lines open now anyways so that I don't have to give up is every line is fool like people are lined up you talk more. About the Red Sox and also lol Lou lush shifted up a little bit changes changeover to. The Celtics it's NBA draft week is anyone excited about that and the Celtics don't have all the top pick in the draft they have a draft pick near the end. Of the first round but that does not meet. That these Celtics will not be when he leaned in dealing we'll get to that and we will do it will do it next.