Late Night with Big Ben Maller - A Look at Bill Belichick Attending Pro Days for Potential Picks - 3-22

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Wednesday, March 21st

Hour 1. Ben Maller breaks down Belichick's visits to various pro days for NFL draft prospects. The "Maller Militia" takes over the second half of the hour like only they can do. 


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He's late night speaks. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard packed tonight. To mr. overnight dig then Mallard. Let's get going. League night on Sports Radio WB EI. TT is. One of those nights you've got to play a law you must play along I'll I'll explain we'll. We'll work our way there. We will us were back at it here. Anxiously awaiting counting down the minutes until May galas were. But there's there's two stories that are better training if you will that are national stories. That could both have ties. In a roundabout way to you have to be creative yet to be who created you have to open your heart. You have to open your mind. That that have ties to the the Boston sports in doubt that the big store which is gonna be played up ad nauseam. I AZ basketball story in it is about loud brash and James. Who had. Eight big goal level performance tonight in a random. I NBA game. But if you're projecting it paid. Are you saying well if if assuming you're an optimist in Kyra your dream comes back. And in the Celtics can still. Have a seat at the table. In the Eastern Conference and you're looking at the two. Mean roadblocks. For the Celtics to get past. And we in the Eastern Conference yet to rattle even Cleveland. And LeBron James. That's there was a biblical. Reported it seventeen assists in his game. Thirty but what she didn't have a torn over. And the cavaliers. Came back he wanted to third quarter league beat Toronto. And in sold that is the story that people yap about nationally. In the NBA. And if you are the Celtics from the Celtic perspective watching that game. You both have hole. And fear you have hope. Because watching the raptors. Vomit in the third quarter I watching them. Essentially fall part. Should not only give the Celtics but everyone else in the Eastern Conference could running to Toronto. Optimists. I ended on the flip side. Yet you have LeBron James who was just ridiculous. Easily a video game. Situation. And that I. In my position all along on days when you you start looking paid. To the NBA in the post season what's gonna happen which use of about the easiest thing in sports Spain. Is the India. You take number one seed here you pick the number one seed and you're in your happy place. But if you if you look ahead. Realistically. It is unattainable. To play at that level throughout the plaza at some point Cleveland's gonna have to. Whether they play the Celtics in the eastern finals or sooner than that or whoever runs in the Cleveland. It is not something that you can. Can expect global currency is a great games get a great. But it is unsustainable. If the cavaliers and media all of this they won by three points or problems. But if you really need that kind of production at its obvious you don't have to be. You know basketball also want. To understand that that is not going to happen. Not a question is that can he win one game without abroad. That'll that'll be determined in the playoffs is he can do it three or four nights it. That it would everyone knows. Now the other story that caught my attention which which also in a roundabout way. It involves. The patriots he's the low offers big story the NFL today it's the story that everyone's talking about in the ball world right if you. If you're looking for that escape. That sanctuary. A football it is all the Apollo sea and Arnold. Who was projected to be the number one page. In the NFL draft he worked out his pro day. In Los Angeles and the NFL network you you would have thought Jesus Christ. Was throwing the football the way this was covered and I get it this way as a unit they got to open those doors. ESPN was all over it is there was a lot of slobbering oversee and Arnold. And that you had 84 race was like a conga line. Of experts who lined up one after another. To. Full on all the oversee and are now that the fact I was kicked it about this now. The NFL all 32 teams were represented to the patriots. Ward knocked it to be anywhere in this game. Galaxies. As where received Arnold's gonna be drafted either number one and number two in the draft. That is an unreachable. Situation right and it's just too much. What they were there they get us and I realize there are some other players at the University of Southern California that were. We're also working out it was all about Sam Arnold but I was gonna take is that the headlines of every NFL teams here and I saw I was watching. Because idol. And I watched I was checking it I was watching so it was like OK because I'd seen. Jim Donald playing college when he first came onto the scene Ohio liked what I saw I didn't like missile last year of the object this. And there was this suggestion. It was like a traffic jam on the sidelines all these these NFL scouts and the cool thing. Every one problem every single one problem. Was wearing the they had even the wind breaker the visor that really advises execs it was raining. At the seemed Arnold they bought and they were it's not hard to spot there's not a lot of able flawed. Win when NFL scouts are out there they've always got some kind of team gear on. It's a weird deal because. A I've worked it differ I don't have any Eric one WEEI hat I've worked at fox which radio my other employer a long time. And I have a couple of items from them but usually Wear. I don't I've also had. And this came up with some members of the now publish my guys. Who pointed out for some reason they decided to send out a bunch of of photos of old T shirts. That listeners had made back in the day. And and I I I have a couple these things as like I don't think I've Wharton. Because I felt like at duke when I was wearing this shirt because they had might need one. And one of them have Micah a cartoon drawing. A median hourly I can't really do. Like I am a loser I can we want to assure we might need one. And and in that as I if you're just out. I get that you're representing this 800 pound gorilla the NFL's multi billion dollar in unity and all Latin. In your cool. But Belichick doesn't do as I don't check does not. Doesn't he doesn't go through that either where he and we're patriot year he's walker he's the only. He stays out. When he goes to these scouting junkie it's because everyone else who's representing an NFL team used to assume they're wearing gear they are. And this had been his Belichick walking around navigating his way these these events it is. That the that the oh Lloyd C a photo was from the com mine. A couple weeks back he was wearing he had like him Belichick his knee on I'm a sweaty switcher who'd. Which was cut on it goes against my rule. It goes at it's it's off to not move. So I would pitcher Teddy a scout at the ECM Donald of work I I will guarantee I read more about this later at some point. If not year a mighty overnight show because. I will guarantee you. There will be a plot twist in his NFL draft story I live. Been through this in the off a bit on the rollercoaster I I. Emphasize enough how this is gonna play out like right now today you've got. Who will would have a list you we've got to Charley casserly. We had Daniel Jeremiah we've got the beat the college football guy from fox sports one all of these guys are lining up after the pro day at USC say Sam Donaldson a more. Well in the next couple weeks to get you some other. Quarterbacks the top quarterbacks that are gonna do their road they're gonna work out and here targeted they need to feed content it's exhausting. It's pain staking. And so it's gonna happen. He's as you you navigate your way through this. What's gonna happen is like well at all on that the browser having second thoughts there'd they're not sure that they want a draft Sam Arnold. That is guarantee. I that they will insinuate. They will heat and they will beat around the bush they will weather every. Way you want a phrase. Whatever way I did wrong take it that's gonna. I geared. I would I wanna hear what the I would want Hewitt he's the guy wearing the patriot jacket who was watching Sam Arnold. Like does he have to call in the ballot check is that how does that work what's the what's the chain of events that goes on. Like the patriots they paid the gotta be there writing in to show lot happen did happen wary of patriot Jacqui Ainsley yeah I. Look at me so I paid him. And soul like he had the last report. Securities. Is. I'm skeptical about all these quarterbacks topic this is not time or place. It any time I I hear is scouting report that says. A quarterback. Has in an orthodox throwing style. I immediately Siegelman Gould. Has named percent of those guys are out of the NFL. Trying to get a job in the Canadian Football League if they're lucky. And they're they're hardly exceptional rules. I decent ice Philip Rivers would be the exception rule although he hasn't. Vanity. The great post season player Philip Rivers in in the Los Angeles with the chargers the old San Diego charges he's got in on not orthodox. Herky jerky type of throwing motions at eager to. The regular season career in the NFL but they've the heat and the scouts scouting report any of us get this out just witness. Donald had that not soul. I wanna play a little game play along here it's the football version. Oh where's Waldo. Instead day instead it's this particular game you play your Adobe. Involves Bill Belichick. And if you've not been paying to us not just. Talked to a guy with a bad poker player. I review a little if we're ongoing weakness. But you if you're not completely locked in because you know he's got a job you were in the second shift to whatever might or won't for the early start on the third. I tell like groundhog it's Bill Belichick. Has been playing the role pox upon the field. And he's making his rounds and he's popping his head out. Haiti's traveling around how could this be because of I don't know. The smell. That he's chided travel it maybe as part of that though. Now today for example. Get to the point place to pay for example. A Bill Belichick Haiti busy. To Athens Georgia. And why it was in Athens Georgia because. Pro day was going on for the University of Georgia. Blue chip players players that are seen his future stars in the unit and now you're keeping score. As you drive around. This is not thirty for thirty this is three for three. As in three different pro days. In three days for Bill Belichick because we are moderate. Every move that he makes. And I saw video I saw some photos of this element when I was done watching Sam Arnold throw passes. Bill Belichick. Ice it was fluttering up. These guys in Georgia. And just like he was ordering up a player at some of these other schools he's meant to last at least I wanted to talk about is now. Belichick was overheard. At. This is I think yesterday at the the pro day for NC state. And he was whispering sweet nothings. Even a year of bread lead shop. Now that's a good he's a defensive day. Parade ceased I like that may. Bigger the headlines on a tabloid newspaper. Which called. As last name. And that is. Perfect junior high school. Come on that's let's get chubby. Its chubby time you know lead to storm. Anyway so us Bradley job was working out. And Belichick. Was overheard. Saying that you are way too talented to be available when the patriots they because there near the bottom. Of the first. I am also getting reports from the the Georgia pro day that. They were very accessible to media that cover. The University of Georgia. And he made a big deal about this those people who were there because Belichick. Smart. And they were there was so well linebackers for Georgia was the only game Belichick smile was big big effort. And soul would that is the back right Belichick making the rounds doing his duties. In preparation for the NFL draft. There have been stories being written about what wizard bigger meaning to. Bite is is there's something else going on here. Because of the the cloud that's been hanging around the patriots is they ESPN's story came out. These set wicker Sheehan story all of these walls. Caving in the dies the ending and all that people. Projecting. Other thoughts on what's going to do so anytime anything happens. The most. Minute. Of details. We will hyper analyzed because that's how we wrote that is how we saw the question is this talk about this. I think I know the answer. I think I know the answer. But will give me your chance to tell me if I'm correct on this or not. So the question is this I've I've read all these these heartfelt stories about this this means that the Belichick this means this. Is there any kind of deeper meaning. To the fact that Bill Belichick. Has been traveling around. To all these different pro days. Now after careful investigation. Is again just to. Blow hard than after careful investigation. Is Jerry deeper meaning I would give this a phones that. I got a couple of thoughts I've got punching the clock. Walked plastic. And grown up. It almost is a tie them together and we'll begin with the number one Bill Belichick. Two to quote. Himself he's cool your job right at his line at one of the popular Montrose of recent years do your job. Build boats jet is doing what. Plausibly he stated. He's paid I would think you'd do if she's the the brains of the patriots but he's the guy. He's been the de facto GM rolled easier original. And I know he's the people help them relax. But he's not going through motions by ease. I've seen the video clips here with him watching the whole thing. It would appear. Two I remember what Belichick was doing in I don't know 207. At a pro day annoyed they'll. But certainly it looks like he's doing what he's always dark rolls up his sleeve he's out there he's he's even socializing. Was very. Very odd Belichick's a much like myself to introvert. But there he is talking in in observing college football stars and their natural habitat. On the college campus and eat meat are they in the odd thing. Is miss this several odd things about. Let. That the first round I guess we are despises like many of these pro days or to showcase. The players that are gonna go in the first round of the NFL draft right now there are other players. But this has always been. Talks. For Belichick right I might all of that but he tries to run as fast Ezekiel he's running out of burning building. Beat the players top because generally those players are the players that are pampered. And coddled. And that goes against the tenets. Of what Bill Belichick had eyes were invited in what he strived to get to fill out the roster now by the way. I have to thing. They even though Belichick's doing this he's traveling around. That this little. Emphasis that's put on these work. Like that part of its always low anyway how NFL teams. Most none at all. Not all but not everything is absolute but but it seems like the majority event of NFL teams. Put so much emphasis on heat single gym session. A work out in shorts. And you put this great amount of value on that as opposed to what a player actually deed. Weighing in college. Wayne playing college football. Now it could be that these NFL teams it's it's it's all part of the the process or process in the just going to motions of their they have a certain amount of the spent the disposable income in the China expand. That money in the white suits programming for the state run NFL network. Is what it is now nevertheless. Boat check if it's Clinton not just punching the clock right this is not. The Ole ball coach back in the day many years ago Steve Spurrier. When he was coaching the reds gains from the ninth green. Wall driving his golf that golf cart a million years ago around. Belichick has. A great pride in his work it would appear that has not gone anywhere why wouldn't go anywhere there's a determination there. And it is it's not someone who's acting like he factory worker who's just punching the clock. Weeding for Josh McDaniels to take his job easy workaholic. There is no balance. There's no balance there -- worked with a guy. Bob page was immune. The eve at what point was that of the DBC's. Film he was beat. Does he replaced Howard Cosell was legendary sportscaster Arkansas radio. And so he always yell at these are exiled I was all about all of boat. Nothing but sports. Radio and those two things. He would yell at me to go to like art museums and that acts got to have. Complain if you gotta have. In outback. And you're right him at a decent run you consider overnights in nights Dutch decent. And there is no bouts is really though it's but Belichick's like that we've his job when it comes to football. And in we've been down this rabbit hole before. Occasionally. He'll get dragged some tropical destination to sit on the beach. And like a model will be some photos taken. And in that city and nasal voice and occasional World War II documentary. And he'll go to some museum somewhere and it's that old memorabilia from past. Military conflict. Of it that's what. Now eventually that could change eventually we all. At some point grow tires off one of the things. But there's little evidence very little evidence of that going on right out of second thing here. These college Prodi's. Or ready made. They are ready made for Bill Belichick is light taking effect keyed and saying here's the ice cream in joy is an ice in store is much as you. And he is all about nothing before Paul's we've lay out there are no hobbies. And beat the Cologne. At these these scouting events these pro days it's smells like it'll roll while a mix of use jock straps in sweaty shoulder pads. College Prodi's for Belichick it's walked past that is communities. Piece of rounded by light minded people. These are his peak he walks these college campuses. And it's likely mystical character. Would Belichick walking around the University of Georgia or South Carolina. And he's he's. Held in such high regard that is is this a smile it's a project is a sits in the football world when he goes into these Tom mines. Pro days miracle. He's essentially likes it if you were at comic con. In Spain and Lee. Showed up comic con. Like this the same reaction it's like oh look at football. People turn in the models. They do it's it's a very unusual. Period. And it reminds me of like the time when I when I go to Sports Radio clown college of time. And they always are bordering on my distance and all Latin. Why haven't talked about sports for UConn code to have an important one last thing here and we'll take some phone calls. I at a moment when the the vultures are out the vultures are out. There still circling. There's not a lot of question and eat with the patriots yet. But. Following what's gone on here in all this report of dysfunction watching what's gone on the off season you've got. Tom Brady going on TV to syllable Keating's robberies. Drinking fake beard. You've got Brady breaking protocol. On social media which I fully support I endorse that who'd ago. A you've got Rob Gronkowski playing bizarre like like a cat and mouse game with the media. Over retirement. Acting like you're drama queen. Publicly flirting with Hollywood admits it may and all is. What what do I miss about rare Robert Kraft was in the tabloids. When that bizarre story about the kid is it his or not such Mori poll which need to come down help about it. Like muzzled about daytime Emmys for all this one's mental problem. Which is making the rounds now. Watching Belichick and his fingernails. Dirty here. At this particular. Scouting showcase. He's acting like that grow up these other guys had an off the tracks. And Belichick's update he's gonna snake bitten. I think nervous and I'm Josh Gaines we don't know if there's any kind of agreement or not. That hey two years and now you're the head coach no matter wise. Boy he turned our own an NFL coaching job just for kids we don't store there with the colts. Does Bill Belichick look like a guy that sound like a guy that losses fade away and it doesn't seem like that's always wired. Even if he steps away from coaching it might only be a temporary situation and it ran it last night about. Nick Saban. And in his situation and Alabama and like cut out of the same cloth the that I totally see Belichick Gordon. For five more years. And even if you left eye could see him try to come back as a coach like it to a temporary stay of if he believes in Josh McDaniels comes in stinks. And the team falls apart and they go back to beat the Belichick tree. And the like take back we need you to navigate us through this dark cloud that we're going. Are so it is a lot of stuff there's a lot of stuff there and that we would like you to be apart this. And I've had a complete. Moehler filibuster. I feel like come on Capitol Hill here and I'm trying to stop some legislation from going through so this is your opportunity Jordy part. We've got a mine producing light the number is 6177797. 937. At 6177797. 937. You know also hit me up on Twitter follow me on why would us. That's at bay and Mallard. That's at Bain Mather. We're gonna call this one the sea is of tie the scenes of time we'll get to that. And we will do next. Kirk and Callahan. The average 35 point oh yeah one year the monthly news. The mobile Tucker thrown into another tough nuts and say one's better woody will you I'd like to raise the bar on what I've had Durant. More hard. That monetary curry that Marbury usually it's the right thing. Gerry Callahan morning 530 details on Sports Radio 937. WEEI and WEEI dot com bust. Late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. This phone calls here in a moment. But first I must address. The elephant in the room I must address it we are. Just a few hours away. She lesson that we are we're closing in on William Shatner airs. 87 birthday now this might not mean much do you. But it means a lot to. It means a lot to me so I I hope everyone that listens to late night and WEEI can join. The movement we all wanna wish would shatter a happy birthday and I am so happy so many of my. My idea my friends you added that the friends of mine my radio shows of supported William shat he's been at a big supporter of mine here is gone out of his way to support my. Radio career. And so I think it's appropriate that we turn eighty cent as a big F and B. See got to celebrate. Shatner and if if you don't know the back story. If you don't love us or just say hello you're like on Twitter saying hello to shatter. It and make sure you put my name in there you'll be amazed what happens. You'll be shocked at what it's like you're greatly magic trick. When that takes was our faked a clearance. The working class hero who made a very nice. William Shatner. Need happy birthday mean which I just re tweeted the moment ago a moment it was just marvelous. It's actually secrets we're all it. We are all in the it's very exciting. It's great Jamie writes in he's say is that how is LeBron jeans decline going since he is passes by. Jimmy. You just wait Jimmy you just what the playoffs have not started yet. The grim reaper of injury. Is right around the corner right you know it's right you can't see it is it's hiding what it's there it's it's around the corner. I'd never fully get to the phones at 61 set 7797937. The sands of time. Has a reason. Now what does that I will tell the NFL owners. Are getting together next week generally and and because of the bureaucracy of football they like to dissect every. He won two goal into a deep review all of the the things that are involved in the as well LC in the offseason rights they they get the microscope out. And it's frame by frame break down and they methodically analyze. And scrutinize. All the things in the and the most ridiculous things from time to time get caught up. I brought up a copy of brought forget. There is a proposal. From the 49ers. Cardinals and chargers. The 49ers cardinals and chargers and they are proposing a rule where the teams from the West Coast. Have no more than three games that will start. 10 AM their time so 1 o'clock. Eastern schedule. So when he West Coast team travels to the east central time zone. They don't get those three games in a start at 1 o'clock eastern time Sodexo. This is silly it's silly for a couple of res. I hey. Typical T. Teams on the West Coast to go to the East Coast don't get. In three the or or or rather four games start at 1 o'clock eastern you're gonna getting the blister terrible. You get a games start at 4 o'clock eastern or Nike. So that it's it's it's unnecessary. Would be the way that I would throw it out there that NFL teams have plenty of time when they travel. Even leave a little. To adjust it to time zones and all that and and be as someone who has made that trek. A lot over the though the years years. It's a lame excuse I did I traveled play in an NFL game a day and a half later no I did. However it's greatly but I I used to travel for for brief period of time I traveled from. Los Angeles to New York I'd I'd do a radio show on Saturday afternoon. I get off the year I would then kill a couple of hours and I would go to the airport in I would taking red guy. To JFK I would end without I couldn't sleep on the plagues and to Pawtucket I don't fit on the planes properly into tomorrow. And it's then I would drive the Connecticut in Indian TV all day and did I demanded change schedule got I didn't I didn't. It takes if you're funnies you take caffeine way at eighteen years. You're good to go so it's so. There's no need is absolutely need that. At all. Anyway I guess we are on Twitter if you would like to report that at. Then malice at then Mallard and why should start the year of the voices are wishing you happy birthday to weigh action. Let's group says it's at that's the way to do absolutely. It. And some Michael last he's a hopeless steamboat Willie. And you get a great gift for shed and we're not giving me the gift that we're talking about Shatner. On radio that's what we're talking about would share and renew that's the yeah ego surprised prosperous. Are tied now for The Who MIT. And this is where we pretended to be somebody else you have to. It's easier ports its part in and we will take some phone calls and moan but here's the dilemma. And we'll go to college vast lot of you noticed missing college basketball games. That are coming here yes the these sweet sixteen. You can almost feel you can almost feel it's sweet sixteen week a Thursday it all begins our here's the oil in my game I am the only. Most outstanding player the MOP. Not to score more than ten points. If either the national semi final or championship game. And again so in the final 4 history I am the only most outstanding player in college basketball to have not even scored more than ten points. In either the national semi final. Or the championship game of this personal deviated. This person is very well known. And if you've been following basketball for a long time Venus if maybe you were not that old guy. Chances are you know this is you've heard the name. You know who is so get our most outstanding player and the on the old one not to score more than ten points in either the national semi final. Wore the championship game who am I the answer and more of your phone calls and get to that of the next. Yeah. I'd life death on your. And Reuters Smartphone Sports Radio now. Oscar. Aren't all Boston sports with didn't dollar bond late night sports WEEI yeah. 'cause it took time. And my game this week and be somebody else you figure out. Who I am the I mean only most outstanding player in their college basketball history to not score more than ten points. And either the national semi final or the championship game. Who am I that is the question I see anyone get this rates. We have. Rob listening out in Vegas he's going with King Kong Bundy. As his answer. Real man is going what Bobby Hurley. Right that is secret we have Bill Walton tossed out who wells cinder. For a from my eight. Couple other random. Funny names no it's not chubby Cox always love any time last basketball or any question some audio listens. I'm chubby Cox's name and I know the correct answer. He's in ledge. From the NBA back in the 1980 no not Gordon Hayward which is what nick yes that would be. Hat trick you way back in the day many many years ago Georgetown. And he was the most outstanding player but yet he didn't get to two over ten points. In the national semi in the championship game he had eight points. In the semi final or Georgetown in 1984. And then he had ten points. In the final. Saw. At the eighteenth total points and he was the most outstanding player. Way back in the in the stone age. As days. Our right to the phones we goal and a where shall we go why don't go to Maine and we will say hello to Blair. Who's on WEEI hello. Glad there. And. I'm talking glee doing the show you. It's very time you asked on doing blitz very nice of you really care I'm doing Blair. I didn't. Really yeah a good mood archived. You're a good move to the and I great after winning that game with you last night he did a great job by helping me now. Have hit it but Blair. That. Avon Natalie you're aware this put. But Blair actually played in my overnight show he played a game show and somehow defy the odds and won. No way yes and it was a word game. It was a open the word game of the stores password in Blair's somehow was able to get one right on how do you do that Blair did you cheat. He's not always nominated sat and looked. Outlook and word but yeah fed knew it I knew it was brand it is still do had to know that. It slipped one word so. Lust is your genius so I'm Blair. I I love to go deep inside the mind to Blair in Maine so. Where would this rate in lifetime accomplishments. Were Blair and me which is your top five where where this story. Top ten to stop it but not apply. I never wanted to show on your show editors published a manhunt still go out. And you are emotional highs were drawn right when the understandable. I think that is the best the top of the mountain when you when he radio game shows nothing better. Here's what I call talked. To Lee got the we've got the west and we got big east so how can work yet to route the Boston pitching around that no way. How does it give. And uncertain and round up right near the. Blair do you not know how the bracket works Blair. I'm a Vietnam if I don't. Cook took the. Do we really need to explain the Bragg 899. Point 9999999%. Of people. Have this figured doppler. There are. And then you know it'll it'll have the ability. To sixty elite eight year. Would you Elian. Linda four regions and therefore you know how to call the final four boys yet they did that the final four. Yet this poor Regis so you got the east got the south to get the west get the midwest. And each one of those pods. The winners are gonna get together they're gonna eat Tex mex in San Antonio. And they're gonna play for the championship of college basketball on April 2 that's how it's done Blair. So they're trying to round I don't want fentanyl is gonna solve this at all ever. Now there's others is it a blank does involve there's other cities involved in this letter. I know they are how the game for the they play in Boston and LA. Well they're playing games there's there's two days of action in Boston two days of action. In. Let's do I don't have the outlook the re arm you're gonna give me a headache I wanna be on good terms with if I get hang up thank you I. Sorry give Blair kind of mr. Items. It's certainly could imagine he was feeling bad with that call and even imagine don't want to imagine. If next time Blair calls will be breaking down how many balls and strikes there are in Major League Baseball the victory for opening day. And then the week after that how many points is touchdown worth. And then what do you do with a safe well that's that's advanced calculus. That is a different level right there. But. I did enjoy watching the the video I think it was the Villanova. Team boss did you see this year this is a video going around from earlier in the day they were trying to make their way to the airport. In Philly to get to Boston and the snow hole. Was so problematic that it shall I believe it was four attempts. Before the the boss was able to get through the snow there and and work its way to the airport in major travel issues. Trying to get to Boston for the sweet sixteenth. But I they have arrived they had they have arrived Villanova has arrived so there will be game action on Friday night. I know you very concerned. Surely they'd they'd have about the military coming to make sure if this is such a big deal this college basketball term. Maybe not around these parts. But but it is absolutely. We are on Twitter at. Pay in Malin that's at then Mallard if you would like to be part of the festive as about two phones. And it's a year where there should a week ago let's say hello to my guy got it made him wait awhile but I take out of it is right now we in south. My guy waved in south you're gonna. And ankle I can try to mallet meltdown will emulate now I just almost. I had to come down like delete it I talked to Malibu coming down. Let's look I was yeah. Now under some problem I grew up without shabby at chop guy named motor trend. Did you put him did you set him straight to do. I judges kept watch general told alleged go ahead actually happening you're gonna Shia Howard injured I'm going to be you know I'm gonna hurt you really bad. And I kept my word I had a walk and. That's good move when we don't see Wayne you've got to let them move their personal. I know I come I'm told he understand that I can tell by middlemen are the most public. Want to watch out and video Latin guys don't already know flattened out a small. Don't know why I'm grown up now then you beat him up. Limited from your plan and that's all we would do it and that's how we grew other kids are noted validate my like I totally and yesterday. You can marry you yet at least equal ecology going all the way bank malice during the initial crowd you mean. Let's go to discuss how many flies let's let's play the game. How many flights has. Held all of us that don't reveal the answer yet Wayne a how many fights do you me. Roughly Evian agony at the exact number because nobody knows exactly sounds like you've been like EC two to five years old. Some weariness out the and you're in your forties now weighing is Ara. I'm 46 editor did allow that include Mauer happy birthday. I'm very ominous day you ominous say my birth is an ominous say that lien has beat me in the opposite the over under at 55. Fights I think a lot of flights I think that's not our creator all accidents way that's different. Yeah I see out of market account that I'm I'm talking. In the neighborhood Dwayne I'm talking playground. Talk the schoolyard and let. I you're you're you're quoting now he really close. I know 88 my guess China revealed via insular but what do you think game. Went over under fifty you know take the over wins the south the lord Buddha and ways grasp that he's got mustn't. Didn't pay range hoping you wouldn't believe that's up. And don't know what it actually caused output will probably. Sun's out the element. Sons of Saudi are so program real answer way Alley fights roughly have you big gains of 46 years old now grown up in south the nominee debated. Several great. Hall duplicate. How he always lets you encrypt are trying to hold her back and what's your ready to go yeah I sound like the guy who hold to the bottom. Embargo as a brawler. The joke about their attitude I got a Marine Corps I did 10 Joker. Slight surface of the box yeah that's if you go yeah right yeah yeah trained in the movies. Eligible to do the movies did exactly yeah yeah when I join them I wanted to enjoy it like I would amount. Oh yeah I don't know yeah routes through every door when they return to ensure economic and ordered it what are radio show recalled dog cart. Yeah there's no radio station you're not have a friend of mine way. That the American forces network I've nobody in my that actually works yeah yeah yeah he works there he does he's worked there for years. But they don't expect it. How come Obama won a lot of garbage all goodnight I tried it but I get a. Yeah and you all right we'll work what you didn't call about that when I'm I'm fascinated. You have like blackjack and the right but I want to will bring real quick protection to appreciate. You know what you're doing and spiritual and how idea stupid people networks. I don't. Don't they don't want to. Talk I'm ready to. Number thirteen point I'd teaching it literally it ain't got demolished when he played out skywalker they didn't use our social court you want one should won't work what do you want. Pretty equal when he went eight. Oh he's Colin Hanks who won't. Way eight that's very good you just give a four on the throat of that ESPN the magazine sore I heard I was sitting. Yet PM hour your question why you wouldn't we are now liked them. I was just yet I can encode like you know I like it when he had to. Relaxed so I was isn't it Turkey gallons when he they had they had the right or wrong. And the Ryder try to defend he was like trying to defend his position in the end. He didn't get rattled which I give credit for what it's. It's indefensible. It's a minute this date. This is it's indefensible you actually booed objectively but they would listen when they were doing this to try to get a reaction. When you game reaction to me. I think I get this I thought it was stupid but at the Davis and they don't people that list I don't even know they are I think. Sports Radio the last I hate to say the entire time. That this is Google not I don't I don't even know their names and never talked about the I don't know anything about them. And they were ahead Tom Brady. IPS yeah. And you are doing and reacting at all. Yes I in the early days of ESPN radio that somewhere where Tony Bruno is there years ago. Nine years ago and your mammogram allegation Gorbachev you know I sort of maturity and actually look good at Trinity. College with a lot of work. Yes some I thank you. And I we hung up on way but he could be very upset win because I check my email. And again it must be my email because I clicked on the link and he's innocent it is scheme this video. As Wayne was on TV. A few years back he's got this like put that thing doesn't play so one must wasn't doing my I tried out two different days. I gotta give it I gotta let it all right it's not gonna work yeah it just wasn't meant to be quite honest. Our ran. It sucks because I can see that being the beginning of the video clip the united Tennessee the beginning you know I accuses check this out good. You click on those like digital video. On what the hell is the sad story so there's it's. College would shatters birthday which is tomorrow we're hitting the jumper giving us start. To shatters birthday here on a late. Is. Rob writes races will be by later. Just completely undid all the magic from that game issue. And he says. You know it was a comedy teams in Boston and oh yeah that's exactly what yes. Rob you you heard right that didn't even below that. In the term which tees. What's instruments. To agree it's actually smaller. I if you would like to join the conversation the number 617. 77979. Threesome not a sneak a quick call and again you break protocol but that it's okay normal. Us got in Connecticut eight. You would like to get on the hello Scott what's going on here on dove the guy Ellis. Always great ideas don't. And in particular are are a hard call to five all over the country to crawl. Are sort of talk. Their Red Sox they're real quick comment after that. Our whole our six I know you've got your rundown you've got your list how many flights have you been in Scott. Our fight MMA. Didn't so who. War yeah. You'd have a leg like really you you have it's how many yet but you're grown up company fights tree. Not grow up on our actual do it. See I'm on twelve and two. She. And then all the fights there is right there. The training and the fight really more an actual so you know artery there like every single time. We get MMA guys call this shows is what's on you might recall by the wanted to play at the laundry list it. We're almost a week away from mobile base guy. All right so a you know on our legal entity you're the expert. Think why the microphone of the tools of ignorance just got to have a microphone and headphones. Yes yes yes you do. So all new to Red Sox real quick all along the starting rotation with the dual tolerance. Are wrong. What's gonna happen and Robert Reagor Arab world gears and you're right come back and so you have like six it's. So that's my first question would be beast artists are in Asia and the second question on the Red Sox would be. The looks like our match is gonna have to be more land and after Pretoria compact New Year's. And white art that you can't treated like art at this point and we want spot last rock. All together you get rock colts and you. Will Brock colts likely going to be either release their tray he's not going to be on. At least as of today he's now actively on the roster to change in the next room. Generally owners that bike that's four million dollars. Just. It's let's not my formally and on what happened was this fall below yeah phone literally sounded like Lima on. It's true it. I thought that was me Oslo and I like way to mark playing something I shouldn't be. And it here's my advice guy. Do not spend too much time worried about the back of the baseball team's rotation. You know why this nine 7%. Of Major League Baseball teams their their fifth starters stinks. That's the way that it works I did a radio show years ago with Kevin Kennedy. And and he he would play this as of people spend any and he managed apology and as a Red Sox but he. He always say people get so upset about the number five start they freak out. About who the number five starter is going to be. And it doesn't matter who's your your looking if it's long is Chris Sale is Marie. David Price doesn't sought and torsos bush. The Red Sox playoff. They are you in that it'll you've got a bunch guys that are either injured or they've got other baggage at on the back of the Red Sox rotation. But. That is not where the concern should be Palmer and it's his situation. He's gonna start the season on the disabled list. And then move the way it works in baseball in the of the disabled list you back hidden in a short period time be out. I don't believe to be that long and then the news came down today from Alex Cora. That that. If there's a chance now to less than 50% chance but there's a chance. That Rodriguez. Eduardo Rodriguez could start as the fourth. Star you can be the number four starter for the it's so. All work itself if you have a corner or over you're more than welcome to have a quarter. Arts Ben malware and you late nights. I thought he was gonna ask the reason I went to Z was some LeBron like one on one question that's what I fought Chris in Connecticut as. We never got there his phone blew up. You want to boom. Eight odd spot to be in an odd spot to be in we will get two bags. And we will do it. You know what you can and spiritual and I yep. Don't think people. Wait mark moaning and forty I want to make sure we get it doctored his jacket because you said a word of five minutes I don't know how to what's more he's smiling sit back to close works there's no glasses a restaurant and Paul axiom I don't have been affected it's an amazing that two extra X one who actually played this what you're with a clip Sissy sport are actually finally figuring it out to this would have been more often on this program if you guys made more sense I wouldn't have to into court wait Loney and Torre. Tend to make its fox Sports Radio WEEI and WEEI dot com.