Late Night - Bill Belichick canceling the rest of OTA's is not the Patriot Way; No buzz with Red Sox 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 2: Patrick Gilroy is not happy with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski skipping out on OTA's this week.'s Alex Reimer wrote that the Sox are struggling for attention with the Patriots and Celtics generating all the buzz.

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Where am your team is good people look for. Others as a bunch of hard. The idea of hope you don't. Training. There was never that was never in the worse it's just completely made it out. Patriots owner right there Robert Kraft dismissing the rumors that really exploded and took over. The airwaves I think it was last Friday and it all came to a bit of a crescendo early afternoon where the reports were coming in from trusted reporters left and right. And they all bought into this story that there was something imminent. Involving the patriots trading Rob Gronkowski Stacy teams the patriots PR guy who's been there forever and it's just awesome. Put out a statement. Dispelling all that saying no. That's not the truth this is just a rumor that got out of control we are not. Trading Rob Gronkowski and you heard the owner right there Robert Kraft today. I believe that the Fenway event echoing those sentiments saying that it's all hogwash in his words and the patriots are not. Going to trade Rob Gronkowski. And look this is really bit. There are unique offseason for the New England Patriots and for patriots fans and in just. Talking to you guys on late night over the course of the last four or five months since the end the Super Bowl and the way that thing ended and through all of the drama. That is taken place throughout this offseason to get to this point. And that drama to still be a Corey and for their still to be uncertainty. Surrounding. A team that has been. I mean they they have defined. What consistency and certainty is over the last 1516 years. And now they seem to be operating like the damn Cleveland Browns and the Oakland Raiders Nasrallah talk about do you guys Europe Sports Radio. WE yeah I it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy room for you guys at 6177797. 937 here with the guys until 2 o'clock in the morning and this is a problem. Because as you heard in the trending. In my opinion when Belichick dismissed. The rest of the guys for the rest of the week essentially giving them the week off. I don't know what his motivation is here you know he says that these guys have had a great OT experience over the last couple weeks any wanted to give them. Some more time off here. And I don't know this is selfishly motivated because Belichick wants it extended vacation if he's gonna go hit the cape. You know we saw pictures of Belichick walking around New York last week who all this drama was going down a fox ROL is Belichick with a smoke show girlfriend. In new York and now Belichick is giving his team the week off. And I don't know if he would do such a thing if Tom Brady were there and it brought were there. And really don't think he will. But here's the problem for 1516 years you got Tom Brady at the top of his game. Undoubtedly in my opinion. The single best player in the NFL forget about the best quarterback he is the best player the most valuable player in the NFL for one year so for next year and if Obama NFL. General manager and I'm not worried about the future of my franchise. I just want one guy for one year Tom Brady in my opinion has the most immediate and most drastic affect on w.s. Over anybody else in the NFL he's that good. But when you look at what's happening to this team right now to me reeks of a team losing their way and maybe I'm just overreacting here but if you. Give this team credit for everything they've preached over the last sixteen years if you give Tom Brady credit. For everything that he is said and the words that you said relating to his production on the field meaning when he talks about. Working harder than everybody else and participating in OTA's one other veterans do not and earning that parking spot that he used to take so much pride. Now all the sudden it's okay to miss those workouts. And it's okay not to lead by example to the young guys and new guys on the team. And does this have a direct affect on the way that Belichick handles the remainder of the roster meaning without Brady they are without rob there without element. A 100% and now that he's gonna miss the first four games what's the point of having an offensive mini camp essentially what's the point. When 80% of your offense isn't there. It makes no sense to me so this team reeks of a team that has lost its identity and lost its way. And how can you preached no days off the we'd you have in a sold how many teachers it's how many hats that became such. I catch phrase for this team and it was a catch phrase that meant something. This team that took pride. It out working their opponents. And you know throw all the quote unquote cheating scandals and everything else that's gone down here you think back to the game against the ravens a few years back where. What was it Tom Brady after the game said well you know maybe they should there in the playbook when the patriots took advantage of a few. Questionable plays but they weren't cheating plays they were questionable and Tom Brady took pride in that little G add that he gave. In post games and maybe they should go and learn the playbook well the reason why the patriots. We knew those plays and could take advantage of those situations was because they were more prepared. And their opponents. And they got that preparation. Through working hard when their opponents were not working hard for a rule book and you know figured out. You know that opportunity right there directly led to your win. Was because he showed up wrote years was because he worked his opponents and this year it seems to me that 41 years old coming off. A year we lost the Super Bowl the way that you did and now you lost branding cooks you last Danny Amendola. You're down element for the first four games you would think now more than ever. Tom Brady should be edit routier's or he would want to be in OTAs to develop that chemistry. Which his new receivers because he cannot rely solely on Rob Gronkowski through the first four games he cannot do that. And even went Edelman comes back would all like to believe that element is is gonna come back and be. The Julian element that we all know and love but the fact is this he's going to be 32 years old coming off missing an entire season with a catastrophic injury. So it's hard for me to sit here. And just assume the settlement is immediately going to return to form. So now would you do for the patriots. You would think that you get into camp and you start to out work you're opponents again. But to meet at this point a year and everything that I've heard and everything they've seen throughout this offseason. This reeks of a team that has just stopped hearing that they don't. Prioritize wins the way that they once did. They don't prioritize having that upper hand the way they once did they don't want you lose your conviction or don't know. Thank you for playing that cut rate there because. That's the question. Has Tom Brady lost his conviction. Has he lost that internal drive that was so much greater. Then everybody else's and if he has that's OK but he needs to be honest with this team and honest with the fans at 41 years old and five Super Bowls if he says enough I don't wanna put my body through it anymore. I don't wanna put my family through it anymore. That he owes it to his team to be honest with the team because his owner stepped up for him. Make no mistake about it. If this were a 100%. Bill Belichick show and bill Belichick's operation Tom Brady will be the one out there with the 49ers. Whether that's the right over the wrong move that is the move that Belichick wanted to make and Robert Kraft stepped in he stepped in because he trusted. And continues to trust Tom Brady. Tom says he wants to play Italy's 45 Kraft wanted to given that opportunity period. But now. The things that made Brady successful. His willingness to out work his opponents put in the time when other people were unwilling to put in the time. Not take days up in the offseason I'll work out train outs study. All of that starts and ends and OT guys and all that setting the example setting the tone for the young guys so they can quote unquote are in the patriot way. Well is this the first introduction to the patriot way for so many of these young guys the coming here they've heard so much about what the patriots are the way that they operate. What makes them different what separates them from the rest of the competition in the NFL. And suddenly this team a team that has the patriot way is taken days are taking weeks off. They're leaders aren't there they're leaders are talking through the media Brock is acted a fool when he is there it's something it's not right. What are we doing this or who booms or are we doing this. And as the patriots stand for get the job here as a patriots fans somebody that. Looks forward to the end of July and looks forward to these guys getting together knowing that. The team that I root for is going to be thirteen and 312 and four have an opportunity to host the AFC championship game which means have an opportunity to make yet another Super Bowl. Those are things that we all took for granted year after year after year but this year. Going into the season I have no idea how to feel. Because my team the team that I root for has decided they don't need to put the work in anymore. They've decided that the things that has separated them from everybody else. And that's not my opinion that's listening to prompt and that's listening to Tom and that's listening to crap and that was in the belly check. Talked and talked and talked at every opportunity over the years about no days off about a working your opponent about putting it in the detail work when nobody else wants to. It's about alienating your family. To be a better teammate. I've heard all these things and eat continue to play over and over and over again in my brain and I can't justify. Giving them credit over the last decade and a half for all those things and then this year washing away like it doesn't matter because this year. Wrong is decided that he doesn't need to work out routier's. Brady's decided he doesn't need to show up and now Bill Belichick has decided it's time for an extended summer vacation I don't get it and if your patriots fan. I think the Europe fraud if this doesn't bother you is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Ryan Patrick Gilroy we come back SE guys in the line we'll take your phone calls on the patriots continue what you're Celtics have LeBron conversation. Whatever LC guys got here with the guys until 2 o'clock in the morning with room for you it's 617 a 7797937. When you pay at this point is that of the of the career you're not really pay in based on what you've done. You're you're thinking about paid on projection first second third year of the contract that you get a 34 year deal something like that and you know is the player gonna be put going to be able to play out that contract and if if you give one of the highest contracts on the team to a player you do want that player to be the example. The ultimate patriot at their Tedy Bruschi. On ESPN today talking about the Rob Gronkowski situation as we got and we continued talk about what you guys at 6177797. 937 Ryan Patrick Gilroy this is late night you would you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning by me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. I'm hoops that it's just a frustrating situation for me you know removing myself. As a talk show host from the equation and just looking at it from the patriots fan perspective. It again you've got a couple of guys here especially summary I put a lot more weight and credence into what Brady goes over Brock but. Britney's dad it's always preached team first team first team first and now more than ever at his advanced stage with so many. New additions to this patriot roster losing. Brandon cooks losing Danny Amendola knowing that element is now facing the suspension and coming off a major surgery now more than ever. You be my hope that Tom Brady would continue to preach the patriot way and put team before self and get his team ready. For what should be. A great season. But because this team has not putting the work in now. Does that affect them come July August and September. When the season gets under way let's talk about it together at 6177797937. Back up to the phones we go let's go to Mike Mike's in north Providence might do next appearance Sports Radio WEI. I Patrick yet in I mean call me a fraud but I am I. Mean Tom knows exactly what he's Dolan. Crocker knows what you do on the plate because of being on the on and on the field and by the way. When when mandatory practices resume you know mandatory want you designate all mandatory they did they did. That it neighbor's home is close very clearly be. All these scenes. From all these younger guys is all that's come great greatest quarterback I bet on one of the all time great tight ends and they're gonna do did you. So they have they've been blowing smoke up our hospitalized fifteen years telling us that. These optional workouts and everything else that the patriots do to prepare for the season is what elevates them over the rest of the competition in the NFL does that. Just irrelevant is just smoke. I know I don't think it's irrelevant I think it's the simple fact that last year actually happened. Mary. The bad blood during the season rate the ending of this season how went down on this Super Bowl back at. But it may be these nations needed a long long vacation. Are you concerned about like that it happened and I get that I totally do and and as somebody who's in a worked for the same employer for a long time I get it sometimes things happen. And you need to take an extended break doesn't mean that you want it divorced from your employer but need to get away for a minute I get that. But when you look at where this team is now and you look at the question marks on the offensive side of the ball and I think that there are. Some some pretty significant question marks here we've outlined them you know you lose Amendola you lose cooks elements of big question mark after he comes back at from the suspension. If I'm Tom Brady and I don't know how he thinks but if I am Tom Brady. I would wanna be in there working with these young guys because we know how hard it is for Brady to to develop trust in new receiver so just knowing that might. That makes me uncomfortable that he's unwilling to do that to the point where apparently. Belichick sees it zero value in running an offensive camp this week without Brady and brought there. I mean honestly I won't be surprised if it Brady just you know hooks up with these guys. On his own when it's more convenient to him or ever considered equal but over here anyways yes Andy certainly put some of these guys but in particular. I think that this season. It date that Sony Michelle drafting that did this guy he's not being brought in here. Could be like late use like diablo last year and I think people have put the wrong idea about him like he's some little scat back. It's that it seems that would be problems and martial law and it just because he wasn't as vague as child doesn't he. That he's he's small back themselves. And I think that bill brought and then to be more kind of like the Terrel Davis you know to take some of the load. Off of the older quarterback if you want to get com police help the policies and and I think it. It's not that Condit did not gonna be thrown the ball but I think you're gonna see they might add that be in light. You know a top three running rushing offenses season. Condit you're doing and when that when they drafted him I found it interesting as well Mike endless appreciate the phone call at remember. When they drafted into his right around the same time that Brady was floating up the stories that. You know he might not come back next year I think it was the south Haller who was at this said. That Brady has not committed to playing next year that was right around draft time. And the patriots go out and you're right they draft somebody that if you read the scouting report he is. Much more of a dominant number one tight back then this team typically dress he's somebody that could really carry the load offensively. If he plays as he projects to play. Which way is sort of askew for the patriots it was a different from what they usually do when it comes to the running back position. And I couldn't help but think to myself well maybe they got this guy. In case. Just in case. There is no Tom Brady next year and they have to drastically changed their style of play. And be much more vague a running control type offense rather than it an explosive the throwing elephants. You know it would it be something that it is a total escape. For Bill Belichick to draft for that sort of need it when he's up against it and he's got that sort of need. He'll do that and be a shame and a and an absolute waste to aid to waste this kid's talent as a part down running as a part time running back. Or to share the position like that like a Dion Lewis it. You know it was Deon Lewis in and blunt is that sorted sharing that that position sharing that role I don't think that. That's what they envision for this kid and it it is ultimately what winds up happening that it's a waste of talent. Because. He is built to go out there. And be the primary running back for the majority of the game and you're right take the pressure off Tom Brady I'd adult Tom Brady's going to do. Like that so much I mean. I do think that Tom loves being the center of the offense of attention here. And we can't on the other hand stable you know Tom won't care so much if they. Cut down on his offensive responsibility. Because he's the team first guy and then. Have Tom not participate in the optional workouts. That's what made Brady in my opinion so different and so special you know if you follow what's happening. With Pittsburgh right now. Again the of their quarterback is 36 years old he's out of shape. In Roethlisberger and Roethlisberger for the umpteenth time in a row. Didn't show up for the optional workouts that's par for the course with a Roethlisberger and it's almost a non story. When he has to show up routier's it shows up for the mandatory stuff doesn't show up for the optional stuff. Ends last year remember there was a comparison between. Brady at his age and Roethlisberger five years younger and we look at the two. Roethlisberger looks ten years older he's fat he's out of shape he still rate quarterback but he's not nearly at the level that Tom Brady's. And the reasoning why as we get what panel this was but the reasoning why the game was Tom Brady simply out works him. Tom Brady's willing to put the work in in the offseason where Ben is not period and would rather take 67 months off. You know so sweet Beers and and hang out with the friends and then put the work in during the season and that's never been Brady's MO and because that wasn't Brady's MO. If you were going to be tight with Tom and be part of Tom's inner circle so you we're gonna be a Wes Welker to a Julian element. To Rob Gronkowski and anybody in that sort of circle of Brady trust you'll also had to be willing to put the worked in. The way the Brady's. And all of these guys went healthy. Were willing to come here in the offseason and work out you know we heard this year they were going to go back to. It was at Minnesota what works and how they go at some branch. And Bo van Montana it but I haven't seen it happen yet have you been there's been no video don't know nothing about it I think it's gonna be before the start of training camp or maybe at the end of this month is what I've seen I hope so I hope it happens because this team. Desperately needs in my opinion to put the work and by the way Tom Brady looks at me seated if disarm today on Twitter I'm sorry that there's something. Going on there too he's wearing like I loved his LT shirt something's celebrating. Brazilian Valentine's Day and he just looks totally me see the guy he's an amber has some sort of a sandwich Tom I know goes against your diet but. My god he he sold real thin but it is it that's besides the point in my opinion. When it comes down to this it is just a drastic change and a drastic escape from everything that's worked so well for the patriots and as somebody that in my in my day to day existence in my in my real job and my real life generally when something is working. You don't get away from it and with something is working at the highest level you do everything in your power. Not to change it. Not to get away from and may be some there's responsibility falls on craft and falls on Belichick and maybe I'm being a little bit too hard on Brady and on ground. But clearly. Clearly. There is a direct correlation between the patriots tremendous amounts of success that they've had over the last sixteen years and there are willingness to out work. And help think. They're opponent aunt and to live by their mantra of no days off. Otherwise I don't think. That would be the first thing the team to Belichick's brain. When he was talking leave screaming in the microphone after the patriots won their last Super Bowl you know that was the first day. They came to his mouth was no days off forty getting getting ready to get back to work. Have after having just won a suitable. If that's the way he's thinking then what the hell has changed. Since that day. Again is so un Belichick Ian you know he's given these guys a day off here in there absolutely yes. Especially like during a bye week during the season he's aptly known for that eleven come in to a couple of days of intense workouts then give them a long weekend he does that. Generally every year during their bye week but this is unprecedented. An opportunity to work with the young guys get him in there and really work him out have a good idea as to what he's got. And bella Chet dozens evaluate that and Belichick calls this thing off in. It's just there's too many questions and too few answers at this point and it is too drastic change. Too far escape from what's made this team so successful over the years for me to sit here and be comfortable with it and say like. I wish I could think the way that collared Mike North Providence. Because that would Maurice much at that point but. You got a guy that's doing things at his age that's never been done before so that's the first question is Brady. He continued to play at this elite level which clearly his team needs him to now more than ever. Absolutely they can't afford for Brady that it dad have a major slide back they need Brady to be Brady now more than ever and I think Tom those that. And if this thing is just a ploy for these guys to get the contract looking for. And shame on them yelled they're contractual situation. Especially pure grant. Has everything to do with production on the field and wins in a Bronx production on the field it's only relevant if this team is winning. You know 111213. Games and is competing in AFC championship games if brought those up their puts up incredible numbers at the tight end position but the patriots dropped the ball back to 88 what's the point. There's no. Wait to that it's insignificant. Tom Brady goes out there and take that step back it's that slide back. But the patriots still managed to go thirteen and 312 and four and he's looking for that two year extension. The team be much more willing to give it to him proving that they can still win without Tom Brady being as delete as he's been. But if he takes a slide back this year looking for that two year extension at 41 years old and he didn't show up OTAs and he didn't put the work in in the off season the way that he used historically as he he's only hurting himself. Because now he's giving Belichick and Kraft a reason not to give it to. He's not as committed the franchise as he once was. You know funny. As I guess and this is the way that my company paints me about the way that I paint myself. But I've always been and have been for a long time the best sales guy there and it means something to me and to them. And I had the lead by example and that's what we constantly drilled into me. Bill let me do whatever I want but when I'm in the office at the set a good example and I at the sort of show these guys that this is how you need to prepare. This is I need to behave this is how much you need to travel. This is. The way did you go out because even if they don't want to admit they always look up to the leader. And if my game slides backwards. They're gonna call the Oden. And I'm gonna be big egg rated on my performance and it's no different for these guys. You know as the leader of this football team Tom Brady's got a responsibility. To every 22 year old kid trying to make the team. That's over their routier's. To teach them the patriot way and to teach them that this patriot way as corny as it sounds it actually means something. And it works and you look at his rings and you look at his resume and then you look at him at 41 years all all out there in June when he doesn't have to be. Getting his new guys comfortable getting his new guys involved. Leading by example on the field. When he could be in Brazil with a supermodel wife that meant something in years past in this year were simply glossing over it. It's really to face to me and and it reeks of desperation from patriots fans. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy still room for you guys tonight at 6177797. And 937 we can back wanna talk about this column that. My friend Alex Roemer wrote today on the dot com essentially saying that no matter what the Red Sox do no matter how much they win. It's you know no avail they're not gonna get the credit they're not gonna get the attention they deserve because in this town. It's the Celtics and the patriots that are kings. And now the Red Sox they're distant third. I hope I agree but we'll talk about it next right here Sports Radio W. Yeah we're about 6% down as of as of today right over here. You know it's good question I think it's a lot of things and obviously there's a lot of competition in the markets. Celtics and Bruins patriots or do while so we're 6% down a total tickets sold. But we still sold 2.2 million tickets which itself on the movie on the margins and it's it's concerning for us just because we we were in an environment where we are selling out every single game. Now we're showing on about half the game. Sam Kennedy right there with that curtain Callahan from back in spring training and when you listen to him the refreshing part is the Red Sox. Are very aware of the challenges that they're up against specifically here in this market in this house. What's so drastically changed over the years of the fact that. The Red Sox used to be king of this town I mean this was a baseball town you can go back and listen to old episodes of the big show where this is all they talked about. And Douby frustrating as they Celtics fan growing up around here it would wouldn't matter what the Celtics were doing if they were a great team. A great team in the middle winter. Big show would still talk baseball the entire show because that's what you guys wanted to hear the Celtics were irrelevant the Bruins were irrelevant the patriots. As things continue to get better and better and better through the Bledsoe seasons. Eventually out of Parcells and into Belichick and into Brady they started to dominate as well it was sort of one a and one B with the Red Sox but now. The Red Sox have really fallen. Very four from there once lofty position. As the kings of Boston sports and you know Alex Roemer wrote about this today and W yeah I'd dot com and I think he nailed it any nailed it by using actual. Statistics so again this is not opinion based. What he wrote today it was statistical base it and that's that's what's so incredible about this your Red Sox are. The best team more one of the top two teams that'll baseball right now may have been for the majority of the seats. They've been an incredible story this year and Mary likable bunch much more so than they were in years past I think that. Alex Cora has had an incredible start in his tenure here and he is eight. Refreshing change a complete 180 from John Farrell. Ball to the players into the media. And there were plenty of fans that pointed to. Guys like John Ferrell is being the reason why the Red Sox are sort of just annoying in years past but this year they're not this year they are fun. They're energetic enthusiastic. That there. A group that you want to root for any other numbers erupt on nests in this year and ticket sales are starting to creep up. But they still don't dominate the conversation. Of the Celtics have been out for a couple weeks now and if you are very loyal listener to EI. I don't have to tell you. That Celtics talk and patriots stock have dominated the airwaves here and even tonight when I'm coming in to do my show prep on average in doing. Three of these late nights a week two of these and and a weakened shift and when I come in here and I do my prep you know what's gonna move the needle he if you guys and all the hosts do. It is and make a difference if you're on the air at 1 in the morning or one in the afternoon. If you talk right now Pete talks Celtics if you talk patriots it moves the needle people are legitimately interest it. In the NBA has done such a masterful job it's not just here in Boston here's what's so great but what the league has done. They've created a sensual the a twelve month news cycle. The NBA has staggered out there offseason events and the timing of the newbie here is such where there's always something big on the horizon. And if you're a fan of that sport there's always something to look forward to and always something to talk about look you're Celtics. Are any unique position because they played into late may early June. Let breezy wind to June and that brings you into the same month. That holds the NBA draft. It's a huge event for the NBA. And then immediately after the draft you wait a week injury to free agency and the argument could be made that free agency is more compelling than the regular season. Watching where these guys go and the shift in talent. From one team to the next depending on where major free agent signs that is compelling conversation and it's compelling for the NBA. And it's working for the NBA. And the NFL we all know they can dominate year round because they've done such a great job with the limited schedule. Right these guys only play the sixteen game schedule plus exhibition plus playoffs so each game is so meaningful so impact apple. Then that's something that you wanna talk about all year round you can't get enough. And I felt you can't get enough NFL games. The NFL is something that. You know you what we can have so to speak. And there's a shortage. Of NFL games sport for good reason by the way these guys could handle twenty games schedule liberty would get hurt. But you what we can have and it's human nature meanwhile the Red Sox are a great team this year they're very likable they're super compelling. Yet they don't move the needle yet. Yeah because you we had a as a player for me it was the first caller tonight. And he's a little. Over enthusiastic a little over eager and he's talking about. Potential playoff match ups can't do that yet they're still a hundred games to go like. There's still an eternity left in the season so you can't sit here and talk about potential playoff matchups. But meanwhile a Celtics season you go into that season next year you say to yourself what. Well Golden State's probably coming out of the west out of the Celtics magical Golden State in the entire mission for next year is going to be no different than the 2008 season. When the Celtics finally brought in Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen the entire mission that year. As John grandy said the mission statement is mission complete they. The whole year worked towards that one goal of getting to the NBA finals and winning a championship. Right that's what makes your Celtics sees it is going to be about that's what the patriots season is going to be about. That's why I I spent an hour talking about how disappointed I am the Brady and Barack and now Bellic check our blowing out ode to gates. Because there is one goal for a team like that and it's not to sneak into the playoffs it's not to have a good year it's not to be likable. One goal is to win a Super Bowl and that's it. Anything else is got to be considered a disappointment. Meanwhile the Red Sox have been different expectations mean for me and it's at this all season long because. All of their contractual situations. You have to have a sense of urgency with the Red Sox team unfortunately. With a 162 games it's very hard. To go into each and every game would that sense of urgency knowing you but I really matters especially when you're playing these abysmal teams like Detroit. And like Baltimore. These teams that are going nowhere the games themselves the individual games aren't that compelling. And that's always gonna be the struggle that Major League Baseball has they've got such a packed and loaded schedule it literally is half the calendar year. Just in regular season games alone. So baseball's gonna continue to have this challenge on its hands and tonight's game went nearly four hours I think it was 352. Against a team that's at nineteen wins. But that's a big commitment you go watch two NBA games and Panama time. So they play every night the games are still far too long and there's too many teams that aren't compelling. It's not a winning formula for today's day and age it's not a winning formula for. People my age now that's why baseball secondary problem is the fact that their average age of their average fan. In the last five years has increased from 52 years old the 57 years old. And it's rising rapidly. These guys are retiring. Baseball fans are aging outs and new young fans are watching in until baseball finds a way. To capture the young audience Roemer is gonna continue right pieces like this because it's not gonna get any better I'm 38 years old I work two jobs have two kids and a white. I cannot dedicate three to four hours a night six to seven nights a week to the Boston Red Sox do the best I can. But I can't dedicate the kind of time to my kids in my family well let alone Boston's baseball team Sports Radio WEEI it is late night stay tuned NBC Sports Radio comes up next. Then Kirk and Callahan that you guys at 5:30 this morning. I'll be back next week until then abide.