Late Night - Brandin Cooks says we wants to end his career as a Patriot will that happen? 11-22-17

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, November 23rd

Hour 2: Ben Maller talks about recent comments made my Brandin Cooks and how he wants to end his career as a Patriot and Ben gives his thoughts if this will happen. Ben also talks about Belichick hyping up the Dolphins even though they are awful. 


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The case he's late night speed slowly. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in a graveyard factor tonight pizza mister overnight Big Ben melt water. Let's get going in our league night on Sports Radio WEEI. The law of averages. Go up for the Boston Celtics is they go down tonight in Florida. And we will discuss as Brad Stevens downplay. Now playing the accomplishments of the the Celtics years in classic coach be put the Miami he able to get it done in South Florida. As the Celtics were in street and its sixteen and we are in the fair everywhere. Here late night bond. On WEEI. These Celtics were able to contain Hassan Whiteside blight. Not a great night defensively is the Miami Heat were able to get into the paint their guards were able to penetrate. Dragic and Dion Waiters leading the way combining those guys for guys for Miami 53 points. The heat. Winning inside getting into the paint scoring points and also won the rebounding battle it out rebounded the Celtics by. Eleven so in the big picture of the Celtics find themselves at sixteen in three and now they can start you know winning streak. With Orlando outcome we still have a much of home games come and appear. As we get through the Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving holiday. But a couple of a couple of thing was tiring Irving was not bad. In this game what he just wasn't super human. He wasn't super human. And that the Celtics had no one that was super human in this particular game and it was kind of a sluggish tonight is typical of how they played. Recently with these wins really fell behind big down eleven in the first quarter and and down by 1618. Points for a good chunk. Of this particular gators trading baskets. And so this came back in the fourth quarter saw a game or talk about the Seles comeback in the fourth quarter. Had a chance you were down by two. And then a couple of crazy circus shots. Being hit thereby. By Miami could wind particular. The the circuit shot that bounced off the top of the backboard. So the Celtics go down in the heat get the win and it's a zany wacky guy in the NBA his goals they also they lost. JD. To the Oklahoma City Thunder. San Antonio got run off the court by the New Orleans pelicans in the NBA and the cavaliers needed LeBron James to put up superhuman numbers in the fourth quarter these were 44 points. In and that the appear either that that stretch in the second half there was all the fourth quarter but the cavaliers ended up beating Brooklyn tonight. In the in the NBA are so low we'll get back to that in a moment who's full of things caught my attention here. And we will take your phone cause you will be part the number is 617. 7797. Night be the reset in and there's there's a line open field and Austin Texas at 37. 937. Last night we responded to. A listener he mailer that. Had asked me about Kyra you're tired prematurely carrier but I I of course took the bait because. Why not he was asking whether Kyra your mean I was going to. To be the MVP in the NBA of course it's only the they're not even the quarter pole. Of the NBA season but I was like OK I will buy will take debate and I believe what 5% if I remember correctly I think that's the number I came up with. For carrier ring the 5%. For him to be the MVP. And so so each week the the numbers come out. On the NFL MV. My guys over Obama. The guys to be the update and thoughts. My guy Jimmy Shapiro always hooked me up with these these numbers. And so I'm I'm perusing. The odds and it's really a two horse race year. For the MVP now the favorite. You know the favorite. It's not it's not Tom Brady not its course and wins. A course and winds disease is a listed as a seventeen to ten. Favorite. Of which translates the implied odds on that. Are that Carson when says he. 37%. Chance of winning the MVP award the NFL I remember we've only got what six games to go six weeks ago. In the NFL season but what are the odds say about. Tom Brady. Wide US. Tom Brady is listening. As a five to eight choice those are the the fractional laws. On Tom Brady. And so so he is. He is high up on the totem pole its its its neck in neck. Between. Carson wins and and Tom Brady back some. Some of these these offshore gambling sites actually have. Brady. I head of course but the the numbers are close. If you look at the stat line and you you're meteor guy reading stats off. On the radio you do not meet here. Yes you that's not something you the media I believe I believe that would be. The proper thing you do not want to hear artist of the falls I will read more about the patriots end. And someone that would really like the stick around and where the patriot uniform for a very long time but big story is the Celtics. And they go down let's go to nick. Who is next year on WEEI what's going on there. Can analyze that particular call. Yeah it's yeah for me. You know I didn't think that you know it is pointless to vote for them by news especially in a game made note in the other game. They play great they came Mondale lost they almost are a couple of little old I don't ship I think. One couple pick and that really led to the aisle are well I. Was just Jason Kidd and Jalen brown showing they are you. Thank you I think Jason Kidd blocked a couple of booster or play one really close down or court arms stretched. And it has Jalen brown. Long Tom Brady capped on the court outlawed rebel and out of bounds six. Therefore avoided you know the couple more experienced guys in there may be on acting the same token notepad and a blue or yeah. It's just fortunate. Well I think the flip side though and they accuse if you don't fall behind by eighteen points you don't have to have the helter skelter approach to get back in the game right you. The Celtics they did not play well in the in the first half of that game they were. There were lucky to get back in the game than they've been playing with fire for awhile now. Yeah but he got a knee eat your place on the road you get where we're at home if you fall line but on the road you're constantly fall behind by fifteen plus points. Eat ya a special you're gonna lose a bunch of those views. Well. Yeah vote victory for the public's attitude is they never gave the crowd. A chance to get out of the game crowd was always in the game they were. They are actually in the loud they don't forget the Celtics were. Big distraction that and I just think that a lot of things aren't confident and I early on but it the other 88 updated on but. It definitely. I and I think either guy. And I watched the game. I saw a lot of Celtics is that that big games in Miami before it's. Our heat fans really level I don't know I didn't and since it was back. That ridiculously loudly can actually impacted and maybe maybe mixed television with different in my television. And see when he saw that must've been different device that is what I saw that note the rounds like there's a lot of what you Wear white. Is it South Florida and there were a lot of people like I saw a lot of so it's a lot of green. Mixed in the crowd. Our attention more phone calls here in a moment if you would like to be part to gain the at the number. And here is 61777979. The reset and and also get at me on Twitter. And pat then Mallard. Our guy Chad. Eyes big pages than he's in Pittsfield Maine. He says I allow owed in drunk. What you've got Betty. Chad I'm I'm glad you boozing it up your honoring the the rich American tradition. Of consuming large quantities of alcohol the day before Thanksgiving and all I have is gas battery all I had these guys Joseph in Providence points of the grain Gruber of gap that's all idea. I have more nicknames that anyone in rate. I'm not better than anyone I don't make more money to anyone and radio but I have morning. He's one of these are from the overnight show I don't know how many reasons apply to who this way when a pop up here. On late night at the B guy. But I have been Colby spin master misinformation the banner a broadcaster. Some of sit on the Beethoven BS others play Miami curmudgeon of comic thirty chasm of sarcasm. These are a Z eighty the Dark Knight. Of weeknight. Sports Radio the mobile will be active. I was even called one point bay the brazen the king of seeing me. Beef that facetious fox he sultan of insult in. Be jumping Jack Weiss back inside overnight being made bobbled negativity sage of outrage the pinnacle of cynical the prince of imposter is. Professor propaganda. Is our hyperbole ended. The mad hatter. Of a sports debt. And that's at the only half of the nick. That's all there are more than. There are more than our but but before we get back before too is god knows that we must do that. This braving cook's story caught my pitch. A throwaway story for some but I was intrigued by now. If you miss this or maybe you were not paying attention because you know it's Thanksgiving and you were doing crap to get ready for Thanksgiving what your family here. Just gonna hang out of boozing it up what your body up in Maine. But but this is not. Apparently one and done situation at least braving cooks. Has his say here the issue is that he has been. Boom or bust hot and cold all those cliches that we use about guys that are inconsistent. We have big game against the raiders and he's he's had some 33 really good games is that budget games worries. Disappeared. Put his loving life. What the patriots and he said if given the option if given the option branding coach claims. That he is never. Going to Wear another uniform all there than the patriot Europe. And he he revealed itself when CBS he said the goal is to play the rest of my career here. Meeting in Foxborough. And did anyone on Sig god willing. But he also said he doesn't know the future holes. I'd so cells cells that warm and Fuzzy warm and Fuzzy very comforting. And reassuring. That brandy cooks is in his happy place playing for the patent so. So let's let's play the nose for dumbest in Miami distant relative of the great Nostradamus and he's sincere and predictor. Of things become in the future so let's kick this around. So talk about it now but the question. In all golfers but the question is what are the lives. That braving quotes actually play ease with the patriots and all the patriots. For the rest of isn't a poker knows I play for one other team. So what do you actual laws and our Ivan odds maker when I'm not doing radio. And and not being a chatterbox late at night I also set odds and and I will set the odds. A 2%. Writing a generous to 2%. You know I think realistic here's what I mean realist now my perspective on this. You've got the magic placebo. The initial infusion. Bubble gone. Know your boss there and. Direct deposit. And I go public all of those things he would how can someone wink. Magic placebo diesel engine bubble gum no your boss in direct deposit into one. Fines and find Laver and fest I will explain. Outs find out now eight braving cooks. Was on some shaky teams in the body raised in the NFL few years New Orleans was not exactly Camelot. And only played for this and yet they had Drew Brees and who's thrown resilient touchdown passes and that's great. But team gumbo. What to light weight we'll bring coach who's wearing suits you know. And so the poppies. The obviously years he is being anything. In the success showering in the success that the pages and had a void in get off to a great start but all they've been doing lately he's succeeding in. There's no better body spray no better deodorant. On the wings that this. Stretch with a patriots have figured things out defensively is still sort of two points. This dominance is the magic will see ball. It makes you feel better right there was nobody on the team not despite. Brandon cooks is played exactly ten games. Here with the patriots. And I imagine boomer boss and that does a plot that does what. British courts is like like it an old diesel inch LB sewage where you know EU turn on. And he got a little warmup. Yeah over. And the numbers overall are a for branding coach this year and it would we've. Talked a little bit by him yesterday you we are back talking about Brent goes but in the numbers have been pretty good with the patriots he's had some terrible performances were his pants and out loud and all that. Of yet there the three big games in three good games. For further for the pats here. But it's like even during games he takes a little while you're going. Andy's ends up despite that in consistency he's tied for fourth in the NFL receiving yards. And per game per game he's averaging almost eighty yards per game he's also third in yards per reception mentioned these. He's right there with we'll Fuller a couple of guys in net yards per reception now second part of this as we talk here on WEEI. If you follow the pages for awhile and Emeril assume the position that you have. You know the drill you know the for a everyone outside of Tom Brady is disposable. And will end their shelf life is limited. And once that expiration date comes you are going into the dumpster. You'll be going implant for some other random NFL team because. The the reality is in Britain which is no different. Did anyone else of respect usually younger and and so that gives a little more time what's kind of like bubbled up. But the way in these players that I bubble you mutual ball below few bubbles have some good members of the bubble. And that you spent about eight put him in a tissue when you put a trash. When you are no longer productive. For you cost too much money. Then you end up getting kicked away that's it yet out here no sympathy the none of that and as we know the drill. So my advice to Brandon cooks. Is to Knoll. Your boss right no your boss. The very fitting the very thing that you loved about the patriots is the re in. That he'll end up eventually play for another NFL but I actually he's got the youth on his size 24 years old. He's not even in the prime Brandon cooks in his in his athletic career best I've become for a couple years. So it is possible. To kick the can down the road for awhile and that that branding coach could be with the pats. For several years to come up the last thing the last thing if the patriots. Continue. To week which there's no reason to think that's not going to happen in braving quotes. It's better and better and becomes a bigger and bigger called. And what's going on here with the explosive plays and he becomes the guy solely the guy. Carry the offense big pass play. What do you think is going to happen. That you ought to be some kind of insider to figure this out this is not that complex rating quotes is going to take inventory. Of what the other top receivers in the NFL or make. And then admitted he's gonna he's gonna say it. I would like be paid as much is that why not. And the day of reckoning. Is going to come financially. And that will be the downfall but I could you sign a belief in the end of next season Brandon cooks. You would think. He he's going to want to get a new big giant that contract and he will then ask. Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick he's he'll say I would like a bigger direct deposit receipt and I check how much money's in mind. By bank account I would like to see a bigger not like to see some more zeros. And at that hornets. At that point the patriots were mind brand cooks about this thing called bookkeeping. And being counting. And and then it then will see them now the that the scenario here. To make a long. Along. Monologue even longer. Is it brain and coax is willing to take. Bull market. On his contract. Then. He could stay for a very long about it. He could outlast Bill Belichick I can outlast Bill Belichick in to be here for. Of rocket the wide receiver position. That's also my advice to people who work in broadcast. Like does a lot of competition there I've worked day in the passionate at a bit at the same. Scene on main. Over 93 years but there were some other radio stations and the advice I got user goes to just take if you take. Pennies on the dollar then you are very valuable to your employer if you actually get paid your worth. Then forget about course rule what are you worth Wright's parent and you're you're only worth what you can get paid is now works. As a much mucho dinero as you can get that's that's it. I believe that's that's act. You be knowing but I believe that's when that's. Art it's bad valor little late night on here on WEEI. As it is with tis the night before Thanksgiving things Thanksgiving eve. Which is he thing if you love wow this is the night for you and I am very disappointed. That we have not had any draw records. Call to show at least I could not that tell whether they were drunk Regina. I've not and I have pretty good Drucker radar. I've not heard so. If you would like to change that here's the number 617779. 7937. And you also Texas at 37. 937. And get me on. Twitter. And yet on Twitter there at bay matter my name M a LL ER if you do not know hottest band that. And you are illiterate and that do not to pay any attention to social media. I am good IE I do not need. So I am going to attempt to drag down a rabbit hole. On WEEI you're Mormon. Regarding. In erotic ball I'm going to attempt to go down that road we will have you'll die are going to have a wrong key. Eight wrong dean good time we will get it back. And we'll do. Jordan until late night with the mouth on Sports Radio WEEI. What better than late night to break down an erotic book on WEEI we will do that he had not a book review per say but we will. We will have quite detail which I I had not seen as I don't know. I'm usually pretty pretty on top of the stuff but but this one that slipped past the the goaltender. If you will so we'll get to act a erotic tale. Late night here on Thanksgiving eve put to the phones we go. And let's say hello to Joseph. My guy Joseph who happens to be in Providence and I believe is about to break one of my cardinal rules of holiday talk radio. I assure you about the break one of my key tenants. As a gas bag on the radio how dare you. Benjamin. Innocent iron for a very special. Thanksgiving Day call where we have Boston sports fans wool decide what we have to be thankful for. This year. Not you can't he can't do that I I I this is this drives me insane you can't this is not good radiology. That atrocities let's start with the cranberry sauce. Cranberry. In early Jones. This is like get nails on chalkboard you. The Boston Bruins then you know that that there on the side there in the peripheral. You know they contribute. You know when that not enough going on. You need to buy in now. So so episode that's your that's how you handle the Bruins there I think Tuukka Rask feels right now you think he he's having a good Thanksgiving. Mean he's enjoying himself right now yes. The duke it I think you could simply so Anton the golden vodka. From the locker most likely. Yeah I believe he might be drowning his sorrows here hoping to be traded somewhere else possibly yes and thinks. I I agree not looking to the mashed potatoes you know the Red Sox who matched it goes you know you're gonna get. You know I mean that's killing you to watch my honor and eighty times you know that an automated thing you know and the cricket. And then you have a pumpkin pie the Boston ultimately pumpkin pie I mean. Tom confided to swing condolences and it's just you know you gotta be thankful that any new ought to take Jason Tatum. And knew how to stay away from these other guys a full and Jackson and bawling Tatum and obviously the class in this class. But most importantly. You know to Turkey dinner and you know who's carbon Turkey it's no doubts. About its common with Turkey and top radio bottom plate for the people. I know two. You're exit so who's now at Thanksgiving is that doesn't someone bring. You the is that the fruit pie which no one eats right that's cute who's that. That's who bought ecology and that's the BC eagle okay that's the nobody wants that one these that no one touches it. And where we've senate homeland Norma. He Joseph here's the problem I determine you know you is to listen to alive overnight he knew me and her knee may be in awhile I no listen as much for whatever reason you like earlier job or whatever. I don't know what's going around. Liked I would recommend it yesterday the podcast I'd eat the rich you 00 well my annoying holiday radio. And you've just broken every one of those rules. That surely listen to and I also. Thoroughly enjoyed breaking all these rules. There you go have a good fiction that don't don't bug me you've already in the it's WEEI late night action here. And yeah I cannot stay in. The he leaves he talk show host disparity outpost none of this would happen at WE. Is I know. Management will not put up will not put up with a but there are other other elephants. Other radio stations and I I work at fox also and I know there are some people that have been guilty of this I tried as a public service to them. And to use the listener. I have I've said of Boise if you hear evergreen cookie cutter Thanksgiving topic radio. You know the host has done Oprah. You know the guy on the other side of the radio or the woman on the other side of the radio has done nothing. Right at the in the three and Joseph broke all of them. The Big Three are what what is sports are you thankful for he that was the whole premise of his call which is terrible. A who's who's the biggest Turkey in sports that's also a terrible. And then the one that also annoys v.s who would you like to invite to Thanksgiving dinner. It's just. As painful as it is I was really scary. Movies in New Hampshire and he is next on WEEI late night with. Hello. Well rounded person I've collar. Area wanted to talk here about what you're saying about branding goat him. I say. I may be rock artists like big utility that half million dollar. Contract next here are the way to the eagle is extension about it or he deal. Yeah he does that. He doesn't mean a half million next year but you you know oddly you know how these things work Gary. Yeah I think what they're gonna do that spirit would try to try to sign into an extension of that the you know in the off season this year and I repeal this very dull I bet they'll discover about the end of the you know of the Nazis would have that your. I don't rely on page perhaps the only. Well our bet they'll try to talk a little like a fifty dollars or a fifty million dollars aren't as well. Holbrooke three years. You know try to spread that out over three years and all of the like who or six or whatever bird you know or they're salaried. What I and also Gavin the two words you know these words that every player in sports grades when they hear these two words teen friendly. Right way when you say I'll give it a Contra was going to be a team friendly contract because that is code for. Work we're not gonna give you market value route is a good amount of money people you know you're playing four out of your plan for the lions of the pack. Actors or something like that you make more money. Absolutely in the pictured here affluent payments and act. Yeah well you don't CPU nobody and I Gary you're you're you know you're in the middle of a man you're in the middle of it. Are just are due to good listener. We'll. A lot of the play I enjoy it looks figures show. Number I really try to Benoit did I live out here and southwestern captured our look at the ought deputy water. Yeah no that's what CEO will only lobs. You know local yet yeah local affiliate yes locomotion of right and unfortunately they want to cut ignited Al all the time. Reality they they cut. I've been alive or every time editors. They'd pale at duke Roland that there hours. It annoyed because relatively rowand over the selfish or they're all part of the same time. Are all there is the answer did go to the app. You got you got to fall in your column the other for the gold gold are your computer you can listen if you want to do it that way the old fashioned way and reported it yes. And no there's nothing that radio stations love more than people to come play I mean says it's I've I've met a lot of programs are proud program riches and radio. And they all agree they love complaints they can't get an art well. What did that way and we stick out creed because exactly just goes almost the right when you into the hide under fire looked very good hockey very Oregon archer looked up. Ball. Statement. At first grader very solid you know there are in play got beat them and there were well out here are about. Would it is or else you would like to complain about Gary I grew any else no let's say. Are all out yet all right we aren't gonna play it and if you ever wanted to play on here Gary couple nights a week so feel free to call up into play all right yes aren't arc that I have a good Thanksgiving Day. My god dare you Jerry's gonna be the guy Thanksgiving that unit Turkey. Not the proper. That I liked a little more well done to our that put that Turkey's not that word's not good run that's that's my guy here. We'll do dry which sells the bullet that exactly right there is like yet and you know that's often. I like more of a corn based stuff. I don't think that's the problem with the issue and of course he's not the one that made the deal right then he's via its vetted then by the way. Oddly he's. Not the one that made to be religious that's their sneaks in there and yet Taylor mash and you know that you know economic thanks exactly. Exactly. I get our. At least he's. BC's. In place the mad placed him. It's about an hour late night here on dove VI night he's of this and if you tease something you must pay it off. You remember this goes back a few months back a few months in involves. Idea of Rob Gronkowski. I. Juror it was an erotic put you in this. Yeah it was like a self published a piece of erotic fiction. And it a lot of vote play in almost kicker stories in the news and those kind of amusing or it is his. It was some woman wrote this book it was a wrong thing to remember it was the name and was a self published book is available. All online. And there was a law suit. Because of this or did you hear what I was completely unaware of this and maybe nobody united know about it but there was this lawsuit regarding the book of what was what was the lawsuit was. Was it from gronkowski was in what was it about was was it from the publisher that was I don't know publish your self published. Well it was a a lawsuit this go to a federal appeals court. And the lawsuit was for an unnamed married couple. Who had claimed that their light to this photo. Was used even. But balked and at least is all about Leo woman's. Lost. Rob Gronkowski. And in this book big wrong thing to remember though the book was distributed as I said all that the places you can get. These self published books it is the biggest platform would be what that they can probably would excel but that's it. And this was it was was the first installment. Of B Rob Gronkowski rocket series now I have full disclosure. I have not that I've not paid attention I don't know if there is a another booked him honorably there has been. But anyway it'd be caught her art. The person that put this giving the author. Really just downloaded a photograph. That this guy found. On the web. And it happened to be of some. Random couple from Ohio. And it was taken at their engagement. And this guy's like gods take the photo and I will put it online. And I will not. I will not ask for permission I will not compensate them anyway figuring. How is some random couple from Ohio gonna find out that it no one's gonna read this book written some rock erotica book that was read as. He might buys a gag but he actually read the thing look at the pictures anyway. So the couple who we don't know other name is in the court papers they prescribe it Stratton is Jean and John row not know. Row that's generous so they sue right based food and and they say. Is that this particular photo being used that it was less than tasteful and his offense. And if you know anything about the way these lawsuits though you have to have some serious damage. To get any kind of money out of it because. If the the arguments that you like and don't damage nobody really read the book coming people solve this photo. Anyway the a federal appeals court this week. Ruled against turned down a lawsuit. By this unnamed married couples so there is the draw book. I just randomly taking photos off the Internet and additional lot to do. The the sixth circuit US Court of Appeals in this gronkowski story found that. Companies the that the companies involved you had no import. On the creation or the design of the cover of the book and therefore. The company's. We're not light. Over the of the vote. I guess you sue the person that actually put the book together bullet. I have no money so. No big deal to win in directly to win for wrong. Although I do not believe he was departed this and think he had any kind of financial. Financial stay in that particular piece of literature. I'm relatively company. In that are late night fun here on a WP guys cities thinks giving the the booze fest. Just starting to cranking. Right about now as we close in on the witching hour time now for the instant trivia. And here. This is where I don't pretend to be somebody just put it away Agassi in pretend to be some we have a but here it is despite a seventy million dollar contract. Including a twenty million dollar signing bonus ruling for the name over receiver. That hasn't gotten to a hundred yards receiving. In seventeen. Consecutive games. Despite the fact that he's currently fifth in the NFL in targets. So again if the trivia. This receivers gotta sit in the million dollar contract. That twenty million dollar signing bonus and yet has gone seventeen consecutive games without. 100 yard receiving performance in the NFL and he's fifth. In the NFL in targets that is the instead trivia the answer. Next. I imagine myself from four point women. This late at night in the locker room. Never once gone yeah. Just chilling out of body armor sport turn that's a moral late night which then Mallard fox Sports Radio WEEI. We'll get back applause all of course the payoff on the means trivia. Here it is again just. Franken on the radio despite a sit in the million dollar contract I gotta gotta twenty million dollar signing bonus willing for the name of the receiver. That has not. Gotten to a hundred yards receiving in seventeen. Consecutive games. And that's despite the fact he's currently fifth in the NFL and times targeted at the numbers have not been there. That's the question what's the answer. And though it's seated anywhere get it right. Says. That's now again O'Neal back to this guy loves Udoka and keeps them out of Beckham's there. Brandon Marshall on all these guys are hurt. Bad job by you we do have mark duper guest. By Fred. It has not that says that's a great 1980s reference. Irving Fryer if you go great former patriot. The correct answer none of those another win for me you did not get it right. The correct answer is dead is Bryant of the cowboys who you'll see on Thanksgiving. In that middle game of three NFL games on Turkey day the cowboys play in the LA chargers. And that that team you talk about hot mess. The Dallas Cowboys. And it Jack press guy who looked amazing. Last year. And east you start pulling away players around actress guy and he has been. Not only the quarterback he is being dreadful. And the cowboys needing him to rise up without. Ezekiel Elliott and he has done the opposite he's in full retreat mode at this point and that has to give the cowboy people applause. And Jerry Jones and whatnot because of the fact that. They thought easy franchise Corbett are you really a fringe as quarterback if you were only great when you're surrounded by great players. And that if you lose a couple of guys you then become. Below average. Bottom tier quarterback in the NFL. It's one of the things about Tom Brady is that the players have gone down around him players have changed in. The production. Has not the production has been consistently great buy has been better. As she's gone further and further into his career. I must go back to the phones and jealousy here who's next dollar rights. Let's Boyer. In Maine he's on WEI. A late night hello Blair. Or are there on the moon. And now or. That dates. Then I'll lawyers. Stayed up through the late night show on WZ I. Did for me I monitor. It would tell you look back at. You hollered at. For the Big Ben our show I stayed up for a for a late night on TV. You've been drinking Blair what's going along with you and you've not gotten into my. I'm heavily intoxicated and I'm going to be seven hours of talk radio. So that's writer now. The unit that late night. I hit 2 AM. So yeah orders from. Yes you'll be sleeping black as you remember I tell you go to bed before I come on the air for that to him shows that you'll watch. Can't do it and I get I have states did in dinner tomorrow. Site. What's odd things giving Blair oil that's what I'm finally that I need you sleep I'm I'm perfectly fine what what's on your Thanksgiving in my invited. Sorry they won't be anything anyways but now he can't. I notified made it to Maine like latter why you like me boy you talk to me a couple times a week I'm like your best friend. Here. So next year I can come to the Blair Thanksgiving and what's on the menu your Thanksgiving was your is your mom up preparing the meals it like an Internet. That's like to somebody else's. Oh somebody else that you can't buy would you Saddam like a long lost distant relative. You can sit at right and I oh hang out we'll talk sports will be wonderful. Yeah no I already tweeted you love. Actually if you vote wanted to be friends with you want footers I. Are you did buy out the candy for instance would you like follow people want to know there are no friends on Twitter Blair. There are only. I ask you to give my French Quarter and I followed you all here. OK see you gotta learn the language of Twitter these. Similar to the open yeah I know what's your mind when you recall about that I it's something amazing wanna says. I'm aware of that yes and in Nolan seems to care though Blair I I must admit I'm highly disappointed. Last week listen Tony Blair stopped listening last week I keep me what I'm really. Have been doing these parts and that the guys and last week I came in after the Celtics won a game and broke. And it was wall the wool sell the the joy. And and here I come here tonight in the Celtics lose to the Miami Heat. And typically in my career when the team loses there's more anger there's more angst. But. Tepid reaction I don't blame it on the Thanksgiving festivities that's what are blaming. Because I wanna say making it partied to hard they had like some kind of party that's what they're saying maybe blame it on. The night before that by the party but I don't think he did. I'm sure they'd party they're open to young guys in South Florida absolutely the Iraq have a good time. You only get to go to Miami a couple times a year you got to take advantage of it on the unaccompanied trip to South Florida. Those guys I'm I'm I'm I don't know 170 I assume that half the team was out. On South Beach hang out with them what are my callers we'd been hit before my overnight show. Have a great time. Yeah. This thing as I was saying to the post game show offers these ads then whatever. Are all the attention you're you are do you do Blair is just call random TV and radio rookie Q. So yeah you're Europe media whores what you war. Pete on the radio man. And let me put me on time on the top Republicans Taylor in the say it is we're not gonna go all the way to the playoffs without. Losing a bunch of more games don't lose anymore games but the rest of this season. No one's ever said that before again that's that's an original thought no one people assumed to sell this would win every single game the rest of listen to people. Two things I go to bed and I did not arrest in the overnight show I do and having won this thing if. Or deny you medical anymore yes. An aircraft to look at our door about an hour now we're not gonna we're not it's not like we're I mean any Arnold. I know I don't you don't hang up I know thank you. Are there he is Blair he'd just like to reams of call in radio and TV shows like when he's. You're listening asleep. He's is he having the erotic dreams like that rock book probably about probably. It's takes more phone calls why not that is what we do here on sports talk radio occasionally especially at night right big time guys and not do it that much. I know. In the morning. I listened to a group for Paramount. Kirk in Callahan got it'll take too many. It like for people on the field by people's religious that gap would each time it. But that's me it's many in bed you mean Ben Charleston. It's just a couple of guys you're holding them for keeping the lights on. At WE IR six point 77797. 937. We who takes more causes a line open for you it's 6177797. Nine the 37. Andy a former patriot continuing. To rot away. Get to that do.