Late Night - Can the Steelers beat the Patriots and prove they are the top team in the AFC? 12-13-17

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, December 14th

Hour 2: Ben Maller talks about Mike Tomlin trying to hype up the match up between the Patriots and the Steelers and how he tries to say that he wasn't over looking opponents when talking about the Patriots 2 weeks ago. Also Jermey Kerley blames a ghost for his positive drug test.  


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He's late night speech sleep. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard factor tonight pizza mister overnight dig then Mallard it. Let's get going out late night on Sports Radio WEEI. I. Round and round and rounds and as the shattered never ends in preparation for the game on site between the patriots. In Pittsburgh Steelers and Mike Tomlin. He is going fort Mike Tomlin not bashful at all. The life and times of the steeler coach. As he tried to walk back and then walked back in the it is comments he made to Tony Dungy couple weeks ago we will discuss. That. And more here as we yeah the night away. On be god will begin with the Celtics real quick because these Celtics back added after that horrific performance against the Chicago Bulls. When carrier Irving was not in line he returned. And continued. To light the world on fire 33 points. In the Celtics get past they pesky nugget team. 120 ward to 118 a season high point total. Or your Celtics as they were scoring early and often. In this game and not defense. For the Celtics in this in the need the Celtics all about the office in a season high. Field goal percentage shot just under sixty per say. We get that bounce back win. And game you're supposed to win when you plan the delegates who were at the end of a stretch. Of talk about it. A six games in ten days. The Denver Nuggets in Gordon Hayward. Is he is gonna come back I say now but there's some stories out there he talked to the media day about. He's come back out of the walking boot but he could be only temporarily because he could in a back in that. They're testing the waters. Testing the waters he's out of walking boot. But he's. By the way not supposed regularly and the game on Friday. That's the the with the word is he will be he will not be either the jazz are playing the Celtics on Friday. And I know many people in Utah law. Are curious will he show up will he be there at the sounds like he's now in view keep. On that now. Don't. Very good lead doing up there it'll lead and then we head over to steeler way and as these Steelers and patriots doing the preparations midweek preparations before. Their matchup on Sunday and might com. Waxing poetic. For several weeks and he has the patriots on his mind he does he has patriots and has yet. It is bizarre is what he was asked today specifically about that and topless attempted to dismiss. The very notion. That the Steelers were somehow looking ahead. To the hatred you. Let's go back of that that Sunday night interview the sit down with Tony Dungy when it was pretty obvious. From the audio that that's exactly what when was. Was doing. But if you've missed this latest development. You were outdoors so we're paying attention it is in that's far. It all began. On that Sunday night broadcast I think it was the Steelers in the packers'. That team couple weeks ago and will sit down. Was pre tape things would dungy. And and you're talking the steeler or patriot game came up. And Tomlin said there would be fireworks. All my daddy used the word fireworks and and at the time. Thomas said he was going to embrace the elephant in the room the elephant doing the patriots. And and he did use the term fireworks at the end any indicated. That. This game on Sunday with the patriots come at a Pittsburgh is going to be part one. Clearly insinuating. That these teams are gonna meet again there on a collision course. In the AFC championship. No that is not incorrect I think most would agree that if you look at the landscape in the AFC. That. Bob this year. These are the top two teams that Jacksonville's got a great defense but they've got Blake portals a quarterback. You look at the rest of the AFC. The chargers have been playing well. You trust them Kansas City still currently leading the AFC west they did beat the patriots they have beat the Eagles early in the year. But there's a lot of faith in Kansas. Soul or who else so these are the top two is a cup and who's not. And then to advance the story even more earlier. On Wednesday Mike Tomlin. He tried to sing a different tune. He tried to sing that do you sit at the media the evil media. And news we're evil like. I should the media manufactured. That story. Listen did this station alive do you think that was a manufactured. Story of course it was a manufacturer he said it. And he got to own that Tomlin. Does not saying this we say he's he does not think that he was looking ahead. Talking about the matchup on Sunday and. He did use the term. Part one. And he said that he thinks he was he was stating the obvious. When answering. A question. And then he lectured. The media saying quote it's a ridiculous two goals set in not to acknowledge. That the road to the Super Bowl goes through the patriots. Tom Brady. And they'll vote so that was the opining. Of Mike Tomlin now this is clearly the opposite. Of the bill Belichick's casually to call last hour was the first that we talked. Who was very upset by the claim that Tomlin was trying to show these different. In Bill Belichick wanna discuss it with you right. I the question. Which of these approaches do you enjoy more. For a big game and I realize that you had the Bill Belichick experience. Were pretty much to forty years the better part of forty years. Around these parts but between bella checked were Tomlin. Which approach do you enjoy more no I prefer I'll go first you're in you can chime in with. I prefer the steeler approach I liked what Tomlin had this. What an Alitalia my perspective as you you've got the boy's body played honesty and then you've also got reality. Mix it. And all link all these things together and out the the first thing. Is. Understated. Bill Belichick is from the old school right that. I understand. I get and in Belichick treats. Any possible distraction. Minorities. Attention. Circus environment that his public position is always been this is electable Bonnie. And I do not need it's unbelievable coach most. Exactly that's his public position. That's far. I'm a talk show host. My public position. Is I feel like it's it's terrible I need to I need these indictment I live in the currency. All circuits distraction noise tease. Attention. These are not that things this is not the will body play. The reality. Is this. That the the bulletin board I hear guys what I wanna talk about my position on hype regain. I get the bulletin board. Lunatics that come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. An idea started yelling at me. This outdated which. Are you don't want to say anything gonna end up on the bulletin board. Now that the first thing notables and forties. No one looks these okay. I've been fortunate enough. And lucky enough being in the media business and I've been in a number of professional locker rooms. Over the course of my time in the media business and I don't recall ever seeing any player. Looking at said bulletin board. And they have both have been NBA locker room football locker room has baseball locker rooms they. Mostly baseball with the bulletin boards with a put of memos it's mostly just memos from. The league office on what is allowed and what's not allowed depending on which draconian rules. That that they come up with but I I cannot ever remember seeing any player. Looking at what was on the bulletin ports of this idea. That if someone. Whether it's a coach your players says some kind of inflammatory thing. And this wasn't even that inflammatory. That this is going to be the end and they're gonna lose because of that it's it's outdated. We have these things called I don't know if you're familiar with the I think you want you probably on the right now Twitter instant grave social media. The thought that this is going to ignite a better performance. I just I don't acted this enraged team's gonna become running out of the locker or the patriots somehow because Mike Tomlin. Made these comments. About it seems look at that that this patriot team is going to. Come out of the locker room before the game and Joss rolled through. The Steelers because of that it's an antiquated way of looking. I. We know what's on the line. You know what I know what everybody knows the patriot. And steeler game is essentially for home field advantage barring a rat fall against a doormat. At the end of the year everyone's aware that there are no state secrets here. No need to beat around the bush is it just talk about it's fine. Now part B of days. Another east of applause. Eased where. The in the pecking order a football you war. And the patriots because of the fact that they want to suborn they've been on the doorstep if not winning every year for like the past twenty years have been right there hovering around. They are the hard pick right you get the hunted and the hunter. And in the patriots are the ones being hunted the Steelers of hunter. In this situation and that's the reality that does not acting this discount the way it is right and Mike Tomlin. He also use some rather odd food analogies. Earlier in the week the steeler coach. He said. It's good to be in the kitchen. It's good to be any kitchen and unity against Pittsburgh the kitchen. Well we haven't I let's play the brother just so you know I'm not lying here is Mike Tomlin using an odd kitchen related analogy so that your statement we are excited. About being an. Kitchen if you will you know is good to be indicates indicates it's in Pittsburgh PA this week in the National Football League. And and it has field and that's what you wanna be in ability some. Yeah are well that's that's just what does that mean that he's the master chef. If he's in the kitchen to me at the where one of those big shift pats. When he's on the sidelines. Know what kind of shaft is Mike Conley going to be against the the pages because. If it's just the product like I'm I'm not to talk about the height like you you can have the greatest quote great chef in the world. But it can't be on TV if they don't have any any personality like that but Tomlin. Is he gonna be the chef that doesn't know how to use the kitchen timer. And then that nice casserole that he's spoken up in the Steelers oven burns. And no one gets the better because he didn't set the timer the right way and cooked it for too long. My that's my own food. Analogy to a meanwhile. Here's another waiter. To the hype. For this particular game and an and then involves the most valuable player award in spite back to back. Questionable performances by Tom Brady. He has been and not break. But regardless of that. Tom Brady is still the leader for the most valuable player award. In the NF. Now I know it's a bit of a boondoggle to spend too much time talking about this but I found this part of an interest. Because there is a groundswell. Of support. That the guy that is the MVP in the NFL this year should not be a quarterback. That the pundits and some of the knowledgeable people the so called pigskin gurus. Have determined. That the MVP is actually eight not a quarterback and he happens to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And not talk about Levy on bell there's a case that is being made. Four and hole real good round. To be an MBP I I don't have Melissa from I don't believe there's ever been a receiver. That is one the most viable player were a member Jerry Rice finished second. Back in the bronze age of the NFL Jerry Rice was second. In the MVP voting in five I'm accurately by him. On that and it brought to an amazing year he's had an amazing year you leads the NFL in big pass plays. Wild longshot. And he's he's played really well Eddie he should have a good game I would think against the Patriots defense this weekend. But he's a big of a wide receiver. The most valuable player. That's its candlelight giving a relief pitcher the Cy Young I it has happened right there have been Cy Young winners in baseball. That were relief pitchers. What is really. Really the way to go. You can make it compelling argument. That in spite of the success Antonio Brown has had the reality is it even on the Steelers team we look at this matchup. And I know you have got I know you have that they're essentially the top player on the Steelers isn't even Antonio Bryant's Levy on battle. That brown is number two. On that list so you gotta give the number two guy a team the most valuable player he's not gonna win the MVP I know makes for some good conversation. Some good chatter. On television. And some of these talking as a son Jason whitlock is one of the guys that got on this and was trying to spread that movement. Button I'm gonna go to no one. That Antonio Brown will not be a pioneer. For wide receivers winning the most valuable player. It would we have had a kicker right back get back in the day we believe the Redskins won the the most vital player. Board would. Not. 1982 we did in 1982 very about it. Ben well what do you think producer Ben what do you think about this he who any chance that he receiver wins the MVP award I don't think there's any chance. It's like it's like a Heisman you know it's if you're the top quarterback it's more often than not gonna go to the quarterback. Unless the running back has some real stats like their Sanders back then yeah I I completely agree I totally agree and and if Tom Brady goes up and has a huge game which he typically has had against the Steelers defense. Then this conversation will fade away into darkness. And that will be that. Just Pia pimple. A pimple on your behind. And you'll you'll forget about it aren't you worried part of this the number 6177797. 937. And you can beyond their BE guy it's late this is insomniac territory. We are creatures of the need of the night's. We we haunt in school Q these is how we but not we really spooky and actually doing that but we are here. We are hearing out if you'll be part of it again there's a line open for use 617779793. Seve and also hit me up on Twitter. At Bain man our ad and now there if you would like to be part of the festivities and we mentioned spooky we've mentioned all that that we will have a a story in that in that related to that we'll get that and a little bit as well as follows those might who's in Colorado. And he's listened the guy and he is on the idea what's going all my. See your parents repeated her. I beat this is boardwalk might. We get access for all four walked Bobble we try to do the boardwalk Bob back quack quack. I don't know what you need to do we need to quit on collier Ali. The cities you're lien on your clippers near Dodgers need to come over to the greats. Yeah needed to bite coast. If you don't chilling to patriots. So why if fly if I have blind allegiance of the patriots then I will I will have ghost that rule. Visit me is what he I look smoky room. The patriots this X. What are you eating its loan and one. Shoe about what you are in Colorado what are you smoking. It. Probably better certainly more. Well Iowa in my in my overnight producers though coop he knows where the good stuff. I just heard read. Or. That's a week of listening a long time you remember boardwalk Bob. That's it I've achieved here that's a long time. I want whatever. I assume he passed away but that yeah he he was quite the cared that this guy boardwalk Bob for Marilyn he's Tacoma over a show. For those listening WW EI who have no idea what might think Colorado is talking about at boardwalk Bob would religiously call the show. He never learn how to pronounce my name he thought I was a Mallard duck. And and yet it was just fascinating just just marvelous. Are able. It is Wednesday night. Are going thank you ever wants to say oh it would wants to be my. It's so nice. Oh well we'll get back to it. And this is a theme here ghosts goblins and all that. I have heard some fabulous. Wonderful. Explanations. For. Different things that have taken place in the sports world that was wishing his tawdry. But I believe I have now heard. The single greatest alibi. In the history. Of my watch keeping track of sports. Or someone that did this not been seen as a full Paul. And their explanation as to how this took place. Is wonderful. And we will get to that will do it. Talk all Boston sports with Dan dollar bond late night. Yeah. Fake excuses you've pulled. Ball tails back in the day right maybe you're still telling falters details you've given some poor excuses. You try to explain things in. Enlightened people and hasn't worked out for you right involved dog that won't cover up action. The fish story I believe it's called we've been there we've been down that road well. I bring this up because. I feel like I've now heard that the single greatest excuse. That you could have for a misstep. In life and it is just absolutely marvelous. It's just wonderful now it involves a New York Jets player Jeremy curl. Now did you hear about his Jeremy Curley was placed on the roster. Exception ways he served four games he got suspended. For a violation. Of performance enhancing drugs he was using. Some TS and PE peace he was dabbling. In the thing he was not supposed to be dabbling in the and he got caught so. They asked Jeremy currently. The New York media said what the hell up. Filming it what happened how did they tainted supplement. Getting your sister. Well here's what Jeremy Curley said. To the media coverage. Quote. I don't know I don't know a lot of ghosts around here. Ghost putter did. You know the ghost of Christmas past. End quote. Room. Jeremy crew. That's right the ghost of Christmas past. Rate. So when I have a bad segment I'm just gonna say it was not my fault it was the ghost they dated. It's should blame. On blame the presence the spirit the evil spirits. That was making an appearance here that that's the one. That's that is the take. You've got tainted urine it has to be because of a ghost. It's gotta be that's a super natural. Bald guy. Like that's aren't purely part of the show the number. And as a line open for you you can be part of his 61777979. And you can join the festivities year. The ruptured Dell contract extension. Which is is done again announce he's going to be the commissioner via well despite the push back for medi. Were hoping that would not be the case. What are we odd. Plot twist to this. Involves. Jerry Jones. Because Jerry Jerry Jones is the one leading the campaign to get. Roger Goodell kicked out of office if you would not not have his contract extension and instead he fought hard. At least that was the public. Perception that Jerry Jones who's trying to block. Roger Goodell from continuing and so the NFL has some meetings going on right now. And you talk about doing a 180. You talk about going the opposite direction Jerry Jones here's what he said on Roger Goodell quote. He does love this league there's no question about that he said of the commissioner. Jerry Jones stating that. And he's good for this league. That's that's not a quote from two years ago or three years ago that's a quote from a few hours ago. Rob Shirley Jones. Who was trying to make sure he was not the commissioner of the NFL going forward. Jones continued. He said quote you can have a nice long conversation about the power of the commissioner. Interest being. Interest that's that's room. Jerry Jones return so like he's he's all it. He's all in these that there raji those inspector he's all about he's he's good too good to go. As they said that's a go to the phones right now. And oh boy. He's back we go to Maine. And boy mayor in Maine is on WEEI. Hello Blair. I'm not snore do I sound like I'm snoring. Now and I do own my doubts are so out of grade I always thought I. What's your dog hosted dog are you a good mood you're in a rude mood last time I thought I get a better mood today Blair. What what's your dog's name printed spread Ottawa breaking news from you what's your dog's name. See you dog's name Murphy. Cut dog is. You dog's name Murphy's law. That's that's what I give them that's my password on Yahoo!. Oh good what's your credit card password you can use that you're you're hot ATM passwords. Oh. I'm you don't hold throughput on the. You are no one's listening you can tell you Fred bed please. No it's okay. You know it's rivalry. We live on the radio right now they're actually people listening to this later. Yeah yeah. Mine moved better we better make you good that we don't know what is the sun. Still whining. Come on my house by eight straight through my eyes so I try to weigh the potential might breaking news was. That and talking on. Got on through. A gate I have not been a break the isolate drive laid back I shoveled snow right yeah shovels no. You're usually able to shovel it and there's no I think it's very important turn into ice. Brandon I. Haven't got away what do you guys black. Why you stay in your house you know anywhere to go where to stay home the go outside about that. Yeah when it's fourteen. Well what do you do its fourteen degrees and actually getting to stay stay home to mention the years on you're good enough and worry about Solis and the radio. Yeah went there is a district 32 player and I had to shovel ice. Well it's it's. Hard hit parade. What we expect well I know your I know you from Southern California but you've lived in Maine now long enough but what were you expecting do you think it's like ninety degrees in Maine in December oh you what were you thinking was gonna be there when you showed up. Why do a lot of what was coming and I knew I had a shovel you know but I wasn't expecting this shovel I. They cannot ice then yeah. What what do you what do you want me to do about it but what can I do to help you play you'll be come over and help you Largo breaks and myself we were. Heartbreak and how it. I'm very strong I'm a gas bags of blow on the that would that would do way. Yep and not do it but Torricelli is a column on YouTube did deep volatility toy. I sounds like not today at sounds ago really get a now he should get lots of fire and put fire all around there's nothing wrong would happen would that. That's. No it is so bad. So glad not learned years you have nothing sports ruling which is fun I'm not against them at all oh now we're gonna get to the sports part of that and a three minutes into the call now we're gonna get to the sports for Blair is that how this works. And our the thing I like you say my full name that's proper respect you're like a poor man's mark the four main guy that calls my overnight showed that boot. You know all I. I love you Matt you're the bad. All look at that you're such a good mood last time we spoke I felt like we had a we had a rift Blair but now we've made up and it's just might just absolutely marvelous. I've had a horrible. Maybe week. They did not even that. That's most now are you do that you're not you're not fond of the weathered me and I got the very articulate what I got again. I gotta get away from you what they deploy to. Taking part in it yet GDT. I. What's the guys. Out Alter or what's his name what's the guys name what's the guy's name on tour. So what's his first name. You don't even know his first day get called up you want the Red Sox get a feeling in those first name the guy's been a stock for five years. Okay but here's been a start when you get home. What's his name what's the guy's name you wanna see the Red Sox yet. Who's he I don't know who he ends. Okay well at the back. Which I know I'm so bad. All right if you don't don't don't you know you need to let go outside put a big jacket I go outside in stare at the ice. That's thank you acknowledge god I am objective and yet you give you a migraine headache I must you know thank you. In the atlas and Manny Machado certainly not a household name right now I've c'mon he's only been an all star did a good place. Why would the Red Sox wanna get a player like many of the job he's he's. I realize there's some bad blood between him and Dustin Pedroia put on now of course. Course you might get him. And that would be a wonderful addition it. Dumb browsed he can leave Orlando or by the end of the year yet on via trade with the Red Sox. Many of which I don't sign. JD Martinez that would be wonderful. Who who who would push back against that. No this is no one would push back against that those two. Dynamic offensive players that would work out very well is it Erin judge. Is it John Carlos name Null but there there could. And both of them would hit very well at Fenway Park everyone hits while it that way so it's not that's not an issue. I took them out there and you we are locked in here a late night and if you have any suggestions on how to help blare out. Media. Of being in the can pick him up and take. Them somewhere. You're more than welcome time now for the instant trivia another again just a way to get you to listen a few minutes longer. That's why we do this we call these contribute here it is since 2000. Reggie Bush. And Blaine have the most games. Where they rushing and receiving touchdown. In the NFL going all the way back to the year 2000. Maine that's a long time ago. Since the year 2000 Reggie Bush and blank. Have the most gains would be rushing and receiving touchdown. That is the instant trivia the answer and more your phone calls. Next Jordan to until late night with an hour on Sports Radio WEP. Go back and calls it a moment but first time now for the answer to the instant trivia again in blatant attempt to get to listen living longer years. Who the show and here's the quest here's the question since 2000. Reggie Bush and blank have the most games were they rushing and receiving touchdown that is the is surely the answer right about now. Similar guesses cumin and Adam. Is going with Laurence Maroney. Has the answer we who else do we have your Marcus Allen guessed by Steve. Via the legendary Mary in box. From Mac. Who's listening on the WE I had. In San Diego Jeanne who's when my overnight guys and he's going with LaDainian Tomlinson. This is as it was not that's just a legitimate answer from gene I'd be corrected itself. How crazy is this. Since 2000 Reggie Bush and the answer we were looking for. Amman green. From the Green Bay Packers back in the very early 2000 that he eat he was out of the NFL I wanna say by. Around twenty old for. Some like that and spit balled. But that's the answer was Ahman Green. Oh formerly of the Green Bay Packers. Back in the back in the that's that's networks all right I've I've upset Ryan in Rhode Island he's very upset with me. And he would like to complain about something Ryan what's going on here on WEEI welcome. Or I'm not totally out you know they're all made it McDonnell. So the arc down. Lot alike on many Mattel's a good baseball player would you want a good baseball player on the Red Sox. Aren't. It's not like that it's not like it's not like the Red Sox can afford to. Pay him. Are you sort out. Yeah he's he's open to playing shortstop. Well yeah yeah that's those are not voting you're Bogart. Trade. We've got to pick on oh god oh god is in on the group harmony is you don't hurt our retreat and Scott or hate it you know. But there's always. Yeah right that's how you look at him but but see that there's. That's the way that it works you know this stuff and that there are GMs out there that are is gonna say. If he puts on my uniform you will no longer be an under achiever and he gets away from the Red Sox and in some small town. You'll turn out to be in a 2530. On Iraq. Local art out totally with you walk out ought. But I but shuttle's thirty studios thirty off the scenario but that it big hop back and unity Martinez. And that that's coming out of me all I've got a lot of guys who are you got backed up all got you're talking about well rock failed African man art made. And it fired on it I mean right now people are all the doubt though about when those guys are close shop pretty sure I gotta keep it operating got to open it. Or art World Series yet be yet. You have I we disagree I devers is he's looks like a good offensive well I don't know if you can play defense. And my part I don't know what you need that left handed bat though you know. Yeah I'm not a big Hoss moved he's like and these are easing the way it's not a headline. A costly too much money or it is trying to get them out he. Number out yet. I either get down at all the pre cut their vote you are yet and I are all. Got Ort quiet yeah I do them in the pac is on the prosperity came out that that not happen. I don't think you should out of these should have a right. JD Martinez thanks to the current. A lot of sense adding that would be a wonderful town ordered to the Yankees getting. John Carlos Natan PP's. Up or name is John Carlos at that EA going to be portal is Judy Martinez is gonna get. A just a Brinks truck load of bodies is going to be in endless amount as far as which autos and month. Have the Red Sox ever approached things and they did have ABA approach things with fear but. If I know there's the bad blood between him and Pedroia last year and all that but. Guess 25 years old. And he's at 35 home run guy and even last year he he didn't hit the ball particularly well he still had 95. Runs batted in and he was like it to sixty hitter for the Orioles last year. If if Baltimore. Is is dumb enough to trade him which it appears they're looking into. I would advise them not to treat me team China to hold on to mentally trade deadline. And then try to get a hole from some desperate team but if that's not the case if the Orioles are gonna trade him. You do that you don't for two reasons you deal because he's good player of the deal for him because he's good players and in. The other thing is the fact that you keep him away at least for a year. Conceivably from the the Yankees. So our rights Ben now or late night here. On WE EE IB patriots in the Steelers matchup every one. Yapping about we can't get too far removed. From the patriots. And these dealers this week in and build up the height. The hyperbole. As they say that particular match and I love these slicing up the breaking down the so called football gurus. That have it all figured out of it all figured out and they have they've done the film study. And they know exactly what to attack and then when the game starts. Typically the complete opposite. That happens that's generally how this. This works the best laid plans. Of the the so called experts. Projecting ahead. And what's gonna happen in my tobacco phones and Dave in Dorchester is next year and WEEI what's going on de gras would mean bank what's up. They've got houses on I admit I missed the union Tribune out slaughtered on the proposal was sitcom without Darren Sproles. God knows Ahman Green actually member Ahman Green from the Packers in the early 2000. Are okay. OK Tom. Any idea and I I need an early Betty urged the panic but this week on the app patriots steal at. Yeah well. I am not pay an ally have a handicap be deviate put mine might need your reaction. Just looking at the point spread is when the patriots. Coming off a loss. IA that's it that's a pretty good spot. With the patriots and corner. To order halfway I had a tough week last week. Yeah I did I've had a I've had a bad couple weeks myself or see yours here you're you're not alone. In that particular category of the big the game opened up. New England favored by two and a half it's it's about three now they're favored by a field goal I don't love road favorites. I alone wrote there is but I think that's the right citing the patriots win the game. And and so the question is do they call over the three points. With gronkowski back. I if I bet on the game I would bet on the pages I I don't trust Pittsburgh made. They seem like a fraudulent tee even with the Brady having his problems last two weeks I would still bet on the patriots as opposed to the to the Steelers. I thought I may have and I I appreciate that. Not right and RB and house me I'm just telling you in look more the game with just judge him by the point spread that's. That's the direction I would go. As it's it's gone up half a point Agassi with the the money. Post follow the money. And that winning dowel when I'm. Some bit of degenerate sounds like David Dorchester is also. Boy I'm looking any game I always a wanna follow the morning there's too much money on one side of the game. Then I try to go the other way and if I like aside on the game and the money's the other direction. Then I like you more like I give you the I have via the early numbers. On official. From from the gambling in Nevada. And right now the money is 60%. In favor of the Steelers. 40%. On the patriots that's actually a good thing. That's you you wanna be on the side of the book because the bookie. The guy that says the line in the opening line. They make more money if the team where there's less money bet on them wins and it's kind of obviously it's simple mathematics and you don't have to use Mallard math. The figure output of 60% of the bets is on the Steelers. And then the patriots win than the you know it's it's simple in terms it isn't quite where exactly alike is pitchers look about an extra 20%. Profit. But somebody's NFL games and the like are giving him the titans are playing. Of the 49ers this weekend like who cares about that. That's 71%. In favor of the Tennessee Titans which seems kind of silly because they're on the road and Mario is a terrible quarterback. The cowboys are. I'm historically so of the of the money right now I'm in that game against the raiders that is an overwhelming amount. In favor of the cowboys and that random. NFL matchup if you would like to be part the number 617779. Seve in 93 savage. And you can be part of the festivities and I. I hope David Dorchester still listing because is the news flash actually tomorrow. My overnight show I will not to be doing the Benny vs the path and not be there. Summing up between out. Might NFL picks opted out Friday we got double barrel actually. On a Saturday. It's no college football the bowl season starting thoughtful policy get to win football games on a Saturday. The bears and lions in the charged the chiefs. Kicking off the NFL actually the F are we can kicks off one on Thursday is anyone gonna be watching the bronco colts game. Bill that is city. You know if I don't know nor is you be watching that can you know I don't know if you be watching that game NBC. To hype the game up they're bringing back the mad and can't. I you're trying to convince people to watch. Because hey you can see the Madden camera. Okay that's be to write him checked out that's that's exactly what I would. I'm a Lotto. Web chatter but not a lot of action coming out of the winter meetings in the Orlando area. Is Disney actually gonna happen this doesn't go that much longer here. And as they have these have to be some some big moves that we've made a few minor trades that took place but the Red Sox. Have been very quiet on what they've actually done there's some some rumors out there. And there's some that seemed to be convinced they know exactly where the Red Sox are going to go who they're going to add. But so far not. So far nothing we will talk about that and what they've done brows ski is up to. As the Red Sox look to improve. Their standing in the American League east we'll get to that and will do next.