Late Night - If the Celtics strikeout on Marcus Smart, would you sign IT? Recapping Blind Mike's appearance on Late Night 7-12-18

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Thursday, July 12th
Hour 2: Patrick Gilroy discusses Celtics options if they can't sign Marcus Smart. Gilroy also reacts to his show last night with Blind Mike.

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Any headaches not today instead he might not speak to you again to do a little upset with how things played out can you do it. You know that's the hard part of the job from the tips that. You know it was noted there's a lot of healing can go wrong. These types of things happens by demonstrated by so I understand. Just know how much hello Wednesday its street didn't. Our number two. Late night raid your Sports Radio WEEI. Number to join me here 61777979237. Detects the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Aegs Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops that's Isiah Thomas. That's a Danny Ainge tuchman Isaiah Thomas from last year's Celtics training camp and look you know. Danny Ainge is a guy that's cold yeah it takes. It being a cold non emotional decision maker. To have the balls to ship and Isiah Thomas out of Boston. At the time in which. Danny Ainge did a he did what was best for the Boston Celtics. And ultimately that's what you have to give Danny credit for Danny never been one to let emotion. And sentiment get in the way of building a team that he thinks is closer to winning a championship. In the team that they had the year prior and I think that's what is made gains successful here throughout his decade and a half. As the guy at the front of the Boston Celtics operation you know you think about Danny when he first got here. And if this isn't new for him his first major move. Was to trade away and then re acquire Antoine Walker and at the time the Celtics were coming off a year where they went to the Eastern Conference finals. They had finally sort of broken through the Paul Pierce Antoine Walker led teams of the early two thousands. And they finally had a team worthy of your attention they finally had a team worthy of my attention worthy of our our our money and our emotion and our time on Sports Radio everything else. And did he comes to town and the first thing he does is he blows up the team. You know there the Rodney Rogers Tony Delk Antoine Walker Paul Pierce Kenny Anderson team. Did means to a flame thrower to that team pursing needed any traded away the guy edit the time was the leader of the Boston Celtics now lead was not Paul Peters. That leader was and Paul Walker and when he re acquired in the next year. Celtics fans were ecstatic when it's one came back and wore number 88. But Danny Ainge didn't acquire the player he didn't care about acquiring a player for a prolonged playoff run he acquired the contract so they could. Then flip and want again. And put the Celtics any better position. To acquire more talents Danny Ainge was in talent acquisition mode and he was in contract acquisition mode that and it just so happened that Antoine had a contract. That would benefit the Celtics down the line. Yeah this guy in Danny Ainge is a cold cold cash and general manager and you for guys like Chris Broussard who I laugh that but Chris Broussard says that. Other NBA players. Think twice about coming to the Celtics because of the way. That they treated Isiah Thomas and they feel like Isaiah was done dirty here in Boston I don't think that I think that's just the nature. Of the peace in the NBA and if you go to be rewarded with these huge huge guaranteed contracts you've got to be willing to be treated. Yeah. And Isaiah handled it I think as well as he could now he'd pitch moaned and groaned when he first got the Cleveland it was clear that he didn't want to leave the Celtics. But at the time. There was no idea that ice he was going to be dealing with a potentially career altering hip injury we knew it was coming back from hip injury. But it was minimized here we never really understood the depth. And the severity of that injury until we saw just how different of a player he was on the floor this year. So Isiah Thomas still has a long way to go to get back to proving that he's the guy that could put up thirty points tonight impeaching in the fourth but because of back. He is on the Celtics radar. Because he is damaged goods there's an opportunity to potentially get a hundred million dollar player on a one year five million dollar deal the question really becomes. Doing this Celtics team does this edition of the Celtics need. Another school war. Is there an opportunity for Isiah Thomas to come back to the Celtics resurrect his career and at the same time help the Celtics team. Compete with the Golden State Warriors he is probably the best unrestricted free agents still available right now. And the Celtics are supposedly. Somewhat interested in Isiah Thomas the question is are you guys. Interested in her return appearance from my TO next year's Celtics team it's 6177797937. A peck out the calls. Wanna hear from Celtics fans and it's gonna Tim tins and I'll borrow. Maybe next up here in W yeah. They you don't great show presented with an amendment. I need to. I see is more days. Like eight might be mentality. I so play which I don't think deity want to go that way in. So I go I don't know you don't it'll LeBron didn't pick it up that good but you know. I don't think he he's going to be like that was the Celtics. Yet you you're right about that the Celtics do this pace and space Kyle about the style of basketball where. If you listen to Brad Stevens is not a very loud coach but if you're able to. Lip read and listen to what he says he always advocates moving the ball he wants to see additional passes before somebody puts a shot. In your right to vote Isiah Thomas he's a guy that's comfortable. With the ball in his hands creating for himself and ultimately that's not the style of basketball this team played last year. Bright sought out I don't think he would he would I key would be. That wanna play that. That style all why we knew would happen than what they like disabled baseball they've been saying like. A lot of people saying baseball it has all the stuff but if you look up 58 years old right. If you look at baseball. The end the Hispanic play is for the Dominican Republic if you took their best pitches play is. I mean that that's where it via. Making their weighed just bought isn't it great and everything. He and Agassi that. That's where the future of baseball I mean like it's not it's going to be 20/20 four odd the World Cup people say you know it's not pollute. People think that followed are anything but if you look at that it is going to be because. Blighted by that time they said yes Nadal. That my agent like it's going to be more of a Hispanic country a lot of up which is nothing row of that at all but I concede. Baseball. Stocked up the end just. Just is it's. As the demographics. Change. It's gonna be you know it's gonna this still going to be making a lot of money and in this stock you're out of. I'd I do and and I appreciate the point here Tim and Ed appreciate the folk also when you look at baseball. Baseball's changing along with the country so I think that's the overall point. Soccer is as popular as it's ever been in the United States of America still mutt. Completely mainstream to the point where yeah I feel like regular everyday sports fans guys that you rip the Celtics Red Sox patriots and Bruins. I don't think that there are at their binder season tickets the revolution. But the interest of the World Cup they show that the international infusion of of a population here over the last thirty years forty years fifty years has certainly had an effect. On the way that we knew we respond to the global game of soccer here so yeah it's a good point baseball. I think that we over complicate this and we'll get into this a little bit later in the program. But I think that we over complicate the problems with baseball baseball's an awesome sport is a reason why it's had the sort of longevity that it's had people still love the game. And it does remind people that of a simpler time and the slower pace at a slower way of living. That I think we can all benefit from. Unfortunately it's not gonna happen we don't have the luxury in our lives to dedicate 345 hours a night 67 nights a week to one of anything. You know I wanna read with my daughter for forty minutes tonight I want to read with her she's going to be eleven years old this week and and I struggled to car vote. Thirty to 45 minutes a night for five nights a week. Where it's one on one time with my daughter. Who I love more than anything else on the planet and it's hard to find that amount of time to give to her so the Red Sox think that I'm gonna cut into that. To watch baseball you're crazy. And that's ultimately why baseball they're finally started to catch up and they're finally getting they would their technology but they're still not where they need to be yet. The NFL on the NBA have made. Consuming their product so much easier on your mobile devices and they've made consuming their products so much easier on an on demand basis. And baseball has baseball's finally catching up but they are not there yet it is still the most difficult sport to consume. On demand. It is still the most difficult sport to consume most expensive sport to consume on a mobile device. So screw baseball until they come around until they find a way to keep the games under three hours and make it easier to consume. On a mobile device easier to consume on demand then they're not gonna be worthy of my time. 567 nights a week I can give them yell what are two nights a week out and watch the game on their time on their pace on their schedule but I can't do wit. You know 567 nights a week when I've got other obligations beats my full time job my part time job here purity EI. Or to my family to my kids of another interest in everybody does. You know life is very different now for me that it was from my parents thirty years ago it just ease. And that's the way it goes you know I feel like dads today we try to be super dad's my my father worked his ass off for me. Worked his ass off my Fam. With a live fire department did it forever in a work in doubles every single day to give us a better life however. Dad's back then worked as in bold with the every day dated day of the kids they are now every one of my friends every one of my peers. We all make an effort to not only work the full time job at work part time jobs and coach our kids' teams and beat differ our daughters events and you'll really. Try to be a Superman. I think it's why people are dying young around here because we really stretch ourselves and then there's not enough time in the day for everything that we've got to do. And I'm not going to sacrifice. Time with my family time when my kids. For the Boston Red Sox this is not gonna happen to Sports Radio WEEI let's squeeze it one more before the break. Let's go to Paul leap always and Rhode Island call your next appear in WEI. Accurate NN Sunday that I'm and. I'm the most precious commodities. I'm like yeah I'm. You know those two things in this world that I that I cinema wipe all the time policy. It was two things I don't have a life and it's time and money in the wanting a gut less of the money is time it is my most precious commodity. So I Utah mother right yen and core I. Shiite he'd come back but I think pretty neat prize most the biggest thing that beat up and in. An important and eating more fat and I'd note that the liability out there although again you mocked and and I I don't think that that that the actors out of it and early. Good enough command my two gonna give it up I ninety Arendt and goes on illegal. Happened. I'd rather have Al Gore outed as a lowly little older you want. Yeah you read about that that they would IT is if I teed let's say that I see that's played hypothetically let's say T with the Danny Ainge and said I'll take five million pull one year wants to rehab his image. Wants to come back and give myself an opportunity to earn a big contract in free agency next year the only way that he earns that contract. Is it key plays 35 minutes a night in his scoring twenty plus point tonight. But Celtics roll it's not gonna happen here is going to be a twelve to fifteen minute and make guy instant offense off the bench. And that's gonna get it nets him another five million dollar deal so he's not gonna make any advancements towards getting that big contract to be does come back here to Boston. However I will give him I will give him the leg up here and that there's anybody. At gonna allow him to perform off the bench in limited time it'll make. Didn't have a data out compute. Yeah you read about that Stephen's got a nice track record when it comes to getting the most out of guards. It did Jordan Crawford you look at Evan Turner these guys. Were barely hanging onto their NBA careers and Brad stevens' turn them into legit NBA players Jordan Crawford Cobb got a nice little. Career in the NBA before making real money going overseas and we know that haven't turner got his 75 million dollar deal with the blazers. After being essentially out of the NBA after a failed stint with the pacers. After being the number two pick in the draft. You know you look at what Brad Stevens has done even within Isiah Thomas taking him from. A microwave offense type guy a guy that was never looked at as a legitimate building block PC guy that was never looked at as a legitimate all star type player always. More bush Dick you know got a comes in off the bench at five foot eight and is able to give you twenty quick points and a quarter even that's always. What he had bitten and Brad Stevens turned him into a legit two time all star. Feet in the MVP race and a guy that became. One of the best recruiting tools the Celtics have had in their recent history and with out Isiah Thomas and his successful run here in Boston. I'm not assure the Celtics have Al Horford a much or the Celtics have Gordon Hayward a much or the Celtics. He'll flip the script and become the destination team. That they have become in the last 45 years all that goes back to the contributions that Isiah Thomas made this team. And the question is is it too late now is that is that period of time come and gone or is their potentially Rome for Isiah Thomas return act here in Boston. Are the Celtics. Feeling like they ul Isiah Thomas sold some yelled you heard Danny's clip they're coming into this segment. And Danny seemed legitimately taken aback when he heard from the reporters and Isiah Thomas was upset. That he was hurt. Any didn't wanna talk to Danny Ainge Danny Ainge seemed legitimately taken aback by that statement ends. Burress cold hearted as Danny is then you know Danny is a good guy he's a family man he knows that there is it impact off the court to every move that he makes would each and every one of these guys. And I wonder if part of the 88 I don't think it's a big enough part to make him pull that pull the trigger on a move. But I wonder if part of the any changes mind citi's. That the Celtics oh. I T a little something like they did a dirt and I wonder by if Danny Ainge would be willing to extend a one year deal to light seat. If only to make up for what happened last year. It's much easier to make up for when given a five million dollars 95 million dollars less than a hundred million dollar deal the Celtics were rumored to be offering him. Just twelve months ago it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I'm Patrick Gilroy we come back we'll continue this discussion also to take a look back. At last night my a little two man show that we did with. Blind Mike did that the good the bad the ugly talk about all that we come back break here Sports Radio W yeah. Sports Radio at WEI this late night year Patrick Gilroy with the guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always it over to join me here is 6177797. And 9370 text the program at 37937. Economy on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy. On hoops and we've really done quite a bit tonight on Isiah Thomas and and really the the conversation he sparked up last night as he ran into H Rob Blake Lee at the Las Vegas airport to ride takes a picture with the IT and then puts it on social media IT then comments on the picture says he misses Boston. Quote unquote misses a Boston them. And then stories today come out that Isiah Thomas would be willing to come back to the Celtics on a short one year deal. And the question really becomes is you know the Celtics team right now they've got fourteen guaranteed contracts as of today Daniel Tice is guaranteed and locked in for next year of his contract became guaranteed at midnight last night. Today to fourteen guys Lothian for next year. They got from 41 more and as I did as Isiah Thomas that guy is he the guy that you wanna see here Dixie over the Celtics. And what a feat he comes here at the expense financially. Of the ability to hold on to an extend a markets mark. Oh forget here this Celtics team is not a rebuild mode the Celtics team is not looking to sell tickets this Celtics team is not looking to please its fans by bringing back a fan favorite this Celtics team has got one goal next year. And that's to. Win battery team that's it's. It out it's a single minded focus that this team has next year if only because of the contractual situation of their star players when you look it. Kyra you are being clearly a healthy Kyra you're being on this team. Gets the Celtics closer to battery team and easily locked up one more year so the Celtics are all in on trying to woody championship next year. And I think mark is Smart. Gets you closer to battery team what Marcus Martin gives this team as far as all the intangibles go gets you closer to battery team. And if the Celtics are fortunate enough. To make it through the Eastern Conference and play in an NBA final against the Golden State Warriors you are absolutely going to need markets Smart. To play lockdown defense and get under the skin. Of a Gallic stepped curry Klay Thompson you mean that that's where Marcus marts of money is going to be paid that's where he showed his worth. So the other Celtics I hate to be that short short sighted when it comes to this Steve and say you know you need guys to stop the Golden State Warriors and it the lake. Danny Ainge during the Big Three are with Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen sort of got stuck in that mindset with LeBron James he had to come up with somebody that could potentially defend LeBron James. In an Eastern Conference final and the Celtics made acquisition after acquisition after acquisition. With that in mind I don't necessarily agree with that focus agree that way of building a basketball team however. You've got a guy here mark is Smart that is that uniquely talented he is exactly the guy. To potentially wreaking Havoc on their Golden State backcourt and if you're gonna find a way to upset upset the warriors. It all starts without setting their backcourt and taking guys like Klay Thompson. And stepped curry off their game making them uncomfortable making them think twice. You know these guys are finessed players and markets Smart we know when he goes to finesse players he wreaks Havoc on finesse players so ultimately to me as much as I would enjoy seeing. Isiah Thomas back here in green as much as I would love to be in the building first first game back as a member of the Celtics. And be a part of that. Environment where he gets 181000 people going crazy form people forget he never got his video tribute last year for a multitude of reasons. The emotional connection he had with the city is real. And the city does. Owe him I think a long and large and loud standing ovation. However that ovation doesn't need to come at the expense. Oh market Smart market Smart gets this team closer to winning a championship. That Isiah Thomas does so the choice becomes. Sighting might seek. To a deal for next year to come back to the Celtics one year five Millon million bucks when you're six million bucks whatever it may be or extending Marcus mark for the next three to five years. Ultimately I think he got a accent mark is Smart he is more important he's more critical and he does more for this team. Then Isiah Thomas does plus. Oh by the way he's healthy and that's another big part of this whole conversation soda Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night there is room for you guys and had 6177797937. Back up to the phones will go. Ralph browse in New Jersey Ralph you're next up here on W yeah. And thanks Patrick technical my pleasure out an amendment. Aren't all the talk but hold David Price situation yes. But for the Yankees start he is being very obnoxious. Sarcastic. Trying to be funny when he knocked up and. I didn't care about that have been after Dutch shell against the Yankees. I won't be OK with that but I thought okay Kansas City group down action star. And is longest in mop up against these bad teams. In those gaps dollar. He can win game. I will be okay potentially. Wasn't that. He's still terrible that's why tomorrow stellar. He's so big is you can have a guy after failed to achieve great. That number to punch. In port handled them great so far but you never know. Price needs to be better we're we're paying 217 million dollars and it will take his statistics. Compared to other number four starters in this week now. Yet he's the most expensive number four starter in all of baseball authentic great way to put it but you're absolutely right the problem is. Because the Red Sox are paying him so much. They're they're gonna slot him in it as a number two guys let's say the playoffs were starting next week let's say that that you know instead of being the all star break. It's round one of the playoffs he is your number two starter and coming on the heels of let's say that. Chris Sale loses game 11 nothing you know you'd need David Price to come through and give you a vintage David Price performance and there is zero faith and that guy. The guy gave 200 million dollars to. This entire city's entire fan base I don't think you could find one Red Sox fan that feel confident with David Price taken them out. I'll I don't agree you know so. And I'm just saying you know when you look at David Price Ralph it's it's unfortunate that they are in the situation. And David Price is the guy to blame ya it's it's all him there's nobody else to blame here it's not the fans' fault it's not the Red Sox fault. It is. His fault that he hasn't been able to find a way to come through in the spots that matter you know annual rite Ralph we talk about. That the winds that he's got so far this year and the record that he has 94 this year. You know it's very deceiving he it's not a quality united for you know he had a nice stretch of nine game stretch where he went seven and one. You all the credit in the world for that and eleven illustrates this year like that and at the end of the aerial look at his numbers and you'll say well it's not that bad. But ultimately here we know the story would David Price until he can prove that he can win and win a big stage when everybody is watching when the game is meaningful impact full and all eyes are on him in told he can succeed in that setting. Then you're never gonna have faith in the guys you've tied up all that money into. And ultimately when you look at you of this three and a half. 1414 lead that you have a with the Yankees right now the differences. The Yankees have got the financial flexibility to go while their before the also our break before the trade deadline. And make serious. Acquisitions of talent and Alter their roster for their stretch run. The Red Sox don't have that financial flexibility and that all goes back to the bad contracts that gave the rescue aside. Be it public Sandoval or David Price it and you look at all this money is being tied up in guys that aren't. Big time contributors on the Major League level it's a shame because this Red Sox team. Deserves their general manager to go out there and get them the help that they need and give them the extra almost. To make it through the playoffs and ultimately compete for a World Series but because your paying. The most overpaid player in all of baseball and David Price 230 million dollars. Ultimately you don't have that flexibility to go out there and make serious acquisitions of talents. At the trade deadlines noticed Sports Radio WEEI it is late night continuing with our discussion here he wanna throw some Red Sox Y night anything goes after midnight here. The backup of the calls that a Brendan ran as a Warwick Brendan Unix appear on W media. Was up Brennan. Yeah. I've not bought any at all. I agree with the like I love the playwright and I've really enjoyed his time here but. I don't think he fits with this current Celtics team. I'll let mark soccer. Better player better. Use. That can run the one you don't back ought. Me ask you this. Regularly as it is is there any is there any need for Isiah Thomas. If you had a feeling of the Iranians knew something that we don't know that. Carrier ring wasn't. Entirely healthy or if he's already decided that he's not gonna stay here long term is Isiah Thomas a viable number two option. 00. OK I. Like rod. But it's not. About shut out on tour. I'd on the can not. All he's quick. On our. Yet it and it is is even quick anymore. Like it that's a thing like with this hip injury. You know you look at a guy like it and Isiah Thomas is always been a poor man's Allen Iverson. And the moment ai went out to the nuggets and he lost that half a step his career was over. While I agree with and there's a reason why red appreciable called as a reason why IT is still available. There's a reason why he is sort of putting it out there that he'd be interest in resigning here he he is selling himself right now. And it is a shame it makes me sadly I love this guy's a player I love what he brought here and the entire city fell in love with Isiah Thomas. This short. And sort of electric love affair that this city that this fan base and with Isiah Thomas is something that we don't get hero that often. Usually we followed with players that are here for a long period of time there's a reason why Paul Pierce has an emotional connection to the Boston Celtics. There's a reason why would Paul Pierce came here for his final game as a member member of the clippers in the game was over. He went down because the leprechaun like there's a reason for that he get a decade and a half here with the Celtics. There is an emotional connection to the city to the team to the fan base as it Thomas built up. An incredibly strong emotional connection with the city the team and a fan base in such a short period it's gotten. And you know the way that he was sort of shuttled out of town but people. Thought that he was done dirty by Danny Ainge. I never thought that you'd be interested in potentially coming back to the Celtics I never thought that because he was hurt so badly by the way the Celtics. Traded him and yell he claims that the Celtics didn't let him know that he was even on the block. Let alone yo out their act. Actively trading it a claims that it took them by surprise and if that is the truth of the matter. The that hurts even more especially coming after the death of his sister coming after the hip injury coming after. Essentially breaking his jaw in the playoffs remember he lost teeth in the playoffs had emergency oral surgery came back the play the next day like he did everything for this team. So emotionally the Celtics fan in me. Hell yes well Kyle played those those highlights from the when he sixteenth when he seventeen playoffs but hitters standing up my arms like he was that guy he was that electric. He meant that much to the Boston Celtics. A lot changes and a year and that team that he was apart of is completely different than the team the Celtics have now. That team that he was a part of that 153 games and went to 5 games in the Eastern Conference finals against the cavaliers. Lost eleven players from that team. In one offseason. Because Danny Ainge knew that that team wasn't good enough so he blew up a conference finals team at one stage in the game two years ago that team that went to the Eastern Conference finals and gotten any handled by the cavaliers at one stage. There were three teams left playing in the NBA the Celtics were one of them think about that for a minute. They were just three teams let the Celtics were one of them led by Al Horford and Isiah Thomas. And GameStop that that team deserve to be completely overall that's how far away they were despite the fact that there are only three teams left playing at a Celtic to won. That tells you all you need to know with Danny Ainge thought about Isiah Thomas as the leader of the basketball team. Great story so much fun to root for awesome guy electric smile embrace being a Celtic. Not good enough it is Sports Radio WEEI we come back we'll wrap up our Isiah Thomas conversation. Take the rest your phone calls will touch on blind Mike. And we did here last night I feel so much more in my element tonight the Wii Sports talk show I just. Like Mike you wanna come work here that's awesome you wanna have some shifts here that's great. I'm just not sure you and I are the right combination puck but that next Sports Radio W yeah. And the big show used to do Red Sox twelve months out of the year he can't do that right now. But there certainly more room in the morning for some additional sports socket doesn't have to be 100% one way or. Understand there's room in the morning it's does that mean they should do it that's why they should do some sports on because the name of the station is Sports Radio WEEI I've never I've never understood that because it's like to Curtis that I know you can't read okay because he can't seem a little piece or as some handsome Mike blank here as sports Radio One of saint I don't know if you're DIY people need to be strictly sports just as a sports are rescission if they're not talking about something you wanna hear about change the channel but he but apparently in the mornings on this station no one's changing the channel Georgia though at this sports and that in the in the title. Little taste of the magic last night. Blind Mike alongside you know my gearing Parcells ports from WEEI dot com. Wonder if his guest is gonna show up on Friday to his podcast Alex three emerald sees blow them off the last couple weeks. But you know Mike does a good job and that podcast is fun it's entertaining and I think that there is. Certainly a future in this business for blood like I do I am an advocate. But there's certain things that work certain things that don't work and yup I did not enjoy. Doing two consecutive hours rehashing the morning show last night it you know it's ironic because this morning on the morning Joseph they're talking about it and Kirk essentially says yes Chris Curtis. What they talk about last night and Curtis says well they did two hours on us on two hours on it on the teensy show. And personnel that's good at it that occurs look import. Yell maybe that's what works for him. And I have no problem talking about the morning show no problem. Giving you guys my opinion in what do you agree whether or not I don't care it's my opinion and whether you guys. Agree you think it's actual you think it's good entertaining I really don't care. I don't they were Kirk thanks I don't care what Terry thinks. I do care what Chris Curtis thinks I I'll be honestly there he's management any matters and he's in control my schedule so you know Al being said. I don't care because what they do is entertaining I value entertainment I want to be entertained. I don't like the way that might put me a corner there and I don't like the way this conversation has a vault where. The word that he used the net and snippet there was strictly sports talk like Nolan never say we have to be strictly sports stock ever never implied that I don't believe that and don't think that makes for good radio to be strictly anything. But they've been strictly non sports talk and that's my point that's my opinion. I feel like there's. Room in that show for improvement there is room for some sports stock and there's room for improvement and everything in life. And anybody like no matter how good they are something no matter how advanced they are it's something about how dominant they are something. There is room for them to improve. Michael Jordan said it after each and every season he was gonna go back. And work on his game and pick up something that he didn't have the previous season. And there was no better basketball player ever the Michael Jordan. So Michael Jordan knows enough that he can go and improve each and every offseason I think per minute hand to know that he can improve as well as tonight as in Jerry as can everybody hear. That show has he ball that I think he will continue to evolve over time and that's been the magic of that show. The way that it's a ball in the way that it's been able to sort of capture the audience and know with the audience once all give them credit for that but I will say this. When they talk sports especially when he talked patriots. They are as good as anybody. And when you look at. The ratings on the other side of the street when you look a 95 does they can pick off a bunch of those listeners because that morning show is garbage. That's the other thing there is low hanging fruit available for the taking. And the people that listen to that show. Have tuned into two guys. That were radio jocks that worked FM radio music jocks before dates became a sports talk show station open air sports talk station. They were radio jocks are right in throwing songs and doing a funny morning show the court sports guys and people are tuning into that show for the sports. Meaning you guys can pick them off that's my only point here it shouldn't even be a close competition between the two stations the talent here on this side of the street. Blows them out of the water if it would only makes it a little bit more sports talk they could pick up those people that listen to Kutcher and rich for their sports take my only opinion. On the matter you know Adam might ask him for four hours a sports and not doing that. I don't like the way that might pain NEA in that corner I don't like the way that Kirk put me in that corner that's not my opinion. It's amazing what it later can do when he takes the sound any tweaks it just a little bit. Can completely change. The way you say something you can completely change your opinion on something to be here out of hand. Not live sodas Sports Radio WEEI we can continue to talk about that as well what wrapping up our Isiah Thomas conversation and and look. I see is somebody that was beloved here in Boston but I I think the general consensus in this conversation tonight. Is that I see what while nice while it was here will spun while lasted maybe his days in Boston really are done there doesn't seem to be a lot of interests. Any return appearance from Isiah Thomas get back out to the phone's gonna rich riches in the car Richards an amendment. To go in the evening out of the show extras and oh yeah. Well thought about my contract and century adventurers yeah. The that would backe back in the although I can't help but think some scenarios people who got back or up. I get that I'm terrible Memphis as. You know he can't get I would think maybe give him a policy that you'll pilot rock salt and that the cue ball and be Smart. But to accept that from pillar. Like I know it sold a little bit by a completely new dimension. Of pot ought to be in the playoffs he. I love the thought LA I love the thought getting markets solve your problem is even and a sign and trade situation. You're not signing mark is Smart to a Max deal Gasol makes so much money you're gonna have to partner smart's contract up with a large contract. Probably. Whether it's carries contract Gordon Hayward contract Rao who Al Horford contract to meet the money work so that that's gonna get in the way lest they can find a third team to get involved there. You gonna have to get more money a centrally going out the door to bring back that sort of contract. Okay he's the up in the thirty million dollar. Yeah mesa high 20s30 million bucks and yet he's he's huge in India opened Smart. At the high end is gonna be about half of that. Yeah I think it's something on a lot of markets more to mentally make up date. Do they can do about. You know you can get close to that you can get close let's say that let's say that you gave mark is Smart. Three years at fifty million a year supported by a million bucks. Then you add in eight million for more is night at the point three and they need to send a first round pick their has a guaranteed contract. Of about three million dollars a year now you're up to point six you're getting close and at thirty so we hit it can be done it's not completely out of the picture. He can be done it's it's not gonna be easy to do and then the Celtics payroll gets a little out of hand. Now you're luxury tax paying team now you're in danger of paying the repeater tax if they hold on to Gasol beyond the year so there's a lot to consider here. And there's still going to be changes I think to the Celtics team I think the core is intact I think we made it through the danger zone so to speak. When it comes to the potential of trading away one of their Big Three or Jalen brown or Jason Tatum I think those guys are safe. Mark is Smart this whole thing the way it's unfolded I didn't expect it to go this way. Reports tonight from Boston Globe say that Marcus mart is the Celtics just waiting on him. Bring us the offers show us what you got. LC we can do so the pressure's on Smart in eagle get himself a big offer is there a big offer out there on the table for Marcus Martha we haven't heard about yet. And is Isiah Thomas really a potential candidate to return of the Boston Celtics all though a lot more when I get back here tomorrow night at midnight. Look at boat that looking forward to continuing this conversation stay tuned it's NBC Sports Radio that comes up next right here Sports Radio WEEI.