Late Night - Isaiah Thomas is still a free agent; IT's greatest hits 7-12-18

WEEI Late Night
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 1: Patrick Gilroy is in solo discussing Isaiah Thomas's free agency. Gilroy would welcome Isaiah back with open arms if he would accept a limited role.

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You guys must be getting sick of me here. Fourth consecutive day of or night morning whatever this is of Gilroy here talking to you guys late night. As always there to join me here 677797. And 937 U takes the program at 37. 937 you find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy our groups get back to the more traditional style of late night tonight but wait. You know this you Kirk minute ad I'm listening to him this morning and he said some nice complimentary things about me and I appreciate that. But any he hears me say something I forget what it was and he says you know I hate the fake radio voice he can't really talk like that. And props to Alex Roemer who said no Gilroy has got you know a nice baritone voice and his his regular conversational tone. Kirk has never had a conversation with me outside of the studio or outside of him. I yelling at me at 8 in the morning. And every single time we've had a conversation it's either been in the studio went on in the air yup the first or second time knowing I've only got a segment or two to impress the only change. So it might be a little bit nervous. You know and that's human nature. He he makes people nervous he's got that presence about him. And yeah is that no ideal mind normal voice is Kirk. Anytime you wanna hang out I would might need to drink but may have a couple of Beers but. I understand that's not your thing that's fine I have have a couple copies whatever you wanna do and we can have a conversation you can get to know my normal voice and then you can judge. But until then screw you keep your opinion to yourself I think about my chest. I'm exhausted so I am much more willing to get things like that off my chest of the guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. We are gonna get a celtics' summer league no matter what Turkmen and says. So the summer league action is it's been fun this year but with. Awesome about the summer league. Besides the action on the floor and actually look lowers interest thing it's on if your basketball junkie like idea I'm not ashamed to say it. I loved basketball it's mainstream it's on ESPN its audience paean to its on Comcast sports net now NBC sports Boston so people must be watching. Okay I'm not the only one not to be made to feel like a freak because I enjoy the game of basketball. All that being said what makes even more interesting is the fact yes the Celtics do send a huge contingent of their media is out there. And many of the big free agents that are still remaining are out there watching their teams watching the gains it's a social gathering. Not to mention some of the best players in the league. Around Las Vegas right now working with their trainers all of these videos are on YouTube. Awesome video today if you Lori Celtics junkie head out to YouTube I want to weed out the link. Jason Tatum Joel impede semi we shall lay. Our markets. Faults I mean you've got guys out there Markel faults guys out there that are putting their time in from 7 AM to 11 PM with their trainers. And now everybody's taking video. And there's a great video the one on one matchup between. Joseph will impede and Jason Tatum. And at one point 20 indeed it's a follow a three over Jason Tatum and Jason Tatum looks at him and he says yet. 401421. Meeting the Celtics beat them in the playoffs for a one shot the hell up GO Joan and I don't care that. Match up takes place in. June July August or in April may or June it doesn't make a difference whether it's the NBA playoffs or whether it's the middle of the summer. As a basketball fan as a Celtics fan. Knowing that those two guys very well may be the best two players on their teams it as conference rivals for the next decade. That's compelling to me. Whether it's compelling to Kirk or not is totally irrelevant. It just is what it is. Help for me I enjoy watching something like that I enjoy watching the centerpiece. Of these two teams that are pieces of these two teams the guys that are gonna lead the way. In the eastern conference for the next decade decade plus. A workout against each other compete against each other put the time in in the offseason against each other. Its interest thing it's compelling and it tells you something about how these guys are wired. It tells you something about how these guys get after in the offseason much more so the and the way they used to do it in years past in seasons past in decades past. We've talked so much about this how the NBA has done a better job than just about every other professional sports organization out there. Being a it's a year round sport and it really is the reason why these videos are out there on YouTube and they're not taken by some dudes iPhone. All right these things are professionally shot professionally done the reason why is because people like me watch them they get hundreds of thousands and millions of views. Because like it or not the NBA has a growing global audience and summer basketball is compelling. Summer basketball is fun to watch. What makes it ultra compelling though. Are the little idiosyncrasies that take place behind the scenes so you've got action on the court. You've got the all star players on the court doing their summer workouts at the same time taking place simultaneously. In Las Vegas at the summer league but then you've got all the free agents you've got the free agency piece taking place many times. During the summer league games in the same arena. So these free agents these restricted free agents for the Celtics its markets Smart they're sitting in an arena watching the Celtics summer league team play. And on the other side of the arena is his. Agent is Danny Ainge is Brad Stevens and are all under one roof. It makes it a lot of fun. Yet you sit there you think about how compelling that it's. The role they're all they're under one roof meanwhile every time eager trending here yeah I was looking for the latest on markets Smart we're looking for the latest on what's happening with the Celtics in free agency. And meanwhile these guys are right there under one roof they know what's going on we don't yet but they'd. Sort of get into that tonight NBA free agency your Boston Celtics. Where things stand right now because I feel like Danny Ainge is going to have some decisions to make coming up here in the next three to five days. This whole thing would mark is mark is going to come to a head the Celtics Danny Ainge coming out today saying that mark is Smart. Is the Celtics priority. In free agency. He has I get that. But if your Celtics then you couldn't help. But have a smile brought to your face last night when everything went down with a Isiah Thomas and I do wanna get into IT. Making it a fourth and what his potential role could be here with the Boston Celtics because Isiah Thomas did something that is a cardinal sin if you worry. NBA free agent. Looking to have leverage over other teams if you're an NBA free agent that was IRL thirteen fourteen months ago. Asking for the Brinks truck to be backed up to you and now you're on a social media post with eight Sharaud flipped and Blakely -- everybody it's open is not like he's eight strides great he's an awesome guy that would not talking about Stephen basement the when I talk about college Albert young people with Stephen A or college now or to what these guys take a pitcher wins. IT and ninety. Giving a a quick little quote. Blurred underneath the picture. On a social media posting I'll go back to Boston one year that's one thing. But when it's eight Sharaud lately we only know him within 200 mile radius of Boston like he is not an international. Basketball figure. When you tune into a basketball game somewhere in the midwest they don't say NBA insider he's arrived Blakely says like that's not who he is. Meanwhile Acer rod friendly with Isiah Thomas takes a picture without TIT. Then quotes underneath him and writes is that look. Tell Boston I'd love to come back to one year old and he didn't come out today in and deny that he didn't come out today and say. Now just being friendly just being fun there has been a compelling conversation today. About Isiah Thomas potentially returning to the Celtics in the fan boy in me says bring it on the fan boy in me says yes. IT he averaged thirty points a nice view with the Celtics if you get 70% of that guy back. To come off the bench and be the Isiah Thomas that he was when the Celtics acquired him. Remember what he was when he was with the Sacramento Kings. Remember what I T was when he was with the Phoenix Suns he was not the thirty point A night guy he was an eighteen to twenty point A night guy. Instant offense electric instant offense off the bench game changing dynamic offensive superstar. Off the bench microwave office. The definition of Eddie Johnson that's what he was and that's what this Celtics team could beat when you look at what. It's taken place in the last week to ten days and NBA free agency. And you look at say the Golden State Warriors adding a garlic DeMarcus Cousins giving them another all star presence. And you think about the Celtics and how they could potentially answer that move we spent so much time last week talking about the Celtics how can they answer that move. You've got the predominate favorite in the Western Conference adding yet another legit all star player is there some thing. I countermoves that Danny Ainge can make here in the Eastern Conference to keep up. With what the Golden State Warriors for doing little guy. And I never thought ever. Well Isiah Thomas period come here and help the Celtics team because. I thought Isaiah Thomas would wanna come back here even at eight you know if the Celtics get him at his at their cost I never thought. I T would wanna come back here and entertain. A low ball offer to play with the Celtics one year. But right he's not a stupid guy and in a couple years that he was he with the Celtics. I think we all learned that about Isiah Thomas he's not a dumb man let's be honest about the National Basketball Association. While everybody in the NBA is clearly the best of the best of the best. At putting the ball in the basket I'm talking about the best players in the world. Not all of them are the most. Intelligent people on the planet outside. Of the game of basketball and they're just not they have spent their whole life doing one thing. And it's always refreshing when you have a conversation with somebody that can hold said conversation and it can be in intellectual conversation we feel like somebody's on the same level. And Isiah Thomas was always that guy he doesn't take its toll makes it like. I re Irving does when it comes to the way that he speaks in the media the way that he talks one on one with somebody no carrier being always tries wait too hard to be the most intelligent guy in the room. And it gets. He gets it going sometimes right he always tries to use big words in the wrong place at the wrong time and don't make sense. But that's who we is that he's always been an A he's never gonna change. So when. You speak with a guy like I T lake we did so many times in the locker room over the last few years. He'll tell you how we feels. And he'll use the right words at the right time in the right place he's not afraid to use some emotion in the way that he speaks I think the Celtics fans found that very refreshing. And that's why Celtics fans rather then get annoyed pissed off an angry when he would say backed up the Brinks truck. He had a way of delivering that message where it came off his soul York and so emotional as Celtics fans more angry about it. It for anybody else it markets Smart right now we're saying back up the Brinks truck Danny Ainge. People would hate him for that even. If a guy like. One of their Max players like carrier Irving we're more out there publicly saying in regards to his contract look the change is gonna have to open up the ball from me Max guy. I think that would turn people off. Just because the way that he speaks because the way that he delivers his message to media but Isiah Thomas did an insight today. A friendly happy go lucky type away that nobody really got angry report. So Isaiah Thomas now in the situation where let's face how the mighty have fall he is gone from fit in the MVP vote. Somebody who is lighting himself up for at least a hundred million dollar deal to the Celtics shipping off you. The Cleveland Cavaliers and that. Ill fated deal where the Celtics did acquire than cells in MVP caliber player with his own set of question marks and it didn't work out writes the he never quite got healthy he only played fifteen games of the cavaliers he gets chipped up to lakers clearly not a fit there with the LA LA has no intention. Or bringing Isiah Thomas back they've got on the ball now they've got Rajon Rondo their backcourt is full. And the big dollars have been spent for the most part in free agency when you look at the potential free agents that are left. There aren't many guys that are left that are legit. All star players and I am not sure Isiah Thomas could have returned to being all star Isaiah Thomas but I am confident that he can return to. Instant offense microwave offense. A punch off the bench. Complete 2530 minutes tonight to be eighteen point tonight and for one year if the Celtics really and truly are going in. All leaned next year to try and win the championship like we've heard so much about why not bring Isiah Thomas back. Here's the danger. You're gonna have to give them let's say the midlevel OK so let's say the deal right seat as somewhere between six and eight million bucks. Depending on what the Celtics pay the tax or not next year which will be dependent on how they fill up their final spot their roster and what other tweaks they make to their current contractual situations. I eat a market Smart to the take the six point eight million dollar qualifying offer or the Celtics extending themselves 345 years at fourteen million a year. They're very close to that tax line so they are taxpaying team. They're gonna pay a 95 point eight million dollars if they are non taxpaying team they're gonna pay IT somewhere around eight million dollars. So you gotta pay him somewhere between five point 88 million dollars depending on what to do with the rescue roster. What if you could of Isaiah Thomas but it meant that you were out of the running for markets Smart. And these two guys could not be. Any more different. So you have one guy that can't score at all in mark is mark. Any bit office that he gives you was considered a bonus any offense that Marcus mark gives you is an extra. Right but he does all the little things he's in every winning play every sort of major. Game changing compelling. Play that takes place on the floor especially in crunch time Marcus mark finds himself in the middle. He can be the smallest guy in the Florida to get the most critical rebound and putback. We all know what he did against the rockets and James Harden in the closing moments of the in the game against the rockets at the garden. Six months ago when he forced to offensive fouls against hardened. Giving the Celtics to more possessions ultimately helping them win that game in a complete surprising fashion I that's what he does. And I've said it for months and I'll continue to say it. If you are a team that is on the precipice of winning a championship Unita guy like mark is mark and you team. But if you have to choose between markets Smart Isiah Thomas and it ultimately Danny Ainge has the say okay. I'm gonna give my money this year to IT who can come in here and solve the offensive woes that this team may have coming off the bench. Can be legit. Eighteen to twenty point A night guy. Give IT an opportunity by the way to rehab his image. To show the NBA that he's helping the Celtics get him on the cheap because of that. But he's got to choose between ninety and markets Smart. Which guy. Helps the Celtics get closer to banner eighteen markets Smart and shoot from the outside who heads the question at you guys tonight at 6177797. 937 also reports tonight the Celtics are in on Kyle Korver Kyle Korver 3738. Year old. A target of the Celtics. Coming off a pretty decent season with a Cleveland Cavaliers. Looks like he's being shopped out there Cleveland has zero intention. Of keeping their bit Dick these veteran players that are making decent money and the Celtics are rumored to be in the mix for a guy. Like Kyle Korver love that move depending on what they've got to give up you go the cavs are gonna want draft picks again want young players are gonna want that sort of compensation. They don't have any interest in taking taking back a contract taking back the players that can help them right now. But it Kyle Korver again when you're rounding out a roster and looking at players that could potentially help you would championship this year. Kyle Korver in this day and age with the NBA and is. As three point centric as the days. You can have one of the most devastating three point shooters in the last decade on your team and it's not gonna cost you a whole hell of a lot for assets I love the fact seltzer and on that. So you've got a choice here you go all the in on the defense this side of the ball. And overextend yourself LaMarcus Smart. Or you could potentially say to hell with defense it's offensive game it's a three point shooters game and I T is available at he'd come on the cheap. He's advocated now for coming back to Boston he said held Danny Ainge. Tell the Celtics I miss it there I would like to come back on a one year deal. You can make that happen and you could potentially treat for Kyle Korver would you rather have a through the Celtics. What gets you closer to battery team trading for a Korver. Signing and Isiah Thomas to an eight team friendly one year deal or extending markets Smart for the next three to four years at say ten to fourteen million dollars a year we'll talk about that the first hour tonight Europe Sports Radio WEEI the number to reach me here is 6177797937. Patrick Gilroy witty guys still to. O'clock in the morning. Number to reach meters 6177797. And 937 he takes the program at 37. 937. Primary on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops getting back to what we do best here and you know we can talk. About the the curtain Cali and joke we can talk about president trump we can talk about all that I don't care we can do that but I choose not to. And it's not because. Out of the ball seduce those because it doesn't it's not compelling to me the stuff in the dark about blog when McCain sees that then right that's what they wanna do. They find it compelling it works for them. But I'm a firm believer in the in what we do Hubert Knight works our camp started this thing a couple years back doing the late night ship 0:2 in the morning. I feel like his formula worked for him it worked for the station that's why the station has kept the ship going. And ultimately we are that the ship that. Has the rare opportunity the unique opportunity to provide you instant reaction to what's taken place that night. And if there's anything that I failed to say to Kirk when I talked to them a couple of mornings ago. It was that's the predominant difference that's the primary difference between. What they do and when I do right it's two completely. Different shows because we are providing an instant reaction opiates in the Red Sox beat to a Celtics playoff game be it to whatever is taken place throughout the day. And when I do we shall like this I do enjoy yelled hitting Twitter hitting social media and seeing the way that things have played out over the course of the day. You know like Chris Curtis said better than anybody else. By six years ago when he was struck hurts what you say said he gets the opportunity to set the tone for the city of Boston. Set the dialogue for the city of Boston. That's what that morning show does. Kyle you should play that led to operate there I got it. Right wind that's drug Curtis at his best but. He nailed it right there that's what that show does they can set the dialogue in the more. Dialogue. It's not all we do here we react to that days dialogue it's a completely different program a completely different format. And you know if a major. News event takes place like the 2060 election. Where was such. A surprise to have a Donald Trump win of course I'm gonna talk about that. And so like an event like N 9/11 I'm gonna talk about that but for the most part here I'll talk about the Celtics in free agency the celtics' summer league. Your red hot Red Sox what the patriots are gonna do in two weeks when training camp opens and if this is the potential end. Of an awesome two decade dynasty there's plenty of compelling stories there. And what I do when I'm on my bomb bomb when I'm when I'm on my game. Was he on his game back then that is the question I've known Curtis through three different. Stents put that. So there was Curtis that I knew back 101112 years ago who is the producer of the Celtic pride radio program and 890 ESPN radio home of Mike Felger in the afternoons and that's. That was we are very proud that that station that program and everything that we did there. Even though that collier hair dryer pumped out more power and that ESPN station did it didn't make a difference it was an ESPN Brentwood station in Boston. We're about to radio wanna bees and we got to have business cards with ESPN it was a big deal. And Chris Curtis was an awesome producer. Writes I knew him then he was young he was hungry and he was fit and then I I. Stayed in touch with him over the years. I knew that he got married to put on April we all did that I had no idea that he had an alcohol problem now I know him again. Where he is a little bit older and rail thin again but he's he's always been. One of the most dedicated radio people Evernote. It now it's rare to come from a millennial he's a murky he's a he's a little bit older from a letter W the millennial I think this current. That comes from money and to have somebody with his oral work ethic it's awesome the best thing that that morning shows ever done. Is keep Chris Curtis happy get him back he is a major facet to that. That show into the station. He's. He doesn't think he gets it. I don't know what what more so when we understand is. That guy either you guessed it came out of the second wife of Chris Curtis as an intern for Kurdistan. September of toys sixteen this is the new pleas of curtains that we we all go through a sort of a a changing it in our early thirties is it like when you hit 303132. It in your married. Your own mortality becomes very mobile like you have this revelation as a person. At and Chris clearly had his his moment and you know at that moment can be more dramatic for for some than others a he had his moment and good for him but that show. Has been at its best since Curtis came back and I give them a lot of credit for what they do. And I hate the fact that I get painted as a guy that doesn't enjoy that show or is critiquing what they do in the morning I love what they do in the morning here. And but it is still Sports Radio WEI and every other program on the station talk sports and I will continue to do that. But I'm not going to ignore the major stories of the day and for me. One of the major stories over the last 24 hours is this potential. Return of Isiah Thomas people like to forget how when packed full he was here people forget. The impact that he had both on and off the floor. And the fact the Celtics are one of the most coveted free agent destinations right now. And date back to. The Celtics acquiring. Isiah Thomas and him having a season he's had that is content to eat at his best. Everything that he's done now comparing him to Larry Bird at his best that's a bit of a stretch I don't think I would even go there. And IE in the biggest green seamer going but all that being said it's compelling to me that the think about it in Isiah Thomas even at a 75%. Or 80% of yell is Max of what he was. If he wants to come back to Boston on a short one year deal approve it to medial. Showcase his talents again. Build the smartest thing for the Celtics and I think you'll be the smartest thing for him. Because it is Brad Stevens has proven one thing in his tenure here in Boston. Is that he knows how to get the best out of these guys and especially. Get the best out of guards when you look at the guards that Brad Stevens has had and what he has done for those guards he gave. He gave Evan Turner the ability to go out there and earned 75 million dollars because he put him in a position to succeed. The year prior Evan Turner was essentially out of the NBA coming off a failed stint with the pacers are right eight. A huge list of guys that he is Jordan Crawford is a guy that had no business being in the NBA yet for a two month stretch he's putting up twenty points and night. Under Brad Stevens. In a Brad Stevens knows how to get these guys he's offensive minded guards eagle that he is for the basketball and I think nights he might might be seriously looking at the Celtics because he knows. That Brad Stevens is gonna put him in an opportunity put him in position to score the basketball. An elite level once again where he can build up his value. And I think the days of him being a Max contract guy or certainly over but he certainly could put himself in a position to be worth more than a one year six million dollar deal. And he's gonna have to play the long game here nobody has really come a knocking for his services at the cost in which he thought that he was war. So now he's finding himself in this unique situation where yeah he's gonna tell the Celtics take it if you guys need a score under guy. I'll sign a one year deal. Team friendly deal short money. But I need to go to a place where I can reestablish my value Reich and reestablish myself. So that angle up there and I can earn one more large contract the question is a Celtics fans. You guys are the same ones that called me here last year and we had this debate here last year and it was Michael Hawley on this station last year that said. That Isiah Thomas were they better basketball player. I think Larry Irving Kyle. You have that automatic. But Holly's it appeared he said that Isiah Thomas with a better basketball player of the carrier ring no nobody bought it I didn't believe it. Nobody here worth their salt basketball wise really knew that really understood that really believe that. However that's how good I T was for a two year stretch your Boston. You'd trade Isiah Thomas for carrier or we're not now. Because you know you look at that and Isiah Thomas at the time was a top five MBP caliber player he averaged more points than carrier and he was a more electric offensive score and carrier ring and he single handedly put the Celtics back on the map now you get an opportunity a year later. To get him on the cheap but it your Celtics and the question really becomes if you have to choose between where your money goes next year. If you've got to choose between your defensive minded defense or. Does all the little things winner of a player in markets Smart. Or you can bring in an electric offensive player to come off the bench and give this team a jolt and maybe a large enough jolt. To be able to offensively keep up with the Golden State Warriors in Isaiah Thomas is that worth sacrificing a markers Smart for that's what we're talking about tonight at 6177797. 937 let's go to the calls that a Matt Matt's in north Providence snag your first up here on WEEI. Although originally a wanna talk about Red Sox have been looked on yeah people are commands. Kind of give it takes a lie people losing interest and at least law that is late night then yeah it's all yours might shows you that is. Well I think have a period. You know I decide I I realize I don't know any players in the MLB I don't know who's good I don't know who's guarding. Like Cabrera charged with the Rangers and I I can't Saudi lump there on that team. You know that BA and a well I know lake every. In every good player and every team I know probably every quarterback annoyed large users. Every. Iron in there and be good acknowledging their place world position. Baseball does a terrible job marketing its players and they're the worst when it comes to marketing their players and they shouldn't be you know you look at you look at the two sports. In the NFL in the NHL those historically were the hardest to market their players because you can't see your face and that was always have to be part of it because the helmets that they Wear. But I feel like the NFL has come so far. And it doesn't make a difference you know who the elite NFL players are doesn't make a difference that they play for your home team were not all though with a top say fifteen. NFL players are you're absolutely right about Major League Baseball they do it's terrible job marketing their players outside this market. I think there's an 83 or four guys that we might be able to recognize that they walked on the street and that's about it I am Mike Trout I yet I would recognize players from. The lap of the previous generations alike if I might PI itself or Randy Johnson walked on the street outlook recognize them and a heart beat Alex Rodriguez in a heartbeat. But I'm more likely to recognize guys that haven't played in 10:15 years that I am to recognize guys that are playing right now. But so are parasites who are like artillery wants like David Ortiz. A-Rod Jeter there are wild dog of sorts economy and no YouTube guys I. You know. Where not emotionally. Invested into baseball the way we used to be that and it's a great point and it's one I haven't heard in the stations as I appreciate the focal. You know baseball as it it's another knock on the sport it's another knock on. They're commissioners and the knock on their inability to. Sort of change with the times and they've done a terrible job in the last five or ten years marketing this current group of stars. You've got some local sponsorships and local ads with the stars here. You know smoky that's a because of recognizable guy here. The JD Martinez is getting there but he still relatively new face year we all know who I think David Price walked into a restaurant would recognize him for all the wrong reasons. We know Chris Sale but you're right a team like the Rangers. They're best player or two walks into a Boston bar tonight. May be Lou reloading knows who they are may be but. My producing your Kyle doesn't over they are I don't recognize who they are none of us are gonna recognize them because they Buick terrible job. Marketing their stars it's nothing compared to a baseball used to do and I feel like baseball. Needs to get back to end you know I have heard rich T say this and I totally agree with him. I don't care. That these guys reducing in the late nineties I don't care if they choose to make a decision that is going to better the game of baseball further entertain me. And cut their lives short. But pour more money in their pockets and got less import that's a decision that they're making. Baseball had this mini Renaissance period between like 97. And 2003. When people are jacking 6070 home runs and you have a Sammy Sosa Mark McGwire thing in the 99. All star game at Fenway Park that I was lucky enough to be on the field for reporting for this one await Boston ironically of all places you know of that was. I think the pinnacle of all that. You've got a one hand Pedro Martinez going out there throwing smoke. On the other hand you've got guys at the Mark McGuire show was absolutely incredible with him head hitting bomb after bomb after bomb. Over the monster. You don't have figures like that in baseball right now figured out idiots you don't have a McGwire Sosa a Barry Bonds they don't exist so for as great as JD Martinez is for his greatest art color Stanton is then. You don't have guys that baseball is doing a good job of building its brand around and marketing its scheme around baseball is the modernize itself in that regard and take a page. Out of the NBA. And make they're guys seem more approachable make they're guys seem more recognizable. So then your emotionally invested into the product. That's what baseball hasn't done well at all people are not emotionally invested. Into the game of baseball the way they are into the NFL the way they are into the NBA and especially in my opinion the NHL there is not anymore. Passionate group of fans that NHL fans these smaller group but they Gary passionate group baseball fans don't exactly exude passion to. They exude that this sort of stability yup they're gone all we stick with their game. But they're not a passionate bunch they don't seem like the type that's gonna go to jail like a date Portnoy did for Tom Brady you know but that's what the NFL does that's. The emotion that it evokes. You don't get that from Major League Baseball is Sports Radio. WEE guide his late night I'm Patrick Gilroy won continue this conversation around Isiah Thomas. Continue this conversation around the Boston Celtics I was the guy that took your angry phone calls a year ago and it was split down the middle. So let's not pretend tit to rewrite history here all right I was here on the date the Celtics traded for eyes treated Isiah Thomas a way to your reaction that night. Doing late night and it was split right down the middle. There were people very very very excited that the Celtics bride in a legitimate star Kyra you Irving. But they were more people I think emotionally upset that the Celtics kind of stuck it. In the back so to speak. Of Isiah Thomas after everything I T did for the Celtics play through his sister's death playing through looked literally like breaking his Joseph all losing teeth in the playoffs. Everything that he went through playing through that hip injury everything that he gave up for the Celtics the way he performed here for a couple years nobody ever thought. Because of the emotion. Involved in the divorce. Between IT in the celtics' nobody really allowed themselves to think of the possibility. Then Isiah Thomas could potentially find himself back here in Boston but because of circumstances. Well beyond what anybody could've expected involving IT's help. And the sort of that the up and down season he's had. Now there's an opportunity here for the Celtics to potentially right a wrong. And bring Isaiah back give him the opportunity to regain his health regains his worth regain his value and then allow YT the opportunity to get free agency next year and get and so the big contract and in the meantime. Give the Celtics being another reliable electric score off the bench and a little bit a carrier ring insurance in case. He doesn't come back a 100% sodas Sports Radio WEEI what do you guys think you won IT back on the Celtics and would you like him back here. It because the Celtics the ability cost the Celtics their ability to extend markets Smart when you guys think it's 6177797937. Thomas. Get to step on wall more is there a great tonic. Notice. Crosses. I. I'm such a tool but my. Hair is standing up my arms kind of a pop up from within those highlights like you forget. The emotional response that the city of Boston had to Isiah Thomas and it's easy to forget when your team goes out the following year and doesn't miss an at all. He team goes up the next year. After replacing eleven players. On a team that went to the conference finals which is unheard of in the NBA and including their leading score at their two time all star. Leaves in the back to back All Star Games leads into the conference finals and you dismiss him out of the city you upgrade the position with carrier ring I'm not. Even suggesting that I tees on the same plane at the same level. As a basketball players carrier ring but for the two year stretch that he was here to adapt your stretch. That he was he with the Celtics. He was the best bargain in all of basketball. And for my money be used somebody that I I'm going to remember for the next thirty to fifty years. As somebody that provided me with two and a half awesome years of Celtic basketball memories and there might be where he belongs that might be where we keep him. In our minds and our hearts somebody that gave us a nice Tutu and a happier stretch. But it's even reached a wanna bring him back here I'm not shore I'm not sure that's why I'm asking you guys 6177797937. Because this position that the Celtics find themselves in without IT publicly advocating for his return trip here to Boston. Knowing it's gonna come on the cheap knowing that he's gonna have to. Sort of go back to Danny Ainge with a steel between his legs and say you know I'll take. That the mid level exception after demanding. The Brinks truck. Is a hard look for these NBA guys it's one thing for him to go take a short money one year deal with say the Orlando Magic that's a completely different. Idea in coming back to his former employer. A guy that he demanded the Brinks truck shrunk from insane yet gimme gimme the mid level I'll take the mid level. Give me a chance to sort of resurrect my career your boss and I can't think of a lot of NBA players. That have been able to. Beat that humble sort of show that sort of humility. And be able to put their ego to the side and do what's right for the team and do what's right ultimately for his career. But if somebody's chirping and I easier and giving him some good career advice here I think the best career advice for him. Would be to find a way to come back in play for Brad Stevens taking a reduced role off the bench and doing. In a manner which it cost the Celtics a little money where maybe they still have the flexibility to keep a guy like mark is Smart. I want Isiah Thomas back here in Boston I do I I just think that he could provide the Celtics. With some offense off the bench if he came here he returned to the guy that he was with the kings if became here and her return of the guys that he was with the suns and he was comfortable that role. I think that he could. Excel here in Boston however. The moment it cost the Celtics the financial. Flexibility to keeping markets Smart on this team. I say no so that's ultimately up to IT how little of a contract is it gonna take to get Isiah Thomas here. And is he comfortable coming off the bench those are questions only Isiah Thomas can answer the question you guys can answer a Celtics fans. Is do you want him here. What are the circumstances in which you would you would welcome Isiah Thomas back here to the city back here to the Celtics and could a marriage with the Celtics and Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge. And yes carrier thing and mark is Smart could that work could that be successful. And could Isiah Thomas B a key contributor a war we hope will be a team that's competing. For NBA championship at 6177797. 937 back out to the phones will go so Paul Paul's and conquer politics up here on W yeah. They're tattered and Sudan and Tom. No tours Armas gases to market Smart while Clark ballplayers support her yeah. You argue that mark is Smart steps. Does not look good offense oiler. I don't mean limited to how to spend it for a which is what a year he's the best passer. Well. Either that or he's a very good passer and he got he got much better last year. Right he's he's about Osama and carry on the shock package that's OK call look I'm about our parents. Okay our respect about you mrs. Perdue and and he led the team and it's just pretty much 60% into it are a lot of people nationwide. So is oracle culture I just a question for you what it is Bausch and. A Minnesota high seventies. 80% yet he's not he's not a bad shooter from fifteen feet in the problem is. Help people get stuck on the idea when they see him go say three for ten. From three point land they get stuck on that number. Right out there and and I I understand that but look at the house sergeant also understand what a two point one note to put one right of course. I have to. The youth market Smart shoe salon the front and back to answer two for 100 charts now he's not a great shooter. He's probably at best in Abu cheaper it and mostly it. But the percentages don't match up his ability. I'm he didn't like bill player I want them so which aren't they at arms. Such are the players will work for in early coming doubt it makes. It. Sure imports of judicial around. Guys don't or yours you're providing offense isn't that true. Yes so so the guys that you just mentioned there is markets Morse and I don't think he's going to be here I was there when they did the exit interviews. With these guys and and Marcus Morris was the first one to say you know he hopes that. And they carrier ring and in Gordon Hayward come back healthy he's excited court however. He's not looking forward to seeking a reduced role because of those minutes being eaten up became right on said that on the on the heels of the celtics' losing. Game seven like 24 hours later so that's what was on his mind. 24 hours later I am not sure that he's going to be comfortable taking that seventh. The ninth man role on this team that ultimately he's gonna push down too because these guys are back and healthy and taking those shots taking those minutes. But they would IT is. If they could find a way to get him back here. And he could produce at a level in which he did when he was the sixth seventh men for the kings for the suns being that instant offense off the bench. That's almost taking that role from Marcus Moore is in a natural I think that he's an upgrade over Marcus Morse. Are offensively possibly broaden. I would grows here in Needham hand. Someone error. What off the bench. Any time Tyson nobody talks about ties him I'm glad to Rodham appalled he mean his his his contract as of midnight so an hour ago. Is guaranteed for next year he's on the roster next year one point four million dollars easier. He's healthy he's going to be here and you know he's a guy nobody talks about but when you look at his her 48 numbers he was one of the celtics' most productive guys last year. I. And rebound and came up yet and he's a guy nobody talks about him and lets your green seamer and he watched every game you have no idea Daniel prices but. Ultimately he's going to be a guy I promise you this Paul if they have an extended playoff run next year he will have his PJ brown moment. There are grounded strident and seventh 2000. Yeah absolutely they'll have a PJ brown moment or yet. It'll that was the eyebrow moment we'll have his Leon Powe game he'll have an impact in the. Send a playoff promise I appreciate the phone call. He's he's a guy that's a very impact of player he he's a stretch of three a stretch for odd it's tall and up to be a center but can stretch out to three. And he's a guy that makes an impact but. You know again nobody gets excited about talking about the ninth tenth eleventh guy and the Celtics roster it's just not who they are which is why. The morning show less that we are talking about your Shania was silly Sammy usually Jabari Burt but ultimately those guys have made a difference on the Celtics team last year they have and the Celtics utilized some relief I believe better than most. NBA teams that. Because when you look at the air. Recent history does go back the last 345 years. And you look at their summer league roster you see guys like Marcus Smart you see guys like Jason Tatum semi usually Jalen brown your Tanya Bocelli these guys Jabari bird all these guys have made contributions here with a big clubs some. More significant contributions than others but the Celtics used their summer league as a development part of the process here they use it as a way to developing young players. See what you got here. And because they've got their primary assistant Jay Larranaga they're running the show. He's running the Brad Stevens offence to it's heat with these summer league guys so some really comes to an end at the end of next week and then you're still about 22 and a half months away from. Training camp. But these guys that are going to be the twelve to fifteen men on the Celtics team. That have that much of a head start when they come into Boston start working out in early September in preparation for training camp at the end of the month. So it does make a difference and it does help these veteran team that does help these teams and I think. Are on the precipice of can of competing for NBA championship. So some league last but it all you want it's become mainstream summer league has become something that is worthy of being on. ESPN and NBC sports Boston and I think is at least worthy of some discussion here on the late night program might not be worthy of discussion. On the number 1 rated morning show in the country and that's fine. Like I get that it is fine but for anybody to suggest. That the programming should be identical L 1 AM what it is at 7 AM. Eight is crazy they did you start paying attention to what I think you guys wanna hear sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy is always. There is plenty of room for you guys tonight at 6177797937. Really done it a lot in this whole Isiah Thomas thing. It's a topic and never thought I would have the opportunity to really talk about again. I I was a huge Isiah Thomas band I eight. Rooted for this guy both on and off the court. It was something about his personality something about the way that he fell in love with the city of Boston and he is in direct comparison. To the way that he talked about this city last year will play some of the cuts coming up in the second hour the program. But you compare the way that he talked about his future. Here with the Celtics to the way that Kyra you're having talks about his future he with the Celtics and now you understand I think. Why Celtics fans are turned off by the way to Kyra talks about its future here or lack of a future here. You'll understand better why I get upset when these rumors that carrier ring potentially attached to I Jimmy Butler in the New York Knicks. Because you never heard that crap. From an Isiah Thomas all you heard from IT was. He loves it here wants to be here and considers himself lucky to be a Celtic right eagle yet that. From your current all star point guard you've got that from your former all star point guard. He'll never returned to that for me get on the floor. But I still think there's up basketball lifted a five foot eight body where he could be a contributor here to a team that wants to compete for a championship. It is ego take the hit. It is eagle allow him to thrive as a sixth seventh eighth man on the team and get his wall take the hit in his ego and while that except the fact. That he's going to be a guy that makes five million bucks here next year. Going from a hundred million dollar dollar deal to a five million dollar deal going from a five year Max deal to a one year prove it to me deal. Lot of times those situations don't work out well in the NBA Lotta times he egos are just too big to accept. That sort of emotion is Isiah Thomas the exception to the rule will continue that conversation and Kyle Korver to the Celtics its interest thing it's rumored. And the Celtics are in the mix there they're looking to potentially acquire Kyle Korver from the Cleveland Cavaliers is he somebody you guys wanna see here. In Boston next you'll talk about that now we're number two we come back right here Sports Radio W yeah.