Late Night - Less than one percent chance LeBron lands in Boston; Barstool's Dan Greenberg wouldn't give up Kyrie for LeBron 6-13-18

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Wednesday, June 13th
Hour 1: Patrick Gilroy thinks LeBron to Boston is highly unlikely. Kyrie Irving meets the media and plays coy and Barstool Sports's Dan Greenberg joins the show to discuss LeBron and Kyrie.

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It is late night right here Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy would you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. Number to join me here 6177797937. You text the program at 37937. If I'm on Twitter. Act Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops and it might desperate attempt to get away from Celtics talk the Celtics continued to hammer me over the head with things to talk about so. It is what it is we have tried and I will continue to try. To get away from the Celtics but the fact is this they have remained very much at the forefront of the conversation. Ever since their season ended a couple of weeks back and that looks like it is only going to continue here for at least the foreseeable future. Because after this whole. LeBron mania thing sort of calms down we go immediately into the draft which is next week and then free agency follows up the first to July so the mixed. Three to six weeks are going to be Celtics dominant depending on who they draft. And what they do with free agency and will be here to talk about it with the guys at 6177797937. So. It was a very interesting day for Celtics fans and again I said this up the top of Red Sox review. If you are a Celtics fan that worked all day. And you didn't have an opportunity to watch TV watch any of that the local sports shows listen yeah I today. And you've simply got home. You open up the iPad to open up the laptop you wanted to get your information get your news. Everybody from Yahoo! Sports rugby ESPN to fox sports does CNN SI everybody that you may go to. When you go directly to their website or you scroll through Twitter feed. Everybody has this headline this tantalizing headline when it comes to carry Irving in the Celtics and essentially. The headline is like carrier ring says signing a Max deal Boston does not make sense and it. Is panic inducing it's click bait but if your Celtics fan worried about. The immediate future of your team. And you heard the news last weekend where. Essentially. Chris medic said look there was some thought that when kite re was still in Cleveland that maybe he would explore going to. The New York Knicks will you combine that news with the way these headlines look today. And you would convince yourself that you're damned sure the carrier offering is not here for the long haul carrier ring does not want to be a Celtic yeah idea idea. But the fact of the matter is this none of that was said everybody needs to calm down. That is not the gist of what carrier being said when he met the media today. Essentially what Tyrus said and he was answering questions by the way. People that were asking the questions already knew the answer to this because we've talked about on this program more than once since the celtics' season and it. Carrier ring is not going to sign an extension this off season with the Celtics because he loses up to eighty million dollars by signing it right now. If the Celtics put. Four year offer on the table right now. He could potentially lose out on eighty million box as opposed to signing that extension next off season now follow my logic here. It carried Irving is waiting to sign the extension because he can maximize. His finances. By doing it next season. Then chances are he's going to sign that extension with the Celtics because of that eighty million he could make about forty million of that eighty. By signing with the Celtics. Erik because he gets the extra year by signing with the Celtics. Sees you are going with this it's in his financial best interest to stay with the Celtics so you are of the mind that carrier ring needs to be long term Celtic then. Rest assured. If financially. He is considering sticking around it if the financial decisions are based on. Not signing the extension this year because he can net out eighty million dollars positive by waiting till next year. Will it eighty million is only forty million if he takes his talents to in other team. So this thing his whole holy driven and solely driven by finances the Celtics are in good shape. So will place some of that as the program goes along today he was interesting he talked about fifteen minutes today a sensibly he was here to promote his movie uncle through. And inevitably it turned into a few today about his future about LeBron James about how we felt watching this young team. Go to game seven of the conference finals so as the program goes along will play guys and bits and pieces of what carrier Irving had to say it was interesting to hear from them it's been awhile. Since he's met the media battle while since we've all had an opportunity to sit. With Tyree and sort of get a did his viewpoint but you know we're hit his head is that because his head is a very unique it yet he says some unique things he is not your traditional thinker. And when he speaks people generally listen because you never know what is going to come out of carries. And when he was asked about LeBron James. Things were interesting there as well. Essentially. Saying look if you leave that decision up to Celtics management at no point did he say no I don't wanna play with a broad and they'll point the advocate for the Celtics to go out. And get LeBron James either. There are multiple. Factors at play here when it comes to Kyra you're Irving and as long term future with the Celtics. And the brawn James is just one of those factors. LeBron is a significant factor but the fact is this. The chances of him coming year or so miniscule. And you know. As somebody who prides myself on being the NBA guy or the Celtics guy. On the air purity EIA get frustrated when. And they do this and they're going to do this when they take what I say and make the other shows it will be about the most important part so just to clear things up here when it comes to. My opinion verses say big o.'s opinion when it comes to the Celtics in there. The availability but let's say of LeBron James at no point have I ever suggested that the Celtics. Have the ability to go out and sign LeBron James as a free agent that would be a dumb move. Because the Celtics have to renounce the rights to two out of their three best players. And a bunch of other bit players to free up the money that is a stupid move that is not a net positive move. The only thing that I have ever suggested here and I'll continue to suggested because it is the only way that LeBron James. Could make it to Boston in my opinion is will be a fire shield around. In the no fire sale needed here because. Michael always LeBron James dictates everything he has put himself in this unique position across the landscape of the NBA. Where he's such a valuable commodity. But he signed these one on one deals generally he generally holds the power so here's the thing if LeBron James decides that. The best place for him to go at this stage in his career is Boston it is not a very complicated moved to be made it's just not. The Celtics can simply trade I re Irving and a draft pick it's. You could almost make it work financially with just every. He's a tick under salary wise to make it work perfectly so it would have to be carrier ring and a draft pick or carrier being one of your young players the only somebody like that. If you could make the money work that way. If that's what you wanted to do. Because LeBron holds all the power so could be Hayward straight up port LeBron James all LeBron has to do was go to. Cleveland and say look I am not coming back and if you don't treat me to where I wanna go Boston in Boston then I'm gonna go to the lakers. I'm just gonna go sign with the LA. I would prefer to play in Boston that is my preferred destination so he can work something dealt with them in a sign and trade I walked into the last year my deal and make it easy on you and I'll make it easy on the Celtics. That's how you do that's how you get. LeBron James here. And I get tired of hearing Glenz say well you don't have anything that Cleveland will want. That's not really the case here beat your freaking eighty currently does it have. Really might say in this whole thing if they wanna get any assets whatsoever. For LeBron James didn't work out a sign and trade which is what happen with LeBron in Miami this has happened before this is not something that's an usual. And chances all our chances York. In less LeBron signs with the lakers anywhere else that he goes it's going to have to be a sign and trade situation. LeBron James holds 100% of the cards here again be Pelz. Cleveland he wants to go to Boston. It's in the hands best interest to work it out and the Celtics do not have the decimate their roster to make it happen I have just spent ten minutes educate you guys. On how to make this happen and it's a waste my time because I don't think it's going to happen I mean I put the chances that less than 1% at would've said all along here chances are. The Celtics are in the conversation and that's nice to hear. It's nice to hear that NBA stars or interest in coming to Boston. But ultimately it's fantasyland and ultimately in my shorts even the best thing for the Celtics so I want to talk about that would you guys and how relates the carrier. And it got to put this question out there for the first hour of the conversation tonight. If LeBron James were to opt in to his contract and tell the cavaliers but he wanted to go to Boston. Are the Celtics better Roth. Trading Kyra yerba. And that draft pick whatever to get LeBron here and being Tyree Irving less next year but having LeBron James one year because here's the thing. The rubble we have that one remaining urine his deal is the opposite carries only got the one remaining year on his deal and he has made it clear that he is not extending his contract until next off season. So you find yourself in the same contractual situation. Would either one of those guys so who you guys is Celtics fans. Wanna move forward with the next year is it Kyra your team or is LeBron James because ultimately if LeBron says he wants to go to Boston. The Celtics may have to make that choice between one. Or the other wanna talk about a would you guys at 6177797. 937 coming up a little bit later in the program will talk to Dan Greenburg. From our school sports you guys known as I'd green. Not only about a contract. And the brawn and the movie and and a bunch of other stuff in general because carrier ring it's a crazy guy he's the guy distill things that the world is flat. And he doesn't wanna hear otherwise so he's one of these guys that when he speaks people listen. And people talk about so we'll talk about that tonight. Coming up a little bit later in the program we will talk about the patriots and how I think that this team has just abandoned the philosophies that have made them so successful. And as a patriots fan and as somebody that is looking forward to the upcoming season. It makes me a little bit nervous yet to 41 year old quarterback. You've got your stud. Tight end who's very fragile physically right and that's what you guys. You don't had settlement for the first four games of the season unless something drastic changes here with the positive PED test. In this team is not dialed in right now and for years and years and years and years and years I've heard Tom Brady talked about. Being here for OTAs and how valuable and how important that is to get network in with his team. And to be the leader both on or off the field to set that example for the young guys meet Tom has preached that. Year after year after year as one of the reasons for his tremendous success that he's had throughout the course of his career and suddenly this year it's not important. And suddenly this year it's not report to Tom and to grow and now suddenly it's not important to any. Because Belichick the guy that preaches no days off indeed these guys mainly young guys here that are left. Practicing at these OTAs he gave them a essentially. 01 day workweek they work out. For a day and they had a field day at Fenway Park where they played port hole and other games and now the but the rest of the week off. Belichick canceling the rest of routier's saying see you guys for training camp so how can a team that preached. No days off no days off no days off suddenly take multiple days off and how can your leader your quarterback the best player in the NFL. The guy that has been. Just that the predominates example of greatness and how to achieve greatness and everything that Tom Brady does is great how can that guy. Completely changed philosophies. In just twelve months it confuses me it angers me and I don't know this team can come back I assume they can't. But I'm not sure in this team come back. Not practiced what they've preached and still expect to have the same results on the field. Now I want that about that would you guys tonight at 6177797937. I. I am Patrick Gilroy. This is Sports Radio W yeah I late night room for you guys that adds X what seven. 7797. 937 starting celtics' starting the bronze starting Tyreke we come back load them up with your phone calls is that high re urging that you want for next year or is LeBron James that you want for next year the choice is yours Celtics -- the stock about a two point 77797937. I don't think it's about triple. On so they issued its final. You know nobody would put our you know now I don't already being. For him that the opposite of settlement. With the old or. I don't think I think at this point it like all hope of a life girl being. Where mark from the people were well. I'll speak about it he's so great he can bring law trickle up. Former LeBron james' teammate running mate right there Dowayne wave of weighing in giving his opinion. On where LeBron James will wind up next season and look. Everybody's got an opinion and everybody's opinion appears to be a little bit different Gary Payton actually breaking some quote unquote news. Over the weekend as well. On some sort of podcast saying that. The bronze son Ronnie thirteen year old son brawny had signed a deal to you. I'll play basketball. In Los Angeles essentially it's in California Southern California high school next year and that would be a dead giveaway as to where LeBron James. Was going to wind up taking his talents to next year we'll talk about it do you guys 6177797. 937. Look. The LeBron James thing is interest thing I think it's been a conversation that's been. What a week old now and it really hasn't gone away yet and for good reason I mean he's a transformer to player. But he's also a guy that. Nobody can sort of make up their mind on do Celtics fans want him do they not want him in if they do want him what is the best path the best avenue. To get him to Boston and I'm of the opinion that there's only one path there's only one avenue to get him the Boston and that's if LeBron James decides that he only wants to play. For the Boston Celtics because at that point LeBron to dictate. Just about everything all he has to do was opt into the final year of his deal. Happens relatively easily at that point. The Celtics left to trade one of their Big Three plus some filler to make the money work put the Celtics at that point can bring in the Brian James without. Having to decimate. There roster sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late Nate I'm Patrick Gilroy root for you guys tonight at 6177797937. Back up the phones ago. Let's go to John John's in Maine John your next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. Gilroy was a Johnny. This is one of those seasons where it ended I just can't wait for the next few of the art I know. The experience. In a broad market will be over her. I mean will finally be able to get and did a draft or create he will be over work out a military gonna do. We'll try and we'll get to see that keen. That was one get away from the final without they're cute you are he's acquisition. You know he's going to be able duke. I think that we batter opera carrier ring and he was able I would fifteen army. Promote and even last year he really looked they would you know Hayward and the creepy then parent them. So I think they'd be better to have any views about alternately. Younger. You disagree player and you've got some potential. You what's funny though when it comes to carry is the staggering amount. Of misinformation out there nationally about his injury in abundance in the if you didn't know what happened a kite re an if you didn't know because you follow the team John. That you know he had to go in and get the 2015 surgery cleaned up and get the hardware taken out and that's why. He missed the playoffs you would think most people would think that this was a new devastating knee injury as opposed to. None of this is just clean up work from the 2015 injury that is already healed from. Yet these it sometimes you have to have to go American and do some work on an injury occurred happens to people and our work so life. Now so I think it be better up than I am I'm looking forward next season and not let that at dinner tonight at eight. I really appreciate it John and and look you know John I think his of the camp that most people Arian as Celtics fans and almost feels like a bit of unfinished business. You wanna see your team that was just minutes away from representing the Eastern Conference in the finals you wanna see them come back coal and come back with the team that you envision last year. Let's ultimately you know if I were speaking from my heart that's exactly what I would like to see happen. Again you know when you're talking about guys like hybrid Irving though and LeBron James these are different types of players and different types of cats when it comes to there mentality. The carrier ring and I'm sorry you know we were used to Isiah Thomas here Isiah Thomas was this relatively humble guy that it finally found. Awesome tremendous amounts of success while he was with the Celtics so he was so grateful for everything the Celtics gave him. Without the celtics' experience. Isiah Thomas never makes an all star team. Without the celtics' experience. Isiah Thomas is never top five in the MVP so when I T spoke. He was always speaking glowingly about the Celtics because he truly wanted to stay here he wanted to play out the remainder of his years. With the Celtics and Celtics fans like to hear those sort of things you know Paul Pierce. Up until 2007. When he finally said that he would like to be treated he would always talked glowingly about being a lifetime Celtic and then after the Big Three got here it literally broke. Paul Pierce the heart to accept the trade to the net. What did Kevin Garnett say after the treaty settle always bleed green these are the things. That Celtics fans want to hear and we're not used to hearing a guy like carrier ring. Tell like it is carrier rings already won championships he's already made multiple all star teams he's already had a tremendous amount of accolades bestowed upon himself in is very short time in the NBA. So. Carries not one of these guys that's going to get in front of the Boston media. And say oh yeah yeah you know I can't imagine playing some or else he's not that type of guy he is never going to be that type guy. So Celtics fans that are disappointed. In what carrier ring had to say or didn't have to say today I'm sorry if that's what you expected that you really didn't know who this guy was when the Celtics got him. Don't forget he's not a guy that shows the Celtics either you know the Celtics chose him and they made this deal work out but it's not like he's a guy that said. ABC OK I wanna go to the Celtics that's my team. The Celtics apprised him he talked about that today how he was filming his movie doing a dance scene while filming the movie when he learned about the trade to Boston. You know so this is a situation where. Carrie I'm sure is glad to be here and I'm sure that he's excited to play with Gordon Hayward next year complete with the young talent that he saw on display. But again he feels no allegiance to this franchise yet. And Celtics fans are uncomfortable would that notion. So extends I can tell by their reaction on Twitter by the social media in general by listening to the Boston sports media on the various shows tonight. It's kind of frustrating for my opinion. Because to me is just high reading the same guy he's always been he's always been a bit of an enigma especially when it comes to. What he tells the media like he's never going to give his position away and right now he's in a position of strength. He is absolutely in a position of strength for carrier Irving notes that he's holding the cards here. And don't forget you know while carries holding the cards and carrier Irving is in this massive position of strength. The Celtics also mean up wanna be the team that offers him a five year deal right now. Like this may work out good for both sides where. Celtics fans wanted to hear so desperately from carried it oh yeah I do wanna sign with the Celtics long term but for Carrie give that away EU be stupid. All carry said he was cool was that he's enjoying his time here and that he's looking forward to living in the moment and playing with Gordon Hayward next year. Because for him it's about the eighty million dollars more that he can get if he waits till next year now part of that eighty million dollars is the additional year. That he did he would Boston so if you just want to sign elsewhere next year he still net positive forty million dollars by waiting a year. But that net positive gain to eighty million dollars if he signs that debt for that additional year with the Celtics but if you're Danny Ainge do you want. To sign Tyree to a 45 year extension right now. I am unsure Danny Ainge would even want to do that and type a Max salary spot for that amount of time and give that sort of commitment to carrier now. We assume and everything that we have heard about this injury is that it is not a new injury. And that this is simply clean up work from the 2015 injury that when he fifteen surgery where he broke his kneecap. So they had to go win and they took the hardware out essentially in two stages they took the the wiring out in hopes that they can get him ready to play in the playoffs they found traces of it of an infection. They didn't wanna screw it that's they went in and they took the remainder of the hardware so it's not like a new injury caused. I read a miss significant time this year that being said. Isn't it in the celtics' best interest as well to be patient with Tyreke and let him prove it on the court if pat every comes back this year. And suddenly he is a seventeen point A night guy is shooting 39% from the field and has lost a step. Are you going to be as eager and as aggressive when it comes to your pursuit of carrier ring if you're Danny Ainge. You don't wanna put a five year extension at Max dollars on the table for a guy that you're not short is ever going to return to 100%. Any need to look no further than Isiah Thomas beacon Isiah Thomas was clearly. Clearly. In the MVP conversation. A thirty point and I guy and by the way respected basketball minds in New England like Michael Holley had said that Isiah Thomas was a better basketball player they carrier ring. And now Isiah Thomas is going to struggle to get a one or two year prove it to me deal he went from talking about the break struck. To getting it's still great money for us but getting in 06 million dollar single year proved to me deal. That's how far he's fallen in just sixteen months. In injury to a point guard to be devastating especially point guards that rely on an impressive quick first step. Kyra every one of those guys you know he's not nearly as diminutive as Isaiah Thomas but carrier ring absolutely revise and edit lettuce isn't and that. Aggressive quick first step. So let's say that he doesn't come back a 100% from the surgeries if you're the Celtics is it really in your best interest. To give carrier ring a five year extension and tie up that sort of cap space. For five years I'm not short it's so well it does carry a bit. A bit inherent risk it absolutely does. By waiting until next year ultimately it's what Kyra your team wants to do so we can Max out his. Financial opportunities here and for the Celtics I think it makes a lot of sense for them as well. Because they get to see carrier ring firsthand and see how he comes back from this injury. You get two major cogs in that lineup coming back from significant injuries and we talked a lot about this team being a favorite in the NBA finals next year. With the return of Gordon Hayward and carrier ring. But there are still major major question marks when it comes to those two guys there are still major health concerns when it comes to those two guys he got to be realistic about this. And if this or any other team. If this were LeBron James and the cavaliers. And LeBron was coming back from a huge injury Kevin Love was coming back from huge injury as Celtics fans will look at that team and say well you know. You don't know about LeBron you know although Kevin Love maybe they won't be the same next year don't forget to coming back from huge injuries. And here because we are Celtics fans we are. Working with the assumption that these guys are going to come back is the same players we hope they will. The Celtics Telus they will. But until they prove it on the floor especially for carrier ring a guy that relies in that quick athletic for step in that burst. I'm not comfortable giving him a Max contract extension I'm just not I'm sorry if that means you run the risk of losing him so be it. I would rather lose every Irving. In free agency and signed him to a five year Max deal. When he's never gonna be healthy ever again so it's up to tag read approve into the celtics' next year and prove it to the rim to the rest of the NBA. And if he comes back he's still the same player that he's always been well guess what you'll have multiple suitors out there. And everybody else across the league including the New York Knicks who Perry wants to go to according to. Chris medics in a few others. They can only offer before your extension with Celtics will have the opportunity to offered him the fifth year in the additional forty million bucks so if it really is all about money. And that's what Perry told us today but it's all about money and he wants to wait until next year to Max out his financial opportunities. And if that is the case. That you just need to read between the lines Celtics fans if it's really all about money or. The Celtics will be in that the best opportunity to give him the most amount of money it's really not all that complicated to at a Sports Radio. WEEI we heard from carrier Irving today we'll hear bits and pieces of the carrier being press conference. As the program rolls along we come back will be joined by Dan Greenberg from bar stools for tees are Celtics guy here. Wanna get his opinion on what Calgary had to say if his opinion on carries. Upcoming free agency. And talk about LeBron James a little bit here. Because. When it comes to LeBron James I get a feeling that I'm in green is gonna feel like it's sort of sacrilege almost like cheating. If you bring LeBron James on board here one to get his opinion on king James we come back for your Sports Radio W yeah. Well my hope is that maybe we are limited to maybe one question that they vote on don't lecture us. Because my whole foot obviously I Kennison and told us. Carrier being right there as he met the media in Boston today really for the first time. A long time had an extended session with the media. Make no mistake about it I mean the reason why he did it was to promote uncle drew which comes out at the end of the month but the Boston media they had their opportunity. They had high re in the room and they always. Appropriate to ask him the questions that they asked him but carry as always he's never been much. The forthcoming guy with the media and he was court he only made the media laughed he did what he generally does he's a personable guy but we got no. New information at least I don't think. When it comes to a carries long term future with the Celtics and beat his potential willingness to. Beat teammate once again win the LeBron James here to talk about all that with me is my Celtics guy from Parcells sports. Dan Greenberg guide Dan listen men what we talk about carrier ring and Gordon Hayward. And that those two guys coming back next year clearly it gets your green blood going it's my green blood going but the last week. I had to sit here and take LeBron James phone call after LeBron James phone call. After LeBron James phone call on sort of done with the abroad to Boston doc. Current. That the practice knowing that it should summertime and a and arm were injured unpredictable in and out that's our aviator rumor and that's out there so. Somehow hurt and there but. I'm where you are enough already QE please just focus on the start camera that we are. You know what it because the Celtics I believe Dan as they go into next year they're going to be the prohibitive favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the finals and I think they have more than a punters chance against golden state of course all this is assuming health. So for the Celtics to be where they are in considered one of the favorites if not the favorite to win the championship next year. It's really a unique situation. To have a conversation revolving around the transformer to superstar. Like LeBron James but in my opinion when it comes to LeBron whether you want him here or not. This all falls a 100%. On the Bryant James and correct me if I'm wrong here. LeBron would have zero interest in coming to the Celtics if Danny Ainge decimated the roster. As more weight talked about in order to free up and up and up cap space to sign him as a free agents of that avenue to Boston is up the gore. So I think it's a 1000% on the brought up LeBron decides. I want to play with the Celtics. It's as simple as him opting into his deal 35 million dollars for next year and the Celtics making the money work around one of their top three players and and adding in a little bit a filler. For two out of those three guys to make it work but you essentially come in. With two of your three stars plus LeBron James plus Tatum applause brown. That is the only avenue that I can see where makes even a little bit a sense. Yeah. You know. You're on a little odd you know I think it's certain that that means you're probably using carried. But he doesn't make enough money so I saw some culture is slowed up there and that you know they're removing Hayward and historic intimate close. What are apparently in the turnaround and then not extend her degree at the trade. Look permanent work losing Hayward at trying to reach in my opinion if you're 33 year called. So for me it's like here it is Arnold and aperture and let the in my opinion on which you you have got right now anyway if there were loading it up because once made this straight per carry you sort of laid out his weird it turned out to Taiwan and age of we're gonna have it's when it's soccer superstar in carrier ring major you know able to compete now. But certain. Land in his term priorities between what 2728. You have Scott McCain repair or going to be like every hurdle we're there that are low twenties it's still hopefully I'll start superstar talent. The category two or so much better that as well certainly I think it's it's hard to talk violent and so you know blog about uncertainty tore it apart so perspective but. On the topic that's all standpoint just said. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy on the line for me right now Dan Greenberg from Brussels sports you guys can find them. At school greedy and he continues the blog continues to write. About the Celtics in about ten days ago agree I I came on the air here when the Celtics season was over. And I said you know gonna give the Celtics a bit of arrest for the next couple weeks we'll talk about other stuff. It end just to take a deep breath from everything that took place last season and I haven't been able to do that yet because each and every day. There's been a new piece of Celtics related news. They've continued to be. One of the biggest stories in the city of Boston if not the country. And it's fun when this team involved in every major free agent and it's been that way for the last three or four years. But realistically assuming that this team comes back next year as relatively is currently constituted I'm sure the B some minor tweaks around the edges. When we talk about Kyra your Andy was asked about this a few times today. I I said to myself. If I was a set a Celtics fan or sports fan and I did not watch. Any TV today and I did not listening sports radio and only do was go online go on Twitter it seemed to me like every one of the click bait. Yeah out links said something along the lines of you know signing a Max deal in Boston does not make sense quote unquote you know carrier and they were all these hot take so there. Of what carrier ring said today. But for me it just comes down to math I mean for you when you heard what kind of reset about signing long term in Boston. As a Celtics fan does that free you utter all that he's unwilling to talk about an extension this year or that all about money. You know any kind of threw it hard to me the most pot and it seemed that every organ in the city and is that. They're acting like this isn't who's hurt some election in situations. Like he didn't have its contract. Sort of Google or your parents or whatever. Forward the first strains forms so. Back in July I got killed or are bigger corporations hole they're trade where Tariq Al and her contract because. And we're giving up a lot per aren't in the record straight out our future here on. Her years. I'd hear that kind words he would get hurt it has been repaired and I have to paying your targets are million dollars as if you guys that can get them all well. Well we're not accurate that are those here who don't know. How are currently led Celtic he matched up against Golden State so we're making that investment non clients say that. OK you know which I'm not during the regular whoever our ports are all paying out chart book tries. Black hole a little black and Atlantic that's in the summer. I think eighty million on the table I don't understand how you can. Heard that number and think you're not fighting is because particularly want to leave as opposed to. You're every other NBA star in his position. Which could opt out read the most money in the sun a courier or your. And a huge chunk of that eighty million dollars and this is what I took out of that but I you know I listen to this carries words from sort of up. I'm not gonna call a cap all his perspective but I understand how the cap works. And when I heard his reasoning essentially for not signing the extension this year I immediately thought to myself OK that's good news for the Celtics because if this thing is financially driven and correct me if I'm wrong again that means he's considering as part of an eighty million dollars. Is the additional fifth year that he gets with the Celtics so this thing is really about maximizing. How much money he can make by a waiting till next year. And if that's his main intent it is matching this thing out. Then signing with the Celtics is sort of a no brain a form because he gets a huge chunk of that eighty and that the appear that he can only get here in Boston rob. Notre and that's why you know it's. How Barton in the creek bed that met her little pressured and again a situation where. An October. An article that or was focused more on my district manager burying him is currently exploring trooper Jack. That we were always going to be in this position in here as Celtics won the title this year. Carrier ring would not I didn't mention it's the it has been clear that it could step in that press conference of Gordon Hayward so. The fact that all melt like speculating you're nervous I mean haven't ever pretend un. I'm going to be hurt all of next year in Chile are mapped out what they ought not secure and should be nervous or. Act like it's a new revelations some sort of issue. And that means that his apparent in the front office wouldn't have accurate rather than we're making it situated site. Remember guys were not the Sacramento Kings park or not but aren't there. It's on the draft as a week away and it blows my mind or already there and you're seeing guys. Lee grace and Allen come to town and he's a guy that at 27 it's very rare the you can find a guy that moves the needle and a guy that. People know the casual fans know them because of his reputation. With duke he's a guy that that's got a name out there and weathered in the name is because he's a great basketball player or because he's you know a bit of a jerk out there in the court and it's a little bit dirty so to speak he's somebody that moves the needle at least here in Boston with the casual fans. When you look at the upcoming draft barring the Celtics trading up to a higher pick if they stick it 27. And what do you think they do here. Very very Eric goes into them and found it I have no. Word yet this is cute Edgar system. Hard. Good effort out there are. Already at our market or cougar probably. Not. I'd like either ocean. Or. At that point I wouldn't hit a page out of the panic. Just part of our future a little Belichick moved to absolutely our roster spot in art it and maybe using their strict on the road. In a sort of pack is black eagle turning its gonna be sure didn't. Oh in terms of perimeter player you know sort of like it to Bart part where it be. You know recently that remains a problem. I'll let you know final thirteen. Visits in the passing a glaring need because. They're caddie Q ought to be equitable replace an act shall not like you have to rely on the job like somewhat encouraging other outdoor Rico. Oh once the Celtics may get through the draft they'll be just about ten days away from free agency and again may be using the assumption here that they keep the team. Relatively the same as it is what we saw this year. They'll have the mid level the scandal have via the veteran's exception to spend so looking around the landscape of the NBA once the major dominoes begin the fall. And LB Kevin Durant reopening we Golden State. The brawn going somewhere coli Leonard working things out or not. With the San Antonio Spurs once we get through that eight level talent and we dip into that B and C level talent with the Celtics will be playing we think. It's give me a name war two veterans around the league that you think could be added to the roster using one of those mid level low low low level exceptions. That Celtics fans will know a name that's recognizable they could make a positive contribution to what we think could be a championship team. You know hyping its top I have to see when those exemptions expire because. They're still going to be you know able to those around. Mature adult earning it wouldn't shock me grains of salt until. You don't let let you listen to it looks like Turkey on. And and try to prove it. Come February you know already saturated so hard. Senator Byron Eaton I don't know her as other then we'll know him. I would like Joseph Eric side of Brooklyn are the guys can search for all of our hats and decent minutes program. I think in Berkeley right now I JJ Redick who like her little or you're benched. I think any age it's pretty cannot take. Just surgical electorate to ever look like you know hopefully there it would bring back pain but you know I want to. Its parent helped secure I think being outlawed acute pain and expense and I think market going to be important whatever that's all accurate well. At that level or the other books and whatever what you do on that are. Completely shocked the occasion they have attacked. Uses those in February at the expiration day out to the streets okay he's wearing caps. You don't pick out to urge you just got bought out. On the ballot apparently one that. I've before get Johnny here we got to go fast forward eleven months you're big on. Yeah you're good your predictions you predict wind holes very very well you underdog to get this formula and it works out very well for the last couple years so. We're fast for eleven months Celtics that they get through the season healthy and are we talking about the Celtics. Represented Eastern Conference in the finals next here. I mean they're probably all major policy just because that's who they are there you know carries probably Europe where are at the game. Market to Iraqi probably gonna aren't something that you don't Turkey. Always a guy says that Mike is Smart it is considered a dumb idiot for doing that and the bronze does it he's a hero. Or return them and I don't think I'm not until LeBron. China your parents aimed at they had to be like market. And you bring in a bottle that didn't. I've got a I'll I think I'd agree with birdies at the beginning now. I have expectations I think that's a very here where. You know they were playing with house money this incredible run it was awesome there at the brink of finals. About friends and you know put up or shut up all its hardware and they're gonna have that terror backing it but don't get a break there April the first five minutes. You know I have to make the final I think that's they're huge and you know last year my expectation was either Mexico soccer finals or have a competitive series against LeBron. We don't have that last year so for me take that next level and are made its final order to support it. And just be clear you are hard no on the broad audience. Arm yes some art now in the area through and Greenburg from Brussels or stick about still grainy and yet anything good coming up the rest of this week are you gonna take a deep breath. I don't know you know I'm still doing the usual stay out till three in the border watching YouTube highlight current a little bit. I'm more like a little weaker Q from all from the summer league I'm excited. To our our way to Vegas and even larger and it not playing the match at a great time by. It's only that were never turned on the teacher. Now what second Indy from the amount Vegas coming up the first of July outlook report that it was going to be a lot of fun thanks Dan appreciate event. Or there goes Dan Greenburg from buy Bristol sports check him out. On Twitter that still greedy he is the best and he is a hard no on the run Jane's I think between he and I we sort of laid out. The case for Kyra your thing and look. Again Celtics fans my friends my buddies today on Twitter on FaceBook getting emails today everybody pan McCain but look Kyra you're being had to say. It isn't about what he had to say today that's irrelevant. It's about carrier being maximizing. His financial opportunities your Boston if you don't understand that. The don't worry about you don't need to understand the cap cap is complicated you basketball fans just watched the basketball and know that if the Celtics are successful next year with carrier. They can offer him an additional year and more money. And nine times out of ten. Guys are gonna go where the most money is with an opportunity to win and the Celtics can give carrier being both more money and an opportunity to winds of you want carry here for the long term. Chances are he's sticking around its Sports Radio dumped the guy we come back we'll continue our LeBron James Calgary Irving to debate. As well as talk about Tom Brady because. I haven't been this disappointed. In a major Boston athlete in along time. But I think by Tom Brady setting the tone setting the example. This year by missing out of these OT case and making it okay for drunk to miss out on these OTA's. Now suddenly you have Bill Belichick the guy the preaches no days off. Giving the team the remainder of the week off I think that this patriots team has lost its identity I think that they have lost their way we'll talk about it with you guys next Revere Sports Radio. The BB yet.