Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - The Al Horford, Kevin Garnett comparison 03-08-2018

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Friday, March 9th

Hour 2. Gilroy discusses the comparisons between the play of Al Horford and Kevin Garnett. The Peyton Manning hate continues.


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Police say he's late night. Once Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for an Sunday X in the graveyard tablets get it going with Patrick Gilroy. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Now had a terrific training camp for us right there needs. He's just such a grow anything he's been making shots he makes the he picks the right passes takes care of the ball. Communicates on defense systems all the things. You know I hate to make comparisons because you know like. Fiji's first ballot hall of Famer but he does remind me a lot of ways the PG that he just is. You know he's sold team oriented ends a shot maker. And take care of the ball like he he did it and could make shots. You know. It's one thing when I make the comparison here Utley you know and nobody and his Patrick Gilroy thing about the 2 o'clock in the morning. But when Danny Ainge who draws the comparison I wonder if anybody will listen to change. Because it's awfully funny what happens here some times and it's OK I mean I didn't have been doing this long enough to understand that it's funny when. Producers take sound bites and snippets and mix it up to make somebody's opinion sound. Very one sided lately only when a certain way. But I just feel the need to clarify a little bit and these guys have their phone with a and that's fine. But I was echoing the same sentiment. That you just heard from any Angel here that same sentiment coming up from other people that know a lot about the game of basketball as the program rolls along as well. But this whole Al Horford thing I'm not gonna do and our right nothing to do two hours on it I'm going to do. Five minutes on it because I think it's pretty self explanatory I do. Al Horford has been disappointing will that depends on who we ask that depends on what about Al Horford you know how much. You understand his game and how much you understand who he was in his last few years with the Atlanta Hawks meaning if you understood. That the people live in Atlanta. Had the same problem with corporate it people have them here. Hawks organization. Had the same problem with Horford that the Celtics organization does sometimes Al Horford has always disappeared for a week or two. At a time and a third two or three times throughout the course of the season he's always been somebody where fans have clamored for more because they think that talent is there. Whether the talent is there or not is irrelevant he's a ten year veteran of the NBA he is what use. And it doesn't make anybody sound tough it doesn't make anybody sound any more intelligent to say here. And criticized the guy for being essentially the same guy that he then for at least the last five or six years. Over his career right he had a couple of huge seasons with the Atlanta early on but they settled into the guide that he's become. And the guy that he is now. Are is numbers struggling a little bit this year like percentage points shore that he just got through a really rough stretch for 67 games coming up the all star break yes he did. Right but that doesn't mean that he not worthy of an all star did this year. And I've never considered him a top ten player in the league I don't know where people get that from I said very clearly in the other night and let's say very clearly again right now I think he's a top thirty player. And the backpack. The top thirty the back five of the top thirty. There's a reason why he was elected last among us as teammates. For the all star game so there's thirty players in the game and he was elected last. And I guess he's the thirty best player in the league. Right whatever use. But what I drew the comparison to Kevin Garnett it got portrayed that I was drawing the comparison to KG strictly because. Of their numbers because that's the snippet of the audio they got plate. Yes if you remove Kevin Garnett for a season from the equation because when he first got the Boston he was a man possessed. He had an otherworldly and VP type the season you're one where the Celtics won the championship. You remove that year from the equation his numbers are very very similar to what you get from Al Horford right now both fourteen and said so to speak. Right and that's fine numbers to numbers they're production is very similar but my point wasn't about numbers and that's what got. Taken out of context. My point was. We Kevin Garnett. Averaged fourteen and 715 at eight. Nobody clamored for the twenty and ten guy that used to be nobody accused him of I'm not living up to not playing to his potential nobody said. He's getting a lot of money we need to get more from him because it was understood they Kevin Garnett brought so many other things to the table. He brought all the little things he brought the intangibles he brought the intensity he made his teammates better he was the quarterback on defense yet he was all of those things. He's a first ballot hall of Famer like Danny Ainge just said in the cut the U hurt. Al Horford is a lot of those same things the difference is Al Horford is not nearly. As dominate as Kevin Garnett when I say Dominique. I mean his presence on the court. He's not loudly KG was he isn't banged his head up against the post the weight KG did you'll never see a knuckle push up from from Al Horford the waited from KG his intensity. Is it infectious the way that Kevin Garnett Wallace. Kevin Garnett it's clearly the superior player. However. The year production on the court is set is very similar and the little things that. Al Horford does oh so well the little things that we all like to say that that yes the watch the game to understand that Al Horford. Plays this positioned perfectly that he is also the quarterback of the celtics' defense. One thing that Kevin Garnett used to do quite a bit of was literally pushed his teammates into the right position defensively Al Horford is the same thing Al Horford. Is somebody that is a top defender in the league not the best offender like Kevin Garnett was but he's one of the top defensive big men. In the league he's never out of position very rarely does he make a mistake. He can pass out of the post with the best of them just like Kevin Garnett could. The Celtics under Doc Rivers had the luxury of running an offense out of the post through Kevin Garnett. Well this Celtics team under Brad Stevens does a very similar thing with the offense. And Al Horford whether it's running it through the low post through portrait or for the high post the Horford. Kevin Garnett was a great pick and roll player Horford also agree pick and role player there are similarities. Both numbers wise and with the intangibles. The difference is Kevin Garnett it's. Was louder Kevin Garnett intangibles were done in a much more dominant fashion Kevin Garnett presence was much more dominant. That Al Horford and nobody ever questioned Kevin Garnett doing the little things because. Everybody noticed because he couldn't help but notice everything Kevin Garnett ever did on a basketball court that is a credit to KG so they played with different styles. Right Kevin Garnett. Loud. Dominates a lot of flair to his game lot of flare to his personality. You don't have that would Al Horford Al Horford goes out there he's a quiet unassuming leader. Leading by example it doesn't mean he doesn't do a lot of the same little things that don't show opened the box score but Kevin Garnett did. The difference is people noticed Kevin Garnett doing it because of the style in which he did those things. And sure that will all be taken at a con excellent on with a tomorrow and that's fine. But again you heard any change there I'll hear from a couple other people throughout the night here that also appeared to meet the comparison. And maybe they can make fun of any change for me in the compares I don't know maybe they well who knows but it Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy Al Horford tonight giving the Celtics a big night with 28. And six up against Carl Anthony towns. So. I guess he did okay. Against Connell Anthony towns the Celtics come out. Victorious tonight on the road in Minnesota your final score 1172109. We will continue to update you guys throughout the night is we get information. On Jalen brown until then let's go back out to the calls let's go to Steve Steve's in Miami Steve your next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. Basically as a dominant. Quote here's and just like that please don't please don't label whether today's. I'm actually. Human. While want to talk about the manic I don't I mean. I don't want to hate them and all that I don't know them but. Just everything that statement that I have a player I want find out what you think white both Japan and collect them but. Let's not forget you talked about patent two years ago. After the season or during the out. Eli is accused and it's shown that. He told someone that he wore his Jersey just to get extra money and he's and basically with the person who purchased. The autographed Jersey remember that. Another story that went away relatively quickly. At an end and pictures that we're sick if there was Tom Brady may be slow in the book at him and I talked forest not to say that because. They keep trying to drum up but hopefully needs and hit Dotel walked. It cleanly because of all these people who I'd never been my issue now I can't cheer cheer cheer estimate I mean. I I have to tell you read that he. Report out late but did you care and they want to believe it because the patriots have been so good and the teams have been. So loud and and the same thing with you know with manic. I guarantee you if ballot Grady. Who did Jews they could do at the age agent said that his wife got it. Which if you remember a pig in Medicare that which has just like what Roger Clemens says. White guys. Think he's throwing the book at. Great at its most sickening that may at the Manning's like angels and we all of that not. That pressing. Quote as little back pressure which major motion picture. But can look out. Since this event and have a hard time with your phone meant at a Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Ryan Patrick Gilroy room for you guys tonight. At 6177797937. Let's squeeze one more and before the break let's go to Shea she's in the car cigarette next you're a Sports Radio WEEI. Bennett Patrick let me try to lay out there. It all the way that it be all regards. To. I don't feel like there's all thirty what location. I mean you'd look in 08. Major deal a deal like did it they ought. Did you idolize. Talk. About it build models that this is definitely taken place orders well well. The public and that aware. Beat us awkward CEO. Comments that. He made it all the other bell and the fact that he's the food back. I had that back in he outed for a result of the so. Again it would be that our pets to be a bit try to belt. It branched out on top of that fact that you know locker debt are we gonna do Ortiz brought out. Date certain get Libya Al later your short you know I I think. Eight it did a little if it's a little bit. It will orbit jumper and got to go out and try to say that you do a duck Cheney et. If you're ignorant about the situation which pretty much never but he he liked it we thought it back about it but at. I think it that Big Sur regard. You're a big big secret. I get something like it doesn't just happen. An epidemic yet if you look at who. The old joke. You don't know gotten blown like up jock well out or. I want you don't jump on the upper arm stray dogs that are that they're better you know. The and I got. It's Alice and I I totally get it night and thank you for the for the knowledge there shape but it just gonna say this about it because it it just to me it's just the latest example. In a series of examples of of things that Peyton Manning is done that I think come off as very shady borderline on criminal and people don't want to. One of lettuce which puts it under the rug where is. Compared to Tom Brady every time this guy looks in the wrong direction. Most of the country can't wait to accuse him of something. But Peyton Manning gets accused of by having HEH that too is south oh it's my wise but when Roger Clemens had the same thing happened well now he can't go to the hall of fame because he's it accused cheater right so Peyton Manning does it he says are shots it's my life it's okay. And everybody buys it. Because maybe the sources Al-Jazeera whatever the reason is people bought it the whole sexual assault allegation coming at a Tennessee. On this me to wage that we live in that went away awfully quickly I mean this guy has been mixed up in a few things. And each and every time people have looked in the other direction because I think the American public most of the American public. Wants to light the guy so they're able to separate everything that happens with Peyton Manning and when something negative happens happens within. They're just more more than likely to believe him the not to believe him because of the way that he portrays himself on TV. And I think he it's a fraud I think it's very fraudulent but people eat it up. The age Yates. Completely. It. By Byrd why aren't. They. All. Wonder if I'd really. We're doing it CH what you're open it up but a different story shaken some on the net bootsy could. 88. And that I think I got it ought leave. It but. All it you know it was. Isolated. In Europe where. Years ago you would be well. It. Did the whole are there should be I don't know. If we are they. Doubt. It again so on. I hated it but it and number eight that work. Are in the lead you know it read it here so. Again. At the terrible I think it would do I you know. Call it. Yet. That's I appreciate the phone call what's gonna appreciate the different perspective when it comes to the loading of the 31 Papa John's locations. I'm just. Bringing you the story the way that I've read right. And I'm sure in the coming days and weeks more information will be released about the timing of this whole thing but the timing and I. Looks pretty suspect. Maybe it'll come out that the timing wasn't suspect at all. Just the way that the news was released one of the suspects and we'll talk about that when it happens if that happens but to me it's just the latest. And a quotable online year of things that Peyton Manning has been involved in that people are seem comfortable looking the other way for. And it blows my mind because I live here in New England I work at W yeah I. I watch it and I participate in this whole thing with Tom Brady all over the last few years. Where again people cannot wait to accuse him of cheating. And when you look at Major League Baseball people stand up when their high horses and say okay Barry Bonds he kick it in the hall of fame Roger Clemens he kick on all things Sammy Sosa forget about Mark McGwire forget about it because they're all white. Accused cheaters even though I can make the argument right now. And it could do for the next two hours that Major League Baseball not only knew about their steroid use Major League Baseball endorsed their steroid use they've made millions of dollars off their steroid use and then when that they he. Got really hot would would meekly baseball do they ran away and they threw their stars under the bus Major League Baseball. Was really the bad guy in that situation not the players the players were just doing what they were encouraged to do because the ratings were high people or into the game. And they helped save the game coming out of the 1994 strike but that's a different story. For eight different day it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy ticket you guys all the way up until. O'clock in the morning. Join us at 617779790. Present. Talk all Boston sports with Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. Joseph let happen Al has been laid out that Al. Has played well in the playoffs over his career yes you believe you're very good player yet this year. What's a good year for Al was not sub par year I think he took a backseat that Isiah is score the basketball to a lot of good things he'd be at. That you don't read into I loved him as a clear compare other. He is a Kevin Garnett type guy. Without the know this Kevin Garnett was no it's which you have Al Al sufficient he gets out plays and his players his teammates loved. I don't know what line. That age and now Cedric Maxwell but how dare I make the same comment how dare I have a similar opinion. Kevin Garnett was raise a first ballot hall of Famer. Al Horford may or may not be hall of fame someday he's going to be a fringe guy at the end of the day right we're not comparing those two. But as far as production. On the court and the way in which they play. I think that they are your release similar. It's just a matter of what is at center and that's what to say Kevin Garnett did it in a very noisy flashy way and Al Horford is a quiet unassuming leader. And that's why people looking Kevin Garnett. In those last 45 years with the Celtics in a very different way and nobody would ever dare. There say they Kevin Garnett wasn't giving it his all their Kevin Garnett could do more. Because once again Kevin Garnett was out there still even at the end when he was only fourteen and six guy he was still doing the knuckle push ups still being the vocal leader out there still bring in the same intensity that he did as a nineteen year old kid twenty years prior with the Minnesota symbols and that of the credit to Kevin Garnett. This is taking nothing away from KG one of my all time. Favorite Celtics. But I just hate to see Al Horford piled on when. The people that matter the people that are paying Al Horford they're satisfied with the performance that they're getting from Al Horford because they knew exactly what they were investing in. When they gave him the 113 million dollar contract. They knew exactly what is weaknesses are and with strengths were and they knew exactly how he tended to disappear for a week to week stretch its doesn't make it okay. It just means the people that matter the people that cited paychecks knew what they were buying before they bought it it is Sports Radio. WEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy review guys tonight at 6177797937. It takes the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. I'm hoops we've done a lot tonight that sort all over the place and will continue to be all over the place until 2 o'clock in the morning. We spent a lot of time on pay on Peyton Manning. And quite frankly when it comes to Manning the fact that he has been able to. Skate away from all these little scandals that he's been involved and all these little scandals that he'd he's been involved in a really come. In the last three or four years whether it's eight GH allegations. These gage coming to his house and that the public essentially buying his story that almost from my wife right bowl win. The eight GH were shipped to Roger clemens' house and he said it was for my life and nobody believed. Not a soul believe that and now Roger Clemens one of the greatest pitchers of all time is struggling to be a hall of fame. It blows my mind it's such a double standard. Writes it is the eighth TH thing that you get sexual. Sexual assault allegations against Peyton Manning again those come out. And their hot topic on Sports Radio for a couple of days and they go away Peyton Manning skates away from the Peyton Manning is skated away from every single. Allegation that's ever been lobbied against him and what really has brought this conversation to the forefront which really brought to light is. The that it now there are two major networks competing. For Peyton Manning's services to be a broadcaster makes your call NFL football games whether it's a Thursday night package or the money that package he is going to take a starring role in one of those packages next year. And for me anyways. He's again it's always irked me I've always had a hard time watching him and listening to him and all these commercials that he does because. I always sort of been able to see through him. And I always thought that it was a very fake very false facade that he put on. And it blew my mind that people for years and years and years continue to buy into his BS and think that this is actually who Peyton Manning use. So we talked a lot about Peyton Manning. Also complained about the storm a little bit being in Windham New Hampshire did eighteen inches of cement like snow. I never experienced anything like experience last night after. A tree broke in half and hit my house thankfully it didn't damage the house all that badly but I went outside to see affected. Move the tree and sore throat back into the woods a little bit and while I was out there it's dark. It's quiet and the only and always you could hear. Every 45 seconds was the sound of trees snapping trees breaking I never experienced anything like that before completely. Just the eerie eerie eerie experience. Waking up this morning to multiple trees down no power when I left to come to the radio station at 830 tonight. No no power no electricity no cable no Internet no enough then so we are still very much in the in cleanup mode in windy in New Hampshire and coming in the Boston it was funny because the closer it got to the city. It's almost like nothing happened here at all so at least here in Boston we are spared put. All right Livan win in New Hampshire my guts awards on there right now trying to get out of my neighborhood there are giant trees in the way there's by power lines down. Enough. That sounds that was an awful sound and because it didn't just happen like once or twice it just continued. To happen. Really scary stuff. But he Sports Radio WEEI it is late night room for you would 6177797937. Back to the phones we goes got to Nathan. Batons and Dorchester Nate the new next up here on Sports Radio W yet. Yeah and I'm glad that I'd get. You. Take him or you know this to accusations against eight and you've given me I will do okay fine. No I am not only from those who do you you know sexual at all allegations. And blah and I yelled. I'll I'll look it up to the Q what exactly is the eight seeing it obviously. Is explanation news. Oh and. It's as what it it's twice that you believe Nathan is just it's just like no big deal. Yeah if he is the general I think it needs formula that would look to produce way. 800 actually did that guess what. And it made it an act act a bit if he liked you IP. Yeah it's the at. I'll let you did get one billion including portraying and you couldn't beauty. Complete. College. Brokered any of the. You know. Yeah collection known nick. Tournament. No the only time it may happen. Yeah I am in India and teaching your opinion you know had I had it wrong fielded you know. You know the year. You know it picks aren't there or whatever it is all all the other things. You're human errors out. Listen I appreciate the book on the I guess it's easy tournament deserves it out of that it's a shout outs in the ACC it. I. It. That's awesome in his sport's great PO WE idol later we get more interest being the calls get we're going all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning here on the program. And we are all over the place tonight whether it's you wanna bitch about the snow it's about power situation. It's about bad back we can do that here because today if you're in the wrong place today if the capital and in the wrong place. You had a pretty terrible day you woke up to a big mess. Add trees down power down everything you're sort of falling apart and whatever it's fine we'll get through about it for years and years and year this year. But a guy that grew up in the Boston area bought my house and when the New Hampshire five years ago and this was the first time I ever experienced the sound of those trees snapping at. My god it's a scary experience to let the live through and watching as a giant time pine trees and might in my front yard in my backyard. Just praying that they don't give out because there goes the cards there goes the house. They are goes everything and yeah I'm glad that we made it through we get some trees down at the dollar down but ultimately. Ultimately the cars were spared. The house for the most part was spared. So that's all good as Peyton Manning thing. I just wanna continue to to look into it and take a deeper dive into will continue to do that. Periodically throughout the program tonight because it pisses me off. Being a patriot spending it Tom Brady guy a year. Covering Tom Brady for all the years that we've covered a year and watching. A willing public out there in the 45 other states that don't support and on the patriots latch onto anything. That may possibly associate Tom Brady with cheating or being a bad guy or somebody who out of touch with reality because of the products that he chooses to sponsor. And people latch on to that stuff and use that as evidence against Tom Brady they use that as a way to root against Tom Brady meanwhile Peyton Manning. Is guilty legitimately has been accused of things that are much more. Damning insignificant in the things that Tom Brady has been accused of yet people have been mentally willing and able to sweep those accusations under the rug. And a lot of it's got to do with the fact that he's got this aside and he's got this. Fake personality that people bought into I think the majority of the American public. Legitimately believes that the guy they see in the Papa John's commercials and the idea insurance commercials. Is the same guy that he is. When the TV cameras stop rolling. And it's going to be interesting to me once he's on TV full time next year calling these NFL games. If he can keep up that aside for three hours at a time once a week every week that's going to be a lot of work for patent because. To do it for 32 commercial that's been edited and he said as many takes as he needs to. Played a part of Peyton Manning is one thing but to do it live for three hours at a time each and every week. I would like to see him ballpark I would like to see him be more of himself. And the the American public see him for for who he really is because I don't think there's any chance. That he is the guy that he pretends to be. On national TV I don't think there's any chance that he able to go out there and put put on their performance. For three hours each and every week but Peyton Manning is a guy that not only has the American public. Showed a willingness to sweep everything that he has been accused of under the rug and seemingly forget about at the moment it's brought up. He's also a guy that he's got two networks competing for his rights. And both of them are prepared to make in the highest paid guy ever to call an article football game. Replacing Jon Gruden John gruden made six and a half million dollars last year rate others to potential employers for Peyton Manning's services both. Offering him ten million dollars to call NFL football games that is mind blowing to me and of course we'll talk about the Celtics as well the Celtics. Getting their most significant win. All of the post all star break run that they have been on tonight in Minnesota these are not your grandfather's timberwolves anymore their playoff team. They're one of the more I talented younger up and coming teams in the NBA. The Celtics went into Minnesota tonight and really had a statement win. They really would in their tonight and opened up a nice lead they held onto that lead your final score in Minnesota won seventeen to 19 and while. Getting the win is a nice story. Al Horford having a great game is in a story the story of the night. And the thing that we will continue to follow with a very keen eye here because it could have damning implications for the Celtics come playoff time if this injury significant. Is what happened to Jalen brown do brown went out for breakaway dunk. Completed the dog hung on the rim. Fell off the rim awkwardly landed sort of top of his back bottom of his neck really hard off the floor instantly can cost we feel for shore. At a minimum he's got a concussion to deal with. That he did walk off the floor under his own power that was a positive sign. But the possibility is there that there is a much more significant injury. Potentially facing Jalen brown if more news comes out tonight on Jim Brown of course. We'll bring it to you here on Sports Radio WEI all that and a table and oh yeah by the way the Bruins another win in the in the closing seconds of the game. Their final us or tonight three to two that Bruins team is on. In incredible role and it and it blows my mind to look at the Bruins as a team that. I thought going into the season most people that know a lot more about hockey and I do you going into the season considered this season a lost season for the Bruins. A non playoff season for the Bruins. And now they've legitimately put themselves into cup contention. And good for the Bruins yup absolutely good on the Bruins the put themselves in that situation. And it seems like each and every night the way they win is in more dramatic fashion that the night before they are on one hell of a role we talked about that as well. All the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning here on late night at a Sports Radio WEEI room for you at 6177797937. Talk all Boston sports was Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. It is Sports Radio WCI is late night I am Patrick Gilroy. Number to join us here this evening 6177797937. Takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy. On hoops taking guys all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning that a lot and I talked a lot about Peyton Manning what a shady guy think he is. Of course we've done some Celtics and Al Horford Kevin Garnett talk. And talked a lot about the snowstorm and how it's funny where depending on where you want everybody got a different experience and up and Windham New Hampshire Orion. It was a relations experience that we are still going through their most of the town still. Without power trees down power lines down. It's just a war zone right come from meanwhile here a simple forty minute drive into the city and it looks like nothing here happens. Adult talking about that as well coming up. In the next hour we are gonna talk a bit about the patriots and their tight end situation as the patriots made it official today. Cutting. Tight end Martellus Bennett and there's. A couple of things that I wanna get you when it comes to the patriots saying goodbye to bed and again for the second time inside of twelve months I was disappointed in that move I really wanted to see the patriots hold on to him. I think. Even a team as structured as the patriots are having a guy would that's a colorful. Attitude and personality is beneficial to a team especially team. Like the patriots and I still think that guy's got some football left and am assuming health but the bigger question here that don't want you guys to think about. As we go to break is is really. Does this mean that the patriots know something that we don't know. Because to me then it's a guy that knows the system then a two guided got the type of injury that can be taken care of inside of one off season. And the patriots essentially save themselves a two million dollar roster bonus by cutting and so it's not a huge amount of money that the patriots are are saving. By saying goodbye to Martellus Bennett. So does that mean that they know that prompted back next year because to me he's the ultimate rock insurance policy no he's not even. 50% of the player that drop is but nobody really use right now and at least he's a guy that knows the system at least he's a guy that you know can produce. In the patriot system the patriots organization he doesn't let the the bright lights of the media here the bright lights of the expectations. Of the patriots really interfere with his play in the field as a matter of fact he is somebody that steps up in the bigger moments that's what we've learned about him two years ago. When he was with the New England Patriots and he's a guy that I really believed. And I thought I hope that the patriots would find room for next year but now the patriots have cut him and they put themselves in a very. A difficult situation at the tight end position. Because there still is no confirmation that we know about Rob Gronkowski and what he's doing next year. And that's difficult that's something we've talked quite a bit about your on late night in the last month or so but. Maybe it means and maybe the optimist in me wanna bully wants to believe that it means that the patriots know that rocky is. On his way back next here and while whatever is gonna play out on Twitter and social media and everything else is it is gonna play out. Maybe he's given the patriots some sort of indication that yes. He will be back next year to meet that's the story that makes the most sense to me that is the situation that makes the most sense. Because otherwise why would you get rid of a guy in Martellus Bennett that you know can produce in the patriots system sodas Sports Radio. WEEI room for you guys tonight at 617779. To 7937. Back to the phones we go to Paul. Balls in Westfield Paul your next appear on late night. Captured before we celebrate it wouldn't get Sherman they gage and mr. Graham. Remember you explain to us that. Per a fifteen minutes of fame a ribbon cutting at some quick attention they're gonna throw in. With mr. Meehan is because nation why he's on your side DQ commercial. On what do you make it a club and Clemens is that that's the difference is very much favoritism and that it is such. You're right you're right about that Paul and I would hope that one of these stories because the three stories that have come out about Manning in the last three years. I think one is more damning than the one before and every single one of them. Seems to get swept under the rug and people looking at the direction yet the wonder if there's any story they come out about Manning that will get the attention of the American public or. They're so infatuated with him that it's never gonna happen. Yes I agree it you have park in about this free AG market. Would you be quiet a crowd to come back imagined add Graham. Who has known would create a New Orleans economical rock they talk guy that can be physical. And now of course we get Sherman with particularly cause that guys mind boggling Smart note that right didn't. When you get ratings and advanced placement colleges include. There's little more than going on upstairs that. I really utilize it and he certainly should be drawn to a snowy wood. With this right combination and are pretty each in this heat he's about this new windows rocket Brady really could certainly can be accurate. I agree with the there I think Sharon's an enticing guiding he's intriguing guy that the patriots to take a very close look at he's already made it known that. That he would be interest if the patriots came calling he is I believe 32 years old Paul I could be run a Manny coming off that. That major injury but I think he's certainly somebody worth taking a very. Close look at and beyond what he can produce on the field I think again like Digisette about Martellus Bennett I think to have a guy like Richard Sherman. When that sort of personality that attitude that he brings. Is beneficial to a team like the patriots because not everybody. Can be you know a straight edge type of guy I think that somebody like Richard Sherman or Martellus Bennett brings a little bit attitude and even some levity. Into a locker room and last year that patriots locker room desperately needed somebody to step up and be a leader and also bring a little bit of levity to it because as we know. Things got pretty tense there is season got along. Right independent excluding last year Richard Sherman had. The number that was literally double every one else in this group and he joked about how. How do you live in Seattle didn't matter anymore because no we went to his side could yet which I'd pick operate in a little comic to Crabtree that the alleged child like that that guy's very cerebral accuse him. And you look at the Seahawks say it's it's a bigger picture thing here with the Seahawks overall they had what 56 year run and now they're essentially blowing that team up their run of dominance. Is over now and it makes you appreciate just what's going on here with the patriots. Nearly two decades of dominant football and the second closest team to them in the in recent history. Was the Seahawks and and now the Seahawks are shell themselves and the have to go back to the drawing board meanwhile the patriots are trying to extend their run another two or three years. I know I'll try not to show the cure for them you're right they are shouts and here's the other big point forget. If Bob Bennett isn't able to perform physically because of the entrance of of course we're not gonna mention that you get the Max value but that's the thing that we're getting member about sort of the way you know last year as a heated after church had. An entirely new group. We were atrocious in Latin recording locked in the plank and then what they did to. Except Super Bowl actually got really strong defensively as a young groups so lot to worry about better but we definitely dictate Dominic guy that can push a line. I agree with the there on I appreciate the phone call we'll talk more about the patriots as the off season. Rolls along free agency just a couple of days away and that's gonna be really interesting for the patriots I think it opens up tomorrow so when free agency opens where they got a call first. Are they going to really make an effort to go out there and get Richard chairman I think they are I think that. They know that they wanna target him otherwise they would have been more rain on this the key to leave situation because that he'd made it clear. That he was very interested in rejoining the doing the patriots they know they've got a huge hole the field at quarterback and.