Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Anthony Davis trade rumors: NFL Ratings

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Sunday, December 3rd

Patrick Gilroy is in studio an dhe is talking Celtics and trade rumors involving Anthony Davis. John Sapochetti joins the show.


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Weeks she's late night. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for an some PX in the graveyard tablets getting going with Patrick Gilroy. I college Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. I am Patrick Gilroy here with the guys until midnight take. Your phone calls at 617779. To 7937. I guess I can continue to take your text messages at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy on who sit and yet this is the second time. I've worked with these new in throws it in line estimated them at I gotta tell you I'm not sure who created them. Again I don't know if I'll ever get used to this electronic music that is now. Use from intra. And as you go through them. In and out of each break you'll you'll see what I'm talking about here there is sort of no rest here at some point during the show. You feel like you need some glow sticks maybe pop and he really really get go so the electronic is coming in. Hot and heavy tonight Libya with the intro music Otis Sports Radio WEEI it is late night and look. After spending a couple hours you would Gilani talking football we can continue to take your phone calls on this whole. Tom Brady vs Eli Manning. Who was better that the greatness of quarterbacks in the NFL to neighbors yesterday we can continue. Would that dialogue continue that conversation I think it's a fascinating. Conversation to have and again I I do think that because of the golden age quote unquote. Of medical quarterback sort of being in a bit of a decline at this point there's a natural sort of you can. See the natural line the straight line between that and the fact that ratings are down I think that's partially responsible. But again you know my whole take here you guys have heard this before I don't think ratings are down nearly. Or viewership I should say is down nearly. As significantly as we would be laid to believe I just don't I think that again eight entities. Incredibly fast pace world. Where I know that I'm in the majority where you are overworked. Underpaid constantly tired sucking down caffeine and trying to get through the day without feeling too guilty about how much time he did get to spend with your kids in your family. The thought of sitting down for 34 consecutive hours. In consuming. In entire game whether that's an NFL game Major League Baseball game a basketball game it's hard to do. And for me it takes. Some serious flip flopping of schedules. And maneuvering of people in my life to be able to find the time. To sit down and watch something live on into rock did it just doesn't exist. And maybe maybe it's me maybe I'm just not that big of a sports fan why should I be here and yeah I if I can't dedicate. The time needed idea as to watching the games Y I it's not that I don't watch the games. I I DVR every single one of them I have not missed the second the patriots football this year I have not missed a second of Celtic basketball this year but it missed. 80% of that life. In the 20% that have consumed lied 15% of that has been streaming online. It in look whether it's on an airplane in a hotel. Or at my daughter's upon competition. That's what I'm doing because I need to do two things at once in my elected. Innings still Nielsen. Or some other readings organization. Is able to effectively count for people like me. I think it's incredibly irresponsible. A major news outlets to go on there and say NFL ratings are down 8% 10% 20% I just think that they're driving home a story line that's got. Something political connected to. And it's garbage because it's not that the absolute truth. They're trying to deliberate message with a political leaning too. And Antony that's not telling the entire story and maybe get maybe it's just me maybe I'm in the minority maybe people really have to doubt but in my world. Selfishly. Meet the people that are roughly my age that have roughly the same lifestyle a couple of kids. Work way too many hours that sort of thing. Better sports fans. I know that they consume games the same way that night. Look I'll give you a perfect example last night I got stuck in the office preparing for a meeting today I knew that I wasn't gonna be home in time to watch the Celtics game why. Work came first but on my phone. I was able to schedule my DVR at home through my phone so when I got home that night I had that I had dinner with the family but the kids to bed. When all that was done. I consumed the Celtics game. You know that's the life plus 3-D VR rating you never hear about that I'd. You'll hear about that life number you don't hear the plus DVR you don't get the streaming number and until you're able to get that in higher picture. Put together and I think it's a very irresponsible pocket to go down because it's not backed based. There's a too many opinions in too many wild card variables thrown into the discussion. Guild a sit there it's okay definitively that this is. How ratings are down eight he can't do it is it to a new Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Ryan Patrick Gilroy the number to join us here six wants. 7797. 9370. Heard my rant. On ratings and of course we can take your phone calls on that but I do. Wanna take some time here after being on vacation for the last ten days. To really hammer home the Celtics in what we're seeing here from the Celtics over the last week to ten days. Because the Celtics have lost two games out of their last five. And look that wouldn't be significant if they had it only lost two through their first 1516 games rights and now. There are nineteen and four to end the first month of the season roughly 20% of the way through the season. And it is wondering here from your perspective here. After watching the Celtics lose games to the likes of beat Detroit Pistons were chasing them right now in the Eastern Conference second place. And a game to the Miami Heat. Do you feel any differently hazard level of optimism. Declined it all comes in the celtics'. When you talk about the fact they've lost to these games and now LeBron James and his mighty cavaliers. Are riding a ten game winning streak with out Isiah Thomas. And I think that changes the dynamic your little I think that again you're in Boston. We were a little bit too eager and on is guilty as charged. Little bit too eager to bury the Cleveland Cavaliers when they came out of the gate struggling and struggling mightily. I think that he was a great discussion to have because it's something that we all want as Celtics fans we'll want to see. The demise in the fall of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers and need you we sort of counted on that a little bit too early here because the cast of really guardian. And they're not playing flawless basketball you know it's funny while I watched 100% of Celtics games. I don't watch the lines and watch a lot of money on a ornament tablet. I also have the luxury of doing the same thing with out of market games and allows me to watch more games so I watch a tremendous amount of Cleveland cavalier basketball. In preparation for the eventual. We hope. Eastern Conference finals matchup I wanna come on the air here on EEI and beat the voice I wanna be the guide you guys turn to when it comes to information. For the Celtics and cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals so I studied that team I watched that team and I'll tell you right now despite the patent counts of once in a row. Playing great basketball they are very flawed but now they're playing point guard this basketball LeBron James is the de facto point guard right now. Jose Calderon hey look he's he's not gonna get it done. Dwayne wade it looks ancient but it's. LeBron James and his brilliance as a basketball player and Kevin Love settling in between nice number two role. They don't really driven a team Tristan Thompson's still out Derrick Rose may be retiring from the league. And Isiah Thomas is still too were three weeks away. And despite all. The cavaliers are right there winning ten straight so that is had beat temper my expectations. A little bit. When it comes to the Celtics and curious to hear you guys have to say at 6177797. 937. About your Celtics if you feel any different after losing a couple of games in the last week or so. The other big thing here is the story. Really that won't go away and well people Gary tank weight floated this year year and half ago and he mentioned it began about six months ago and a Bleacher Report edit this week at its. Sort of that that the trade debt that. We all chalked up to be stupid. NBA trade talk never gonna happen why bother talking about it but now it's the trade rumor. That won't go away and I'm curious. Did you you guys have to say when it comes to the Celtics. And their connection to and we've Anthony Davis. Because if you want a lucky at the Davis away this year. I think you can have and I really do but I think the conversation begins with Jason Tatum and possibly Jalen brown. And probably Al Horford to make the money work and that. Is a big package to give up. The flip side you give to young all star type players right. Eight in Jalen brown and Jason Peyton these guys have the potential to be perennial all stars. You give them up for a guy that has the potential aria for time also the potential to be a game changing hall of fame big man. So I say you do and you do it in a heartbeat. You don't think twice about because at the end of the day while it sucks and it hurts to give out tee in the ground and it sucks and it hurts to get up Jason Tatum and of course it hurts me. A lot to give up. A guy like Al Horford. What you get in return. And Anthony Davis. When you pair him with a seemingly healthy Gordon Hayward and a carrier ring is probably one of the most formidable big threes that you have in the NBA today. Not only do you get that the oldest player. In that threesome. Gordon Hayward at seven years old so you get an extended window. I would rather take the guaranteed future hall of fame type player in it that he Davis that plays a horrid to fill position. Then hold on to two young potential all star week guys and it will hurt like hell to get rid of them. But it Anthony Davis really is on the table and you really have a shot and a prayer to bring that guy here and you gotta pay that sort of package. Decree that Big Three around it that he Davis. Tyree Irving Gordon Hayward you tell me that's not gonna get you excited. That's not gonna get you excited for the next decade of south of basketball because we learned here. In the previous incarnation of the Big Three when you've got three guys that special talent it it's easy to fill in the rest of the roster. It is thought you plucked out some some Eddie House is from the world and there's plenty of them in the NBA. You clocked out some guys some Leon pose that'll come in here. And carve out some some nice minutes in you've already got a guy like that in an arid pains right guys like that workforce tight players. He can fill ross' throw them when you've got three delete players and two of those three of the players are top. And arguably. Top five and one might be considered the best or one of the top three players in the league and patty Davis. So I think to get to the level to outlook like that. You gotta give up potentially of the level talent and I use the laugh that all of these discussions and and refuse to take part in them. This time around I feel different about it and I think I feel different about it for combination of reasons that we'll talk about over the course of the next hours so here. But it starts you know first and foremost with the which grows back Celtics owner on radio yesterday. Unwilling to declare this Celtics team as an elite team what do dual. Is that because he's not falling in love with the steam because the wicks sounded a lot like a week from last year. The last yourself XT 153 games went to the conference finals was one of the final three teams standing in the NBA and they blew it up. So you think that Danny Ainge wouldn't blow this team up your crazy. If he can blow it up to bring in more talent. Mora leaked talent I should say. But they'll do it in a heartbeat. And I think that's the one thing that we've learned about the Iranians over the course of the last fifteen years curious to hear what you guys have to say in the hole at that he gave us the Boston. Fantasy trade rumor that will not go away it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy number to join us here 617. 7797. And 937 let's go to the phones but it Jason Jason is in Worcester JC you're first up your Sports Radio W yeah. I think strategic Michael and I just find out about eight need it is a cocky about them was that and I kind of the degree that you. Okay. So in Davis has been playing at. I'm the only that long and they haven't won anything. What is it like you know Leonard you know I'll get the top three player but c'mon became something that much until they are he's a winner or not. What would you say kick about something that much. What are you talking about what we've seen Jason Tatum for twenty games he's look rate for 28 right but. You know what Anthony davis' EZ four time all star he is a unicorn style big man. These guys don't grow on trees and if you really have an opportunity to pluck one way Jason. You're telling me that a twenty games snapshot of Jason Tatum is is too much to pass up. Not dead it I get and I think Jason what people fear. Is giving up on that future because they see Jason did in nineteen years old on this and I appreciate the phone call Jason don't be a stranger to the programs they see a guy. In nineteen years old in Jason Tatum. And they see you guys 21 years old. In Jalen brown and they don't wanna give up on that talent because the talent is so enticing in so young right. But Anthony Davis is 2420 bite administered 25 years old. He's the young guys to and that's why I pulled the trigger on the deal this is it Kevin Garnett all over again where you get yourself a nice three to four year window now. No you get a decade you get a decade with two top ten players in Calgary Irving and Anthony Davis and a top twenty player. In in Gordon Hayward to round roster. I think that's why you do you don't do it because. You're not giving up equal or potentially more talent overall I think you are I think to give up a package built around Al Horford for the money. Jay Lynn brown and and Jason Tatum for there youthful there's there there possibilities. The date could be I think when you do a trade like that. You're potentially giving up more than your receiving as far as overall talent goes when it's spread out. But when you look at the impact of the players the Celtics definitely get back the best player in the deal. 100% to get back the best player in the deal. And I think the celtics' overall. Although they're team changes the dynamic of their team changes dramatically. If they pull off a trade like this. And it may have some growing pains at first because again now you're implementing a new big men into the rotation here. So you're not gonna get the sort of hit that I think that this year's team got coming up nineteen at four. It may take a little while but I think overall the ceiling for a team that has led by a Big Three Anthony Davis. Tyree Irving and Gordon Hayward and they higher ceiling. That a team led by Jason Tatum Jalen brown Gordon Hayward carrier ring and eventually. And Gordon Hayward site it's my opinion look and I think for me. It was the first time that I read one of these stories and I didn't laugh it off and for me not to laugh it off and sort of take it seriously. Tells me that I learned some things and I learned that Danny Ainge doesn't care like we saw him blow up. The Eastern Conference finals team pro of 102 that was the first thing he did when he got here was he blew that team ship them all out of town. But by Antuan company Tony Delk he later Roddy Rogers yeah Roddy here he blew that team because he knew that team was limited he knew that team had a ceiling. And fifteen years later he does it to last year's team a team that by the way it was beloved here in Boston bank built the building night in and night out and people love that team. People rallied around Isiah Thomas people people were calling me on the radio station unwilling to trade Jae Crowder for Kevin Love. People got crazy of last year's team the data into their team and he blew up because they had us seal. Ultimately if Danny feels like he can. Take the ceiling of this current Celtics team and elevated to that next level up and that's what you heard wick rose XM radio yesterday was they're still a piece away. I think that peace may be available in a couple of months and Anthony Davis but you'd better believe. We're not talking about giving up the man this pick the lakers pick and one of the other of of brown and Tatum no no no you are starting with. Brown and Tatum and then it's Al Horford to make money work because not given up carrier. According Hayward nobody's taking Hayward even if you were willing to ship out of town it's not gonna happen. So unfortunately to make the money were the odd man out is Al Horford and I love me some Al Horford I do you guys know that. But again it's too enticing to get a player like it at any Davis to come here. In being your centerpiece. For the next dedicated to Sports Radio. WEEI it is Gilroy it is late night and here we are you guys until midnight at 6177797937. Back to more of late night with the Patrick Gilroy. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio. WVU I it is late night I have Patrick Gilroy never to join us here 6177797. 9370 text the program 37 and 9378 by me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops and look. Would sort of been all over the place here in the first segment but I do wanna go back to the NFL ratings for a moment because of that last commercial we just played there for Verizon. They are going back to the days bove unlimited data or in this case the promotion was data free streaming. Look the days are over old HA costing a fortune to consume data and streaming game. So if you're in a place where you can't get Wi-Fi in those places are fewer and further between these days. But if you're stuck at a place where you cannot get Wi-Fi. And you've got one of these either unlimited data packages or free streaming packages that are all the rage again. You are consuming. All of your media or big portion of your media. Through a mobile device BO laptop a tablet or phone and that can be anything from your favorite Netflix show to broadcast TV. To an NFL game to an NBA game and again Nielsen hasn't found a way to. Accurately. Take a snapshot of those fans watching. They're media in that way but I can tell you this a year ago one year ago Siegel back to Christmas 160. There was no such thing as unlimited data at that point there was no such threatening as data free streaming at that point. You were still enough height. Of these guys going through their sort of other pendulum bounce but overcharging for data remember when this solve this whole thing first started five or six years ago. It was Verizon with the unlimited data package AT&T. Had an unlimited data package that you know got more more expensive. But if you were lucky enough to be grandfathered into it the way that I was doing my wife was you held on to that thing like it was gold. Because you know the moment you decided to opt out upgrade your phone do something that contractually got you out of your data free unlimited data package. You're gonna pay through the nose for data if there was something that you consumed a lot of be it FaceBook Twitter anything. That meant the U consuming data but not this year this year the last 68 months go back. Started around may of this year. Both AT&T. And Verizon and sprint. Have all offered some version of unlimited data or data free streaming. Some of them come with free Netflix streaming summit is just data free streaming altogether the point is it's free. It doesn't cost money anymore. And the NFL is you either legally putting their games up there on Twitter. Or you can illegally viewed them via Redick or like me I have DirecTV. And you can watch your DirecTV package on your phone on your laptop on your mobile device. Completely free completely legally eight it's part of your package. And I'm sure contest and XT unity. To a certain extent anybody else that offers cable or or satellite services offers the same sort of package so for me if I'm on the road. And and away from home for my full time job again and I'm not I'm gonna miss the Celtics gamer patriots game. An online and at a local market that's playing that game I don't have to miss it. I stream and on my phone but when the Celtics are. Generating their numbers for a month the week a quarter season. My numbers and included in net now in that overall number might I don't count but I should count because not only. Am I doing that there are hundreds of thousands of other consumers of the sports product. Beat the NFL NBA NHL and Major League Baseball that are consuming the product in the same way that I. And I think that is the overall point here not the NFL ratings are down because they are but they're just not down the number that you would be led to believe. It's it's just not happening people had changed their habits they've changed the way that they consume. Media. Not just sports but any media overall. And I'll I'll point out that the rise of the podcast. And look at the numbers that a podcast that's done from here and a balmy with Kirk. The numbers that podcast does are staggering. Because people wanna consume something instantly. And they wanna consume it where they are when they are how they are they don't want to build their schedule. Or their family schedule around. A radio show or a television show or sporting event. In today's world you don't have to do that anymore. You know when I was growing up. It was Friday nights it was. PG idea on ABC it was like full house family matters. Step by step I the district. As a kid as the eight year old kid ten year old kid twelve year old kid that was appointment viewing. Okay you'd you'd what you went to school all week and your parents is stay up late what TGI yet but ABC those days are over. It was an NBC that when friends was number one they had must see TV on Thursday night those days are over. And over not just for the NFL. Their over four. Every major broadcast so people have to realign and readjust the way that they look at these numbers. So get a few if your politically motivated and wanna get a point across. About something political and take these numbers and skew them in a way to prove to political point that's fine that's your agenda go ahead and do. But you don't have the complete picture you don't have the whole story and just because you can take your numbers and skew them and a certain direction doesn't mean you're not irresponsible about it. Because you walk it's Sports Radio WEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy and over to join us here 6177797. 937 takes the program 379370. Kanye on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops or talking about that. We're talking about the Celtics and the fact it looked it just ended the month of November at nineteen and four. He did it here today Brad Stevens was named the Eastern Conference coach of the month. And everything turned out green for the Celtics this month but in the last week in this book of the month here. They did drop two games ago the game to the pistons and Avery Bradley's return here to Boston. Nice moment by the way. Kudos the Celtics giving Avery Bradley the first. Sort of video tribute. To a guy that left the team that wasn't a part of the Doc Rivers Big Three teams are. And what a championship on the finals that was the previous criteria yet either go to win the championship in 08 or go to the finals and you know that. And he was the first guy that wasn't a part of by the one of those teams the at a video tribute and it beat the Celtics gave him a nice moment there and it was well dessert. But that was a big game for the Celtics to lose and they lost in an ugly fashion they need to come through in the fourth quarter. They've looked distant body laid it out there are defensively they were no longer playing that lockdown defense suddenly there were holes in the defense. That weren't there before. And that was after a loss to the Miami Heat. So you take that week right with the Celtics dropped two out of five games. If in fashions that you were used to this year holes in their defense giving up. Shot opportunity to shot opportunity that wasn't there before and you couple that would affect the Cleveland's now be about 1010 wins in a row. And I wonder if your overall feeling about the Celtics. And your optimism about the Celtics. And their ceiling for this year's changed at all but for me it's about the same but it's probably declined a little bit. I was admittedly. Equally as beauty over the rough start for the cavaliers as it was four. The great start for the Celtics I was just as police I love watching Cleveland Cavaliers lose. It's it's it's something he brings a smile to my face I love watching LeBron James struggled. I love watching he him look confused out there and not know what to do to prop his team up so the first fifteen games of the season first ten games of the season we're glorious and that mattered because the cavaliers looked like a hot mess out there. They just couldn't get their game going and that the storyline after storyline was Chiron lewd Internet control locker room. Derrick Rose got to retire. Jose Calderon's could get out there on the court he had injury problems Isiah Thomas still out. LeBron James not being the same player and then what happens. And reel off ten straight on the back a LeBron James is arguably one of the best ten game stretches of his career. So for all you Celtics fans me included almost three team respect hang out together we leave and each other we need each other. All of us that we're ready to anoint the Celtics as ready to contend with the Cleveland Cavaliers for Eastern Conference supremacy. We all gonna slow down a little bit we have to slow our roll just a little bit here. Because the coronation. The Celtics being the best in the Eastern Conference may not be here just yet. And LeBron James is gonna have something to say about it. Come April come may and I hope not but possibly. Comes unity Sports Radio WEEI it's late night I am Patrick Gilroy nobody joins me here 6177797. 937 let's go back out to the phone's gonna Torre Tories in Dover, New Hampshire or Europe next here on Sports Radio WEEI. They and he and don't let that sort. This little problem. Indicated. Earlier I think. You know we definitely a scrap. I don't know if I'd give up. Didn't hit in her current round I really I really do believe. That carrier ring. Who's putting on a show that here. I don't particularly want to be here particularly keen nuclear include room or in Cleveland. And little yeah. He basically muted definition and you go to who if you look back. If you certainty that he first. Suggested that he that he wanted to go to jail. None of those teams are making it. Offered to continue our captain and that was so much out anyway and and I really. Too little pink everywhere and compete here in our country and the even if you don't come back include not create it where I don't think. I'm of the opinion in the past that I don't need any. Try to. Really get the most out of here and create inch screen up in the game. It's an interesting take it it's one that nobody talked about because they think the general assumption Torre's been that. There is some sort of unwritten understanding between the Celtics in and Irina carries gonna stick around for the long haul otherwise. When you look at all the trades that Danny Ainge has passed up on in the last couple years and involved this particular. Brooklyn pick. Danny is turned them all down via Paul George beat Jimmy Butler. He is turned them all down for one reason or another Danny was willing to part with the pick for carrier and I did I find it. I'm not discrediting what you're saying but I find it staggering and hard to believe that Danny would finally be ready and willing and able to give up that pic. For two years of Calgary. Yes if he was in Attila. The code it and I'm looking through. If you look at the lineup who teach and give the history carryforwards. Were in it in the lineup. Yet we still need a point guard. Let you know are possible that a man really do you think. Well hopefully in the next project could be the reason that this book. How ultra but it's you know he is 31 so. It he's the guy Torre did it that if the Celtics are able to pull off a tree here. For Anthony Davis and again it's a long shot now we were talking yeah single digit percentage chances but that's what makes the conversation fun. Whether the conversation begins in or ends around Jason Tatum and Jalen brown it's not just about the young talent that that the pelicans are gonna want. You need to make the money work and that's were. Oh Horford I Heyward or carrier ring comes into play in if you believe everything that you were reading here. A vote. Gordon Hayward eighty can't trade him because of the injury B he wants to be here to be with his coach and carry Irving. What will we just talked about that hopefully the Celtics haven't unwritten understanding within. That he's gonna extend here unfortunately an eye on the biggest Al Horford guy out there also RL. Like he is my guys and I think he makes this offense run he is the most unheralded sought a star league in my opinion all that being said. You gotta give up. His contract to get Anthony Davis here and to couple Anthony Davis with Kyra you Irving and Gordon Hayward for the next ten years. That is a very tempting proposition. Going I also think people under the under reading them. Root beer so I mean if you take it is written he even taught Equity One maker at that point gets rattled by that talent. It's interesting Torre was and I appreciate the phone call to be a stranger to the program has a lot of scenarios in here but again you know it's heroes here's a perfect example. Both Boston fans over raiding their young players I think there is here's a nice peace and nice player. And the Celtics were unwilling to extend markets Smart before the deadline before the season started. It markets martz kind of walking into restricted free agency probably get a contract offer north of fifty million dollars at the Celtics will not match. I think Danny Ainge felt very comfortable doing that knowing that he would Terry rosier in his back pocket to take over that role next year there is here's a nice player. But if you think that you can substitute Terry rosier. For a Jalen brown or cheese and Tatum any potential trade for Anthony Davis you were absolutely crazy it's Sports Radio. WEEI it's late night it is Gilroy and a pretty join me here is 617779793. So we've returned to more of late night here's Patrick deals. You hear what I'm saying here Jeff with this this electronic music. I have no idea yet you did do this we'll be right I have no idea who. Mean I was grateful it's awesome to have. My own intro is a liners and stuff and houses in the morning show and it played promo from lake. It's awesome to hear that right and to have the guys deep voice in my and it's great. However the choice. The music. What goes underneath the they either don't know me. At all because I'm not a glow sticks then and eat had a guy but this music is making me wanna become. 38 years old I'm not sure of a welcome member of that crowd. Yeah regulate how much the looking for a great balding chubby guy that sells candy for reliving the joint Electronica popping. Glow sticks in my mouth proud. But this music is gonna draw I mean there eventually and it's gonna be all that you guys fall when I go to on this ugly rabbit hole at at just. South of forty years old so I'm just I'm laying the ground work down now my family my wife for my parents the eventual demise of my life. Will come back to Electronica music that was forced upon me in the open the my show here on late night W yeah I it is Patrick Gilroy it is WEEI late night nobody join me here 617. 7797. 9370 takes the program 379370. Fighting on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy I'd hoops continuing with our Celtics conversation. Will be joined by John separate city from Yahoo! Sports Radio in Boston Herald radio coming up at 11 o'clock hour. Not only is Johnny local guy here who was covered sports for the last twenty some odd years here in New England he is also the biggest LeBron James hard though that I know. So there was nobody better to sort of bring in tonight. To talk about. The suddenly surging LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers and sort of what that means of the celtics' big picture. Because that we laugh about sap BA LeBron James harder when a Cleveland Cavaliers guy. But he can be objective as well so he's one to really. He's respected by green team is let's just say that when he knocks us down to pay we listened just the little bit a little bit. So beaches to do I hear what's that passed the say about the trajectory of ball the Celtics and the cavaliers and what we think. Should be some sort of an epic meet up in the Eastern Conference finals six months from now so we'll get to that 11 o'clock hour until then we'll continue to take your phone calls. Whether it's on the and the protests and streaming and their effects on the NFL ratings that story that just won't go away again I write I am a guy that. Will hold true to my belief. That streaming and the ability to consume the product on a mobile device without costing the kind of money that he used to because of the unlimited data packages. Because of the unlimited streaming packages that historic come into play within the last 68 months. Until we can account for those numbers I think it's a very irresponsible conversation to have saying that the NFL ratings are down X percent. And therefore the inevitable demise of the NFL is upon us I just I can't get. From point a to point B based on. Nielsen ratings Nielsen ratings alone there are to pay its archaic way of looking at the number of people that are tuning into radio show. Or are tuning in to a particular television show or sporting events so we need to be talking about that. Or Anthony Davis to the Celtics again if you missed earlier. It's the rumor that local way Gary ten ways the guy that sort of brighter up as a hypothetical about a year and a half ago. That again about six months ago and then this week Bleacher Report ran with it. It's dead one of those rumors innuendoes things that won't go away every couple months he gets brought up. Even though the Celtics have given up were traded away. All of their Brooklyn picks that treasure trove is now empty. The conversations the as a matter of fact it's. It's probably been amplified because of what the Celtics have been able to do with their treasure trove of assets. Because now you're seeing the the star potential with Jason Tatum or Jalen brown. And you have to wonder if a team like. The pelicans looks at a decent data Jalen brown is okay. You stop those two guys we can have a conversation we could open a dialogue. About. Anthony Davis because for them to open the dialogue based on Brooklyn picks and chances to get a pop some odd pick. That's a tough task but now you get two guys that are trending towards being Eastern Conference all star players for the next decade plus. So now I think you have an opening to a conversation that you didn't have before. And again I am willing. As he Celtics got about running the franchise I am willing to give up. David Brown. Jason Tatum and to make the money work unfortunately my guy Al Horford he's got to go. He did Anthony Davis here and it's a steep price to pay a painful price to pay however. The thought of pairing Anthony Davis with a healthy Gordon Hayward next year and carry Irving. To form a Big Three where the oldest guy in that Big Three is Gordon Hayward at 27 years old is a very tempting proposition. So again we can talk about it but he Davis the Celtics NFL ratings what are you guys wanna talk about. It is a Friday here on late night nobody join us here 6177797. 93 sevens go back out of the phones that Mike Mike's in Providence might be next up purely. They were going on there was out to my. Also listen I mean I'm I'm in the camp when you do that trade immediately. But here's the thing I mean obviously have to explore all different options the I would keep one of the two young guys. What Gillick offered I was a little bit about them but obviously watched them play as. And obviously and also our great great ball player. But you keep what a young guys and I consider one of the one of the picks because. Grant it to small. Our sample size of the young guys but I because they complied so keep what do these two guys the Coolidge. Even Davis. Who what when healthy and cowering I mean that is gonna block and become even better. And it would be on their own I think. Yeah I don't want it let me make this clear. And I have full confidence in Danny age if this hypothetical conversation never happens you'll fight tooth and nail but to give up both guys. But if push comes to shot and Anthony Davis is on the table. And you gotta give up both of them as painful as it is. I just. You gotta do it because it that he Davis to meet eat it so much harder to get a seven footer with his skill set than it is to get. A a swing player wing guy they can score the ball and look is specialist Jalen brown adjacent to it look like they can beat. They're ultimately easier. To be replaced easier replaceable players that and Anthony Davis and those guys are fewer and further between. We don't think it's funny how about it earlier said no it's not a winner I mean let the but he didn't have anything about it either. Number one number two about the cut and other than completely changing game article. You know I mean he's an element basketball player you know. You're right eight outlook Isiah Thomas was in a winner before you got your carrier Erving wasn't a winner before he got paired with LeBron James it's just the way it goes. The great you know it's it's a winning franchise you know that kind of changes people's minds. So the center are are we lose their minds in the and that inflation and even when people go there it's. It's like obviously did a great complete in any because they know our passion and and and you know that that Wear red tickets and that's just the way it works. It's it's on it's palpable might it and guys that come here to a man all say that that you know it. Did never played in a place like it eighth Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett or asked. Long after they became Brooklyn that's the players it to compare Brooklyn's experience in a brand new state of the art arena. To what it was like to play in the garden and they both said if you couldn't compare the two. So this has happened for years now and these guys come to Boston they realize what it's like if they can all get over the fact that it's real cold here in the winter. That it's one held a place to play. Orbitz is and you don't want to walk in the winter Carmen you have that. We have those were indeed have a trophy wife championship. Now you read my goodness I appreciate the phone called OP is strange in the program might it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy number to join me here 6177797. 937 let's they with a phone calls go to Brandon Brenda in Portsmouth Brendan units up here on late night. And on about the and saw it in the certificate but this coming. Yeah. So you know. Radiant going to be our future for the quarterback you know well what other options and maybe Eli Manning and Nazis are after quarterback. If you look I think that if we don't want big ball Bill Belichick is he will draft a quarterback I don't they Gilder will drop the quarterback in the second round again like he did. Would drop below but I think they're gonna have to draft a quarterback right now. Put this week Brady went down Porter comes in you know what you got and where you're you're no longer a contender in the playoffs. Where is with the ground below I think it was a certain level of confidence right. What is it. It. Hey boy the big bucks. Read and listen I appreciate the phone called up you straight into the program we can't talk of opening Hoyer the big bucks. Not that is absurd now Hoyer is a career backup quarterback who's gonna come in and not turn the ball over and that's his job and guess what he can do that job. But he's not gonna. Get you success in the playoffs a yes. I think the patriots will add a quarterback in the offseason no they will not add Eli Manning in the offseason. Eli Manning isn't of music good group of all quarterbacks and here's this funny guys always third fourth fifth round guys economy and and over the course of two or three years I guarantee you. They'll be another guy that generates excitement here in New England as the next Jimmy grapple load type that it eventually come in and take over for Condrey. And look the team does. Reliable. Backup quarterback and I think they need to back the quarterback it's got potential. To be a starter someday because would be naive to think that Tom Brady is gonna continue playing at this level forever I don't think that the decline is coming tomorrow. But it certainly was a a lot more confidence instilling to know that you had a guy behind Tom Brady league come in and take over potentially lead this team for the next decade. It to be grapple that guy's gone that crutch is gone. And you need to get another guy like that. And Eli Manning is not gonna come here and be a back up Eli Manning will be starting for the Jacksonville Jaguars are or Denver Broncos next year. There is zero doubt in my mind he did not lose his job because he sucks. He did not lose his job because he suddenly in ineffective quarterback. He lost his job because the giants suck. Are they everything around himself and it was time to make a change but Eli Manning while not a great quarterback is still very much a starting caliber quarterback. In the NFL it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night it is Gilroy let's fitted one more before the break go to Chris Chris is at Winchester Christie makes up here on late night. Yet. Just but that was kind of where they are expanding upon how great. You know on all the unlimited that is silly can watch the game where you want. It will hold a bit there's new packages that we're just released in the last six months by all three of the B carries if you've got one of the old packages. Where they dialed down the speed and make it tough to watch the games. That's a problem. Yet better. Looking ahead to the future without a net neutrality laws changing in in theory they could play REIT NBA. Well we're talking about more you can watch NBA dot com you know anything like it's all gonna change in the near future. It is and I think you're you were spot on and unfortunately the net neutrality thing is gonna happen is no stopping it at and I think you're right but yeah I think it's also. A Smart play by the NBA by the NFL by the NHL by Major League Baseball because they realize. That their business model is changing on the fly. They realize that there are more people like me in the world that are constantly on the go out without enough time in our day to sit down for two or three hours in consumer product but he's. Understand that but the cable companies on the other hand are trying to figure out a way to monetize. But if they wanna monetize me I'm happy to pay for it as long as I can do mobile. You don't mean like I'm happy. To be eight paying customer as long as I can pay and do mobile and that's the key to the whole thing for me I don't wanna be stuck to my county line. Do you what can more or something that you heard how. Or look at that upon paying let's say campaign. A hundred bucks a month that I don't know what it is would you when you break out your table from Internet from phone and it's a good round them right on pagan anyways. I'll just keep paying it in a different manner I have to believe. That it. If they're gonna. Give me the option though of streaming the games on my phone it's gonna take away the option of watching them. On my TV at home writers got they can't just gouge gouge gouge because of that that. We can make and that's would be trying to do so that's why I try and weird day early. The even parties like out there and Verizon are doing in the unlimited data and Jean Monty is gonna pull the carpet from her. And they could edit you know it hasn't been on yet and they could but I think for today's conversation went. Talking about the relevance of the NFL's declining ratings right. He did not and I understand that under saying that he should put a caveat. This is like all changed drastically in Yuma. What what you're saying is eventually did you guys need to pay you a little bit more I wanna continue streaming might bite my game's right. I appreciate the phone golfers don't district program it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night one powered down one hour ago we'll talk to the other side. Peace he's late night T. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports conference on the X in the graveyard pack let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. I college Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI it is Patrick Gilroy it is late night. Here with you guys for another hour or so up until twelve midnight here in a Friday night. Number to join us here 6177797. 9370 text the program 37937. If I me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy. On hoops we can continue with the whole NFL ratings discussion. And the effect it streaming. Has had on the ratings and a I am fascinated by this discussion and I'm fascinated by what the future's gonna hold. Because again as these packages of data have become once again unlimited or you've got the promotions where it's unlimited streaming. I really think that. There are more more people like me. That are incredibly busy in their lives they work way too many hours take on way too many responsibilities. And simply don't have the luxury to sit down. And watch a three hour event alive. It's just not possible to do. I can I utilized my DVR and as well as anybody. I use the example last night I got stuck at work late. And am able to schedule my DVR from my phone so 730 rolls around I don't gonna miss the Celtics game at least the start of the game and able to set my DVR. Come home from work due dinner with the family helped put the kids to bed engage with my family. For a couple of lousy hours and then once my responsibilities are over I can sit down on the couch guilt free. And watch the game that's option and option B when I'm traveling which I do each and every week. I can watch a game on the on my mobile device and I don't have to worry about crazy rates for streaming the game and data and all that stuff that you had to worry about in years past. I just know that I'm not among the the few I am among the many. That are now. Consuming not only sports but entertainment in general. In a much different way than we did just the generation ago and it's gonna change again in the very near future but it instill. Professional sports and major media outlets are able to effectively count for streaming numbers. Add them to. The regular Nielsen ratings to get a true depiction as to what the ratings are. I think it's I am very irresponsible conversation to have because if you listen to a certain segment of people with a certain political leaning. They tell you that the NFL is dying and is dying because and the protests and they just take a monster leak there at addicts don't think that that's the case I think them. The at the protests certainly have turned up a certain segment of fans there is zero doubt about. But it you can Andean. All the streaming numbers just don't think that the drop off is all that significant so we can continuing that conversation as well as or Celtics conversation. Yeah so sort of centering around this fictional trade scenario that continues to. Rear its head it is Anthony Davis trade. And look. It'd be Avis and it went down with a groin injury tonight he seems to get injured quite a bit. And I don't know if there is a way to prevent that in the future and if this guy winds of having a Derrick Rose. Grant Hill. Brandon Roy corporate career trajectory that last mile off the year but I still think. That you need to center entry package for this guy around Jason data and Jalen brown and unfortunately Al Horford to me the money work that is a conversation worth having. Because the ceiling for a team that is based around it that he Davis Gordon Hayward and Kyra you're being to me. That is too delicious they thought the pass up on. And yet I know. That you're taking the risk with the Anthony Davis in the injury history and I know you're taking a huge risk in giving up on young talent like Jason Tatum and you are getting a young guy balcony at the Davis and despite the fact that he the four time all star he fits in nicely with the court your 25 years old. Courted Edwards 27 years old carrier ring point five years old that gives this team a nice 810 year extended championship window type of broad. And we have three all star players leading the way. At the head of your franchise you can feel in. The other thirteen roster spots. A lot more easily on cheap one year to year contracts which is exactly what the oh wait team did. They had the right combination of young guys Glen Davis Leon Powe and veteran guys PJ brown James Posey Sam to sell. All these guys whether it's guys on cheap rookie deals or cheap that mean deals come in. And sort of still in the missing piece is very seamlessly very easily. And you see teams like Cleveland. And teams like Golden State due that year after year after year and the Celtics would be no different if they had a Big Three of Anthony Davis Gordon Hayward. And carrier so it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night nobody joins me here 6177797. 93 sevens go back to the phone's gonna Steve Steve's in Salem Steve your next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. Hey Patrick how are you on with the dreams the result. That have been in the tobacco what's in my hey listen I am not in the camp that would trade. For Anthony Davis. Putting together a package sent to senator around you know Tatum and and brown and his life. When when was the last time that a legit. Big men like a senate not one of these you know cause sorry. Power forward center hybrid type guys from the apartment about a legit. Senator. What was last time a legit center. Carried or was the centerpiece to a championship in. I'll be darned maybe Garnett like ten years ago needy Garnett no lady go back to shack in 06 with the yeah I mean the game has changed you know right now it's all about having multiple. Wing players that are first told that can guard multiple positions that can handle the ball and to shoot I mean look at. Look at you know Golden State in Cleveland the last three or four years and you look at some of the big men that were rotational pieces and that of those teams. Don't you think when you look at that lets up a Golden State for a minute you look at Gallagher Mike Green at six foot seven he's their center but what makes him effective as a senator despite the fact he's a wide body ten. Play traditional big man position in rebounding creates space is he can extend to shoot the three and that's what you get with it that he Davis he's the supremely skilled offensive player in the paint in the post but he's also somebody they can hit 38% from three. And much like Al Horford you could run an offense ruled so I think. You know you call me traditional setter in a lot of respects he used. But also a lot of respects he gives you what like a Chris stuff present is cutesy. We're yet equal size wise he's a senator but he could certainly didn't come out and extend in and play the small ball style that you haven't today's NBA. Well I I agree with that point but but my larger point was that you know. Would like if you look at you know Golden State which is like you know be. The model that you know everybody seems to be you know try to replicate your. You know they don't they don't need a delicate and he gave us so it's obviously a successful team you know they they can have guys like. Justices aliens out fortunately. And some of those other experts that it had just commit to be like rotational guys. My in my larger point is that it's yeah I'm not saying they have been davis' in the supremely talented player. The point is that guys like Anthony Davis was envious correlate it sounds and indeed four they're all great balance owed you know. Ultimately what they are really just luxury items and you don't eat. You don't actually need guys like that to have a championship caliber team. And Steve I I don't. I don't disagree with you I think the one point that that I would bring up here is he brought up Golden State and the easy come back here is David the Celtics don't have. What gold assay has where where's your Kevin Durant we it wears you out your Klay Thompson as your third or fourth option mean the amount of Frontline talent that team has is ridiculous now if Jalen brown and Jason Tatum pan out to be equal talents to local and state has the god bless you uranium and that then that's your answer right there. But again Anthony Davis to me. Again the injury tonight sort of sucks that we're having this conversation how does he get injured but he's a four time all star 45 years old so you you know which you have been in the moment he gets here. With the celtics' young guys you think you know but you really don't know yet. The yet but at the point isn't I would really like to know. What we actually put you on that he's in my. You know I don't wanna go down that road I mean I would rather. You know you wait for like you know maybe two or three years for Golden State disorder you know sizzle out and then hopefully we have the next Golden State with those. Now you read this and that's why it's an interesting conversation there is no right answer here I just love the fact that we can have this conversation now because the Celtics. Have got the assets to pull off this sort of deal if it's something they desire to do and it's a very interesting conversation and look. Again I don't think that there is a definitive right answer here or there is a there's eight. A chance that this deal could happen and it is awful for the Celtics and sets them back by decades. But there's also a chance of a deal like this could happen and it's at this team up for the next decade to be the next great team in the NBA so. That's why it's a discussion worth having it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Gilroy it is late night let's stay with the calls. Let's go to Q Andrew Andrews in New Hampshire Andrea next appearance warts radio W yeah. Hey. Like got an effort on our item B you know living the dream and how are you. I'm good. Also. It is in the this insert it on it but. I'll payable and give a AM and ground idea and this super traffic mad at its way to mature. Yet it it's a it's a big it's a big ask right and but I feel like that's what especially if it's this year and make it if if the pelicans put it that he Davis on the trade luck this year. Will we still got multiple years remaining contract it's going to be a huge ask this is going to be that type of move that makes or breaks the need his career. But I don't think I don't think that they're treating him for anything less than a package that starts what those two guys. Yeah share. I believe Bob but he doesn't feel that. Try to end this here would you consider bringing him and. I would but I wouldn't consider bringing him in. Right now I would wait for the eventual implosion that's gonna happen with a pelicans and any team that's got bogey on its gonna implode at some point. That you get his value was lowest possible he somebody that has intrigued the Celtics and Celtics fans of Celtics leadership for but the better part of the last sixty years here. But you know he certainly a much higher risk. I reward player but the risk is enormous so you have to give up. A Qaeda more of round the conversation begins and ends right there. All though if you like a lower risk by. It via high ceiling got that he put that let you know before I mean order set a rock site by. You know the bossa all and he obviously wants. Yeah well. He's a guy that that intrigues me Angeles and I appreciate the phone call obviously into the program he offers a guy that intrigues me because he. Offensively he's a very skilled player. And there's always gonna be room in the NBA forgot it but the ball basket. Despite the fact that his team has doesn't really lineup with today's NBA. Maybe he can be a good six man off the bench to be an instant offense that again I believe that he's got a home somewhere in the league that home is not Philadelphia. And it's interesting reading stories out of Philadelphia this week. You go back six months they were demanding a first round pick in return for now they're demanding just the second round pick in return for a and there are not even getting that. I think of Danny's playing the waiting game here and eventually the hope is that he gets bought out the Celtics have got this available fifteenth roster but they've also got. The cash made available by the injury exemption to Gordon Hayward so if he gets bought out and the Celtics won him. Then it's an easy easy deal for the Celtics to make happen right that that's an easy deal if he's somebody. That the Iranians truly truly is intrigued by it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Patrick Gilroy it is late night. There is room for you at 6177797937. Let's squeeze in one more before the break go to bill. Bills and westerly Billy Europe next here on Sports Radio WEEI. Erica and I you without the to murder federal parties I hear you man I think with the ratings and yes out of it enough you couple live like ensuring being in every then. But you've also got to figure how the cost right now to go in the game and let you figure parking tickets. And buying a single beer soda and then something EE I'll tell you right now I have the Stanley affords you afforded by 600 bucks. Like what why would you bother and then went although the Bleacher Report everything else you get the update on your phone anyway you can. I don't think it helps that they have in that one in the afternoon and I get there's somebody accused. You know that times ten times as the standing here in the biggest start so early. And that's that's huge and I just feel like it when I was going up and maybe it was just my perception of my parents lives that are. But what I was going up it felt like weekends were a bit of a slower pace than they are now I think we're always trying to cram more rain with less time and for me it's. Wildly irresponsible of me to demand to sit down in front of the couch on the couch in front of the TV for multiple hours on a weekend afternoon. And leave my family up to the side when that is the only time I get with them and quite frankly I want to spend time with my children while they still want to spend time Whitney. It doesn't mean I'm not consuming game it just means and consuming it differently. Yeah that your own pace that your own part I I 100% get and regarding the trade with the Celtics. I was seeing it I wanna see what this team does with the whole lineup without the injuries and everybody else the before releasing about you know sending lay our assets. Yeah it's interesting and it maybe it's a luxury the Celtics will have it all depends on New Orleans and their willingness and their timeline of potentially putting Anthony Davis on the block Billy Lewis and I appreciate the phone called up against it don't be a stranger. Two of the program it is Sports Radio WEEI it is laid it when we come back. We'll be joined by the one and only John separate jedi you guys don't from Boston Herald radio and Yahoo! sports radio and now you know him from late night right here on Sports Radio WEEI. Talk all Boston sports would Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. This Sports Radio WEEI. Late night Patrick Gilroy he would you go. Aspirin and a half an hour so that you guys up until midnight here on a Friday night. Number to join us here 61777979370. Text the program 37. 937 you find me on Twitter act Gilroy on hoops. Act Gilroy. On who right now if you guys are on hold I encourage guys to wait on hold until after I have a chance to talk to my good friend and your good friend you guys know him from Boston Herald radio. And Yahoo! sports radio and of course he's brought to you by GB LB officials sound of Jason Tatum the Boston Celtics and the NBA the man we're talking about of course. The one and only John separate shedding mr. secretary welcome to late night my friends. How can I also went live though. Handed out but I set the bar very high for you okay but what what. This. I'm glad you brought about first because when I was sort of plotting out my show for tonight. Unfortunately. I have to acknowledge the fact that the cavs are the cavs again and the run is at probably the most dominant ten game stretch that he's added a couple years. Over the course of these last ten games so for Celtics fans agreed to gamers like myself that we're sort of Rudy on this this premature demise of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I think we had a bit of a wake up call last week to. You know on a question and I'm not going anywhere. Right now. Higher than that replace the hard way to each and look at numbers twenty points per game in April 2 rebounds equal and opposite. And an 8% from the yield sent. From record territory in the numbers up and all the numbers and we're gonna go up. He too wanted. A team like the other night in the equity a battle are in the Tampa and and the power of the curtains like LeBron Rondell. I'll touch on though. Killing cap is. Not Lucas on the ones in on the controller. Down. Columns. In just total of seven per ounce heavier they're asking so many things and I think makes him. Arguably the greatest player ever seen two more on the basketball court Michael ware that we have. All the responsibility wired bird Magic Johnson right now we can captain address applaud him so much for what he's up for the challenge and some of the other players have really stepped up in this when he recruit them namely Kevin Love and also. Off the bench cap and second unit brilliant move by the cavaliers and look equate that such unselfish superstar. He went on a long blue. In Egypt and coach and of course it goes on and I'll play on the second unit they'll straighten out there and they've been that much better week coming off the bat. It's worked for them separate you know. And I you know how much it kills me to it to say this but the fact is. The cavaliers are essentially without a point guard without Isaiah Thomas and and now with the Derrick Rose possibly retiring and there without Tristan Thompson. And LeBron has had to fill in both those roles and those roles are polar opposites of one another. And he's done it seamlessly and that's what's got my attention here. Yeah I mean we can't afford that at some point three years on the road. On. All just wouldn't be the best power forward basketball. All the rebounds a game in and out all the bulk up or post in which is already developing he has all the skill set to be gone in on the court. You don't cook she could not be easy all of those really in things and I think it also would that is their rules got hurt. Liability on defense and sit in that offense and somewhat mean to say at. Player retired that it would benefit that he but I think indicates the cavaliers bit better without their rules with an attribute this out. Papering and Isaiah Thomas and how he fits into the picture going forward because. If you look at their schedule. In the next few weeks they can turn this one game win streak into a seventeen game winning streak and quite met this Chicago Sacramento at Indian up. And Philly Atlanta the lakers and Utah all home. Quickly they pick. Christmas with those aren't going winched. In and see what happens when I because I what are the first year or close to the all star written and or commute the equation but. With a player like LeBron and a play out in week Clinton outstanding. This is not because they're veterans they went that you know. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night it's Patrick Gilroy on the line would be right now from Boston Herald radio and from Yahoo! Sports Radio. Mr. Johnson said he and sap when you do you look at this Cleveland Cavaliers team. And the point in which way they were struggling and it would below 500 in the Celtic will really not sixteen consecutive wins. Do you think any part of LeBron James is looking over shoulder at that point for the Celtics stills nothing more than a mosquito flying around his neck. Well I think it somewhere in between them in sixteen games that are brought the brought. Take note the only problem on winning. Solid rocket a decade ago. And twenty games in they can go anywhere in the colts and remember the Atlanta heart Gloria go 119 in a row. He gains. Eastern Conference finals by the cavaliers let the cavaliers. Can look at themselves and say we play our. We're at basketball state LP and kick out. We would have our team that it requires a special content them out and when I pick them back and they actually quite try to pick out what to do with. But that they can just a little bit has played solid defense creek and and then at that efficient offense that is the favorite to win the east. And that's why you're bolting Cleveland lost that close to eat. Trade deadline an important that you employ. Because not only are they even need to themselves to get by the sultan to salt the likely. I am all those teams that there's a chance to win a championship each person I political team orders are editors. Saw what does that happen the last years I act and so if you are under a although quite high level to be out of his mind on the net but again tonight. Armed and ready to court challenge than seeing Antonio in the one team outlet. Taking me turn things around Oklahoma City I'm all. That's a place in the first how old they want to speak or Casey the seven currency. That bump in matchup for football state so I think the team to beat the Celtics completely. Hold 12 here is not a critical week that the war when the cheap ticket down to maybe. It was the trade deadline so I think ball into two current. Its interest things that because it if you heard whit prospect on Boston radio this week. I heat much like last year which is reluctant to consider the Celtics contenders despite the fact they've got the best record in the NBA. And he openly says that this team is still a major piece away a major move away. And that peace and or move is not a healthy Gordon Hayward he still thinks there's another move to be made so the trade that that continues to. Pop up the fictional sort of dream scenario. Is Anthony Davis of course got hurt again tonight. In my opinion that trade that that speculated trade. Doesn't even begin in less did he just putting both Jason Tatum and Jalen brown on the table and unfortunately. Al Horford gonna be on the table to make the money work so the question really be concept are the Celtics better in the long run. With a Big Three of Anthony Davis Tyree Irving and Gordon Hayward then you fill in the pieces around them. Or they'd better off staying as he is and growing with the young guys. Part of me wants to see the growth the young guys issues seeing how much can LeBron as well from Europe once a year to what you just chasing eight. And all the talk. That rap after that I thought the sea port in which Rudy Gay. I met now he just looks like a player. 1920 Google wallet or able to keep it in the league cry your yeah I think people. In terms of temperament and IQ while there. He sees that if Patrick. In the lead off I'll I agree I believe you know that he was just something different that he wasn't a corporate. Football nutrient that is I know I'll be co workers prefer to lose average now well that. Well that's out what it all out yet. So I think that old war guy that they have their own important news coming back extra and look up yet they like it or if they don't happily tickets we did she. Sacramento there if any at all. Apple and people pulled in so long public now or in their entirety. People even with court anguished 4840. Right didn't want picture here consultant. And you watch these picks in the potential picks and a runner up earlier in the program. Where people sort of assumed because the treasure trove of Brooklyn picks was. Over and done with the that was the end of the potential lottery pick there's two there's a Laker pick. But watching this implosion. Of the Memphis Grizzlies has me excited about that pick because that transfer to a potential lottery pick a year attitude on the road. Exactly plummeted episcopal capital and ink is welcome we all. According opening games. And the cavaliers would be like without people at Portland you are full well excuse me eighteen. They actually get it out all that it. Japan tried it couldn't be. Well let's play basketball in Davidson the market up. Additional good. Playing 500 ball right now is David is such a great player. Thank you is what one player out yet find Western Conference in people are. We played can you Google+. Option was last year at or not buckle Casey into the polls you'd. It on 46 games that's not what they were championship now being. Into the holes and it. All people quote little action yeah it didn't want Coles empire. A non critical might appear to be putt on. Look at Anthony Davis say it's tough to compare to a guy like Russell Westbrook Russell Westbrook got the ball in his hands at all times for the so you know he can have a larger impact offensively on the game just by choice where Anthony Davis is relying on other people if any gave us intrigues me set because he fits in on multiple levels. He can come in he could run the offense through him it in a similar fashion to what you do and Al Horford he can play the traditional big men or he can play the new style NBA. And stretch out to three but what really intrigues me sap is that he's 25 so that you have 125 carry it 45 and Hayward at 47. You not getting all that much older you still have an eight to ten year championship window when these guys but I think you kick open that window. Nearly immediately going into next season assuming help for Gordon Hayward. Right and you also need some money and legions sure on them you know did not back on track the now so it's a nation. Asian he. And the it would obviously becomes that the nation. Tension created to Google veteran players. We're. Lucky in that the chance. Working and should not keep Cleveland got a better team reinvent themselves Geoff Reeves playing welcome back. Equity Auckland. And yet in chippewa championship you start that being narrative itself. And it quickly in the gaps. Veteran role players are actually championship back here. He wants what it is likely. That but that the nation when he looked like the treaty of mutual in the end. Teenage. All the including all Indian election that would fit in Munich Conference final and players came back from the can try to beat it. Without. Not almost he video brought back for players end Anthony you know an 80% of his starting lineup that won 53 games. Out the door it's it's it's unheard of it takes a big pair you know what to pull that off into do we. It in away where the Celtics come back and they are better than they were last year it's a big risk to take and that's what you. That's the wild card you're dating the wild card in this whole thing while Celtics fans are falling in love with these two young guys and I don't blame Celtics fans for doing it. If Danny thinks that their ceiling is potentially higher. Let's Jason Tatum and Jalen brown but you know adding the a potential Anthony Davis in the mix he will not shy away from pulling a trigger on that have a deal. Now all that's why needy aged woman looks talks. And junk calls didn't think it would be checked out. That's all right. The Kindle local don't want apartment on any agency. I think also what in the play Tokyo. One weakness Camilo Robert Parish can't McKinnell. And Lotta people who are in and out of the actual. The players will be achieved a move that penalty shot that well don't wanna build a team so I. Gold gold are great players look what the Celtics are back for Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett potentially. Exchange brown cheeks and England. Want to put for the old plot I have been. Plenty of these aging superstars well Portland you really are a lot. And now a consultant about a no longer with those. Young players and it shouldn't be Davis on the 25. I think made him aka all I should Internet crime in it and it was and look so. He looked and he wanna see that train all your pet right now but. I'll. He spent in palm won't quote we're in excellent shape while the degree. Oh absolutely it's that before we get shot here assuming no big trade is made for the Celtics. They they finish up the month of November and essentially the first quarter of the season at nineteen in four currently on pace to be 66 and sixteen. Let's assume that they they can't keep up that pace. What do you think it mid fifty's low sixty what as of right now if you had to predict in over under on win total for the Celtics where would you put it. I would say hi fifties they won't even potentially most sick because first of all. In a coach who. Interminable regular season games equal to what Popovich pulled himself for the post and coach. So I'm ready and we signal gain it depends on why. And it just about any coach of business catching a quick pop pitched it every night all play well or swipe out off the bench which you're coming off the bench. On these guys report on capitol it suitable light and the liberals and that pays off. It pulled in different animal because you're playing the saint Pete. Potential weapon unlike the matchups may not work well look we want to have a we are at it. We'll see in so you should he wouldn't won't to reach it is being. Our rights that they appreciate US staying up late with the Internet and hopefully we can do this again real soon. Anytime. You are you too is that they're goes to mr. John separate city of course he's brought to you by JDL the official sounded Jason Tait and the Boston Celtics. And the NBA when we come back I promise we'll bang out each and every what are your phone calls and we will do it before midnight right here Sports Radio W yeah. Or for global nutrient that is no equal work prefer to lose averaging out well but it. Well perhaps out what he's an all out yet. Patrick Gilroy rocks link now. I'll watch Sports Radio WEEI. And it Sports Radio. WTI this bleep right Patrick you write you with you brother at a fifteen minutes itself. There is room for you at 6177797937. I promised that we would paying out these phone calls and that we will do. We gonna start with Brendan Brendan in Boston red even waiting for 31 minutes I'd really appreciate. Well waiting in the line what's an amount that. And I get ready except to point it could've been. At Hillary explain about the NBA so migrating East Point man assured that the college demographic that you brought streaming out collected today you know string a lot of the but while laptops. On I think in compare in combination with a string limit that Sunday ticket prices really killing them and I think because. Your college student Munich will delayed school. Could watch pack the pack to a local games unless it's Sunday night or Monday night or permanent bar. I have to streak or to spend fifty dollars for the year percentage point. Like that broke college Q what you expect which the government they run. He says when he sees stream it and and I don't I'm not that a judge because I do it's who you're talking about grab and a link operated or something like that. All the action at some third party web site to do that also match ever in the. Early trigger a public neutrality your game at the at least your corporation asking you to your own. Whatever kind of get your phone and. Euro could do it like that charging. So at Sunday at cook and I did get what's when the Celtics. Art the so that they in this I think that you could say today that the NS NIC trend certain way. What you're watching that directive that liability to equity gators went there hasn't been a tree sitters wanted to keep it. Any anyone at all you know it. Go hey if reform look. Like you're old when you eat dutiful gadgetry or whatever just like. Live your physical you need to when he debt markets to reach different yet gotten. Hagel on our chronicle Gallup one with just knew this and everybody epic story editorial one. We're probably gonna win next year it would definitely had. Gotten to ensure that pretty assuredly equal to what you got Jewish. Manic look you're Obama won it last year bought after frequent shooting. So exciting things and they went everything she curious recent how you know once he conference yet you're given that trade. So appointment in the a couple of years Q what they say don't have to dish went quite traditional displays. To a battle in that we are watching it should anything ethical print in typical yeah little one political party to win so many different ways. It is and without it the public yet I hate this notion daily. Click it turned out beneath it he can do something because that lock a right way to go party they'll I'd like you eat the. Appreciate the phone call credit and listen you're absolutely right and for the Celtics I think it's about continuing this this accumulation of talent and if you think that Danny Ainge is done. Accumulating talent that you haven't paid attention over the last fifteen years. And if Danny feels like and I cannot speak predict. But it Danny feels like an acquisition of an Anthony Davis. But at a cost will be Jason Tait and Jim brown and again. As painful as it is Al Horford to make the money work is going to eventually give the Celtics a better chance. A better percentage to win a championship. And that is what Danny Ainge is going to do and he's not gonna be emotional about it. He proved that he wants the multi traded away Paul Pierce ultimately Paul Pierce had the final say Kevin Garnett also had the final say he had a he had yet it it. What the only active no trade clause in the league at the time. And Kevin Garnett yelled worked with the Celtics are on the Brooklyn deal. Paul Pierce work with the Celtics on the Brooklyn. These guys could've said no we're not going anywhere but ultimately did need was unemotional about it and he said good bye to two. Hall of fame players to great Celtics two guys that will have their numbers retired at the garden and he did it for the betterment of the team and to advance them towards a championship. And that's what he potential move for an aunt Patti Davis would do so again I just think it's a really interesting discussion and once it becomes a lot more real because. Guys like Jason Tait and Jalen brown have shown that they can play and they they are potential. Eastern Conference all stars the next decade decade plus so now that these guys have proven that they belong in the lead. And you have it a general idea of what their ceiling could be. Now a team like New Orleans is legitimately interested because you are talking about. Hypotheticals and ping pong balls he talking about real guy's real players who have proven that they could play. In today's NBA let's stay with the calls let's go to Chad Chad's in the car Jagger next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. I thank Patrick I want you talk with EU and the tolerating that you're talking about earlier and I actually do think it has a lot more to do it the protests grew and you guys are critical to our I haven't heard one real credible argument work. You know street anymore you know kind supremely confident that the Americans you know Adam you'd had people out. Not a good chat I and a little ya I wanna have this conversation but I am gonna stop you because. I an eyebrow at this point up earlier and I wish that it was a way to to to put a real number behind this and I just don't think that there is. I'm 37 years old that the error that I grew up in I feel like my parents who both worked their asses off. Exit of give myself my sister a good life. But there weekends we. There was a lot more downtime involved in their weekends and there is in today's world and I'm not just talking about myself. So what I look at my when I look at myself or my circle of friends with a young families and we've got sixty hour a week careers right. The ability to sit down and consume anything whether it's a movie or a sporting event for three hours uninterrupted. Is unrealistic and selfish of us. Now that I took it quite that. If you look at the other point and look at the epic agency. Look at the greedy owner outcry from the played a hundred million ultimately wouldn't that didn't pick as the fact. And then look at other shows and other what I mean I've upstream to expect the show. In the partners like the government. Out of what they look if you look at the drop the other what in the other shows at the top twenty to thirty defense and cabinet took a neat. That people down a bit down but definitely. At a third of the audience caught yet club. Yeah you're right you're right about that I think that your numbers a little high but you're right it's a it's a big chunk of the audience that. That has gone away and I didn't say it was a 100% streaming I I just want I want to know. How to quantify the number because I think that. The timing is. I don't it's coincidental in the last 68 months all three major carriers have offered some promotional plan that offers some unlimited forma data and or streaming. And I think that for a lot of people that were unwilling to stream because of the high cost of data. Are now able to do and I don't think it's a coincidence that NFL ratings have gone down as streaming has become essentially free. I expect that the point and I'm no jacket pocket but the same. You know I'd like beef well. Are you an inmate but at the same thing you have a legitimate point that. Though Ramadan the united hectic quick offensively that early if you don't mind sort. I thought that you'd think that the the opposition to cap saying in all of it. It politically motivated from the opposition and I approach at all. That I think politically motivated bank you know not offensive what radio word yet and guys that not studies show with the nation in so reporting than 90%. And I can even I have. National level curriculum that little run and local law but there's little doubt what guys you know I don't know what your political suasion. But I think that's what a lot of the media now planning can come from the little mine on that and if you look at. You know the opposition went on equipping it on a political piece of good it looked local flood the country. Not political to honor the military and the veterans and you know it's not political beat against people you can't wait you know speaker. Entitled millionaire you know practically. Yeah since data began sit right up against and a kick into the hole anthem discussion again I just what I will say this Chad listen I appreciate the phone call but I will say this about the anthem. I think that. We're still missing the larger point here I it was never about his respect for the country it was about. Seizing an opportunity to grab an audience and maybe they grabbed the wrong that it used the wrong foreign to do it I don't know. But they saw an opportunity. To get attention for their cause and that's that that the portion of time that they chose because they knew it was gonna garner attention I don't think anyone of the players. It took you need this year or cut or are continuing to dig in the did it because they don't like America they're un American they don't like the anthem I think that that is spin they came out of the White House and that's all for the sake because almost out of time and I promised I would take all your calls. Let's go to Scott's got a Providence got. Units up here you got twenty seconds. Eight I think that in my yeah really quick I just wanted to say that I would 200% I need deal. Is he gave it I'd give up whenever they want I mean besides I re obviously. Bullets and hit my problem. A lot of. Got about I guess that I appreciate the phone call I promise that would do this and every show until Christmas Merry Christmas everybody.