Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Caldwell Pope has to play with an ankle bracelet 12-22-2017

WEEI Late Night
Friday, December 22nd

Final hour. Patrick Gilroy and Ty Anderson finish their thoughts on the Bruins and Celtics. Caldwell Pope is in some legal trouble and has to wear an ankle bracelet during games.


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East he's late night is here. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for an some PX in the graveyard pack. Let's get it going with Patrick Gilroy late night talk Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI it's late night Patrick Gilroy alongside Tai Anderson for the next hour taking you guys up until duke. O'clock in the morning. As always it over to join us here 6177797937. He takes the program 379375. Me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops ads you Gilroy on hoops and I how can they find you on Twitter. That underscored by Anderson you should know that I was just I wrote my mind was melting he had a lot of immediately happen you've got a long evening. Idea to be tired you can now vote and cannot during the day after that he being like an eighty year old guy ask him midday nap at the wrong way back up T yeah. Now a adds a lot of questions but we'll talk about it after the show how do you get enacted in the middle middle Dey gonna figure that part out and it's Napster that it's great clean. We got to do is again. Like curtains blocked. It's like Kenneth. At no family and no days again soon as that's not a gas that goes a critical pieces of and happy we are today it fatigue can make any person's hired like the MBTA. On on a train home you can 88 needle today and you'll get tired script spindle you allow yourself to falsely from a trend now now because and you wake up. Like every year and some somewhere else to grab pastor stop exactly you don't wanna do that now covering urine and going beyond your stop I think I'm. Probably not not even your year and a theory that you know you can live with Adam Sharia but somebody else. I think it's somebody else that's here that's the problem that so Ty Andersen here. And we're talking about the Bruins Celtics but one thing I do wanna talk the about time because when I brought up earlier in the show. I mean it carried us for two hours this except they'll reboot is real. Today Vince McMahon took a hundred million dollars worth the stock. Out of the WWB he funded his side little business called Al entertainment alpha entertainment filed for five trademarks. Of the ex FL this thing is gonna happen in this rumored date sometime in mid to late January where Vince McMahon it's going to announce this thing Vince's 72 years old. It failed the first time around now clearly he doesn't want. It to fail a second time around the thing about Vince that I respect the most and I'm not up a wrestling guy. But he's the type of guy that only makes in my opinion Smart. Financial decisions so he knows that there's a chance here to make this thing work. And I think he's that guy that is willing to learn from his mistakes so whatever the mistakes were. The first timer on the ex FL I don't think to repeat them this time around in my opinion I think the first time around it was too gimmicky and I think people didn't buy into it because of that. You can have some gimmicky stuff where is elk I know this is the ex FL because they do this. One of the ideas that I liked was instead of a coin flip to start the game I like that the two guys went you know. From either side of the appealed the concussion machine I like the the concussion machine yeah it's fine I like that because to me that that was an athletic competition wasn't a gimmick it was two guys fighting for the football I think people can wrap their heads around that. The question I have for you tonight because you represented younger demographic. What would it take to get you interest it whether new Englander Boston had a team is irrelevant what would take the you to sit down in front of the TV for three hours once a week to watch this. Products. I think there has B connection. To the younger base as well as. You know easier ways to watch it at one of the things I think would would do wonders for the company in this it's me count against him I have no. Expertise if you will but. I think having it accessible in both in person and a line having strong presence there. Analysts say this that. That the daddy daddy has seen massive social media falling. And so did they do some great work there they clearly they've invested some research and time. Into making wrestling very mainstream view wrestling fan I grew up a huge wrestling fan got I still go to Peter views and a couple of towns and not. But. I don't follow as intently as they used to Q when you were younger did you know is fake. Yeah Ilya and I was OK with the yeah because it was you appreciated I mean there that I group of hardcore there's jumping up batters in order tables and you know it's fake but yeah he can't fake jumping off point of matter and threw a table you know it was he appreciated that cited aside that I guess and so I do think that they've done some things some things well and Eric are yup one of the things that I would do massage is kind of my idea yours. You put the team in Oakland you put the team in Saint Louis you put you put teams and cities where the NFL was and is now is leading. Or has always rumored to be leaving jerk that's I would do right off the bat because. And I are you know older fans there you know opens its it was Nancy catering to those fans absolutely athlete that you also you build teams and strong pieces. In all around the country you know there's sports market there. And don't Overton yourself don't kill these gigantic stadiums played make it so there's a demand to go there may proceed smaller so it's a more intimate atmosphere. But you're not that it's upper massive failure the one. I think that that has always been a struggle though when it comes to these offshoot leagues these secondary leagues is that the American people I think have have proven wood there. Lack of money and lack of time put into these. Different. Different teams different opinion is different leagues that we've seen over the years. Is that the American people wanna see the best of the best and there's no way the ex FL is going to attract the best of the best. So how do you justify. Spending your time and money watching. In inferior product that's when I can't revenue if you wanna watch good. Football for less money watch the collegiate game rightly what. What's the need here for essentially a four elite. It's true I I think that. One of the things that they should do is is maybe you play your games on nights that the NFL does not play or turning a different season altogether absolutely yeah if if you are summer league. It may get tricky in some cities given how hot it could be shut. At the same time I do think that that is something that you know football would be an all season. Sport that you put watched and it how many dummies watch. That's the spring gains from these colleges you know I mean they know you're right so it's there's a market there. Is and it's happens in the correct way and I think the first time around they went in saying we're gonna be Deanna found users weren't going to especially back then. Now the NFL's little bit weaker you may you up beat them but hey if you couldn't make some subtle changes that. But the fans like undermines what football used to being pulled at least you may get some people I'm glad you said that that's the question. Right and what it what those changes and what we sorted delved into earlier in the program still taking your phone calls at 6177797937. And and look. Whether it's. In the last ten years the NFL's made this huge effort to protect quarterback because the quarterback pays the bills essentially right. So there's a certain segment of fans that hates the fact that if you breathe on Tom Brady there's going to be a flag thrown. Maybe it's as simple as you don't. Treat the quarterback can be differently than anybody else. Maybe it's the fact that the NFL seat can't seem to define what it catches and go back to the patriots game this weekend. And Jesse James I I think that look on the patriots fan first I am glad that the call was overturned. But the call on the field was a catch because to the naked I look like you catch and a big proponent of the fact that like. You can take any. Any place in any sport we slow it down and have all the angles that you've got available. In these NFL high definition cameras you can find any storyline you wanna find the place you can convince yourself that a ball or a player. Did just about anything when you look at it enough times and after angles. Would high definition cameras right. I think that that's hurt the game now if you wanna have some replay to get the biggest plays right I think there's there's certainly room for that. But I think fans are getting sick and tired of the emotional ups and downs and not the emotional ups and downs that are brought to you by plays in the field. But the emotional ups and downs that are happening because of stuff that you don't see happening behind the curtain somewhere else with a replay satirist. It's getting tired it's getting old and it's costing bands and their team's games. Look to the catch I taught my son how to play catch before he learned how to play football because before you weren't with football you have to and how to catch a football. I would like to think and I know what it catches but every Sunday whether or watching the patriots won the other dozen games available to me. There's at least one play one time where my IC catch but the rest tell me something else. Duster and anything about sort of the low point for us and against football fans was at Seattle Green Bay Green Bay game where. There was a catch one guy's saying it was wrong I say it was replaced graphs the industry as we get those plays every week and sometimes at the stakes even Ireland Dez Bryant catch. I've been on it yet he had you look at last week. You know that that non call may have cost Steelers on the advantage and that's that's a big thing for them I mean that's team that. When they play at Heinz Field they're they're really really good just think that it's similar to Gillette a lot of ways for the bounces that is go Steelers play at home so. That's a big thing that's a big thing we're talking about we're talking about the the third round of the playoffs you know that that's your principal and a that you're now take away from Pittsburgh. On that on that we're surviving the ground you know what would be talking about anymore and what what is happening to this sport and that's threatening that. The exit could come and swoop and put it right became rapid fire to make so I'm not spending three and a half hours watching football game. I'm glad you said that to a taco more about that after the break but up talked about this quite a bit on the late night show here when it comes to. Why I think ratings are down and not just down in the NFL but down across the board whether. Or B cable television shows or whatever Nielsen takes their time to rate by the way Nielsen came out this week. And they said they're going to adjust the way that they calculate ratings based on streaming numbers downloads and things of that nature. Because of what I've talked about in the program here the last couple months. Ty I know that your younger guy I'm not as young as you are but I'm still. Technologically. Sort of wind right but what I am is busy. I've got a full time career that takes me on a plane around the country every week I'm going to Germany next month I'm going up to Istanbul a month after I am a very busy guy I've got two young kids. I work part time job that I love here I don't sleep much and it's there ever run six miles a day or run three marathons in the last five years I'd love to punish myself. We're all that lack of time I still have to educate myself. On what's happening in sports because of this job here can't afford to miss games. But I also can't afford to sit up front my TV for three hours at a time it's it's not realistic. It's Iowa when I do my when I run six miles I can watch a game for now from a phone. When I am doing something when my family I can DVR my game and watch it in a snapshot a little bit later so through technology. Unable to still consume the same product. But consume it differently so to talk to you about not only what you do but we your friends and your age you was welcome like at a find it hard to believe in today's day and age. That people in their mid twenties late twenties or sitting at home. And Earl for five times a week for a Celtics game for Bruins game. Dedicating three hours out of whack to the game without giving up without moving without doing something else I don't buy I don't buy it that's what the phone is for that's what the tablets for. That's what the left up the sport absolutely and and then I mean heavy sat down watched a game just in its entirety not moved. I was estimated that it's you feel terrible when you do what you get opulent while lie. Never knew that own could make that noise at your ER it's not good for you anymore I think people start to realize that in. The lives we leaders so busy you know I think from the moment you turn eighteen there when you're in college to. But the he would die your life issues so busy this pointed the way we live life as go go go. We don't have time to it to sit here watch football game three and a half hours and duke up less love your life but. It's just it's hard to get back commitment. Specially when you talk a Little League to have somebody bad teams right. And I we can't bring myself to do it it's going to be interesting because here we go with. The NFL vs now be except bell again the exit bill's going to be sort of clambering for a piece of of the Fed ML there they're gonna have to drive your attention grab my attention here we are sitting here saying that it's hard enough to dedicate what little time we have to the sport that by the way we get paid to watch right we get paid to watch these games we're still having a hard time watching them. What's the regular fan gonna do it how was the exit fell. Going to grab the imagination of the American public to get him to sit down and watch a game two games three games sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night it's Patrick Gilroy alongside hi Anderson taking your phone calls at 6177797. And 937. Talk all Boston sports would Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. I thought our supplies and blind reader and today banged up and we got tomorrow Curtis to get some lined up right loan I really got surprised. Ludacris. We absolutely surprised again. Curtis has to favor a lot being critical of what it offensive don't don't don't let us seriously if he's he's says do you hate Curtis and you're sitting there in Europe. Was asked me questions are. Chris you got no energy and what's going on. Where does it what's going on. Don't get defensive exceed the regarding my little energy that all the scream awards column but management is listening I just. I am not criticizing that one adult onset thoughts about this show I am exhausted by it. Unbelievable. Like. Think about. That segment right there they go up a conversation. And nobody in new that Chris had a drinking problem. That is incredible now. I don't I mean like I've known Chris for a long time a real lot and he was my producer at 89 BE SPN. God 1011 years ago. Produced at the Celtics post game show that I. And he was the Curtis that I know now I never knew this Curtis when everything went wrong forum but I listen that sound an. On one hand it's funny because he's on the air talking a bit like that. On the other hand you actually have some things in Cobb would that alcoholism and abuse in our families like I recognize that sound and it makes me sad to hear it because I know. I know what that sound it is. And it's it's awful that he was going to work like that. But I tell you what it's gonna be really interesting year tomorrow with the you know make in his comeback. Ands yeah that supposedly there's going to be a cross over and 945. So Dino is hosting. That though Owen map show. And Kirk is hosting his show. Do you expect fireworks at you know I care like what's your thought on deed goes five game come back years work at five ships. I have to care. Team meanwhile it might help a a because you probably sleeping at that hour now and I'll be up I'll be tuned in at 530. The midnight a you know activated the meat that I did talk about you know it is agree on I mean. I mean on the list iris I. Guy do you want there to be. It would be interesting yeah I mean there might. John Dennis is somebody you grew up with. I I listen did to John that is for twenty years and I hated the way that he left the station hated the way that all went out I. Whether it was the right over the wrong move ratings wise clearly it was the right move. I just hate the fact that after twenty years at the station. He goes through some personal problems and it seems like very unceremoniously. He's shuttled away from the station eight if you get an honest moment I doubt that he wanted to leave the way that he may be he was ready to retire. But not in the way that he was sort of forced to retire I'm glad he's coming back I I think that there's a place for him here it is a place for him in Boston sports in general whether he wants to do it again. Full time or not. Is yet to be seen. But I like the fact he's coming back here. Usually what happens come the holidays is guys like me get more time let's face it John that is the more interesting that I am so it'll be fun I think to listen to that show and maybe add. A different element. Rather than just your typical fill in guys that you get around the holidays. The five days saver for share I think it makes you wanna through it and purses. Not knowing a program I guess in terms of who's going to be on it yet you know I think I think having that sort of on the Sussman are voicing that helps. To see familiar heroes time but putt. A do you think that talk about twenty year veteran you know who had a show that was a very high. Highly rated show for very long time so yeah so not cool I mean I'm I'm interested to here Dino. Less interested in hearing a fight I guess I'd sure like I would rather just see if he's changed at all see if he's mean anything that. Makes him better rekindled what used I mean that that is interesting for me because I think. You know being behind the Mike was a national for so long it's been a little while those yet so let's see what changes or me if any of these are the same old guy for sometime and. Hope people people think that you know Kirk is explosive. But younger John Dennis was equally as explosive you know was at all you know golf interviews in and mailing it in like it sort of was at the tail end of his tenure here. He used to be a lot like Kurt he was very explosive he didn't know you're gonna get from him and he and Jerry would go at it back in the early days those two when they're younger they would go head to head it it was great radio. There's a reason why they were number one for as long as they work. And maybe it was time for change maybe it wasn't. But just strictly as a Boston radio fan forgetting the fact that I worked here tar paycheck from eEye. Somebody they grope in the market. I'm excited to have him back on the station that employs me for a little while because I think having John Dennis here makes us a better radio station as a whole. I think so I mean. You need to have that sort of I wanna see legendary status but in a way I think you know that helps that helps to have gotten into the kind of stayed true to the roots I guess of yet what the company was. On Nazi found it on but the really thrive within. He's a guy I mean I kind of I remember. You know a little bit of the middle if you elegant like 03805. But then I hit the point or I was in school yet enemy like ice that nice to get up really early and it take a shower in the shower yet radios I would hear the opening of their shell and and and I got all their and it and follow along as much obviously so. I don't really remember sort of the tail end of of how he was here I mean. The stories they hear are not very positive so I I think for that reason alone it could be exciting for that crossover but. I don't know I think both guys are gonna. Respect the and around the fifty minutes and together they added a need to conserve their four hours together I think it's fifteen adding it's a little bit. Less conducive to explosions plus it's the end of Kirk shifts maybe you'll be tired yeah. We know is there's more tension between Kyrgyzstan Dina and areas perk. Yes I think yeah yeah I know you're right about that Iraq I'm looking forward I hope curse confronts so workers vs the review you know. Be interesting I is that you know again it being Christmas week usually get some of the most uninteresting radio. Possible during holiday weeks a list again the top five greatest all time you know whatever. I think like tomorrow what they're gonna do the gonna put Cole when people stockings is like the topic of the show them like. And the morning show it's gonna be sporting yen now who's the guy that that much gonna be tomorrow. I champ vote to get champ O'Toole and shortly McKenzie at tomorrow that's your morning. Supporting cast fortieth and chip O'Toole those two just going to be the the anchor gadget that does the updates the update guy alongside sporting MacKenzie. And then Dino is that a commit so that's going to be interest thing sad news tonight from the world of sports broadcaster Dick and berg found dead in his home tonight 82 years old. He was supposed to be flying into Boston today to see is family for Christmas when he didn't arrive in his flight is Stanley got worried. Said the police to his home in California has bags were packed and Jerry was they think he died of heart attack again. Legendary broadcaster to Denver passes the way today. 82 years old just a couple weeks shy of his 83 birthday and that's sort of sucks I was in new podcast that he still does to this day knew what was released yesterday. So is it sucks when people that. You grew up listening to again you know pass away it's just another. In the national epidemic was a huge national and he did everything needed NBA NFL. NCAA he did he did everything over the court he's up in multiple hall of names he's just one of the best that ever had a microphone in front. Apologies go on on Twitter they're making their rounds the sympathy I am sure I'm sure you know I've never heard so I'm 110 add in them laugh and actually see everybody's in house aren't there are around. It's is legendary so for again for for somebody like me I I've known since I was a young boy that I wanted to do radio for a living now. We can debate how successful I've been in radio but the fact is for nineteen consecutive years somebody is paid me to have a microphone in front of my face. They get rig is one of the guys do you Gupta he's won like one of the guys that in radio school of broadcasting school they teach you about he he's just he's so. He was so multi talented and could do anything and everything whether he was prepared for or not there's legendary stories about him being thrown into the fire. In sports that he knew nothing about and he could still make an art out of so he's you know it's one of those guys that for somebody like me a radio purist. Probably the reason wiley John that a so much become a radio purist. This sucks to hear that he died tonight Ed especially sad it being around christmastime and the fact is. His family was waiting for at the airport bats that well yet. A Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy on site hi Anderson 125 minutes or so continuing your phone calls at 617. 7797. And 937. Continuing to talk about the Celtics as Anthony Davis story that won't go way we can continue with your exit they'll talk of course the Bruins. Would another win tonight at home two to one in a shootout. So anything you guys wanna talk about on the table talk about John Dennis is return the reboot in the office would talked about it all tonight. Room for you at 6177797937. Back up to the phones ago. And Andrew Andrews in April and drew up next here on Sports Radio WEEI. And has gone up that are a hundred plus I think kind of the it'll seem a little bit but. I think it above you know the past you know a couple years that Patrice Bergeron you know we think in the pantheon of great awesome sport athlete that we you know we didn't privilege to watch over the past fifteen years and yet you know criminally underrated as far back because. I checked guidance if you eat in Boston. And you know he's just been I've caught the producer of the Bruins. And you know he played us in the cup final game six game with broken ribs separated shoulder punctured one. And he has been you know the epitome of what you want out of the Perot and and innocent under our watch immaculate you are appreciated not. It is 100% accurate I think that we're gonna look back companies Bergeron is the greatest two way player of his generation on the outing of the gets close. Age is his record is unparalleled and what he's played through an and get to consider to Andrew he does. Entire season with a concussion problem I mean. To think about that thing where he is in production first career. And it could sort of fact that he missed the entire 0708 season basically played ten games sport is done for the year. I mean it really is incredible career in the body were to be put together. We're looking women agreed to wait for the double play of the game I mean yes I. I think it's three or four soccer trophy which is tied for the most of all I'm and you know I can imagine that you can get maybe one or two more. And I think apparently look at that guy and you know we calculated career way back and look at that like Sebastien weight forward and is the best. Like the best of what sports are played hockey in I'm sort of think that that's our stretched. Now it's not and and here's the stat for you that I found bridge thing. They Bergeron line with marsh and and data posture act. Has not been on the ice for five on five goal against this entire season went together which is pretty incredible it really speaks to sort of how strong they are in their own zone. And what Bergeron does he is the you know he is the focus of that line he is the most difficult matchup for anybody in the league I think. And it's just amazing to see what he can do and how his line and how. He specifically can bring these are swallowed team's best players poll you look at some of the lines mashed up against this year. And they have really shut the door almost everybody it's tough I think about a superstar. That's really had a big. But besides that I mean it's pretty much they shut them down across the board. There at one point that islanders where you don't get in the game that was before they got back that a few tackle and embarked up the puck on the half wall the last side and Bernard rushed out to lament you know cut down any passing Sweeney had ended but the puck out to the neutral zone. And then outscored you know and it knuckles. And because of that. Could watching that play and you know watching him attack and bars like I love you we players in the week intercept players like that's how Reagan good that guy is. Any you know any any situation that got in and make that play. Absolutely and I and Patrick I'm telling you this and and I'm telling you this statue. A lot of these programs that avoid. Oh that's a whole different chauffeured every day these ads Christmas show is Kristen who get the stats you heard there's a static ads that light at the statues vanity. It's awesome. That look you know. I am glad Anne and Andrew actually called show of the night too and I talked a little Bruins with a Aaliyah but he brought he brought a very similar points up when it comes to Bergeron and you know out and I will say this. Although I'm not the biggest hockey guy I can't appreciate somebody like Bergeron because in my opinion he's one of the most underrated. Big time athletes the city as we talk about the great ones in the city that we have right now we talk about Tom Brady we talked we talked a lot of what David Ortiz over the years we talk now about carrier Irving Gordon Hayward who's played five minutes for the Celtics he gets more public than Patrice Bergeron you know that's gonna be frustrating for Bruins fans and the birds are. Because serious this great player in this awesome market pro hockey. Any sort of goes on Hillary. Oh absolutely I mean I would argue that he almost was under the radar and only could he please as well I mean he's not flashy. And that's the big thing I think that the league is trending towards skill and speed and eleven the Davids of the Crosby's missed and post but. You gotta appreciate it caliper on who's though you know he's approaching his mid thirties here and use Beagle and the most difficult guys for anyone and organs and I just think that. This a player that's universally respected by by his peers I think that he's certainly garner that sort of legendary status berg I see him. And there are a little bit overwhelmed at first because he's such a figure in this city but he's healthy right now right here as. That's twice playing so well start the season I think you missed the first 56 games yet and the Bruins didn't look right it's not a coincidence that once he not only came back but came back and started to get his legs underneath them and and look like Patrice Bergeron. The that's coincided with the Bruins turning it back around and playing like a much better hockey team. Absolutely and I think when you talk about when they have their Big Three and their Big Three is. You know an exchange now but there what they wanted their Big Three to be wood three guys to the lines deeper on preaching Backus. When they're on once it got to this team is really difficult matchup for a lot of for a lot of teams in the east and the and Rachel's whole really so. When they have those guys Cohen Bergeron specifically they are a much different much or dynamics for a team. And and that's what kind of brings you back to the whole point restored earlier where this team could content is if per S along the spurs' front as upright and and skating. And he's not deal with a punctured lung. This team has a chance to something special such without line. I really didn't think when I invited you into it will be talking about the Bruins can pending but. You're starting to convince me. What shows Libya I think at either political and his fourth radio. Guy you know if it's Patrick Gilroy onside Ty Andersen. Final segment coming up we gotta talk about containing is Caldwell Pope can Davies called hope hope lakers forward this guy is. Got a rare situation happening out there in Los Angeles he's serving a 25 day jail sentence right. But he's on a work release program so he's actually allowed the practice of the lakers and play in home games but when they leave the state of California. He can't play when the lakers games are over he goes to jail when he comes out of jail in the morning to go to practice. Police escort when he goes to games police escort but he spending his nights in jail. It make lake road trips except for the one game they've got against the Golden State Warriors because that's in state so he's allowed Blake about the book called hope hope we come back and just imagine. How that would work in a city like Boston. When we embrace an athlete that got to police escort. To and from jail. Sort of reception with yet at the Boston Garden 33 guys at the Sports Radio that we. Back to more. A late night with Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. They. Oh. I. That four alternates are. Oh in your mind rational. To read them. Answer is cheap. Cheap it's like she's. I. That it's funny but watching your reaction back there Matt makes even by a tiger at the game that you make us. No I didn't make this not yours music backed up on this is is that now I know that the lyrics are somewhat. Them national disgrace that I picked. Up our cost us. It's a bad act the music behind us because that's. Eric's it's what applicable to it. Person drunken state I have a feeling tomorrow being sort of the event it's gonna take place here at Mara with with Dino coming back coupled with the fact that it. Sporty and and what it's tripled tools at the name its Campo tools like from anchorman right yet but a call Kate called entity should be simple to since some older so bad so it you know I I think that there is a strong possibility to margins by the way to show is setting up. That you're gonna hear a lot more of that Curtis sound tomorrow going to be it's gonna be a lot of it so yeah. Godless Chris courtesy on the put up with it yeah I just ignore me I don't know if I could do it by. East come along way we give them credit for that come along and I couldn't be punching bag for four hours and line. Mean thirteen. Like you've had trouble as a by being the punching bag for a segment here and there randomly. Yeah you know it happens. It happens especially here. I know almost exclusively you get strangely quietly talk about the stick like the top of media but I get quiet outside and it troubles since. And that's trying to poke it a little guy and I don't wanna get account and I do it I'd ask. Times now that I I don't I don't feel like hearing about it I secondhand like I do and look at you do nice job with what you do and you don't wanna. You don't want to. Become more well known here for the wrong reasons I think is what I have a hard enough time getting in the studio asses you know you're welcome any time I reached aren't the door is always open for a matter of fact the last two times of asking you to earn media that's true yes alright I'm sorry. I don't think you're really sorry that I hear from the guard you didn't like direct did a great job icons like four visits it was like last minute to boot last guys. And he came in and I appreciated it helped carry us through the last two hours but we're not done yet and I would be remiss if we didn't talk about this because I I just by in this. Unbelievable almost unbelievable as that Curtis sound but in the NBA we know that there is it's not it was made up of angels and guys make mistakes matter of fact. The Celtics have met a guy that they employ any markets Moritz where he and his twin brother. Could have been in the situation they got into a fight a couple of years ago Celtics signed him he still has court proceedings to go through. And he was facing some jail time as well luckily the charges against the Morris twins were dismissed so the Celtics in the face the situation. But back in June when Caldwell Pope and TV is not Caldwell Pope current Laker when he was a piston. He was sentenced to twelve months probation by a Michigan judge. When he pleading guilty to misdemeanor allowing a persons operated vehicle under the influence but any violated their probation over the summer for failing a drug and alcohol screening water. And after pled guilty to that violation although pulp is now splitting his time between the lakers in jail. The 24 year old Pope is serving a sentence in the Seal Beach police department detention center. And under a work release program is being allowed to leave the facility for games and practices. Called hope hope is not allowed to leave the state. Which will result in missed games in Houston in Armenia Minneapolis but he's expected to be allowed to play the lakers game when they play the warriors because clearly. That's in California here's the best part called the Pope is wearing a GPS monitor all these away. And now they're saying he's probably gonna have to Wear the GPS monitor during games this is a great. So great what he's that you're high socks and on notice I think maybe the fashion statement may be at this point you have to embrace it because the news out there he can't hide it. So he's applying for some special regulation which shall essentially allow them to take it off because he's still in California but as of right now. They're saying that. In less there's a late. Sort of a late game changed here from a judge he's gonna have to Wear the GPS the a couple of situations happening here with Coble Pope when he goes to practice and games. He is being. Taken in cuffs in the back of a police car in a police escort. When he gets to practice against it chipped in with a lake represented of the un cuff him because now he's at work. This is crazy. And you know the NBA has come a long way from 2004. You know that the malice at the palace and now that was. Loved it a lot of ugliness there right yeah you don't wanna fight fans about book in general one guy had a common little bit a little agree watch the tape some of those guys that have a cup one guy threw a chair from the get lake. Beer in chairs and he's an accidental. These apps that that's the target market docket after a putt like this is crazy and I is couldn't help but think. What do things had gone differently when markets Morse and this was Jewish and Celtics were facing here. How would this go down in Boston do you think tied covering sports here's the way you do with intimate is he do with the Bruins and Celtics. Could you imagine an arrangement like this being successful. Your Boston. I now. Up there's no because they want to read out Matt would know this is real brown are back and redo anything and not act like it allowed the cheerleaders to be terminal demonstrated exactly you know other criminals who wears a span. Any risk Danville to provide hours. Like his old ladies put our acting now he would allow the GE logo on the Celtics. Apps are either okay so a lot of things redwood like I like the whole team of criminals. Because it is intimidation factor. The ultimate boss Rollins shackles that is true you know it's like the monster are spaced the real thing Daniel it's not a bad idea. But Caldwell Pope I mean this is. This sort of setting an impressive isn't it like this other guys to get in trouble of professional sports so like in the NFL the next guy that gets locked up with a can appoint a the the deal that this guy worked out at you know. Global pulp was allowed a work release program it's not like he's going to the local Dunkin' Donuts ad serving coffee for the day or doing regular job. He's being allowed to go be treated like a game. And play basketball. I just got to watch a league game at sea of the fans respond to this guy it weakens and regain it's standing ovation of the crowd at the cult hero proud of their guy. And the lakers by the way. Last year runner has finally let the team and retired after seventeen years in the league. So they get to run our tests and they bring in Caldwell Pope and his run test never had. I GPS monitor for all the mistakes that he made throat as NBA career he never had to win or GPS under. This is hitting well in entirely new low I think for the for the league in general. And this is sort of being celebrated though you Google as there's any negative words being said about this. And here's the best part that the jail that he's going to is a pay to stayed jail so one of the words he tale he asked to go there by. He's got to pay to stayed there the state doesn't pay for him to be it's sort of a luxurious detectives that are. Like that well. Robbed. That the prison I cannot I cannot. Absence. But I. You. Got caught me. Caldwell Pope but fortunately did Dick cut. I'd be different it was a violent crime or like domestic violence I think he will be written this isn't cool. But not to say that way it was cool obviously very dangerous you do but. I I just think it's vote different then lets it on the jets like they have their son in the car cargo 120 idea that guns. The itself here those are strange crime like I feel like he got he got in trouble for his friend making bad decision if this in fact is true where he says that he got in trouble. For allowing somebody else to drive under the influence that's like you and I if we went out tonight had drinks right and I was too drunk to drive and a three my keys. It's not my responsibility to know that you're too screwed up to drive I thought I was doing the right thing. Too much to India or something I do have to say. By the way you know what I do for a living give you all the candy you want all right it's sounds like it there I mean I mean really all there because of that what's on my shirt. And he doesn't have the lollipop. Person's computer it's just. Say this guy you don't you don't drink it also you must've. Bentley that that designated driver for your friends for ever right. I'll work around and get my license wells which one no way I feel the tests four times so you don't let me you blinders like what why now I guess I could bring. Is testing was villagers don't blame the guy and blame the guy who seems odd break as so many more questions unfortunately we're out of time but next time it would tie. I will address how you possibly before year's failed to license exam yeah that's that's tough to do not give it some parents must have been so proud. They are and they're like hey you're on your own for a paying. Your insurance can be seen. Aaron that's that's a fair deal I'll accept that Sports Radio WEEI thank you everybody for listen in banks the Mehdi memory and active for. Doing what you do we keep the show afloat thanks for kindness and become an end. Last minute and doing what you do I appreciate attack you helped keep the show go for the last few hours stay tuned to WEEI it's and get real interesting here and a few hours. Stay tuned for Kirk and Callahan coming up a few hours and of course the return of John Dennis I will return tomorrow night seven to ten in for mutt so until tomorrow.