Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Can the XFL be successful? 12-21-2017

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Friday, December 22nd

Hour 2. Gilroy continues to discuss the XFL. He addresses if it can compete with the NFL and if it will bring in the fans who don't watch the NFL anymore.


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Please use late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. This is late night right here Sports Radio. It WEEI Patrick Gilroy a few weeks you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to join us here 6177797. The 937 detects the program 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops so you know we started the show started the first hour. Go to Celtics we will continue to take your Celtics phone calls at 6177797937. You guys starting to get a little bit worried about this team. Some chinks in the armor five and five in their last ten games the Celtics now 26 and nine on the season. More troubling is they're losing to teams that they should beat the Celtics loss last night at home in the heat. A heartbreaker losing by one point the Celtics lose on the road tonight and again a winnable game against the New York Knicks now these are the same New York Knicks. As we've seen in years past they are not a a joke of a team they should we have the second best home record in the NBA this year so they are a formidable opponent. But still the team that the Celtics should win against. If this Celtics team is as good is the we think they are. So there's some chinks in the armor we can talk about that with the Celtics bigger picture stuff talking while the AG Adrian what does your article this week. Essentially confirming everything that we've heard everything that we know here at the Celtics are still hot. On the trails when it comes to you Anthony Davis and potentially making it and he gave us the Celtic at some point. In the future whether that future is the near future an odd well that's up for debate. The bush article was interesting because essentially what it said was. Anthony Davis had heard the rumors last year the rumors were true people were calling AD calling his people. And Loge confirmed that the Celtics were one of the teams that was calling the pelicans weekly daily. On potentially trying to get Anthony Davis here to Boston which means you know last year the Brooklyn pick which had been treated yet for carrier ring that had to have been on the table. You wonder what else was on the table. In a potential move Jalen brown had to have been on the table. Potentially Al Horford had to have been on the table to make the money work so. This is something that Danny Ainge has been trying to do for awhile now we reported. On this station Gary tang we've been talking about it for got a year year and half note now Albright inaugural contest now NBC sports network Boston. So it's not a new store. What's new about it is the fact that Danny Ainge is continuing. To pursue Anthony Davis because. You could take debt that sentence you can take that statement and we know that there's nobody more convicted in the league that quote. But there are some seek assumptions you can make from that statement. Basic assumption number one it gaining just calling. The pelicans brittney Davis the pelicans are asking for young talent in return they are not asking for. Jalen brown orgies and paid him they're asking for both. Jalen brown and Jason Peyton. State and number two that you have to sort of pull out of this and sort of make it fact is the pelicans were to say yes for a deal. You have to include Al Horford because you cannot trade carrier ring and out of a trade Tyreke and you. Physically cannot trade an injured guy so you cannot trade Gordon Hayward. So the safe assumption is. They're not gonna trade six or seven of of their players like Marcus Morris and mark is Smart to try and piece together a package that makes the money work. The easiest path to making the money work in the most feasible path the big money work is trading Al Horford of the deal because you are giving up a big men to get a big men. Right so you have to assume two things here at a minimum. At a minimum for the pelicans to sell this to their fans Jason David Taylor brown have to go to make the money work you got a trade Al Horford in the end. In this package as well and you're probably gonna have to give up a pick the you don't wanna give up beat the grizzlies pick of the Celtics own or later pick the Celtics own you got to give up pick as well. This is going to be one of those. Sweetheart deals one of those huge deals that the southeast Cuba. Eight monstrous package just the huge package the title package that has been shaking their head saying was it worth it. But let's not forget. I think it's so easy to forget how pissed off Celtics fans were. When they heard what the price was that they had a paper Kevin Garnett then I took calls a bit on the air covering a Celtics and the early two thousands I took calls forget. Al Jefferson for a minute. I took calls from fans that they don't wanna give up Ryan flipping Gomes okay Ryan Gomes. We fall in love with a our players here and that's. That's a statement to how much we love our teams and that's that's not a bad thing. But sometimes it between lose touch with reality. Tommy hides it is one of the most respected voices in the Celtics world. Okay he is nobody knows more about basketball my opinion the Tommy heights and let's think about everything that he is seen and done throughout his professional career. A coach and a broadcaster. He has got more basketball in his little finger than I've got my whole body OK I understand that. Tommy nights and was vehemently against the Celtics trading Al Jefferson to get Kevin Garnett here. He went on Comcast sports net multiple times and said no no no no no mistake. You don't give up on a guy that young and that talented to get a guide us thirty years old you just don't do. Wrong move Celtics. Well I think now we all understand that it was the right move for the Celtic estimate there are certain players in the NBA. That I think you have to disregard the price tag for. Especially when you've already got established talent here. So you have to look at the total package that the cells to wind up. Owning after a trade for. A guy like Anthony Davis. Right you make that trade Brady yes you're giving up a huge packaging giving up on two incredibly young talented players that you probably want no part of giving up. And it's gonna hurt when these guys make multiple all star teams because I think they will. You have to put that to decide for a moment and remember that when this is all said and done when the smoke clears the Celtics. Have a Big Three admit that he Davis. Of carrier ring and aborted Hayward and you fill in the pieces around those three guys I gonna say that Big Three is as talented. As any Big Three at today's NBA and they are young and dynamic and worth building around. That indeed is the goal. It is an if you could. Achieve that goal without giving up both data and brown that help you are GM of the year for the next decade but I'm not sure he can do that because the pelicans though. Just how special Anthony davis'. And I got to tell yet the rest of the league knows just how special Anthony Davis is guys like him. Don't come around all that often guys there that dynamic that talented that unique. So we'll continue talking about it that he Davis of the Celtics I also want to continue the exit they'll conversation that I find it fascinating if you guys did it here today. Vince McMahon. All but making it official that the except Phil is gonna come back at some point next year after a sixteen year hiatus. This is just us putting the pieces together putting the puzzle together understanding what Vince McMahon is trying to do. But today he pulled a hundred million dollars I did WWE stock. He he did that to form and fund his new company alpha entertainment LP entertainment that went ahead. And took over filings for five except they'll trademarks. There's been rumors or rumblings that at some point in mid January. The ads are bad it's gonna make this thing public make a big announcement and announced the return of the ex FL that's fun right. Bringing as a tailback is a fun thing however. I don't wanna talk about fun. I I'm dead serious and I wanted to what you guys think it's 6177797937. If you could get this statement on the phone get him in a room for five minutes that's the big deal because Vince McMahon doesn't care about money he's gonna do everything in his power to make this thing successful this time around he is 72 years old. I believe he's the type of business men that learns from his mistakes. He's got a wanna make this big huge to compete with the NFL he sees some cracks in the NFL's armor. With ratings down with the whole anthem controversy. And I don't think it's a coincidence that this is the time that mr. Mann is trying to parents. Because he thinks that he can capture some of the audience that the NFL has lost so again if you can get Vince on the phone yet and in a room for five minutes what would you like to see you wanna see the exit they'll come back. In the same manner in which left. Meeting this sort of kind of a similar version of football as we saw in the NFL with some unique twists and turns for example the race to the ball instead of a coin flip. You guys putting he hate me on their Jersey really playing themselves up I think that if it's a man makes a spectacle out of he had them makes everybody stand up for it. Sells that as Americana. That's a big deal. I also think that he could find a way to eliminate the rules that the NFL has con and has instituted over the course of the last half a dozen years protecting the quarterback. Protecting their head. All of those rules that unfortunately I think are needed at an NFL level. Took prolong the longevity of their stars beat their quarterbacks and to keep guys healthy and up right. Post playing career I think all those things are our great. But if you were to take those things away and returned football to the football that we grew up with. I think there's a certain segment of the American people that would gravitate to old school semester both. Football the question really becomes is that a allowed. And will there be an appetite for that is there an audience for that. And if the except they'll comes back will you guys watch is their appetite for additional professional football. In the United States of America in today's day and age. Nancy EU lawsuits. Makes apps that he cares though. Better. He's doing on these because he's like he's tried to buy football team for unsuccessful rice that this is his way if this is his way of doing I mean. He might at a shy and others because it right you could put a body yet he's not worth. It users costing. But it's not just about having the money by the team at the other owners but it's about the other owners allowing you in their club the -- let -- get of you when we get radical they would never vote Vince McMahon did or they would say no they'll take somebody else's money just like with Donald Trump he has been black -- promoting an edit and LT and it's funny because. Truck put a package together I don't know half a dozen years ago by the bills edit that was successful he would be president right now you think about that permitted it to trample the team. The only team in the USFL US which was. Even earlier to the ex FL like late seventies yet I mean trumpets try to try to try to be invited into the NFL but when he owned the USFL. He said so many negative things about the NFL I eat yet he really put that doubt they would never allow them in their paternity he has and he tried to when the merger happen he tried to be part of the merger just now that wasn't gonna happen but with the except well I think the one thing that they've got gold port is Vince McMahon is rifle guy and he's not gonna wanna failed twice and he's got unlimited money. So you'll put the cash into this program to make it work the question really becomes is what's the audience for. What is gonna gravitate to the American audience the American football fan what it's gonna make you met one to turn on the TV on Saturday or Sunday and watch it ex FL game. What are you wanna see. That's a question I'm not sure what the cancerous. I wanna see what I see on Sundays now a violent game but. With less place called. But how do you see what you see on Sundays now because on Sundays now you've got the best players in the world. How they compete for those players because it's been proven time and time again that the American people won't watch a a product it's not deep that. That I doubt they'll get player Calvert the NFL way what they'll probably do is they'll have wrestlers that are stars on the WB now Goldberg. And the like the star of one team just to get the ball world. About that Johnny Johnny is now. It Tebow and document into right now those two guys would sellout NFL or except L stadiums tomorrow just the curiosity factor. Idled sustainable. But at least in the short term if Johnny Mann Zell was a quarterback of team gay and Tim Tebow team beat. Mean though those guys have got star power and they're still young and up to be guys that could I compete for a half a dozen years or so you know so I think. Guys like that beat about this you want star power quarterback that Johnny and ends they'll Tim Tebow in college pampered to start your league and I think there's an appetite for that I can get extra about the and he did he get together by the there's I think there's an appetite in an audience that edit they could somehow warm. An alliance or a relationship with the NFL. Where they're sort of partners. May be its it's a way back Republicans I'll early back for dialing cap predict where they go when they stared up in the ex FL. Maybe they can get called the Vienna now I don't know it'll be really interesting to see how this thing goes. But I think that this thing's going to be sustainable they've got to have some sort of a partnership or understanding. With the NFL. This thing's going to be the term American once he's on it could be and I I was rooting for the return it well without it rates yup it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy let those moments we'll talk about the exit though anything else the U guys. One it's not hi Anderson from WEEI dot com will join me after midnight. And we'll continue to take your phone calls all the way up until 2 o'clock in the morning at 6177797937. Patrick Gilroy wrong. I'll watch Sports Radio WEEI. That's the big thing. It's his choice. The New Jersey it meant but that neighborhood also. Awesome there was a guy he hate me emirates right yup he's in he actually. Graduated the NFL to get his real name but he played in the NFL after that he he became a star. Through the exit that was a pretty good NFL player for a while he's not the only and there are a couple these guys. He's a wonder with the money and marketing power behind Vince McMahon if anybody can find a way to make this work it's Vince and I remember sixteen years ago I know. That it fizzled out at the end of the season but at the beginning of the exit fell. The arena's the stadiums were sold out. It was at they had a national TV contract on NBC. And there was a tremendous amount of excitement and enthusiasm for the products it just fizzled out it wasn't sustainable you got an and rod Smart and wait for the chargers yet rods my hat and his political career that so you know he made a name with the Jersey. And then one of becoming legitimate player so the question really becomes is you know are you guys interested in watching an ex FL product. And if you are what changes would you like to see because again Vince McMahon would be wildly irresponsible. Of him to bring back the the same product it failed sixteen years ago. So he really is god who put his own money into this thing and today he took out a hundred million dollars from WWE. He is out filed for trademarks five of them with his new company that he funded with a hundred million dollars. Health entertainment has funded five separate exit they'll trademarks this thing's gonna happen. The question is will be successful this time around what do you guys speaking needs to bring to the game this time what. Parts of the NFL game do you think he'd be different to make this an interest in product. Are there things from the NFL of yesterday that you would like to see. Brought to the ex FL game of today. You wanna see harder hitting you wanna see guys being able to go up to the quarterback do you wanna see that defined what it catches. I think that first and foremost by the way. If the ice tell you that it's a catch. That may be it'd just be a catch maybe you should it need for different angles on high Def TVs that interpreted to catch and I think that alone. Will turn a tremendous amount of people. On to the ex FL so there's lots of ideas on what to around with you guys we got two more hours to do so and of course will continue to take your Celtics phone calls as the Celtics lose. New York today they have now lost back to back games for the first time since dropping their first two games of the season this year. You know it it's a tough stretch for the Celtics. They're now three and three on the second night of back to backs this the very heavy skit portion of their schedule. But it's Italy and appeared about a week so once they make it through this portion of the schedule ultimately I think they'll be okay. Will continue to talk about this edition of the Celtics this year's team. Also the bigger picture stuff that Ager wanted us he talked about this week. When he released the bombshell report that the Celtics last year or in on it that he Davis and continue to be on HD. This year as well sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy newsroom for you guys at 6177797937. Backed up to the phones we go let's go to Joseph. Joe's in San which Joseph you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. They rallied on what's a jump. Lincoln I mean. Everything good guys just names you know bringing all the good stuff to back in the game but as far as getting cancer actually walks like. Actually have a question to to based upon a nickname that I can. It was it was an option like players could that he ate meat guy he did in order a few other guys that did as well have a couple appear promised when he got an entity and that is up chronic Y two K one. There is. 317 okay. I mean you don't so these guys the whole idea behind that was they were allowed to sort of market themselves and use the exit L the platform to sell themselves. Of Lagos market mean what it's obviously going to be some some big name but the quarterback's got just mentioned by. You know some of these guys are these stars and I think the best way to get people are watch and you know. Supplement testing around and you know that's a great late in the game. To be quite as big about a sixteen years ago right it Tennessee was it was it on line the way it is now we know what's fantasy football but it certainly wasn't that Tennessee football today. You know I'm thirty and you've been probably about it and maybe eight years ago and before that. Oh I watched the patriots and I was off and I played college football right now. I love the game by a justice cards fallen on the all the other teams in all before. Don't him off for apps and assault on I mean you're just. Washington you know that's an hour is the end you know it just what you get if he does get. So many more elements in you know betting is batting so obviously people wanna do that. Campbell and although they have done so well I mean why wouldn't it. Got a great point it's up and three thought to be thought about a year because again. You know I think that we can all agree what your wrestling fan or not and I am not a wrestling guy but I can certainly appreciate and respect. The business mind a beguiling Vince McMahon because he turned wrestling from something that was that is multi billion dollar enterprise that is one of the largest ports in the world would you like it or not what you hear that it's not real or not is irrelevant to this part of the conversation. The guy knows entertainment and he goes business and I have to believe that if you really is gonna bring this thing back for a second go around. It cannot be the same product that it was the first time around so I think he's got this rare opportunity. To capture. The imagination of the American football fans capture that the public capture the audience that is sort of slipped away from the NFL. And I think it's the away from the NFL for a variety of reasons I think one of them yet to a small extent is political right the hole at the things certainly. Hurt the NFL this year it didn't help the NFL I don't think it hurt the NFL to the extent that some people let you believe but again I think things as simple as. Allowing what happened last week in Pittsburgh now I know that it helped the patriots but let's be real here Jesse James that should have been a touchdown. So any ex FL that's a touchdown in you don't you don't have to refer to some giant rule book it's you know more complicated in the Bible. Then I think there's a certain appeal for something like that I think that. Dumbing it down and just allow people to watch football. The way that we've always watched football it is a big deal here and again if you don't pussy foot around the quarterbacks and you don't know row. A flag just from reading on these guys I think that will be a welcome addition as well. Not to mention right now on the street there his star power available to it to the exit out. In the largest stars in the world are the quarterback position beat about Johnny men's Al. Speak about calling cap predict big about Tim Tebow. These guys could sell out stadiums tomorrow if only for the curiosity factor so I think the exit they'll does have that something's going for it. I just wanna see what did speak bad acts what he brings the table here sodas Sports Radio. WEEI room for you would 6177797937. As they were the phone's gonna nick. Nixon met at a midway Nikki next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Go to guy with a bit I wanna talk about it. Maybe you know she's she's got a strike the right time against the NFL trying to bring about right now. Yes although they each. Incident in some areas suffered a cracked that is how Smart. I'm doing all right you. While I know your opinion on the flight data easy pin was able to compete with yet felt would. Considered it something more like minor league football in a way. Where you know guys there are. You know Erica Albert is leaders on the lead off on the bubble in NFL or not. It's keeping an accidental all in real game is obviously got a quite a making him cup warriors to trade. I mean got to get injured in the NFL all the time if you just bring some guys got from you know. See I like that idea in it whether it's an official association with the NFL or not I don't know but I do like that idea edit as an NBA guy I was very skeptical of the I think professional teams have really done a good job taking advantage of in the longer that is around. The more they're taking advantage of it I can tell you this as a basketball guy I'd been to a couple of games up in Maine to go see the red claws play it's that it's a great atmosphere. It's a great atmosphere I mean they've got to parquet floor with the Celtics logo down there and you know that they've got coaches from the Celtics Austin age Gainey son runs the operation there. And they they run the same plays the Celtics run. So when guys sort of flip up and down between the they're being taught the same things of practice and you've got guys on the Celtics roster right now. That have taken advantage of this and played both in mean and in Boston this year you saw your Shania Bocelli. Just last night in Boston hit a couple of big threes he's gone up and down between the Celtics and the that is really tearing up the L last year you guys side jordin Mickey with the heat last night. He was tearing up the to pull players from. A team that's associated with a professional team so they're learning the right stuff the right plays they are being trained and taught in the Celtic style and that goes for. All professional teams that have an affiliate in the but the so the main red claws are funded by the Boston Celtics they are one in the same narrow one operation they are just an offshoot of the Celtics. We really hard to get the except fell in their individual teams to have an association win. NFL teams I think that's going to be the challenge there so in Major League Baseball you've got. Single A through AAA all affiliated with the big club in the in the National Basketball Association. You have got. Their new G league now but the in the except well. How is the exit failed to find a way to have a real association. Within FL teams that's what I find fascinating let's discuss squeeze in one more before the break but Ian Ian to Connecticut EU next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. They paid on what's now do you. Two quick things my first one it just just a backtrack a little bit on the catch that make up the rule totally wrong. I was always under the impression that it's an individual catches the ball and I am neutral on some actually at Detroit Lions stand your so why I have no doubt in the race. But I know horse in the race but I don't start that as soon as you know it to Peter and balance. As soon as the football like what was made of football like clay to get off. I thought that then it you know it's then of course considered a chat show if an individual as it is is reaching toward advancing the ball I can only assume that it. It's a it's a keep it charged profit has been done individuals now turning to try to. Move the ball forward and on the on the except out saying. All I'll play a lot to it if they're gonna make a more now the time their there's that there's a nick in the armor in the NFL. Audit a lot of individuals that are really just fed up with the the flags that up with the political push on all of that letter that I would that. The way the flat was handled in a lot of other things and and people just want to watch what they wanna watch grid iron for all they wanna watch competition. Without at the end rounded and I think that Vienna felt that to themselves with. The media and he has yet and all of that and and people are looking for something we're we're thirsty or we're thirsty for some gridiron sports and without. Without it and grounded by personal beliefs or anything else we just wanna watch sports we want to watch competition. Lions fan radiant so it's a wasn't it Calvin Johnson five or six years ago that sort of started this whole debate with what's a cap to what's not a catch. Oh yes sir actually we put a lot of ruled that the giants' second run out rule. You know we we I think we probably. Brought to light every single rule that's that's possibly come up in the past by the year can rattle out so many ruled that we we. Found out the hard way on that age yes. I'm until the next line for suggesting that Jesse James catch last week was a catch am not saying that I know by the letter catalog guys that it wasn't to catch and I'm a patriots fan first so I'm glad it wasn't a catch when I'm saying is. If we can go back to the days where everybody. By the way thought it was a catch for the most part when they saw our live their naked guys and to me that's what Major League Baseball does right. They could very easily have robotics behind the plate and we can know exactly what the ball in the strike but they beat the human element into the game for a reason and I think with the with football. There's still some room for the human element and you could take I swear you know you can take any play. And if you watch it enough times in enough it in the right kind of slow motion frame by frame by frame you can make any determination from any played he would like to. Because they sold its detailed now available to you that wasn't available before and I just think we should get back to what sports was supposed to be. If your eyes tell you that it was a catch in short it's a catch. I you know it's an in I appreciate the phone call it'll certainly be fun. This whole exit fell thing and I think that you're right there's an appetite out the airport. There is an opportunity for the question is is Vince McMahon the guy. To bring this thing to fruition and make it a reality. And make it reality for something that people actually want to watch invest their money and invest their hiding. So if it's you guys out there what changes would you like to see. If you're gonna invest your time. Invest your money into a new product that is headed up by Vince McMahon it is Sports Radio. WEEI. It is a late night I am Patrick Gilroy has always there's plenty room for you at 6177797937. Talk all Boston sports with Patrick Gilroy on Sports Radio WEEI. Eighty yards throw him out of it. They had that as we go watch for a couple of. Yeah it's just really beautiful town built Obama fifteen yards directory gets on television is like this in opposite rather and. They're ruining the game. Says he's also right about the accept that. He's as well that run you could play that as often as you want it to hidden gem I love that. So we haven't heard the exit though is probably on its way back on that and if we we here at some point tomorrow that it's not coming back this entire show for no reason at all. But if anything this proves that there is an appetite out there the ex FL because the moment right. Brought up this topic now a half ago. I didn't know was gonna hindered and it's a new head football minds of people they've got their opinions on the ex FL which proves one thing. Football is still number one it's not only number one here in New England but it's number one across the country and people legitimately. Are angry with the NFL a little bit angrier than I think even I given credit for I think there's an appetite. Or the exit they'll but it got to be done right. It wasn't done right last time came off too gimmicky last time. So this thing is gonna happen any that it man really does wanna give his new the an opportunity to compete with and rivaled the NFL. He's got to learn from his mistakes that's what we're talking about here tonight. What would you guys like to see different this time around what are the best things that that basic man to take from the former. Version of the ex FL it institute into the re booted ex FL and what things from the NFL would you like to see changed. Would you like to see the replays go away at least the replays that we're seeing these days which are it's just to the point where it's ridiculous. And look. Replays are good thing when they're used minimally. But when you re playing everything the way the NFL is in recent years. When people are legitimately confused over what plea means what. If something's to catch orbits not a case that is the most basic. Part of football when you start playing football when I started teaching my son how to play at five years old the first thing you do when you. Start to play football is learn how to play catch. That's it. And at this point the NFL and it's not so much as the Jesse James thing from last week because look. I know that when you rolled over it was on the ground probably wasn't it get to whatever but you can't tell me that this whole catch phenomenon. Hasn't been one of the most frustrating parts of the NFL in recent years because. To meet. You can take almost any play and slow it down and look it up angles and make any determination that you want. Any determination to figure argument to be made. By all the multiple camera angles and the way he can slow every played out. To me that takes away from the sport a little bit to meet takes with the pace of the sport a little bit. And I think it is an appetite to get back to what football used to be so we're talking about that. Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy he would you guys don't do. O'clock in the morning will be joined by W yeah I dot com hi Anderson coming up. And a little while on the program until then we will continue to take your phone calls on both the Celtics. The Anthony Davis Cup and of course. The X at L stay with a calls let's go to Tom Tom's a New Hampshire Tom you're next up here on Sports Radio WEI. Yeah I think yet that could be successful. Read a thing I'm thinking that they could incorporate. You know one that. Think about the heat and people all that wasn't around back when they had it before and how successful that has been in. But much more player interest on teams that I never thought I would look at the war watch beach where ya and you know much more involvement. Q I think you're right but I in the NFL and having something like. And about Europe I know NFL wants to expand quick look at all the games we have over England and Mexico City. I think that that could be another way to expand. And thirteen they got to give it something different that they aren't using right now looking at a well. Something like. Camera inside the helmet or. Tell lawmakers that are measuring the amount of force that are in the hip or something like that. It's a great point because the eggs are filled did. Some things like that when he first came out and that's what drew people to the ex FL they use different camera angles nobody used before they had everybody Mike's up. So it really gave a different look the in the NFL. Yeah totally agree that that's what they need to do it it changed from that and and you watch the don't incorporate some of those different camera angles like the camera angle out on the field that Canon camera comes bend down vote on on a string. Yet he'll read one Osama wired at that you write the ex FL instituted that for the NFL Lehman bought a cabinet. Yeah yeah yeah write titles I appreciate the phone call I like the idea is writing all the ideas and an email that have been sick man when the show's over. Our list of ideas from Sports Radio WEEI Boston look it's a huge huge huge fan base here in New England. We know our sports so you guys are outlining with the new ex FL is gonna look like. And it's a film makes its debut at some point 2018. It's official reboot. Believe me your fingerprints are going to be all over it because of this show we did here tonight our Sports Radio WEEI I'm not kidding. All right I've got a little list to your gun no book. I liked the ideas cannot hurt us an email along to Vince McMahon went very reason or not I can't guarantee anything but I like the ideas because. There's two things he cannot do. He can't bring back the ex FL. That we had here a couple of years ago sixteen years ago he can't bring back the identical product there it is can't do. I failed then it's gonna fail again and you can't rip off the NFL. And bring another version of watered down version of the NFL because the NFL's already losing ratings right now they're losing viewership they're losing fans right now. So you can't just take the NFL watered down talent wise and put that out there on a different data week yet a that was already got right they've got Thursday's. They've got Sunday's they've got Monday's. Neal start to have Saturday's come playoff time the party got three or four days a week. They have already saturated marketplace so much beyond that yet apart this is the exit fellas got a later in the NFL's off season which makes the whole idea of affiliate league. A typical thing to do the reason why. Double a single A AAA baseball work is because they played the same time as Major League Baseball he could draw from the farm teams. You could draw talent from your farm teams the reason why the developmental league. In basketball is working because you can draw talent from the farm league so whether. This lets the Celtics did it with a barrage of injuries they can bring players up from mean that know the system because they're being taught the Celtics Houston in Maine. So there's a certain. Level of of this some value there. To the big clubs it's gonna be really hard to do that in the ex FL because I think you'll be huge mistake to play except they'll games in the season against the NFL they've got to do what the Big Three in basketball is doing. The reason why the Big Three the three had three basketball league starring retired stars in the NBA. Worked this year to full age they did over saturate it didn't play. In multiple cities and multiple days a week immediate destination viewing once a week. Beat they did this pouring circus kind of thing where instead of having home teams they toward major cities and major Reid hasn't played multiple games one day week. See they had recognizable stars playing in the league so you grew up. A big Jason Williams fan out there in Sacramento it was cool you got to watch Jason williams' white chocolate command and because it's half court. These guys did get run down you've got to seek the best of these guys. Right you did you got to see guys that you thought you'd never see professionally again come back and play for all those reasons it worked. That's going to be a tough thing for the except fell to do. Because the ex FL can't really play half court version of football so what's gonna be their schtick what's gonna be there thing what's going to be the way that they make their product work. What's gonna be the way they make their products something the U guys wanna spend your time. And money on it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night let's stay with the calls let's go to Q Derrick Derrick is in the cards Erica next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. Hey you know what I'd like to see it like hockey the best art either confused or on all. Night on nine football worried on eight. And you don't that would just open field make a lot more magic. And you know even if you want acute. You know somehow extra points if someone's wearing Iron Man and they make a great players something like that would be a good start. But I think if you go back to the old days you know when you watch football it wasn't nonstop chatter you know wouldn't that be great if when there's a shotgun formation maybe there's just a graphic that has shut down on it. And that's you know but it it's extra help me wanna count the shotgun clicking noise or what it's like a no you're right you're right. Away. It it takes the chatter away you watch the game maybe camera back the way to used to show where all. And I think you'll get a whole lot of football stands like hey this is what I walked. And Derrick if you let me ask you this well where you from darkness as you're in the car right now. Operator okay IC from Braintree from New England so here we've got the patriots need a hug the patriots are at the exit that decided to put a team in Boston or put a team in New England. Is it something that you would be interesting interest in spending your time and more money investing into. Total that's it I would too I would at least give that a shot and I think that's the most interesting apart part of the conversation we got a Super Bowl contending team year over year over year here. It still is an appetite for something else. You know it in there and as our rule changes I mean all my daughter receiver stepped out of bounds. And fifty yards down the field he was in balance. And as each time but he the first person that touched. I mean come right to catch if you ran out of bounds or ran back in he's taken reached in bounced you're good. You know what I mean a little. A little common sense Eric may go along way towards the success of the ex FL let's and I appreciate the phone called abuse stranger to the program it is Sports Radio WEEI will continue with your ex FL phone calls continue with your Anthony Davis to the Celtics phone calls. Continued eighty else you guys wanna talk about W yeah I'd dot com hi Anderson will join us coming up in the back half of the program here so two hours down. Two hours ago Patrick Gilroy he would you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning continuing to take your phone calls at 6177797937.