Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - The Celtics are not doomed, despite what fans say

WEEI Late Night
Friday, October 20th

Hour 2. Gilroy tries to calm Celtics fans down who think the team is already in tank mode after 2 games.


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This season late night talk Sports Radio telling you. I quit get it going and skis late night right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio WEEI it's WEEI late night. Patrick Gilroy if you would you guys for one more hour. Taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning numbered join us here 617. 77979370. Takes the program at 37 and 937. You find me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops. That's old Roy on hoops we did start the show laugh talking about the Celtics we can get back into the Celtics in the fact that they are owing to. If we could just for a moment. Put the Gordon Hayward. Tragedy behind us eat I'm just gonna consider him lost for the season despite. The means his unwillingness to declare him lost for the season in my mind. He's done for the year. And the fact is this the Celtics are oh into the go to Philadelphia Friday night that is a very winnable game and they come home for a few days off another very winnable game. At home against the New York Knicks hopefully the next time I am here at some point next week the Celtics have evened things up. But I would expect. A bit of a rocky start and I said that will before he were injury if you listen to be on this program over the course of the summer as we made our way through celtics' training camp. Through the exhibition season been pretty clear about this that I truly believe that this Boston Celtics team was gonna take a good twenty to thirty games. To get right because they are relying on so many young guys but that's a different conversation for different day. I had four people to people that I knew and to complete strangers come at me on Twitter today. And essentially use the first. Two games of this NBA season the first two games of the celtics' season. As a way to tell me they had a complete picture they knew everything they needed to know about Kyra you're Irving. And affect the carrier being is not the right guy for the Celtics team and now they regret the Isiah Thomas for carrier being treated. Two men all four of these guys that I talked to were in favor of the trade when it happened. But after just two games there's this huge overreaction. That. Carrier bing is not Isiah Thomas and if the right sale on the floor and closing moments of last night's game and the Celtics would have beat the bucks at the guard which is a strong possibility. But if Isiah or we're still on the floor and the Celtics probably had most of last year's team back and that team. Was probably better prepared to win basketball team right now but they had a limited ceiling. Right so they could win 53 regular season games what you knew that the Isiah Thomas led Celtics from last year had a ceiling that they were gonna breakthrough. Like Hillary Clinton there's a glass ceiling and it worked in a breakthrough. Just wasn't gonna happen not enough talent there. But if you wanna trade NBA finals berths for wins in October the let's go forth let's get a crowd back with spring ninety back. Hell who can Dugan this team signed let's get David Lee back on the roster he's available looking for a job but still this team up with any available bettering Gulfport or do you wanna win multiple championships in three or four years because that's what this thing has always been about. It's always been about the missing and it and them. The merging of the older guys with a veteran guys when I say older inveterate and talk about 26 years old. Gordon Hayward 270 Gordon Hayward 25 year old. I were your. O of the veteran guys and talking about those are the older guys and talking about so let's this up let's assume both guys are still here in three years Tyree signed that extension. In three years when Jason Tait is going into his fourth year and Jalen brown is going into his fifth year. Kyra you Irving is 28. Years old Gordon Hayward is thirty and that Celtics team. Whether Al Horford is they're not that Celtics team. That's the team that Danny Ainge envisions competing for a championship perhaps a dozen years that's the team. If this edition with Goran he were healthy was gonna make an NBA finals they still probably had a limited seal. They probably worked in a breakthrough and contend for a championship the only way that this team breaks through and contend for a championship. It's if they get the best at a decent Needham and Jalen brown. Both of those kids have got legit star power. People need to cash in and become legitimate stars for this team to live up to the expectations to live up to the hype but you guys you guys are the fans of the team. You guys are the ones that had such a hard tee time letting go of Isiah Thomas and I don't blame you. Mean if anybody really endeared themselves to this fan base was IT. You tell me are you ready to declare to me like these people on Twitter war today that the Celtics made a mistake. It carrier ring and it is not the right guy for this basketball team was and Christian Fauria today. That and I could be wrong but didn't he and OMF say that he's David Price. I mean it. Look. What are we doing here it's been two games. Like and I respect the hell out of Christian anybody that plays a professional sport instantly has my respect. Because they know more about professional sports that I do. It was their job right I might know more about running a radio show Christian I can probably. Run a straightforward radio show better than Christian Fauria. I can come in not a break bad of interest in panel by himself. And if I had four hours on my own I could probably program better show and Christian for it is what it is. I've been doing this for nineteen years I hope I can't Christian to kick my ass in professional sports. And he's a damn good NFL analyst he's great element. But as far as coming in here. I've got us are still still get skill set that I've worked on for a long time and I am. Barely good not to be here that's why am the nighttime Philly and I understand that. The Christian Fauria is somebody that came out today Eddie says that I re Irving is the next David Price and I don't see that because it prices somebody that in my opinion. When the lights shined the brightest he he shrivel up and enough. Is balls oracle backed up inside him he disappears. On get a nice post season run for the Red Sox coming out of the bullpen. That's entirely different. And when your starting and the pressure is on you from moment one and he's had an immense amount of trouble. As a starter in the post season because. His guts just shrink up he's not built for and until he proves that he is built sport that's going to be his reputation. What's the reputation a carrier being he hit the single biggest shot in the history of the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise not LeBron James. Now mark price. You know not not any need not Brad Doherty not Larry Nance now it's tiring Irving. I was just looking for a reason to bring up. Broadly in on today's program hot rod Williams didn't hit the biggest shot in Cleveland Cavaliers history nordic Craig Eva. I thought it was this guy was Tyree Irving and he is on the Celtics now when he is not David Price. He has struggled through the first two games and he's gonna continue to struggle. He's relying on a nineteen year old a twenty year old to make him look good out there it's gonna take some time. But if you are ready to declare as a Celtics fan. That Tyree Irving was a mistake. But the Celtics were better off keeping last year's team as is I'm sorry your wrong its Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy number to join us here 6177797937. Detects the program at 37937. Find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops ads. Guild relate on hoops so again we toxin Celtics I do wanna give back into. This NFL story the ratings story I find the phone calls very very interesting. Because it's sort of views Nia a look into you'll you'll world right my world is my world and I understand my world and I understand my priorities and what I need to do. Weekend and week out. To make it through my life. And that's just me. As far as what you guys do. If you guys are like me in your PC and you're on the go and it's hard to sit down and consume an NFL football game for three or four hours in the middle of your Sunday. How do you consume it because I know you do I know you guys are still eating this product up left and right. You absolutely are and don't tell me you're not even the ratings are down the numbers are still huge right so it's all relative. Because television ratings as a whole are down because people in general are busier now than ever. And it got more options to watch their program so with the your favorite show is an NFL football game the Red Sox the Celtics or the Walking Dead it doesn't matter you can consume it instantly. You no longer need to be in front your TV Sunday nights in turn on AMC to watch the Walking Dead you know and I watched the Walking Dead I'll watch Monday. And I'll buy it on my phone for about 99 and iTunes that won't buy the high Def version from the collection in my phone I'd get this through 99. Standard depth when your bonus one idea and when I go to the gym and I do my run. Like I do each and every day on my lunch break because not a single moment in my life is spared I trying to do something productive with each and every second that I'm awake every day. I'm able about it that's just me. So on my lunch break on Monday when I go to my our run I will download the Walking Dead from the night before and I'll consume it then. Because of the time that it's on on Sunday ninth and trying to spend a little at a time when my Fam is just the way that I consuming but I will consume the Walking Dead it's my favorite. Know on sports television show. I I will watch it every single week that'll option on Monday it while watching and Sunday and I'll watch it on a four inch device and not my sixty inch TV. And it's the same thing with the NFL the same thing with the NBA and in my opinion the same thing. With Major League Baseball is public right back out to the phone's gonna Travis Travis is in Cambridge Travis you're next up here on Sports Radio. WEEI. It's gone on with the jobs. Just. I. I'll let you thought about but that dictate court Eritrea because it's a little room as he didn't. They're judging by the didn't and the clerks are about the time aren't Kurt Derek curry as if there's a new car because. He's in healing has changed as a teen let cord going out count. Eastern Conference finals with a different question even look at their you know a 100%. There won't be Cleveland so knowing that no they won't win a title. On any ballot and you know you hate to say it but. And not make the playoffs and getting you know two more a lot of it's always there's spread to another currency. I thought. I really while Travis I was ready for that because I thought that that the tanking on purpose stock was done but it yell I guess that's a question and eight a scenario that we can talk about and probably forty games will will have a better idea then. And you still seem relatively optimistic he was you that brought up the Eastern Conference finals. Is this team ceiling I'm a little bit more pessimistic and you said last night. That I think that this team is now gonna drop into the lower. Half of the top 8 in the Eastern Conference I think they've lost at home court advantage and went out that I don't see him getting to the Eastern Conference finals. Yeah I mean I agree with that you have this same like this fueling where it would I think was that yeah. Really thank you for everything came together and great chemistry. I think because and yet a seven game series destruction he took out one seat. Potentially a quickly tour but now you know that you have the feeling on what this does he eat they eat the wizard to get in the top seven. Series at 9 o'clock Eastern Conference finals again but I agree more than likely you're probably in his first it's not definite second exit. Obama would take it does not any treatment that. Any time line even further than it's getting to exit not a very deep draft that no it's highly unlikely but you know just just. The only thing I'll say about this Travis before we let you go is that. Did he did trade Isiah Thomas for carrier Irving Tyreke at two years left in his deal and the plan here was. That's a run with the Big Three of Khyber serving Gordon Hayward. And Al Horford for two years and see if that Big Three was good and up with the crop of young guys on the Celtics teams were growing into their roles at the same time. And now with the Hayward injury you realistically only gonna get one complete season of those three to prove themselves. That kite re an Al Horford cool beats you up for an extension the following year are worth another Max deal right so. You've got to decide in just one NBA season now not too if this is the Big Three that you're gonna roll with that you're getting changed so that makes it a little bit more difficult. And I think if you did any engine you know you hope that you can get. Kyra you're being to do what. LeBron James Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh did with Miami and that's make a lot of money but come in just under the Macs to allow some flexibility for Danny Ainge to make the team better. If you expect I read have that conversation. It'll be really hard to do that the Celtics aren't a perennial playoff team. And a perennial contender if they suddenly drop down whether it's on purpose or on accident or because you're a victim of circumstance that they drop down out of the playoffs. It's gonna be really hard to convince Skype read to stay here and maintain being a Celtics through his free agency. True well you know very very very good point but I would I would keep equal. I guess to state here besides that could maybe prove to people but he can't get it done here are I would see him sort of an activist to the end. Antonio or a article an easier situation and everybody was. Starting currently grounder to first place where he can't get it done and is in its success. And the panel called the Durant and hiding somewhere like it here I don't know if you'd necessarily take that as well it. A key set of circumstances sort of complained that goes south so apology go but I thank you very much. Travis I appreciate the phone call don't be a stranger to the program and I will say this about Kyra you write it in your. In your assumption there that he would wanna go somewhere else and public lavender I don't think he's that guy but I will say this if the Celtics are perennial playoff contenders with a with a shot to reach the finals. And you're having the conversation with carrier bring about extending here and essentially committing to their maintain. Staying up Boston Celtics through your prime you wanna be a playoff team when you have that conversation you wanna be a contender. When you have that conversation because if you are the hope is that he takes a tick under the Max salary they'll be available to them. Because he wants the Celtics to maintain some semblance of financial flexibility to add more talent to the roster that's contending it would championship. And if you're not if Ford ever reason relying on these young guys leads this team out of playoff contention and back into the lottery. You better believe that when other teams come calling willing to give kite re Max contract and there's the innings thing take a hometown discount. After missing out on the playoffs that becomes a much more difficult conversation. You have at Sports Radio WEEI it's late night I'm Gilroy number to join us here 617779. To 7937. Talk Sports Radio. Guy. You know done for the season right. So I was again it depends on exactly the type of injury if this was we can't extract together if it's not mutually. It's more than a few hours distributable but it outside of the joint couple little higher then he can take so realistically twelve weeks. It could be healed but he could keep it realistically playing on. In and again to talk more generalities he took a part about it without seeing him but. If it's more of the joint. We caught on fracture or drizzle low lead image impossible on top of it and it like that you would be out. Sports Radio WEEI. WEEI late night I'm Patrick Roy number to join us here 6177797. And 937. Takes the program at 37. 937 to find me on Twitter pat Gilroy I'm hoops at Gilroy on hoops the sound you just heard there is doctor Thomas gill. Who was a guest of old MF you heard Christian Fauria is voice in the air and yes the question we've all been asking cents. Gordon Hayward went down this horrific injury and look. The Celtics come out today and Danny Ainge essentially says that there's a chance right he won't rule this gal for the year. But you have to dig everything Danny Ainge says with a grain of salt because it's all strategically it's also very strategic he's got to keep his team motivated and it. There's a belief in the locker room that maybe this guy can come back that may provide some motivation for his team that to sort of break through this rough start they've had. He's also got to have a conversation with the NBA in the next week or so trying to convince the NBA. That the Celtics are in fact. Worthy of of earning themselves an eight point four million dollar injured player exemption. For that exemption to come into effect the Celtics will essentially. Have to do declared Gordon Hayward can't come back before the end of the year which I believe this June 15 is the rule. But as you heard doctor Thomas gill right there saying. He could theoretically be healed up in twelve weeks well fun average we've got four weeks in a month. Were talking about what 48123. Months so here we are. End of October November December January so we're talking what the ended January early February all star break I mean to me that seems. Incredibly optimistic and aggressive. Some of the timetables we heard last night or march April and as I said last night and I'll say it again. There is. It's very difficult for me to find a scenario in which I think it's worth bringing this guy back this year. And I think the only scenario where it makes sense is if a guy they Jason Tatum morphs into an eighteen point night dependable rookie of the year run away rookie of the year candidate. And Jalen brown is your run away. Most improved player of the year. Winner and he works into an all star this year if those two things happen that means your Celtics are legitimately. In finals contention. I would not put this team even with the help beat Gordon Hayward I have not and will not put this team. In championship contention and I've been very very consistent about that. I never believed that this team had a shot to win a championship I thought it was incredibly optimistic. For Las Vegas to give the Celtics are 12% chance to win the championship going into the season I thought it was incredibly optimistic. That the Celtics had the third best odds in Vegas two and A championship at ten to one. This season a lot of things had to go right including major injuries to both the cavaliers in the warriors for the Celtics to potentially break through. But there is a scenario in which I think it makes sense for Gordon Hayward to come back and I just spelled it out Jason Tatum is the runaway rookie of the year winner. And Jalen brown is your most improved player and he's. On the verge of breaking through his first all star game with those two things happen in this Celtics team is very very good and they've got a shot to make an NBA finals if they are in that sort contention. And Hayward has an opportunity to get out there in March and get right. Or as right as he can be for the playoffs icu rolled the dice at that point. Because making an NBA finals is a big deal. And if you've got a legitimate chance to do so you have to take that chance I just don't think this team has got a chance so unless something dramatic changes. I think you let the guy have the season eleven have the offseason and he makes his new Celtics debut next October. What is the rush and that's when I can't wrap my head around people wanna rush him back I mean even today. His wife Robin Hayward says. First day after surgery. He's already started his rehab to and a guy enjoying. The perk cassette for 24 hours to any enjoy the morphine for 48 hours before he goes hard I mean really. What we saw the other night on TV was one of the most disgusting injuries you'll ever see. He deserves a little opiate high for 48 hours does any and then eagle at the gym hard why -- at the gym hard now. Right you look couple days what is the rush here I know we always seek the celtics' big investment pool appearing give this team 22 point tonight. I wanna see more than you believe me I do. I've been anticipating Gordon Hayward coming here says the first time the Celtics recruited him to come here. Which you guys probably don't even know about but he was a restricted free agent for years ago during Brad Stevens for season. Brad gave McCall the Celtics couldn't even get him in pearl worked out at that point they couldn't get him in town for a trip. Because the Celtics didn't have caps based tournament. They couldn't sign him Brad Stevens the talk to him and laid the ground worked out but as a restricted free agent of the Charlotte hornets at the time. Actually extended him a huge contract. And the the jazz had the matches and a he almost became a Charlotte hornets four years ago is a big back story to Gordon Hayward becoming a Celtic. Edit the back story goes much deeper than just him playing for Brad Stevens of Butler this courtship has been years in the making. So Yad does that suck the have to wait one more year it absolutely does. But in this case in this scenario short of the Celtics team somehow. Leapfrogging themselves into a legitimate contender and the only way to do that is by having your young stars become stars overnight. Then there is zero rush. To have this guy get back. And potentially play at less than 100% it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy and over to join us here 6177797. 937 U takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops good news tonight. The lakers lose I always love it when the lakers lose Alonso ball was terrible. And I love the fact that Alonso ball. Was terrible and Patrick Beverley just made his life a living hell out there tonight defensively. And it is absolutely road this guy you better believe until ball and his father they're combined big mouths. Ever really got this guy. In over his head right now. What got a I mean these guys are gonna each and every night every team is gonna feature their version of Patrick Beverley the guy that's it the defensive Stallworth and a team to guide it's going to make somebody's not a living hell you better believe. We ended Tony Allen or a guy like Avery Bradley has an opportunity against Alonso ball they're gonna ride him moment long run the ball tonight. One a six from the field three points nine rebounds four assists. And a couple of turnovers just a horrific way for him to start his Laker career all the stars route Nelly tonight Magic Johnson their front setter. All of his star friends from Los Angeles. It was supposed to be a coronation is supposed to be a big deal. Any fell flat on his face that made me happy. Maybe that says more about meat and shoot it but it made me happy to watch this guy go appearance struggle this something up out Alonso ball that I just can't like. And I wanna like him because I like the style in which he tries to play. But maybe it's that that arrogance that he has he's already made that makes me. Enjoy watching him fall to space just a little bit again it's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. Number to join us here 6177797937. Of course we can get back to the answers that I am searching for. The answers that I encourage you guys to help you with a 6177797937. When it comes to the NFL and their ratings decline because I refuse to believe. That the patriots ratings are down 8% year over year for one singular reason. The way it's trying to be painted right now if you read like bright art and you read Drudge in your read all the right wing publications. They would make you believe and it would lead you to believe that there is there is one singular reason. Why the NFL ratings are down and that singular reason is. The anthem protests and that's just not true it's a 1000%. False. NFL ratings are down Euro per year. TV ratings are down year over year. To me it's because of the way in which consumers consume the product. And I think that that's a larger story that nobody's writing about I mean look Albert rears are very talented writer who might tell him what to do but he's got three pages here three. Page's edit and there's one bowler been here about television ratings as a whole being down I think that's the story. The story isn't so much Donald Trump and anthem protest those things get clicks Donald Trump gets click throughs anthem protests earn clicks on Twitter. But the boring run of the mill story. Is that Americans are overworked underpaid and don't have the time to dedicate that they used to have to watch things live. That's it and because of modern technology we've now got a choice. In the manner in ways in which we consume this product and to me that's the beginning and the end of the story I've heard from two entire people tonight. And I'd say one and a half of those people called in and told me that they're not watching because of the income per protests of all the calls he took in the first hour. Two guys on the on the call screener told me that they don't watch because of the protest one guy backed off that statement one guy stuck to his statement. To me it's pure BS. I bet you the percentage of people that are watching because of the protest is less than 1%. I just and that's a non scientific number but if 8% of you guys are watching. The patriots because the patriots ratings are down 8% year over year if 8% of our listening audience because the patriots audience and our listening audience. Are the same people. I don't hear from you tell me why tell me why you can't put that aside. And just enjoy the product on the field because that's what it's all about the NFL and sports is a hole is designed to be escape from reality. And to meet one of the reasons why people do get a bit disgusted by this whole conversation is because. They feel as if the president and politics have taken their skate away from them and that angers them. Because you know politics. Causes stress it just does. I am a liberal guy I grew up in New England I married a southern Republican it was fun and exciting all weird dating. But when your married for twelve years it does cause legitimate. Risk and problems in a marriage. Now we're fine we we found a way to to navigate these waters and we got stronger for it but. We were always find because of people get emotionally wrapped up in this to the point where it does cause rifts in friendships and marriages and divorce and it just does. And people tune into NFL games to NBA games to Major League Baseball games people tuned in to their favorite television shows be it this is does have a whopping get whatever is. They get you guys excited. They threw into these things. To get away from at all. And now you tune in to will and grace and will and grace makes a big comeback and it's a 1000% about politics. Why so you turn it off because politics. Just we get enough of it. I mean it's totally consuming our lives it is disgusting break now we are. Two months away two and a half months away from pulling eighteen you know what happens at the end of 2018. You start to hear about the candidates for the 20/20 election. By December 2018. We're gonna start hearing about super pacs and potential candidates and by the end to 2019. People are full London that the trail. Are right there it it's just it's it's insane to me. That we are less than a year away. From is Hillary gonna run again is Donald Trump and O'Donnell win in a run away land fighter who was that the talented up and coming Democrat I can't believe we're gonna be there again before we know. I've been working here at this patient for ten months. It seems like it's gone by in a blink and in ten months. Fox News and CNN and MSNBC you're going to be leading their programming wind is Hillary running again. Is senator Warren running again it you know who's going to be the that the next. Young stud Democrat that's got to you know put put a ripple in this whole thing and upset the left. I can't believe we're gonna get there and for me politics has stolen. The joy of sports away to a certain extent. So for me I try to stay away from I don't allow it to bother me because the moment I'll loudly and the protest the bother me it takes pleasure away from my life. And it a life full of chaos pleasure is something that we all sort of strive to get as much of as we possibly can't. Whether you wanna consume that pleasure alive at 1 o'clock 4 o'clock 8 o'clock is up to you. Would you wanna consume it on your TV in your living room or consuming on your four range phone in the bathroom doesn't matter it's nobody's business but York's. But don't. Take away the small little pieces of pleasure and escape that we get as hard working Americans by infusing politics. Into our sports because to meet. That's just it's bath. And it's not fair and it's not fun and it defeats the purpose of sports. The reason why Sports Radio WEEI. And 95 the sports hub are as big as we are the reason why our ratings are as high as they've ever bent is because. People in the new England and people in America. Love consuming sports. Sports is gutter ball it's got excitement it's got drama it's gonna intrigue you there's a thousand story lines you can talk about. But the one storyline that found its way you wouldn't use it's open inserted itself into every conversation. Is politics and trumpet and it's just too much. And look I could I could be lazy and coming here each and every night. And do we show about the left and the right and what's fair and unfair and to me I've heard enough of that from other guys to meet that's just boring radio and to me I I'm more solution based. So would love to find the real solution because to me if lazy reporting to say patriots ratings are down by 8%. And it's got to be all about the anthem protest that's BS their ratings are down by 8% that's a real tangible number that can be proven to me. I believe the number I believe the NFL ratings and the whole wood down seven and a half percent that's good reporting by Albert Briere I just don't believe the reasons why. The numbers are down amount to one thing and one thing only and that being being Donald Trump. And the anthem protests Sports Radio WEEI it's Gilroy we've got one segment to go and there's room for you it's your lucky night 617. 779790. Three's of slowly night on Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio W guy. It is late night I am Patrick Gilroy can tell a guy it's been a real pleasure and here three consecutive nights usually is the Philly guy. I don't really know when I'm gonna be and it's usually on average once for the sweet but it could be any and I generally don't find out till the day of may be the evening before. So having these three nights and having them program and has been a tremendous amount of final we've had some great guests on last night Peter best seat. I Joseph sweep of all we've talked to some really some some some big people will talk to Bill Walton at some point next week which grows spec is. I told me he'll join us in the coming weeks rich Gotham. The president of the Celtics will join us at some point next week. So as we continue to embark on this NBA season and god willing by continued to like get ships hero late night in nice job today by the way Alex Roemer very well done. I listen this morning I was rooting for Alex. They do a good job in the morning show and get back in their good graces today because every shift that Alex picks up in the morning show subsequently means I pick up or ship your night. So selfishly. I wanna see Alex do very very well between the hours of 6 AM and 10 AM as many times a week is he wants to. As many times a week is Kirk Manningham will add him in studio. That essentially translates to shifts from me. So selfishly. Job well done today Alex and keep it up. You know I like being here I love being here and talking to you guys because we get to. That really hash some things out here and it's a privilege for me to deuce ago. And I got to tell you much less so tonight that what it's been the last couple nights I think you guys because this then it's sort of this cathartic. Group therapy type experience. Getting through the Hayward injury together. Because as Celtics fans we all are in this thing together and we were all equally as horrified by the injury as we also art. Whether we sell our on our phone. On our tablet. On our TV whether we sort lives. Review of the DVR whether we saw the highlight on Twitter or on FaceBook and whether we watched the game alive or watch to the next day. Celtics fans all saw the video of the injury. And it was horrific. And together I think we're able to get through it. And make some sense out of it. And maybe define a bit of a direction for this basketball team moving forward and I think were all pretty much in agreement here that if you got to look on the bright side of things. The easiest way to do that is to say okay this is going to thrust Jason Tatum and Jalen brown into increased responsibility and larger roles sooner. That we would've anticipated that that might cost the Celtics. A handful of regular season wins it might cost them double digit regular season wins. Most likely will cost them in my opinion a top four spot at home court advantage in the Eastern Conference playoff race but will make me better team next year when he were his back and I would like to think the answer to that question. Is yes so will continue to talk about that. As we do this again next week in the following weekend as we learn more about what this Celtics team is made out of currently and what options Danny Ainge has to improve the team. As the season. Goes a long it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night IE and Patrick Gilroy there still a little bit of time and a little bit of room for you at 6177797. 937 and I can't imagine. That this NFL ratings conversation is gonna go way. Because we're gonna get a ratings report each and every week this is just weeks seven in the NFL schedule is still months ago. And I think the proof will be in the putting if the NFL playoffs come around. And the ratings are still down significantly. Then to meet. That says a lot about the significance of the end the protests and really who's taking it seriously and people might really be tuning out because. I spent an hour and a half telling you. The other ways in which I consume. My entertainment these days and sports balls certainly in the middle that category forming. And I watch more live games on my phone in my tablet that I do when my beautiful sixty inch TV I just do. It just doesn't always fit my lifestyle but I can find a way to make it fit. With the convenience of my mobile devices that being said playoffs are different especially NFL playoffs right I mean we're talking about single elimination. And the excitement is something that you can't fake you don't get the same excitement watching an NFL playoff game on your mobile device as you do watching it may be in a group setting with friends at home. Because you anticipate the playoff game and you don't wanna wait for it to figure out the result you can't we filled with anticipation wanna watch it live. So of those ratings are down come playoff time that we've got. So more sustainable for the problems here the NFL's gonna have to find real solutions for. Because to me right now I think that this seven and a half percent decline in ratings in the hole and the 8% in. Decline in ratings for the patriots. I think the majority of that ratings decline has next then nothing. To do with anthem protests. I bet it has to do with the fact that people consume their sports differently. But the playoffs are different animal. The playoffs you want to slide the playoffs you make shore that you are not the one taken the kid to the birthday party you know you make sure that the those. Grass is mowed or in the winter that the snow's been cleared out and you've got no the responsibilities that you plan for that three hours whether it's at 1 o'clock 4 o'clock or 8 o'clock whether it's a Saturday or Sunday or Monday it doesn't matter. Right because it's a playoff game so you work your schedule around that or at least I'd. That's when I watch a game lies and I don't care about the commercials and I don't care about other things going on in my life. Does the season to come to an end. So whether I was a sports talk radio show host or not. As a fan you consume the playoffs alive. You don't have to consume every regular season game and the NFL just hasn't found a way to accurately capture. How many people fall into my category. And I'm on the fringe of this technology bubble. I'm on the fringe of being a guy this pretty good with technology at 37 years old up pretty much growing up when it. Boy I watch a sixteen year old with an iPhone inevitably they find features that I didn't even dreamed existed and right on each and every time like with out fail. I merely. Barely make it through Twitter barely I wanna tell you guys things in thousand word. Paragraphs 140 word sort of little blurbs and I certainly have no idea what 95% of the remote tees that are available on my phone. And I don't wanna you know so I'm not quite an old guy not quite young guy but I am capable enough. With my technology. To know that I don't need. This sit in might easy chair to consume sports anymore and I don't need to do alive. And I don't need to miss out on other things that I might wanna do when my time. Because it means I can't watch the game that's BS it's lazy. You can do two things it wants. You can watch a game and do chores around the house you can watch a game and Buick kid somewhere else you can work and watching game. This isn't 1984 let's stop pretending like it is that's Sports Radio. WEEI. It's late night it's Gilroy guys spent one hell of a week of had a tremendous amount of fun here the last three nights I'm looking forward to coming back at some point. Next week. Follow me on social media follow me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops election though when I'll be back until that moment until that day. Thanks for listening to nine.