Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Celtics, Red Sox, and Former ESPN Anchor, Ed Berliner

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Friday, October 13th

Hour 1. Patrick Gilroy is in studio and he is discussing the Red Sox and the firing of John Farrell. Former ESPN anchor, Ed Berliner, calls in and has one intersting interview with Gilroy.


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Sports Radio WEEI. Patrick Gilroy here. Another addition of a late night. Taking you guys up until two. O'clock in the morning that is 2 AM we've got two hours to talk to you guys at 6177797. 937 it takes me all your hate messages at 37 net 937 and of course you guys find me on Twitter as always. Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on hoops and it's great. Because. I've had the privilege of of being on the air here about ten months and the last six months we've done a tremendous amount of baseball tremendous amount of football. And that's been fun we will continue to talk some baseball and some football. But we are approaching. My sweets. And that's basketball coverage basketball talk specifically coverage of your Boston Celtics the National Basketball Association and I'm lucky. Because for what ever the reasons and we don't get into reasons here I generally try to say yes when asked to work. I'll be here tonight. I'll be here tomorrow night and I'll be here for opening night. On Tuesday a Celtics in Cleveland and that should be a lot of fun so we'll talk a lot of Celtics. I'd tonight but we're gonna start off with the Red Sox and John Ferrell because we how. Q we just have to do with Sports Radio WEI it is late night and I am Patrick Gilroy light up the calls a 6177797. Of 937. And look. The Red Sox eliminated from post season again. We all know what happened Astros three. Red Sox won and look you know. Did they win one more game than they did last year in the playoffs sure they did and if you wanna look at that as some sort of a sign of improvement. Great but when you're the Red Sox and you've got to payroll like the Red Sox do. You've got to do more than win one postseason game I mean it's an epic fail. And you know it's funny because they got contributions from guys that that maybe you thought that they. More gonna get contributions from let's be serious about this. Two of their best performing players in the post season Hanley Ramirez who was a dog for the majority of the season. And David Price and we bend over David Price all season long. But David Price was was awesome I mean he was just great in the post season so wonder if that's something that. He can take into next year or aura that something that. Was more of a sort of a blip on the radar but doesn't mean much because David Price has every intention. Of going back into the starting rotation and I think that's where the Red Sox ultimately need him especially. At that price that they paid for him you know it's great to make him be your Andrew Miller for a short period of time while he's. Battling an injury but that's the long term play a for David Price in the reds on my god that team has got. Deeper problems then I'd just the manager lead into John Ferrell. John Farrell's firing house range phobia. Press conference gave them browse he held me it was just awkward. I watched that press conference and listened to a few times. I could think about was this guy dumb brows ski he tried to sound. Belichick the end but it didn't come off as Belichick Ian came up is as fake in it's smog and I just didn't like it really it turned me off. I'm glad that that this season is come to an end if it had to end. The way that it did fine. But now this team has got to go in. Led by Dave Dombrowski they have to go win and they have to make some wholesale changes and if they think. They meaning the Red Sox if they think that they can. Improve this team and make them into the World Series contender that their payrolls as they should be. If he thinks they can do that simply by swapping out managers my goodness this team is sadly. Sadly. Mistaken it's Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy the number to join us here 617. 779 and seven and 937 will be joined by the wind and only Emmy award winning. Broadcaster you guys know him in New England promise CN eight sports pulse Ed Berliner. Will join me coming up in a little while on the program wanna get Ed's thoughts on what's happening. With the Red Sox as well as the patriots because let's face it the patriots and never thought I would say these words. Maybe critical game against the New York Jets coming up this weekend I mean. This has been Atalanta but it's true and it's real. The patriots they jets and the bills all locked up at three into atop the AFC east as the critical. Critical. Divisional game. And the patriots. Good news today Tom Brady practiced good news today Rob Gronkowski regret because he practiced that's wonderful. But these guys clearly are 100% right now. And the Patriots defense has been terrible all season long we know it's. And if you know Europe pessimists you look at the jets and you say to yourself what you know this jets team. There red zone defense has been be legally like you be good. I believe. They're top in the NFL parades on defense that they are not still number one ended their top three I know going into last week they were number one. So yup this jets team although very flawed and and I don't think anybody really expects them to be much better than. Nine and 727. And nine somewhere in sort of range at the end of the season they're a team that's feeling pretty good about themselves they're a team that is. Exceeded expectations early on in the season. Ending may just be catching the patriots had a good time. On their home field the last. So that is something a wanna get into a little bit later in the program to get this patriots team very shaky three into I mean let's just be honest about this Tom Brady has been phenomenal. He has been the best quarterback in the NFL but he is the only singular reason why. This patriots team is above 500. Because they are very dangerously close to being a below 500 team right now they just are. Ed and you know it's sort of blaster meted at to see these things about the patriots. End. I just wonder if this is just another early season. Struggle for the patriots they've done this before. And as the season goes along this team generally gets better they've got a track record books are doing this. It this many questions about this team oftentimes the first quarter of the season. And then as the season progresses those questions get answered because. Let's face it they're coaching staff. Is generally able to take the players they got on the roster coached them up put them in the best positions to succeed year in and year route. And eventually make the team a true Super Bowl contender just about every single year. And I wonder do you guys feel that way about this patriots team. Is everybody sort of in the same boat here OK they are three into. They're a team that you'd they've had their struggles but this is the patriots baby and there are going to be OK you really feel that way. Or maybe you tell your friends. When you're hanging out that you feel that way but in the back to your head you feel different. I just haven't felt the same about this patriots team I want to. And a watch Tom Brady at forty years old do the things he's doing. And quite frankly it's magical and it's fun to watch but then. I watched Bill Belichick and Tom Brady turned the team over to their defense. And look you can win in the NFL. With the middle of the road defense we've seen the patriots do with it happens all the time just middle of the road is all this team needs. But I don't think this team can be successful. At least the sort of success that this patriots team really wants to have and needs to have. I'm not sure this team can reach. The pinnacle of success that we all expect this team to reach. With a defense. As horrific. As their defense is Ben through the first five games both the regular season it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. I am Patrick Gilroy the number to join us here 617779. To seven. 937 detects the program at 37 and 937. As always you guys find me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops act. Gilroy on hoops and coming up a little bit later in the program we will talk Celtics who will we will talk basketball would you guys this season. Opens next week for your Celtics and it doesn't. It doesn't get off too easy start. This team doesn't get an opportunity to sort of ease their way into the regular season. Shortened pre season this year the Celtics going a perfect 40 in the pre season does that mean anything. I mean as a fan it sure was fun to watch. But does a 40 exhibition season excite anybody out there. I'll tell you why people are watching if you take a look at the contest ratings for these gains and even the ESPN ratings but for exhibition games. They're up there way. Over previous. Exhibition season games. And I think that's because there's just a tremendous amount curiosity. Around the NBA right now with the whole you look at some of the wholesale changes that have been made with stars going. Other places that sort of stuff draws interest. The casual fan finds themselves watching because CP three is so mean Houston. And because carrier Irving is settling in Boston. According Hayward subtly in Boston and I am thrilled to death at the at the way they carrier Irving has handled his transition. To coming to Boston. He's looked excellent in the exhibition season he's looked like the leader that this team needs him to be. And you can tell. I think watching him just how easy to game comes to him there's. Ben this sort of notion that he and Isiah Thomas are on the same level and I T was great while he was here but then you watched. Carrier being game inning game. And he may not throw up thirty points a game the way that I T did last year. But he's a better basketball player and I think it's evident just by watching him if you just fixate your eyes on carrier. And watch the ease in which the game comes to him. That's when you say to yourself he's a special player because all of the special players that I've ever seen I think most of the special players make it luckiest. Larry Bird me made it look he's Magic Johnson with a killer with a smile as he made cookies. Kobe Bryant same thing NG same thing. You look at the early days of a guy late Vince Carter same thing three seem agree same thing these guys with a big smile on their face big while there the job looks easy. And back to me is what I see in a carrier makes it look so we need to believe you can win. I'm. That makes his teammates better. He's been the complete package so I've no worries about calorie and his ability to come to Boston. And perform at the highest level I don't think he's going to be one of these guys that comes to Boston and sort of the the lights shine too bright. For calorie that's not going to be him he is gonna shine at his brightest. When the lights in the garden are at their brightest come playoff season there's no doubt about that. But I wonder are there worries are there concerns. About according. You know he's looked a Lil Lotta place a little out of sync. From the rest of his team you could tell especially in the first couple of exhibition games that you were sort of rushing it out there he looked better. Last night going through thirteen point at least three of five or three of six from three. He looked better little bit smoother but still forcing it a bit. I had on the Celtics guy in my realm made whether. I bytes long friends whoever maybe I'm always known as the Celtics got so throughout the exhibition season my phone is is. Getting blown up with text messages Patrick what's up with Gordon Hayward. People expected more from Gordon. A people to come Gordon Hayward can be just fine. He's gonna fit in here just fine he's going to be your 22 point and a guy named guy he was in Utah but. I feel like. Gordon feels some pressure to coming here live up to the contract some pressure to come up here in sort of perform. And I think ultimately when we look back on the season we're gonna say to ourselves my god the best thing that happened to Gordon Hayward. With carrier thing coming to Boston because that relieves so much pressure. Right released so much pressure from Gordon Hayward Carrie comes here as your natural number one Gordon Hayward slides and you're number two and my god how good. As Al Horford looked at in this exhibition season as your natural three but the guys are most excited about the guys wanna talk to you guys about coming up. A little bit later in the program or the young guys Jalen brown and specifically Jason Tatum. Because Jason Tatum looks like. He's going to be contributing player a factor. Early on this season. And that goes against everything that we've come to know about a Danny Ainge led the Celtics team. Generally these young guys have to learn it early on even going back to jail and brown last year he had a few nice moments early on in the season. When he hit the bench for a while limited minutes but by the time in the playoffs rolled around he was ready to be a big time contributing factor to that last last year's Celtics the right. I thought maybe Jason Tatum would take the same path. But it's clear to me it's evident to me right now. That watching Jason Tatum that man is ready to perform on the offense today and in the NBA right now it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy playroom for you guys tonight at 61777979837. U takes the program. At 37937. So plenty of patriots plenty Red Sox what is Celtics. And when he calls with you guys whom we come back right here sports radio and W yeah. Austin sports never read this piece these late night on Sports Radio WEEI. I. Sports Radio this W you on. Late night. Patrick Gilroy sitting in here tonight taking you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Let's be legally. But it kind of get home it's the leopard 32. Hours away from sunrise. In some of us have to get up for full time job the more that's how much. Guys like guys who love radio it Sports Radio WEEI the number to join us here tonight 617779. To seven. 937 U takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter Gilroy on hoops. Acts Gilroy odd hoops and a net per segment I mean we laid it out there. There's a lot of stuff to get to tonight between John Ferrell. The Red Sox how I think personally their problems run much much deeper. Then just firing the manager replacing the manager I don't think there's a magical. Managerial shore. It's gonna come in here and fix this seed teams have between and that story line in effect of the patriots. And the jets are playing for first place in the AFC east. Going into what week six this weekend that's just crazy to me so there's one guy on the planet that I thought could talk about. All of this and of course Celtics basketball. That's my good friend former Emmy award winning. Boston a network sportscaster at ESP net fox. On sports polls which was on the late in great old CNA here in Boston now he's an author. He's a motivational speaker he motivates audiences from. Big corporations the high school athletes you guys can find met Ed Berliner dot com and Ed was the first guy to put my ugly mug on TV. So Ed with a all that being said welcome to the program a friend. The pleasure to be here my friend and also I think they're probably have that taped somewhere sure that the secrets available in my pew opener that he base somewhere it will persuade a minute I concluded. I role and be trite. Look if you read he can make it viral and you can do it overnight so it's it's funny because I on nights like this where there's. A lot to talk about there there's there's multiple story lines they wish they had more than two hours I try to find one guest that I know kin talk about everything. And that's there's a small percentage of people they can do that. But there's one guy that I know they can do that with that is sort of blindfolded while talking politics out of the on the other side it was mild this year so. No no no no no no no no politics. Not anymore not anymore I had this been a little separation their obscene that I've noticed that. Those efforts of majors separation and they're because I've been doing sports for a long time and sports is on the and the sports audiences are on the and it's it's wonderful things that you know every time you get on sports talk radio. The arguments get worried the passion comes they get to be fighting but at the end of the day. You walk away go OK good conversation ironic that has got a pair so what Sam Adams OK get that was a blood LRB epic tickets. He just it's always that kind of ideal with sports which makes it a lot better than politics I think we just don't export one it was so much easier. I. I'm on which view a 1000%. Ed but I will I will say this last year. Being in the election year one thing this cot might cut my guy outside from the candidates outside from the politics of it all. Both on fox news and on CNN. After the debates they would call it instead of the post debate show. They literally called it the post game show so as we get older as the world changes I I truly believe that politics. Is sort of morphing into a sport of its own and people. Don't take it seriously enough people almost treated like a sport I mean if that the major networks or are starting to call this a post game show. That's sort of implies that it's a game and it doesn't mean much and I couldn't be further from the truth. Well if that's just did because politics has become something that's become almost evil to a lot of people it's become very deep rooted. And I have found in the last couple of years that's been much to my dismay that gives the difference between politics and sports. It politics there are people who are listed who are right who have been friends for thirty years. They're no longer friends. Because politics has separated this nation to the point where. It's always you're right. Or I'm right you're wrong you're wrong I'm right it gives the back and forth in sports. She might do this a lot with hockey because of the future hockey and I've been to many games be here in South Florida but the Bruins come to count on there extra difference whether they're at Tampa whether they're in Miami I'm there. And it's always say it. It's a little grudging sometimes but it's always a good game you know. Stick it in each other's faces during the game and it was a great time in Tampa Bay when the Bruins beat the lightning late. And it is the guy sitting right in front of us in the seats it was just Jack in the all the light law. And the Bruins score late and I get up and I stand there like what might best broadcast what I like me now. And it was the guy looked at me put out as it should maybe a good game. And I really think that that. A lot of sports rivalries are still like that I think there's respect that a lot of fans have because development team played well. Did that because it. Now the the problem with that is what was the exception to that in my career has always been jets giants. Jets dolphins. And it's become more jets patriots over the years funny how the jets rove is altered their so where. But it's it's still more fun and entertaining I think more often will walk away from our sports arguments. And we get at least helping friends politics it's impossible anymore. It's Sports Radio WEEI it is W yeah I late night Patrick Gilroy would you guys if you're on the line right now waiting to come on the show I I asked guess is that stay on the line. Because right now talking to me is Ed Berliner Ed is a former Emmy award winning guy ESPN fox sports pulse you name it Ed is done it. The way I gotta say this sports pulse for those who still go back those years and that's may be now about. But that may be announced that ten years. Ten years ago I was 27 when I was doing your show I'm 37 now so. Yeah ten years ago sports polls was the best. So best show I've ever been involved in at any level. And and what most people don't know about is I was born and raised in New York. But Boston is Michael I need the time I spent there was the best time might ever spend anywhere. Suburb when I first came to Boston's that you'll be lucky you people here top view that the twenty years. Wise attitude it's just the way it is meant people here they're very used to there people who grew up your cap to a grown up here. I find it in that twenty days I started and I still have great friends there yourself. Mike Italian cruise price. So many of the what about rob Bradford somebody that people like I knew there over the years are still wonderful friends. Boston is my second hole and one day. I would look them back I missed being out every single day. It was a it was a special I ever did and it was the best interview show. That has ever in my mind been on television we had bought it we interviewed everybody Mitchell lottery. I that was the show was a lot of fun I mean it was great to be a part of it dead Mir right now though there is the nights like this or weeks like this. Where you used to be immersed in this in this was your data daylight DDS do you miss it more. When there's these just great stories surrounding the Red Sox in the patriots and and all the anticipation for the Celtics season. When there is a news cycle our sport cycle like this happening indeed do you miss it more than you do one at a general Tuesday. All the time yeah and it it you're right it's sports cycle and Boston is one of those great cities where it sports pre 65247. We all talk it will look what we eat sleep and breathe it I mean I was lucky. I got there with the Sox won the series and I yes I will take. Part of credit that I got they're the summer before so I take credit until I showed up. Didn't win a series okay it didn't bother me I like to go ahead. But it was that such a great time because then we have to the Red Sox would in this series and the patriots were hot and the Celtics were getting better. And though the Bruins I became acute Bruins fan because I felt back in love with hockey again so yeah out. Right now with everything that's going on it's it's a smorgasbord we've got to pick from a which is why would get a chance to do radio shows like yours anyplace in in Boston and and it's it's great to be back in the PP Ike. It's it's just a passion play from me because. I wanna policy or just do it for hours and with what's happening with the Red Sox right now that could take days. And and we could go on for that. Well we don't have days we've got about ten minutes so let's talk about these two sides said to me eliminated from the post season again now two years in a row. Very disappointing post season exits post season performances. This time around because John Farrell is job when you look at. John's. Managerial record here since he arrived in 2012 point thirteen. Hey you won three division titles one World Series. Back to back penance for the first time in the history of the Red Sox franchise on the surface. You would think that that's a guy that doesn't deserve to lose his job do you feel like he deserved it. Yes and as a simple reason what looked John Ferrell plays guys Tito Francona talks about a lot of people do it in the game they like and he's a nice guy. Nice guys and not always which indeed what you do eat in any professional or amateur locker room news leadership. And in Canada I hate to go back but that's something that I teach a lot of companies have a lot of people right now is that level of leadership on Carol lost control of the locker room. And I was talking to people during the season is at his locker room was a disaster. The David Price comments when he went after act. Was it was just part of it he can't be. You can't beat warm putting it at that point you gotta have slapped down on these guys empirical data price is gonna stop that. And the fact that he almost wishy washy himself through that. Told me a lot of bottom in the fact that he did not have the respect of the locker room. And with players today you've got to have that but the difference goes between the Red Sox and the patriots and it at that monstrous difference. There is respect in that locker room. For Belichick there's respect that is brought up by Brady and other players in the I was here it was Tedy Bruschi Rodney Harrison those guys like that. There is no. Respectable. Leadership in the locker room and I think it was unfair to put it on Pedroia. Police not that kind of guy he's not a David Ortiz type of player he still needed that that type of player that they never found. And barrel never was able to generate that. The players and what you lose the locker room doing everything. Also the decision that they've been browse to use an old friend. It was the guys started the day in Florida Marlins and I've known Dave for a long time I have a great. Great amount of respect for days. And I think he was handed a tough situation to come in and clean up in many ways and this has on him now. May the decision because there was a lot of friction between he and fair and Ferrell in the locker room and other players. And I think he made the right call like I there are people gonna say it's in nature. But you've got to clean things out you've got to bring in the right place you've got to have the leadership you've got to have a that the top got to have the kind control. And when Tito was here he was in control and had complete respect of the players from top to bottom. I don't think Caroline regatta because I think sometimes he's too basic guide and even in this type of sports generation. You've got to hammer down sometime on some guys you've got to shut up. You gotta have their respect that you gotta have that leadership you can reach out to the locker room as it was with. David Ortiz to go to poppy can handle this form. And it's not there now so I think it's a good break and and I think the Sox will be better for it in the long run. But I think it's going to be tough seasons to come and up. And that's sort of where I wanted to go with this because let's say that they go on what their first choice is for. Hurt the next manager whether it's a 73 year old Jim Leland or a guy like gave apple or somewhere in the middle because we've heard all these names. Weber that next manager is for this team I think the problems. Run deeper than just the manager I think they need culture changed Dustin Pedroia has been a great Red Sox player but I think it it's just about time for. Dustin to to leave the organization he's hit 34 years old he's got a a balky knee. And look he made some mistakes both on and off the field. This year and I just feel like. Guys like Dustin that or part of the old Red Sox sort of regime that. That the big pop be regime the the eve going up through the 2013. World Series team I I think that. Those guys it's time for them to sort of step away in a new culture a new group of guys needs to be bred here and you need to allow guys like Jackie Bradley junior monkey bats to sort of be those guys. And I think that's what they've got rescues is charged with now at this point because what he inherited. Was a culture. That at that must be very honest here and again CEO. Woods was wonderful I feel was miraculous with what he did. I get it all the little bit and and spent some time talking to them. Wonderful guy he had respect he knew what he was doing he was eating he's a special kind of guy. And it's been proven in Chicago to. Between deal and Dave it's it's spent a little chaotic it's it's been a little oval which will look where it's almost it hasn't been consistent enough. And he inherited a very tough situation. You're right he's got to change the culture now and well all I keep hearing his ship Branagh as Brad Ausmus spread also so over and over again. Who might that be a bad idea the only course of rescue work with him at one time. But is he going to be the right fit your boss from the stimulus to Boston is a very unique. City and a very unique the Red Sox are unique franchise. You gotta have the right guy there that that speaks to the fans the players. I I agree with few that I think it might be time for Dustin Pedroia to move on. That's why I think we're almost received a Red Sox almost paralleling a little bit what score double bill with the Bruins right now is you've got younger players coming in. You kind of held. Little bit too long. To some of the veterans in need to try this squeeze that last little bit out of them and maybe you should political season or two earlier. To make the culture change. The biggest thing is. What you do with David Price and is now. I mean that's that he's got so late he's got to show little more maturity he's got to show a little more leadership. And quite frankly sometimes David Price has got to learn to shut up. To better for the team. And nobody's gonna take on that contract did it is he's going to be very tough to trade and if they do treat him. They're gonna have to eat a huge portion of his money but their already doing that. With a handful of other guys I mean they've got two guys making over eighty million dollars on the pause talks and ended their money is been spent. In the wrong places in recent years Edgar. Absolutely no you're you're a 1000% correct about that money after BO. Before you jotted here I do have to talk quickly about these patriots with the the patriots. Struggling on the defensive side of the football as good as ever on the offensive side of the football go into tonight's at this weekend's match up. With the jets at three into the jets at three into the bills at three in two weeks six you get the bills the jets and patriots all tied for ride the top spot. In the AFC east. And usually. So I mean really my ice where there's rod sterling in the background simply don't submitted for your approval. Yet. Patriots died for a season lead at r.s that the point of the season is something wrong with the. Well in years past. I've had the fullest amount of confidence as have most patriots observers. That Bill Belichick Tom Brady and note that brain trust in fox borrow would fix. Whatever is ailing this team in in years past that's what's happened they've always put themselves in a better position the second half of the season than they were the first half of the season. But to me right now anyways and in this is all subject to change. But right now the issues on the defense of side of the football look like they could be. A little bit too big even for Belichick overcome. Sooner or later you're gonna run out of dial and lock it happens with everybody Belichick has been a master facility organization and getting the right players. But trade flowers has got no help whatsoever that debate get they've got to use of the open. The secondary is completely out of sync at this point if you conceive that a lot of the coverages. And again you're right it's early. But there's things here that we haven't seen before that are just a little bit. Concerning. There's players that will let go that they could use now. And and things are changing but it. The team the other teams are getting better but hey look before we go to not about the jets let me point out that they beat. They beat the dolphins the jags in the browns turn it. That's what's up there for a minute and let's before we start screaming and hollering let's remember that. This is the tip of the Gypsies in May rest this week. Because how often to the jets kept the patriots at a at a difficult time when there are detectable. And this is their chance for them to do it. I still don't think they're gonna do I don't think they're good enough. And it's it's the real story here at Boston looked in and Belichick and Brady we trust on until things completely breakdown. You've got to believe that you still have something pivotal beat other teams I would like to see better running game in in the patriots. Because I I was covering the franchise the billion years ago that had no running game and a great quarterback in the dolphins get Marino. And David will assume trouble they've been that was always the running game that was their detriment I'd love to see it but hey. If if it works. If it's not broke don't fix it I just I just hope they get some help with some key players in the defense right now and start with some of these players on the same page. Thirty seconds or less to questions at first Bruins are they a playoff team this year. No no no no pure Bruins fans get used to it where we're gonna have a couple of seasons here where where we're going to be suffering and detonated themselves but. Let's just political life Bruce Cassidy inherited a very tough very tough roster. Fast forward to June. Las Vegas says the Celtics have a 12% chance. To win the NBA title this year do you see the Celtics in the finals or is that still the bronze world. It's still the front row right now I love curry and Irving coming giddy here right media ads and I love this kid Jason capable I think it is is just brilliant for nineteen year old. He maintains the ball movement so well and as and as good shots but. This year they'll catalytic role little bit again may be another season to hopefully get two seasons will be talking about the Bruins and Celtics and let us of the same type. Ed you're Europe peak performance right now I Philly there's additional Emmy Awards out there just for the taken what are you doing man. Out right now what I do is I work with companies that work with. With corporations work whereas high school associations colleges like teach them leadership by teach them brand it keeps them reputation. And a lot of media training for a lot of a lot of high ranking focused right now. But I got to it. If the opportunity ever came up I'd be back in Boston and a heartbeat because it is still the best in sports America. And I I missed doing this the teachings great a lot of it's fun. The man outside talk and sports 24/7 is still the best job in the world. Well you know I'm only the fill in guy but you're always welcome in my show Edison and with that and I really appreciate it taken some time and staying up late with us this evening. Hey no no problem go for the puppies are ridiculously member of the they've already done a bit but elsewhere everything's fine. The areas mister Mister Ed Berliner you guys don't from sports pulse locally nationally you guys know from ESPN from fox. And now you guys and higher Ed to come to your corporation become your school. And at that guy doesn't motivate you nobody Willits Sports Radio. W yeah I think you guys that stuck on the line that are hang in aligned there's plenty of room for you guys we come back thought Celtics. Talk patriots and talk Red Sox would you guys at 617779. To 7937. There's only one Boston sports station that's live and local until 2 AM. And these easy late night on Sports Radio WEEI. The great at the same with the Bruins beat the lightning late and it was a guy sitting right in front of us. We've just got to be all by law. The Bruins score late and I get up but I did like what my best broadcast would you like me now. Can't make this stuff met its Sports Radio. W guys it's WEEI late night I am Patrick Gilroy the number to join us here 617779. Is seven. 937 detects the program at 37937. Of course you guys behind me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops the voice you guys just heard there. Mr. Ed Berliner he gets a big thank you for joining us in the previous statement it was great to. The sort of reconnect with that it's Bennett it's been awhile and as we talked about in the segment we did with that we that he was. The staple here in Boston for a half dozen years. Once upon a time they were is the Comcast sports net which just recently flipped over to. NBC sports New England. They had a sister station called C at eight and this he stood for Comcast. And they were sort of split the programming between the two stations. And Ed program sports pulse was on CN eight it was it was the Monday through Friday host. And Kevin winter former WB yeah eight update guy with the NC for about four weeks. And yet he's ability has been for umbrella I love winter but winter did the weekend CO2 weekends and I always a staple there but once a week I was there they're Celtics guys. And froehlich a hot minute I thought that was making it in the world. I attic I had a year the year before Kevin Garnett got here I was doing TV once a week on CN eight. And I wanna doing. At the time it was Mohegan Sun sports tonight we've Greg Dickerson and Gary anyway added that three times inside of a month and I thought I was making. And clearly. Ten years later I'm doing the tend to ship. Part time so making it is a stretch its Sports Radio. Are there I am there at Sports Radio W yeah I we talked about a lot that first hour now wanna talk about with you guys in the second hour whether it's John Farrell. We're gonna take a call in a minute where the screeners says it he thinks he got railroaded I mean if you guys think that John Ferrell got railroaded I would love to hear why it's 617. 779 is seven and 937 and I know sacrilege to say this but if I get one more text one more tweet one more anything. From Red Sox fans looking for Jason Lipman Varitek the coming year admitted his team had become a lose my mind and I understand everybody loves tech. There's ease a great Red Sox player every time he comes back. And he will be coming back for years years years and years and years celebrations because this team celebrated like the seven year anniversary. Of one of their teams this year OK so. Varitek will will be back. Every single year he's a part of the Red Sox organization a special assistant Dave Dombrowski a special assistant coach during a spring training. He has no business being this team's manager not right now. And if you think he does your crazy because one of the the big traits that we need here from our next manager in Boston Beatty to be a leader. And Jason Varitek got this. Sort of reputation as being a great leader and all at the say about that ease if he was such a good leader we it was that leadership during the chicken and beer so it's. Where was the leadership then as that team imploded upon itself and by the way very tech. If you listen to of people had to say after the fact was a part of that team imploding into itself so. Enough with the Jason Varitek talk police and seen exactly you know he looks like he's into electric in here. Absolutely he has blown up. I'm just sick of hearing his name there's got to be somebody better than Jason Varitek the coming here and manage the Red Sox next year Sports Radio. W yeah I'd have to join us here 6177797937. Let's go to the phones that Rick Rick is on the pike Rick has been waiting for 36 minutes and first of all Rick thank you for waiting. Second of all I apologize for the wait third of all welcome to the program. But you referenced albeit a bit just too quick point one. And the patriots are absolutely turned things around that railroads as jet. Which is fantastic so I I hope you're right meant we did that company from. Well look at the jets' schedule that they had the island to look at the history. Of what Belichick has done. Was frustrating patriots team tour economic that not a good each Israel went to Goebbels. So it's one thing we have literally but in the lid on. It's an assignment problem it's not a skill problem. In I think the perfect. It'd go to that is actually playing in New York Jets so I think we're destroy them. And I'm not worried whatsoever. Because if you look at our schedule started off it's been beat Dick. Andy Keaton NFL right now a hard time playing that schedule. North Korean too tightly to division. We want to play these guys in our division and unity deal patch it up all right think drama classic drama that we seem. Any other type the pictures don't start a private no. And that's all it is truly believe that but. The real thing you want to talk about Patrick he's. It has a one toady. Mark torture called school knew that when John Ferrell got railroaded. Cheated. It's not it's not that he should be here anymore not he should be fired a refinement that. He railroaded. Because it was lack of leadership and as you've been talking about with the Red Sox organization in how he got fired. He did not take a guy. Who won a World Series. And then a couple parents. Under his belt and then held Red Sox Nation probably the most knowledgeable. Candidates in the world. About sports and their team. That we're fired for reasons that I don't want to talk about adult wanna charity. That's concert barrel asserted that stand. If you truly appreciate anything that this guy's done to your organization. You do not send him out. Of sound with any ounce of speculation. War. Misunderstanding. Of why he's leaving you held the same base. Reasons even actors kind of looked around the edges you give legitimate reasons why he's gone. That actually helps Carol. Verses. That he this year with you law exactly what I would get rid of this guy just trust me ringgit rivermen. And move on. Well Rick but this to me right that this this is the Red Sox leadership sort of ammo this is their ownership semi a look at the way. That Tito left town under the rumors and speculation that he was a drug addict. Popping painkillers. Having sex with a women that are his wife and sort of sleeping in the clubhouse they're never going home and doing drugs all the time that's the story that got spun out of Fenway. Before it went Tito got fired so so isn't this sort of par for the course for this ownership. It is smear these guys on their way out of town. What do you make my point thank you exactly the only point is that you have book which is called a hundred people you're considering for this job. 95 would take it politely. 97 would take it with a little bit negotiation. With the top three. And the top three guys. You want to come in here are the biggest bad passes. In. You know coaching availability. In what you just had a farewell at what you do it just Francona is gonna come back and bite you you've made. The perfect point so into. The click on the story I just used Carol that the latest. You don't without which is what you have to man up. I don't care how big your payroll and leadership. Chose. At the right time. And at the most difficult times it's easy when you're winning the World Series it's easy would that be able to everything looked great happy. True leadership. Chose not just with John Farrell. And so perfect. That it's actually starting from the top with how they expired. A guy who won new World Series it can straight titles. Yeah that would have been abysmal. Performance in the play us that's what implying that the guy getting tired. Well Rick at the cinema against it but I appreciate the phone com and that was good stuff from Rick. And he was were certainly worth the wait and he's right he's right when he talks about barrel in a sense where. He did deserve to lose his job but maybe he deserved to go in a better way. And maybe the Red Sox ownership and their leadership owed him a little bit more than the way that they treated him on the way out the door but I'll say this at least. They didn't spread rumors innuendo and speculation. A vote John Farrell's. Off the field. Enjoyment is off the field pleasures in life we all know. Off the field he likes younger women I mean that came out a couple years ago isn't it just ran just brands and to him and god bless him at 55 years old. I think any one of us would be lucky to have a woman. That looks like Jess Moran on our show I mean let's be serious about this were all men here let's beat the speed series of just aren't as beautiful she's app is aging good for him. But as is typical or is. As non honorable I guess I think is what Rick was trying to save a way that they don't browse the dismissed John Farrell from Boston and not really answering any of the questions. It was nothing compared to the way that Tito Francona left town with a rumor speculation. And innuendo. About things like sex and drug abuse is just not hot cool way for this team to handle the exit of a guy that brought. A World Series the Boston in 2004 again in 2007 its Sports Radio. WEEI it is a late night one hour down one hour to go number to join us here 6177797. And 937.