Late Night with Patrick Gilroy- Josh Gordan is heading to Foxboro, will his problems travel with him? Should Dez have been a better solution? 9-17-18

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Tuesday, September 18th
Hour 1- Gilroy is out on the Josh Gordan move, doesn't think Gordan will lose his problems immediatley. Dez Bryant is more dependable on the field, he should have been the signing. 

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East peace. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack. Let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy late night college Sports Radio WEEI. It's a force radio at W yeah I Patrick Kilroy here would you guys on late night taking you up until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to reach seniors 617779. A seven and 937. Detects the program at 37. 937 he found me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. Odd hoops and it's it's days like today that that I really enjoy because we've got something with some really meat on the bone to talk about here is the patriots but struggled yesterday it will go without the the judge Gordon moved today. There was going to be plenty to get to hear is yup heard some people. In the last 24 hours sort of dismissing. What they saw yesterday is just that a typical patriots early season struggle and look these games happen and historically they happen. Early on in the season with a the first 45 games of the year this is when you see the patriots look as. The look is abysmal as they looked at times yesterday right so we've seen this act before. The question really becomes tonight at 6177797937. Is is this season different is what we saw yesterday from the patriots. Different from seasons past. You have to take into consideration everything that we saw throughout the off season. The drama that surround this team the fact that even on the field eat it and have Tom Brady and rent 'cause you know ETA's. It seemed like after week one of these two guys were in sync. Nobody wanted to talk about that anymore it was business as usual let's move right along here like yesterday both offensively and defensively this team struggled and they struggled mightily. On the defensive side of the ball we'll talk a lot about that tonight at the pass rush. Was. Essentially nonexistent. Eric roll looked as bad as he's ever looked at the patriots uniform and a third down defense was. Just atrocious so there's plenty of time. He gets all the that tonight and that of course we will talk about the patriots new addition their new toy. Josh Gordon because patriots nation really really got to think a little overly excited. When this move happened today and it's just. It reeks of desperation not only from the patriots but from patriots fans as well. You know counting on a guy that hasn't been able to be counted on. And that's to me is a recipe for disaster you get something good out of judge courted Bravo it's a bold risk high reward move but if you're counting on judge Gordon becoming Europe. And be the savior be the difference maker beat the guy that takes the top up the defense here. Unfortunately look maybe he'll prove me wrong but he's yet to prove a lot of people wrong he's played eleven games in the last few years. He has not been a dependable player. He's been a guy that puts himself before team he's put his I'd demons before team and look hopefully he's been able to clean his act up. Hopefully somebody they'll come in here and buy in. To the program and I do have some empathy for him. When you spend as many years within abysmal organization. As Josh courted has may be coming into an organs organization where there's some structure. May be that's exactly what this guy needs now at 27. Years old soda Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy talking about your New England Patriots and I just put out. I feel like the patriots made the wrong move I do. Look I know that Dez Bryant is the guy that he used to be put this is the team. That's in desperate need be productive wide receiver. Period they need another productive receiving option to go alongside Rob Gronkowski right now and Hogan right now that's what this team needs. It even when Julian element comes back. I've been saying this for weeks now months now. He's coming back not only after missing four games due to the PEDs coming back after missing an entire season due to wake catastrophic style injury something that. It's gonna take some time for him to come back from. Look I'm a Celtics hall and I told you guys yesterday that when Gordon Hayward comes back it's gonna take him a little while despite the fact he's a 100% he's got to trust that ankle again. Same thing where did Toledo and he's gonna trust that he can cut. Offensively can make it make a play offensively. Without that being giving out so again this team needed another productive. Wide receiver. And when you look at these two options that they had. Judge courted sort of fell on their lap when he got released or was about to get released and Dez Bryant battle they're looking for work. Really advocating. The New England Patriots that he would like to come here and play. And it doesn't take a football genius to look at the production but these two guys are capable of giving it all you have to do was look back to last year were Dez Bryant plays a whole season. 800 yards season six touchdowns look clearly not the guy clearly not the wet in that used to be. But still a very very productive NFL wide receiver. That comes with the headaches so you're going to go out there and ring and a guy that could potentially. Cause headaches why not bring in the more productive. All of the 2 players I mean am I way off base here and I feel like I am in a way because when I was listening to the station earlier today after the move. Patriots fans were all over this move like they were overly excited and I feel like ever since Randy Moss got here and Randy must last year. Patriots fans have been eagerly anticipating a Randy must 2.0. And I'm not sure Josh awarded is that guy neither is Dez Bryant by the way. Neither is Dez Bryant because Bryant is not that guy he is much more B route runner much will be disciplined offensive player he is not take the top up the defense type of guy. And judge Gordon while he does have that potential. He's also somebody who's. So somebody just can't depend on. In this league team in desperate need. Old dependable. Wide receiving options and if you look at these two guys and you ask yourself which guy is more likely to play let's say ten games this season and be a productive member of of the Patriots offense be somebody that Tom Brady and the rest of his offensive group Josh McDaniels can count on. Which guy is more likely to beat that guy. The evidence tells me the numbers tells me in the history tells me. That guy is more likely to be Dez Bryant. Then Josh Gordon so while I applaud the patriots for making a move making any move that's not you know Coleman did an EU had these guys bring it in here. Guys that we know cannot play. A right that's a fact. I mean when you're reaching to the dredges of the league to try and find wide receiver options you know the you've got issues here. But you got two guys with tremendous talent that more out there and that were available. And you chose to get the guy in my opinion that while he's got a higher ceiling. He's far less dependable and he's. Most likely not going to ever reach that ceiling he's probably never going to achieve the greatness that his god given skills. Should have helped him achieve. Meanwhile Dez Bryant again not even thirty years old yet 29 years old clearly not the guy used to be. But he's a guy that's out there. Begging for a job with a New England Patriots asking for a job with Tom Brady. And he's a guy that last year played sixteen games got to 800 yards got a six touchdowns meanwhile. Last year Josh Gordon got to fight games got to 300 yards and got one touchdown to talk about that tonight here on WEEI late night. As the patriots they make a move. I 24 hours after just an abysmal. Game two performance in Jacksonville where they looked a step slow it looked disinterested and quite frankly daily they made late portals look like nick pulls in the Super Bowl. Claudia stuff to get to was we make their way up until 2 o'clock in the morning join me here it's 6177797937. Tom Josh Gordon as been traded this afternoon. To the patriots from Cleveland. A tremendous talent. Also had a number of problems. What are your thoughts on Josh Gordon coming. Over now to the patriots. I hate to make projections and expectations that are aired and never met Josh personally just like I have met some of the guys that are coming the last couple weeks so we'll see how goes this week. Hopefully he can work hard with the team first in and out openness. In any role but he could buy from sell on the. There's Tom Brady right there a couple of hours ago with Jim Gray Sunday Monday Night Football broadcast in politics. You don't expect Tom Brady to get too deep into the acquisition. Of a judge courted here you is don't not at this point in time Brady as a matter fact on the city's never met Josh Gordon. And there is no history there between these guys and I think that is one of the big differences here. Between the acquisition of Josh Gordon. And the acquisition of other guys in years past whether that guys Ochocinco or Randy Moss or even a Michael flow. You know these guys have had had had some some serious traction in the NFL. Prior to coming to the patriots and you judge Korda and had you know 101213. Incredible games for five seasons ago and I think ultimately that's the larger point here. Nobody is ever denied this kid's talent there's a tremendous amount of talent. In his body. And now at 27 years old maybe this is the time or start to see his football. Mortality creepy and Eddie's got to realize that yet you know what Panetta tapping into that talent this is certainly the right place to do so. But the question really becomes why do we think why are we so hell bent on the fact that. By coming to the patriots by coming into this program joining Bill Belichick joining Tom Brady joining what. This team has been able to accomplish over the years. Is going to ultimately be what puts this kid over the top and gets him to actually cash in on the skills that he has so it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy talking about your New England Patriots as they struggled yesterday against the jaguars your final score was 3120. And really. You know the patriots they had a couple opportunities to to get back in this game later in the game it was incredibly frustrating for me I was here doing. Red Sox review opposite the patriots game so I'm talking to you guys about the Red Sox has them looking up at the patriots game and it was one of those games where you found yourself consistently swearing because this team really. Did some un patriot like things so to speak. They missed out on opportunities to capitalize on mistakes. And they didn't really shove it down the throats of the jaguars when they had the chance to do so in the second happened to me that was. Very much on patriot like no defense of Lee. I'm unsure what this team is defensively and judged according you know is not the answer defensively and to me they still need a good amount of work. On the defensive side of the football while. Judge Gordon may coming year and give Tom Brady you know the weapon he may coming here and give this team some more options offensively. Ultimately it's not going to fix what ails this team defensively and Sammy that's the most troublesome part of what I sorry the patriots yesterday. You know you look at the third down defense and it was absolutely. Atrocious yesterday they simply you know they they couldn't hold the jaguars on third down. And ultimately here when you when you make a guy like Blake portals and and nick falls into one of their last three games this patriots team has played. It made these two guys look like John Elway out there I am like legitimately and lake morals even more troubling in my opinion look he's a guy that. There's incredible talent there. But when you've got that sort of talent that portal adds and you can't. Give him any sort of fear whatsoever. Because the patriots line was that a dismal if that's the problem here. And for as good as the patriots look defensively in week one they looked they looked equally as bad. Defensively. In week two and the question really becomes is which version of the Patriots defense is more legitimate. And I gotta tell ya L right now I'm not feeling all that confident about what this team's going to be able to accomplish. On the defense of side of the football mean you've got some issues there including. Injuries now Trey flowers had a concussion so we don't know what's gonna become a tree flowers for next week and and you lose your best pass rusher. At that point what do you do if you're the patriots you know I understand the need to go well there. And bring in another offensive weapon I do because this receiving corps is really the end especially right now without. Julian element I get that but deep offensively at what point do you have to say to yourself. DC Eric Ro yeah he's not that good and I understand they had to move on from Malcolm Butler parade variety of reasons. But Eric row how many times we have to see him get picked on. And get burned before you realize that maybe he's just simply not that good and it was a certain segment patriots fans going into the season that's it you know. Gonna be as good as people expected to be because their devoid of talent with it in positions where they used to have a tremendous amount of talent. And the patriots fan in everybody has a good comeback there and that's well yet there are plenty years when this team seems devoid of talent but ultimately. This is the team and Bill Belichick as a coach that finds a way to get the best out of everybody and ultimately what happens you get a random fifth round pick that winds up becoming. A contributing player you wind up getting the best out of these guys you know and this year I'm just not sure when I look up and down this team. But there's going to be guys capable of stepping up. And really being impact full guys though that doesn't mean that this team's gonna be nine in seven or even ten at six but what it does mean is this team's gonna find themselves. Losing some games that typically we wouldn't see them lose and this team's gonna find themselves in some dog fights were normally. They would handle teams. Now that isn't necessarily a bad thing for this football team was seen this team peaked too soon in seasons before and we've seen this team go into the playoffs in years past. Virtually unscathed virtually untouched untested unproven. This team this edition of the patriots is going to be proven. And by the time the the playoffs come around. They're certainly going to be a gritty bunch a guys if they achieve the goal of winning the AFC east and getting their first round bye and doing everything. That we're accustomed to seeing the patriots do. Because they're not gonna go appearance simply win on talent and talent alone that is not what's going to define this particular edition of the patriots. And that does not necessarily. A bad thing sodas Sports Radio WEEI it is late. Night I am Patrick Gilroy talking about your patriots. As they lost the Jack wars yesterday 3120. In a very un patriot like performance the number to join me here is 617. 7797937. Talking about judge accorded the addition of Josh Gordon. Two of the New England Patriots the fan reaction today was overwhelmingly positive. And I think that that is more of a sign that patriots fans are just desperate at this point to. Bring in some additional talent here you know there's been talk in recent weeks about Dez Bryant that never came to fruition and I think patriots fans were eager. I think they were hungry I think they were a bit desperate for this team to blow there and require some additional talent. Offensively so brow go to the patriots for doing that it's a great low risk high reward move. You know all you're giving up as the fifth round draft pick and a B doesn't pan out. You wind up getting a seventh rounder in returns he moved down two spots for the chance to take a chance to can on a judge court. I like that move on paper. But this patriots team. Is a team that is in need of some offensive talent and when. You know you look at the potential guys that were available in pactel guys not talking about the Coleman's of the world. I'm talking about a judge Gordon vs Dez Bryant. A bit advocating the acquisition of Dez Bryant your four weeks on the program both on late night on Red Sox review on the weekend programming every time the bidding here since going way way back into you last the DOT eighties when it was aboard the Dez Bryant was committed potentially connect to the patriots. That's a guy that I wanted to see the patriots uniform and not because of the overwhelming prevailing thought that you know he is a potential Randy Moss 2.0 because he is not. And he's not going to be that guy here he's never going to be that guy anywhere he winds up now he he's a professional route runner at this point in time. He's somebody that's capable of coming in here and giving his team is some offensive spark. Giving this team another dependable. Receiving option and to me. This is the team that needs dependability. More than it needs flash this is the team that needs somebody that's capable of coming in and lending a helping hand offensively. More than it needs a guy that could potentially take the top up the defense once and awhile. You know judge court and the guy that's gonna have some eye late plays if he works out here there's no doubt about that. But if you put these two guys in the same system Dez Bryant and Josh courted with Tom Brady for ten games. I'll bet you anything. That Dez Bryant comes away from the that ten game sample size would better numbers than judge court. I'll bet he's able to contribute more offensively. Then judge Gordon I'm just not a fan of this move on paper I'm not as far as the player goes I'm not a fan. You know he's got talent there's zero doubt about that and I think that's why patriots fans were so. Eager and so excited today. And he's a guy that's gonna come into a refreshing. Situation a situation where there is some stability he's not used to that I totally understand that. But this is not the patriots from years and years ago this is not the patriots that are an absolute machine this is not a pay the patriots that has had you know. At this patriots team has had the drama of the wrong. They've had offseason issues of their own. This is the team that. Is not as stable as they were in years past when they brought it Ochocinco and they brought in Albert Haynesworth and Corey Dylan. And Randy Moss and and Floyd and you name the player they took the chance on some of worked out and some have not. But he can't have it both ways this is a team that lets face it. Sense and it all 1618. Months ago. There's been plenty of drama around this patriots team there have been plenty of issues off the field around this patriots team. And now you're bringing guys in here and we're gonna say to ourselves. Well Josh Gordon's got to work out here because it's the patriots they're professional program this this place the fines stability. But does it really did it in the patriots still define stability the way they once did but they still define a professional program the way they once did. You know this is a guy that's going to need this patriots team to be as tight as ever to get the most out of him. This is the guy that's gonna need that sort of stability that the patriots from a few years ago I think could or offered him. But when you look at this team now the question mark surrounding Tom Brady and his future Bill Belichick and his future what's the deal would Guerrero you name the issue. There was a dramatic story around it at some point in the last twelve to eighteen months so you cannot have it both ways you can't say well you know there's been a lot of drama here and Tom Brady he'd get a chill though DA's and gronkowski differential to OTAs and Tom Brady he floated the idea of retirement. And drunk he was on the trading block in the offseason but he said that you trade BM gonna retire if you have all that stuff all that noise. Right and then you bring in judge Gordon and you say well this is the team that doesn't have noticed this is the team that doesn't have issues. As the team that he's gonna come to and it's going to be the stable environment that a guy like Josh Gordon desperately needs. You can't have ample ways and to meet this is not the stable environment that used to be. Not to say that it's still not one of the marquee franchises and all the NFL because they are. But they're not the stable machine that they were in years past so again a bug got my druthers and I've got my choice between these two guys knowing. That they're both available. Knowing that Tom Brady needs additional receiving help and knowing that both guys were at all likely to want to come here. I'm picking Dez Bryant nine out of ten times. If only because I know that Dez Bryant last year was capable playing a complete season. If only because I know that Dez Bryant is a dependable guy and from all intents and purposes. Everybody that you talked to around it that the cowboys say on the field he's a good teammate. He's somebody that's dependable and last year even at 2829 years old in what was considered a quote unquote down season. He goes for over 800 yards and six touchdowns in sixteen games and to me that's exactly what this patriots team needed. And if you're gonna go well there and take a flyer on a guy that's gonna question marks why not take a flyer on the guy that's more dependable. Why not take a flyer on a guy that has the higher likelihood of being able to coming here and make an immediate impact. If only because physically he's capable of staying on the dance field. Where Josh Gordon physically when you look at what he's done short let's go back to 20122013. He was on the field then he was dynamic he was awesome he's a pro bowler he was probably one of the most electric receivers in football. That was a long. Long long long. Long time ago especially in NFL years and since then he's played a total of eleven games so if you look at this got to come in and be an instant fix instant impact type of guy. I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy talking about two patriot that's 6177797. And 93 set. His late night right here Sports Radio at WEEI it's Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Nobody join me here is 6177797937. You text the program at 37 and 937 to find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy odd hoops at Gilroy on hoops opening the show talking a lot about the patriots as they struggled yesterday. Especially on the defense aside the football 31 to want your final score. And watching Blake portals yesterday despair. The patriots apart. You know it was eerily similar to watching nick polls here the patriots apart. Last year in the Super Bowl it was you know watching these guys with a similar style just have their way with the Patriots defense. It's incredibly incredibly frustrating. And then to sort of take that frustration and make it. I don't twice as bad this patriots team when they finally able to get some stops defensively. In the second half and put themselves in a position. To. Get back in this game and that's what they did. They had multiple opportunities to get this thing close put themselves in a position to potentially even tied this game up or take a lead. What happened they they really shot themselves in the foot. And I I say this because. I did like one thing that I saw yesterday I get I gotta tell you I'm a big fan. Oh watching Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels who lose their mind on the sidelines I love that stuff. Especially watching Tom Brady screaming at his teammates sort of making them be be held accountable you know they do your job he was clearly. Pissed off at these guys on the offensive and not running routes correctly not being in the right position. And not doing their job and to watch the equal level of frustration between Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels to meet its what this team really needs. Because we know that this teams had their issues off the field throughout the entirety the offseason and for this team to be able to take those off the field issues and really put them away. Compartmentalize them and just you know we'll deal would that lead Iran deal with that in the offseason deal with that after the post season hopefully after another Super Bowl run. In order for that to happen they need to get things right on the field and there's really distant schools of thought from patriots fans and they're really is no in between. After listening to the the real post game show last night I was not here around 730. As soon as I got ID here you know Glen or way Steve DeOssie prince moralist they re here waiting chomping at bit. To sort of take your phone calls and deal with that patriots loss and I listen to them for the whole ride back to New Hampshire. And it seemed like the calls were split their reaction was split you've got a group of patriots fans that wants to analyze what they saw yesterday. Just hate the game for what are days. And that was a terrible game it was just an un patriot like gain. And you wanna take that game and analyze it break it down I'm with you because. I can't tell yet that this team is gonna do with previous patriots have done patriots teams have done. Previous editions of the patriots have done now historically speaking. This is nothing new having the patriots go up there and throw open stink like this within the first two to four games of the season is historically what this team does. But there's this other group of fans up there the take this laissez Faire attitude and they say you know what this is what they do historically speaking. They have a game like this within their first four games of the season. Just get an idea system now they'll learn from it bill move on. And I can't I've tried to sort of take that approach. And I can't get there yet and I think of one of the big reasons why I can't get there is because of everything that surrounded this team throughout the offseason. All the drama that would had a report on throughout the offseason going all the way back to last year even before the Super Bowl dealing with Jimmy Doral below. Dealing with the train or issue dealing with Bill Belichick dealing with Rob Gronkowski dealing with retirement dealing with a cumbersome time. And everything else that has gone into this in this mess right eight it's easy in years past when. They've been virtually drama free with the exception of on the field drama like the plate gate like spy gate that was on the field stuff. But this off the field crap this is new to the patriots. And I can't tell you crucial work that this team is going to respond to a game like yesterday. The patriots teams in the past that we're talking about that talking about Josh according. Verses Dez Bryant and a lot more would you guys tonight at 6177797. 937 let's get out of the calls let's go to Mike Mike's in the car Mike you first appear on WEEI tonight. More departure that your book which show thanks Mike. Armed. I have to disagree with Lugo when are when you bring up that point a vote Dez Bryant into our scorecards locals say that's set. Islanders who are saying all reliable dependable hollow dependable it says right Paris when he's not being picked up four. He's gotten himself and that really dependability on the fact though. You know what we've seen over in a piece that dependable widely been picked up. While talking about on the on the field you know a Mike off the field that there is there's stuff there but there's stuff there were both of these guys but on the field. Lester he played sixteen games the year before that thirteen year before that nine and 16161615. And twelve. And last year in one of his worst professional seasons. You would have been one of the patriots best wide receivers will be 138 yards. And six touchdowns so to meet that guy has there that there's less questions there then there is with Josh Gordon. Okay how about the and it felt body insult well no he hasn't just couldn't sleep so are you sect when it streets you know 33 here's what doesn't out. Give him more longevity is not having that. It speed up could be 27 years old would you say that expand and open a potential you know career and amnesty and all the backlash and all you know backlog orchestra is spent but. For the gamble what they've all star. Wouldn't choose say that with a little more value with George courting chain that just not being up pointed out that he has but so having that talent. I like I like the point it's an optimistic way to go but I'll say this for me would this patriots team I'm looking for instant impact. This year like I don't care about. 345 years from now so this is an Randy Moss situation to be re trying to get three to five years of dependability out out of a guy because let's let's face it. Tom Brady and brought their contracts are up at the end of next season you got to capitalize on this window right now so which guy in my opinion. Is more likely to come in here and make a positive impact on the field. Immediately it's Dez Bryant where just courting your right it begins in the system here learn the system maybe he's got a longer. NFL career path ahead of them but which guy can help more right now to meet its Dez Bryant. Our. I received the bulk up its a fun debate you know in a Dez Bryant to me he's a guy that that I think. If you're willing to play for a lesser organization or or take you know minimal money maybe you have a job in the league right now there's clearly a reason why. He hasn't been picked up in maybe he still demanding too much money maybe he still thinks that he's the guy he was three or four years ago I'm not sure what that reason is all I know is that oh the speed gig. And mr. Graham on social media on Twitter. You know he is advocated openly for an opportunity to come to the patriots the play with Tom Brady feeling like he can make an impact here so you're the patriots and you've got to decide between. These two guys I just shake my head looking at just poured in knowing that you know. Last year he played five games you before that he played five games this year he's played one game and it's point fifteen missed you know eight in in between there and between that sand which. He missed an entire season for violating the league's substance abuse policy so nice eagle back to when he fourteen between 2014 and 2018. That's a four year period. He's played in just. A lead in games meanwhile last year Dez Bryant played in sixteen games in one season so you know you talk about dependability you talk about production on the field. You've got to be on the field to produce on the field and to meet Dez Bryant is much more likely to be able to at least be on the field. To give himself an opportunity to be productive it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy debating Josh courted Burris is Dez Bryant was they with a calls. Let's go to Tommy Tommy is an up Providence commune next appear in W yeah. Are currently enjoy your work actually collect yourself that you were about the Celtics fans so it accurately solve all the Celtics. I you know I can't wait Woodward just about their Tommy and I'm reading tonight that the Celtics are are there's mutual interest with Jamal Crawford. And I like that moves so I will get into some Celtic stuff coming up in the 1 o'clock hour. So easily but luckily. Microwave look at try to unseat the Newman did Johnson. It's a demands on. This Saturday. You're certain industries Uga but at the picker to go and stop or old. The problem is pot. Smoke pot of people insist that it saw what they think that epic the European and other. The repeal the alcohol problems. Witnessed it all the way they got an eagle issues. And the patriot so much. Won't talk to about the present wit yeah I'm with you there like. Dez Bryant's looking for the opportunity Tommy end. If the patriots all they had to do with was bring him any April worked out and if there was a match there was that I appreciate the phone call I appreciate the Celtics stuff. We will get into the Celtics coming up a little bit in the 1 o'clock hour as we're rapidly approaching. One of my favorite times of the year at its training camp time for the Celtics it's almost media day media days like holiday forming. I mean I get right now the hairs stand up my arm just just thinking about it just talking about it. I absolutely love. The hole at the energy in the attitude that comes with the beginning of a Celtics season especially a season like this. Where they're going to be in championship contention from day one to me that's very exciting and you know Jamal Crawford a thirty years old maybe he doesn't get too excited lake he would've. 345 years ago when he was winning the sixth man of the year award. But you know. I mean Todd but an upgrade you get Jabari bird wedded nice I guess a nice run in the summer league. And if you can replace him with a guy that still capable would give you twenty points every once in awhile and it leaked three point shooter and Jamal Crawford why not do. So maybe this whole thing with Jabari bird can wind up being a blessing in disguise we'll get into that coming up in the 1 o'clock hour until then there's plenty of stuff to get to. Would your New England Patriots and I'm glad that most of this stuff. At this point with the patriots is on the field stuff I do prefer to talk about the on the field stuff. Vs the off the field stuff the problem that I have would that is I feel like some of the off the field stuff. Translates to on the field stuff especially when you're talking about bringing a guy here in Josh Gordon that. To brawl intensive purposes needs the most stable atmosphere that he can possibly put himself in. And when you look at this patriots team and you look at the fact that Julian settlements going to be out for another two games ultimately here when you bring in. Another wide receiving option you would think the theory is that you can bring in somebody that has the at least the potential. To be productive right out of the gate because he's still gonna get through these next two games. Without Julian element and then you'll see. We are jewels is health wise when he makes his way back here. It a few weeks but until then you saw what the Patriots offense looks like without him use so what the Patriots offense looked like yesterday it was. It was a disaster and win teams are able to hold. Rob Gronkowski in check the way that the jaguars were able to do so yesterday. That really removes that element from the game and then you're relying completely on you know Chris Hogan. And he's a nice nice receiver but please he's not a a guy that's gonna scare too many defense is out there. So again you know which guy it was more likely to be able to coming here. And learn the offense quickly have an instant impact. Be healthy enough to stay on the field least likely to get suspended due to drug abuse I mean the list goes on and on and on in favor of Dez Bryant. And I just can't wrap my head around why the patriots made this decision don't you look at the age of these two guys there's Bryant's 29 Josh Gordon is 27. Now the argument can be made it was a good point that Josh Gordon is a young 47 and Dez Bryant is an older 29 I get that and if you're looking to build this patriots team for the future if you look at the build this patriots team for the foreseeable future the next three to five years Josh recorded there is no doubt is your guy. He is. No doubt about that. But if you're looking to build this patriots team for this season and put this addition of the patriots in their best possible position to win a Super Bowl. This year I don't see how you can make the argument for Josh Gordon. Sure he's got a higher upside but what is the likelihood that he is going to have an opportunity to capitalize on that upside I don't see the evidence is not there. It's it's as simple as black and white the numbers don't lie and the numbers tell you yet he has tremendous talent. But you gotta go all the way back to 2013. That was the last time you saw him really used that tremendous talent that was five. Years ago. I mean what's happened in your life in the last five years that's 060 significance my daughter's eleven right she's between. She's she's in sixth grade and she start to show. Five years ago she was six and she was the my little sweetheart she did slam doors and and knocked things off the wall and scream and pitch in Tel tell me she hates me gonna make it make a door homework. A lot happens in five years. Possessed me I was sweating when a team meeting tonight there's got to have a war with her daughter science test for tomorrow like Josh Gordon was great. And she was six and she was great. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night debating just scored in the vs Dez Bryant somebody helping make sense out of this why they held the patriots go for the guy. That's got this kind of track record when he got another guy that's played sixteen games as recently as last year with 800 yards and six touchdowns and oh by the way he's like waved his hand wildly siamese tiny sign me I don't get it let's make sense of it at 6177797. And 937. I wanna start with the acquisition today of Josh Gordon a talented incredibly talented guy but he's had his issues bill how do you see this guy sitting in here with what you're doing. Yeah well at this point on. I really I can't comment on on main thing and soul whatever we do it but there's also. Can't make any comment on matters why. OK then and or have you been in contact with the office but the patriots have sent that they release some reading a release by the New England Patriots and it says the patriots announced today that required wide receiver. Josh Gordon and a trade with the Cleveland Browns. In addition the patriots are released Corey called. Yeah and there there conditions that go with and so until everything get. As you know we're a work in progress so we're we're not there yet. Bill Belichick right there earlier today it would Clint or win all MFN. Belichick did mention the conditions that go would that and reports are one of those conditions is passing a physical and he hasn't done that yet. So I'm sure the trade is contingent upon Josh Gordon. Making it the blog are tomorrow to officially pass the physical and once he's able to do that then the trade will become official least official to the point where. Belichick may or may not be willing to talk about it it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls until 2 o'clock in the morning at 6177797. 937 detects the program at 37937. To find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops really spent a lot of time to start the show talking about the patriots as they struggled. And struggled mightily yesterday 21 at 31 to one your final score and really any game that. Wasn't that close. This patriots team. Very un patriot like. On missing real cat missing out on capitalizing on opportunities. That they presented themselves with especially the second half the other defense made a couple of plays in the second happen the offense really. They failed to capitalize on these opportunities and it was very very frustrating as I said here. Doing Red Sox review. On the air watching the patriots game you know on the TV he's in here want to lose my mind because it was so I'm patriot like you know watching Tom Brady fumble the football watching this team. I have an opportunity on fourth and inches and essentially decide you know what no eight minutes to go we're gonna punt the ball. There was so many of these little details in the game yesterday that drove me. Absolutely crazy and Josh courted for all the talent that he has he's not gonna fix those sort of issues he's not gonna fix what ails this team in that. Regard now it is an exciting move peace somebody that's got a tremendous amount upside but again to meet when you look at this patriots team and you look at the needs that they've got offensively. I feel like this team needed somebody that was capable of coming in here and having an immediate offensive impact especially when you consider the laundry list. Of receivers that have been sort of trotted through here in the last twelve to eighteen months from Jordan Matthews Eric Decker Malcolm Mitchell Kenny Britt. Paul turner devolution KJ may you named it. There's all these guys Corey Coleman the list is a mile long. And now they got somebody in here that's got some legitimate talent and you have to wonder. If they just spent a few more bucks and retains the idiom and goal would we be going through this. Right now sodas Sports Radio WEEI let's stick with the calls let's go to Steve Steve's in the car Stevie knicks up here on WEEI. Safe. Patrick with a even played on the result. Hey let's and I think that well on the big differences when I just cordon it. And Dez Bryant has shot Gordon a burner. Right yeah he is got a lot of speed. It got to open up the field. Even at all he does light patterns when he first comes them. We you know we had a last year it was a burner. There isn't really anybody I mean you know you don't look at doors that I didn't endorse that. Yeah it didn't separate much. And the last couple games even not even on the flight patterns. No I don't sit as close to what this team has it as a burner but he's he's not a burner in the same category as is Josh Gordon but but Steve come on you know in order to be a difference maker to be a burner. You gotta be on the field and when you look at Josh Gordon. He's played in only eleven other less 66 games he's been eligible to play Ian I mean that's just a crazy low number. So what do you do you get into a three games and then you say hey that's right and that's signed Derek Monday and that but judge Gordon doesn't mark. I don't know I like the idea that that that he can blow past people. That Brady. Like super of those flight patterns are crafting long crossing patterns and it'll open up the field a lot more now I'm gonna solve other problems let me get the better choice and that riot on doing that keep my fingers crash they'll stay on the field at all. Yeah that's I mean that nets when it comes down to us and appreciate the phone call Steve that's when it comes down to what what is the likelihood what is your faith level. That that this guy's gonna be able to stay on the field and I guess the patriots must feel. Pretty good about the ability of judge according to stay on the field. Between injuries and substance abuse issues and mental help issues there's been a lot of reasons why he's been off the field. In recent years you know this year he seemingly. Somewhat healthy he went through and hamstring thing at Yelp a photo shoot but apparently the reports are is gonna be healthy and up the play next week. But there are also reports that say he's not capable of learning the playbook here and we've seen and again that laundry list of receivers coming in over the last 1050 years and some of these guys would legitimate. Track records of success elsewhere and they've been and unable to sort of pick up on the patriots are doing here. Offensively so you have to wonder they're just gonna add to your point. You know let a run that flight pattern use them almost as a decoy in the first couple weeks of only to open up the offense for guys like Rob Gronkowski. So we'll see what it if that's ultimately what they do here that's the value that they CNN's Josh Gordon but again. This was a team yesterday that I think was in desperate need of another legitimate offensive option another legitimate guiding and while their MP be an asset to Tom Brady. And if you ask me right now today which guy is more capable of being an asset to Tom Brady just courted vs Dez Bryant. I am a 1000% in the camp of Dez Bryant. Because he's done it more recently he's been more dependable recently and last year he had a pretty damn good season it shocks me that he's still unsigned at this stage in the game it's not like he's 35 years old. He's 49 years old so this tells me that he's looking for the perfect situation. Brain disorder rehab his image across the NFL and then maybe look part of a larger payday once he's rehab his image. Which to me is why he is openly advocated for the opportunity to potentially come and play here. In New England for the season because where veteran who better to hook up with then Tom Brady to have a successful year rehab that image and then maybe go cash in next year. On a larger contract so it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Ryan Patrick Gilroy repeat you guys tonight at 617779. At 7937. Let's stick with the calls go to Roy Roy's in the car. Roy next up here on WEI. I don't that was a bra. I'm gonna go towards Orton is right might be a good. If you do you pick a receiver as accurately too we act surely you. Julie Julie Brady get too big actually. Which which what should get shot like getting it will be based. And then that that you would. Upside we have more we are network comedy last but if you could not. Drug court more he does he's got a lot more ups and give. We're whereas I think we've Albert back it could work well. We're gonna program and you'll get structure. That despite. And by the candidacy could result of what these big. Look I don't. I want to believe that this can happen Roy I really do but when you look at this guy's track record go all the way back Tuesdays in college will make it 2011 now go back to his days at Baylor. A he's a guy that yelled out cut sleep in a car outside of a Taco Bell. And with a team made it is okay in the team make up Boudreau up the team but because he had a lot of talent he was able to stay on the team guess what happened the next year he got booted off the team for violating the team's substance abuse policy again. He has got a long long track record. Of being unable to stay away from the wheat and and you know god bless them. In on the guys will talked about this on the air before I have Crohn's Disease is a crippling crippling stomach ailment that can just be the most painful thing in the world. And after being prescribed opiate after opiate appropriate you know finally. My doctor prescribing marijuana and it has been a game changer for me and a salute game changer. I am the first one to see here and talk about the positive effects of marijuana and I think there's a huge medicinal market Ford out there and I think that it serves a tremendous amount of good. Especially when compared to the the other option being you know opiate painkillers we see what that's doing to our society here. So I'm the first person to stand up and advocates. For these guys especially these NFL players that get absolutely crushed out there yet you know what if you're in some pain. You know smoke a little weak I get it you know chew wood Gundy I guys have a brownie I got it I'm all for it be the first one advocates for I understand all that. But this guy goes well beyond that. This is not medicinal this is not to help him get a good night's sleep. This guy can't stay away from it I mean the reports are that he shows up before every single game high as a kite shows up to practice hikes. And that's one of the reasons why is bet against why he was cut he was late for practice that he showed up high at least that's the stories coming out today. So again you know you look for this guy coming here and like you said joined the program here. But how is this atmosphere. Going to be an atmosphere that changes something so deep within him it's it's haunted him day in haunted him. All the way back to his collegiate days when he was forced to transfer out of Baylor. And it's haunted him to the point where it's cost him. In entire NFL season. Right not a few games it cost him an entire NFL season. And he still has not learned his lesson so you think because he's coming here and he's gonna have the spirit the the ugly mug of Bill Belichick that that's gonna scare amended into. Essentially using it smarter he's not gonna give it up. I think we can all agree on that he's not gonna give up marijuana nor should he. But he's got to be more responsible and Whitney in the ways in which he uses it he can't be showing up to work high. Ya gonna learn this complicated playbook if you show appear high in opted to do it just like I can't show to work out. So my stomach is killing me guess what I get a wait till I'm. Home from work before right you don't have a little bit in my medicine to go to sleep well at night. It's just the way it is going to be a big boy about these things and Josh Gordon seems like in maternal child. He's easy like somebody who's never been able to grow up and accept the responsibilities that come with being an NFL football player. He's not the way to the world but he shoulders right he's got all these expectations on his shoulders and rather then. I don't stand up and be a man and actually live up to some of those expectations. It rather be the same guy he was in 2011. When he was getting booted out of Baylor makes no sense to me. It is Sports Radio WEEI let's squeeze one more in before the break let's go to Brandon Brandon and Connecticut Brendan units up here on WEI. From Europe that was a printed. Lines 12. And inject into the next race on an. Exact clone. That's the whole key right there is and I mean I agree would you he's got. That sort upside he's got the ability think the top up the defense he can be that long threat that Randy Moss was it can be a great weapon. For Tom Brady by a brand and I'll ask you what makes you think that this guy's finally gonna be able to clean as act up. Well I think it was pretty much last chance I mean maybe he got the best quarterback. Ever play of the game we get the best coach to ever coach and there are. This might be asked him he might. He might have snapped into reality in the. In bed together. Listen and I I hope you're right in my patriots stand first and I hope you are right I hope he's capable of doing that I hope he's willing to do that. But again this patriots team would put Tom Brady had his age at 41 years old. With Rob Gronkowski floating the idea of retiring at he had been treated. That tells you where his head is that knowing that these two guys their contracts run up at the end of next season and has already Tonkin stories I just ask army current. About Tom Brady not playing 12019. The window here whether we want accurate or not. Is closing. Maybe it'll close in two years maybe a close in four years maybe five years but one way or the other this window is closing. So to take a chance on a guy with upside and to hope the bad guys finally after all these years going to be able to clean as act up. I don't wanna put my faith in that because this team doesn't have the luxury of time I would rather put my face it might be eight and a guy like Dez Bryant. That was effective as recently as last season rather than public bait and a guy that's been unable to get on the field. And has only played in eleven of his last 66 possible games that he could play him. But just doesn't make a lot of sense to meet again he's got all the upside in the world again I'm an NBA guy you know wells and outside it Kwame Brown head upside. I to rumble we sell and outside the funny guys have upside it doesn't mean they're gonna pan out upside can only get you so far. And eventually you have to look at what these guys are capable of doing on the field on the court you know in this guy while he's had a few moments of brilliance. Over the course of his NFL career. It's not all that much and it was a long long long time ago it is Sports Radio. WEEI I am Patrick Gilroy this is late night room for you with 6177797937. Were you not happy with the with the efforts of your guns. Knowledge or. I think it. You know gold on the road and they'll figure out what we need to do it and that was our first opportunity that you got. You know with this team this season and we've been pretty good on the road last year. And you know we just renewed screw it up came. No trying to get the good team but a lot on the line for both teams you know we get competitively came up way short I think you know they competed much better we did. And certainly more physical than we weren't the first out in other hand the ball better date you know they've read it right that we were capable of credit you know didn't take a bit in the past game we had opportunities. And that kind of be a snowball you know and not what looks good because you know the way we started in the late. We player rights and or Shrek or go to the team's strength. No becomes incredibly hard with. Is Tom Brady this morning with perking Callahan. And you know it's got to be frustrating for Tom right now you know you come into this season an entirely new team. Entirely new defense entirely new offense for the most part he's got to get used to playing with these new teammates. And get used to playing with this particular. Addition of the New England Patriots in that can take time and again you go back to. The prevailing sort of thought year if you listen to the radio yesterday to listen to station last night if you listen to. The real post game show with a big go with a us moralists and the Osce Youkilis indicated see this morning. If you listen generally throughout the day to day the overall reaction to the patriots lost yesterday has actually been a pretty mild. There's a tremendous number of fans that take solace in the fact that. The patriots historically have. A game like this sometimes even two games like this. Within the first 45 games of the season so if that's what makes you sleep better at night if that's what makes it feel better about a loss like this than god bless yeah. But I feel it's our job here to sort of take a closer look at what went wrong yesterday. In this with the team that was not on the same page yesterday this of the team that looked a step slow they didn't look all that engaged for. 6570%. Of the game and to meet those are troubling signs because it wasn't just about talent deficit. On the field this was a team that clearly. Was not on the same page they were missing some of their better parts and end this with a team that desperately. Need to shake up because they looked out of synch and that's un patriot like to me it's one thing to go out there and throw a stinker right. But this team had nothing going for them yesterday in the few rare instances specifically in the second half where they had. Some opportunity to sort of grab that momentum. Put themselves in a position to potentially complete come back here and and have an upset have been upsetting victory have one of these you know great patriot comebacks in the fourth quarter. They gave themselves a couple of opportunities to pull that off or at least put them. In a position to pull that off. But it was so un patriot like to watch this team not once but twice miss out on those opportunities and make. Further mistakes to come pound. The negative situation that they were already and I'm not sure how bringing. Josh boarded in a year of all people. Is going to be a guy that's gonna help solve some of the problems that we saw yesterday in Jacksonville sort of Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I'm Patrick Gilroy plenty of room for you guys tonight as we make their way until 2 o'clock in the morning. It's 617 7797. 937 let's stick with the calls tonight let's go to Matt Matt's in the car mat in except you're on W ya. After I met with an amendment as well there are kind of scenario for you this we'll capture what it. Local market for a better last Gordon. That. My own theory about most important all the for the patriots but what are you surprised and they did it looks about it. There. Are not willing yet. Also. They're a client knowing that you want it or. If in fact. Why don't you and at a local Nevada. Our regular order. Or what I looked up and out of the side and then we'll hold it. Wow and what our goal aren't aren't there. And that those aren't. Oh yeah. Yeah. You know attitudes are but it is this right now he it yet wanting a bigger contract award and and then work our way up and without. What was. That want to work out in court they'll. A look at it goes public there. I love it it's a perfect move for the patriots you know it because you you getting to take that we can to get one guy. That's ultimately productive here if you bring both guys in the odds are that ball won't be. Productive players. But he got two potential game changing wide receivers out there on a team that desperately needs an upgrade of offensive talent and it happened to go get lucky and go two for two and I get your outside threat he got the could take the top up the defense in Josh Gordon and then you reliable veteran threat. A guy that still deemed changing about receiver in Dez Bryant but. He doesn't have to be quote unquote the man here when you've got grumpy and you've got hopefully a healthy Julian element coming up in a couple of weeks it makes a lot of sense. But ultimately I don't think that's something the patriots are really considering here. When you look at where we are in the season going into week three. You Marty played 50% of the gains in theory that you're not gonna have Julian element for. So really the value of a guy like a Dez Bryant really would be here within these first four games at least that's when you would have his largest impact. On the Patriots offense where. You know gala Josh Gordon I think you have a big impact if he didn't say on the field. Throw the entire season because he gives this patriots team. A dynamic that they don't currently have and they haven't really had that dynamic in quite some time a guy that can legitimately take the top up the defense a guy that is. A legitimate speed threat a guy that is that a playmaker offensively. The issue that a that would Josh Gordon is one that you know I'm not gonna really story straight away from here because. To me it's all about guys they can. Stay on the field for me it's all about dependability with the steam it's not about upside it's not about what they could potentially do. It's not about well if this happens if this happens if this happens that you get that. This team is it any position. To take the long road here. This is not a team in a position to say you know what let's see we have been Josh courted maybe you can hone in some of that talent. And down the line he'll be a great player for us that's not witnesses. This is the team that needs to put themselves in the best possible position to win this year so in theory sure bring them both thin. But my worry is here that you know if you had an opportunity get says. You you lost that opportunity now because I'd I truly believe that Dez was sort holding out. Hoping to get that phone call from the patriots. And in less bella check in the patriots make that phone call Dez Bryant like tonight and tell him look there is no you're still on our radar we still want you here. Don't read into the Josh Gordon siding I fully believe that at this point. You know tomorrow at this point today after tomorrow gonna start hearing rumors about as bright taking meetings and working out. With other teams because his first choice in theory is now off the board at least that's the way it looks to me. But with a Obama it is Sports Radio telling me yeah I I am Patrick Gilroy this is late night room for you would 617. 7797937. Really breaking down this Josh Gordon signing or trade by the patriots and and really my disgust with the because. If you don't you've got the other guy out there and Dez Bryant and to meet. He solves your immediate need no he's not the same offensive weapon that judge accorded is at least athletically anymore I get that. He's no longer the guy that he was three for five years ago when he was truly a dynamic team changing your receiver I get that. But when you look at the numbers the number that matters most to me is games played. And last year judge court and he played five games which for him is a good season. Which for Josh Gordon is actually not all that bad. You know he's a guy that historically speaking well if you look at the last couple years point fourteen he played five games. Point fifteen. Sorry he didn't play any games because he was out of the league. Importing seventeen he played five games in all this series played one game. It in a league where you can't be productive if you're not on the field. To me being on the field is the most important skill here we talking about Josh court and immerses Dez Bryant and which one is more likely to stay on the field. Reading debt on the field it's got to be Dez Bryant let's get another call in here before the top of the hour that a Matt Matt's in Atlanta Matt edicts appear on W media. Or so bought me what's a medic. The difference between. It is it is shot is viewed. As Bryant. Well behind you how you you know look at the numbers the Dez Bryant had last year in cold and in a bad year forum you know he had pretty damn good numbers. What we've done since. Romo. Last last year side here at lest he was a good year how many surgery the and he's out of he's a couple he said some injury problems I get that he's not the dynamic guy he was three or four years ago I totally understand that but just. Hope that speaker that they have work. No this hasn't worked him out and or love it all know that there was talk there gonna bring him in about a month ago and they haven't done yet. There's Marino won nobody in the league that could promote this guy can't get any separation unknown how much film board's only. He's not good enough. I watched a lot about a month ago when one of the rumors got really sort of hot that there was a possibility here so. At that point there's a few different web sites that you can go to U where they really break down the film pretty intensely. And I want to bunt about a month the hornets are you ready doesn't get the separation he used to get but despite that. He was still able to go up there last year. And have a season where he had 838 yards and six touchdowns and played all sixteen games so we still very much a productive wide receiver not a game changing wide receiver. But still productive one for Josh Gordon. He's got a tremendous amount of talent but you know this there's a lot of guys in the NFL with a lot of talent they can't get it together and he's only been able to get to get to get it together for really one season and that was five years ago Matt. Although I don't think they trade for him without knowing that they're gonna stick him on feel and the preachers and they really don't want the current and they already know they're not an Angel though could not or equals four to carry. So there's no way you stick with there's one according to do way better chance of doing that's truth. I appreciate the phone call and I think we're in agreement were I'll tell you that judge Gordon is the better player right now he absolutely is I'm not saying that he's not. Again for me gets down to which one is more likely to be on the field consistently which one is more likely to be able to help this team and a consistent basis which one is more likely to play let's say ten games between now in the end the regular season. The data in the numbers tell me that guy is Dez Bryant and when you look at the age does Bryant is probably a pretty old 49 where John according you can make the argument that McCullough did in the first hour. That he's a younger you know 47 because he has missed a lot of time. But I'll tell you why there's a reason why judge scored it has missed so much time he has been the definition of a dependable he's just not a dependable guy. And it's the patriots team that's in desperate need of some dependability. And now you're sort of I think grasping at straws hoping that Josh Gordon's going to be able to come in here and completely change everything about. Why he hasn't been able to be on the field. Now he's at. So consistently. In the last five years just because he changes addressed just because he change his uniform to meet its nigh eve to meet its not really. You know the patriot way so to speak yup you wanna take a flyer on him all right I get it. But this is beyond taking a flyer because this patriots team has got legitimate needs offensively and their gonna look at this guy and lean on him. You know this a patriots team that continues to bring in wide receiver after wide receiver after wide receiver hoping one of them sticks. This guy could just be another guy in the rotating door wide receivers and two weeks from now we could be talking about him being out here as well it is Sports Radio W yet let's get one more in here before the break. Let's go to Greg Greg next appearance W yeah. Carolina was a great. I'm actually just flew back and I was actually at the team ma yesterday. Did you go to a lot of weight gains Greg. What she is you know trying to do wanna you know with the Tampa last year so law. Hillary or better result and but you know pay what he would do. That's a good attitude to have because you know I I go to a lot of away Celtics games of my friends and we want to get on a plane and we spent a lot of money we go do it. It's sort of takes the fun out of it when they lose. Yeah along unfortunately it's in areas to Hollywood but I. You have no control while the teams can do so knowing you're human and I didn't see the game on TV obviously you know so I guess. Like like a charm more under watch in the game bail lot. Arm defensively. Running backs. Receivers crossing the field wide open late coverages slow coverages. Kinda look at him back you know when you scenes on the path seems to have a go on this on the path. These same problems creeping up. And subdued because orbit testing ban you all they've really going to be look exceed current that is a week two but. You know to see anywhere you know journeyman running backs in shall pay it and make him play is all over the field. That that to me was even more concerning in the op. Greg let me ask you this them as it is that you lied to you were there you lives and and ask you. Because on TV it looked like the patriots were like a step and a half two steps to slow defensively. Didn't look that way live with a morbid TV thing for me. There always eluded to a bit they would definitely slow. Cory grant come out of the backfield. Uncovered. When he was covered it will as you know too little too late. Receivers especially crossing the field yup all my muted its warning means it's good to receive and make him a circus kept on the sideline like that. But all game long. Our special on third down there are gone long way you got to get off the field you know they're expert seven dump it off to running backs or. A tight end you know 1213 yard down there and don't get some. That's that's very concerned they'll get up the field structure a third out. I'm with the great and I got to tell you know at Erick road at to Patrick Chung seven Gilmore. They all looked they'll be yesterday they just looks low that it look in sync they look like they didn't wanna be there. And I know they talked a lot about the heat yesterday and playing in that 97 degree weather with 7580%. Humidity with a all that equipment on. That's not easy to do I get dad but both teams played in the same conditions and this early stage in the season you you feel like you know what. You should be able to handle that at least a little bit better than the patriots handled it especially when he again got guys like. In a step on Gilmore patch on these guys have been there before they're veterans in this league and you know they should know how to prepare for a game like that in May be the weather played a big factor here maybe it didn't baby these guys are just getting old but between row. And Gilmore and Patrick Chung these guys looked old Billick out of sync they looked disinterested. And defensively this team look like. They were completely. Out of sync nobody was on the same page it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy we come back we'll continue patriots discussion and sometime before 2 o'clock. I'll tell you why Jamal Crawford of the Celtics makes a tremendous amount of sense. And I wouldn't be surprised if we saw. Jamal Crawford here at some point here in the next 456 days a little birdie told me that he might be in town we'll talk about that we come back Revere Sports Radio WEEI.