Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Peyton Manning may be in trouble and Gilroy loves it 03-08-2018

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Thursday, March 8th

Hour 1. Gilroy is in studio and he is trash talking Peyton Manning, who may get in some trouble for shady insider trading with Papa John's. Gilroy recaps his horrible night in the snow storm.


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The excuse late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for an Sunday X in the graveyard facts let's get it going with Patrick Gilroy. College Sports Radio WEEI. He's Sports Radio had. I'd WEEI this week. Nice Patrick skill if you would you guys for the next four. Action packed hours tick you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to join us here 6177797. At 937 you text the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops acts. Gilroy on hoops and and what a day it's been so I'm just gonna take a moment here because I've got four hours so with four hours to spare here and I'm by myself. To guess that it planned for tonight backed out last moment so it's okay we're gonna happen next week we'll talk about it later. But now I've got even more time to fail and will fill it with a few different things that I am finding out. Entertaining informative and important today but on the take the next couple of minutes just to bitch because. Well frankly I want to I'm here. But I am solar cell and you know I'm a New England I am a Boston guy don't complain about the weather don't ever. 05 years ago I moved to New Hampshire it was the best thing I've ever done for my family. We were able to buy a tremendous piece of property that we could never afford here. And ultimately it was a great decision writes I live in this great little town called Wyndham but Wyndham although it's a developing community. It is still very much in the woods and we got eighteen inches of heavy wet cement snow. Let me tell you something for the first time in my life. I've been through every snowstorm in the league right I had no problem with so I don't care about snow for the first time in my life last night. I went outside around midnight because a part of a tree broke up into my house and wanted to make sure the house wasn't damaged. And luckily the house wasn't damaged but this huge tree landed on the side of my house I go outside that to sort of push it off the house and into the backyard. And I can hear. The sound of trees snapping every 45 seconds that's without exaggeration to just eat it's an awful sound to hear the horror movie it is it that completely silent out there except for the sounds of the trees snapping it is. Just absolutely terrifying because I'm looking at. My car is looking house. The we have a giant giant pine trees hundreds of years old in the front yard and all the snow was weighted down on it. Multiple branches they'll giant rated it a bigger than most trees but I thought this whole thing was gonna come down and it if it had come down it would have hit. Both of my kids' bedrooms so I move the kids in the back of the house where my bedroom is Justin case but we've also got a giant pine tree in the back up. It's a dilemma it's most of the damage would have been quite as severe I don't think death would have been imminent if that'd fallen where the front one of acting came down. They wouldn't squash it just over. To this morning I go outside to assess the damage and I mean the pictures that I had here I'd just amazing near. My backyard is covered with small trees branches couple big trees that fell. Just beyond my fenced in area thank god I had 13 fall on the fence that I had to take a chainsaw to you and five years I've become like a Boston god knows nothing about building anything in and using chain saws and powered tools five years in New Hampshire a popular chain saw this morning of completely embrace. The New Hampshire lifestyle. But he editing inside I had to cut these trees out because they couldn't move them by myself. And I'm still not done I mean I've still got just that giant mess up there. And if you go through my neighborhood. There are trees down on talking large trees that you could build your next home with. Just trees everywhere. On power lines we still don't have power we don't have table. We spoke at Internet in the whole area is just like a war zone right now. So if you had any problems you know you wanna you wanna sorted that we can absolutely use this time here to vet because they feel like. I feel like I'm not the only one here that that might wanna take an opportunity to complete a little bit. Five hours later after. Taking care of my family's property. Eventually making my way to. My dad's Osama I live in Windham my dad lives in the neighboring town of Londonderry when they're took care of him so six hours in I was. Done for the day that doesn't mean I'm done it just net that was done for the date back couldn't take it anymore the snow's gone but I still have trees to move trees to cut. A backyard to restore back to normalcy. But wow you know I'd been through storms that were just that that more significant in this. We got about eighteen inches of of heavy wet cement snow a certainly been through storms where. You get 44 inches 36 inches but this was different this was. I've never been scared of weather before. Five or six years ago I ran the Marine Corps marathon in DC. And I had to drive back the next day and forget the name of the arcane but we had to drive through a hurricane to get home and it's me my wife my two kids in the backseat. And at one point there's a bridge in Delaware that is it's a huge I mean I just a huge bridge and it's a wire suspension bridge. And they hadn't closed the bridge yet. But half an hour after it passed. You know win over the bridge they wanna closing it but they had narrowed it down to just the middle lane and this bridge was like a swing back and forth that supposed to do that by design. You know but it swinging back and forth. And that didn't scare me like this did last night. Hearing the eerie sound of these trees is giving out like I got nothing left snapped nothing left snap. It was a horrifying experience so again if you wanna take a few minutes here tonight. And just that to me. I'm a week I never bitch about the weather and never bit about snow but I am bitching about the weather and about the snow right here to Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy. The number to join us here are 6177797937. You text the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on hoops and I generally. Don't take calls in the first segment but because we're talking weather and speed in New Hampshire has called in about the weather in New Hampshire. Let's celebrate the rules tonight the right to the calls let's go to Steve Steve's New Hampshire Steve you first appear on late night. You know it wasn't these. I do arguments in the Wyndham you add a call en us work and then there's the bat what you know I was preparing gone yet I ask you finally get power back up EDU. That is the about I appreciate it I mean I am I exaggerating here don't we tell the people love at Wyndham is right now. It batted a lot of downed trees like they are all in 08 back in a man out of the work that you just heard chatter your crackling of the brain and then followed by its. Head and back it. But the wars though. The great in the upper. You live in new entries he pretty bad out there. Do you do you live in New Hampshire he's gone from mental map out somewhat so how did you damage you guys it was. I don't I look but don't even know my how well are up by the airport are downloaded probably got a body you want. It was amazing because I drove in here tonight and as I'm getting closer to Boston you could see the level of snow gets smaller and smaller and smaller and outside the studio here there's no evidence that there was a snowstorm at all last night. Sit out. There. And I are on this I appreciate you are repairing the contest and I'll enjoy it when I get home at 3 o'clock this morning. They'll be estranged the programs if it is Sports Radio WB yeah I it is late night again Ryan Patrick Gilroy so you know just something a little bit different here because I had depose gonna come in tonight. I had to use my out that your seat today just a little bit. As my wife who I love dearly was in the house today with the kids entertaining them staying warm. Hanging out. Playing games ago. I was outside. Breaking myself for the good of the family and again. That's OK but when I got outside my little mate I'd slip in this little neighborhood when a guy outside my neighborhood and I saw the extent of the damage throughout the town and meet the talent is. But screwed right now they got people like Steve that are up there putting the pieces back together because again. Right now the Townsend. A really bad bad place that is Sports Radio WEEI. The other things I wanna get to tonight we'll get to them throughout the program this'll Pete Manning story I just find it again. Dirty I guess is the word if not illegal just dirty and I heard. I'd relic. And a lot of talk about it for a little while hearing heard the caller that called in to correct them so if you didn't. That's the the story you were Peyton Manning he owned 31 Papa John's. Locations in and around the Denver area he sold them a couple of days ago and then. The NFL dump Papa John's two days later as the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and some people would maybe call that you know insider trading that's what they called it a caller called in to say no it's not insider trading it's a little dirty but it's not illegal liberties. It's just another example of what he says you know what I think Peyton Manning is this guy. Continues to get away with things the whole each each thing he sort of skated on that now this. And he's got two major networks. Competing for his rights to disorder coming in and be there beat their NFL analyst next year ten million dollars a year last year. I believe the highest paid guy was rude and at six and a half. Million dollars and now Peyton Manning yet two guys to two major networks. Competing for you for both Monday night packed imminent package and the Thursday night package want him. For ten million dollars and this guy. I don't know how people don't see through him like I watched him on TV and I listen to what he had to say I see him in these awful commercials and you know. But pop up up up up. I'll would have an insurance company is he does. And this guy to meet is it's awe shucks. Is in every dangerous well I'm Peyton Manning I don't understand it's just. I'm here to have a good time we're all family like this guy to meet its OC threw. And it's so transparent. I would never want that guy ripping my company because I look at him I say. This guy it's it's all fake it's all aside it's not real yet people around this country they absolutely either up and I don't understand what they can't get enough. Peyton Manning. And he's not particularly handsome I don't think he's particularly well spoken. Eight. I guess this is one redeeming quality that I can get behind disease OK with self deprecating humor and that goes a long way it absolutely does especially for a guy. Of his stature and his celebrity right if he's willing to be self deprecating and ensure that is absolutely a plus for Peyton Manning. But now this is the second time a couple of years where he's put himself in a questionable situation. When it comes to ethics and it's funny to me when you compare. Into Tom Brady off the field right. The league the fans in an around this country could not wait to try and bury Tom Brady. Are they got a sniff a blood when he came to Brady and all the side and it was he was. You tried and guilty right away when the whole the fleet gaping happened in the court of Papa Papa popular opinion around this country yet so let's with a 2448 hours that the flaky breaking. In and around this country sports fans outside of New England had absolutely crucified. Tom Brady as a cheater he was a cheater the label was never gonna go way at this point second time in people's opinions that he's been caught cheating. The patriots have been caught cheating and now still to this day when you travel around this country is I do for my day job people consider Tom Brady. A man of pork ethics they considered him an a man of no moral character and they consider him a cheater. Right meanwhile Peyton Manning goes out there let's see HGH is delivered to his house that got proof of that. Down on my wife did it not me I wouldn't introduce such a thing on Peyton Manning. Ortiz you know brother Eli. I'm just here to have a piece of pizza a Budweiser and say hey America. It's all good like I can't stand this guy it's so transparent it's so fake and the fact that these sponsors lined up. To get him to it to sort of pitched their products. Blows my mind but he had the whole each each thing come and go somehow we skated away from that. And now this thing where he sells off 31 of this franchise is 31 of his locations of Papa John's all 48 hours before what before the NFL dumps them. So all that money that was coming into Papa John's. All the money coming in because they had a deal with the NFL and with the official pizza partner of the NFL and that goes away. And it's just a coincidence we're just supposed to believe it was a coincidence. Peyton Manning didn't have any inside knowledge nobody tipped him off. Right I can't stand and people don't care it's gonna be a story that comes and goes. And once again Peyton Manning is gonna walk he's gonna skate and nobody is going to talk about it and he will never be considered a cheater he will never be considered somebody that took a shortcut with the HGH you'll never be considered somebody of low morals or ethics no. He's just Peyton Manning everything just hunky door Peyton Manning. I can't stand it. And it's so fraudulent to me and it angers me and I was hoping when he retired that we would have to talk about him anymore maybe when he goes into the hall of fame we we have Pete Manning debate around here. But instead now each of the last two years there's been a significant. Peyton Manning debate. And nobody really takes the ball and runs with a it outside and doing. Yeah Al-Jazeera story that had been broken by. I don't. ABC news or CNN or Fox News or somebody not named Al-Jazeera and I know Al-Jazeera has a different branch here at a different bridge here in the US and they try to be a legitimate news outlet. But anything that you call by the name Al-Jazeera. Immediately people are gonna look at that is that widget is that real like the fact that Al-Jazeera broke that story that and yet teams he had broken the difference absolutely and Al-Jazeera broke it therefore it's not real because they're terrorists the broken. That's the way people in this country think. And it's unfortunate because that could've been a story that helped do him in just a little bit maybe knock him off his high horse just. A little bit so we'll talk about Peyton Manning tonight. You know I know that people out there they like him some people love them I'm hoping that the majority of the people that live in and around new England and listening to this program. Don't like him so you can agree with me on this that we can sort of commiserate on the act is well that's what we're gonna do the first hour here to commiserate about storm. If you live in New Hampshire if you experience what I experienced police you know we can talk about that. We can talk about the terrifying sound of trees breaking giving out to the snow trees giving out under the weight. Of the snow and giving out to the wind the power of the wind last I don't horrifying experience. And of course we can sit here to talk about Peyton Manning as well any time the guys wanna bash Peyton Manning whether it's on topic or not care. Two guys we are open for bashing at all times when I'm on the air here Peyton Manning. And LeBron James I don't care what we're talking about it to be the middle this summer talking about a perfect game by reports LO if somebody hasn't thought. On Peyton Manning will LeBron James and that thought is a negative thought. My phone lines are your phone lines of we'll talk about your Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy so that's what's on the table it is storm talk. Peyton Manning talked and eventually and we'll get to Al Horford and the whole Kevin Garnett thing and all the fun the multiple shows have had with that you're this week and I'm gonna double down on Al Horford guy on the part on the Garnett guy guess what are not the only guy. That dared to make that comparison we'll talk about that coming up next here on Sports Radio W ya. What you back on its head go and it's great when your producer could you could sort of take you choose what you like right so. In buffalo that it is Sports Radio at W yeah I'd easily and I am Patrick Gilroy I need to get this video here. To stop looping it is gonna make me sick each and every time I watch it this Jalen brown dunk thankfully he got up. Walked off under his own power but it shades of the hole he words it's (%expletive) like. He went up he lost control coming down and for a moment you thought that maybe his season was over it looks like he's going to be okay what I would be surprised. When he misses a few games he's gonna have a massive bruise on his back but it could have been a lot worse in the best part about it was watching smiled the end. The fact that he walked away means this'll be good sports center not opt. Exactly and seriously injured it would make exactly but I got a I just got excited as they quit I don't want the Saint Louis arch. It's hard to watch the Sports Radio WB guy we're talking about the storm we're talking about Peyton Manning. Because both things really yo turned my stomach today the storm. Was fine it was a New England storm was something that we all deal with but this one was different this one game without the weight of the snow the wind. Listening to those trees crack open my neighborhood in Windham New Hampshire was something I never want to experience again and then this whole patent anything with a Papa John's. Selling out the 31 locations Papa John's I was listening. To another show earlier today and they were talking about a for a minute but it could glossed over just like everything else and you know he had the whole thing would the other sexual. Allegations against him as well. Going back to his Tennessee days it came up a couple of years ago and those went away and in this me too world that we did it seems like nobody gets away with stuff like daddy Morton's and big difference. How old the allegations are. But again for Peyton Manning. Now are shut some Peyton Manning I would never do anything wrong and people buyer at eight either they love this guy. And I just don't understand why it makes me think that people are stupid if you can't see through what Peyton Manning is who he is the man that he is if you can't look at. These multiple things that have come out in recent years when it comes to Peyton Manning. Where there was a sexual abuse allegations. Whether it's via this whole Papa John's selling the 31 Papa John's locations all and it's just a coincidence that he sold in 48 hours before the NFL's dumped Papa John's. As the official pizza sponsor of the NFL. They're two million free pizza and a Budweiser you all this. That's Baghdad they pop up. You know so he's got that going in of course HG eight scandal. That wasn't even a scandal because eight Al-Jazeera broke the story so that was. Not gonna be very helpful for those people wanted to see. Peyton Manning sort of finally finally get his due. Al-Jazeera breaking the story that's not what you're looking for if you wanna see Peyton Manning finally go down but then. Again it sort of went away in a matter of a couple of weeks. People seem to believe our shots it does not live like people absolutely. Love this guy and when I travel for my day job. And we talked about this before and I talked to people you know at bars and talked of the people that I work with in and around this country. People absolutely love Peyton Manning and it drives me crazy. So that's Hogan or gonna talk about here and we'll talk about the Celtics and Al Horford and Kevin Garnett coming up in a little while. At a lot to say on that as well but until then we'll continue with your phone calls a 6177797. 937. Let's go back out to the phone's gonna Nathan at Nathan's in Coventry Nathan you're next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. Hey Howard it may need that was going on them. I wanna go to talk first about the storm yet on the top that's really where island. We just got it was like a rain wind storm that might opt out of power and only got it would definitely. I'll read it extension. But that has been a lakers fan yeah detonated a much worse yet the heaviest is the real yes this. Yet too late to worry about Eric and luckily it worked too bad yeah but now the pain and I'm not a fan made itself like you. Well it. It was an act immediately when he quit for any app. And he would have a press conferences. When he became doubly certain call and I hate web academic. And they ought. He went and taken arms so he literally caught the team you do it or my team didn't do this from and why couldn't make the plot. Yeah and it does it mean we feel horrible about guy. Well you don't that's right out of LeBron James playbook to a if you listen to LeBron James Post game interviews he never says Al was me it was my dad was always he throws some guy that comes off the bench under the bus every single time or operatives went on. My defenses and do this sort current gets absolutely. So it's like the rule or what you want and not only would I get it it's like. He put the Martha Stewart but I respect Mark Stuart we're gonna tell us. Martha Stewart went to jail and you have more respect for the that I appreciate the phone call Nathan and hopefully this next storm that we got coming up on Monday hopefully that thing passes you by as well. He made he made it easy this time Rhode Island they got no snow. No power but it was he was scared it was different it might happen again weakened with the week but what we eat where you from Rhode OK so. The rain was rough as I I I I three inches in my basement lost power. 48 hours. What that all of that out and look at the tree fell out of the backyard but Clinton of which recently. Leaning down. UT chancellor at the ligament that not only two days but it's Sports Radio. W yeah I was there with the calls gonna doc ducks in New Hampshire docking next appear on late night. Dot. Night potato all the at the dock later I'll go to TJ TJ is in New Hampshire TJ next appear on Sports Radio W yes. They would not run orthopedic. I just wanna say that I'm on the same page issue I hate Peyton Manning eight LeBron James ate all that stupid receding hair loss. There is probably running away from their ugly say. I cannot agree with you more. Listen TJ you wanna have a good laugh when you watched LeBron James is on national TV enough. Take a look at that receding hairline and some nights he paints on his hair and other night it's not there at all. It's amazing it's amazing that they don't insecure these guys are too right two of the best players ever to play their sport and their bowl while the NC York. Absolutely and that's probably because there. Bolton incredibly. So sad sad and I don't know I just can't it be poignant that might point I just do not like. Alice and I appreciate the phone call we get your point you know it's okay we don't like Peyton Manning and I wanted to use that for more people tonight. Because again Peyton Manning in my opinion he gets away with everything. And this guy gets away with a all he got a over the sexual abuse allegations. He got away with the HG eight scandal and he got it now this Papa John's thing where oh I'm gonna sell off my Papa John's locations 31 of them. I'd give him but he announced deal. And help out some young entrepreneur Newark and then like 48 hours later won't take on the NFL we're done. Better football on patent. You know my Brothers you lack I can't stand them any gets away with it every single time meanwhile Tom Brady that guy he can't he can't look the wrong way without being accused of being a cheater. Right people tend not eight. Cannot wait to accuse Tom Brady is something Tom Brady's forty Easterbrook 500 yards in the Super Bowl. I picked is something fishy going on there were Tom Brady. Absolutely he can't be doing this TV twelve met the TV twelve that that is what she is steroids that the people think about Tom Brady there's been no evidence at all. To suggest that bet on has ever done anything like that. But if you listen to people outside of New England what do they say. They absolutely big Tom Brady's doing something a little bit dirty and that's why he's so effective and his an advanced state. You know people cannot wait to pile on the patriots people cannot wait to pile on Tom Brady and Peyton Manning not shots I just I'm just Peyton Manning yeah. Because that's all I'm I paid the guy. I can't stand it I wish you'd go away and now not only is he not gonna go away. He's going to destroy. My ability to enjoy whether it's Thursday night or Monday night whatever network you decide to sign with. I can't watch those games I'll have to turn down a volley because he drives me absolutely. Crazy. Idea let's Peyton Manning in my life and ironically now that he's retired. There's going to be more Peyton Manning in my life. I can't stand that there was a debate on Sports Radio yesterday about whether people. To me in and watch particular games so let's say that you these games on TV and your team isn't playing. Does the broadcast team. Factory into your decision whether you're going to watch the game or not so you don't particularly like the broadcast team would that forced you to tune out of the game. And I've never been somebody like that I always just suck it up of wanna watch the teens a watch the teams. But the thought of listening to Peyton Manning for three hours once a week. Is just too much to bear I don't think let's that the patriots game. I don't think that I'll be able to sit there and enjoy three hours of football listening to our shots Manning putting on that perform at the it's hard enough. To listen to all of these commercials for thirty seconds at a wax on the pizza so we'll meet insurance and that's for sure there's. I can't I can't do it and if he's gonna make me. Watched him on Monday Night Football or Thursday night football yes the broadcast team absolutely. Will be a decision maker for me when it comes to whether I'm gonna watch that game or not I wanna watch Peyton Manning I just don't. It is Sports Radio W yeah let's try adopting New Hampshire one more time doc. What's going on them. Okay not yet okay. Right dog you my man. They are 80. I love Tom Brady obviously doing their. Eight midi in that case. They're great quarterback. Like I had major index surgery. And it came back and period adrenaline kind of drop. It though. You know how it is literally speak attributed to Arnold. Who won't you know he's still wanna. You did an act if you've noticed one thing doc in this whole rant that I've gone on. Not once or by dismissed his his success on the field I think he's a great. Quarterback on the field I'd you know I think that he was also the beneficiary of playing in a dome for most of his career I think that absolutely helped. But I I hate that he was one of the clearly one of the best quarterbacks have to play the game I'm not gonna take that away from him but I cannot stand. How fraudulent I think he is off the field and the fact that people in this country don't see through it people here in this country they embrace that they they literally believe. That he is this our shocks kinda guy and he's not. I don't I know that because I've been around them a better around enough professional athletes over the years Stockton no. That none of these guys are really out shocks truly exceptional hockey hockey players hockey players are the most of real. Athletes as far as. Holding on Sid that their humanity of these guys that don't their egos for the most part don't get out of control the way that NBA players into an NFL players do most hockey guys. Stay pretty grounded. But if you you believe duck do you believe that Peyton Manning really is the guy that he portrays himself that's in all these commercials. I really can't falcon I don't know. That I know how Lee's seat crowd I can you know I. We've talked about this you know it would kind of about profile of an individual that it. Potential act legal activities. You know in the 60s70s. These guys who played for a lot less money displayed because it allowed the rigging gate yeah. Let me edit that only protected by the I hate is I didn't act the right programmer. That that that. We'll use in the Olympics and announces he's broken. You sit system and he said he took it out. Grogan was the most horrible. About exactly why you know gold. Lyrical hammered out the vehicle while. It'd great in long arc made the guys today. Correctly today including Larry it's all. There it is totally different for. Presentation on the whole thing is totally separate. There is a good duck I you know I understand all that and and you know good for you for creating this exercise program for Grogan I'm glad we got two more years aggregate but I gotta say the whole thing. Here is that it's not just that he's his own shots guy. Is that he he's this other shots guy that he portrays right yet our shocks I've been accused of sexual assault our shocks. I get eight Yates brought to my house. Our shots just got to unload 31 pizza franchises and all 48 hours later politically edict the end of bill decides to drop them like no it's not shots. It's people out to see through what a fraud he is that it bothers me to no end. That he gets away with the stuff. And he is not only getting way would that he's being embraced you've got two networks fighting over him right now offering him ten million dollars to do a job he's never done before. You understand the highest paid guy to do this job. Was that. Can't do it. I can't do it was John gruden okay grinning got six and a million dollars last year but he had been doing it for like ten years. So ten years into his broadcasting career doing these football games. He got until a huge contract six and a half million dollars nobody's ever been paid that sort of money before to do this job and now. Because his name is Peyton Manning and people do buy into law shocks on Peyton Manning I love this guy. The networks of fighting over him to the tune of ten million dollars I don't understand it I never will because when I when I watch him when I see him. What are like what are light here would YCIC data to complete fraud now maybe I'm wrong I could be wrong here maybe he is the nicest guy in the world. Eighty Peyton Manning is as genuine as they come and I'm giving him a raw deal. But that's not what I see and it was part of being. A successful sales guide for the last fifteen years right and really climbing the ranks within my company and and doing what I do and doing well. Right part of that. Is being able to identify people and how these people present themselves EU and how I need to present myself to them to get what I need out of them. That is a skill. That is something that you hone that is something that you work on that is something that I'm proud of that I can do and when I look at Peyton Manning maybe I'm profiling him incorrectly I don't know. It's entirely possible because no. I don't know the guy I can't say this from you know personal experience. But let me just say this. This guy has got multiple multiple. Questionable accusations. Brought against him and for what ever reason. The American public is field without the need to let it go and not to pursue it. Meanwhile Tom Brady. That report comes out eleven out of twelve football or two pounds underweight and despite the fact that it was corrected despite the fact that if science is proven otherwise that no he wasn't the fleeting footballs or whatever. It doesn't matter the guy was. Within 48 hours at the foot the fleet hate breaking what happened. He was absolutely. Tried in the court of public opinion and found guilty now here in New England of course we've forgiven him we don't think he's done anything wrong and it's fine. Right but everywhere else the 45 other states that are part of the New England Patriots fan base. They think that this guy's the biggest cheater that ever lived they think he's a condescending. Cocky SOB because he sells now. Whatever sort of 50000 dollar cars and and watches and hugs and everything else that he that he sells he doesn't sell the cheapest most disgusting Pete's on the planet you know if you're getting a pizza I'm sorry but. It's not gonna be Papa John's I don't want Papa John's at a meat puppet John has grossed a Papa Johns now to it's not pizza. Like it's not pizza it's worse than Domino's and that's saying something right. So again. Because he associate but he associates himself of these brands. That most of America can identify with most of America can't identify. With the watches Hackwear watches and the cars that Tom Brady. It's paid to endorse. They just hand the odds boots that he gets paid to endorse people in middle America absolutely cannot identify with that so the only concrete for. Many many reasons both on and off the field. And people can identify with trying to save money on insurance and people can identify with. You know buying average pizza everything else that Peyton Manning endorses but when you look a little bit deeper into Peyton Manning to meet. I see a guy that has got away with a he's a complete fraud I don't want him endorsing my product. And the fact that America doesn't see through the oh shucks I'm Peyton Manning stuff. Absolutely blows my mind because I think that this country is smarter than that I would like to hope that this country is smarter than that but then. I don't know we elected Donald Trump it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy we come back we'll take up more of these calls on Peyton Manning. And we continue talking about the storm coming up at 11 o'clock hour we'll talk about the Celtics and their win tonight on the road in Minnesota at oak what are you know what do you know. Al Horford he came through with another big game it is Sports Radio W yeah. The university needs tone. You can win the hearts of Americans were. Via check in Poland can actually good. While expect a you got a lot of those that fidelity. You can do all right well it is Sports Radio at W guide as late night I am Patrick Gilroy number to reach us here this evening 6177797. 937 detects the program at 37937. Follow me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy. On who continuing our discussion. Centered around mr. Peyton Manning who once again did something that I consider pretty damn shady I don't ovitz criminal or not I don't know enough about. Insider trading or or going insider secrets when it comes to selling off franchises I don't know amok at a pretend to go. I have no problem admitting when I don't know something but what I do know is that it sounds a little shady to me and if I were involved in this financially. I wouldn't feel very comfortable with the situation. At hand I just would not. So again to recap. Peyton Manning owned 31 I say owned because he sold them he owned 31. Papa John's you know the world's greatest pizza. He owns 31 Papa John's locations. In an around the Denver area. 48 hours ago he sold those 31 Papa John's locations in 48 hours later what happens. The NFL dumped. Papa John's as the official pizza. All of the NFL and to me. That absolutely reeks of Peyton Manning knowing that Papa was gonna get dropped. And him unloading before he lost additional value there because having an association with the NFL clearly. Gives pop up a little bit more value right absolutely Papa John's became. Absolutely famous over the years became. Much more well known that and it was before through it has its association with both Peyton Manning. And the NFL and still lose the NFL. Absolutely hurts the value. Of the Papa John's name the Papa John's franchise. And what happens to be admitting absolutely nothing there's two networks fighting over Peyton Manning right now. Both willing to give him upwards of ten million dollars making him the highest paid guy ever to call and an appellate. Just blows my mind because it's another one of these situations were Peyton Manning is absolutely. Done something a little bit shady here sit out a recap you've got Peyton Manning doing this whole thing with a Papa John's franchise as yet the sexual assault. Allegations brought up a couple of years back about Peyton Manning going all the way back to his days at Tennessee. Right then you've got Peyton Manning getting the HGH said to his house. Right around the same time that he came back from the neck injury and had all I don't know the greatest season a quarterback has ever had in the history of the lead right all of that. And people still managed to look the other way. There are no allegations of Peyton Manning being a cheater Peyton Manning won't have an asterisk next whose name nor are people calling for gastric knicks whose name when he goes to the hall of fame. Peyton Manning is widely considered the best quarterback ever to play the game outside of New England. That's the way people feel about people love. This whole oh shucks attitude. You know the whole thing with my brother my father we just commanding lead it never I never bought into it. I've never been able to to embrace it. Meanwhile people around this country love it in this whole thing with Papa John's is just another black mark against Peyton Manning that nobody's gonna pick up on. Nobody's going to care and people are going to tune in to these NFL games to watch Peyton Manning because people love the guy. And today to compare and contrast that to what we watched Tom Brady go through here in New England blows my mind. Because people hate Tom Brady outside New England people. What Tom Brady to be accused of cheating people wanted Tom Brady to be found guilty of cheating outside of New England they wanted to see the demise of the great Tom Brady meanwhile people just book the other way. Every single time Peyton Manning. Does something shady it just blows my mind that we're still in the world where Peyton Manning can continue to get away with all this crap even though he's no longer. An NFL football player so it's not even like you can say that all he's gonna go win the game on Sunday don't. He's got nothing to do would that be longer and still. People don't care it looked the other way they love this guy and the networks love this guy to the tune of making him the highest paid broadcaster. Ever to do it NFL football game. It blows my mind it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night that go to the phones ego a good machine machines in Boston shape you're next up here on the night. I Patrick. I'm glad I got on him on the air and let us Wilson. Well you know because when I'm down at number act and act on route 93 though I'd like to know the responsibility you have on late. You'll see that in common Ireland buy the ticket item and then. Incumbent on the ground game good win but indeed you got it at all. Night you outscored twenty seconds flat in the game good game that's not injured not Celtic. Now I want to get them doubly not what you. And you know there. I didn't get at the end of play and now lives I liked but I want to watch it live but it looks like you and round and broke his neck what happened. So quick update here he did look up under his own power. But it looks like officially we know that he's been diagnosed with a concussion. That's the the extent of an injury that we know of right now. Oh the Celtics may get lucky he made it very lucky here because he was able to get up and walk off you would like to think that. There's nothing broken his back is broken his neck isn't broken hopefully. It'll just be some sort of contusion or bruise that he can recover from relatively quickly. Well then Peyton Manning right yet. A lot of people and he amateur this happened yet ballots started building his resume. As and it felt great. I. Not I wouldn't she okay irrigated body inflated and see if anybody is it yeah. And Jackie and the NFL and he lived on. You know I know from seventh eighth grade on the ground in a coaches will or should there dot. And that was back in the. Either starting quarterback in Tennessee. And gone Vienna bout them one overall draft that he used. Right yet. And you know I read the whole report of where he put his back. On the traders say laws he was working on them and all that acknowledges it got. And and you know a guy I don't want to listen to gain with in hockey in. And you don't dot. Dubbed the M and a bronze airline is the most ridiculous things at all. It is added. Dole mud. Udall the comeback I'd and it had been under I. I appreciate the vocalist and thrice weekly get home from the game already been one fender Bender but I've. And not let it get the accident and and at the LeBron on that because I get that hole. Being with the airline beautiful four hours and examining LeBron James airline and how would it doesn't Asbury season this season. It buries night tonight sometimes he feels like PT and is headed there other nights he just doesn't get around to it it's hilarious watching the bronze eons. And it's airline. Fluctuate from being a full head of hair to absolutely nothing at all and everywhere in between. At a game to game basis like watch the cavs played back to back games and I promise you. From a Tuesday or Wednesday night LeBron James is Carolyn will be drastically different from one night. To the next that is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy. Sticking with a calls let's go to an 88 in New Hampshire Nate you're next up you're a Sports Radio W yet. I have my own book. It Manning are there. Many ingredients are there and the first or want to address where the reason why. Really appreciate green I think you know a few things he endorses a quality product so I have no problem so be given that. And more than anything like he one of the colors that. He wasn't like some of the Opel all players that play can they wanna play. Either new player right now. He can retire. He totally. Set for life with this way the united mine they have all of them. He didn't need to be doing what he wants to and he's doing when he goes to his body because. He wants to be given what he's doing. Nate see your point to your point his wife is asked him. Each of the last two off seasons to walk away and retired he's he's said no I wanna keep playing your absolutely right about that. There that you love what he's doing. He's one of those players that is but you might be crippled by the time you leave so all you can keep doing that quality. He does and you know I. We get him let that go right you can't let it go. But your absolutely right he does he endorses a ton of terrible products. And that it tells me that he doesn't he doesn't really confident about what he endorses and that's fine because he's that he makes a lot of money doing and whatever that's what he wants to do that that's what he wants to do. My point with Peyton Manning is. Again in this world what we don't trust anybody in this world where nobody gets the benefit of the doubt and in this meet two world weary at the moment. Somebody is even suspected of any sort of sexual abuse. It's over for that person. I mean will get into this later in the program but it's not a Mark Cuban leader Mark Cuban has now been accused of sexual assault and if you read. The assault. Accusation against him. It's pretty disturbing to a Mark Cuban being at a bar in 2011. And reaching his hand down the front of a woman's jeans and inserting his finger in tour. Like I don't think he's got to get away at that I think Mark Cuban is is starting to see the beginning of the end. And you look at him he's got a lot to lose the Dallas Mavericks the whole thing was shark tank this entire Mark Cuban brand that he's built. He stands to lose. A lot. And in this me too world I don't think that he's got to get away with a I think that the NBA is very conscious all of its image more so than maybe any other league out there right now and you saw how quickly. These deteriorated for the clippers. And narrower. The the difference here is when this happened the clippers and their owner in the the whole thing without racism. What happened it was all caught on audiotape it was all recorded so we got the theory. And ultimately that's why things deteriorated so quickly for him in that situation. Right when it comes to Mark Cuban unless there's a video him shoving his hand on this Coleman's pants then it's gonna take awhile. But it's not the first time before with just the mavericks organization. That was accused. Of having. Of allowing this sort of culture and reading the so again in the meat to world I don't think mark Cuban's gonna get away with it but Peyton Manning. Has gotten away with a lot over the years and he continues to skate. On everything that he gets accused and he's been accused of things that run again when you look at the accusations against Peyton Manning right you gotta look at. Look at the sexual assault allegations from his days back at Tennessee. Well that's a sexual assault allegation. Look at the eight G-8 delegation that was coming up towards the end of his career is it really cool we incidents that he retired justice that accusation was breaking. Really that that's a coincidence right no it's not. He knew what he was doing you've probably tipped off that story was coming out so we got to headed by retiring. But anyways that besides the point so now he's accused of sexual assault and taking steroids. Skates on both of those fronts. And now the whole thing with a Papa John's franchise is unloading those franchises in 48 hours later the NFL officially cutting ties with the Papa John's brand. Again now we have somebody who's got low morals bad ethics whatever you wanna call whether it's a crime or not I don't know. I don't know enough about it somebody called Gilani show earlier today. And vehemently denied the that was a crime so let's just go with that is a factory now because I don't know. Regardless. It certainly sounds a little shady to me so that willful. Absolutely it does so now that's three. Pretty major things he's been accused of better three wildly different things they're not similar so this guy is a bad guy all around is what it sounds like yet people continue. To flock to him sponsors continue to flock to him people in the middle America continue. To love this guy they do they love him it would Eli Archie they love the whole family and they really they want to believe that this family is. This wholesome goodness type of family but they're not. And neither budget criminals a bunch of bad guys. They can we it would a lot because they pull off this whole old shocks being. You know we're just here to have a good time it cost the pigskin around like that's. The image that they portray and people in this country want to buy it so that you do. And I guess I. I have never bought into a never bought into the Peyton Manning image the Peyton Manning brand. I was would hope that one of these accusations finally brings him down. But I don't think it's gonna happen it hasn't happened yet. And that hasn't happened yet I don't think there's any reason to believe it's gonna happen. At any point in the future it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Diane Patrick Gilroy room for you guys tonight. At 6177797937.