Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Sox offense continuing to struggle; Do you trust Alex Cora? 6-21-18

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Thursday, June 21st
Hour 1: Patrick Gilroy answers calls about the Red Sox loss to the Twins for the second time in two nights. Gilroy ponders possible additions to the lineup and wonders whether the Red Sox fans can trust Alex Cora to right the ship offensively. 

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How will Cora. Help this team bounce back how he handled the adversity that he's about to start pacing here for the first time. All season. Is he equipped is he capable as a rookie manager to it to sort of make it through what's going to be what I think is a difficult couple weeks report. Because this team not only of the losing games. They're losing games the teams they should be I'm sorry for the twins this another example obeyed that baseball team the twins improved to 33 and 37. On the season so. I'm sure they'll be Red Sox fans with the excuses I'm shortly Red Sox fans accusing me of overreacting. But I don't care and that's our job a year right and that's what we have to do and that's what they paint need to do to coming here and to react to what I just saw and unfortunately. What I've seen over the last couple weeks is becoming a trend for this Red Sox team and they don't have. Sort of the power off the bench anymore you know this is where we talked about a couple weeks ago they were showing signs. Of a sputtering offense and I questions. The decision to dia ping him Ramirez and I took a lot of crap for from you guys. Not saying that Hanley Ramirez is the guy that would've turned this thing around offensively but at least Hanley wood and other options. Another viable option to come in and potentially give this team. A lit even if it's a lift for just the game were to. He was still somebody that hit for hit for power at six home runs at the time that he was the F aid those six home runs came in the first month of the season. He's always been a streaky hitter. He's never gonna give you the thirty and one tend to look at four but I think he was still capable giving you twenty to 25 and seventy to eighty. RBI and the Red Sox right now look like a team that could certainly use a guy that's capable of giving them that sort of pop. And they had that guy here they let him go there's all kinds of questions now surrounding him Ramirez why aren't other teams all that interest in picking them up. Is there a larger story in play with Hanley Ramirez but that's. I guess water under the bridge. Because this team's gonna have to go well there and use the assets that they really don't have and I think add another bat or two to give this team some depth and so when they go through. Struggles like this and they will continue to have struggles like this baseball season. Is full of these ebbs and flows and it's all about the teams that are able to come back from this and how they come back from this and how Long Will it take this Red Sox team. The turn things around offensively as certainly being getting back to Fenway. Will be a step in the right direction. This road trip has been brutal for the Red Sox team. And I'm sure they'll look to find a way to get a win tomorrow afternoon get back here and despite all the problems on the road trip. If the re able to get a win tomorrow they come back 500 on the trip which isn't great but it's not all that bad it's not terrible. You get back to Fenway and you start right the ship. The question I have for you guys tonight at 6177797937. Is the confidence they're for you guys when it comes to the manager. And Alex core. Or is it time to start questioning him a little bit is he sort of fair game forty give him the year be given the year as a a bit of a grace period. To get. A season under his belt and take the pressure off a little. I think I would like to be able to say give him the year he deserves the year unfortunately because of the ways that the contracts are set up on this team. They don't have the luxury of waiting a year. They don't have the luxury of saying okay you know this is a year where chorus gonna feel out the team it's a feeling out process for the city the team in the manager and welcome back next year with all that additional knowledge. And even better. They don't have that luxury because. Of the contractual situation all the stars on this team. This team is built to win now this team is you know built to win this year and next year then after that there's a lot of question marks. On guys that are huge contributors to this team. Both on the pitching staff. And on the offensive side of the ball so what does this team do. Is corps the right guided to sort of turn this thing around as Alex Cora faces adversity relief for the first time since becoming manager. All of the Boston Red Sox. Is your confidence level high that core is the guy that can effectively turn this thing around. Get their offense back to where once was and get this Red Sox team back on track because right now they are backsliding. Right now they find themselves two games behind the Yankees in the AL east. Yankees are seven and three in their last ten. And this Red Sox team five and five in their last and the losing ground in the AL east and in a competition like this we're bowl teams. But off to such a good starts a year. Two games seems like it could become for very quickly. Things can change your very quickly for the Red Sox this is not a surprise that things can change very quickly for the Red Sox especially with the Yankees having those additional gains and they're gonna have to play. And I think that played for fewer games than the Red Sox right now because all their rain outs. So while their two games up there is an opportunity different even extend that lead even further. With the Red Sox sitting idle it's not a great position for the Red Sox to be in the good news here. Is that the road trip is almost over and things tend to get. A lot better when they make their way back to Fenway Park to make their way back to Boston following tomorrow's game tomorrow afternoon at target field. That wraps up not only the series but Rhett about wraps up the road trip. Your Boston Red Sox sodas Sports Radio W yeah aidid's late night. I am Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls on the Red Sox and on the manager is Alex Cora equipped to deal of what's coming soon because for the first time. As it in his tenure I think and as manager of the Boston Red Sox he's gonna start to feel a little bit of heat. And this thing continues for the next week ten days he's gonna start to feel a lot of peace. You know we know what we do here to managers in Boston we know what we do it to guys in Boston whether it's managers players coaches it doesn't really matter. If there are high expectations. You're not meeting the expectations. We edgy year and all Cora has to do is look to his left. And asked David Price how he feels about you guys and how he feels about us and our opinions I think core is much better equipped when it comes to. And killing us and handling the media handling the fans. But ultimately here it's got to be kind of interesting at least on my part. To watch how Cora handles adversity for the first time this season we'll take your phone calls on you Red Sox start the show. Put this thing over the Celtics in the NBA draft coming up in the 1 o'clock hour until then load him up at 6177797937. Any Sports Radio at W yeah it's late night Patrick Gilroy U reading guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. Talking about your reds on to 6177797937. Detects the program at 37. 93 sevenths you finally on Twitter Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy. On hoops talking mainly about this Red Sox team is they've gone five and five. In their last ten and a more telling number is that their offense and how it's just gone so abysmally. Dry Euro the last couple weeks this team hitting just 163. With runners in scoring position. Over the last few weeks talking about that with you guys that 6177797. 937. I would love to go to the calls to mind most here to go to the calls is missing some and ask you picking up on that David Florida while I find the most over here today did you first appear on. I'm W yeah. Analysts aren't all right hello David was an amendment or actually in morning. You. Went right now I believe it is generally that's when I'm on the air because I don't you know this if you're aware that they put the real talent on after midnight. At the national equality and now they might. Become a little higher. Questionable you. The probably get in the beauty rest of you seen. How beautiful guys like that Glen or weigh in the Maloney army he's a good looking men so they get their beauty rest. So much listening right now says it will be there. And tell you a six minute that's six minute top. Look what I'm looking book. It begins and and he begins. Yeah. And we're right on target my heart my big pileup skepticism about the cynicism. And I mean. I said it before and I just I don't believe in cork and epic got off to a great start. Partly overwhelmingly because except for the players but pitching staff has been very open very. Solid so far. That that happened on a part a couple of weeks he would do but also. Detroit Chicago. And the motivation then position of what 78 and a look at all. Well David let me ask you this see you said you mentioned chorus and and I guess he said that you haven't had faith in him since the first started so what is it about core that you don't like specifically. He he lacks certain that he lacks the experience. And he does not have a good feel my opinion put the intricacies of the game went and chase when the pulpit when the polar pitcher. Went into Iran. I mean she popped that Boston is not quite for a rookie manager. And actually. I just you know it's not well it would evaluate them I mean you have a player that we're doing a great job so far. I just don't see I don't see how he did. Benefited augmented in the news that caught supplement their players' performances. David but don't don't dance around that you just said it's not too early to evaluate our I mean yeah you mean to fire him right is that we are saying. All in all I would hold up that's considered a you know it's easy there yet article I've rabbani's. You know you know I let you know so much versatility. Offensively. And I mean there's no excuse but not remote should be popping at least one game there in Iran. Well there's there's so much versatility is so much speed on this. And I mean. Just very very frustrating and bad actors ordered us answers there's a proper it's slipped my mind up. Listen David I appreciate the call in and look to bring up some good points there but I will say this symbol will breakdown that versatility that he talks so much about. On the offensive side coming up a little bit later in the program because he had this team is the very talented offensively however they are not. The wait at their lineup is sort of set and structured. Is a problem right now. And they're so top heavy rain they've got guys like bits and Martinez and an attendee these guys are great hitters are carrying the load. But then when he dropped down to the bottom of the water side yard and Eduardo Nunez baskets Jackie Bradley junior these guys are essentially. Almost guaranteed out right now they're just huge holes in that line up so short the numbers looked good. And you know offensively they are there are some dynamic and talented players on this team absolutely. You legitimately have a couple of MVP type candidates offensively performing for this team right now movie that's an Martinez right. You cannot rely on those guys a 100% of the time and at some point here the bottom of the order is gonna have to come through with some. Variation of consistency you know I don't expect him to all be great but they can't beat this abysmally cannot continue to be this bad. Expect this team to continue to score runs and win games at the clip in the pace that they had to start the season and remember going into the season. The Yankees with a consensus favorite to win the AL east and the Red Sox. Quite frankly you don't were not they were expected to be part of the conversation aspect expected to be in the conversation. But the start of the Red Sox got up to here that was just an incredible start and yet to ask yourself. Is that sustainable for a team that's got guys at the bottom of the York they're order like Nunez and ask isn't JBJ immunity and you. Consistently continue to score enough runs to win games. And to sort of staying neck and neck with the Yankees when you've got guys in your line up on an everyday basis that have become. Guaranteed outs right now it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy where for you guys tonight a 6177797. 937 also coming up a little bit later in the program I do have to mention this because it's always a fun day. For me when when this happens and it's happened now. Eight times. In my life but the the trailer for creed two came out today which is essentially is rocky eight. And for those of you guys that are Iraqi fans. A lot of people will say that their favorite one was verses drive though in the Russian. And this brings all of that back aren't so now you're gonna have creed fighting about drug with sun and it's going to be. The United States and Russia it's going to be so much fun. And they released that trailer today comes on Thanksgiving so I do. 10 my the only person left that that is hoping that there are some boxing scenes in this movie. With a seven year old Sylvester Stallone going out there in the rocky shorts doing something. Because at least didn't in the creek one so I was out their training and actively boxing and he saw some. Versions some variation. Of Rocky Balboa in the ring and without rocky doings some sort of fighting without at least a miniature. Training montage that's got. Elbow and that that's got sort of that rocky feel to it. I don't know it's gonna be all right with me but I am excited Iraqi eight creed two would you wanna call it. It's a good year movie wise for me when I get to go to the movies. And seen Sylvester Stallone bring backed Iraqi character again some excited about that. Wondering about the only got excited about rocky eight creed two is Sports Radio WEEI. It is late night I am Gilroy talking Red Sox have you guys back up to the phones ego let's go to Mike Mike's in north Providence might do next appearance fourth radio W yeah. I like Patrick yeah you know I mean am I I actually like core man I agree or some decision but at. For example the guards as he means what they're separate certain in the league in that column and the majors and don't be using and that took some injuries are you sure. You know he's using that as quickly he'd better use on more crucially however. And honestly more than Eagles did when he was here for the most court. Is that it's on Ukraine where I do think that. They're gonna roll Internet it would become a big strumming on this team has been a terrible prolonged time. And another victory car. I he equally the editors anymore all occurred out of their professional golf. These guys wait too many fundamental blunders brought coldest it could. With the new caught. Domenica it was definitely a turning point in the game like when you look at the core it's too early for me to judge him I think he's on a really good job. In certain aspects of the game in and look when you come. In the boss any take over team like this. With no managerial experience I mean that that's well a big weight on your shoulders. And I think he's handled that weight incredibly well to start the season my only is sort of thing to say here is. I'm curious to watch how he responds now because things haven't gone well it's about a two week stretch and this team is coming back to Fenway this weekend. And if they're unable to sort of turn a corner get their offense going again at least in the next homestand. It's gonna get ugly around here a little while for core and I am to be very curious to see how he handles that adversity for the first time since becoming a Major League manager. Why among our group of them in Vermont where in certain that we're not topic burger. I am march. They're just let it. Now it's displayed even relate. You know Lleyton getting ahead. Whenever there's not anybody on rates. And lately had in the inning hit and our people on. RBIs this guy. Is on the top RBIs and a baseball you know that team issue is going to or opt out right now. I think that coral you know come to be in the bench coach or World Series. Kind of knows the way even even the teams that went out. Have their bad spot and ease chronic addicts get. If they were not generating any to begin with I'd be worried. But what's happening right now righteous you know it don't look like a little call of like you know bullies right now where. They just you know they're not quite. Clicking OK that's. I'd rather. Yeah agent agency in the past like a couple years barrel. Where what they went eleven games Guerrero and that they eat people up there ought wag. And then get rolled opposing it were huge up and downs those downs came at the wrong time under our that it yet this is that way. In the end with Cora as long as he gets these guys that position. Was there rolling into the policies ought a lot of momentum and there are all orchid. And their heads are on right and that team is generally LP which is he's used the long week for example that keep that the pictures tell. He's taking like below a lot of people exhale. And people like court so also hope we see that they're going to be pressure these are things or crap like under the radar right now. I think that technically big dividend by the pain at all so I'm. Mike it's a good point and look we've seen what happens to Chris Sale when he's overworked over used at the end of the season he's not the same guy and if this Red Sox team is going to experience. Post season success at the level in which we think that they're capable of you're absolutely right you're gonna need to see the best out of Chris Sale the best out of guys like recourse LO so to great point but my counterpoint to that is gonna get their first. And right now I'm sorry but this team. Finds themselves two games behind the Yankees in the AL east and this team is finally bite until struggling offensively. Without that dominant offense they're they're playoff berth that you talk so confidently about. Is not a guaranteed thing and you know if you consider the wild card round for wild card game a playoff berth and fine. Right the plane game I guess technically that's a playoff game but. How disappointing would it be. For all of Red Sox Nation if that was the extent of the Red Sox playoff run this year they play in the playing game and they lose and it's over. Ed that's not going to be acceptable. Not for this team not this payroll not with the level of talent that this team has got. Unfortunately. Right now the their offense is struggling so bad and it's struggling specifically at the bottom of the order. And chorus gonna have to do something here to shake up that line up. The problem is when he looks over shoulder to the bench. There isn't much to bear the sort of pick from and do something to shake up this lineup a little bit I'm confident that he will because he doesn't strike me as somebody. That's gonna sit back and let these things just play out in the long term. He's more of an action first type a guy and that's one of the things that I like about him where I felt like Farrell was content to just sit back and wait for things to magically improve. And generally a baseball game of these long ebbs and flows things do improve. But core is up to week for the at a Hewlett chorus gonna take some action here and and be an aggressive manager and that's what we've seen from him thus far one of the reasons why I like him. You know he's he is and an aggressive manager Annie is one of these young guys it's gonna a true feel for the game. And I didn't a lot of credit for that. But adversity in Boston is a different dynamic it is a different thing it is different than. Feeling adversity you know with the Astros or feeling university in Kansas City or even with the Dodgers out there and LA it's a very relaxed atmosphere. Compared to what it is here in Boston and while. The fever surrounding the Red Sox may not be at the at the level that once once you know last night we took a budget calls talking about sort of this Malays that the Red Sox are in when it comes to fan interest right. Well it may not be nearly as dramatic as it was 2003200420072013. It would not at that level yet. But this is still one of the most if not the most intense baseball market in the country. And going through. Mid seasons trouble here like this team is doing if they don't break themselves out of it relatively quickly here Gore's got to learn. All about what it's like to have the pressure of winning in Boston it's been a sort of a storybook start premier big enough to this distort literally a historically great start. So he comes into this job would all this pressure on on his shoulders. And instead of feeling that the wheat from day one he felt this giant sense of relief because this team. Was wildly successful from day one. And breaking all kinds of winning records in the first month of the season things going exceptionally well here for guys like Martinez who came to Boston. As a power guy but win many many many questions surrounding him. Was he one of these superstars that was gonna come to Boston. And be unable to perform was he more a flash in the pan type a guy who had that incredible stretch last year of power the backup of the season. Always that's something that was not gonna be carried into this year but he is exceeded all expectations smoky that has really matured. As a player in his east 100% living up to his offensive capabilities. All these things have happened here. Which have given this team that incredible lift to start the season but now that's over. Right they've had to rely on that lift and that padding that they had their because of their incredible start to get through these stretches. But now five and five you know 500 baseball's not gonna cut. Hitting 163. With runners in scoring position over the last two weeks is not gonna cut it. Not taking advantage of your pitchers going out there and giving you good performances like Chris Sale has done consistently. And that given him absolutely zero. Offensive run support. And I hate to come to the defense to David Price. But David Price has been really great over the last six weeks and today he went out there he wasn't great but he was certainly good enough to win. And giving him just one run of run support it's not good enough. You're not always gonna get these dominant performances. From you starting pitchers and when you do get good at winning performances you must capitalize on them. This team is fighting themselves unable to capitalize and and take advantage. Of the situations that they're pitchers have put them at. The recipe for disaster in the long term hopefully we'll get back to Fenway and turn this thing around sooner rather than later it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy Rodriguez tonight at 6177797937. It is 80 it was a great at the moment could just carry the momentum was lost to us. Through names so. Lower growth hormone I don't mean to. When you do when a man. David Price right there saying all the right things in the post game day. I thought maybe it come off as a petulant child today but you didn't he came up and said all the right things and clearly clearly more concerned about righting the ship for his team. Then him taking. The Los here tonight in the game that you know he wasn't great but he certainly pitched. Well enough to get the week is Sports Radio WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy would you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. Starting off Red Sox you're taking your Red Sox calls 6177797937. Is this team is really hit. The Schneider a little bit here really for the first time all season long. Where it's been a prolonged stretch we're now entering. You know two week stretch here where this team has been unable to. Hit the ball consistently. Unable to take advantage of runners in scoring position tonight leaving seven guys on base you know it's getting frustrating year. Not only for us here is Red Sox fans but I'm sure for the players as well. And this is what you see in happens at all sports all the time. We watched it happened to the Celtics in game seven against the cavaliers. When shots stopped falling everybody starts aiming and pressing and it becomes. Sort of uncomfortable to watch. Because everybody's out of their natural flow and that's what's happened in the Red Sox offense here they are pressing they are trying too hard they're all thinking about it here. The unity one of those days to come back to Fenway coming up this weekend. It's been a beautiful 85 degree day and one of those days with a baseball is fly. This team breaks out for you know 1012 runs and before you know it they turn this offense around because it's contagious the other way as well. But they desperately need to break out of this slump at the rim offensively otherwise. You know the Yankees continue to win here this two game deficit could become four or five games very very quickly and because the Yankees have played four fewer games in the Red Sox. That four or five game potential beat becomes. That much more difficult to overcome the Yankees have got sort of disadvantage now these games in hand that there are gonna have an opportunity to play. So at the end of the season if the Red Sox are done playing games and you know they're tied with the Yankees. Yankees have more games to play at that point and the ability to overtake. The Red Sox when you look at the the teams back situation but the Red Sox are in two games behind the Yankees you also to take into consideration the fact that the Yankees. Have got to ladies make up games here and have additional opportunities to extend that lead in the Elise that now stands. At two games sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late and I am Patrick Gilroy room for you guys tonight talk and Sox 6177797. And 937 back up the phones we go. Let's go to Steve Steve's in Miami Steve next appearance Sports Radio the BEI. Automatic. What's going on its. Well. You know it's. Called you'd mentioned. I wanna talk about him that matters to me I don't I don't let it like I would be good. I don't know two countries in ink and interest in. All opportunities. All the water. You know of course he amnesty if they because of Dustin Pedroia. I don't know who's saying that it brought back quickly or whatever and we don't know. I'll think about it he's gonna come back and Ali will be when he comes back because right now. It be that they have the old left in Pretoria in the lineup but. It's going to be interesting to see what it because we all know that they don't have a deep. Launching them. And the flawed system that they had orders slowed. Art what made by an eight game suspension charm and long. I'll shoulder surgery. I think Tommy John hugely. Laura it's up pitching prospects are going to be very anxious if you rotate and do about our strong she beat that you. I thought something on That date will probably try to go out bright and I don't see how they're being Mexico is gone quiet. A lot of eat yeah it gets together spending as we get a lot because she signed a two out like as a mate I'll. Which is evil because when the market goes out it usually watching. As almost like. And you know him. Essentially you're out here are absolutely gotten Cabrera. As a song he was not in the evolved into. Excellent it is great. Relief pitcher but I just don't see how they can pull up situation. At hand I think they might have. Go to tech guy. Wants to. As a like a lot. Point something ERX. And then Kyle dark out there and you know let Matt go floor under the radar at the pictures. I mean it's it's like. But offensively I don't know what they don't you know that this I don't know after I guess there and a great part about Jim don't get all of. Joseph Lowry he's he's he's rumored to be yet potentially available in the Red Sox are interest it. I think your comment line here's says bring Stanley back is is that something that you. Really think that this team would even consider doing Steve. I don't not Newt constrain it let. Without a doubt all they can start to everything and while I was told by your producer or partly why we embrace him go to keep. I guess he has some issues. The other submissions sent out a market and I'm not gonna speculate I know put it this way Steve I've heard from friends that covered the team. That the issues are significant and their off field problems. That he and some of his family members may have been. Sort of involved in and it would certainly explain why no other teams have taken a chance autumn when you think about. The fact that he still a serviceable player as you know at least that he's somebody that the Red Sox are still paying. He still has power there reply you seem so there sort of on the fringe of these playoff races especially with. There's this wild card round and at the plate in game. That you you mean to tell me that there isn't a team out there they could use at least that yet. Of course there is but there's something else going on with him their merry is in his personal life that is scaring teams away. And I'll take one don't think there's no way I'm going to start well. Got going after our core I mean it's not out of school this fall as. Possibly the biggest disappointment on this team of sluggish you're Jackie Bradley junior. You and I could almost maybe it as much as he has. And right now. I am nick baker get plugged nickel and ambiguities. Taken up you make it possible trade talks and our. All of you so I can't leg chloroform. Pedroia bringing out four. Bradley being bought a New Year's even about being in Newton as he was 181 game last year. You're right Steve and I don't think BO blaming Corey is is sort of but that course of action here and I certainly don't think that that's what we've done in the first hour of the programs that if it's come off that way. That's not the way that I mean it look it's it's not about assigning blame here but it's about for me when it comes to Cora. I'm gonna be fascinated watching how he handles the adversity. That's what I'm interested in seeing the storyline that plays out there how does he handle the first time since coming to the Red Sox. As their manager as a rookie manager as a team that's gotten World Series expectations aspirations and hopes how does he handle adversity from the media and from the fans for the first time all season long. Because when he got here this team that up to such a historically great start it didn't matter it was irrelevant they were so good. The court just got to sit back and sort of soak it all in. So there was no adversity in April and may and the start up cute but there is going to be now especially this five and five stretch in the last ten. So returns into it's an intense stretch over twenty. If you get to that point over the next week week and a half there's absolutely going to be fans getting angry fans getting pissed off and I don't blame them at that point. Because something's gonna have to happen here to shake up this lineup again you know bit the offense isn't. Necessarily. The problem here that they're gifted offensively they lead the majors in runs their number two in the league in runs right now. That give offense overall is not the problem the problem is. The one night is so off balance in my opinion again you know you've got guys in that lineup but the all clustered in the guys that are hitting are hitting. Damn well and the guys that aren't hitting unfortunately. Are clustered up at the bottom of that lineup so there's nothing consistent. Going through that line up. And that equates to two guys being left on base at a furious pace and a feverish pace and that's what's happened here over the last ten games today's just your latest example. With nine guys left on base seven guys in scoring position. And their unable to drive any of those guys home and tonight was not an aberration tonight was not a one off. That's been the prime reason why this team has gone in the tank offensively. Guys are getting on base for the most part they're just unable to drive them home. And it's because that line at the sell off balance. Yell you know when you reach the bottom third of that line up if you are decent and competent pitcher. It doesn't make a difference he get guys on on a second and third of wanna it doesn't matter because this team on the bottom third of that lineup they're not even at a you know drive been a guy with a with a sacrifice fly everything they seemed to be doing right now offensively. Specifically the bottom third of that order is wrong. And their in this horrific stretch that's dragging down the rest of the lineup offensively and it's incredibly frustrating if you want to last night's. Team and you watched in tonight's game you could see it on the faces of some of these players now. It's not only frustrating for us as fans to watch it. It's going to be killing these guys knowing that they're giving up these golden opportunities to drive in runs. And win games against these teams that they should be beating and beating with ease that's the other part of this we barely even talked about tonight. But these teams that they are losing to in this road trip these are not good baseball teams in the twins are 33 and 37 team right now. And they've won two consecutive games against your Red Sox. It's not a good look for the Red Sox team. To continue to struggle against these teams that they should be beating and should be beating sort of handle that this should be an opportunity for. This team to be able to take a bit of a breather and win these games or at least win series you know Europe the win all three to win two out of three consistently. And your team's gonna be damn good at the end of the year. And they've been unable to do that now it's up to this team and reports LO tomorrow to go while they're tomorrow afternoon. And it's an afternoon start. You're on WB yeah I interrupted while they're tomorrow and try to salvage the final game this series even come back to this ten game road trip as a 500 road trip. You look at the competition they face in the road trip. I mean it's a joke they should've won at least seven or eight out of ten. Out of at these games they should. When you look at the pitchers that they had going when you look at the talent that got in the field and you look at the opposition. There is no excuse for coming back four and six or 55. Best case scenario. It's a joke for this team. The good news is. Yeah they've got plenty of time the baseball season is a never ending season and because these ebbs and flows today's panic could become you know tomorrow's joy. And that's sort of the way that that baseball warts. But for me anyways if this team loses tomorrow afternoon. And we're sitting here sort of after the game talking about the game and then leading up to the NBA draft trying to fill a couple of hours. I promise you the phone calls start coming in tomorrow the frustration is gonna start to build tomorrow and a lot of it. Whether it's right or wrong a lot of it's gonna be pointed at core. How does Cora bounces back how does he handle that adversity for the first time since becoming the manager of the Red Sox that's the story that I wanna watch that's the story that I want to fall I wanna see how Alex Cora response to all this. Because that's gonna tell us a lot about the type of manager that he is now. And the type of manager that he's going to be for the long term here because I believe that this ownership and I believe that this leadership group. In Boston right now with the Red Sox they want this guy here. For a long time he's a player's manager he's the guy that they targeted he's the guy they wanted any is a complete 180 from John Farrell. So how does he handle the handle it better than Farrell did. To be very very very very interesting to see how this rookie manager is able to handle this adversity and the attention the negative attention. That's going to be focused on this Red Sox seem if they're unable to turn things around offensively it's Sports Radio. WEEI one hour down one aisle were to go here on late night. We come back we'll continue with you got additional Red Sox not by all means we can continue to arkansans have you guys. But we will talk a little bit more about the NBA draft is that is on the horizon coming up. Tomorrow night you wanna check out Sports Radio WEEI tomorrow around seven Mike and Nancy that you draft special year. I'll get you guys sort of your pre game so to speak for that draft special the Celtics as of right now. The media continuing to tweet you get guys like Ryan Priscilla tweeting right now. Jared Weis tweeting tonight Kevin O'Connor tweeting in the last hour. That the Celtics are busy they are active and they are trying to trade up. Into the top four of the NBA draft tomorrow we'll talk about that with the potential target is that Danny Ainge once at four. And who this team would have to give up to move and draft. The Celtics target its Sports Radio WEEI root for you it's X 177797937.