Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Tom Brady fatigue has hit its peak in Boston 6-20-18

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Wednesday, June 20th
Hour 2: Patrick Gilroy is piggy backing on Mike Mutnansky's take that there is some Tom Brady fatigue within the Patriots fans and Boston media.

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Our number two. Of late night here Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy with the guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always number to join me here 617 a 7797937. U takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Add Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on hoop sort of bend. All over the place tonight. Wasn't planning on going that way but you know I never know what I'm getting into when I come here. But mainly wanted to spend some time talking about Tom Brady. The patriots and and if there is a path to sort of making these being whole once again and getting this this train back on track. Because if nothing else. The one thing the patriots should be praised for over the course the last 1516 years is there incredible consistency. Yeah that they've been as consistent as any team could possibly be in any sport. In the one thing that they've been super consistent on is keeping their problems in house how often. Has this happened where patriots internal problems have made their way out to the media like this and suddenly. It's their biggest star. Probably the biggest sports star on the planet today and if he's not he's you know one a and one B would LeBron James right now. As Tom Brady he's out there. Talking to probably the biggest media personality or one of the most influential media personalities in the history of the broadcast media. Right in Oprah Winfrey. And while they were some very. At the very convincing. Ill patriots. Pouring in that hour sit down there was also. Mention of the strike that he feels right now with the patriots and with the coach he hinted to each hit that around towards a few different situations that he studies it right now. And you know Tom Brady is somebody that he's clearly not the same guy right now that he was. When he got here but nobody is the same person that they were sixteen years ago seventeen years ago. Mean I'm 38 years old let's go back twenty years that was an eighteen year old kid housing idiot. Making stupid mistakes left and right when my life. Quite frankly I am lucky to be alive with some of those mistakes that I ended. And we all can look back on our own personal lives NC cheese is what was I thinking what they do wing. Right we've all changed some for the better and some for the worse so. Take a lot of calls in the last month about Tom Brady up being the same guy. And I'm guilty of saying that he's not the same guy but the more than I sat there and I thought about it and the more that I watched this guy you know in the Oprah sit down and sort of re read some of the interviews that he's done this off season. The more I'm convinced that it's okay that he's not the same guy always done is grow up and he's. He sort of grown up in front of our eyes and nobody's gonna be the same when they experienced the sort of level of success to Tom Brady has experienced he has won at the highest level more than anybody. Right so of course you're gonna develop a bigger ego and think more of yourself and say stupid things like I've got the answers to the test. But brawl that. The patriots have had this incredible. Ability over the years to put them always to the side. When the season starts up. And I'll be super curious to see what what happens this year if this patriots team is still able to dial in and put all this noise to the side. Because the noise isn't surrounding secondary pieces and secondary players right now. It's not surrounding even even it wrong is a secondary piece and player. When compared to a Tom Brady this isn't Wes Welker this isn't Danny Amendola this isn't even Julian element. You're talking about the two most important people to the franchise and that's where the drama is right now so I don't know how they put her off to the side. They've been able to do before. I don't know will be able to continue putting this off to decide when it's not secondary pieces it's not ancillary pieces is. You know one date and one B it's Brady and Belichick and is Robert Kraft enough. Or skilled enough negotiator. To be able to get these two threw the table at some point the next five weeks and put this thing to bed what ever the strife is. I'm of the mind right now you give Brady what he wants. You don't have time to waste a year it's not like you can say okay we'll play the long game with a break the long game is over and you know when he said that. He sees himself retiring sooner rather than later everybody a Sports Radio went a little bit nuts they went a little bit crazy. Because everybody took that. To mean that he's done at the end of this year well he's not as committed anymore he's talking about the end when is Tom Brady Heber talked about the yen before. This is Oprah does. She gets people to say things she gets people to make comments all knew that she struck a little bit cold air when she got praise to say. But the answer. Isn't all that complicated. And it's not all that difficult to interpret what he meant. The simple answer is math. Mean not for nothing when this season wraps up. Tom Brady will played more years post ACL injury then pretty ACL injury he's been around for a long time. Of course it's got to end sooner rather than later. But doesn't mean it's gonna end next year that could mean five years from now that is still sooner rather than later when you look at how long he's been in the NFL and you look at how long he has played four. You're new in the patriots so I think there's been a lot of overreaction to that. But I also think that Tom Brady is playing the long game himself he's got. Himself as leverage and he's using himself as his leverage give the guy what he wants if anybody is earned a contract extension. And if anybody deserves to be the highest paid player at their position. Is Tom flippant Brady. And it's an insult to Tom Brady that he is signed up for this hearing next year and fifteen million per when Matt Ryan is making thirty per come on now. Give the guy is trainer give ms. money put this thing to bed and move on. Now I think that's how you get Brady back on the field and back sort of dialed in to being Tom Brady. I don't know what the answer is rebel attack I don't know how you can put that genie back in the ball because clearly. Robert Kraft has interfered here on more than one occasion over the course of the last twelve months and ultimately. Owner interference is what cost the patriots Bill Parcells and you wonder if twenty years later if owner interference is ultimately gonna cost the patriots. Bill Belichick we'll talk about you guys at 6177797. 937 back out to the phones we go to Mike Mike's in Brewster Mike you next appearance Sports Radio W yeah. Like. Are you know and what's in your mind might. Is it crime right. Not what he had that. Oh mega ball Brady. On this. You know part of me. My thoughts are second. Take your time come down no reason to be nervous just we're all here to get the world brands. Yeah and would break their. I really bad. That. You're straight it would have been scary though. Now without a plate gate and all that well as. I hate to say that this thing goes back to deflate cute but you might have actually made a lucid point there this thing might go all the way back to deflate you. And Tom Brady might still harbor some resentment and some anger for the way that. Belichick treated them and if you go back to the Mona Lisa veto press conference there that was so strange that Belichick had at the beginning of the fleet gate. He absolutely through radio under the bus back the bus up and did it again the Brady is on duty he knows that and that's been happening for for a long time there now. If this thing does go back to that press conference and the way the patriots handled Tom Brady and that situation. I don't know if there's any way out of this I don't know there's a way to fix this I don't there's anything that. The patriots can do that craft can do that Belichick can do to get these guys back on the same page I think Brady was able to forgive and forget. After that it was it was clear to anybody that was paying attention that Brady was used. As a bit of a scapegoat there and that he was thrown under the bus but I think Brady was able to put that to decide come back and do his job and do his job as well as he's ever done it. But now when you look it. These other things that have happened. Since the fleet gate and you look at the way the organization has sort of treated Brady. I don't blame Brady for wanting to get his extension and get it now I don't blame Brady for being pissed about not having his his trainer sort of by his side. And for his teammates to have easy access to his trainer. These are things that matter to Tom Brady and the people that have been around professional athletes especially primadonna professional athletes they've all got. Their own specific set of needs requests and wants. And ultimately Tom Brady wanting to be paid. On par with other star quarterbacks and having access to his own private personal trainer. Those things aren't crazy outlandish request those things are pretty easy request when compared to. What LeBron James might ask for an his contract negotiations what other star athletes ask for he's not asking for the world here he's not asking. 444 things that are. Above and beyond. He's simply asking for things that he's already had before he wants his trainers access back. And he wants to be paid as the best player in the NFL or at least the best quarterback in the NFL. He's coming off an MVP season and a 500 plus yards super ball he's earned it and he also knows that. If the patriots were to extend him right now. This is when they typically do it when he's got essentially one more year left in its contract he's got this year plus the next year this is when the patriots historically has sat him down. So they extended its contract by two years giving him four years left that brings him up until 44 years old he knows that this is probably the last time. That he's gonna have this opportunity to rewrite renegotiate his contract. And get some upfront money. And this is it for so why not play your cards you've been dealt and catchy and right now. He's one injury away from not getting that up front money he's one injury away from not getting that opportunity. So it's the Smart play by Tom Brady. Among all that worried about how the patriots can make Tom Brady happy and get him back in the fold and happy once again. I'm more curious about how the patriots are gonna fix this thing would Belichick. Because ultimately I think Belichick is is spiteful and he holds grudges and I don't know how you get him. Back on track trusting the organization once again trusting Robert Kraft once again that's going to be the most curious part about what happens here. Over the course of the next five weeks leading up to and into training camp. That begins in Foxborough the last week of July sold talk about that with you guys will also bring back of some Celtics thought thoughts here as the Celtics are just. Hours away from the NBA draft currently holding the 27 pick overall. In if you're Celtics fan you want the Celtics do. Give into the rumors that we're seeing here that they're gonna move up you wanna see the move up into the top five and go draft the Euro league star you wanna see the Celtics flip. Four flip Tyree for Kauai Leonard Jalen brown plus next years pick from the king's work away Leonard these are all the rumors that are out there. Or you like me. I want the Celtics to stand pat come back healthy and compete for a championship. Next you'll talk about that and a lot more would you guys next right here Sports Radio WEEI. Sports radio and WEI Patrick Gilroy you what you guys on late night. Taking you up until 2 o'clock in the morning. Number to join me here 6177797937. Detects the program at 379375. On Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. I knew for the about a half an hour left to go in the program it's all out there on the table. You still frustrated with the Red Sox inability to score runs for Chris they'll talk about that Celtics in the draft. Celtics and Tyreke Celtics and Kauai Celtics on the bronze we'll talk about that. And of course continue with our Tom Brady driven. Patriots conversation. And how I think that you know social media is a 1000%. Out of control right now Tom Brady actually taking two instead Graham today. End essentially in Spanish or Portuguese I don't know what it was writing 45 has a comment to. How long he'll play for speculation today it was was looking for 45 million does he mean he's gonna played only 45 years old or is he just screwing. We they everybody. And member of the hype around here last year two years ago when Isaiah Thomas for the Celtics. Was at the height of his powers and the Celtics were sort rumored to be in on everybody. I T would go on Twitter or go on his Ingraham and sort of he'd use the eyes of mode G or maybe start following the mark his cousins or Jimmy Butler. And everybody would go crazy around here because that meant the Celtics were going to go and get the markets or Jamie or who ever. That person was that Isiah Thomas was giving the eyes of mode G two. This is the world that we live in today and it's getting a little bit tiresome it's getting a little bit old here. So I don't fault Tom Brady at all for going out there and talking to Oprah in getting these feelings out there because. Quite frankly. If he just takes too instead Graham or just takes to Twitter and is limited to a mode he's in a 140 characters and strange pictures. We're gonna take what ever he pokes and interpreted in 3000. Different ways. We'll talk about that would you guys as well at 6177797. 937 Beckham to the phones ego is gonna shine Johns and Idaho show on your next up here on late night. Ella I you do on their thank you thank you might call right now. You know I. I tell you that you have a very good point I will get in the Red Sox it is true you know the society is really second horrible these days when Brady did what was threatening seems like in the box and teams there's a lot of stuff for the drama on how we got an issue with the the patriots. The celtics' entire Rio back and come to an end hopefully it'll go well with the draft. But with the Red Sox I gotta be honest with you I'm very setup for this team. Like you you know what I understand what Chris Sale but he has kept the Red Sox in gains in the lack of run support is a problem. But the reason like call this like what. Athletics. Royals White Sox twins. These are sport teams that they need to be you can nap in losing to teams that are not very good you should be able to win these games very usefully okay. Yeah about 500 teams they've been doing very well against it well against the Yankees they've done well against the Astor lived up well against the Mariners your book 500. It doesn't work. With the year with any other Red Sox and or with you oak. With the fact that this team cannot beat deep below 500 teams. Yeah you're possible. You're right don't you we've spent a lot of time I don't know if you've been listening to late night here with the media at least for the last few months we spent a lot of time talking about that because. You know Dan Shaughnessy wrote something a few weeks ago when the Red Sox were actually winning a few games against the likes of beat. The Orioles and you know in the tiger's sort of getting on the Red Sox for winning those games but not faring all that well against the Yankees or other teams that are sort of quote unquote contenders and my whole point here. Is that your a 1000%. Right shot this team needs to win the games that they that that they should win ultimately this year you know this as well as I do. If things continue going down this road it's gonna come down to. Maybe a game two games three games separating the Red Sox and yankees and whoever is the wild card team. Is really up a creek because after having a wildly successful season about to assume it's got to be a hundred wins plus for one of these two teams. They're going to be it's gonna come down to a one game playoff and somebody's gonna really miss out on the playoffs. Yeah I will be playing in game and it is correct sides so they're gonna be like while. It's our fault because we didn't get a chance to win the the gains that really mattered against teams that were not very good and you know my opinion is. They've number outs and please get rid of Jackie Bradley junior and Blake's wife heart these two guys are not contributing to the lineup at all. I mean both are I mean. JBJ in this scene that played at night I could not only that Evans why Hart has been I mean the Red Sox. Maybe in the state. It's been a blast with having him there okay he hits well during spring training. And I feel like oh he's gonna be something he hasn't done anything there in the regular season the threats are acting just makes me sick because you know when your target. I mean what 49 point five OK it's a winning record but you know what. The objective is if you're gonna win this thing you have to gain ground in the AL east especially against a team like yankees. Yeah I mean the Yankees are not factor that the only reason why they're winning these games is because their home run ball in. Continues to bail them out and they can't live and die on the home run ball there pitching and it's still a problem. I still think Seattle and take one or two games at yeah. Yankee Stadium and you don't yankees brag about how great they are I'm like New York you know it's so funny because New York is the only team. That has a winning record which is yankees I mean all the other teams are at a new York and aren't very good. By now the Red Sox really need to get together and I know I didn't call in just talked about. I mean I get called Red Sox you know the patriots are real release. Say this support ago. Mean that the patriots might view whereas as. They got to figure out something that expert drama because you know I think what Brady I think. He loves to play the game making its 45 years old on Amsterdam but you are. Thousand times or write about what you said about. You know that the world right now is troubles comments portable and the social media is I'm sorry to say not so that the court it's ruining society. I mean you can agree with Winger disagree with me about it but it definitely is. I put the Celtics all I hope is that Tyreke and cut the drama because you know ever since LeBron Centennial Park for the Celtics you know that. I re saying was gonna come out I need to adapt well it would be because of what you've that they cannot. Elicited a lot of great points there John appreciate the phone called the you're looking at the Yankees you're looking at Seattle and comparing them to the Red Sox. All three are very good teams in all three are imperfect teams. What worries me a vote those three team through this Seattle in New York both still have strong farm systems. And the Red Sox do not and that is going to play a significant role in the next thirty days as we come up against the Major League Baseball trade deadline. All three are imperfect teams all three. Have holes to fill. To prep for the playoffs and get their teams as as ready as possible to compete for a World Series. And the Red Sox might be on the outside looking in. If they get into themselves into a bidding war for one of these coveted relief pitchers that I think could be the difference between this Red Sox team truly competing. Four World Series and possibly possibly. You know being the wild card team and putting themselves in a position to be on the outside looking in at the playoffs that they're to lose that play in game. It would be. Just horrific Ole what do what do terrible way to end the season. If the Red Sox continue winning at this pace win a hundred plus games and ultimately a force to play and that play in game and lose it. And I will say this there's enough of a track record there and now there's enough of a history. To worry a little bit about that situation because you have to figure barring injury as always Chris Sale will get the start in that play in game. And then what happens he's gonna go up there in pitched seven strong innings he via somewhere between 811 strikeouts may be give up a run two runs and the Red Sox are gonna score no runs one run. Because historically speaking. That's how the Red Sox offense is spared during Chris Sale starts so that's the situation that this Red Sox team has the capability. Of avoiding. And I hope they do everything in their power not to put themselves in a situation where they're forced to play that play in game it could just Pete. A horrific and abysmal and to what's been so far. We could bounce back season both on and off the field here's the thing about this team people are enjoying this team. You know this Red Sox team has been up and down with their win total over the last few years right and ultimately. As they've had the bit the best record in the AL least nobody's given them credit for that the last couple years John Farrell one. For you know the best record at least and got the pennant the last couple years and got fired. You have fired would 93 when teams back to back because the teams were unlikable. People had trouble rooting for the Red Sox and the numbers bear that out the numbers here and EI the numbers on nests and bear that out. But also barrel the fact that the fans have come back and come back in droves for this edition of the Red Sox. They have been likable they are fun to watch their team it's easy to root for. So guess what they're selling more tickets and they're selling out more games at Fenway our ratings he Ernie EI erupt in essence ratings are up people are tuning into the Red Sox once again. And a quick way to get fans to stop and to turn the channel and the focus their attention their energies their effort their money either time. On one of the other three teams here in New England is very easy put ourselves in a situation where. You miss out on the playoffs because you lose the play in game that's a that's a way to end. All of this little Red Sox magic that's taken place thus far this season sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy you know he brought up a couple of other good points to. When talking about social media and again you know the social media. Problem is one that I don't think he's gonna go away it's only going to get worse. But the caller brought up social media being being a problem in our society as well and look. I'm a firm firm firm believer that it is it's a huge problem people are. Ultimately depressed now more than ever and we're seeing that cross over into sports. Or we're seeing professional athletes. Speak out for the first time publicly about their battles with depression and their battles with anxiety depression situations. In a world where. Men once upon a time were too ashamed to talk about it I give these guys a tremendous amount of credit thinking about guys like the Marta rose Kevin Love among others. That have spoken out publicly. You know there's been a huge rise in depression. Along with the rise of social media and I think so much of that has to do with people comparing their lives. One another Siegel on FaceBook and everybody's life looks better than the one next to and everybody's competing to have you know the best. Family sell fees and you know have their vacation beat the best in their car be the best and it's become one big competition. And if you're not right in the minds and you're looking on social media and comparing your light up against somebody else's. They're public persona of their life what happens. If you could easily put yourself in a mental depression and mental rut and if your behalf. Anxiety depression and then you find yourself doing that that's a way to trigger it and give yourself incredible loads so there's. Fundamental problems in our society with social media but with sports a social media it's taken a two entirely different level. You know Celtics fans last year would literally get angry and pissed off and call the program because Isaiah Thomas gave Google the item OG over the debt markets cousins and ultimately the Celtics didn't go acquired mark his cousins and stands at thought that he was coming here so Celtics fans would call me this stuff seeing what's up IT told us that the markets was coming to Austin. Like people take it too seriously and people are taking this Tom Brady's big today a little bit too seriously. And they're messing with view and grow all messed with the youth throughout the entire offseason on instead Graham he absolutely did and we fell for it. Every time he tweeted something or put something on in the Gramm it generated 48 hours with the contents here. They're all screwing with us and they're enjoying themselves doing it and we're taking far too seriously it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. There's still room for you when we come back at 6177797937. Final segment here's Sports Radio WEEI. Covered a lot in two hours tonight like a real life. Usually. A two hour show pretty streamline pretty focused in on. Something in particular that that's got me going but we did a lot we did the Red Sox and Celtics and of course this has never ending patriots drama. And Tom Brady helped fuel that fire. As well today so it was still some time here for your thoughts your phone calls 6177797937. Back up to the phones Vigo. Let's go to Steve Steve's in Miami Steve next apparently. With nonstick. That we cannot I had put my oldest daughter got down on us this ansari man. Yeah aren't. Everybody has a great but that's rational like everybody says it. He brought buried in the back. Came out while that's good you know then that is. You know you need to beat you to the optimistic approach there and -- report I mean you know that I went through my dog dying last month so I get your pain it's it's awful. But the good news is Steve you know we got ourselves. A puppy and that certainly help me help the kids and you know I'm sure that they'll be another canine in your life sooner or later. Actually execute so I thought it might eagle and I think. I hate to say that she's gotten good at not getting all the attention that's not a putt at it again it's an amendment. Well a couple of things one. Brady on need to get it in the best they would go to what they'd do and I can fully understand. What they're going through because you know on the Internet I'm a bit of where I am as intelligent. Myopic. I am now the top person ever written and I place. So you're the after the Tom Brady of travel agents Steve. Are myopic Coca awesome. And typo in the standard and nothing I want bring up though. It is. And hopefully. This struggle will and Atlanta training camp opens I mean. It's gut but. Regarding. Our programs there's no way I'm going to let it if it means training any of these kids because. They're the future he's a possibility of leaving after a year in all the way I'd trade one of those kids. And I keep wondering brown is a bit of history and the other and that I am. Getting rid of any of those guys because they're the future it aside for a period of time and that no way am I trading lock a guy who. After all play in nine games last year we don't know I mean yes she's a great player and eat into bridge is on drug and is injury. But we only have two guys comeback from injury we want Jared Lyon and giving up. To youngsters no way there's no way. As if that I'll take a look yeah. Yeah okay. Some and maybe majestic. But is no and trading gave them all throughout and the stripping Allen just talked about it. I I've been patient with. Jake Jackie Bradley junior. You know earlier in the air what they move really conquer it you could mask the they're not hitting. This guy is I had real lucky you know one night and but I can be one to halt just doesn't do it I mean. I was so happy Leon evidently don't got a big hit because I was so afraid that if you I'll walk. That Bradley would do something and not get on base and that's what happened is it getting to a point where there. At he's a great guy and I and has these guys usually is very good but it was given an error to right. I don't know he should have been I don't know who's officially given the error an up and I believe he was will look at appeased evil you know before the show's over you Jackie Bradley junior though Europe you're right yeah right now he's hitting. In abysmal 182 and it looked like for a minute there a couple weeks back that he was getting back into somewhat of an offensive groove and you know he was going to be able to get this thing up over 200 which is still in abysmally low batting average but. You know it's a step in the right direction but he's been hovering back around 180 for the last week or so and it's got to get better and it's got to get better quickly here for Jackie Bradley junior the good news is the Red Sox although there are a bit of an offensive rut right now. They're the best numbers wise the been the best offensive team in baseball. You know through the first two and a half months of the season so you're right when you say that the Red Sox especially earlier on they were able to sort of mask in hide. His offensive deficiencies. Even if you were able to get back up to what he's been and that's a career to 33 year but you look and full. But when he's unable to make a play like he should have made tonight the offensively that's a problem. Because what we always say when we talk about DB Egypt we always prefaced. Are are knock on him offensively with yet but he's the best defense of center fielder in baseball and if he's not going to be that guy then you really have to question. What the long term plan is for Jackie Bradley junior here in Boston now I. I still think. I still have hope because the baseball season is so long and it's so much longer than we think it is you know we talk about the baseball season being long but. Believe me if you had to talk about it every single night you would understand you know how long it is in all it takes his. A hot 345 weeks to completely change the season around offensively. For Jackie Bradley junior and the perception can change just like that. So the hope Peary is for him to get back up to his career averages to 33 he's gonna have to go through a prolonged stretch of hitting close to 300. Just to get the average up to what his career average has been. So he's able to do that. Then maybe maybe he'll be able to sort of normalize for the rest of the season because again if this Red Sox team is going to live up to its potential. And compete for a World Series and that's exactly. What they have been built to do. This is not a team playing for the future there is no future when it comes to the Red Sox when you look at there there heavy hitters when you look at the guys that matter when you look at Chris Sale. Look at David Price look at. Everybody on the offensive side. That matters right now they all have outs you're top hitters have boats and their contracts of their contracts are running up. And the pitchers their top pitchers have boats or their contracts are coming up in the next year to two years. This is it this is their window and Jackie Bradley junior has the plate a big role. In getting this team to where it's supposed to be. That was a quick two hour program. The good news is I'm back for two more hours of fun coming up Wednesday night. After Red Sox baseball you up mud in doing his post game wrap up Red Sox review than its meat from midnight to two. Stay tuned it NBC Sports Radio followed by Kurt and Callahan coming up at 530. Until then we'll talk to you guys tomorrow night but by.