Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Tom Brady is rocking a dad bod 7-19-2018

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Friday, July 20th
Hour 2. Gilroy questions if whether or not the Patriots should be worried about Tom Brady and his dad bod.

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This season late night. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports conference on the X in the graveyard pack let's get it going would Patrick Gilroy. And I college Sports Radio WEEI. Our number two late guide your Sports Radio is WEEI. Plus a lot of Celtics in the first album roll into the second hour with some Celtics but. We will talk about the patriots coming up a little bit later in the program to get into Tom Brady is beat body and how that really inspires me to the feel better about myself. This guy. Tom Brady is a legit super hero and he's gonna go abroad like he's got a straight dad Claude and I give him credit for taking heat. On social media and then doing it again and take in the showed up again and hitting the beach with his. Absolutely. Stunning white again you know it. People can say what ever they want to about Tom Brady being soft or pliable whatever jokes they add about Tom Brady and how we look at the shirt off. He's got the last laugh he's got a fistful of rings he's walking on the beach without her like at the end of the day who cares. Liquidity it is really Guilford prominent business sense. Is this. The way that he looks now really the best way for him to get people to buy into the TB twelve method because that's his post playing career. Like what he's done play hangs it up. This is what he's go to the next forty years and is that type of body what he's advocating maybe it is maybe he needs to re educate everybody and what. Of the perfect body looks like because. You got people like much you know. Go out they're tiny they're free protein powder you know much cut and he's more about the Tom Brady is right now that's not it looked like if you look at pictures of mud of the video we did we lose him this morning. And you compare to Tom Brady and US meat. Which guy is the professional athlete and does say it's might not Tom Brady which is laughable but it is true. The question is has come always looked like this liquid eagle back to. The video of Tom Brady. When he did that the NFL combine he was chubby and saw then and you look roughly chubby and sought now. Like at any point in between. Did he get himself into incredible physical shape and he has he let himself go. Or is this. The same Tom Brady body that got the patriots. Five Super Bowls that's really the question here and when you guys saw this when he saw the pictures of Tom Brady wants on social media this week. We knew some of the people that panicked because I heard the calls purity yeah I heard the calls across the street. Patriots fans were like legitimately. Shocked when they saw these pitchers I looked I didn't really care. I look at them and I said I don't care what the guy looks like as long as he performs on the feet. But then I thought to myself or what if this is a continuation. Of the offseason drama that's gone on with this team and what do Tom Brady. Really just decided it to go Wally and on the whole those ice cream and did away with the the TB twelve thing for few months because if that is the case in the patriots have got. Some lorries on their hands you know they've had. Kind of a tumultuous offseason here and win the training camp. Starting essentially poured in the next week and it's not far away at all he'd just three weeks away from exhibition football games. You know they don't have a lot of time to get things right in Foxborough and the last thing that they need to worry about is making sure that Tom Brady isn't playing physical shape. I don't think that that's a concern but I heard calls on both stations of fans thinking that that could be a concern. That's an additional potential concern that this team doesn't need right now they've got enough questions that they need to answer they've got enough obstacles to overcome. After the off season that they've had. The one thing they should never have to worry about is their health freak quarterback. The guy that is literally selling a multi million dollar brand in TB twelve selling it to all of us. On being healthy and eating better and exercising smarter and then he's out there essentially looking like every father over forty years old. You know soft jest sop belly. No nothing really to him no six pack it not a single gun to be found. Edge and meanwhile he's hoping quarterback. Best quarterback ever to play the game I think yields us all a lot of hope. When it comes to how we can look and be you know successful over forty but really. Is this a concern for the New England Patriots we'll talk a lot more about that coming up after midnight tonight because if it is a concern it's a concern that I know they didn't anticipate. It's a concern that I know that that this team has never really had to deal with before. They've never had to worry about Tom Brady coming into camp shape. It in shape they've never had to worry about that this guy is the one guy that they could count on to always be in peak. Physical shape this is the one guy they could count on to always lead by example when it comes to showing up to training camp in shape. But he showing up like that. Is that in shape. What is there to compare it to aside from the video from twenty years ago from the com bind. Is there other video while there's there's something else to compare and contrast these pictures too because the V show me your picture Tom Brady from 2007. When he set all kinds of records and he looked like that the fine no problem. If you show me a picture Tom Brady from last year when he's throwing for 500 yards in the Super Bowl and he looks like that fine no problem. But if this is the new Tom Brady because he just doesn't care that much anymore. Because Bill Belichick alienated so much with the Malcolm Butler decision because he's so angry at the patriots organization as a whole. We're told that we got a problem. Because as we all know those of us in that realm of forty years old getting back into shape. Is not nearly as easy as it wants what is it takes more time to take more discipline it takes more effort. And you're much more susceptible to injury when you're not in shape either and one of the key. Actors to Tom Brady being this TB twelve got. And one of the key selling points of the method. Is that you don't. You're not nearly as susceptible to injury and he uses this is the reason why he is Ben so healthy. Ever since the knee went I went out from him go at eleven years ago after that injury when he really adopted the TB twelve method. He swears up and down at the reason why he's been able to maintain his house and avoid significant injury on the football field. Is because this method does that look like the picture is somebody who is taking his health seriously does that look like the picture is somebody. That doesn't eat fat doesn't eat galleries. Essentially it's you know it it's avocados and fish oil and nuts and you greens. And sheets like that to me looks like somebody who is spent the summer. On Cape Cod eating fried clams. There's nothing wrong would that I'm jealous that's what I wanna do. If somebody told me you know you can look like Daniel fried clams you want a man like that's what I would like to do that I wanna spend my summer. But I'm not a hall of fame quarterback. And I'm not the guy the patriots are leaning on the most here make no mistake about it everybody else that team is very important. You know from Brock all the way down they're all. Vitally important pieces but if Tom Brady isn't Tom Brady that team is screwed if Tom Brady is Tom Brady the patriots are in trouble. If Tom Brady is in great if he is a hall of fame Tom Brady the patriots are in danger this year both. Being at nine win team like they need Tom Brady be Tom Brady to put all the pieces together the moment Tom Brady is not. The same Dominick hall of fame guy. That patriots team has got issues that they did not anticipate having. And I just look at those pictures of Tom and you know maybe I'm an idiot because I am speaking from a position. Of ignorance here I don't have the facts because they don't have the pictures to compare and contrast that to. All I can do is look at the pictures of him and Gisele as happy as can be a dot less import. These are awesome family pictures images elements kids. Having fun in the peach I give them a tremendous amount of credit for being open and willing to go out there knowing their pictures being taken they didn't care they put. Their family first and I love that about them. But those pictures do tell a story. Those pictures tell you that may be he's not in the best shape that he's been in years maybe those pictures tell you another story if you wanna take it a step further. And you say to yourself well this is a guy that's always put team first always put his physical presence his physical ability first. And put his. Teams needs ahead of its own therefore sacrificing the foods that relates to eat sacrificing. Alcohol that sacrificing staying up late. All the things he told us about it in numbers this time. You know sacrificing all of those things. For the good of the game in the good of the New England Patriots and his ability to continue to play and play a hall of fame level late into his thirties and into his mid forties. But I look at those pictures and I just don't see. Pictures of somebody that puts their body first that puts their team first I see pictures of a regular looking forty year old dude. With an extraordinary look at why. Like I give him credit for that to sell looks as good as ever she's 37 as she looks as good as ever whatever he's been indulging in this summer she certainly has not. She has not lost her fastball at all. But I wonder has Tom lost is so we'll talk about that as well this hour and it does concern me I look at those pictures. And then I think about all the questions that the patriots are facing going into camp here late next week. And I wonder if that's an additional issue that maybe they weren't planning for. Because there is no room for error here this year. This year it's going to be one of those years where if the patriots are gonna capitalized if they are gonna get to another Super Bowl and trying to win another Super Bowl lot of things have to go right for this team. We all know we don't have the rehash this offseason the offseason that started with the loss in the Super Bowl and the benching a Malcolm Butler that comes to an end. In like eight days nine days when training camp opens up. You know this team will have an opportunity to put all that in the rearview mirror and start again if they're able to put their issues to decide. If they're able to overcome the loss of Julian element again. All right that's a big one there are counting and him coming back when you lose Danny Amendola. As you gonna wanna pay him and now you don't have settlement before games you're gonna need to rely on your two studs more than ever and Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski the good news is brought is gonna show up training camp in shape and on time. He's not gonna hold outs that's one worry that you don't have to have. But the other Lori is Tom I mean I never thought that I would look at pictures of Tom and be concerned about him physically but Thomas put this out there those pictures of there. And to me I'm just a fat radio host here you know talking about somebody else's body it probably should be doing that. But the fact is that body is the entirety of the patriots season. Is in that bought at their likelihood of success or failure is in that body. And if that body fails Tom Brady this year unfortunately they don't have somebody else the fall back on. I'm missing something backed artists are nice big hug back there between jet matte that was sweet justly and it's live but tonight a pretty good. For the night I just my friend but okay like debt that I consider girlfriends and I you I consider you a friend in you to check out never once had a hug for me the money. That's not OK now if that's how you guys say goodbye and have never had a hug I'm uneasy my therapist in the morning. Thank you very minor out together like that dirt out together to Sports Radio WEEI we come back we'll talk about Tom Brady Tom Brady's body and we will continue our markets our conversation. Because again to meet market Smart good deal for the Celtics I don't paired with him thirteen million dollars it is money well spent that the team knocking on the door to championship. The patriots are a team that have been knocking on the door of multiple championships will they have the ability to get to one more to get to two more. This Tom Brady's body in those pictures tell yet the answer that you might not want to hear we'll talk double that next right your Sports Radio. WEEI come in and get a hug Patrick Gilroy Oxley. On Sports Radio WEEI. It's different when I was growing up and my parents doing the best I could do when I think about the things that I when I was little. I understand when I was a late bloomer here. Because news. Man some of the stuff it was terrible. There. The. Tom Brady or they're talking about a diet growing up and we've heard Tom talked quite a bit about his eyes over the years. Matter of fact I've got a book at home you know about the way that he eats now and giving me suggestions are allies should eat now and I just feel like. Again maybe I'm way off base here. But when it comes to Tom Brady he's gonna judge other people and if he's going to instruct other people. On how to eat and how to work out and how to be more like him and I look at those pictures and look that he looks like every other forty year old that I know and now I'm not taking anything away from as a compliment accomplishments on the field. Nothing and he's. Very likely eagle all their this year and still be a hall of fame caliber quarterback it's I was shocked that was taken aback. By those photos because they expected something different when you look at the photos of the people that he uses as models in its and that the TV twelve met the book. They'll have six packs their all cut up there's a reason why. They chose those patriots those pictures and those people to use as models in the book that he selling to us. About how to look how to train how to eat. You know they didn't use pictures of Tom every reason because Tom looks like you he looks like guy he looks like everybody. And on my short. That that's how it's always that may be it is maybe I'm off base here but when I look at him and I speak about the patriots offseason and I think about everything that this team has gone through. It is then. A much more tumultuous offseason that what we're used to see. It has been an offseason full of drama and questions we're not used to seeing that this is the team they usually has all their ducks in a row and keeps any of the PS from getting out to the media they have control the message. Better than any other team in professional sports over the last forty years this offseason that was not the case so I look at him and I say to myself. Well is that really the picture of somebody who's going to redefine what it's like to be a superstar quarterback. Post forty years old so talk about that with you guys as well as the markets that Smart stuff why limit up. Tonight here on Sports Radio WE yeah I'd have to join me here is 6177797. 937 taking your phone calls up until 10 o'clock in the morning you text the program at 379375. Me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops act Gilroy on him to go back out to the phones could have then been the Middleton dated it's up here on W yeah. Hey look at them. I've been with her own work. And you're pretty much all over Tom Brady looked like every other guy. But if you remember. In the congress time is body looks exactly the same eat it exactly. And go out and currently we're at each for the Olympic team in the super. There's a surprise it would Ali to its numbers this time they had a couple of scenes with assured I saw a starter remembered it the order so it. Exactly exactly but when you look at the pictures on the beat him in they really are it's. To me it was a little shocking if only because he's sitting he standing next to Gisele who's an incredible shape right I mean anybody compared to her. Oh. It's not fair like it's an unfair person it says sorted judge yourself against but I look at him. And I just think about it and maybe I'm reading too much into this but if there were ever going to be an off season. We're Tom Brady doesn't put in the same level of commitment the same level of work that he's put and in previous off seasons. To me it would be this one if only because of all the noise surrounding the patriots we know he didn't show up to OTAs. Which is very much unlike Tom Brady that is not a Tom Brady thing to do. Right now I understand that the big budget. This might just prove that that out of the way of the future. I hope they are an otherwise I'd be in good shape my wife should never complain again because if there's nothing wrong with a dad bought I guess you know there's no reason for me to go on that diet I was gonna do the awaken 180 no reason for me to do it. Perfect just the way I am because Tom Brady tells me like soft cushion we say that. If you eat you may constitute my life really recently she offers. There was a poll on the radio about this real decision she is okay and that was the winning thing they got it and they want a 60%. Offered at about and I thought that was just the thing brought up by dad my dad's the feel better about themselves I guess not I'm not in touch with the modern day woman yes. I should be in that explains why need to see America. It is well it's radio WEI am Patrick Gilroy this is late night review guys tonight at 617. 7797. 93 sevenths when you guys at the pictures to Tom Brady I did you guys feel about it is that something that took you by surprise when you saw how Tom Brady looked at he has been. I'm not that she Amy Tom Brady and all I'm in no position to do that. But he's been that seemed all week on TV I mean not for nothing but. Undisputed Janis sharp has been all over Tom Brady this week Obama the only one here. That's sort of noticed this he's been in every major magazine these pictures are everywhere this week. And I think it really took a lot of people by surprise because Tom's not one of these guys. That is always walking around with the shirt off debate about its numbers this time the sumo scene and I think about that video in Costa Rica from a couple years ago when he was jumping off the waterfall. Now that was taken from a distance so you couldn't see the softness. Nearly as much as you can and these pictures but it's clear. That there is some soft tissue and Tom Brady's body here. And I thought to myself. Is this how it's always been so he can you talk about that as well. It's 6177797937. Real quick getting back to the conversation that I had with Jared Weis. Around the Celtics in round Markus Smart and the celtics' ability or inability to compete for championships this year yet that that takes me back to. The whole thing we did Carmelo Anthony. And I have to say it again come is going to be a free agent here in the next 24 hours he was traded today from Oklahoma City to the hawks with the intention of him being cut. And it's more than likely that he's going to join the Houston Rockets but about Jordanians I would be all over that somebody that I think the Celtics. Have been in on before I I know the Celtics have been in on Carmelo multiple times in years past. And I are gonna have an opportunity to get him a year or get him anywhere on essentially a veteran minimum type deal. May be the low mid level exception. And I just think it for a team like the Celtics that is looking for. The additional pieces or the additional piece to maybe give you just enough firepower to truly have the ability to stay with a Golden State. It take you view one more chance one imports at least one more small piece. To compete with a team that's going to be bringing idol DeMarcus Cousins in it to Joseph to join a team that's already historically good. You know that's the the year when that the when DeMarcus Cousins went to Golden State what was the immediate reaction here Boston. It was is there removed to be made is the removed for the Celtics to make a counter move to sort of keep yourself in lockstep or is close to lockstep as you can be with a team like Golden State at that time there really wasn't because if you wait you tried to get why Leonard. Say that that was your target you regret the U gonna have to give up somebody of substance here so you really getting that much positive to bring and why letter. To try to compete with. The Golden State Warriors went eighties a rental. And B you're giving up one of your Max contract players to begin with so you're giving up Al Horford or giving up accordingly were you giving up every Erving in that deal. Seed that they waited the Carmelo Anthony deal is you know giving up any. And you're getting it predicts that nothing. If you're able to bring a minute now I don't expected to be close to the Carmelo that he was in years past. Mean he was not a very good basketball player last year his numbers from the outside looking in were okay. But he is efficiency rating was dreadful last year it just didn't work in Oklahoma City. But here he would only be sort of an extra piece. He would be an added piece and added part to what I think could be championship contending team as a matter effective it's about winning championships for. I think the Celtics have a better chance of winning a championship. Then to Houston Rockets do. When you look at that Houston team they are reliant on a guy talking about dad bought will Chris Paul's guide it's never been in the greatest shape and he's 34 years old and injury prone. And you look at that rockets team in short they're going to be a very good team next year but their path to the finals is exponentially harder than the Celtics. Their path to the finals goes directly through now LeBron James and lakers and eventually Golden State. That's a much harder path to get to the finals the what the Celtics last year and a bunker Melo Anthony I'm looking at that I'm considering that. And I know that Danny Ainge likes the player because he's been on him twice before I go Celtics fans don't like this I know Celtics fans they they've never. Really warmed up to the idea of Carmelo Anthony joining the Celtics and this goes back forty years back to when Carmelo was truly a superstar in the NBA. They wanted no part of him. But now at 34 years old I wonder if he could be what Paul Pierce was to the Washington Wizards back for five years ago. You know he was somebody that averaged fourteen and a half points a game a veteran player that hit some big shots off the bench. It was a big part of what they did in the playoffs. And I wonder if Carmelo could play a similar role here I wonder Carmelo got enough game left in the tank the play a similar role here. And at Celtics fans would be able to embrace Carmelo Anthony. Am I the only Celtics fan out there that really wants Carmelo Anthony on this team. Because I put up there on Twitter this morning. And I got nothing but negative reaction and and I cannot believe. That I'm the only guy in Boston that once this guy to join the Celtics I can't believe it but maybe I am maybe I'm way off base here maybe I'm on a different planet tonight. With my talk about Carmelo Anthony and Tom Brady. But ultimately here come to me is still a valuable player in the NBA. And he's going to play much higher than is three million dollar. Sort of veterans minimum contract is going to. Say he's got to play he's on I'll play that contract become. He's got to get paid is 27 million dollar contract that he got from OKC so wherever he goes that the pain any. And ultimately here I believe that come on Carmelo Anthony. Could still be a valuable player on a team that's close to winning a championship ultimately here when it look at Carmelo and I'd look at the way that Brad Stevens runs offense. This pace and space game it's made for that like Carmelo Anthony. Because it creates by definition the way the Celtics play. Creates open shooting opportunities for other guys that's why guys like Gordon Hayward it's so appetizing to have a guy late in here. Not only because he can create for others but because he's a great pace and space guy. When the Celtics are double teamed they're able to find the island Gordon Hayward who demands a double team of its own so we'll have the luxury of either. Beating the double team on his own by putting up the shot or creating for somebody else it's why I like Al Horford is such a perfect fit your Boston. The way in which they play. Because he's got the ability to put the ball on the floor create for his teammates or put up a three point shot himself. And I feel like Carmelo Anthony did you use something very similar to that. And in this type office were Brad Stevens has really got the most out of these players over the years. I feel like to be able to maximize. Carmelo is remaining ability here better than anywhere else. And I look at what the Celtics are doing and I think to myself OK well if it's the difference of bringing in your shout yeah Bocelli Jabbar or Abdul made her off the bench. Or your brain Carmelo Anthony off the bench that's a no brainer to me. Like that that is an absolute no brainer to me if this team truly feels like they're championship caliber and they feel like that there contending for a ring. You're gonna need another score here and that's going to be the dialogue that's going to be the conversation. Around the trade deadline how'd you get somebody else capable. Well putting the ball in the basket consistently. To come off the bench the second after the season. To prepare this team for their playoff push all why wait why wait until the trade deadline why wait until the second half the season. If there's an opportunity to pick up the phone and have a conversation with Carmelo Anthony right now. So talk about that we come back it's 6177797937. Carmelo Anthony going to be a free agent. You'll want him on the Boston Celtics take your phone calls next six point seven. 7797937. Kind of identity of the Celtics is kind of rough of them Marcus Martin and is happy and topical and floppy and I. Special orders to Winslet happy that there's two ways to look at right wanted to look at is thirteen million dollars tobacco point there's a lot of money for a team that's gonna have you said. And that's the other part is not just countries held remember. Calories of food and it's summer. And then through rosier there's gonna be approved in the summer too so. Mess around him a B and then that would none of those guys those who have been lopped one piece down. It really remains to be seen what happens the bulls of the peace. And that really is the conversations that really is the discussion to be had here does. The markets smarts. 52 million dollar extension interfere with the Celtics long term plans but they carried Irving or terra easier ultimately. Both of those guys are back next year but both those guys are back the following year I fully believe that if Kyra you Irving had committed the Celtics if carrier being was locked up for the next four years. That Ferro zero be long gone right out Danny Ainge would have absolutely. Cashed in on terror rosy years awesome run in the second half of the season and through the playoffs and traded him while his value was at its highs right but you need. Hi re Irving insurance and he's decent carrier Irving insurance because the ball in the basket you can play the same type of offense with the terror zero there it doesn't. Affect the rest your team. Nearly as drastically as if you lose every Irving and you've got to put in markets Smart chain locked and somebody else like that to write your offense full time. It's not the drop off this isn't nearly as significant. Not only in production but in style of play as well you can run an identical offense what you've got carrier being out there or you've got terror zero there carrier ring just does it better. But this year the reason why Danny Ainge didn't capitalize. On Terry rosier is increased trade value why he didn't capitalize on the production that they're rosier deeds this team. In the post season and flip him for something valuable. The reason why didn't you that was because frankly this team needs. Tyree Irving insurance. So I don't think you need to worry about paying Bull Terrier rosier. And carrier you don't worry about paying one or the other and ultimately if the Celtics have their way they'll give the money. To Kyra Irving and then treat it 00 way. The only disadvantage the are the only downfall there is you're probably not trading Terry rosier we nearly the trade value that he's got right now. Because his role is going to take. A significant step back next year. Winds however your becomes backing comes back hill which we all fully anticipate him to do. Ultimately here what happens is the guy that has affected the most when it comes to production and playing time is terror rosier. The market Smart market smarts and a back up the point guard to guard and occasionally even the small forward position. In the Celtics small lineup we'll see him do it time and time again. So because he is so multifaceted and because he can didn't defend multiple positions markets smarts playing time won't be drastically affected. By the inclusion. All of a carrier big or even a Gordon Hayward built by and Rondell find the space on the floor they'll find the time. For mark is Smart to play. But terror rosier on the other hand his skills a sort of redundant when you've got a healthy carrier Irving on the floor. And you're gonna have a guy that was putting up at about forty points a game of the playoffs. Reduced to eight to fourteen minutes and right back up role. And the occasional outbursts because I do believe. The Celtics will. Take additional precautions when it comes to carrier Irving and the amount of playing time that he gets the probably build in some time off they're gonna protect. Their investment protect his knees moving forward so those will be that I Twitter easier to really shine and show us is offensive capabilities but there is no chance. It carries healthy this year there is zero chance that there rosier is gonna have the same trade value next off season. That he's had this offseason Danny Ainge four win using that trade value and may be upgrading so another position or acquiring another asset. 480. Z here because he knows more than anybody. That he needs some carrier reinsurance and terrace here is not bad. I re Irving insurance it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy. All over the place that I taking your phone calls and the Celtics on Tom Brady on the Red Sox would have you guys wanna talk about it's that time a year when you've got this all star break situation. And you sort of waiting on the patriots the start training camp the Celtics are still a couple of months away and the Red Sox conversation has been pretty much exhausted all week long. During their week Koppel take all your thoughts at 6177797. 937 back out to the phones Eagles gonna Pauly pose a Rhode Island call you next appearance Sports Radio. It actor was upload networks worried about now in his skill and not be in the a spot aren't on. You know you want is up and those great actor but my Aaron and are now. Minute ago or whatever your pocket is that it and that amount depends. That's the that's the question right that that right there is the question at 34 years old. Must be able to see. His basketball mortality by house so if the goal here is for him to try and latch on to win a championship somewhere. I think latching on to the Celtics is as good of it a shot is anywhere else assuming he can't latch on with a Golden State. Because I think that. Got a better. Word score and I'm a runner on Wednesday it now on the bench and he's not in the cards are indeed better served. Rebound. When other wrote it's the and I am gonna on and I wrote in. Or four. And now ending up like he no. One knows Ayers all of this attitude issues that we in the. I don't I don't know I just know this I know that while he could put the ball in the basket and watching it and I re watched that game seven the fourth quarter. There was nobody on the for the good of the ball in the basket. And there's still one thing that Carmelo can do better than most and that find the basket and I just look at him and I think to myself. Well if Golden State legitimately can go ten deep and they can. When you bring Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala off the bench these are guys at least the starters on any of the team in the India. You've got to have somebody else here in Boston I mean maybe it's not Carmelo you know that the guide it's rumored right now to be the target of the sixers. Ironically enough is it Carmelo Anthony it's Kyle Korver. And that's the guy I would like to see come here to Boston because he's somebody that knows his role and he could fill it up quickly off the bench he's comfortable doing that. So you know to go with your theory. I wish that they would sort of reverse their roles here and Philly goes after Carmelo and the Celtics go after Kyle Korver I just don't see that happening. You know I think or did Kirk if you do that are well beat back. I don't see now hitting the other side of all of the most well and that Bret these bridges act like he did essentially the negativity on college players. Ellis and I appreciate the focal I don't disagree here I I don't disagree but I do what I say that I feel it the Celtics it's still kick the can pat Gillick the Celtics still owe it. To themselves to to try and get themselves a legitimate former all star in somebody that can. Put the ball in the basket for short money those guys are always readily available. And the question is is Carmelo ready to take that reduced role. Is he comfortable enough to take that reduced role or at least don't wanna start to the still wanna play 36 minutes a night. That he still feel like he is all star Carmelo Anthony because that's the case. Keep him the hell away from the Celtics but if he's willing to take a reduced role it played fourteen minutes a night and be what Ray Allen was the Miami Heat. Then the Celtics would be a nice landing spot form. He would be able to play deepen the playoffs probably get to the NBA finals. Maybe even changed the perception. That he's got around the league of him being you know a selfish loser type of guy. And I feel like the Celtics there's something to it because dating age has gone after him twice in years past and now you might have an opportunity to get him on the cheap. And to meet that something that dating age is gonna be tempted by I'd ultimately I do believe he's the one of the rockets I think it's sort of predetermined the year. But it you're at any age and you've gone after Carmelo twice in years past. What's stopping you right now he hasn't changed he's exactly the same person that he was years ago when you went after him so why would you make the phone call now. Why would you at least attempt to get him now when you could probably signed him. For next to nothing will continue to Carmelo Anthony conversation as well here tonight at 6177797. 937 let's go back out the calls though Blair layers in Maine glare in excel appear on WEEI. Store all our men and land as dominant on its mine did yeah you know. Thank you so much as saw a picture on Twitter you welcomed the worry about a man yet. They. So anyways let's cooler on what that. Or at bat split. Was clear that from the 49ers many. Got in trouble for the way he did. Oh come on what if you don't get and you don't get in trouble for taken a nice young lady on a date Blair. Oh what kind of trouble would he give into you for taking a porn star out of date. It's not like they were shooting a porno movie at the date in public. They were they were too low to be legally and properly that is true and they're too good looking well dressed people out of the date. So they they'll be in trouble even motion supporting sorry they go out on it. Nice date nod up and do something illegal. That's that is correct to get in trouble you generally have to do something illegal the question I've got you Blair is. Do you have a personal preference when it comes to porn stars I believe that drop below is date was in the mills category deal the category that you like that a check out. All. Does it matter to me that I did stay away from that now could we get she's totally right. It is massively your brain and get your brain office. It does it sort of addicted to fry you update it I'm glad to stay away from it. What that that's not I assume you didn't call tonight to talk about born so what's an in my. I didn't I was shocked that that football players leaving giddy around. And that's bad Easter it would. Split football team that loses soon. And if I'm giving ground below and I to the world by the balls and I'm good looking in that age and all that money and all that influence and he is the star quarterback. But the 49ers now you ride that out why you can't. Like you enjoy your life while you can eventually he'll settle down we'll do what Tom Brady did get married have a family. But don't forget the in twenty years ago Tom Brady was hanging out Tara Reid. It's carry that time was American hi Tara Reid not dot. What that the shark movie shark NATO Tara Reid very different versions of Tara Reid so I don't I don't blame Jimmy go Rob Lowe for living life to the fullest player. Well you have to you have to you'd like me I would have to play I would want to be a little careful about making that kind of money yeah some of and it was elected to the red dot. You can't get I think that it turned up I think that India like the hour right now I really get red hot sheet. I think people talking like they Wear on. 96 fallen through the peak jets and I call them easily. Talking down on tonight. You really can't cut down on go to bed sheets you know like these that would keep that in the player he is that you isn't really great players. He got Mitch Moreland these absolute players get to keep that he's an excellent play. No doubt. Beckett traded up is this bastard tomorrow. Tomorrow that in turned out it's going to be really taken out. Let me be pretty. And it didn't eat greens set up Q way Patrick your way it can be a great second half men. I hope so. Enjoy this second layer you called you called the big jab is not an easy called the view yet. Awesome awesome. All it tomorrow in the morning and they don't call it. Tomorrow afternoon. You Dubai if you look at celebrity collar you know that's what you and I am glad I appreciate what you did that's totally equal play my pleasure. But first name is spelled BL OUIR. Well. I think that put an. OK it is sports. Angry at the the resting places much harder here. It's Sports Radio. WEEI it is late that I'd Patrick Gilroy that was Blair in Maine that over to join us here tonight at 6177797. 937. Continuing a conversation we talked about Tom Brady for awhile and those pictures that came out this week of him in Costa Rica with a Stanley. Some people taken by surprise that the way that he looked sort of the dad bought there and I'm just curious. If you guys were taken aback by. Sort of how soft he looked and I believe the word that some people use he looks pliable you know it made big news on social media this week. And I looked edited you know I look at him and he's got a dad bought. Now. I wouldn't think anything of that if he wasn't a five time. Super Bowl winning quarterback who's expected to come back next year comeback this year and be the same guy that he's been in years past. The question is has he taken the foot off the gas a little bit when it comes to his preparation as he taken a foot off the gas a little bit when it comes to his own. TB twelve met that is he really in the best possible shape. That he needs to be and to be the best version. Oh Tom Brady nor the forty that he can possibly be we already know what he's done this off season. And more importantly what he has not done this offseason but the first time he doesn't show to the ODA he doesn't lead by example he wasn't here for the optional workouts. Has that affected him has that affected his preparation has that affected the way that he looks of talk about that. As well as the whole thing when markets Smart. His contract with the Celtics out in the camp where look I think it's a good deal for him a good deal for the Celtics it is a win win situation I have zero problem. With thirteen million dollars a year go to markets mark. None whatsoever. I think the Celtics to the right thing by their player I think the Celtics to the right thing by their team it puts them. In a better position to compete for a championship next year with market Smart on the roster with mark a Smart in the fall we'll talk about that. And why Leonard a soft player going to a soft team this Hawaii letter to the Toronto Raptors affect the celtics' chances over reaching an NBA final. Talk about all that and more when we come back here on Sports Radio. WEEI.