Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Ty Anderson is in studio for Bruins talk 12-22-2017

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Friday, December 22nd

hour 3. Gilroy is joined in studio by WEEI's Ty Anderson. They discuss the Bruins as well as the reboot of the Office.


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The season late tonight is here. I want Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for an some PX in the graveyard fact let's get it going with Patrick Gilroy. And I talked Sports Radio WEEI. It is Sports Radio W yank. I am Patrick Gilroy he would you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning numbered join us here. 61777979370. Takes the program 37937. You find me on Twitter Matt Gilroy I'd hoops at. Gilroy on hoops we spent the first two hours really doing a number on the Celtics. And not so much. The Celtics short term problems because but things aren't perfect right now they're five and five in the last ten. Certainly some chinks in the armor here but I think some of this has to be expected. There was no way that they could keep up the pace of play the style of play the defense to pressure that they had through the first 67 weeks of the season. We talked about it at the time in the middle of their sixteen game winning streak I came on the air here multiple times it's at slowdown. There's got to be a stretch here coming up where they have a tremendous money games in a short period of time. It's not gonna go as well as it's gone now but the Celtics will come out of this on the other side still one of the best records in the NBA. And I think something that we haven't talked about and appear. Is this team is missing Marcus Morse well Marcus Morris came back and played this team was a different offensive basketball team he adds a completely different offensive. Element to this team that they are desperately in sorely lacking right now. I've never seen a team. Be so top heavy in carrier Irving and Al Horford and then rely as heavily on young guys this team doesn't for the most part Jason Bateman Jalen brown have come through the season. But they cannot be expected to come through game inning game out. By definition young guys generally don't. In this team needs one of those two guys or both of them to come through. And a night in and nailed basis for this team to continue to win games at the pace at which they are winning games earlier in the season. That's where the luxury of a guy like Marcus Morris comes in because he is a legitimate. Score in the NBA averaged fourteen points a game last year can put up a twenty spot on any given night. Professional score and score from the inside score from the outside and when things aren't going for an Al Horford adjacent to aid image Jalen brown. He is somebody that you can lean on to give your team and offensively if hopefully he comes back here after Christmas that's the goal. That's where the Celtics and he'll be back hopefully he does come back so we'll talk about the Celtics in the short term. As well as continuing the conversation. As it relates to the Celtics in the long term. Because again if you missed it a dribble just keep. Came out this week. And he said guys the Celtics were all in on Anthony Davis last year Anthony Davis actually went to the pelicans to talk specifically about the Celtics. Because he had heard it through his people but the Celtics were making an aggressive approach. The trying to trade for him. But the caveat in the story the interesting tidbit in the story is that the Celtics are still calling the pelicans about Anthony Davis and whether the trade is something that he try to accomplish this year or next year is yet to be seen as a lot of moving pieces with the pelicans. Namely DeMarcus Cousins because he's in his free agent walk year. So the pelicans have to make a decision are they going to try to rebuild their team around the markets cousins and Anthony Davis will they try to rebuild their team around DeMarcus Cousins or entity Davis. Was one of those guys walk or both of those guys walked the pelicans and get major decisions to make before they trade a guy like Anthony Davis. But the point is here. As talented as this Celtics team is. And as improved as the as they've been this year and it's exciting as they've been. And the young talent is just something else watching Jason Tatum and Jalen brown blossom and develop have been awesome but despite all that the fact that. Danny Ainge is still in on Anthony Davis tells you that he doesn't believe. But he is got the talent in place just yet to be a perennial championship contender and ultimately that is Danny's goal. Danny took a 53 win team from last year and completely blew it up. He gave up 80% of a starting lineup that won 53 games he returned only four players from a 53 win roster. If you think he's fallen in love with the Jalen brown and Jason Tait and you are sadly sadly mistaken where do you think that's the right move or the wrong move. The eighty Ainge by definition here by him still calling the pelicans he's not stupid he knows what it's gonna take to get this guy. So he's called the pelicans guys that means he's willing to give up or at least entertain in the conversation of giving up Jason Tatum. And orgy when brown along with a Al Horford and high draft pick. That is the minimum to even start the conversation. So of Gainey is still calling the pelicans it means that he still thinks there's additional big time talent that needs to come to Boston. That's not my opinion. That's just me doing the math. So again if you don't like it the new problems would Danny Ainge not with the meat. But if what wo G is saying is to be true people won't just reporting is assumed to be true that means. By definition mathematically. Al Horford. Is somebody that he's willing to trade in in order to cry a talent like it that he gave away from a team like the pelicans who we're gonna have that. Sell this move to their fans. Eddie minimum the pelicans are asking for Jason Tatum and Jalen brown. Now if you can find a way to get Anthony Davis here without giving up both of those guys god bless you but I don't think it happens. But I still think it's worth it as painful as it would be to give up on to a young guys. Who could be the next great 12 combination in the NBA two of the best young wings in the league you get a guy as talented. And as rare as of a talent as a guy like Anthony Davis here that something you have to strongly consider it only because of the product that he brings you. At the end of the day what are the Celtics have. If they trade for Anthony Davis even if you get rid of a guy like Jason data and Jalen brown what are you have left. You've got probably one of the best big threes in the NBA and all 27 or younger. Ultimately you can build everybody else around a Big Three of Anthony Davis Gordon Hayward and carrier ring and I think that. That sort of Big Three that's what the eighty Ainge is ultimately going for that has been the ultimate prize for Danny Ainge for years now. I don't think he's interested in continuing the development of these guys not a speaking get a 25 year old guy that's already established. In an Anthony Davis and a guy that comes in a much. Tougher to fill position. And a guy that's incredibly rare sympathy to all the can handle the ball hit the three and play inside. This guy is beat up this type of player to have in the NBA because they just don't exist he saw one of those guys tonight. Have a tough night Chris that porting gets. Anthony Davis is ten times the player the pores thing guesses. So again Davis is not without its warts he's not without its imperfections he does have a a proclivity to getting injured. So there's a certain risk there but I think it's something at least worth entertaining so will continue with the Anthony Davis in the cellblock conversation and of course continue. With a conversation that has really been driving the showed driving the evening tonight. And that is the likelihood that the except Phil is gonna make a comeback Europe sixteen years on the shelf. If you haven't heard today. Vince McMahon. CEO and owner of the WWE sold up a bunch of WWE stocks pulled a hundred million dollars out of the WWB. To find. His offshoot of a company called alpha entertainment Al entertainment and took over. Five trademarks. For the except bell and the rumors are he has got to have a major announcement to make come mid January. About a reboot of the ex FL. So if there really is going to be everybody except bell. The whole thing here tonight guys going here from UK are you interested in beat what changes would you like to CB made. If the exit l.s gonna take advantage of an NFL that is dropping in ratings this year. What can the except they'll do to pick up those viewers what in the exit they'll do to pick up those bands that's oral wanna continue talking about with you guys. Of course until the 1 o'clock hour because we're talking reboots tonight talked about reboot the exit fell. Rip up what a reboot of what I think is the funniest TV show in the last twenty years I want the office to come back my producer. Many the marine who's telling you know I don't know he's a big office than he does not wanna see the office come back. We'll take your phone calls on the off this coming up in the 1 o'clock hour until then let's say with a call stay with the phones next up on the program Blair Blair is in Maine. Later next up here on Sports Radio W yet. Yeah totally. Couple things only get to this couple little bigger opening keeps seeing it on TV on and BC NB it would choose and B. So Boston's sports network. Certainly Guerrero days. Troubled mortgage is sucks. Well yes and no so it looked up the team the team and I have a different take on this and that everybody else that I think starting with Kirk this morning. Who's done a great job trying to dig down into the into this but. Look everybody here is talked about are all day long. I'll see the big deal I think that that something obviously happened and it may just be something as innocent as you know what Brady's got his guy in the field well. Player X is got his massage therapist and his trainer that he wants an appeal to maybe just got out of control whatever is Blair tell you this. Yes he's not a lot of the team plane anymore he's not allowed on the sidelines anymore but I don't think much is gonna change Tom Brady is still gonna fly him to every away game. He's gonna get his treatment whether it's in the hotel whether it's somewhere else. So nothing's gonna change as far as Tom Brady's concern other than the fact that he can't go hug Guerrero during. Or after the game on a sideline that's about the only change he will still be at all the away games just on Brady's dime commercial flights out of the team plane. And Brady will have to get his treatment in a hotel room not at the stadium. Guys Celtics they. Yeah he's gotten a lot of there's one guy down in the TNT broadcast and I did stop and Lotta crap. But facility. And not being in the play not to be in the playoffs due to Google yes sir look at real bad enough because they're not playing did. They need to wake up and Tippett. Clinton just. They need here. That still the wizards they kept. I. Didn't want them to learn the interest it pay. Off on those institutions hot soak it up on. I guess they've let you can't you call the show at all you call to tell a lot less and you call the show alive and level when you call that was as emotional and as animated as I've ever heard you on the Joseph clearly. This little two game losing streak is got you shook a little bit. Yeah it does because they got Chicago's about the wizards came through when he got Chicago and delivers coming up in Beirut belt if you become president. Okay shouldn't chimney Chris it. I'm gonna say I'm pretty much gives us after that planned IPO we're Blake hit that bump got IPS sorry I don't play is thought to open outplay. Hold on let US current US RTS forms you US European or. Who did it Blair you're an adult right so how will hold the it's one okay good your arraignment wheel house so when you ask for PS for who'd you ask you ask a girlfriend you ask your parents US Santa Claus who's gonna bring you the PS four. It's. Why won't break it simply will kids that are. And it says gonna bring you up PS four that's awesome Blair I hope Santa brings Europeans or. And the Celtics win because and get a little bit worried about two Blair players usually pretty chill like. If anything we'd think that Blair is smoke it'll some the port calls usually but tonight Blair's animated he's angry. Eleven I love and I hope Santa would steal of the he has warbler pretty cheaper and 27 you'll writing a letter to say that it's interesting. Is witness you know it's great to Santa Claus is real advocates may be listening and can sleep well what if it. A cause gonna bring us lots of president's promise you that it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is a late night I am Patrick Gilroy Hewitt you guys and they'll do. O'clock in the morning is always the number to join us here 6177797937. We wish to know more of late night here's Patrick deal broad. It. To the wizards they get it up on Christmas you're right now I absolutely. Chris it. Today. Is Blair in Maine is also. He's a regular column of the program have never heard him as animated as he was an apple go. There was a weird time but Blair on train to mossy where he told turning to you locker doors. And that is a little weird I have super weird yet it's a little strange I mean look. I don't know what it's like to be an attractive young blonde but I'm thinking is Blair tells me that lock my doors at night. I'm probably gonna listen. You don't know who's going to be knocking on the door I don't know if it was like a warning like hey I'm comment just just just do it depends general H yeah. Op it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy U with the guys in the 2 o'clock in the morning with talk a lot of Celtics we can continue with your Anthony Davis phone calls. Talked a lot about the ex FL I promise I wrote down everybody's suggestions. How to make this thing work the second time around and what changes would you guys like to see. The exit they'll make it as opposed to what the NFL's doing wrong the NFL has lost. Viewers this year they've lost fans this year I don't think it's a coincidence that. Ratings are down double digits in the NFL and Al Vince McMahon is about to make a huge investment in rebooting the ex FL so we'll continue to take your phone calls on that. And of course I teased it. I was in a way to the 1 o'clock hour to talk about the office in the office reboot I am a huge office then. Many the marine back they're producing the show he is a huge fan of the office we've got opposing views. On what NBC is doing with the air one of their most successful comedy franchises. Of all time will continue to take your phone calls on the office is that something the U guys wanna see you reboot it or should we leave well enough alone but right now. I wanna welcome in W yeah I dot com hi Anderson who hustled over here. From the garden after another bruins' victory tied so you got here you got here relatively quickly and you got to be feeling pretty good about your team right now. Hustle all the time always hustling when you're young men yeah that's a young people do the body. Not so high you have the body of an eighty year old when you've kept your. Billick a temple yeah you know. But now there's other things even though he heard of an eighty year old but it and now I other things you indulgent you know a late night snacks OK I do like soda and attack to a old school Coke cola can on me now ago. I really that's that's that that's it symbolized that I don't drink OK just connects with a Coke bottle means it's like. When my friends go out I get patents that the Coke yeah so that that's not good for it is not good for you but I think it's better for you then the alternative right. Possibly odd I don't know I know I'm fine out one day that coat is is may appear you know. Cocaine again and it's going to be manic my whole life is a sham. I would like to say when I was in the Marines we used to clean mortars with Coke in pennies yeah exactly exactly technically my car generally view out of your ought to let me ask you you a regular Coke guy or die Coca and actually cherry Coke OK I'm a cherry Coke zero guy now. Is trying to wean myself laugh it off the sugar. Apathy realize that like this probably just chemicals and Coke zero you know that's the thing right so like I I used a pound guy cokes I love them of the caffeine or whatever it's all I drank. I couldn't stand regular Coke because it was it was too sweet so I drank diet cokes even I was sixty pounds heavier and I was still as a delegate a big Mac and a guy Coke. My wife. She likes regular Coke and she will not she does food shopping she will not allowed Diet Coke or diet anything in my house because of the chemicals select. I did a fundamental problem here in this and we fight about this all the time. I would rather have the chemicals that have the mountains of sugar. But she wouldn't have the mountains of sugar and chemicals the question is that it is their right answer to this fight. Now nothing is not the right answers soda water you get a multiple flavors now idea that's yes right exactly that that's the that's the easy answer. Oppresses the scene and it's opposite it once notable. Soto market even slightly from temperature gets discussed it is but if it's cold it's pretty good yes you can drink it would Apollo phenomenal. Cycle is good with mock it is true that I don't very hot. Don't know I wanted to know the whole the world look at you've never experienced that all came at that it's okay dangerous enough sober I don't need and dangerous hi Anderson that it made it is Sports Radio WEEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy alongside I Anderson. Taking your phone calls all the way up until two. O'clock in the morning we'll touch and the Bruins continued not Celtics will talk the office reboot right now with Tyler and Mansfield Tyler units up here on Sports Radio W yeah. So. Epic ever showed too much about the but it might have to okay. And I really against them actually do. And the thing is. Though it is quiet because I feel like when you go back and try to change like a bank. You know it's not gonna be the same spot and the all going to be. Another gonna bring back. Yet it's always it's always sort of strange when they try to bring back some of the cast but you obviously tampering bring them all back and the one thing the opposite right Matt you you know you spoke to this is. The end of the show and not just the finale but that the last couple of episodes. They really set up the exit for the show masterfully you know at heaven's a bartender that's what he belongs doing right you know these guys moved to create got arrested so you think about the guys that are gonna come back in the show. Who really who's left they can come back and carry that show me. Phyllis Stanley retired so you know who you gonna bring back. I want to wait no that's exactly how about but that I've heard about that. And I remembered this is about a bit you know Michael I you have light. I shall I don't know the bud foster's. It is the. Jim in camera gun in Texas. Got plot. An error and it. Ed did Erin did Aaron lead but she's she's still there right C a puppet Aaron and you've got wells was left. You you got the blog there Angela she's still there. But none of these guys are capable of carrying the show they were nice. Laid the eggs auxiliary pieces they were nice extras but that none of these guys carried the show. So we'll have to bring somebody in short of Ricky Gervais coming in and being the new Michael I don't know what they would do to have somebody coming carry the show. Seattle what they're doing miniature bat does this show whatever that they've bought Michael. I've hit my first. You're you're right but if the show was it ten would Michael I think it was still a strong seven rate without they did a nice job you know be Michelle funny. Yeah. Shipment to light that the other supporting characters that they'll back a bullet but. It was the same I would take if you read the show that's just not a good that I kind of like. I heard like it image overall though leg had to make a little less government they redid our house. Oakland don't go there because I I enjoyed a big fan of Fuller house and I am excited that the back half of season three is coming up tomorrow I'm really excited for that and that the good thing about Fuller house for me. It at a toddlers and the year before like I get a ten year old daughter and a seven year old son I think it's awesome. That we're able sit there watch that show together. Because I watched full house strikes a bit now they're getting a piece of my childhood and we get to enjoy that show together so for me there's so much just out of there. But the show may sock but I got a get a different view that I enjoy watching it because it means a lot to me to watch it would my kids but I tea what's weird about the office reboot listen Tyler I appreciate the phone call what's weird about the officer group guises. Full house took twenty years to come back. And will and grace took a decade to come back usually. These networks wait a certain period of time the sort of get the next generation of fans. There really just trying to capitalize on the current fans and the office is still one of the top shows on Netflix. And people that are gonna to be into the reboot the same people that watched the first go around the office. The usually try to get the next generation NBC's not doing that they're going after you met in me and you tack they want the same people that watch the old show to watch the show. Yeah but it's gonna suck. It's gonna be terrible if they do this it's going to be awful. Because I think that you are under selling just how bad this final that final season season really laws is not. Ed Helms is not a good leading guy for that child is character's weight too goofy it's terrible large doses he doesn't have the same sort of cringe worthy. Enjoyment factor about Michael Scott Peters Marge critic. As. We go back and watch season one of the office though Michael Scott the evolution of him from the Dick that he was in season one to the Sorrell lovable guy idiot that he was in his last season. He is not the same guy the same office manager he's not the same character ball. Yeah and I'm also going against you here with four how's that show is terrible it was rate is on to watch a it is Israel I sold looking forward to the back out the season three I. I did like two episodes that out now or not you and you have to work through it telling you this something there. Is the reason why it's it's continuing to do well but again they play it's it's a plan this out. So mighty. Reasons reviewing it and having sort of a good feeling when I watch it is probably different than Daniel strike for me it was also the lead up to four house. The cute when Netflix made the announcement it was a good nine months until episode one season one. And people got excited about it so I did was my daughter was eight at the time now she's ten. We started watching season one episode one of full house we bought all the seasons about a mile an apple TV. So by the time Fuller house started we had just wrapped up watching. The entire run a full house so she got contacts and for me it was cool to have a reason to sit down and watch your show my child that. And I think it's really cool now that we get to continue to watch that story being told. It's not as good as the original a DB that but for guys like me for families like mine with kids. In the age group that mine are I just think it it's a cool showed a lot and so we'll continue talking reboots rebounds came up because. Vince McMahon is rebooting the ex FL that's how the whole reboot conversation that started if there's a TV show that you wanna see recruited we'll talk about that but really the crux of the conversation is what changes would you like to see the except they'll make. To make it work this time around in tight the exit fell. Sort of bowed out sixteen years ago no urea young guys a hole for you sixteen years ago. I was ten you have any memory of watching yet the Delano I had an accidental football did you really has blackened red it was awesome awesome awesome. We'll talk X Appel with you tonight continuing topics of they'll would you guys at 6177797937. And of course continuing with your Celtics phone calls Lumix and some Bruins. As well let's go back out to the phones go to nick. Nixon Salem nick units up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Hello how are you it was evident that. I opened up I heard about it except opening and I think you capitalize on the whole violence of the sport. And we're all we know the CDC and stuff like that. If you could be able to hold the same kind of violence be accurate and keep eight product of all the people want I play and got another point. We talked about you know the opposite reboot it. Michael Scott Proctor got a door and knock it through that door and they're not come through that door right on Jimmy move on. The gonna watch. A that was an aggressive and two is folk apparently approached an oppressed well that was the root cause you know yeah dealing out at odds that's Ed in these guys are gonna want through that took a promise you this. The audience will be there for season one episode one of that the reboot of the whatever it is you call it the opposite the be huge audience that question is. Can keep the audience and that's been the typical part of any reboot the wheel always gets a huge audience the first short through the first episode or two people willing to give it a try. It's can they keep you to. And I you know you've got highs and you don't do you didn't like the polar a three bootsy bowed out they didn't keep you. Well you know does and if you go back to the office and in the glory days that show are really what season 34 and five yes you would say and then. Like when I watch Netflix I I moved. I will be honest with you IA put on I need noise of falsely prism a psychopath tour so I put on the office every night on Netflix and artist falsely to a but once I hit. While Michael Scott leaves and Mike know we're going back to season three or start and it's all over again because they can't do the other seasons it's like that's my streets artistry foreign finds to be very hard. The top that I feel like there's all the shows like that sign fumbles like that took two of the interview was Larry David left signed felled the writing got so goofy got to almost wasn't signed felt any. What's happening right now to a certain extent to the Walking Dead during the Walking Dead was by far the most watched show on television and it was. Like edge of your seat ripping. I must say season's 34 and five that season six once they hit Alexandria things started to change Stephen's season seven was just so slow and awful as he's an eight they promised does that the speed was gonna get picked up again but it's not happening. So it's a slow death for the Walking Dead as well as we sat right like I don't watch a lot of TV shows but when I get into one I really get into. And it sucks to watch the slow death of a show that you once were into. Ops that's why there are very few shows that are like Britain that. I don't give a problem breaking bad night and I was against the hype as an epic that. And I checked that out it was a perfect land that was profound drama I think it went any longer we all have had a heart attack because of which are so gripping by the end of it. And you almost wanted to secede and because you were so stressed I'll watch episodes so. You know any of that and sees him as the Walking Dead because they're usually pretty good about ending shows its money and it's money that's the thing and in there and there any world. Comic book world where the story never really ends so right rate down borrowing rate elderly about halfway through with a comic threat to like there's still so much more to get to. So they're gonna have to do. Make a decision here sometime soon as far as the direction of the show goes now they they took a huge step away from the comic that the comics and. Spoiler on the what happened a car I got bit so that didn't happen. That didn't happen in the console the show some ID and I know that line its new season yet it is you'd get spoiled really. Would you OK I did already it was three weeks ago. That is enough. I honestly. Leave now you take a show I'd have it was going to be that. Are these nobody is still alive all right he has not die US dollars. I haven't seen not one minute of any of them I'll it's appalling and copy it straight out so I don't waste hours. That's the rebel onslaught. So look at it it's not it's not Star Wars I apologize these guys and the bring what radio. W united Patrick Gilroy high interest and he with the guys the 2 o'clock in the morning continuing to your phone calls. Patriots Bruins Celtics the office reboot all the table of course your exceptional phone calls as well at 617. 7797937. You're lucky until late night with Patrick Gilroy. Fox Sports Radio telling you we. Lot of fun talk about freezing today. But I am here to skate straight. Imprison you want somebody to ditch. How you view oh my friend would be in global battle of the ball. So good. He's so good. Yeah I watched episode two season one diversity did today probably one of the best episodes ever on TV. Yeah I mean. I do a prison might. Prison you can have ruled. He can be Johann that's like the best transition ever in his sport through video WB yeah. It's late night Patrick Gilroy you're alongside Tai Anderson taking your phone calls at 6177797937. Detects the program 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on who to type he came here from the Bruins game the Bruins won 21 tonight in a shoot out. You wrote on WB I dot com recently that now it's time to start paying attention to the Bruins. You know the Bruins when the season started it comparatively to the Celtics the Celtics got up well first of all the Celtics had a terrific he were to injury. But then they won sixteen straight then up to this great start and the Bruins sort of looks based. They got buried in the news cycle here you had the patriots the Celtics and everybody else at that point. And now the Celtics have come back down to earth a little bit they're five and five of their last ten so your saying now it's time for if you're winter sports fan. Direct your attention to the hockey team it's worth it's worth it now. Oh most definitely I think you know people. The popular in the lap that humans logic Bruins but. As a team that they're finally healthy they're playing exciting style they have young players developing succeeding under new coach. You know I think it's been awhile since you've seen the last time we saw that was probably 2008009. When clothes still relatively new when they had the young players such as you know upper house the young man people kind of forget that David Krejci. Blake Wheeler you know you have all these guys are coming up and they were summer partner core others retreated to develop record that one used in the cup in 2011. And I understand that era's similar situation now this team I just think that. This is a team that they are fun to watch they are exciting. And it's not the old school clue Julia and windy keen to one and they won tonight to fill onshore but that but they have regularly scored fortified goals per pupil what. What is it gonna take to get the fans re engage you know you came from the building in the building has been pretty much banged out recently. But if you look at that the nest and ratings they're they're horrific the fans are talking about them. Back in 2011 when they're contending for a cup they were talked about there was talk about them being the second most popular team in the city at the time here's the thing with the Bruins tie it. When their bad over it when they're not relevant people solidly to doubt they forget that they existed. And the question is how do you get them back right now because the Bruins are gonna win a cup this year but they're certainly going to be a playoff team right. And it's time some of the most enjoyable years from me as the Celtics guy for years like last year where you saw him take the next step in their progression. They went from 48 wins the 53 wins disarm proven across the board I enjoy stuff like that cousin of basketball guy. The ratings and Comcast crew about the people watched the Celtics even in their transition years. Not like they watched them this year at right now they're their ratings compared to the Red Sox and patriots but in general. The ratings are still twice as high as the Bruins what. The good the Bruins have to do to re engage the fan base that was so rabid just five or six years ago. Well for one I think the tickets in an IP so again expenses you know of the building is really owned by the secondary market so even though that they've taken a step back if you will. I'm in recent years the prices have sort of Harvard or on the same spots they'll cost you if you wanna get two tickets to games you talk 150 dollars at least chair as a free and buying really. So so that's a product that team needs to address in some way shape or form. They tried bringing back the student deals yup which is a disaster because student meals tickets are still 65 dollars which. When I was for an open as high school they were they are ten dollars you know and I was eleven years ago the Celtics used to have ten dollar seats in the upper bold enough to know Stanley section I mean that those days unconvinced or over like they're not coming back that's the thing right Boston is its announcements in the winter weather. It's not a sports teams what are you really dealing its miserable outsider not walking the city right that much if you are you eating for ten minutes tops your SOA and I think that's sort of that's happened in and you know I was amazed for example don't Chicago last year last summer. And I was Jewish out cubs team and tickets for nineteen dollars and read seats and I was like why so cheap. And as a coach Cutler's other things to do have to go to the just sport sporting events wander concerts this that. And Boston has happened on the winter you know not who answer only got you and they know they got absolutely and I think also when it relates that would as a racer Celtics. I do think we had a point where in this town to quote Ricky Bobby if not first or last sure you know that's the real thing I think that. Boston fans are are great they're supportive but at same time. In the patriots it'll always spoil them and now it's a little bit of a front running town and I and I'm not I don't feel bad segment because I really do think that you lived it and you've seen it. First hit with a lot of these teens and. Lou in this I'm glad you said that because it pisses me up you're absolutely right so like last year I knew the Celtics led by Isiah Thomas worked it would championship but Els and it was a basketball fan the Betsy was held a lot of fun. And that team was worth investing your time and money and attention into. Not gonna win a championship you knew they had a ceiling but still if you're a basketball fan and Celtics fan. You tell me that the only times you're gonna best emotionally and financially into a team are those few years. Where you think they've got a shot to win a championship because if that's the case you missed 80% of product team is 80% of the games the big about. In the last ten years the Celtics probably had a legitimate chance to win a championship twice the Bruins twice. What about the other years A saying the you don't invest time and money and separate those years because the Red Sox and patriots were super successful last fifteen years. That's got to change that mentality has to change because guess what type. You know you're young guy for the most part Europe. Teenage through adult life has been like this. But. It's not always gonna be like this I think you realize that because of what you do for a living. But so many people your age think that this is the way coats. And there's gonna come a time here in the not so distant future. Where Tom Brady retires and the patriots are 500 team if they're lucky that our problem is I you know it's like that we hear about drop lies he's dominating the West Coast the next ten years but. I think that your right. The the Red Sox won 93 games last year they won eight a least two years in a row. And if you listen to Sports Radio it's like they won 65 games in their terrible because they didn't contend for a World Series last year. You read if you're not for through last around here and we are for running out there's no shame in saying that. But if you're Bruins fan. You have to understand that there's no way to winning a cup this year that it's almost going to be impossible less to be gets hot then he had that Dale Arnold telling us of hot goalie can carry the number eight seed can win at all. I hear it all every year from Baylor again. But realistically. If you're expecting the growth when a cup this year you going to be sadly mistaken coming into the season if you're expecting the Celtics to an NBA championship this year it's not gonna happen. But people are buying into the celtics'. Where they're still not buying into the Bruins and I think it's because with the Celtics. They concede that they're on a path to winning a championship in the not so distant future where the Bruins they don't believe that. It's hard to because I think you've been fooled Sony's times you've seen them. Did the missteps a few votes taken with the Hamilton you almost you'll was waiting for issued drop after Bruins and and I think it's a little bit of an outdated term bias against the team. They've built a core they're finding pieces that can fit in their mix. I I do think though at the same time you know we we may see the Bruins their chances of winning Stanley Cup. The shell this year is the most wide open and I've ever seen it where it's so you're suggesting that there's such a chance here that it would cut. I believe so it is hockey the only sport tie where you can do that we couldn't. Not be elite team but still have a shot to win a championship absolutely yeah because one of those sports where like. You know you're gonna rip the Oprah sang hot goalie with a I have seen about Tim Thomas was a brick wall patient lost three for the series in my opinion. They should not be that much out in round one they should've beaten that typically around three and the definition of loss that knocked around for sure but they didn't because they had a great goaltender so. Just like that can take you to another level really so. And and for comes back a career point of there's no powerhouse the Tampa lightning are prejudiced on its act. But that's and the Bruins played pretty well like historically they've matchup against some very well. And then I'll echo west of Nashville notes Nashville. You know a lot upon hours at least not other Chicago power LA air Anaheim. They also have taken a step back this year so happens it's really anybody's ball game Pittsburgh a team they've been great debate in which hockey. Last two seasons and I think they are. Little bit wounded more so. I would be surprised to see you knew who. You know it's gonna it's gonna play out one of two ways in jealous here yeah you're gonna have the two best teams in the finals will be the one verse the one. Or you have two teams that you didn't see coming at all in the finals and I think the Bruins could be one of those things seem to be the first one to. Addicted but the Bruins go into the Stanley Cup finals says Ty Andersen right here just what Christmas 2017. I get asked pocket that I Anderson here with impeccable but inside Patrick Gilroy. Other hours so taking guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning we've done some ruins I do wanna get at the Celtics with tagging your take because you've been over there the guarding quite a bit covering the Celtics the Celtics for the first time. Since the for two games of the season have now dropped back to back games and it's something that you know I as a fan. It's not to be unexpected because you knew that they were gonna come back down to earth at some point you're they couldn't possibly play at that level they are playing at during the sixteen game winning streak. Was difficult for me to sort of wrap my head around and fully except as the fact that they won all those games. On the backs of their defense and it seems like their defense has not only slipped but they've forgotten how to play completely and if that was going to be the identity this team. To me they've got to get back to that identity sooner rather than later because Cleveland is on the precipice of overtaking the Celtics for first place and this team really is going to compete. To try and make an NBA final. They need home court advantage for as long as they can possibly have a complaint that they don't have the luxury of a margin of error lake Cleveland does they don't have a LeBron James it's gonna carry them through the playoffs. So I look at this team and I say OK they spoiled us for 78 weeks now the come back down to earth five and five and their last and the question really becomes tie. And they get back to their roots this season or they get a B this up and down bunch all season long because they're relying too much on young stars. Adding up and down guy I do you think that you have to be realistic about it no team is. As ever as good as a sixteen game winning streak in the exception may be Golden State cure it gets going Teaneck it's a bit gather as good as that looks. The Celtics the government has a lot of winds that. Sort of happens. Whether it was then stepping up in the final few minutes or get a team pissing all over themselves without humans and about maverick scheme that they get at the garden that was the mavericks not one to win that game. And a few of those games even outside of that win streak a couple of nights back terrace you're still the amount that's in Indiana they almost did it again last night overcoming a ten point deficit with two minutes ago. The Celtics have developed some bad habits throughout their winning this season they found themselves even tonight against the knicks he could tell they thought wait till two minutes ago will come back. And they try to put the effort out there the last two minutes. But they're playing against some pretty good teams and you're not going to be able to do that night in night out. Carrier ring is a special talent I think we can all agree on that he's probably a top ten top fifteen player tie. But he can't bail you out night in and night out but when we come back from the break I do want to get your opinion on a couple of things starting off. We Gordon Hayward Gordon Hayward had the boot taken up last week he goes on TV toxic Comcast sports net says. Locker room welcome back this season the Celtics haven't officially ruled them out did means this week on Boston radio. Saying it would just gonna take every day as it comes but I'm gonna tell you this nobody's come this far this quickly this injury that I've seen so they're they're leading. The door ajar for Gordon Hayward to come back think about this during the break Ty you're the Celtics you've invested a four year Max deal and this guy. On one hand you wanna protect your investment on the other hand if you get him back the last couple weeks of the regular season get ready for the playoffs. Is 80% of Gordon Hayward worth it. To get the most out of this edition of the Boston Celtics will get his opinion. Ties opinion and Gordon Hayward also to be your opinion and Anthony Davis and continuing with your opinion on the office reboot because I think that we've got to spend some serious time. On Michael Scott he's not coming back get over it guys but this was the best show on television for a long time. And I'm excited that it's coming back twice in the last two years apple pulls they 2016. Bit that that we thought there was an announcement in about ten months ago. Michael Scott. Steve Corel. Made an announcement on Twitter that fooled everybody and said that he's coming back in the office is coming back in the world weapon and is that was so mean everybody was so disappointed though when those two things were fake this one Israel. And I'm hearing more people like you guys. To come back to duplicate mind they've finally decided to got to bring it back now people don't wanna back. I was excited when Michael Scott said he's gonna bring impact but it the other two times now now I was always team don't bring a pack sell well at the records show talk to an alien an hour ago at Sports Radio WEEI root for you would 61777979237.