Late Night with Patrick Gilroy - Will Isaiah Thomas stop playing the victim?

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Friday, October 13th

Hour 2. Patrick Gilroy discusses Isaiah Thomas and all the complaining about Boston he has been doing recently. Gilroy makes the point that Danny Ainge was right to trade him, especially for talent like Kyrie Irving.


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Houston's late night talk Sports Radio telling you. Yeah let's get it going and Steve's late night right now on Sports Radio WEEI. Sports Radio. WUPI. WPI league night Patrick gill right here with you guys taking you. Up until 2 o'clock in the morning number to join us here 6177797. 937 takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops we talked a lot of Red Sox lot of John Ferrell. Touched on the patriots we can continue. To talk about these things would you guys at 6177797. 937. You know. As far as the Red Sox go real quick I got that reaction of the whole Jason very tech thing. I understand people love tech they absolutely do and as a player. What's not to love the guy was great year he endeared himself to the fans. And nominal catcher for over a decade here you just great Red Sox hall of Famer everything that you would want in a great Red Sox player. I just don't think he's the right guy for the job right now I think that this team needs somebody further removed from the game. There rob Bradford de and W yeah I dot com advocated for core. On WEEI dot com today. John Tomas he advocated brigade sampler. I just these guys don't do with four. I think that this team needs. An old school. Disciplinarian in less they're able to go out and make wholesale changes. To their team and we all know that's very difficult to do it's much easier and this is one of the oldest cliches in the sports world. But it's much easier to change your coach and dorm manager. It is to change the look of your roster overnight it justice. It's Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night to join us here 6177797937. Team that change the look and feel of their entire organization. Seemingly overnight was your Boston Celtics they did that this offseason. I quickly to recap that team wins 53 games last year goes five games in the conference finals. Against the Cleveland Cavaliers at one point last season there were just three teams remaining in the NBA still playing. Your Celtics were one of them. Then Danny Ainge blue ala. Eleven out of fifteen players from last year's team gone four out of five starters 80% of your starting lineup from last year's team going. Only returning starter is Al Horford. That's crazy that that doesn't. Happen in any sport. And it certainly doesn't happen. After a 53 win team but you gotta give Danny Ainge credit you have to give wick prospect credit people came out after the conference finals last year and said not. Good enough. And they completely changed the shape of this basketball team seemingly overnight the question really becomes factory for no pre season. Have your expectations. Early on at least for this team changed at all because for me last time I was here last week. I said that I think that this team is gonna be hovering around 500 until at least Christmas I think eventually they'll catch fire will be great team in the second half of the season. But through at least Christmas you're gonna see this team struggle. They've just got too many question marks coming off the bench they're too reliant on young guys coming off the bench you don't know. What you're gonna get just yet from guys like Jalen brown and Jason Tatum. What are you really have a guy like Larkin. Our guys that we've seen in the pre season exhibition season that made contributions even going to be on this roster and of course as far as the starting lineup goes. What we saw here in 2008. When Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen mentioning immediately and looking like they played together for a decade. Is the exception to the rule. Something a little bit closer to the rule is what you saw are in Miami in 2011. When that heat team was a 500 team through forty games when that he team eventually caught fire learned how to play together. But eventually lost in the NBA finals the Dallas map. I am I assure the Celtics team is worthy of of a finals berth. Getting through Cleveland is not going to be easy in and there's other teams that nobody's talking about in the Eastern Conference. But they should be teams like Toronto teams like Washington seems like the Milwaukee Bucks there's going to be other competition. In the Eastern Conference aside. From the Cleveland Cavaliers global focus on Cleveland because that's where the Celtics opened up the season. Next week next Tuesday it is the Celtics in the cavaliers on national TV and a guy that's gonna be in triple. To what the Celtics are able to do or what they're unable to due to start the season is Gordon Hayward. And all of the Big Three quote unquote for the Celtics Gordon Hayward. Carrier ring and of course Al Horford Al Horford and carrier ring had outstanding. Pre season's. Gordon Hayward was a little up and down looked like he was pressing a little bit. Curious to hear you guys have to they'd have to say about Gordon Hayward after a Celtics four and oh exhibition season it's Sports Radio. WE yeah I play a reprieve guys at 6177797. 937 let's go back out to the phones that a Brendan Brendan is in Boston Brendan Europe next here on late night. Date deriding technical rather the most wonderful kind of theories here. Are absolutely right and so excited that around. You know I got a quick accurate point that a lot of talk this markkaa hunter station tuition. Yeah I'm I don't think that he was gonna score 22 point but I don't think it's SOE. Just because a lot at scoring total in Utah because. You'd collect a mean score like that often it was built around him in the entire trying to be mean score. You're gonna see an inhaler was still can't score like ET Nike quickly and acting like you like. Numbers go what do you agree on numbers go up you'll probably keep efficiency ought so. Either got it still be. Fine people quite frequently wish you know and get that money it scored him down but it's one of those things like or for last year he can't get too. Caught a panic that you know the salary numbers. You know more interest. In that accurate I mean. Did you worry at all about quarter and Hayward his his psyche is mental make up playing in Boston thirty think that that's a non factor. I do a little bit complex and you know Steven could be a big buffer for that any tablet that collision god that is the coast that he knows what it pretty much almost sure that we got Hoch making talking streak at issue. First year bought. We seen a bunch of guys come in here and have a little bit of a hard time deal with that you know the right like to say so. If I can bring a pack Smart they'll on the contract extension. I think that the reason that the medics standing in the and it is for you obviously don't think they wanna go over the cap for next year and approached it that they can't use their auction on browned on some curious how we'd like. We'd be able to you exercise browns are like David are you right away if we told Smart ain't right upbeat view that looks and you using your bird rich region that. Yes and no you really don't wanna do that the these things have to happen in a certain order and if you don't go in that order you lose all your flexibility so so I believe from what I understand about. The cap in the situation the Celtics are because the cap isn't rising the way the Celtics thought they would they would if it's not rising the way the NBA predicted it would matter of fact it's gonna go down a little. The Celtics need to in order oath. Conscious in order of players' contracts coming up I believe in order to stay under the cap they have to be Smart first they have to. Yad I don't don't don't don't quote me on that and I'm I'm 90% sure of that answer. Greg and the whole thing is that regardless of what you need to get tough and Smart and produce efficient in two years an extra seat if you're gonna bring back fiery heat and then rouge Moody's and our State Department have to copy with Horford. So what I can say is I would try my best to keep those guys anyway is going to be. I wanna try to have some continuity don't forward this team I don't wanna be at every year it is they don't want it tenor player on the team only has four years here so like that is. That's where you start having problems building an identity mechanic street ought to say so there's a way of keeping Smart all of these players yeah I think Crawford got any thinking it would I would like to do that hopefully you ally Q do you think they. I appreciate the phone call Brennan Nokia stranger to the program I'm not social work. That Horford is going to be gone in a couple of years let's see where his team is in two years. I think his game is gonna age pretty well because he's eat the super athletic but he doesn't rely on it the way that a LeBron James does the way that. A lot of these guys rely on her ultra athleticism. You think of a guy like Tim Duncan who at forty years old was still a damn good basketball player. Because he was so fundamental he never relied a 100%. On athletic schism that did maintain. His quality of play the wheels fitted fall off really until his final season up until that final season Tim Duncan was still. A very effective basketball player not saying that Horford and Tim dunk by any stretch of the imagination. But what I am saying is they're similar in away were they both super fundamental. And their their big men and big men generally can hang on quite a bit longer then wing guys can then guards it. So again you know what it comes to Horford when it comes to his money. A lot of it depends on who he is in two years is the still. A double double guy is he still a guy that's considered one of the best. Front court players in the league NHL his numbers have never said that he is that night. But he's been generally considered for a decade now one of the premiere front court players in the NBA. Because of everything that he does he does so much more than what you see. On a stat sheet and I know that cliche to say and it's something you hear Mike Gorman sand Tommy ninth insane and they're big homers and I get. I absolutely get it but if you know basketball and you watch the game. He sets a perfect screen there's nobody better at a screen and roll pick and pop. He ran a perfect pick and roll last year would Isiah Thomas and I'm I'm a basketball Kiki and I am looking forward. Almost as much as it is anything emotional. Well this basketball team I am looking forward told hunting carrier ring and Al Horford continue to run just then asked. Asked his pick and roll in the Eastern Conference because that excites me. That's one of the plays in basketball that went don't write it not be defended a pick and roll pick and pop and I think those two guys nobody does it better. So that gets me excited for Celtics basketball. You had any thing about Tommy Heintz in calling. Greg steams my the next Bill Russell and did this guy is amazing. Tommy nines in is the ultimate optimist he did cross a bit of a line has agreed it was awesome. I mean if you could mashup what what Tommy nineties said with what Ed Berliner said in the first hour you really have something there that I think would have an open to show right there. What was he doing out in and out locker. Pop pop pop pop pop up I love that bit about locker room it's not easy to get into the shower part of that locker room. What Tommy ninth it was doing walking around with a cigarette in that locker room is something that I don't wanna imagine it's Sports Radio. WEI it is late night listened. We've done a lot of this but I need to talk about Isiah Thomas and we come back I am not happy with the rights Vietnam conflict and I need your help guys. I love Isiah Thomas I wanna give this guy the biggest any ovation when he comes back the Boston. But in my opinion. I T needs to keep his five foot nine Mo show its Sports Radio W yeah. Losing sleep over the Sox pats b.s and c.s we get it. He sees late night fox Sports Radio WEEI. Danny Ainge is right. Danny Ainge did nothing wrong here at any age is a businessman he's the general manager the F look out for the best interest of the Boston Celtics. A lot but they at Thomas is a miniature dynamo he was sensational last year. I hope he gets a lot of the money. That he wants. Bob what he thinks he deserves no you don't deserve 200 million dollars which is around that numbered at any age would have had to pay him. If he kept the ball boy awarded any gauge traded for. He traded him for somebody who's bigger. Better a champion. Okay and and and you take all of those things into consideration it is what it is and at all stop. I think at Thomas is a stud we get that he would carry. I'm just telling you what I'm now. Sports Radio W yeah Stephen A Smith right there on first take. And look I think Steve today it is sort of echoing what a lot of Celtics fans feel about the situation. Without Isaiah Thomas we did Danny Ainge and Isaiah is inability. The sort keep his mouth shut right now and the fact is this will blows my mind is clearly. Isaiah is an emotional guy and he's used that a motion. To become just an incredible basketball player last year one of the best players. Quite literally on the planet that's not an overstatement. That's what he was last year top five in the MVP vote. One of the best fourth quarter performances in the history of the NBA needed to consistently from October LeMay. You contend not overstate. Isaiah is contributions last year's is impossible to do. Isiah Thomas single handedly brought the Celtics out of the lottery. In into respectability. And eventually. Essentially. Into contention in just two would have years. He deserves all the credit in the world and I hope he gets a rousing standing ovation when he comes to Boston for the first time with all that being said Isiah please keep your mouth shut. You're only hurting yourself and it is Isiah Thomas is a mild coincidentally that got him traded to begin wind. And that's the part of this story that really nobody is talking about but the part that I think makes the most sense. Nobody around here. Going into the offseason thought that Isiah Thomas was gonna was going to be traded in the off season. That would have been crazy speak I know because I took your calls if not here I took the money ESPN up in New Hampshire. And if not there I took the money ESPN Boston may have been doing this for nineteen years covering the Celtics and outside of Paul Pierce. I don't think it was a guy is universally loved and respected. As Isiah Thomas was last year even Kevin Garnett had his detractors. Even Kevin Garnett had his haters he did. I mean I was on. Mohegan Sun sports and I got into a screaming match and I think it's on YouTube somewhere with Greg Dickerson about a month before Kevin Garnett came to Boston he screaming get me. And Greg's not a screamer. Telling me that the Celtics can't trade for Kevin Garnett they need to build around Ryan Gomes and Al Jefferson whoa how'd that work out pornographic. OK it's just you know he's not the only one there was a lot of guys like Greg that felt that way. Kevin Garnett was aging he would never won anything what you want him for I did. So he wasn't even as universally. Beloved as Isiah Thomas was and as Paul Pierce was that being said. Isaiah is mild put him in this position if Isiah himself didn't go out last year half a dozen times. And demand the Brinks truck being backed up he never once backed off that statement. He never once. Even uttered the words hometown discount and I hometown discount. Not saying take half the money I'm not saying take three quarters of the money I'm saying be a little bit flexible just the you'll LeBron James Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were flexible. None of them took the Max when they got together Paul Pierce Kevin Garnett Ray Allen were flexible. They'll came close to the Max but none of them got the Max when they got together and they did that for the betterment of their teams. I got here in Boston how many times have we seen Tom Brady. He's still very handsomely paid but he's not paid nearly what he could be if he hits free agency. Because he wants his team dreaming competitive year in and year out and if you Max one guy out. You'll lose all that flexibility and Isiah Thomas never once backed off that statement so if you really wanted to be a Celtics. But the remainder of his career if you really wanted to call this place home. He's not a dummy and that's the thing that blows my mind about the whole thing Isiah Thomas one of the reasons why he's a very good basketball player is because. In addition to his tremendous deal his tremendous heart. His will to win he's an intelligent basketball player he not only plays within his outlet is isn't he plays the game correctly he does it would his brain. He's one of those guys to. Which is what blows my mind about his inability to see the writing on the wall every single time he opened his mouth. He pushed himself further out of the Celtics sort of big picture. He just did. Like Stephen they said it net cut on the way back and he was looking for 200 million dollars but look at what might. I don't blame him the guy needs to get paid he's been one of the most underpaid guys in the NBA but that's not dangerous fault. He didn't sign those contracts for Danny into Danny Ainge was gonna keep you around is they have for a long time and pay you very handsomely. And work you through this injury get you back. I know that. But when you wouldn't back off over Europe 100%. Absolute stance saying that you need to be maxed out. Gaining Diddy had no choice and then. When carrier became available Howell not only does he have no choice now did he has no choice and he's making the right move he's making the best move for the Boston Celtics with Elvis got better they got younger and they got more flexibility. So thank you very much Isiah Thomas forgiving Danny Ainge the out. That he needed to make this happen with almost zero backlash. The trade a player as beloved as Isiah Thomas was and get nearly nearly zero backlash for a that's because of you Isiah because of your inability to keep your mouth shut. That inability to check him out help usher you out of Boston and right now it's pushing you further away from your teammates in Cleveland because it's clear. Anybody who read the Sports Illustrated piece it is clear that his heart is still here. And that's OK if it is neat can it be talking like that the week that the NBA season opens up in your playing for the favorite. In the Eastern Conference it's just not intelligent it's Sports Radio WEEI it is late night. The number to join us here 6177797937. Let's go back out to the phones and Andrew Andrew is an April. Andrew Europe next here on Sports Radio WEI. On you know once adamant. I don't know what Milwaukee ideologue one of our warmest on related yeah I talked. To about 1:30 in the morning urgency here. I feel I feel honored anything that was good for our team is good for me man. You know he brewer he's that he's sort of yeah in other than that we'll see if you're against Colorado simple I don't know what he. In the Colorado I don't know how many odd and masses. Colorado actually pretty pathetic like Matt. And you know obviously burger on how the defensive side there are a couple of what that he's gone crazy he is going back of Lakeland and the fire and he Kevin Miller. And and I know that in this instance you know it would Clark you'll encode them as he. And lack of Boyer our guys that would count limit our lives. And we would've killed and Alison Silva and bring them you know players. I didn't do a lot of yeah he added I think it is our lack of what the car knack of bulletproof. Our. Lack of that what our crew. Group Noah Carlo and we're deeper in the war. Well I mean when you look at this team right you look at the Kuwait he's. The fact that he's quote unquote the enforcer on this team tells you really all you need to know about the state of the bruins' defense. I mean I think we let Kevin Miller and academically there and it becomes redundant with the role that they play in what present our embassy and them will vote he's not sure I can find. Someone better at making earlier is under. Second the world he's are consistently laid off from. That is in my number. And I mean you know when you look at it Andrew. Correct me if I'm wrong but I haven't the Bruins given up something like. 1213 goals through their first few games I mean that that number is a staggering number of goals to give up. I don't act upon who. What the number one overall pick fragment in the continent as a wonderful boxy and like regional last year he played yet three against the Bruins. And he's got like arrogant at the little talent and the Colorado blown up and down ninth he knows he knows he's you know he does now it. Obviously there it is the law see why. And Murdoch are back obviously here as the defense is not clear card in our he's competitive. Let me ask you this before he gets out of here Andrew in the first hour we had Ed Berliner run at the end of his segment I asked him real quick point blank. The Bruins playoff team this year yes or no he was an adamant no clearly your Bruins guy I mean you hoping that this team is is worthy of of a playoff berth. I've had to play out he had as far as the young defenseman like Mac willing car loans they sat at college setting your company actively to see exactly. On the playoff I think it and the play out and let. You know a lot of them are younger and certainly he he had a cellular and only gonna get it that he understands and play well and other airplane out. Was it may your welcome to call them on and it's not Bruins at any point any damage would call Andrew don't be a stranger. The program at Sports Radio WEEI it is late night there's still room for you guys another half an hour so it's 6177797. 937 it's all on the table you guys wanna get back to. The patriots and what's happening this weekend against the jets the fact that it's week six and you've got a legitimate. Big game with first place in the division in a conference on the line mean that that's something that just. Blows my mind week six and first place in the AFC east is on the line in New York against the jets this weekend and again if you had told me two months ago. Through sitting here halfway through the the exhibition scheduled two months ago that six weeks into the regular season. Whatever the reasons are that your patriots would be competing. With the jets in the bills for first place in the AFC east come week six. I think everybody would have thought you were crazy but here we are and in the reality is. This patriots team's offense is certainly good enough to carry them to a Super Bowl. But their defense is is pour enough to keep them out of the playoffs I mean that's a bad. Their defense is it's literally quite literally the worst defense in the NFL. And I struggled to find teams. That have statistically the worst defense in the NFL but it had any sort of post season success you can be. Middle of the road defensively you can even be bottom third of the NFL defensively. As long as you've got a great offense and still have success. Come the playoffs matter that your patriots have done that multiple times. During Tom Brady and bill Belichick's tenure here. But he can't be worse you can't be last and expect your team to remain upright end. We didn't play up games even make the playoffs I mean. This team's got to show some sort of improvement they need to start showing that improvement right away your six teams into the schedule already this weekend. At some point here if it's gonna click. It's got to click relatively soon think about it like this guys. This weekend what ever happens. Whatever happens win or lose at the end of the jets game on Sunday at 8430. The patriots will be two weeks away from being 50% of the way through their season it's staggering. That staggering. It'll be just two weeks away from being eight games in at some point you are what you law are now the good news is. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and the patriots sort of leadership over the last fifteen to eighteen years has got an incredible track record of getting better as the season goes along. Specifically on the defense event the second part of the good news here is I think that they've got. A lot more talent on the defense the side of the ball than they've shown not for nothing but going into the season. Gilmore about the we're supposed to be this great due of this great tandem. They haven't been so far but if they clicked and eventually it if they're able to live up to expectations. Then maybe things will change but nothing will change if this team can't get together defensively and if they can't keep. Tom Brady up right which continues to be a huge problem. And even more so. Than the worries and the defense of side of the ball. The patriots inability to keep Tom Brady standing upright he is your franchise. That is everything right they're the only reason the singular reason why the patriots are three and two in in the hunt for first place this weekend. Begins and ends with Tom Brady and how good he's been this season that's it's. If Tom Brady or even. Just an above average a very good above average quarterback is teams probably two and three maybe one in four and that's not an exaggeration but because Tom Brady is the best quarterback of all time because he is the go. This team is three and two with a chance to grab first place this weekend despite the fact that they can't keep him upright despite the fact that they can't defend. At all. Because of number twelve you got a shot to claim first place this weekend you have to keep that guy up bright and it blows my mind. That this team doesn't put more effort money. Energy into getting the right guys around Tom Brady to keep him up right to keep on relying on unproven talent hoping that these guys are gonna get it it's a rotating door that offensive line and it's inexcusable. When you've got a forty year old Tom Brady playing as well he's playing and you can't keep him standing upright that's not your top priority. There's something really wrong there it's Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night Patrick Gilroy plenty reprieve guys at 6177797937. Who can sleep when there's so much Boston sports to talk about. These schemes late night on Sports Radio WEEI. I thought about the quote. You know Senna bosses realize foresee and I'm thinking like you know Cleveland sports but I understand it because. Boston's bunker on number one sports city in all of sports so it was kind of a shot at Cleveland but. You ought to go from there and see what are you really like and Boston guard. The Red Sox on the golf you've come out for the patriots these are all champions within the last ten years fifteen years. The Boston Celtics army and it was kind of a suburb. I don't know I didn't see and hear. Sports Radio W yeah I late night final segment Paul Pierce right there we're gonna hear a lot more. From Paul Pierce wrote the season this year he didn't hear about two weeks ago. Got hired full time by our friends down at Bristol ESPN UST Paul Pierce doing essentially every. Nationally televised game on ESPN as well as their sister network ABC that'll have the that the weekend games the big Sunday afternoon games and of course the majority of the conference finals games NBA finals games come playoff time and it's funny does watching Paul Pierce. Number two years ago the NBA sort of tried him out on ESPN. Whenever the clippers' season would end. They bring him it started two years ago he was rough around the edges two years ago he has improved so much. And broadcasting and good on Paul Pierce. And Paul not afraid to give Boston the love and attention the Boston deserves there he got to give Paul Pierce credit for for staying true. The of watching NBA basketball I've been in. Half of the city's. Across the NBA's landscape over the last twenty years and any absolutely right you can go to Atlanta for example a team that won sixty games two years ago. You knew Atlanta an hour before a playoff game and by great seat. At the ticket window without having to go to was helper you you pay regular price you can do better Orlando you can do that in so many of these NBA cities. You can't do that Boston there is such a demand. For tickets right now for the Celtics team forget playoffs the Celtics were selling out exhibition games this year so Paul Pierce. Is absolutely right when he reminds the national audience that playing in Boston is different. And it's because of the expectation. Of winning around here and it's because of the fans the fans have that expectation the fans hold the players. Accountable. In this city beat the Celtics Red Sox patriots or Bruins it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is late night I am Patrick Gilroy is still time for you guys at 617779. At seven. 937. And it will say this. Yeah I want you guys to check out a piece on WEEI dot com by tiny Anderson. There's a great job covering both the Bruins and the Celtics headline a piece Isiah can't act like Danny Ainge. The changes victim forever you know a unique chance and I think that's the moral of the story here. It's okay. Bright he'd be upset that he got injured and he got traded it's okay because he's dealing with both of those pieces of this emotional. Struggle that he's happy. And he actually went so far is to say. In the Sports Illustrated piece of Lee Jenkins a couple of days ago. That he regrets playing in the playoffs he doesn't think he should have played in the playoffs but I think that that was a statement made out of anger I don't think that he meant it and I say that because when you look back at this season that he. As historically significant as historically great as the season Wallace. It doesn't mean anything if he continued to struggle in the playoffs the way that he did the year before remember the book and I T. Was that he's going to be a great regular season player vote when the defense is lucky and on him come playoff time he can't scary team he proved all those doubters wrong this year. With a fifty point performance. And when you look at the game. After he got hurt again so he re entered the hip against the wizards. In game six he comes back in game seven. And scores 29 points at the garden and dismisses the wizards from the playoffs and we all know went downhill from there he couldn't take the pain anymore and eventually he checked himself out. Of the Cleveland series but even after re injuring that he became back and he had just the great 29 point performance that coupled with. The legend of Isaiah that grew unfortunately. Because of the death of his sister. Sister dies before the playoffs start so it's go down 02 Isiah sucks it up and plays through it all they come back to the garden. They come back for an 02 hole Isiah has legend grows. Next round Isiah goes for fifty eyes they are hurt his hip comes back goes for 29. And eliminates. The Washington Wizards and John Wall another leak point guard Isaiah Thomas eliminates him from the playoffs playing with the injured hip that are all went down hill we know against Cleveland but I will say this. Isiah has every right to be emotional every right to be angry. But the timing is way off Isiah. You can't be opening up to lead Jenkins. And Sports Illustrated and anybody that will put in my proponent prettier face right now about this stuff because your Cleveland Cavaliers team is in trouble. Now maybe they won't be in trouble in three or four months but right now they're starting lineup. Is questionable at best LeBron James Derrick Rose to Wayne wade. What are these guys have in common three out of five of them can't stay on the court. Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade and Kevin Love you're relying on help from those guys you better get back quickly Isiah Thomas and be totally body and to that Cleveland cavalier team for them to live up to the expectations that they have for them in Cleveland. Now the Celtics right now may get lucky on opening night I'm not sure LeBron James is playing a game right now and isn't what LeBron James does LeBron came out yesterday. That is ankle still let a 100%. And playing in the opener against the Celtics is in doubt any sort of dropped that little nugget. The ESPN and ESPN does what he is BM does and they ran wild with it you know as well as I do it is all big set up for LeBron James to come out. And look like he's African heroic he's a war hero when he comes out they're opening night and plays and that. Awfully injured ankle tough guy that he is the brawn James picked up I mean he's already for opening night in mid October. Trying to set the sympathetic story line up the heroic story lineup it's all part of the LeBron James act and this is why can't embrace LeBron James he is a great basketball player. One of the best of all time still may be the best in the NBA today. But I tell you what I have a hard time embracing LeBron James because of reasons like this if he's hurt he's hurt shut him out and get better right. You have to go out there in the what was meet the only reason we're hearing about the ankle hurting is because he came back and he played. Last night in an exhibition game for the Cleveland Cavaliers the first time he's played in one all season. Because he's been out that ankle and what happened is seventeen points but he had eight turnovers count them eight turnovers. So after the game instead of just taking responsibility for having. An off night because it was the first game he's played in five months. He's got to complain about the injury and subtly the opener against the Celtics is in doubt it's his body and felt. He's embarrassed that he had eight turnovers this LeBron teams that we've watched it for fifteen years it's always been about the king's first the team second team third. And the team for its the way it's always then it's the way it always will be so for Celtics fans holding out hope. That their team this year may be able to surpass the Cleveland Cavaliers one of the big reasons why and we heard on this program the last two times of them they show there aren't there's a certain segment of fans out there that truly believes. That LeBron James is gonna check out mentally come playoff time because its heart is already somewhere else he's not gonna dig deep and carried cavaliers. On his shoulders all by himself again because he knows ultimately they'll probably lose in the finals the warriors he's not going to be Cleveland next year anyways. That is the celtics' biggest. Advantage that they have when you're looking for advantages over the Cleveland Cavaliers because on paper. Cleveland still very talented would learn a lot more about the cavaliers. In the days and weeks ahead because let's face it that's the team will all pay attention to as the Celtics. Embark on their journey to try and reach the NBA finals and so excited because we get to talk about it again tomorrow night would you guys. Will get into it the Celtics specifically. Will get into the celtics' young guys because if you haven't watched Jason Tatum. Then you're missing something it is special. We'll have a couple special guest tomorrow talking Jason and talking. Although the post game right here in Sports Radio W yet lots of Celtics. Lots of Red Sox want to patriots lots of time with you guys coming up right here Sports Radio W media. As a guy sitting right in front of us this seats it was just Jack in the all my long.