Late Night - Is the Sox/Yanks rivalry back with the JD Martinez signing? 2-21-18

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Wednesday, February 21st

Hour 1: Ben Maller is in tonight and starts the show off with recapping the signing of JD Martinez. Callers weigh in on if they feel the Sox are done with moves this off season.


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Speaks he's late night speaks. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in a graveyard factor tonight. Key to mr. overnight dig then Mallard. Let's kick going. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. Play the waiting game I don't like playing the way we do not like the play the waiting game that is exactly. Where we are right about now we talked about the GE Martinez story which continues to. Auburn alum most seem to think that this is a non. A non sort of fact he has yet to be introduced. With the Red Sox that was supposed to happen pomp and circumstance the playing grab as say you're great you know your grade. I always wanted to play here you know the whole thing. We're still way we're still right now at the beginning of the week here as we get into the race. We me Ben Mallard nearly nine Debbie acted at start of the week the news came out you all talked about a year GD Martina is hated. To the Red Sox and now well. It's the timing it's after 10 o'clock where heading in the late night soul it ended Thursday is the Red Sox was their plane. Exhibition games only the first two. So the first like three weeks of the exhibition season and there but they're gonna be played some games in Florida. And JD Martinez is. He's it easy work it out with a team now. That's not apt. Pep rally news conference that to excite the fan base has an app. And from the sound of AIG. Eighty Martinez will not. Be taking the field. At least on Thursday may be not on Friday and that is where the mystery he lies. That is where the mystery lies now they. The stories he was at the Red Sox facility of Florida but I saw a photo. So it must be true that stipulated doctored photo from when he was playing for the tigers or something like that it just happened cruised through. The Red Sox and spring training facility nobly it was today. We was today so he he has a wandered around there. And see what's going on checked out the lay of the land. And he was spotted entering the beautiful player development complex there. If Fort Myers says that's the good news that the bad news is Dave dumb browse to if you were listening earlier heard this but maybe. Maybe haven't been as I did eyebrows you reveal. The IG eighty Martinez he's not. Not expected to take batting practice and join the Red Sox. For at least another and from. What is being fade. To those that hanging on every single morsel. Of Red Sox related news. They their spring days. That it is a logistical. Problem. And itself. Got it there this absurd some you know that's that's the stores that say well it. It's such were in Boston right now be no problem. You be working out he be with the team but it's the old logistical issues. Excuse. So I feel like that's a good spot to start. And I want to negated that we'll have a discussion about this now. The question here. A lot of people seem to think well that's just this is just they were matter cool situation. In the you know it is. The minutia of the contractors not into the question do you. Nine goal if you're listening to WE EEI. Late night. That. You are a bit of missing a bit of a cynic I'm going to do is buy whatever is being fed. IE in act getting swallowed hole are we getting the real story. Is this lead the real story here. It is there's something more nefarious. Regarding the physical. That is holding up the contract TD Martinez was hurt last few he's had several injuries. In his career and that's why he's been a 125. Dean or so a year player. Most of the time now I want to go first it will take some reaction from you guys while religious from you know from the other people to distribute but I you biting. This narrative. From the rats are you buying what they are dishing out here. And I am skeptical generally skeptical anyway and I tend to lean more to the cynical side of things that might might also this you've got technology. Fishy. In the raid flag warning you get those three things that are that are applied to this as Mort who in that we will. Attempted tiles the other not the first thing here I checked I just checked my my I have a picnic thing. Ism obsessed with getting all the all the steps that can possibly for some reason technical live wicked day and a half longer figure that so I checked it's gonna watch art. So I checked the watch years and hates it says in the year it's got talent directors at the date on. And he says it's not 1975. It's twenty team geared toward eighteen is not. The mid 1970s we Lee is in a wild. Well why old wider. World wide as ever what's Kinect like technology is amazing what a great gift. The wonderfully so would that things. I they have wonderful. Medical equipment in Florida just like they haven't lost. It's amazing. So you have to wonder. If there's something else year. That is why GD Martinez has not yet Chad these things don't typically take all that long in less. Unless there was a speed bump and unexpected. Lay in mind that popped up. In the in the medical reports. So I I am choosing to not buy that it was just the logistical. Issue. I'm not buying that and the second part of his. That smells fishy but there's more to it and at the story that the Red Sox are selling year. And it's being regurgitate. Is that 80s80. Of a physical. That it was taken place in Florida but it's the logistics getting back to the medical people. In Boston. The clean the news that it's a much more challenge. When things are done. In the headquarters. Near near the Red Sox near where they they and other office. I get to 82. Takes a bit longer. This what they're saying is that what takes that long you collect all the information all the experts after review everything and if they overt. All of that's put her microscope etc. etc. it's. But I don't throw this out right into it does smell fishy. Win in the standard protocol is contracts announced its leaked to one of the insiders. Team beat reporters then there's like a 24 hour period where it gets picked up by the the team makes the announcement and then. You have the pep rally and the Jersey. Presentation and all that ever happened. So could this be a red flag warning. It's something to consider and it is someone. Getting cold feet I don't seem like someone's getting coal fleet that we saw. A photo as a said Judy Martinez was going through. The of the Red Sox. Offices there in spring training in Florida so he's there he's bought wander around. But it has to be some than wicca glitches they wanna get another test done. On the medical exam that more tests or required here. That's my that's my working theory on this that assumption that the that the tickets okay but excellent double check you do here. Due diligence as they say. The last thing. Is there a wildcard. Scenario where. As Scott Boras the the aging is somehow attempting to change some of the the language in the contract. Since it hasn't been signed yet that there. Attempting to move some things around add some more incentives or something along those lines. Yes anything is possible. Anything is possible right but. Mighty. Default position she might default position. When it comes to these canister was when there's a delay. Like this is especially considering the injury history. Of JD Martina is the fact that he's missed a good amount of time might. Deep fault position is I don't apply the the propagated by diving site. It is her eyes of that classic scene from the the the old Hollywood movie the naked gun. When Leslie Nielsen over the scene we've used yet you've seen it would seem. Right now will not everyone woody that the scene where there's the fireworks exploding behind him and Leslie Nielsen standing there and move on nothing to see it please disperse. So out like maybe. What is actually sucked into this. We'll find out in the coming days as possible that are about to be would be wrong on this Thursday. They will have balloons and K eight. And everyone will be smiling playing grab ass and you'll hear Dave Dunn browsed he say Judy Martinez is one of his five favorite players he's ever. Worked with. In his seven year career in professional baseball. And Judy Martinez walked. Around celebrating the fact it'd as a little pull away. He wanted to play for the reds. Which could actually be true. We will find out of your thoughts. On that if you would like to be part will open the diplomacy at Swartz who raved about the number 617. Said is said it 97. 9837. At 6177797. And 937. And you know also sent via message on Twitter at. In match out. At that about it meanwhile. Another JD Margie is eventually not yet he's going to Wear a Red Sox uniform would assume at some point. In less they're going to have to amputate his leg other than that he's going to play for the Red Sox. It is so so. You're looking for a I was looking for a new rule. And the big goal that sold have picked up on here is that the February. You looking for things to latch on to. And so the if you were reading any of the the stories. About the Red Sox and in either the media coverage during the day in and you listen to the station of some of this talk about. The rivalry. With the Yankees came the rivalry. And Judy Martinez. The fact isn't signed yet he's going to sign even. You know it's been delayed here for some nefarious reason. But this is like lighter flew right because they need now he got you sport. Now you got your story note out this season. Wonderful. February water if you're desperate you're trying to connect things that don't necessarily need to be connected. And it involves the Yankee Red Sox. Rivalry. I ate and if you're desperate for storyline. You go. As I set up both David Price is Brian Cashman. Have taken the bait. It's Lola hanging fruit which is the best kind of fruit tastes the best and both of them ended up. Taking debate here. And and and so if you did not he has not we have the audio wreck prevent Charleston the fine producers here. What we have a we have David press let's they're now. David Price was dad's whether the Yankee Red Sox rivalry is act because of JD Martinez. And Democrats who hates to do this kind of stuff he took the bait. Here. Are. Sir yeah. These guys want to excuse me NBA. Because it's yankees. Then. You want it to you game. Oh. And a yeah yeah yeah. It. You hate the Yankees. Red that's. They but. Then over yankees bring trade Brian Cashman. He was asked about the the Red Sox edition of JD Marty's putting Brian cash it's. He decided you don't have to do I am a little I go to tackle. The position of being the goal the underdog to the Yankee GM. He he did a belly whopper. Apparently is not seen the updated Vegas odds with the Yankees are. Ahead of the Red Sox and ahead of in some circles that it. The Astros and Dodgers that the Yankees because of their offseason hole are now the team to beat. In the gambling world depending on. Which casino. You look at for your updated odds anyway Brian Cashman earlier today asked about the Red Sox. And their edition of JD Martina said this lieutenant Brian Cashman he said quote. We were the wild card day means Red Sox have a title. I don't know if they're putting a flag up or not what they are the AL east champs Brian Cashman declared. We are not. So we're not on equal footing in two week take that away from them. I'm sure are yes our so you let us get and is now that the question on this one. It's just about like you have price he's taken the bait there and you know play along all right well I'll make you laugh. And say anything. And the sports writers as he left the grass it's just. The funniest people the world our athletes. Surrounding sports writer's agent life just eat all they can't give enough. And eighties it did pay in comedy. In that environment and he got Brian Cashman is you know we're the not the underdogs no no ago. Or we aren't you tired of what are the favorites what do you say are so what do you make of all this that's the question in. Might thoughts on this when you've got. The horse. The stretch. And passion you get those three things. Regarding news this later of the of the Red Sox spring training story now. Will begin with that the first thing here. The mythology. Of this very delay age. Yankee Red Sox rivalry go I each and every one involved. He's supposed to be. Very contains. Locke being in engaged. At. All. Moments that got like Defcon. One. When you talk about the other team here Yankee news to bring the Red Sox and vice Versa with the Red Sox and yanked. But this is really a product of what the late gene becomes the fact you print the legend in this particular case we talked about this. In that did that meet federal out of my watching it mid February. And so that is known as beating a dead horse is the way you would describe. The case. The thing which is an obvious we played the sound from. Mr. happy. Happy happy happy David Price. Do you think. Do you think that David Price. Really. Dislikes the Yankees. No of course not I'll answer for you to rhetorical question of course he doesn't hate the Yankees. ID EE was just play along right China have some on there same guy don't you wanna. Nit pick isn't David Price the same guy that was it last week he said he's not about negativity and you try to put the debauchery any kind of negative talk even his wife Mary C sit of his wife says something negative he put certain. Puts her place none. No no negativity isn't the word hate. A negative work. If your into buddhism and things like isn't that an egg and hate is a negative or by definition. I hate is a negative soul. You want that. CD headlined the gossiping about David Price is already violating. His own words last week when he said he's positive. He's not into hate and all that heat or negativity he's using the word Haiti's violating his own speech. How dare use. Those eight years to use it. Price like a lot of these TV Martina put him in the same get. These are baseball mercenaries. There hired gone in in particular did price he's like ahead of everybody. In this particular conversation David prices and a whole. A whole different level. They tell you about being a hired. Arm in this case the price. Yeah on a limb here and say that he is. Not that worried about anyone like any teams in baseball is still like going along and doing his name. It happens the play for the Red Sox now and so he's supposed to say things about the Yankees it was gonna do it if you get traded to the cardinals. He trashed the the cold season of the play along there and he went to the Dodgers he season nasty things about the giants and that's how it works. Just get what's 217. Million is the contract he's got knocked out. After this year but he's Jack. Rage price the rage she has not for the Yankees the range he has as for the media. Right did. Woe is me email I'm getting the short end of the stick years. Upset with. The fans really angry angry with you I dare you not to lick his clothes was wrong with. Now the second part is Brian cash. Brian Cashman are he's also playing at all. Like trash mean. I would say 88 of this stretch. To say that cash even after all these years the Yankees a long term he's been in the front office he's been the the big guy in charge and according to Goose Gossage he's got eight nerds ball around walking into each other and all that. Brian Cashman. I don't think he's annoyed. With the Red Sox and should be at this particular date in the Keller the Yankees had a good tee. They could have a really good team if they're starting pitching doesn't implode. Mean they have the makings of a team is gonna win a bunch of regular season games and in the baseball policies will come round easy crapshoot. Right but you like to have the the weaponry. Going into the season you like to have the arsenal at the Yankees have babies stacked lineup power in the metal there are also some layering. Glaring. Holes in their field. That they attempted to fix with the trade with the Diamondbacks this week withdrew Marie. Coming over from Arizona. And in the Red Sox look like a playoff team loss so they have league who would roster is solid roster. And assuming Judy Martinez actually signs the contract in hits. 3540. Home runs and drives it a budget runs. As the equalizer in that light up in the Red Sox also should win apology games and you elected just beating up Tampa Bay. The Orioles and Toronto in the American League east three teams that or suspect. Two terrible. In the division. Say it you aren't going to get any real level of passion. In this particular department. Into that long winding road this this baseball season which goes on from now until for ever. Gets down to the to the very minute he'd been through this before we've been. And that this rodeo do in this nonsense for awhile now a check back. Outs in October. Does he Chad here. So we were all still together here in October revenue conversation about the Red Sox and yankees I would think at that particular point. Brian Cashman in particular. I could be the word is in no way if JD Martinez. Is really really good. And he were outperform. John Carlos may it. May of that or to happen. Many gossip. Then he just out of the Red Sox were to be ahead of the Yankees considering all this hyperbole. And porphyry. Around the Yankees so they they knew it fine. More real passion. But you guys playing golf in Florida. And going out to spring training for a couple of hours a day. Generally speaking does not cause. A ton of overwhelming emotion. It's just he just does not that's not the reaction. That you get it is not aren't you wanna talk about that you're more than welcome the number 6177797. 937. And were also on Twitter at Bain Mallory can message me on there and it's at. Then now there you can be part of the show. That way I was. In a Mark Cuban I heard much talking about a little bit at the end of much at night. And he was yapping about. A Mark Cuban. Republican he would that on the the second leg of the Mallard Marek. Mark Cuban was find 600000 dollars and that is just the tip of the iceberg that was just that because of a podcast interview. That he did with doctor. About tampering. In the NBA but the the league scandal here in is involving the front office of the mavericks. And here's the the issue. Sports Illustrated who. Has been investigating these stores they've they've been a wall. In this particular department. They had a story couple won a couple months ago. About the Carolina Panthers. Remember this the the story about the front office of the Carolina Panthers and the owner in particular of the Panthers gentleman named Jerry Richardson who's in the process of selling. That franchise easy eighties now. And he's the play in the NF but you know stores and you don't knows if you care about us but he's. Jerry Richardson's gonna be out as the owner of the pain they're in the process or process of selling team. Their bunch of people bidding on page one. Types real estate tycoons. The one per senators are lining up the by the Carolina Panthers but the reason that team is being sold. Is because of the tawdry activity of Jerry Richardson. That was chronicled originally by Sports Illustrated so now you're a couple months later. And they have moved on to the Dallas Mavericks. And this going to continue YouTube do these type of investigations which it appears Sports Illustrated this is what they're gold. Do you think. That if you went through all the Rolodex. Of major outlets it was a Major League Baseball. Where the NBA any sports. Well how many of these teams if you get a full on. In depth. Investigation needed a several month investigation. In to. Know picking a random team the Brooklyn nets. Right he gets more random and that the Brooklyn as if you want to do an investigation the Brooklyn nets. You are going to find. Some. Activity that is going to open. Looks so good shouts. Out there are different layers to this they're different levels peel back the onion on this kind of stuff. And you get this idea of a whole whole different layers and degrees of scandal all. It's just think that he the reason I believe Mark Cuban not only get as to what sheared the reason Mark Cuban. Is not going to be forced to sell the mavericks is like Donald Sterling was forced so the clippers. Is just the short version. Is because this this is not going to be the end here that the maverick story is. A continuation. You know that this is come out the people over Sports Illustrated are going to now move on you look around and let's let's assume the position that there are many executives. Of sports teams and this includes the teams the local teams and you know in Boston U at the the Celtics in the the patriots in the Red Sox really out. As though there's a lot of. Questions being gases like I gotta get a clean up our call our house here we got to make sure everything's good. 'cause. They'll look. And if you look I have a feeling you're gonna find. Unified bought stuff. You know you don't have to dig too deep commitment to a deep dive fine a lot of this information. Which float around. Are again the number 6177797. 937. If you elect take part. In sending email Bain that malware act. A VE Idec and I am on Twitter we're open for business there the peanut gallery has checked in that act. At. Then that might in any LL ER is the last name will call this one. Hate and number. Hate and what does that mean he. A number. Tell you next. That's a more of late night which then Mallard fox Sports Radio WEEI. Take a number what does that mean taken number we'll get to that. Being a little bit the peanut gallery check in on Twitter Jamey Wright city says over under of queens for the Red Sox. This season he says 85. Over under 85 wins what do you think. The great Nostradamus was you know Jimmy am glad you mentioned is because I'm a distant relative. Of the great Nostradamus the Red Sox will win more. Suing when more than 85 years so win. Between nine the he'd he'd asked me. Overnight the but there are hundred win teams so there likened that name the two and 95 range where they were last year. The win totals are Al my friends it will Nevada. They send me all these when totals the Red Sox are projected that win 91. And a half games I don't know how you win half the game. Of lead and I like to be due to have is that what you can't lose you either weaned or there's no push. There's no place 91 and a half. You you can't just sit there and get your money back at the end of the year the Red Sox win total. In the American League only teams ahead. Projected to have war means that the Red Sox in the American League by the Astros. The Cleveland Indians and the Yankees. That's it. And you've got a bunch of really bad genes if projected terrible teams in the American League BC's. It is the blue jays are looking like an average team they're not terrible but they're like a 500 team Tampa day. And Baltimore both below 500 teams winning in the seventy range. This season and you look around the rest the American League tigers think again. Kansas City supposed to take heed. Deep dive off the off the cesspool of baseball back to where they used to be the White Sox are supposed be a last place team in the American essentials that divisions got three bad teams. A the American League west you've got Oakland whose terrible. And the Rangers who aren't supposed to be all that this is so there's a bunch of really. Or average teams the American League soul if the Red Sox or good. Using simple Mahler map Red Sox are good and then you have budget teams that are either bad or mediocre. Then other Red Sox should should win OW more than 85 games questions outing against the Yankees the Yankees win total. The projected win total for the Yankees this year he's 94 and a half. The two biggest. Favorites is forced the teams predicted to be the best this year the same teams in the World Series last year the Astros and the Dodgers. Are atop the mount to the falls we goal and. Jobs in me is up. Next here first actually Adobe I hello. And hey Ben thanks to take my call what you. They I would I would call in my head two things I wanted to talk about personal always Judy Martinez signing where. I don't know who's gotten used all right and and born raised to Red Sox fan but you know Monday afternoon and into the evening it was as big breaking news edgy Martinez and Buick 848 hours later. It would be a big press conference in May give glory around yawkey way and laying out street route Fenway Park and it seemed the team doesn't want our. Talk about that no one even wants to talk about everything hush hush. In Scotland yes. Not right I'm excited about the timing but oh how come. It seems like they're not fallen through and the second thing I wanted to comment on was the Mark Cuban. We did Dallas Mavericks that you touched on it before the break was that just put more I haven't read the article yet but from everything I've heard. There's there's no way he didn't know about it and I used on the your take on what. You'd think that NBA is what the consequences are going to be like he touched on you know the Carolina Panthers you know and that's. Or did you. Or Orton and yeah no no don't jump to grip or sanction. Appreciate. That the first thing I don't know if you heard beginning. Of late night here but you were hurting my position my skepticism about GD Martinez like his. There's something fishy about this. In the Red Sox are saying there's nothing to see here everything's all right did you ease and then going to be you're deep down browse you know telling reporters. That over the Red Sox that it's likely not gonna happen on Father's Day and the ticket back behavior doesn't happen on Friday that it's not gonna happen likely over the weekend that Dick they're claiming would just to cool. A reasons. I am I'm a skeptic I think is something going on in Martinez has been hurt a lot. He has. Many. Bombs in bruises that he's picked up from playing professional baseball. And if if there's some in the it's just not right you're signing up for a 110 million dollar contract. And it's especially considering how. The Red Sox have to feel like the big bird. As they had been bird. I've been. In the blood of jokes. Was it for at least the last four if not the last seven free agents. The Red Sox of nineteen of stores that have been terrible. And in some of those are because they were hurt and damaged goods so they wanna do their due diligence that I would definitely I think it's legitimate. Eyebrow raising. The fact that GD Martinez has yet to sign as four's mark Cuban's concerned. It in his situation with the mavericks the theme that Cuba has to have fear. He's he he can't have video pop all of him. With the CEO of the mavericks in in or someone directly tying him. To this right now. Mark Cuban looks like he stooge because he has been telling everyone how he's mr. hands on owner. And knee he's in ball that every single move the mavericks make in the front office wolf that's the case the headed of course he. Right he knew that he knew they were since they eat we know he knew about the writer. Who had committed domestic violence we've brought back to the team. And in the needs some kind of agreement they allowed him to continue to work for the Matt. I say Cuban remains as owner of the mavericks as long as there's nothing directly tying in to he's active. Is government that the Donald Sterling I think there were old recordings. Of Donald Sterling saying things and that was enough to deleted. A movement. The fanned the flames to get him removed and then you you also had direct evidence. With the Carolina Panthers owner. In his involved. So as long as Cubans got plausible liability which is what he's using. Then he's gonna keep the team now what kind of punishment how do you punish an older. Only the T I would what are you gonna do. To Mark Cuban. He didn't keep him away but then he'll just make what do you do more reality TV that's what he's the so and the the first thing is as long as his hands are dirty directly. He's gonna keep the team to say innings towards the punishment concerned. You would look to Jim Irsay as an example he was directly involved with the bunch of quality. Bag of pharmaceuticals in the Indianapolis but he got suspended. He could be around the team. Which is a lot of window dressing which is likely was gonna happen mark cube. To find. You can see NBA force Cuban to bring somebody in from the outside. To broaden the franchise for a while to clean up the franchise the systematic dysfunction with the mavericks I could see that happening. But the information we have I've read the story in Sports Illustrated dwelled on store the spent some time on it. They appear to have done their due diligence the fact checking on the story so it's seems. Credible. And that they went with it is not credible they would be facing two lawsuits. And all that. Soul. And see what happens next but at this point the information we have a secure will be able to. Survive. With a short terror. Now speed of survival. All the catchers of Major League Baseball going to be able to survive. The rules changes. Every single day now this a look at a few days has been announced it would have been a parade at Chicago line. Of catchers that have come out and slammed. The limitations on mound is now the latest. I can read about it on WEEI. Dot com website the apple thing Christian Vazquez. Joining the line he's got a ticket number he's got to get behind. Who we will we've had Mark Mulder not uh oh. I believe with the angels still Wilson contreras he really came out swinging it. With a Chicago Cubs and a couple of other catchers have also done this but Vasquez of the Red Sox when asked by John Tomas he buy out. About the the new rule the sell out like you which is not like surprising. He then went on to say it's too much change. They want to hurry up the game but here's the good part. If you've not heard this year's report. Baskets say if I need to go twelve times for a mound visit I needy man. It changed sides to talk to might picture. It's too much she says taking away the boundaries it's. Not I have not heard the audio lines but the way that the quote reads it sounds like baskets as powdery. While he's evident a temper tantrum while he's he's giving these comets he was then asked what he plans on doing the Red Sox catcher. Let's say it's I don't know the seventh inning and they are out of mound visits. And he can't go to them out Vasquez is stuck behind the plate what's he gonna do. He says the Red Sox sketches that he will stayed there. He says. Will meet insulting to change the signs. With a man on second base would without going them out it's going to be tough. He couldn't. And he then said that he hopes that Major League Baseball. Will let him and I assume the other pitchers go one more time if they need there is a loophole. We each states that. If it there's a sign issue. That you can go to the mound again not my position just repeat you're listening last night my positions. The act if you're acting notes and every stupid thing that saved my position is. To. Says it's a judgment call on whether or not the signs are mixed up between the catcher and pitcher. To make a statement the Major League Baseball I would suspect. Imitate the position. That. It's gonna be shooting gallery for umpires. That you're going to have catchers intentionally not pitch baseballs. Drill home plate umpires. To make a statement like oh I'm sorry we clearly we mixed that up we got to go out to them I gotta go visit I gotta get an extra visit to the signs are all messed up. The the signs have been crossed. Between the pitcher catcher. And it's a you you are allowed a little bit of wiggle room. In this but I can't wait it is it is going to be a hot mess in Major League Baseball for the first couple weeks of the season. And it is going to test the resolve. Of the commissioner's office and of the umpires. If you think that catchers like got a year Molina. In saint Lewis of his long time catchers are just going to sit back. And intake is. You are greatly mistaken it is going to be marvelous is what it's going to be. And for me chaos standpoint. I can't wait cannot wait. You see the you know wide. Hit the fame is going to be the wonderful and you have baseball players pouting and whining and complaining and going to the commitment of going to their union saying we must. Do sell them. We must do something. I did see this in this article baskets at the at the very end of eight. He said I think fans are watching more on the fall. The big games I don't really think they're watching the games on TV say they're watching more the box score on their cell phone. He says you don't light it but that's that's what he says that's the way. Course beat the argument which is it's hard to dispute days. Is that what baseball is doing by trying to cut down the mound as they've done their research they've determined. That every time. Play is stopped because the second baseman goes over to pat the pitcher on the gas. Where the first baseman comes over to see you there in order first. That a certain percentage of the television audience is gone. They shift over they've got. In a Netflix it would and other watching wherever you're watching your DVR and they're not coming back. And sold that's that's what the real issue here is not really worried about. Picking up the principally because you're only gonna save. Five minutes. Five to nine minutes is the estimate how much times conceived during a baseball game because of limiting now this is what you're trying to do you try to see the audience. We tried. All right very good time now for the whoever volume and Ozzie brattle favorite I heard earlier with mud at night he's a big fan as I hope he does tomorrow night he's seen on late night tomorrow so make sure you remind him. To do with The Who in my game. In a blatant attempt to get people listen a little longer. So. This was actually sent in by is a second day in a row we've had someone sent one of these two in my game since a thank you for that. Lee was the eve. In Rhode Island who said this once a thank you see. Lima and don't have the front of you but here's the whoever might. I am second to John Carlos they get in now of the Yankees. With the the top at bat to home run ratio in baseball over the past three seasons past three seasons again. The Who in my game I'm second to John Carlos Stanton. Now with the Yankees. With the the best at bat the home run ratio in baseball. Over the past. 3 seasons who am I the it's or your phone calls to all that we'll do it next. We've returned to morrow late night here's. On Sports Radio WEEI. Cable pay off the answer right now get the phones here I am second to John Carlos staying at the end of the Yankees. In terms of the top. At bat the home run ratio in baseball over the past three seasons that goes back. Three years. And who am I that is the question in. And that sees anyone knows the answer we're looking around here a lot of GD Martinez yeses that is incorrect. Patrick. The over driver who's driving poor black tonight in he's such a degenerative mine. He's going to do the full Mallard marathon and that is dedication packed. That is the good job by. I wouldn't tell anyway I would announce that what you did tell me so thank you he's going with Charlie Black men. Of the Colorado Rockies. As his gas Robby. Who's a mariner fan is going with Chris Davis. But the one that plays for the Oakland Athletics belong with a K. I think he still though not the one that played ball. Or plays symbols aren't the correct answer. A guy who we would jingle for this guy. On the overnight surely do it wins in cart not see old. Is the answer anyway grassy on second to John Carlos if the last three years. He's at bat the home run ratio fourteen to one. And the only one ahead of him is John Carlos and him. The Marlins are point it was of the ones I was of the Yankees he had Nelson Cruz on that list JD Martina is. Is also Oman the top names in baseball but he is behind. Spain thinning Kharrazi on cruise Nelson Cruz of the murders Cris Carter. All that guy does is it home runs Chris Davis of the Orioles and the other Chris Davis. Who had been playing. With the Oakland Athletics. Beat test on that label it all Wally. Yeah what's up then no I'm very glad mr. Martinez's seat yet. I'd like to make a few suggestions though mr. dumb broad is still has a little way to do it dabhol plant. You look at the Yankees. I think they'll win more games than does I think will be enough out loud cut. But try to yankees they get strictly in the pit is and three coaches. Now we have Kimberlin a bullpen but he's gonna need some help. And now you're gonna need more crowded David Price moron Purcell OJ. BCA who. And really. And now admissible guts. Well yeah of course Wally guys are gonna have to play well around the if if that doesn't happen you're not going to make the playoffs and I could do it and we know that right. We were aware that you would you wanna see the Red Sox go out and sign. There's a bunch of big name players that haven't signed yet you wanna see them add to the bull like that you spend more money is that we are getting yen. Right I don't know who's available like it's so we lost status and read. But I'm good number out to you meant talking trade probably put a couple of team Demi please see. We still feel looked amazing consent. Amid we've got cam broke but who fits in now coming according who crept up to Kimberlin both. Why don't have that the name value is not I will agree would you Wally the reds six Red Sox bullpen is not. It's not stacked with names that mean you've got a bunch of guys that supposedly have good arms with joked Kelly. Born Bergen guys like that who they like. But they're not big names Jack and allow anyone with the names but that's typically how it works. That you are gonna have big names coming out of the bullpen is set up rule that's not usually the the way that the rosters set ups. These guys can play in big (%expletive) that's why I think you Wally I I appreciate. I know I do. Outs in the top. Unsigned. Relief pitchers in bears some of these guys are hurt. And some of these guys socked. Last year we hear the name title of the list to list radio I'll give you this radio you can't handle this radio. Houston's streak. Would think might be retired. He was a closer before for several teams he's he's available Trevor Rosen fall. Who's bounced around. Played with the St. Louis Cardinals. Some other teams he hasn't signed with the anybody. Francisco Liriano. 34 years old he is not in the contract the great all of our Torres who wouldn't want all over for us now here's a guy I would like seaside. Drew a story. That's a guy the Red Sox should bring. This Richard Kimble presents retrace Kennedy's return was some. True story but he's I have a list of available relief pitchers he's on that his father I used to work with his father is dead easy talk show most. Or was a morning radio personality in Indianapolis. Any work that my other job at fox he worked this guy mark Patrick. Who did a morning show mark Patrick on sports he's key aide. These true story who pitched with a Toronto Blue Jays and the mayor murders and the Cincinnati Reds. That's I thought it was a funny had been picked up by its legacy hasn't been picked up by anybody. Inspector made a second non roster. Invite T how does that ease these thirty years old he's not a million years old how does that thought. But anyway that that the at the back story on that. Was when when his dad was doing a morning show when I was doing the show after his father. His dad would send emails when drew was in like high school in disguise you know he's gonna be good keep that. So I've followed his career. And he got drafted and who's the a top fifteen pick in the MLB draft. And eighties says. That a great career he's been the major leagues for awhile. Not the major leagues right now. I if you would like to be part there is in the eyes and open for you the number 6177797. 983 Seve. And he can also send a message on Twitter at. Paying that Mallard is at and Mallory Newport of the festivities there. The nonsense that is going on as well. It's another cause now I gotta get Blair on because this guy I'm told that my guide Blair in Maine. A harassing. Harassing employees here at WEE guys that Blair is this correct Blair. Is that right yeah harassing people here. I call it I can do what I call the bill would put on hold. And how do it took them asking what you're gonna do you there is pocket and I eat. You know my schedule Tuesdays and Wednesdays on W. Read convalescent and big holiday right now let's. Yeah unless it I idols and half community toward the Red Sox are planned I don't know how it's gonna work then but you we have in two months to go until all of the baseball season so yeah. It did I never know because of his Olympic thing that's going on I watched really was. Blair I look at your so concerned about that you your harassing prince who. I'm not do it. You know. You know. We had hit it won't do what he does it it's ridiculous stay here every night I. Now Blair all assay Dublin I am I am told that you are continuing. Your Hornish ways of calling sports radio's this correctly. Okay the other day before yesterday whatever. So how does this now how does his work learn. Mean channel. Well as the issue at all. I don't. That's why I I I met a bowl of mine reached out and you called hold flying bomb. Yeah I know. It's like they are ready not three times. Must be easy to get on the show so you know you're at the holes until you are. Really like college football so what don't you talk about don't care about the Southeastern Conference. But what about basketball but that's what's going on right now. Alabama. I how. Outdated I burned beat Alabama flew well you know I burned. Have. How say you don't care what I mean. That's the name of the school attitude Charles Barkley went to. I've burned or whatever you said it. Okay so the tigers. I don't wanna do that here Glenn isn't easy save lives and sick. Our conversation about college basketball for Paul flying bomb okay. Okay yes so Apollo filed bombshell she's. Tall. And he. Man I can't do this show I talk about that today. And look what happened to Rick Perry I want to stick for an entire time. Lay way your access. Let your on the radio there's people listening to this right now what do you think anyone driving around late at night wants to hear this. Not what they wanna hear it there Red Sox need to whenever there is we've just picked up. To the part of that's not so when it all when you pick up another big. Tender. I don't know him that's going to be. Why don't want you to sign up Blair while a lot of what are. Blair why you go down and try out for the Red Sox will position would you play. I would just play I don't know I don't know you so. You don't make at least I know you limitation you we're you're limited. Years. You're limited playing baseball you have a great deal of calling and harassing sports talk radio and TV shows. Us. I guess I'll try to stay up for your late night show. On I don't do that you should Blair listening go to better that you don't need to stay up Blair it's seen its 11 o'clock he's go to make. It. I came in to do showed today and now ban. He wasn't harassing you right producer Ben Charleston it was who was you Rask was calling all day is that what I was told. I use her breast and yet now I I did not commit yet so I got to hear this story from yet. The yeah Blair had called about board by times yeah I got a very heartfelt message from producer Jay who was in earlier informing me. That my stalker Blair in Maine had been. She lost all over the the night time crew it to be entering Monday night just overwhelming. Desperately hoping that I would be Hillary. You think that was worth. Five or six phone calls which Laramie to the station today to find out if I was and did nothing to say. He's just this time trying to find something to say that would have been better yes. The number 6177797. 9376177797937. If you would like to be part of the festivities. And good night he's got ways of baseball that nice guys baseball we will get two bags. We will do it next.