Late Night - Was Belichick planning to trade Brady this off season? 01-10-18

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Thursday, January 11th
Hour 1: Alex Reimer is in studio tonight and starts the show off talking about the drama surrounding the Patriots. Alex also gives his thoughts on the Seth Wickersham piece and how he thinks Belichick wanted to keep Jimmy G over Brady. 

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This season late night chase he's. On Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports conference on the X in the graveyard pack. I don't revel in the Rouse would WEEI party boy Alex three America let's get a goal here is Alex grammar late night. Blood Sports Radio WEEI. So. Someone we did it meet tonight and I am quite guy's going to be out hosting tend to too late. Nights last minute call and prevent malware. Someone that I expects all the phone lines at midnight. I think this is a setup I don't think that Mallard is ISDN line is down and is actually has sent out. As a curtain Callahan the other day Bragg in all I get well phone lines midnight 1230. Saying management and give them credits at a whole right Alex full phone lines at 1230. Let's see Dylan how about tomorrow night so. You people out there you can now let me down 617779797. We need to hear from you early we need to hear from you often. I said full phone lines and midnight in dammit I want to be a man of my wired ot so lots to get to. Tonight of course lots of he treats palace intrigue. Patriot speculation as I was guys teasing earlier with mutton Bradford. I'm Max Kellerman Steven Hayes sat down free joint interview in the sporting news that came out a couple hours ago. Just some. Unbelievable. Quotes an act pat if it mean UA Max Kellerman played soundly Iran. I'll patriots fans today ally in the dumbest fans and all sports. So you're ready hit Max Carmen mister Brady is flying off the cliff guide you'll hate him even more after hearing how he describes in south. In Stephen it spurs take yeah I had to just got to put their heads down a great football team's great basketball teams and is wind do there were active leader jobs during war there agents Max Kellerman says it's like isn't chess match. Every day with Stephen A Smith just trying to come out on top like arm dot I prayed. These two are not real human beings the hats the out take away. From the sporting news articles have all of that and that NBA coaches as well acting like petulant. Little babies crying about ESPN. Covering Lavar ball all that more about we start off with more. Patriots speculation you know it you'll love it we continue did. Try to connect the dots in the coaching carousel and you know. People all the time we'll tweet at me here though you know text and on the text line pollen and say. Well you guys are just stirring crap up you guys are just hockey and about speculation and you guys just looking at stoke the drama. All this Belichick Brady stopped what do you do when an item I copped to it. Guilty as charged guilty as charged or stoking up the drama. We're stoking stuff op where there aren't crap against the wall because it's fun you know isn't this fun. It's a fun conversation. What's more fun this. Are talking about it now eyes the patriots titans game that we know it's gonna be like a three touchdown patriots way I mean really right now. Don't worry I will defend the wall later on as well Dan Shaughnessy another tomato can article which is just so fresh. I'm real new material there on not taking it away from the patriots if they beat the titans against the AFC title game every year. Since two when he eleven certainly nothing new turn your nose out back by. As far as imagine against the titans on the now how much. There is to say middle of a contest Meehan and we'll go back and forth let's see who can name more members of the titans I can name Eric Decker. I can name. Guy Derrick Henry of course Marcus Mary Elena. Ugoh named defensive player besides load in line. Iraq well. O'Brien Iraq that's gut. That's and I really put you at a disadvantage. I think that's my only one design on the defensive side WE throughout the re loaded crying I was I was Logan Ryan now can you name another. I cannot I learned this morning Jason recording is no longer on the titans. Mac castles are back quarterback. Did not know that scene he got anyway and so new every day so yes it would do would continue to act as well but yeah patriots palace intrigue doubts. That's at the story is ever since the set democracy and peace and we haven't in New York Daily News on their cover tonight's. Matt Patricia near the beard. Matt Patricia new England's rocket engineer soars until we deferred big blue job this is from pat Leonard. The daily news has learned in first reported Wednesday morning that all signs are pointing to Matt Patricia. The patriots defensive coordinator with a degree in aeronautical engineering as the man the giants or higher to point the big blue back. In the right direction Patricia. Is not a done deal to the lions and some reports have claimed coming out as interviews last weekend at the line with the giants lions and cardinals. Oh mine I'm gonna tabloid might writing in fact there are indications he prefers the giants. To the lines this is what pat Leonard writes. About an opportunity DOS attacks or mcdaniels. He's as Eric Daniels has got to be candidate for the colts and the giants or staying in New England. But Indianapolis is considered the more likely landing place in mcdaniels does leave after the colts reported first choice chief's office coordinator Matt nag he. Took the bears' job many believe Patricia would be the winds new head coach because seemed to trade GM Bob Quinn a former page is executive. We keep in the family as products of new wing and two. But also considered this Belichick of the strong affinity for the giants from the glory days. And has been active in grooming an advisor and Daniels and partition in the process. Nick can mean a lot to ballots checked into his legacy. For partition or take over in turn his turn around. His former team OK so a lot to digest narrow my take on this first to bought I think Patricia. Is going to be a really get head coach in this league. I look at the job he's done with his defense the last couple years and improvement they made. During each season as well like he go about the Super Bowl run. In 2014. That defense the first half of the season roughly. Was not very guide they had a lot of big name talents to Robert davis' first year of course spiked. That defense was not great there were at least the first six weeks maybe even first eight weeks of the season. And they face the toughest part of their schedule that murderer's row of quarterbacks. And they really start to play allow lots of improvements in now was on lockdown defense and the post season. And you look at this year you look at the job that Petraeus is done this year improvement in this defense and unlike got defense. And when he 142015. There's not a lot of big time talent here especially in that front seven and it people forget we talk about injuries to doing cattlemen. The injuries the patriots have experienced on the offensive side of the ball. By you forget that Donta hightower injury that's the best player on that defense that guy who made. The Super Bowl saving tackle on Marshawn Lynch and Super Bowl 49. The strip sack of Matt Ryan and a Super Bowl last year forced to big turnover. Ought to propel the patriots their comeback wins that's a guy who's made. Two of your bigger defensive plays in recent memory. Did lead I was calling the shots on the defense middle linebacker and he is outs. And right now you got in injured Kyle be annoying you half of 1980 all the Eric Lee. IG had to bring in James Harrison you're so thin up front I mean Matt Patricia has done. An incredible job this year with that defense he's a Smart guy acting Smart defensive guys work so I think Patricia. Is going to be a very very good coach and when Leonard writes. And the daily news that ballot check holds a strong affinity for the giants from the glory days. It has been active in advising Patricia. And make Daniels in the coaching process. Idol back this up wicket stand pizza which is really. Started off being really propelled rather all of this patriots palace intrigue of the over the last 56 days. Wicker Sam says in the article that Belichick has started preparing his assistants for job interviews this season. We haven't not there. Semi confirmation Eric pat Leonard writing in the New York Daily News. Belichick called a strong affinity for the giants and has been active in grooming and advising mcdaniels and Matt Patricia. In this process that we have in the New York Daily News report and other piece that. Confirms. A portion of the sect where Sam ESPN's story and you talk about Patricia. Of course yet to taco mcdaniels I still. Not the front runner for any jobs to our knowledge. Interviewed with the bears. They did not hire him. They hired Matt Nagy chiefs' offensive coordinator who presided over that second half meltdown. Against the titans last weekend. Only run the ball five times with Kareem hunts in the second half. Watts what are you doing he had don't about Smith take any chances down field. And knowing Andy Reid plays a large role on the offensive strategy in play calling an Arab by really actor got laughable performance enact collapse. The offensive ineptitude. Matt Nagy that there is higher him over Josh McDaniels. He's been the offensive coordinator for the most prolific offense in football over the last 56 years he stretched out over that time period. What is going on here how but the colts now the report at Indianapolis today that. And the bears at higher Matt Nagy the colts what is it that he was their choice of about Mitch Daniels as well. So what's going on. Which Josh McDaniels every offseason. He interviews for these jobs he gets passed over or not even heard his front runner. And I know there is always the whispers there's this master plan that mcdaniels can take over for pallets stacked in the crafts have blasted by. I think we know from reading the wicker Sam article last week and you may dispute certain parts of it but this cartoon is indisputable. Bill Belichick did not want to treat Jimmy Iraq. Robert Kraft made Belichick tree grew up. Was over half team meeting I don't know. DD tellem you must treat Jimmy gee your. Either way it's the same time if he says Tom raised heard this feature than that means you got to treat him and he has no place. I think that's indisputable. Mean look at the Terry put article in the Cleveland plain dealer yesterday the browns were willing to offer the Texans first round for Jim EG. It's number four overall. In the patriots to even give them a call. The Texans when the browns rather inquired about rock while a few days before if we united steel Belichick said he wasn't available. So obviously. Something curious happened the strange circumstances are on the ground would trade just it's stranger and stranger. So my point days. I think it's a parents that Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. Are not in lockstep. About how the future. Of this patriots franchise. Is going to got. They have a difference of opinion. I mean the biggest decision do you trade Jimmy drop well I think Robert Kraft put down an edict you got to trade him. So I think this idea. That there's this wink with the crowd some ballots sexson on it that mcdaniels is the guy. Politics can walk away in year ax and nick Daniels is gonna come and inherit the system. It doesn't work like back in it usually never works like it never works like that so. I don't think there's an after playing here. I think Mike yells to the patriots offensive coordinator can kick it hired. That's what I think and also like who turns down twenty million guaranteed 25 million guaranteed returns that down. Well. Josh McDaniels you know I mean Joshua tells the guy out he's even been offered it. You look at his track record rocket as he drafted Tim Tebow in the first round first round. Broncos ranked twentieth in points in 200919. In points in 2010 inspired midway through the year the rams with Sam Bradford. Who went great first round pick a few years ago a few years ago of course Sam Bradford. Make ends his OC in 2011 rams 31. In points thirty. First. Just awful. See how that awful track record. You have drafting Tim Tebow in the first round the first round pick on Tim Tebow. And I know you bring in a general manager when he did mcdaniels the keys to your entire football operation by. That's still his brain making that decision to pick Tim Tebow. In the first round of the NFL draft so I just don't think we Daniels is getting offered these jobs. That's why I still think it's here he's here so how does the tides of pallets stacked. I know we love and I we love the palace intrigue me La volleys of Patricia Goss the giants I mean Pallet Jack. I wanna go over AB day at a football operations beaded team president be right there Petraeus is out of his pocket coach and there. They're acting is one. I don't think so I don't you know ballots Jack in am basing this partially. Obvious answers and a conference call and down holly Monday. He's an absolutely it down how he plans on returning. The patriots next season. I think he goes up in the hair Belichick is to dish it is judicious enough with his words. Smart enough with the media he would knots. Why like. He would not say absolutely. If there was a lot of doubt there any real doubt in his mind. You would say you'd snort you would say then remove and on the tight surrogate attack with a titans they're parity dressed. X thirty was asked those questions in the conference. And he answered them again with down ha. Which if you wanna poke holes in the wicker chair article that you have more ammunition EC while backing down meeting did not happen last week. This Bill Belichick denied it sportsmen in a conference call deny it went down holly and even said the last time he did ceded to Al Mexico City in a felt a night to you so you can. Part pokes certain holes and you can also say at least I think. Belichick is staying here next year. Because it's the best place for. I think Tom Brady over the last five games house and some decline quarterback rating of like 81. Hasn't been the same he did not have a great December and he's been beat up. I think Brady is on site ID he showed a little bit of decline I do but still he very well might win the MVP and top rated 41. Even taking this December into account is going to be really really guide. Really guides out this is still the best spot for Al attack he knows that. Everybody's still signed Ron is here annum and will be back hightower is signs. Go on down the line the core of this patriots team. Still around so it doesn't make any sense of Bill Belichick wants to coach football and 2018. He's coaching with the patriots now. They just stick around between nineteen did you stick around even a little bit. Her Brady like let's say Brady falls off of debts and you can still compete without him but he's clearly not the same and clearly not a top five guy anymore. The politics state through that. I don't know it's politics stay after Brady I think absolutely no chance of drop lower here I would say yes. I think absolutely no chance now these days after Brady his guy is gone. All the people are saying all you can just rap somebody draft another quarterback dropped another drop while okay yeah it's real easy. Draft another grappling draft another never mind great quarterback public NFL starting caliber accord. Those guys don't grow on trees I mean they're like ten good ones in the entire world. Much easier said than done. 617779797. As their phone number that again 617779. 79837. So what do you make of this sag and the coaching rumors. The coaching carousel. The pro and I everybody's favorite. Offseason full block cliche I'm not Patricia Bauer a betting man he goes to the giants meet Daniel stays here. Not because there's a master plan to just because he can't get a job. And it's it's irrelevant to ballot check Belichick is going to go to 2018. Is going to coach here is to coach beyond Tony eighteen. Up in the air. It he coaches out Tom Brady. Out Selena. Again your phone number 617779797. Coming up next. May not have heard it it's a little weird Tom Brady FaceBook documentary. Can get an on FaceBook watch. I don't really know what that is and assuming it's on FaceBook right enemy just clicking it and you'll be winks and not worried about watching it that's that's. What I thought I would ask got to click a link but yet I'd note never heard and I know what is I don't base but messenger like that that's again now I don't know what FaceBook watches but. It documentary is weird it's very strange I'm Michael Bieber vets near times writing a book about Brady I believe. I had to scoop yesterday. Some interesting details there. What the patriots staff Nader may not have known. In regards to Brady and the guy production. A distaste or video was well it's I think lends more creams that the area that ballot check continuity beat wild kind and with Brady. Wanted to move on and get to drop well perhaps as soon as next year so Garcia lined up again 617779797. Roemer after dark W media. We returned to more of late night. Alex on Sports Radio WEEI. Let me ask your question. With a patriots lose. And they are going to this team is not good enough to win as a verbal they're just not. They're just not good enough defensively they have no pass rush. The receivers are hot and cold drawn to get hurt they're not going to in the suitable number on a patriot home. Who's going to be scapegoat. What do you think about a percentage generally what New England we'll talk about who gets credit is at Brady is it bella check. With doing the we'll talk about credit but it's gate go month and the NFL. Cool is Ghana. Get blame it on in the playoffs so the patriots lose. Who's going to take the blame and I'll tell you right now. Alex. Guerrero. Brady strain. We'll. That's Colin Powell hurried back heard. Alex Cooper. The guilt go Ferrero. Gonna take the blame when the patriots lose. I can't really say these are words without laughing. And I'll say it anyway. Gary Tang Wei made a point on curtain Callahan today. And I agree. And has to do it that's scapegoating. Jimmy drop was gonna be really good quarterback yet. Top ten player right now says arms after Tony got that part is really top third quarter acts. So assuming droplet stays on this path. And Tom Brady does show that he is human and does not play an MVP level at least 45 years dividends for Brady. Two years and three years from now what how'd you an answer Brady the patriots and no back up no secession plan. A drop loads of perennial pro war in San Francisco meeting in Nyhan is 10101112. When seasons. Question is who gets the blame who's the scapegoats. And it is a parents and in fact it's obvious the ESPN story. Very slanted in the Belichick can't throw ballots. He wants to take back control this team in this meddling outs Guerrero and Tom Brady in TB twelve threes biting down on one front. And on the other front. Robert crowd is not giving Bilbao attacked the freedoms do what he wanted his roster ballots checked wanted to hold on Tigger ought to drop while Kraft wanted to trade grapple. Then you go go to Robert Kraft and Peter King on the MM QB came out Saturday craft denied. That there is that meeting with about checking the wicker sham story got got a lot of why is it was a straight and I OO yeah I hear is crap fighting back against Diaz he had seen that meeting never happened why has Robert Kraft said it never did. And everyone was focused on that that was the big take away but the other part of that is crafting goes on to his explanation. Of the grapple trading he says he and ballots act last talked about Jimmy EG in June. And then Belichick called them out of the blue on October 30 and said hey. I had to deal with the 49ers first second round packed in crowds exact words are I was quotes taken aback. He says he called Jonathan Kraft in John the grass and sounds it to me and then Robert Kraft says he says all right trade garrote well you have my permission. I I was taken aback. Crafts. Gives Peter King the idea that you know. I didn't I didn't anchored want Jimmy Dean to be traded either I didn't want to be treated this season. So. I think the crafts. Interview with Peter King serves were not served for more reasons than just disputing the ESPN story. He wanted to get his side the Jimmy. 617779797. Let's grab Timmy advocates and what's going on. Tim may. Ten. No sorry ten. Temi that. Here they're blunt money. And so you're reluctant silence he. Nearly every that you are few and we're gonna talk about how. Or get rid Nicaragua and it's what you get vertical drop below craft craft you know brought to gavel. That's not really got to get rid of humor. In keeping your what is what it's cracked picturing the Accenture. Who did it mean particular Jacob baker. And pray that that they can make you look you don't object they gonna pray that they're gonna have some other coach that's in the U Brady for a year or get somebody else. I look at what position that you look like you this crap there's a global quarterbacks coming out this year. You know those that are going to be ready to the virtual. At least not by the new way to gauge if you want to do. Yeah I I think ten that Kraft wants to keep Tom Brady at all costs and not explained for the future TP twelve. I'm sorry. I mean at least 45 Brady says I wanna play till I'm 45. What what what took what does that look at Q what. Brady also out of forty renovation autumn plates and more eaters. You can execute first or on the scenario wrote bitter. Mayfield won the other church on kids. Read up there stumble around like he's on sharp throwing underhand. Where we just have this kinship I don't. You know I don't really understand the media outlets. So are you different a different era slave I don't really routine accurate but I look at it and and it just and try to relay. Attend because in other craft craft as a sentimental guy he's more of oil the ballot check in that regard so we feel I mean Brady is the reason why the patriots are close viva franchises in the league light craft as a spice two more rings. He knows that he wants to do it every can to stick by Brady uniting Kraft told Belichick you trade Barack while. And find your next team meeting let's say the patriots shot someone this year. Throughout closing year for now xenophile career writes so. You draft someone this upcoming year. By the time they're in year three year for Brady is out the ended and you do with seamless transition I think that's craps player and counting on ballots checked in draft the next Jimmy. But also also dilutes and you've got to talking about you know Belcher action actually got to balance. And then he hit it that part of the equation. I'll be craft out to Kraft believes Belichick is gonna step away now I think Belichick well I don't think politic is around post Brady back and I think craft is still counting on politics to be is dot. Just like Jerry Tammy I mean is a lot of unanswered questions. I don't disagree that Cilic you know it's sentimental strapped it to mean you know you're I don't know we have advantage we don't know what it is. I think he he's. Going on the fact that he pushed it pushed all in an intelligent or eighty. Batteries so to speak I don't know you'll placed. Forgot who knows how to run a business and charity work and use it infrastructures you don't watch your answers are more active. It just seems like you profits are yours about it. Open to doubt that they shall say to Google hundred potential utility did did mention would make it. Yeah what that means Kraft has always given ballots that final sale of the roster I think accepted great. Let's be honest and Tom Kern wrote this I got an axle and come from ray's point of view and NBC sports Bosnia came out yesterday I. You know Brady is probably gonna win the MVP this year he did lead the greatest suitable comeback of all time last year and was better than ever. A 39. Will simply does this post season he was down a bit in December but still at some sensational the Rosen abstracts. It's obvious he's taken a beating bass playing through it so you know let's not declared Tom Brady data I mean yeah you can understand. Where Kraft is coming from Brady is great. He is the reason why we have five Super Bowl rings. Even if there's a bit of a drop off I'm sorry to Brady's no longer the best quarterback OK is the fourth best next year and he's the sixth best. You can win without announce a price and willing to pay out to right. To keep this guy here for the long gone you can totally see crowds mentality most of us would be like that it is hard. It is high Judas Kiss a guy Tom Brady goodbye especially when he is playing at this level. Footage on the car paid what's going on Zhao. Yeah hi how hiring Americans not aware that you're doing a fabulous job but they all call thank you yeah hey listen. I'm here to being Tom Brady's traders. OK and if anybody is there on the right okay churn out sentiment. If anybody in the right okay to be a complete A hole at the end of his career. Considering all I I'd open at seven. OK and I saw nothing but garbage okay with the patriots. And then from 2000 to two the president. This guy has done one miraculous thing after another in 2002. If you had to take a look at this guy. Instead. Is going to be the greatest quarterback of all time you've done we and fives and global. He is gonna go to to the show's seventh time he's gonna shatter every wreckage in the pork. You would have locked OK even Beck and Maddon was saying kick the ball to just get get get rid of irrelevant OK you know cultivate. The reason why. Aren't the reason why Tom Brady is doing what he's doing and the reason why. Craft leave them I believe goes way beyond seven yeah it has to do with the fact that he believed in this guy who would do you watch on the great. At forty years would you want Tom Brady. Forty. Years old 44 years old he can't get war. Johnny commodity EU is huge I mean I mean we all alone let me read from at and different in a minute uninterrupted. I know I don't what the import companies Italy and mean are okay and the reason why you want him at the Helm. Is because and all all sides. I believe. You saw a couple years Ratliff who believes Brady believes are important went to Africa and I. I believe there. I believe that on the great quarterbacks who yell but I socket takes more than believing you got of the town got ill. The idea of 120. I know that allows forty to 48. Potentially tour you know and now. You gotta believe in this is physical skills deteriorate so what does this do for them now and Altman and the police and I can't believe I don't job. That's why it got one question now let's say how did you hang up odd you know it's gonna ask a question. Time ray believes in himself a 43 but he can't bear the bog down the field as well as he can now what good does that do on. What good does that do on Zhao. Don't conduct in mr. chants are allowed to go back and forth. Lucas in the car look yes. Hey oh well you know I got to go to pick. I think that Cuba is Jimmy Key because when he got traded off the new report swear that you will not gonna sour cream truck ease might. Oh Jimmy Jean. But why why what he used to have to sit here at least for another year probably. Directly into an and and that's why you're going to lift kit was that's why he had traded off CD they'll just they'll dole. I but because you're not having the upper hand against. Or well all right or Belichick I think would have treated Brady after this year no matter what if he had his way total salary. Yeah out you know. Outlook on the pearl likes you know about unity is not where the radar like what they have to holding him here though. Gonna Pam lots of money. You buy an expired I don't know if you would be appreciate your next year and any team in the how can do that when you talk to them anywhere. Who's not going in Jimmy gee what do you think he ends up in 2018 Lucas in the car we need your prediction whereas again. Mira. I I think you probably go to. Your. Quote a bit cold vaccinated. Now with a pulled him into locked. Yeah by you the hot commodity salvage what's. The colts and Andrew Luck they get to drop well they signed droplet individuals signed to Max money supporting India there. Jamal green who lock. OK I is a bad shoulder and now. Well you know I don't let Jimmy Dean koehlke but then I could've you know I. I'll let. Yeah I mean it's worth consider him. It's worth considering. Out any people talk about how the patriots and have to pay lots of money. To keep Tom green's when he eighteen and a franchise Jimmy drop we'll outlook cults what they give the rock well. Hundred plus million this offseason. And Matt Stafford. And make him the highest paid guy in the game and Andrew Luck is well then what T saudis have to. FT stuff. 617779790. Senators or thought number I. I do think the more I think about it I believe I went back in port on that's not how apologist not that high and on Nasser and I can't break it down out now. I don't now. But I do agree that com. Died high and on NASA and dot com over the weekend had a piece. I pretty much dug out why the patriots could never franchise Rob Lowe and field a competitive team. And I science and I mean it would be really that in a lot of places and we're kind of punt that when he eighteen season in order to keep both Brady ink droplets I don't buy so you know what. Fine Belichick once streak or I Brady this offseason he dead. And prayed is going to be really good next year even the most ardent Brady pessimist will say. Arguing MVP this year shirt slight decline in December while he's really banged up by. He's going to be really good next year. That's fine Belichick has gotten rid. Up plenty of guys who have been really good the first year or even to. Away from the patriots Belichick doesn't care look at Wes Welker Welker was really good but the Broncos for two years. In any for the Greek is you helmet and was out of the league that's how ballots checked rolls. He'll take short term it for the long term gain and I don't think he viewed Brady the quarterback position any differently so yeah. Market down Belichick wanted to trade Brady into any eighteen by. Kraft Meehan do. And for those who dispute the quickest and story to speak to details of that okay that explain to me why. The browns would have offered the patriots at number four overall pick and the patriots did not call. Couldn't plain dealer had yesterday the patriots did not call the browns even though they made it clear it would have offered. The number four overall pick for Barack while police were two and a half months removed from this trade nobody can still explain to me. Why only call the forty niners get the second round pick return. Just focus on this why only call the 49ers have there was not some sort of mandates. 617779797. Roemer after dark rolls on after this wept. Some quotes and sound though make you hate Macs charming even more than you'd we've returned them. More of late night here's Alex reed caught Sports Radio telling you we. EI. The reality to me seems pretty obviously true now patriots fans have been tweeting at me a lot. You know it really. First for an organization can edit this Anbar as you get an organization that the smartest in football they have some of the darkness stands in sports like these are the kind of you know. Yeah. Tom. Dump Donna I'm back at a bit depleted I don't want to get branded a grip on denied it at all why you keep out at a gallery. They're gonna do it yeah. How's the did you have got to deny it the question is do you find it credible. Well yeah I find it credible and what I see writing like Belichick's big game like this. Reasonable to conclude that Belichick may be the source. That is Max Kellerman calling you patriots fans the dumbest fans in America. Fighting words. That that while Max when you say countries can default the clip. In July twice sixteen. Yeah you reap what you sow you reap what you sell op but I'm not point Thomas are totally crazy. I mean like I. I love these people who put a lot of stock into the patriots denials. Of the ESPN story of course are going to the ninth. Needing crowd's gonna come out and say yup I did it. I made Belichick trade Jimmy Rob Lowe against his well I did it. Any politics can admit to not hitting Brady is gonna come on and say yeah. Yet Jerry I I say to my teammates out although want to do is lift weights I disparage ballot check what. Yeah I rocked Jimmy G on TV to all I did it yacht what do you guys want for me now we suck it's act. I get I think the image of like a rock while standing outside of shattered TB twelve is so that's a silly. Image. I too might think that EB they were little invasive I do. I didn't because I know human nature and Ron Borges wrote this in The Herald over the weekend it's one of the better takes I've read on the whole thing. Human nature Jimmy drop represented Tom Brady's football mortality. In Marla and the united that your grapples presents annoyed Brady the moment grapple is drafted politics that we are Tom's age and contract situation. Now moment on Iraq was labeled the heir apparent so of course is presents a new way Brady even perturbed Brady. If you well so Mac's common impartially with the but I'm not with Salomon in regards to. How lady's job back Ed mentioned this earlier a wild sporting news interview. With Kellerman. In Stephen A Smith. This is key elements comments. On first take you. This is his comments. On first take what it's like to work with Stephen A Smith Kellerman the big. Yeah the guy talks about sports on TV. Let's keep that ninety talks about sports on television. Our men on first take where sparring partners. But it's fun it feels like a sport where plane it feels like a chess match a game against a great competitor. We have a lot of fine. Kellerman on FS one does he take offense one seriously. I know what this sounds like. As the gas got beat that same question when they say not really pay attention. My mind but I really don't I don't pay attention to them were too busy doing what we're doing. In fact you look at the role models the winners and sports. You'll hear the same thing. You talk to the winning teams in football and basketball but they worry about themselves. You have to worry about your work butcher had death. Do your work ex Max Kellerman talking about is march. His Super Bowl championship on site talking about hosting a sports talk show. Which Stephen ace at this Stephen I Augustine nick what's awhile and his status is Stephen I. On skip Bayless going against skip Bayless now bequest. Was going to be complete annihilation. It doesn't matter whom going up against it's the same thing he is on the side you're on that's. That's the way I am it's not about skip Bayless it's not about fox it's not about NFL network but anything. Last time I checked first take was number one so as far as I'm concerned anybody that's standing in my way. It's somebody that I consider to be competition. Like Stephen they asked do you. Do you miss it painless what's it like now you worked together for nine years what it's like the audience can best complete. Annihilation. What these are not real human beings these are not real human beings and that's why have Kellerman give it takes like bats. Not real humans. Skip Bayless is the biggest higher than mice providing complex complex magazine last year around this time I went back and read this today. Skip Bayless such a hard out he lives in Los Angeles. But he lives his life according to East Coast time. East Coast time. It's 5:13 AM Pacific. Skip Bayless is watch reads 823. Because despite his departure from Bristol ally. The man Jersey reading out of spots his hates the first of his blood is like what is life like he's still on the East Coast. In ten minutes ahead of everybody else like what this guy skip Bayless lives in Los Angeles. So it is watch two East Coast time. Ten minutes ahead of everybody else the ridiculous. Is ridiculous Stevenson is ahead. And everybody else in the world are here in America rap in America skip Bayless. He's ahead of everyone in America. It is on East Coast time in ten minutes ahead. On man what are out. You wonder how these people come up with these. Were easy techniques. Because they're crazy themselves. That explains me and crazy as well coming in was big night talk shows canceling dates. I might like probably never talked to me again. I need it I need it were all weird what is about this business at tracks utter complete social weirdos. Number one of them I'm certainly 1 of I am this what is stranger people you meet your life. Why why we all so bizarre. How Armey and Steve today skip Bayless why skip Bayless was in Los Angeles is that it's clocked the East Coast time but that's ahead. Why. And you wonder are we why we say at things we do is we are total weirdos. Here comes the cliff Jason Jason. A united what's. Blows. Wondering what you expect questioned why it Belichick. And on that sport overall from the brown into that a bit goal yes what is you know who. Brady. Inter hello all has an accident and read it in there are going to be created our local declare that the but he settled slowed a bit around the world it. Well why would ballot check make a move that's in the best statistical Rob Lowe in not in the best interest of the team. Well reality why why would you why wouldn't you if if he is in me they need to be aware. Next year you've got to train. You know there are portrayed in Europe although the armory. Well all day says says that it's called I won't definitely effects. We need more. To the patriots traded droplets through the 49ers. And then they have this quid pro quo that denies any trade Jimmy G back to the patriots for Tom Brady when this spring 2018. This offseason. A so why can the patriots just trade Brady to the 49ers wide they have to trade gras uploaded on to only get grappled back. In it and Tom Brady's. Car tray lower than what the country would be if you meter on the frank got a. Yup but the patriots are gonna have grapple anyway also the trade is so no and I don't. Don't I'll buy that theory Jason I like we're done here but c'mon why did the patriots trade Jimmy gee if the master plan is to get Jimmy. Next year. To give. Brady is final run in New England at the. Op. And see why could they do that anyway keep the rock elementary grade this offseason watching grapple this year. Island city maybe just became go to it. At the end of the speed and it would eat at chat the marquis a right we did you write in pretty pretty. Jason I like the outside the box thinking and talking about the south and on fri two and a half months we need new ideas. We need something fresh. Paid him and then bring Jimmy back in Budweiser will be better in the next couple of them why trade garrote blow this wide at its keep Cora. It's like an unnecessary step. Yeah I was just trying to help Jason I want the idea is we did that and we also had that Rob Lowe was going to sign a colts. The colts I I meeting but an ad in two laps when you do there were those two peaks arts. And on. Red on the cape brat. Alex how are you doing well. As sorry mr. Kennedy for the show so I know Lindsay may never talked to me again. And any new. I'd like and trying to control the entire scenario like this all credit goes around because the long run. What organization. Lawsuit makes him. Shuttle him overseas birthday awarded big in the bad it is about Abbott. He owns all the chips Danielle double check. Why I mean it YY camp out like that Belichick and treated him this off seasons and while. You know we're. Because Belichick it didn't ever get an answer grammys and that the pages expectation is it the best coach of all time to get all beat up based army and the base. The prep let the patriots had droplet next year and won twelve games first round bye ya mean fans would you re. Tonight. You're winning he'd be happy you know acts. I get on hand against you know like the long run like a party cashed in the organization cashed in that doubt about it during which Tom watts. Proudly show what we did and that's it David where origin war. Yeah it. When that cousins at the mosque securing grant on to monster com last week WEEI I'm saying crowd. On now I'd mention Tomas in the patriots and they can't handle it. It's a trader to trader for patriots nation Hamas sees the east right there. Red indicate one Todd reports so hold on for an hour. I was gonna let him go 234 minutes mean even. Bring a Tomas is Amy screams and hangs up that my friends. Is hatred. 617779797. Coming up next we see you lined double BT take your calls sift their Belichick Brady Jimmy G wicker shared story all the recent reports. Couldn't plain dealer yesterday. Rats would have offered the number four overall pick in the draft for grapple patriots team we get McCall. Knew two nights you're doing is reporting Matt Patricia is the favorite to next head coach and your giants what does that say about politics future here. How much Josh McDaniels another offseason were mcdaniels doesn't get a head coaching job he's passed up in Chicago reports say is not the front right in Indy. What does that say about Josh McDaniels or see you lineup and also as I mentioned. We will place out the time rate basement video and that tell you why it's beyond spoke to the greatest of all time is the goats. He's a total weird out. Back after this.