Late Night - Why did the 49ers trade for Jimmy G if they aren't going to play him. 11-23-17

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Thursday, November 23rd

Hour 3: In the final hour Ben Maller talks about how Jimmy G will again not start for the 49ers this week and why would they trade for him if they weren't going to play him. Ben also gives some final thoughts on the Celtics win streak ending. 


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Fix these late night speeds link on Sports Radio WEEI. Boston sports talk for insomniacs in the graveyard pack tonight. You too mr. overnight Big Ben now let's get it going. Late night on Sports Radio WEEI. I. There was much hyperbole much offer you but how long the Celtic win streak ago. And if you're the optimistic. Hype and you projected heading looked at the mediocrity that is in the NBA you realize the Celtics had already gotten past that big mountain. The Golden State Warriors in the history you would think that this would have gone on past Thanksgiving weekend and into December. You would be long as we are in the air everywhere. Here on WB EI late night would be banned Mallard. These Celtics have lost they lost to Miami if you saw the game and we're talking about but if not. Will affiliated same old song and dance and unlike previous games those Celtics after falling behind early. And clawing their way back into the game this time. They did not and did not end up on top as the idea came up just a wee bit short. Couple of bonehead plays low basketball I Q places they say. Which is not an or for the Celtics is just way over the top record your BH 163 now. We this particular laws but. The young guys Jason Tatum. Had a at a couple plays that he would like to have back Jalen brown. Also oh and Kyra you're gonna walk Kyra it was good. And he was not great no one on the Celtics particularly all that great on this night Al Horford. I thought in particular. Didn't do anything as back to back Snickers. We're Al Horford and the Celtics and defensively allowing. The Miami Heat guard to penetrate get past them. And a lot of points in the pain lot of points in the paint used micro analyzed it should not micro analyze one individual NBA. You should not do that you because. And remember the scheme likely. A week from now you'll forget about it to be some other team would be much games. You focus in on what's fantasy a night where the streak came to an end. More attention will be raised on this particular game in the Celtics. I did not shoot particularly well but their their game is on defense and I'm confident Brad Stevens we sauce we heard some of his post game commentary. And he praised the Miami Heat all the defensive side of things was not. Particularly wonderful in his game Miami shot 49%. From from the floor to give you an idea in the backcourt tried to each and Dion Waiters. With with 53 points combined. My theory has always been. If Dion Waiters feature I'm OK with a Q Dion Waiters. Goes nuts on the and to start dropping bombs. On why would. I would rather have that happen like that Hassan Whiteside who again there has been injured and played. That much for Satan hasn't had become a year that I think Miami would expect. One of the reasons they're under 500. And he didn't. Dominate this particular game at least not offense Leone and he pointed and reversals are workable manageable numbers. In this in this particular game. Are we low take your phone calls also will re reading about a former patriot who is pretty much rotting away here. We'll be rating about that. Coming up in a bit with sixty phone calls and if you would like to be part there's a line open for you 6177797. 937. As you can be part of the festivities this go to Brett in the cape here who's on W. EE I was going on Brett. Not too much greater. Rate if I was in any better. I would be a Celtic but not a Celtic tonight is they lost tonight. I. Understandably understandably. Nudist kind of fed weigh into it aging to mental question now so I guess what I'm trying to say the first videotapes shot selection. I think for his sixteen and three team they have horrible shot election. Al Waterford under the hoop not taking a shot sort of backed out. Forcing it out retiree we've got like appoints five of the second like they need to figure out who knows where they can shoot and timed it better. And Brad Stevens has sector gave sort of good rhythm resisting defensively. Everything but like they need to know where they should shoot and not shoot. So I believe what you say here Brett is they need guys to be more ball hawks but that's kept but the whole. Error and would not forcing Reid to be a bomb on like Reggie Brown beat Obama and waited right. Well in the but the whole. The whole. Mindset of the Celtics though is to beat these unselfish team brighter than. That they over shares and I'm Billy the prisoners like they're trying to over shares like you know. It works so much and it's. She but my my point is that the defense I don't think this Celtic teams ever in this particular version of the cell to settle he's going to be any more than. A middle of the pack offensive team I just don't think that's the FB realistic about it. And a bit at. Yeah that's very fair today have been so so the defense part it was what do you want from what we're currently three point is not going to be at the end of the seat would get more which reports. So you can do. If you do you on your word. It if Horford does that you're not to be around law and you're gonna have to get more production out of him and it was he missed a couple of boss just that were crucial late in the game through that would reveal that they were trying to get back in the the finger down my fourth time reverend misty thought that that's. I'm not I'm not it's created team itself that he's been more time Greg practicing their pre I mean younger players and sure but that's not really their issue yes. It's it's more about this lake not knowingly who really the ball she'd go to at that point that was really the point guard that kind of thing but it still fun to watch man it's like I was in May they won so many games down budget being. I don't think that can really carry over in the future you can't win games dammit if being obviously you know. How little. I figured it would get better and and figure out knock and consistently fall behind by fifteen points if they do they get a and this of course would that figure to call have a great Thanksgiving revenues would qualify as splitting hairs. That would disqualify us splitting hairs I'm nitpicking. You quibbling. And and all that may have won six funeral that is now the sixteen who won their last seventeen games. And get a point two home games criminal. Games that are very winnable they should. Should do fine with should be okay would let's go to. It's. A still owed Amy. ABC in the Rhode Island day and you are next on WEEI hello Amy. Hey daddy and I don't. Going on in the but it if I was in better I would be. Drinking against with the royal spirited and. And that's that's with you before at Thanksgiving ascent up the Osce is supposed to do yet. Exactly so I actually. Obviously different and Arnold palace and use super much but it. I did app I did not see out here. How on. You're talking a lot about the Celtics and I'm wondering what do you think about. The fire tonight at Providence friar than how they had that buzzer beater went at the end. Well you know my theory Amy on college basketball. And you're not gonna like. Well I I am not I really get into college basketball right around the time in the suitable and like I I it's I find it very difficult. To getting to college basketball. Viscerally. I I is. In my in my put and I actually I really get into like I I trip I try to Craig you know like before big testing college. You would cram a before it is the NCAA tournament or selection Sunday I figures in the first week of February when they play the Super Bowl. You have a solid month. To catch up on everything going on because of the I didn't see the Providence game tonight but I mean you you went on a Busby that's a wonderful thing what do you think you. Well what I am thinking is every game mattered in college. Right yeah you know. But that doesn't really. Now know what he's you can win the conference tourniquet and you can get the backdoor way to the NCAA tournament so the copper sermon yet the regular season. And Joba. Basically I'm saying instead allow accommodation and that would act. I'm IE you know what I what I like him the Boston area I live in Providence. So I listen to both then and now everything coming from. All kind of the New England teams and things like that fell. I guess my point is this. I'll give a little of kill. He likes it more you believe that. I don't speed fair here I mean you play in Belmont right this is not. These are not the world beaters yes. I'm not out later that I hit it 300 feet. You've been beaten I don't know duke. Three pointer at the buzzer. That we got up the belt line. Yeah yeah it say that I hear you say I but I you know I added it could anger program I think you made me and have a nice. It might be good there she goes Amy. My bad talk show host that I do not want to celebrate a way of buzz would be win over Belmont. Does that enemy as my producer and then you. Wanna help me out of his I guess. I guess I should should study of more Belmont is that a bad job by me yeah I guess yeah you know Belmont province yet. With them the Maui invitational these great term it's going on. And you're missing out apparently. Now foes in Maui I would pay attention like if by somebody sent me to Mauia I would absolutely. I'd be all in. Be all about. Known would no question. I mentioned a former patriot. Who is a essentially. Of rotting away here and that would be none other than Jimmie eager rappel and we have the follow up. To a story we talk digested. Patriots when they treat you Jimmy your awful way. The assumption had been you know what happens on the assumption have been he's finally getting his opportunity to play regularly. He skates the shadow. Tom Brady and now he's going out to granted eight terrible football T. In California the 49ers were just it's just horrific. The niners are they wanna game they speak that you guys they're not that good well. Not only is Jimmie your apple being with the 49ers. He has seen. No hole. Playing time and the niners announced it's it's now been one month. One month since the patriots let Jimmy rock logo out to the 49ers. We're closing in on news and he has not gotten on the field this hyped up quarterback and it was a lot of people listening to WEEI right now. That were convinced because of commentary by Bill Belichick and all the people around pages and just the way it drop below played when he got the opportunity when Brady. Was suspended. That. That he was going to be great. But yet the niners continue to kick the can down the road as one of the more bizarre stories. That I can remember in the NFL and I I would like to think that Jimmy drop below is upset by this. Because what what is doesn't play what if what if somehow some bizarre scene in immense works I here. This could get really interest me the assumption is the niners traded a second company. The patriots to get drop below that he's going to be their quarterback long term but if it'll play in this unit continues and this guy out CJ bat third. Does drop poll does he have any wiggle room on that and it was contract is coming up there they're gonna have to work out a deal. I guess the flip side if you want play devil's advocate is if your Jimmy drop below it you'll like why am not playing. And I would like the play bought the the good part is. It's not like he can failed by not playing. The only body of work you have to judge him by your team like the niners or anyone else for that matter is what he did with the patriots. That's it. But he is he's not getting out there implying. And in the niners. Coaching staff and all that they continue to lead Jimmy drop low in purgatory. So he's he's played as much as his replacement. With the patriots. Cowboy a knock. What's his name of Bryant poured it around Brian Porter has played here. Art it's a bad valor late night here on WEI. And bill let's go back to the phones escorted job. John's in Springfield and you are next yo what's going on. What don't bet I do want to upwards for a long time power if epic Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you to know what's on your mind. I don't know I would hope we saw pictures or will start with the Celtics. We gotta admit it was amazing to Watson's streak. Well any true so it knows that. As bad as the laws. For Hayward could be around. We realized it was probably going to be some amazing playing time. Com allow for you don't quite low in the draft like popular deal what's the best deal would be any changes government aid. Want to treat dictate them. In view of brown to get these guys playing time was going to be got but I'd there's no. All the people that work against global straight against Renault briefer over. Problem we're now well. Picking a topic to unseat Obama on. Well we knew which is gonna be on your watch these kids quo. And and I had no expectations over remember you know giving it to play out and brought in Ohio write but beauty and genius because. He re Bradley would reporter and you'd never read it he'd ever recover about it to give my money that he wouldn't want it and Isaiah with your injury. You'd ever that would mixer beat you from the bodies so are the change has been brilliant and it's just been born to watch history. And. Lawyers appearing I mean we we don't know yet imitator is off to a good start and it's a small. The small sample size he's got a he's got to keep it up yeah argument it is nothing. There's nothing you can really point that and say boy 88 butchered that. But this was not the play away and as everyone knows the plan was Gordon Hayward was an all star last year. Was gonna be all star type player for the Celtics this year and they were spoon feed. Limited minutes Tatum but that that I obviously went out the window he's been able to handle it so far we'll see if you can. Can handle over the that the bounce we are not hit that dreaded wal when to get the they the month of what is it marcher February when the wall. But I've got to figure out. IV been given minutes to almost everybody opened on the bridge which is armor Erdogan he would be an agent Leo. 78 in rotation. And I think this judicial a lot of maturity and about. He's very sweet shouldn't be free throws down the stretch. I think effectively combat. We know that they'll never be out of any game that never going to be. Scared of oh lead two love to come back from. And Diageo brown albums he's really the big story for me. I think he's going to be superstar this week. That's superstars that's a very bold statement John say that's the kind of porphyry I like to hear. But the biggest superstar you gotta be a twenty point A game guy right you gonna be a twenty point A game guy there. And being the that the alpha dog of the Celtics it's it's. Only p.'s use these what's been our borrowing was drafted people like who the hell is this guy. What the heck is dating smoking draft in this guy from cal innings he has he has been much better than advertised also. I think it. Carbon foot wingspan and they're not on the court but he can't do and he's got a great attitude. I think Bret Stephens who is thought it was an amazing coach. We're lucky to album that you will be you don't chat. It. Well he's not he's not Belichick is he's very personable compared. Yeah great great opportunity to hear a lot of work I would imagine but he definitely seems to well. Oh look at became a lot different than a lot of the other coaches do and good purpose what he's what he's done with this scheme. What would it would be it would have been what sector partner Christine in the NBA. It'd be a problem these intimate. Our that you have with Thanksgiving. Appreciate their is we press on here on Adobe. The the one. Footnote or. Postscript if you do that brief conversation and sprint. Is this and the fact that in the regular season. Typically this is out or she can play a lot of guys and that's what the Celtics have been doing. Brad Stevens there's no one last I checked there was no one on the Celtics in the top forty. In minutes played. The problem. Is that once the playoffs rounded the rotation gets tightened in. You you can't play this at least the theory is always know who knows Iranians should Brad Stevens might throw them out the window. And they might continue to play this week but typically you know how this works in the NBA you Dahlia the post season and all that. You end up. Only playing a select number guys you're not going to be playing everyone on your bench. And soul. You're gonna have to tighten up that this thing is the NBA season goes on for ever. Writing is a prolonged. Drawn out situation so there is what do you time. What do you time to push this back before you have to make. That decision. But it if you go by past. Past NBA teams is the history of the NBA you're gonna cut that down. And but there are playing with house money events in world were way premature at this but the so that once you Gordon Hayward went out. That you motivated and they have risen up here from that was supposed to be the death sentence by. But Lucifer was saying and around right the the demons were routes around Celtics they've been able to. Overcome that so far as Cingular phone call its goal I was go to Chris. Who's in Rhode Island and he has his sick conspiracy theory Chris. No not at all I know I'd just I think that the up 49ers and abandon golf all during any thing or. While this season and devastating problem in the guys like a real collapse he gets injured or you know. So your theory is they go on a plane because they believe he's he's brittle. Is that. All of you all and that they have abandoned hope of you and any thing work when in this seat and it is wanna get it ready or maybe next he'd that they that they all oracle. Evil why why bother trading form could have just waited I'm sure that the pages have been traded in the ninth giving the patient would have traded him to I don't know Cleveland Browns. Around probably would have picked them up anybody that that you know are right now really at a time after a bird like he ought that you know. I. Eyes that you get a trade for a guy. Play big I adults. I get that you know you think he's gonna fall apart in the niners do have a suspect offensive line. Like you know put the guy out there IA it it seemed I was in niner fan I would be so upset in most Jimmy drop although I would be upset because I would want to play over the it's boring I would think right part of the teenager to play. Yes definitely I mean about drop like. Do you know maybe their land that we don't know about it on all work well or you know. What he could stay here with the patriots and any would have been near along for the ride writing Tom Brady's coattails and ended that insurance plan. For for break all right how to Thanksgiving figure Christa. Art and Diego's Chris in Rhode Island. There's more calls here the number 617779. Said in 937. It was the knights who were thank you well nowadays thinks. The witching hour. And it's which. We aren't we here in. The big day he would roll frenzy today it's it's all the all about that football. Meanwhile we're we are going to play the odds would you play the odds so what does that entail what does that the game playing the odds entail. We will get to act and we will the witness. We return to moreover in late night here's. On Sports Radio WEEI. Yesterday. On. Late night here at WE I would meat than an hour. We took a call from a Bruins. And he asked the question but the go to the and I I put out I would plea to correct. You know I the progress I've never planned to the hockey guys at all I. NHI I get in the NHL little bit but I'm not mr. hockey by any definite. So I got an email from a guy he who was his Adobe. Who was giving his whole big lecture. About why I should never say anything about hockey. And he admit. In that Bruce Cassidy getting this that was that seems Bruce Cassidy took over as coach of the Bruins. A sense that has happened. Anton who dove and since he's been in net with Bruce cast these like he was 111 and two I guess they won tonight so that would be with 121 in two. And he's got a ridiculous save recesses 'cause like Jones but I should never talk about it all the Bruins and I'm like I'm OK without. I am OK we that. But it it would appear. It Tuukka Rask he's in the old dog house. That this particular. That's it's that does that count as a hockey comment. And I just found this an idea I don't follow the US air force and social media I don't. Maybe I should backed up by me. Bill Belichick is gonna feel about this uses day chatting. We need production meeting me that the Ben's got the other mean. My producer Ben. The great bend Charleston. And the US air force tweeted out. A couple of hours gonna tune it out a photo of Bill Belichick. Wearing the air force quality after the game in Mexico City and he said the moral of the story there's no one. To better prepare you for a win on foreign soil that the US united states air force. And they had a a Lithuania. A story about the patriots preparation. In Colorado for the team in Mexico and some quotes that are from Bill Belichick but the eighties. As a producer Ben pointed out he's mr. date he is all about the naval academy in. There he is now sporting the air force would that she pretty good look at what he's got that. It's a solemn looking piece of merchandise. I Celtics or lose tonight that's the big story here in Boston the Celtics were down a sixteen game winning streak. Coped well it's over. Doesn't skis. And the same old story at the beginning of the info fell behind early fell behind 1618 points. Worked their way back in the game but unlike the game in Dallas where they are able to go to overtime the other nights. And the couple the other previous games we were clawing their way back did not happen this time. The Miami Heat. Raking down. The Celtics defense in it that you make you wonder this was a scheduling situation and I dolphin. Miami. Generally is a really good thing for players but for competition. Came cause some problems but the US mobile phones it will play the odds in a moment in Peru. Is next on WE I was going on Andrew. And then not. And are not welcome in novels gardener without. Proper tarmac you know your. Telling you not talk hockey I'd let our Lola Lola at Iowa blocking. My heart there was one of the reasons what it is not growing and you're saying they don't want other they're walking in order and it it was people ask these questions. And it was criticized what we're really noticing me. I think there are more recently the game is not growing like it. Well let's not I I don't hear hockey Andrew I like hockey I've been I've been forced have gone in the Stanley Cup final couple times in my my. Who few radio careers so. It's it's a great event is the Stanley Cup final is of the 1871 times Mays is wonderful. But yeah I'm I'm not I don't have ever gonna be up apart you're like a hardcore Boston Bruins fan I don't believe I've ever gonna come close to you in that department. Now are sent out there. When your body Mallory was classics. Not content then what it was more. Election than anything because I I guess I picked the wrong guy I would Tuukka Rask and I should depict the other guys it's that's my job but hey what's in my schedule which you got man. I thought that NAFTA well he's got a knack of which you know full. I mean album we can walk he you know Daniel Arnold Coker are optional from the shootout. Back at ninety years old you know your defense and and I think you're the first entry not at like I think that Saturday's brickyard it's not meant. You hear about the Bruins know go back up to them that they aren't Chara. And you know they built the backhand I think actively. You know go to walk away with that was in I think he's wrecked cars. I don't plunged art you know the rope access and cost. Are you saying you don't have hands like that Andrew when your plan Hough who you guys you know. Up god not me not to put the puck in the net with my great. No not apparently. Period. Hi guys. Have any idea how often you play put the plaza week which got going on. A clear barely occasionally but you know still popular and you know I'm not. Not working and earning not so early on but I now. I don't go well corporate you know I think he's been rough without you unions are a lot of sense you know what I'm ordered a second country he's got. Couple weeks ago if you become a best you know come back audible older right now. You're back earlier in the great. Yeah yeah that's a bit of mistress Vietnam play well although last the last two games in particular game is the mavericks and tonight these were stink bomb performances. By Al Horford and this is an opportunity to over the this year particular. Where if you played just a little bit better. They are right there the Celtics in the fourth quarter and he missed those stock shots. At the end he was just a non factor. Assuming on the offensive side I think you thank you Andrew a good look happy Thanksgiving there have agreed that I will play the odds you can play the odds right now here we go. And this in balls. Beet beat 382 big free agent here. Who's not even a free eight he's going to be his delegate a lifetime cut right I say free agent but he's changing teams I think Reid John Carlos name. Now you if you pay attention the Red Sox. Are in on it right the Red Sox are in on him but they're not one of favors to get the mine in the Marlins slugger. And Derek Jeter who now runs the Marlins. Knees. Is he. Claiming poverty you're so I think every restores have been of checking out here baseball wise is like the Marlins are hurting financially. It just bought the team the new ownership they're trying to get more money. That would be a bad sign if you just bought something and you don't have enough money to pay the bills and you're trying to generate more money. Slightly concerned. But this about the Red Sox and awarded the chances. That they gave John Carlos de. Now did dumb brows ski for what it's worth as downplay. Downplayed the Red Sox making any big splashy moves but that is trying to lower expectations idea why. Them browse he's doing an average and lower expectations you want people be. Really disappoint her round these parts of the Red Sox end up. Signing up what you guys out of the Mexican League which aren't and 11 infielder from Mexican League I've ever heard of aside and today or yesterday just after midnight. We're hearing shots the the odds the favorite to get John Carlos they're thin. These San Francisco Giants. At two out of five said the imply dies. Say that the giants Abby 71%. Chance over 7%. To get sting the second. Listed team based on the gambling odds. Not the Red Sox the cardinals. The Saint Louis guards its internationally that way from the Marlins the giants of the cardinals. They have a 28% chance based on their odds the Red Sox are third on the list I remember the way they break down the odds. The the bookmakers. It's not a 100% sound like all the teams are going a 100% play with. So they can it. Jumble up the odds a little bit but the Red Sox are listed at fifteen to two. Which means they have a little less than a 12% chance based on. We gambling gods of bringing sting and to Fenway Park who would be. You you talk about trying to replace David Ortiz right there at such that we did not do that last year. Getting that big bat middle of the lineup will Stanton the way that he played last season putting it together. And the fact if you played in it Fenway Park you would get to be the DH. You know a couple times a month you don't have to play the outfield all the time you can. Play a half day write us at the designated hitter thing is all about your perfect setup. There that they're less than 12% then got teams like the Dodgers the Yankees the Phillies. Oh who were on that list but that's the the big this year as we look at the the baseball offseason. And players and you change teams and is the other while apparently Bryce Harper's Libya freeagent. After next baseball season the assumption is the nationals and keep them. Stranger things happen strange. Things. Have happened RT road. To bankruptcy the road to bankruptcy we will get to that more your phone calls it's me Ben Mallard happy Thanksgiving we're here late nights on W. EI. Talk all Boston sports within Mallard Monday late night Sports Radio WEEI. But Bob. We'll get to people roll through bankruptcy where we need that here momentarily as he pressed on Thanksgiving. Now writes after midnight. Thanksgiving now. Boston Dave writes in there and he says hockey in wingspan and talk. We've then Mallard on WEEI today yet we have a lot of hot wings and talk. And and a hockey but I I I was merely pointing out that I was getting a lecture about not not backing. And son who dole win in net and then the the guy. Again I want it to the back that we don't like I like the endorsement that I am allowed to talk about the Bruins but only a limited amount one upset. The morning guys. On perking Cali exit notified by start talking too much hockey though just bash me. Which and I deserve it that's a loser I let's go to the phones and let's see years who's next who's been waiting let's go to Steve. Steve is in Miami and he's listening to do the guy on the stream I would assume what's going on Steve. Happy Thanksgiving to union happy Thanksgiving used to see what's going on. Well thinking well. Athletes and idiotic announcer Charles or. I mean he must be true that the he. Stopped and so speakers. It sound like a war we can go and these chocolate. Do give up. Only gave up eighty points to orders. Are appalled. Analysis greens where. Would force had built so. Patron short iron in Kansas City. Beat them through it and. Are you. Because time lines we. Now I'd like Barkley football temperature Barkley is even know the Celtics lost he wasn't working tonight right only team was TNT doing games and I don't Wear I don't know if they were if they were aware if he was working I was watching TNT. But if he wasn't working he likely does not know the outcome. I love Barkley he's a he's he plays the role the clown. And I I'm relatively confident that when he's not working television. He is not sitting on his ass watching NBA games I'm I'm almost positive that that's the case. That and memo could be head and you know and I and the look of mountains may. Statements that are in the American and nationalist resentment element to sit there. A couple years ago McRee who's about to follow clips I mean they. Woods but his bank make but obviously that's that's on the job right you're supposed to say outrageous stuff. How boring would radio will be in television to people just got out as a I can't comment on this until it's all over and then I wanna give my commentary Mike got no one would listen to any of these shows it would be paid every painful to listen crap. No wanna hear that. I don't know vessel sank India where he could get them in the I have the public and the media that. I give like a really good weird speakerphone thing going. Our agreement. Dynamic YouTube Imus at the east the spectacular it's a valuable radio time. On this blowtorch it WEEI on a Bluetooth. Came on. All. Our listener if you would take any reason Steve you've worked your ass off clearly enjoyed Thanksgiving in the I know you'd call me again when I'm on next week at no Bluetooth no Bluetooth no no no no go. Well look bankruptcy highway that would be Bain Simmons of the sixers do you see this. Media pace of the one thing he regrets the that the first big paycheck thing that he went out bought that which you didn't buy. He spent like ten grand apparently on exotic cats. It it looked like he like tiger's ten Grand Prix. While. Woo woo O'Shea had ten grants made on. Exotic cats would that be great. Well it has been fun. I'll give a great Thanksgiving thanks to Ben Charleston for doing a wonderful job producing news. Fine radio program here on the late night on WEE I enjoy Thanksgiving. And whatever you end up doing in wherever your travels take you keep it locked. Right UWE yeah I have a good night.