Late Night - Will Gronk become the next WWE superstar? 2-21-18

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Thursday, February 22nd

Hour 3: In the final hour, Ben Maller reacts to a listeners email explaining the real reason behind Malcolm Butler's benching during the superbowl. Ben also talks about if the WWE will be able to outbid the NFL for Gronk.


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Keeps giving here. I can't get away from and I try to walk five or six steps away from me and I get dragged back maximum laughs it was me and drag me back. Into the conversation talking about. One that Malcolm Butler. Yes one Malcolm ball I wanted to get an act as I get an email and am very excited I. Why am excited about is a really shouldn't have had a lot of different email addresses over the year. And I only check this one a couple of days a week and I have my own shiny WEEI. Accompany email. And I saw that there were cupcakes. In the office Ben did you get any producer Ben did you unity cup cakes we UN earlier today. I did not meet up can expect job. Anyway so assign this email writers Mike checked him as a school we. A lot of guys now I'm starting to build up its early it would have been here for a while only heavy electric for a couple weeks. But it's it's a little things in life that should excite. I'm such adult that I'm excited when I get email on the that the band dot Mallory WEEI dot com email address so I got an email on his big buffalo cycle email address from Jeff. Who lives in east boss that he was listening last night. Which means he was in the minority. Last night but anyway I just was listening last night and we chatted about Malcolm bought I did a Mallard monologue about. The comments made by eight dead in record he and Allen actually were conflicting comments. And anytime I see disagreement in conflict I ate Potts guy outside to talk about that. I got you if you read a story you're listening last night. It was Devin record usage the entire patriot team knew. That Malcolm ball there was not starting. All week they knew leading up to the suitable. And then we had Alan Branch. Who appeared with dale holly and Keith and he sounded cop the cold toes. He teaches Arabic. But he said. He didn't know anything that he was out is in the dark when it came to this and so I donors they'll hold rehashed years. Of the past Mallon monologue you can go back and I am sure it's podcast on. The WB I web site. But just in short here I took the side of Alan Branch. Which is very very ought to do because he sounded like he was any different universe with weed man hit. We got calls or who wants one but any Alan Branch you know he. I ever it's continuing to be puzzle I am puzzled by what happened. So I lifted the. My belief is there are. Several. Missing pieces to that particular puzzle. And that will be revisited the at another time. This is kind of. On its course okay were four. So I bring that up because I mentioned that Jeff. Oh listening to W I he sent me this email and he directed the to be stat based website pro football focus would take to check out from time to time. I haven't checked it out as much later because a lot of other stuff you gotta pay for an idea. Very cheap before but anyway say they have all the stats their. I knew wage stats and and so it's free a lot of it yet to pay for. And and Jeff who. Does pay for. At least the luckiest it was idea. Rose really cool links we get the read stuff that's blustery. Anyway so he simulates and and he said this is the reason right here in the Bill Belichick was right to management combine. And no one's talking about it and he's very upset he says he's. He sent this to smother people station when sprouted up he said he wanted me to talk about it and since I guess on the dole. I'll Wear the dunce cap iso sure. I don't go to deepen this is as a stuff I would like to get to what. It it was interest seeing. As you continue to chronicle. What the hell was going on. And again. He's allowed to I was up all levels is this linked and I've got it now in front of me here. It chronicles Malcolm Butler and his raking in the NFL that she's story about NFL free agents. And in it's it's it's not good it it makes Bill Belichick looked pretty good. If you go by the statistical based reference pro football focus. That tracks all this stuff and they have a graphic and they have on this the story here they go year by year. And they say war in 24050 Malcolm Butler was the 58. Ranked. Defensive back out of a 108. In terms of passer rating when target. So he wasn't in the top twenty he wasn't in the top fifty. Bloody was in the upper upper half or so. There's actually no he wasn't in the gravity was in the middle of the pack about middle. I'm 58 out of a hundred. Admitted in 2016. He was even better. A Marcum Butler was ranked 43 out of a 108 defensive backs. That includes the post season so he's moved into the top 25. And then it goes in the last year that this past season the Tony seventeen seasons is it says here patted patted Malcolm Butler do. Last year well he fell off a cliff. Malcolm Butler. Was ranked 92. 92. Out of a hundred in nineteen qualified. Defensive backs in the NFL so that means. If my Mallard math is correct that he was the 28 worst defensive back. In terms of passer rating allowed. In the entire NFL. Now I take this as the gospel I pro football focus works with the NFL teams and believe the patriots use some of their stuff. Sought take this is the gospel. I'll solid and it did get in this that the thanks to Jeff for directing the to restore of all I think you just directed everyone to the story news happening changed the name topple whatever it. So so the question here is does that stat again will assume for the purposes of this conversation will assume that this is true. Does that justify Malcolm Butler being arranged. In the Super Bowl. And. Even Almonte team ballot check in this particular debate among Belichick's side the answer to that is no. Item you've got a couple things you've got stupid pills so big rose to aid you also have vacated. Which I'll I'll throw that list but now put always get in on number one Malcolm Butler. Put a 100%. Of the snaps. Against the Tennessee Titans in Jacksonville. In those two post season huge lead up before the suitable. So. Now I'll direct this to you Jeff but if for you listing also. In order to buy a. The theory that this was purely performance space shuttle. Kirk minute hand on the morning show was talking about that time is severely guys have spread that narrative this fall performance based. Too bloody bag. Then Malcolm mother sure didn't downgrade. Against Jacksonville. Or against the Tennessee Tudjman. Evidently. His poor performance is this goes back to the beginning of a regular season and the statistics I have in front of year. That didn't motivate Bill Belichick too to send him to the management net debt leads me to the conclusion. That there was others off. That happened that there were all rules violations. There were mitigating factors is I've been saying here that laid. To that particular decision that it was not just a performance based our 92 out of a 190 is not glued. If you don't have to who have worked for an NFL team. You can just play Madden football eight hours a day and you're like OK even I know it's not that's not good. So whatever happens. And we don't know. Is being kept in house. The the other option is that Bill Belichick took stupid pills which I don't believe is the case. The results certainly makes him look like he did but. Between Belichick. And Butler. Somewhere in there is is the rest. Of the story is a former. Legendary figure in radio. Talk about it. Rest of the stores now the more important part of this. I guess I'm taken which which summit but more importantly when the patriots secondary was kitten curious bit roasted. By Philly. And knit. Polls of all people the fact that Butler didn't gain in the game. Jeff. Who sent this email that. It is an indictment. Let something bigger went on it's it is also an indication that something bigger one. As like opposite message she hasn't been good Butler on the bench him. And you have all your stats here are the back this up which is far Jeff boy. As the game was unfolding. And you complain everything you out everything you want out replay of the and it is chaos what's the game starts everything. It's changed the script it's cost the way you have to add lit yet to be creative as the game goes. To be a chameleon. And it just in the environment whatever demons. Now in addition to that even with Malcolm Butler vanishing that vanishing act. Among defensive backs. The other part of the story here which is. Should point out he's still in demand around the NFL. And and you can't take away what he did against Seattle and Russell Wilson. That the suitable saving interception. The only way that would be taken away is if it was it in the NCAA sanctioned event. Or Olympic event then Malcolm Butler would have to vacate. That interception he would have to there was some kind of rules violation. And he would not be able to take credit toward. But if it isn't Butler over rated. Is it as another point efforts and he was always overrated because of that. And yeah I wouldn't totally push back on that these numbers. Indicate from pro football focus that he is. Overrated. That his performance last year was not very good. But yet I read the fine print here and despite that. They they have the rankings of the top ten free agents in the NFL offseason. And I'm looking here at the top guys Kirk cousins. Than they have true main Johnson the defensive back. Levy on Belle. Swiped. Believe is going to get the franchise tag from Pittsburgh. And in the fourth. Most coveted free agent on this list is Malcolm bought. So if he's such as stiff. And he's such a bald. How is the fourth most valuable free agent according to this. Particular website the clintons track. This kind of stuff are expend Moehler and you we're hanging out together late night. As we go really late into the night you can be part of the this ABC or 617. 7797. 937. If you wanna comment on that 6177797. 937. And you can also get at me on Twitter. At bay in matte color that is at him out there. And how much is a gram worth how much is a broad worth we will reveal that. You'll get to it in we'll do it next. So how much is it wrong worth. Relevant question is there. Many of these so called experts. Saying that this is not they knows that Rob Gronkowski could legitimately step away from the patriots in the middle of night. Like right now all right middle of night. And take off and and go become a professional wrestler. And that'll be that it will make movies in Hollywood. Be great what a wonderful life that would be right bad movies make Tooth Fairy movies and be a professional wrestler. So I I bring this up because of your listening earlier but it dale and Hollywood Keefe. They have this guy Dave Meltzer on who's a wrestling. Insider I easy knows all the dirt. In professional wrestling where should be wrestling observer and so he kind of knows. I really don't know how the the business of professional wrestling. Works. And the issue of how much money Rob Gronkowski could actually get it from the Vince McMahon. Ron operation came up so let's go let's listen needed his junior heard it's getting here again. He how much is wrong horse come up a dollar figure and here's what Meltzer had this. It's really hard day because it would depend on how much I can't imagine him going in and doing 218 year you know I mean. You'll Lesnar was a unique. Type character when he made probably five million plus a year and wrestling last couple years. I could imagine he could get a part time job in wrestling if he clicks. And make a couple million maybe maybe. So if you if you listen. That's two million dollars. B. Any have to be successful and you have to be. Someone who wanted to do it even at two million a year which is a good amount of money I take two million right now I'd give up my radio empire. Of overnight in late night radio to do a two million dollar wrestling game. But it two million dollars a year. You're still gonna have to do how many dates. You know David 200 what you gotta do what would have to do to get tumor fifty dates a year. Right now he's playing. Well the page they get the exhibition games some of those you don't play which got a code rule. The playoff games. So he's got approximately gronkowski. You know less than 25 days a year. With the pages all the practice and all that and pure wrestler you have to practice all's. So factor that in because his salary Gradkowski salary this year was it 89 million dollars. With the patriots. And he's trying to get more money that we we know what he's trying to do you mind these kind of obvious she wants more money from the patriots he'd like his contract. Reworked. Which lets this is leverage he has is a leverage play by gronkowski. If he left anyway toward two professional wrestling left the patriots. He made two million assist guy Meltzer is right Brock made two million you have to work. Aussie around fifty dates a year on the wrestling circuit. That would leave him too much time to make bad movies. And he'd have to get a bunch of those movies and then the way it works. In Hollywood if people aren't going to watch your bad movies they don't keep giving you movies to make there's a limit here a couple of home. Get a couple of Mulligan but after that you are Scott rude. Big time I was go to Wayne might die away in south the and he is next up late night on WEE I was going on ways. You Oreo Oreo brand were up by early. Malin may shut. Now way you you concerned that grind house he's gonna run off. And wrestle my basement or. Elaborate like Asia to leverage claimed to strangle extra money needed surgery yet to creek area I mean I think and look like patiently to retool contract and a couple of other than that during the Ghiaciuc should be and all you're going to party to court you know he. Are you top this top tie it in the NF now. I wanna I wanna depend Mike Brady on their eating yeah with what you. Are. Matt. Light ultra long cherished. OK I guess Greta let me let me make good point controlled radio real quick OK too much cannot we have a great federal court went out and Brady Chaka and Joseph Montana. Went support shall global Tom Brady went that it should global locate double double what Joseph Montana went Joseph Montana pad. Jerry woody. Clack aggregate mainly China Leo a man and a gotta catch in the back we handle. Me. All any of these 1982 game with the cowboys. Yeah did you hear what he would like Hewitt also. I'm saying basically when it went down what can have all rolled all Pro Bowl is key. Yes I mean I like like I know global PR right yet like Lackey and the bad keeper. And a point here at every time we crutches to walking up a current. They had your Emmy trend. Wait wait wait wait you're defending your guy very noble view part felt the things. Of Tom Brady there's one problem in the this is something that Tom Brady cannot. Overcome. He can play in the 1980s if he had played against Dexter Manley Dexter Manley right now would be saying how great Tom Brady was he's the greatest of all time. Just just like you know years and now I don't big radio be like is that the guys that this generation Wayne forty years now thirty years now to be like. Back in the twenty to 4220. Tend to whatever they call it. These these were the greatest players of all time. I mean when I'm sixty and I'm all my grandkids and Great Britain radio us. You'll be like that they'll be some other snot nosed quarterback played in the NFL you guys guys guys that bomb. Brady's better. I know let's assume lightly Golden Globe nominee that's OK and get what they call. Yet your number way you know what I'm saying your name out Wednesday. Aren't so I didn't wanted to Arab radio an actor you undoubtedly this is on all I went up while Brady. I wondered out. Where. Yeah even at even know what global effort in robot I quadrant and yeah you're right you are gas aren't. Yes that is right I I I love you actually you know. It. Melanoma man you know Hillary malice. Go to sleep I'd thank you. Zinedine. Does anyone about it does anyone have an issue with someone screaming. Waited nine Hillary is not what late night radio supposed to before just ranting and raving and screaming. And shouting. And that in that was four. Or hang out here. We're doing our thing clearly. And well we'll takes more phone calls the the number if you would like to be part is 6177797. 937. Let's say hello to lose its side. In May leave that's. What's going on sigh what she got me. A part of the I didn't think he would side a lot of but you got out of it. Yeah I did as. Well hopefully good. I think that the you can't you know look at it and I would. I'm her I'm did you have it and I don't expect that. It wouldn't let her. ASA side of your phone is terrible I don't I I am glad you called but I don't understand. I'm sure you have wonderful things that you're good rant about I can make got a little bit of that but I'm more headphones. And I'm like focused on everything you're saying. The guy driving around is not focused and everything news. There should be some optimism. With the with the Red Sox it's. He fastened his CO GD Martina is actually does here. Because. If you look at the the spray chart who doesn't like look at spray charts also is an oath they put if you could. I'll look at this spring chart they put all the home runs all the fly balls although the baseball the GD Martinez eight. Last year the slap that over Fenway. I'll look at guys get hit sixty home runs this year BS the same period last year Billy even more home runs playing in Boston. And then you realize well maybe. Maybe that's not the case. This point to freeze if Dave Dombrowski wanted to. This is known at this stage is known as dumpster diving when you sign a free agent really really late into the game there's so many name free agents that haven't signed contracts yet. There are older. With the Red Sox. If they are so inclined to spend more money you can get another pitcher. You can get another position player if you wanna you'll fatten up your bench some more. There's an apology guys haven't signed yet as spring training games are about to begin in Florida and across the way in Arizona. The key of the boot to the king of the boob tube we'll get to that game we will do it next. The Eddie king of the boom tube who Hornaday. This story beat the Celtics are the kings. Of regional. NBA basketball. This season as we press on here. You can have your cord cutting. It doesn't matter doesn't matter. The NBA regional TV ratings the update came out this being the all star break he never in the all star break and the biggest. Increase the biggest ball. In audience for all of the professional basketball teams. The Celtics. They are number one sports business daily had a story that the Celtic games on NBC sports Boston. I've seen the biggest increase. All all of the teams so far this year and how good is it being. The Celtics. Have improved their TV audience. Like 82%. On their local broadcast 2% the audience is going up now the reason this is even more impressive. Is because this is not a dumpster situation. I did asthma episodes in the Eastern Conference finals last year there was excitement about the Celtics and they've gone up 82%. This year. And it it's kind of clear why that is and you've got the the opening act. Which can't get much better he does not the Golden State Warriors when they won all their games the beginning of the year couple years ago and set the the record for the greatest started beginning of an NBA season as at the record for wins. A during the regular season but this exhibit sixteen game winning streak. Back in November. And eat talk about saving all the excitement. And in winning the hearts and the minds in the soles of the casual observer ring in people locked in as clearly that enthusiasm. Has spilled old war over and you also have to give. Credit to Kyra your army and affected in this legitimized. The fact that the Celtics they were good last year was like now now they've got carrier recent announcement it's more real. It's a it's more legitimate that they can actually. Go further in the playoffs and actually get to the NBA finals. That's addressing in the gonna be like vehicles towards XX. That's highly unlikely to happen by. Biggest increase. In the NBA in local TV ratings of the Celtics that is a high where he. Endorsement situation. I says he Tyree endorsement situation not just him though you've also got. The younger players the Jason Tatum playing well. And new youth being served in Tatum who hadn't particularly with the world on fire the last couple weeks. Boy he played wonderful for the first part of the season. And at the first thirty so games. Tatum was as good as anybody. If you look at his percentage is the way he was shoot the basketball. It was all. Eyes cooled off the end it is good. The last 25 games or so is numbers have nose dive but that's one of the guys who gets credit also for the increase. Ian in viewership now. One other thing about. It I'm just giving you my experience. I'm only here a couple days a week I mean I'm coming here in on the the last guy is in nice sneak in when they ruins gone and I believe before everyone goes back. But my experience. Moonlighting. On WEEI here's the way it goes. If I bring up anything related to the patriots get a tremendous react. Red Sox. Get a little bit better. Get a little bit better but in. But not where I thought it would be now where I thought Obie and the Celtics. I've attempted. To talk about the cells that bundle bought the the belly whopper in the deepened with the Celtics from time to time your. Different issues that popped up that's been hit and miss been sporadic with the Celtics. So I'm hoping as we get further into the calendar in the playoffs are going to be here a couple months and the Celtics figure to go pretty far that that that will become better for water. More meat dog being bad at selling the conversation. The way it pours their mind if I were to put a pie chart together. Most of the pies patriots. Couple pieces for the Red Sox is a little bit for the Celtics now and again and that's kind of way it's gone here. Well thanks to my executive producer be fine talented and noble man it has been Charleston for keeping us. Locked in finding all these wonderful. Sound the awesome I love the Dexter me and I can't hear that enough is great. And thank you for being part of it radicals actually in here late night tomorrow night. I'll be back as usual next Tuesday. And Wednesday have a great night keep a lot. Right here on WEEI.