Lisa Scherber Director of Patient and Family Programs, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana- Farber 08-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Thursday, August 17th
Lisa Scherber joins Joe and Mut to talk about all the work the Jimmy Fund does through out the year. Lisa also talks about the day to day activities in the Jimmy Fund Clinich and the events they have such as Teen Spring Training Trip and Girls Weekend to name a few. 

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Here Fenway Park the final half hour of the sixteenth annual W we guide message Jimmy Fund radio telephone alongside Joseph mystic Leona. We just saw the first time that George Leon break first pitch I want to graduate why sought when I. You know we don't seat back screen reach it oh it landed in a sensitive area for one for talking mostly eagle Tribune who's getting a lot of a crowd here tonight and I Jordan has gone viral before Fenway Park when he work we whipped around the bases as a young kid it. He keeps coming back here he's gonna pitch in speed but these old time baseball game. I tomorrow night and Cambridge where Pedro be. He will not do anything more memorable than what he did tonight with his efforts picture you've not seen any yet. I go on line NC you've seen at least assure bird eats. The plate lady these superstar of all superstars over the Jimmy Fund what did you think of what Jordan's first action. I think to a lot of air on that a lot of speed and it says it hit that target. And acts of time and act I Wii Fit accidental we will target we'll certainly find out. We do this for a couple days. A year. You do this 360. How are you able to keep the two together at least for the way the you do because you. Are constantly dealing with the emotions of very high. And very low and yet I see you would except for yesterday morning. You are able to keep it together and at a level that I'm not sure I could dues so I guess for a lot of us the last. How are you able to. And I think I'm able to do it because the kids that we work are are able to do it and if they can do it they can sort of TV's amazing courageous kid to weaken sort of just do our job and and just support them and I think that's what we do when they think yesterday morning you know where you and Kirk king. And Jerry was them was definitely very tough for me because I think in sixteen years with all the stories I've told them and all the emotions I had to. I've always been out to sort of keep that intact. So I think yesterday morning it just was sort of it was a very long summer and I think it was one of those things where I'm human. And as much as I tried to sort of keep an end. It just it was something that it was at a point where it it just wasn't it wasn't the right thing to do that I just couldn't keep it and then it. Because we just we care and and my heart was breaking and I felt really comfortable and safe with you guys the three of you and I think. You know we feel so much support and and hope. From the listeners every year and obviously I think I felt comfortable and making myself honorable. Which is not hot something I like to do a lot but. You know it is what it is so I mean I don't know how we don't do it every single day that I know we all love it every single day and we can't imagine doing anything now. It Q we've ever talked to releases. Mentions how comfortable leafy you know and even have fun and my mom obviously gaining treatment but they have finally going to the clinic. Because you make it so pleasant for them and I know you have so much to do with that. Just creating an atmosphere of hope and even of joy even going right through such a horrible treatments any definite think when you walk in the Jimmy Fund clinic the things that are happening there are so scary and there they so shouldn't be happening to children. But what I'm able to do with my team with the nurses with the doctors with every one who who works at the Dana Farber. We're able to sort of look at these kids and and just provide what ever weekend in every child needs something different. So whether it's as simple as painting her play you know we can do that. Or if it's music or whatever they need her one of the nurses singing to them or. Just aiming to make them smile and make the parents feel that you know we're caring for their child is important that you take to 35 to fifty teenagers to order a half years spring training in Iraq. He had his her badge of honor that I you know I I got I get so much more of that this spring training trips that were able to do. Is CEO and I've talked about this so much with Todd sports I want you mention him tonight. Yeah I mean Todd I I can't mention these team events without mentioning his name which are without feeling you know how much he meant to me. And and how much he's impacted. You know fifteen years' worth of of teenagers so we're talking hundreds and hundreds of teenagers that have benefited from his. His I guess command to me is that directive to sort of say he can do something more for us. And and that's something I've always been able to do is listen to the patients and listen to parents and what their needs are because how do we now. With they need you know we don't understand what they're going through so. For Todd when he told me that it taught me to lessons it taught me yes we can do this and and also remember to listen always though had been there 26 years and you know I've been listening every every day you know in an able to sort of change at a moment's notice to sort of make someone feel the moment they need to feel. It's funny you bring up the trip because you think about the moments the last couple of days and I think yes speaking with Jim Goldberg miles mom. Was it was very emotional and when she she says something there was really surprised by she talked about the spring training trip. That miles went on this past spring GAAP and the lazy river riding have you we cite your bathing suit picture. Yeah why not abating soon or early may the Mexican regulations for bastion ended in the fix it should have been it was a great picture of you guys but in chi Chi's. I just assume miles as the pied piper he knew everybody even Jen said. That trip was important for miles because he didn't know a lot of those kids need to spend a lot of time directly with them and so. You see in Joseph season when he's there it's spring training. These kits at this experience that you know just because they are planning yet there they may not have a lot of time together but this trip is. Yes there are chaperones but this is cute on Kate I'm talking about their treatment that the different. Experience and anything else they. Definitely and I think you know that apparently happened in front of them is to meet these meetings at the players and just sort of travel on a plane and go to spring training there. I mean that's the carrot and when they get there they realize that you know as amazing as the Red Sox aren't aren't and that's our car so amazing to us. And the players that we sometimes ask is what was your favorite part. It was me my room. Or are meeting whoever it was I sat with at breakfast when it because we have the same cancer and retrieve a different case Ohio and I know him. And so you see these kids years later still connecting an and being. Together to salute support each other and sometimes one of them might relapse and the other ones don't let their own their support. And these trips are able to sort of be the support that they need to know about the tournament we have to that is corporate. I'm yes there are definitely yeah. There is definitely that that happens and I think it's one of those things where I think during these trips are able to really when he's meeting French net. And then when they leave the trip they've realized that it wasn't just something. In this friendship that we formed on the trip we. We really have a connection here that it needs to say and I think. Kind kind of a cool thing you know at that state. What stands out to these last few days there is there a memory or Q you think that you'll you take a lot of memories in these last couple days and any. Stand out in your mind amongst the the kids they use saw in Iraq or what yup or use our. I think you know for me I work in pediatrics I write I talk about the kids obviously you know that the things he tells stories. Are so it's so amazing to to hear those stories as well but he now my heart is is with the kids. They think for me yesterday they they're Red Sox put on this meeting on field presentation where. Each of our kids error on the field Texaco to a different position with the player itself and and they assigned other positions to our kids before they met the kids. And we have 11 amazing older teenagers Leon who has been through. Just a tremendous amounts during his treatment that has nothing has been easy and just horrific for hand and he's just. He says John and and and just has battled through with a positive attitude. In Jackie Bradley Kuhn its position in center field that. And they realize that he is having a hard time locking in neatly when captain said. Like that you first base instead. And he didn't even need to think of funny how we think I am here when I do everything like you. I just knew that was going to be the answer and it was hit it and nothing to do the Jackie Bradley did not not like he didn't wanna. But he had to do with him being on center field and to soaking. Atmosphere and and that's what the Red Sox gift to us in the east who gave it to us they give moments that we could never provide for these kids and and medium locked out there really slowly in labored. And he tipped his cap. To. 30000 something people out there. And I it was again a panel looking captain and looked over at Paris mom and and she was crying tears of joy in. He came back and what that experience that daily active. I minute I was every thing to hand and that meant everything to me. That was huge I think you Hannah singing god bless America. Was I mean she was in isolation from with a year from her and soaked and plant and just hard struggle for her and really she just got out of her isolation. Last month in hears he has it and make our thing. God bless America and she knocked it usually it was great we are accurate options justice that fire agencies in a close eye and she just felt that. Biologists who have dozens of amazing moments the last couple days and another amazing mobile we've now gone over three point eight million dollars. It's on the tote board here tonight you heard at least he heard at least a couple times here. These last couple of days you know the work that she does that does not do that work without you or dollars 877. 7381234. Help police. And the great people the clinic put on their parties and get there. Root beer slosh she's. And get the kids to spring training we need your dollars vote you're not donated yet. Now's the time at 8777381234. Lease your honor pledge three partisan event to talk to you twice in two days it's that's it had joy. I love you guys that can be Ian Aston you and out done with the radio. Down with the raiders know what the rate at Celtic at the press Lisa server license joints here again Lisa thank you thank you that I can always here graduation we'll get to a break 877731234. I got our guy Yuri who you here. On Spanish Red Sox and join its for a couple of minutes as well Todd Mercer Joseph will take his story as well. He's not donated 8777381234. We need your help the sixteenth annual. WEEI NASA and Jimmy Fund radio telephone lie here from Fenway Park. And we'll. That's lost business moves into the. Yeah I can best. Fun radio.