Manager John Farrell joins Dale, Holley, and Keefe live from Tampa

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, August 9th

Dale, Holley, and Keefe are joined by Red Sox manager John Farrell to discuss Sale's performace from Tuesday's win, Jackie Bradley's mental mistake, and the lineup shake ups that are happening with the return of Pedroia and soon, Hanley Ramirez.  Lastly, Rich Keefe finds out if Farrell is going to join in on the fun of having a nickname on the back of his jersey during nickname weekend in a couple weeks.


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We'll talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell in just a moment here several techsters in a couple of my Twitter followers Michael. Taking your comparison point beat up Pedro and Chris Sale on their first years here point out that when Pedro was here it was the heart of the steroid era. So when you look at it in the prism of who he was opposing maybe it's even more impressive. So well. That's a good point that's good point we have to think about revelation. Yeah I didn't think that everything I have of well account of that and and a few minutes okay let's talk to the manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell has brought to you by. Our belly insurance town fair tire and Cumberland farms 99 cent farmhouse blend. Iced coffee John joining us from Tampa where the Red Sox complete their two game series against the rays tonight hello John how aria. Two great thanks seventh straight win for your club last night a little different way this six previous. Wind seemed to ban by way of the of the offense. But when you've got Chris Sale sometimes you don't need a lot of offense. No he was dominant last night that I am probably one of the better sliders he's had. Throughout the course of the season he he kept his power reckon first as the audit rate. Yeah hateful things or work last night but sir you know we have a number of opportunities are urgently. It couldn't come up with a two properties set that you spread and so a little bit clipped given the way we approach or I hope he and Chris. And Craig Campbell that was I'm a strong performance tomorrow. Was there any thought given it all on your part to having him come out for the ninth. No not. You know not a hundred slow pitch or the thrown. You know Craig obviously. The ladies from pitched of late. But no network we're going to be feeling about Chris quite a bit here is coming up stretch or at a couple of extra days' rest. Felt like to in his day it was our. You get to see him up close obviously you knew he was one of the better starters in Major League Baseball for the White Sox but now that he's on your side what are you. See increased sale that maybe you didn't know before. You know just what it when you look at all brawl. Forty restarts knowledge made you know a week ago. You know radio rough outing on his party by his own admission I don't think you ever customs and number bronze allowed to Kristen left arm output. There might have been some added motivation but when you look at start the start. The way he attacks hitters the way he's got so much when you missed capability. I that you could you'd you'd ever want to pick her credibly or watch in this season that is you know not been touched by many drug courts in history. When we spoke a couple of weeks ago he said he hadn't considered moving move keep bets down from the leadoff spot last night. He hits cleanup so what over the last couple weeks went into that decision to ultimately move him down. A bar and unions. His addition haven't been in the top of the order worries them. I that type hitters throughout his career the way he's on the back since coming over here. I p.'s return Salina last night shop like accommodation and the guards available. He's he's being bulky. The one attack the most. Gained a number of a battle for all of that that's where were last night. I hate that playing surface and in Tampa I hapoel stadium for that matter so I thought your decision to PH Pedroia was probably Smart. Did you think about teaching them again tonight as well. Well worse or wait and accept a couple things some treatment early brush guards here or yodel a lineup today but. Possibility that he's at second base today with tomorrow being an off day and then a lot of native Turks and don't get me wrong and we warships. You know our infielders were on Matt Turk so it it feels a little bit different but there is dirt in the infield which Jews kind of the way that her field on both urine -- were you don't morbid. Maybe a traditional locker traditional dirt surface so. Hopefully that has some ability. You know maybe lessen the impact of what turf can be unarmed goat legs low back among other gosh. When you guys talked about acquiring new and Nunez before he got here what. What role did you think he would be playing I can't imagine you thought the guy who come here and and hit over 400. No I mean and then he went about well since our consistent or trigger so in in some ways useless crap on. Even though swiftly after a couple of years it over interpret her or your perhaps there. What we went from defensively as a virtual art that we stole from guards around the atrial. Ask them offensive punch. Which is certainly has done so this was still let picked the vertical approach to player. Add the lineup where we felt like we need to protect it what about the July which toppled. Compared to other months social part of your book. You know the fact that Canadian department the issue the more severe so he's quite more second based. And really every other time in his career and it has an effective approach to the plate so denigrated and you know the Tibet we got traded all inevitably. At the role extremely well make them with. You know from pretty blatant experience for two traps. In the world right. With the addition in the line of Nunez column up devers now the Pedroia is healthy again. A good problem to have but it seems like you might have an extra guy you seems like you have a lot of everyday players now how do you balance up particularly against right ease. Where either Moreland or Ramirez or somebody that you probably normally want in the lineup is gonna have to sit. Well the one thing is that we we've got the ability to keep guys would do little more pressure on boats and people will do so. While beverage is come up here he's still gonna go through his growing pains which were fully expect so. You know we can back him out a data has to keep people on the street and keep people as fresh as possible that'll probably the approach goal for. Jackie Bradley junior I think just lost track of how many outs there were last night winning had doubled up off both off first base. We talked about base running on a number of occasions is something said to JBJ in the dugout by you by coached by somebody in that situation. The other was sort of viewing was over and and obviously his comment afterward some in are. In her and she was embarrassed by artifact that into proper British play continues. That was. Like certain there was no excuse for being he'd lost track of the outs address. I think company it'll take place you know welcome. You talked about the lineup today or when when will you know I know is there's some treatment. Who who was involved with the the decisions and their treatment on on Bogart's for example I was like who who's involved that will allow you to know which are lineup is going to be. Bulk medium and apparently some morale that would those who got in particular because he hopes one BXs are and he's got these you know look like. From a need standpoint he's gonna go at second base that I think are a couple dark auto. Was the latest right now is David Price. Will throw open and if you great I mean that's pretty much database situation in terms of what he's. Feeling ready though to take out with some increased volume or distance. So that's where reverted back. Is that situation where he may need to pitch in the minors before pitching again at the Major League level. You know that. Foreign. You know we've we've got to build them to look for program to the mound first. Before we start look at their you know what the next steps are going to be. John when Addison reed came on board you mentioned at the time that you from the way you envisioned him was being an eighth inning guy. A couple of times here recently you brought him in in the seventh I assume that was lineups specific. Against the Chicago White Sox do you see him being a little personal may be the seventh may be the eighth depending on what the lineup looks like. Yeah I am aware that you know we wouldn't hurt him and you know we would required obviously gotten closer in New York. Let's yes the higher lever spot. Based on the lineup based on the carpet hitters. The one thing both he and Matt Barnes give us. Are right handers that are shown good access to a packed up their hitters. There you go to the next step of who's a little bit more adept at control the running game Eric Burke Addison comes into play a match so what would result loading arms. I don't know out of there might be one attempt all year would just hold it against him so I think he's been a very good weapons and the flexibility. I can use any of those seven great innings I'm Dave and Craig you know Kimmel available stroke on paper Trimble not we would certainly look to build back through reed closing gain data record. I goes slightly far afield on the next question I saw the Joseph west was suspended for comments he made it. A newspaper. Article in USA today and comments he made about Adrian Beltre three game suspension for what he said. Any opinions about umpires. Being suspended for comments that were made on the field. You know. Michael I didn't hear the comments in this the first or purpose spreads and so the I think what it says the Major League Baseball paper cuts everything you know whether it should you know in my own personal character comment about a replay. They have a consequence so. There's obviously someone that is monitoring. Handing out penalties so what makes success. I've never seen that before and it probably happened before I guess I can't remember that Joseph west being. I gotta tell you the comments were so innocent yeah it was it was strange if he was he was joking about Beltre city's biggest complainer is that he was asked to say the biggest complaint her game and he says that Adrian Beltre had a terrible umpire because you know you never think anything as a strike. We got to spend three again. An example of an act that's unbelievable. I and a couple of weeks things of their weekend series were all the players are gonna have nicknames on the back of their jerseys they were announcing all those today did does that apply to the managers is well and and if so what he got on the back your Jersey. Dalai you actually are I saw that it was open to coaches at all what's. I didn't go to out of opt to stay with ordered him not about short. Our question of the week for John Ferrell brought to my Cumberland farms 99 cent farm house blend iced coffee. Today's question comes from Lois woods of mill every mast. Lois asks are you concerned that your players spend too much time paying attention to the media. All. Are being part of you know I don't wanna say it's just that beat. The sports world or begin a baseball. Is it prevalent in every walk of life and the instant messaging social media's. It's part of the fabric of all. This society now also. I think you're more I wouldn't say. They're overly attentive to it. It's part of what we do and it's so I don't have a concern matters. You know. Too much attention diverted toward. John seven straight winds wrap up the series tonight and then head for New York over the weekend we appreciate the time. I that is our Red Sox manager John Ferrell joining us from Tampa it sounds to me like they want and 08 can Hanley play because he's been out a lineup for awhile now. Kenny DH tonight if he can't DH that's a question the DH Nunez and play Pedroia at second. The play Nunez at second am and DH Pedroia. And my guess is that all three of those guys are good to go rob feel devers may get the night off. Why not just do why not just said take your time with handling you won seven straight game and just keep donor dad to spread Nunez at second base Pedroia DHQ devers a third. I don't know I've ended just listening to limit sounds like that's the decision to track him. Any Golan and is he ready. 6177797937. Is telephone number I text line is 37937. It's dale and hundreds of hadron got some Pedro is the furry title now does lose I got some paper and I do I can't just these Dublin doubt is an IRI. Your chances have an answer I just haven't answered as the you know you're you're you're tweeters in your techsters. No mention the steroid era of there's an easy come back and arguably the easy comeback wouldn't we come back out.