Marc James Show - Belichick and Brady appear to still be a bit frosty with one another; "Make Football Violent Again" 8-4-18

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Saturday, August 4th
Final Hour. Marc says that football needs to be made violent again and it appears that Brady and Belichick still have a frosty relationship.

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Excuse. Our number three here. Know most of the Johnson Mark James and today I think that will they be back next week. I've always. They will be back next week that's Robin tell people so don't like okay we're gonna go with that are training so mossy and at noon. Yes our 2032 on and why well it's the solar eclipse is happening they're actually back together. For fold three years showers there that's good spirit that you know I heard Greg Dickerson on this week we deal key. Dickerson made a comment was also due to show with me today from nine news by way. In Dickerson made a comment about wanting to get warships. Here at WEI. Or do. You were asked to do to shift last week for four hours with me eating do wit honesty and yet a valid reason. OK I understand that and you were asked to do it from Chris Curtis this day from nine nude. And you didn't do so mad so if you want more shifts. Show up for a war. Don't wave the rock. Woe is me hard on not listen Joe's. Jobs beyond me. The audience. Doubt she would aid in two of acts up. So yes Dickerson you want ship's shore up to this deal every now and that's how it works okay. I'll work with Dickerson unit or its. By the way Dickerson and James is Kirk millions favorite weekend show shall crook like. Like I'm showing up Kirk. Okay I'm the boss to this list in jewels our bottom as the PD Kurtz the real boss know out works to Kirk I'm showing up to work that's right. At home from work last night at like 1:15 in the morning. Show up I'll be here tomorrow morning rob Bradford from 910 yeah. Yeah that's what I do 6177797937. Get your phone calls thoughts in the Red Sox. Thoughts on nick. The hypocrisy. That is the NFL and Roger Goodell. Are suspending genius Winston for the upper suspending Tom ready for four games for the playing football's. Expect suspending genus Winston for three games for groping a female. That's the NFL like what are you eighteen that's the NFL. Nike dropped them they did the right day. At bay Buccaneers would probably be next big thing Dennis. Howard things on the key Nathan. Hot hot and sticky and don't. Not about that is what it's done away you know what you're talking about about Tom Brady did you miss James what's been. And that let you know on the golf it's bad but I have nothing to get away and I I got. I'm great great quarterback of a lot has served. But I'll I did they wanted to kind of get an address from the sound that made it sound like the lead treating the patriot unfair and it's slated to lose weight have. You guys weigh in on. Maybe the fact that I Julian cattlemen. Was suspended for four games. Prior to us because they are performing enhancing drugs but yet Ricky Williams was suspended for a whole feeder for testing positive for marijuana. Yet it was a different NFL at that time. If I'm not mistake in Paul Tagliabue was so the commissioner. It I just got to I don't know I'd react but it's. About a dolphin fan but I appreciate the patriots are being. What makes you know it was a different league Baghdad and Paul Tagliabue was the commissioner and an at and marijuana and you know I mean listen. Marijuana still banned substance that the NFL and I I bull Dwight believe that players should be able to use marijuana to help out with the injuries absolutely ideal. Because these guys put themselves through three and a half hour car wrecks. Every single week Edgerrin James once said being a running back in the NFL's equivalent of gay if you get thirty soup series NFL game. Is the equivalent of 32 car crashes and a three and a half hour span so I believe that. And I totally agree. I also maybe you wanna get here a Canadian I'm maybe a fact. I was locked in the policy game and I don't know maybe it was an interest in football because of this newcomer relatives. He kind of ridiculous that I'm running back at lower said that last. While I am so glad you brought this up. I was so glad they did great. Running back what to do pop hours late July and he's got to get a flag every time he lowers his head pushed through the out golf at the decentralized. Articulate how. Pat dateline is will just pull flags. Exact that's not saying it's a big pay debit they have for awhile now wouldn't like Sunday here at all by type the either grown adult that's what I think delete going to be at the flag football league. Bull by the way I wanna tell you what a credit ID and face the phone call Andrews and gay hell. Who armed basically. Wore a make football fight again to hack at vikings practice yesterday. Anderson JOI know he's a hard hitter he went to rice university and yeah I mean. You know I mean anytime you see make something great again it it's going to be obviously. Associated with the present United States. So so it all politics aside is on a political. I agree with apprentice. May football. Violently again. The guy that I went to school would it be you. My friend of Sean Taylor Mays soul rest in peace. If you wanna see the late football should be played YouTube Sean Taylor Pro Bowl. And see what he did to Buffalo Bills on her bright and morbid laid them out. That's the way football should be played. I understand about concussions protecting the quarterback I'm just telling you it comes with a cost in the cost to the fact that the product. Is that is basically a watered down since supplied. Product of what it used to be I'd look on Lawrence Taylor and Andre Tippett. Make football widely again thank you Andrew is in Dae ho from the Minnesota Vikings for wearing that hat. I love it I absolutely love it because this is. These game right now did you see the tackle the other night in the bearers ravens game I got flagged sea that. Definition of coal has told a mockery bit rate. When you all heard about it we follow football. League with a helmet that's going to be a penalty and maybe even more caught. Well let this ever up this season the helmet. The thing yard Italy and into the plight firsthand there's going to be civilians to be watched all throughout pre season all throughout the season. So they eat ages this is this is the thing when you talk for about first second. Let's let's table the income talking crap for for second I'm so sick of that stuff it's ridiculous. I do with it it's much I don't agree with the way Jerry Jones went about it at least some older finally stood up and say you know what. An owner. And a I'm one who signed the for the checks right. I'm the boss the ball stop the mean literally nearly OK well every Dallas cowboy is going to stand for the National Anthem or that's what. Dallas Cowboys. And that's the way every owner should go about it. But it can't be that because that it looks like he's trying to open press the players. Each trying to do this and we can't have that pay. I have a problem with any player. On social media in the community going out holding press conferences. Doing actual civic activities to better the community. Or giving their political views on Twitter or FaceBook into reverse I have no problem any player doing that what. If your lawyer is telling you you're not gonna do this because I sign your checks what you better listen your boss. They own the team which basically means at that given time they eat. Only you you worked their property you need to do what they say. That's how it works. And Jerry Jones so I don't wanna get off and it contingent but what I'm saying is this football. It's starting to law like soccer. Idol wanna see that pretty soon are we gonna get. Geist taking. You know injuries. Caprice solids and moral wedges out there with the minivans. That you want lacking right now that's the way to game was looking. If you watched a tape of an NFL game from 2017. And you go back to the patriots season of going eighteen in one. That's easy and you will see the difference in big game in the game is a shell of its former self. 6177797937. Steven a quark. And work one comment before it started a lot of stuff a lot of issues would you let your your belt intensely. Are into what you. You'd think and that's OK okay well act. Outside of it is maybe too much in oh explained that the Red Sox look when you grow up mark brings shields. Repeal national OK so you know some portable. I thought I had my first ever game I would sue was at Fenway Park and like first like for the that the first dud it's tied to. Basically and got fifteen in seventeen years in my life bodily games ever went to was at Fenway. Beautiful okay let's get to a point though you actually cook in the UQ what we -- Chris Ludacris you'll have a great year if he holds up and desirable. Adamant he's gonna win. He's a winner. Which left and wore wore down and that that was the law which family but in the 40720 pitches. But like that on LaSalle Altman really. Steve Steve is OK Steve did you hear what did you hear what I said before and and and I don't know our military to what I just wanna I don't tell you. Prior to Chris Sale like his entire career he's ERA is 378. In the month of a month of September and October. It got a remote at. All. Aren't. So that's why he's comfortable with a slice. Gets re out it ended every year ST well. As maybe we got a market differently this year which makes sense witness. OK if they're not that would do all right. I would do what marker a little bit if it's a little disconcerting would that he's sorry goes into high or wrong in how September October bad. On the flight that on the way out here. From from the from mid all it's from mid adult he's the best pitcher on the team but from mid August last year he was horrible. Yeah well he won't be this year secondly another point I mean you're gonna realize this is unbelievable advocate saint. I guess I would go all the chemistry positive it hit a lot better there's almost an outlet to bottom line is it's not the same old crap. Lose a playoff team but they've been. They're gonna go somewhere this year and I tell you this is beautiful but that. But you're locked in yet you know how to tweak it but the other element is this is my last one on one side to. Okay regarding the patriots and this this I don't wanna get into it with. Okay what would that be what it was all that crap about 00. People like that almighty don't I mean. That that bass player and yet. Right right yeah yeah I. I I did Steve to mean when you stable money Jones might mice mice that I start to break out and an egg in a rash seriously our idol IC will agree or disagree I. Yeah listen I hope for sale is lights out the rest of the year but. DC's his career again. March and April to late two ERA may 26 said in June 25 for July to four all August 322. And September October 378. Sold from July to September October he goes from a 2402378. It's a little disconcerting. Dole both the facts of his entire career I'm just giving you the facts. So if you're not concerning you think giving me great great I know Chris still wins his first Cy Young. This year. But last year from mid August on he weighed down the quarry Cooper went up and that's like liberal on the Cy Young. Tyler in need your index was up Tyler. Open their. It won't. Or that was really quickly is something that they are there carry the ball where earned a third aren't there is in. Is it is related to eating if there Carter that November I think looked completely aware. No longer on old mill site I am a big mark guide dog I don't you come back. It is not it is. You know. Even if they were deflated. Could throw all all manner than Brady still a thriller the receiver or that it's in their defense suspects who edits if they're so certain they'll let. Oh I know and here's the thing that coats looks at her and also make it you know it's it's like. Eat it's such an excuse that like it's it's just totally agree it's totally ridiculous totally ridiculous. Yet and there're also in the newcomer. The only absolute. Expert or ability to monitor their unify all I think they're cute they're the ball before the quarterback that program. That's what Saturday Tyler exactly what I said now. Question do you think Tom Brady. Like he looked he told the four game suspension because he felt so guilty about it that he didn't. Or he just didn't want to like he didn't want those two guys because it was like sort of eight admission of guilt. I don't. I don't I think I think they're they're. And I I think pretty sexist or they wouldn't work. As he is or Britain is that fair. So you wouldn't alerts. Weren't certain that artists. Are now it's courses not only were big yeah yeah. Yeah by the way here's here's the here's a guy who look at things on the phone call Tyler here's a guy who won. Re began the piece forcible in the p.s in five Super Bowl rings does he need to cheat. It's it's it's like Italy to this morning's keyed in class the valedictorian. Need to cheat now. They don't. You know who cheated Barry Bonds A-Rod and Roger Clemens when they thought that. That they didn't have anymore they want to get an edge Tom Brees need to cheat the guy the guy freaking eats like. Rice cakes and avocado ice cream for crying out. Jurors in a New Bedford hello jurors sent. Larry I you have drawn how are you. Great show on doing well that you. Noted well I want to additional role of damage and a college. Almost like. I mean I don't deserve this year than years ago by. There he already have to reboot the basic training program because this flood related who saw. Placate everybody. And the palm as you know well just like the army is a 1% week. And there's no reason they joined the bereavement pay that money because there aren't that many people like you could that punishment. There aren't that many people that can deliver up obviously. Slow. And I want to know this make me pick me pick me just what you side in order to car crashes Byrd who could carries. And die the way that was it that was the great and should be won the hall of Famer Edgerrin James said that I. I disagree. About our archives Saturday but by the way I'm not relayed to him although we did both go to the universe in my yeah. Yeah. I'm not about my big major blue pin and ball all right I'm window without too much of a rivalry Leno is just everybody everything now. It's to make things simpler and easier for everybody in certain jobs this certain. We have got out there are not easy you know about this one of them the August 1 upon that as many as Matty and this should be no forgiveness and did this this new role as an actual show because all the sudden. A 240 pound run back it's not worth 204 accounts. Now you need to sit you on the bag that might not get you may not bounce back now you have no part comebacks because how they get that. That was down by what they head out again under these. Yeah eight EC he's its New Jersey and I don't even know it tackles anymore it changes every mark what are its sudden. So soldier Jurcina do you agree with Anderson Dana noted make of all violent again. Well Michael I want to hold certain that I want us. I actually steal you know what I. I actually do I Amy and find out if there's a T shirts site summoned by one by one before noon. Al Al David I don't incurable decide is I'm not you know it's not feel like I I just what I what went from my own personal web by one makes football violent again. Yeah we have to this is ridiculous it's it's it's up Yunel maybe the late great Sean Taylor Reggie White rest in peace. Exert a site that's available on ante to 44 many now. Is it black T shirt it's a black into black and does make them not what I want to T shirt loyalist but but the hat the hats is an okay look at that on Etsy. I get yet CI a definitely getting it you gotta make football violent again and rich in stone employed rich. If so when you say the value. So very well just to the comment that you you compliments on the equip you talk of Oregon yet of Zoellick the old days I using your welcome around radio accord by these are stationed its enforcement. So of course I'm monologue that I was engaged. In and that. That five minute rant that you just a lot of thought that was great. Thank you wrecked by the way that means a lot that means lots because you're one of those channel changer and for me to get it is sticky net to listen and not only listen to call it I must be doing something right so that I appreciate. The of these assault while we're. That receive with a pathological liaison what does it it was a Russell for a while legislation. But why get so what was thought about it a patriot so what was. If you're middle school are still. Well he can jot down. The gym everyday now was up by buck Ali Ali law. Oh how we want yeah it was a rate was at LA ray yeah. That's right from Charleston. Absolutely. Nice so so like like LT Lawrence Taylor those guys would you know and enlisted not condone and they hit. By Jack Tatum the the assassin on general Stanley who paralyzed him for the rest is like I'm luckier to unlucky I don't wanna see I don't wanna see that happen. But I also don't want to see these quarterbacks we've got to put effort into two around their waist because that's what it's come down to now. They not only the quarterbacks receiver or running tackle pull it tight end. You can't tackle anybody anymore. Oh that's. It's gonna it's it's football American football is turning into soccer before our very eyes. I'd rates appreciate it stuck by the way rich you are with the make football violent again and right. All right and it might yacht. At C aim instead go to Etsy. Right they have they have the T shirt and that they do what you are both black and white hamas' teacher. The teacher has 2199 out of 24 all and I'm getting it right now. I'm getting it right now I firmly believe in this and we have to make football. You violent again that's the way it needs to be that's what I grew up watching that the isn't that long ago prior to leak of denial documentary. The FL was. This is what was in all of a sudden now. We specify. This is the generation this is like the new everything's been since supplies everything. UK you know could Eddie Murphy could could Richard Pryor. Exist in today's climate I don't think he could. I don't think Richard Pryor could do what he did back in the day in today's climate. You think about it. I mean it's it's like everything everything's been just been watered down insists a fight and I will be. All I'll be. NFL on Sundays. And see this turn into soccer. It's like I mean really. We get out next guys faking injuries. Guys flocking. In oh caprice solids in Orange wedges is that the next. You know I mean that's what it's turned into I don't recognize this is game of football and more adult. Are your thoughts on that 6177797. I Teresa you're talk about the Red Sox are the peaking too early. I know some people think that I'm heating on for sale and not I'll get your phone calls on that. And should else Cora. Send the aid of all these two beamed. Brett Gardner to answer for more key last night we'll get to that as well IC should what you say 61777. On seven I tourism. Are there Kerry in the all our current third aren't there it in it is related eating at Carter. Certain template and looked completely. No hunger no oh I don't know. This is what mark shapes on W. Turning to possibly a bit soft. Of the hour they'll be live from the Old Dominion freight line studios. At Fenway Park you got. Our rights. Back to the phones William McCorkle and William. Hey how you don't you know you. Good thanks so I've been thinking about it that's you know lately and I've got to commit the realization that the Red Sox are willing to pay. David Price. Who's been a total bomb 31 million dollars in the nation be willing to pay McKee that's like you know. All 45 to fifty. Or for this team yeah and David Price has come. Even close to do it. And by the way here's one thing to. That we're and William were never unfortunately we all saw that David Price were all hoping a lot of us that David Price would opt out at the end of the season I don't think he's going to. No would you. No no I wouldn't I wouldn't know by doctor thirty million dollars a year in league right thirty yes 31 of the exact sure what not yeah absolutely. All pro all want every guy that I great I'm Democrat. That are important note everybody who said anything about men welcome to the patriot out of their god damn mine. They'll. There. But I not got I'd know I know leak. I'm losing the public what is anybody can say has no talent that comes out about. Thank god somebody finally on. His. It William his own father called him a drug he. Well that's what kind of a red flag if you ask me any photo again what a lineup why I'm an average show you know right. I mean what's the outlook all of this that the defendants that come out like only one DP world pick up our half. Let's get LT. Apparel. Apparel and while we're monkey double. And what you said you only to the ball to whoever that you know I don't receiver was the only reason he won I. I mean. Come on the fact that. I'm preacher and look at beat Cleveland any big week. Nor right exactly I mean it's it's how it's just. And I know it now idiot he'll be working for parcel or SEC network in six months. Our I get a great about you know now that's that's very yet that's where a guy he's easy is edit his professional football career is over it's over. And then and then lastly I didn't hear what Omani Jones sat. You settled bottom line jumpers girls wrote something about. All cable or not yup you are at William. One issue on the alleged goal. But Amy and I know it means is he's one man getting it right now. Aim into we've got to get the ball Mani Jones sound of him. Talking about why Decker was arm wise interstate in air would Belgian was interest in Eric Decker. We didn't he made the correlation. And he used other previous wide receivers. Who are all whites. In maybe that's the reason that telecheck. Is interstate and Eric Decker so it's it's affected Belichick thinks that Eric Decker can help them out this system he's good fit he could win. No it's it's it's of course the race card which is what Omani Jones does this is what he does. We got. Kobe no don't look at those are I guess that was pivotal believe it because he's white. So you can go win here and you didn't why do is put to cheat the people I feel like now matter how one metadata like comment is this is the heat I'm telling you. Eric Decker is kind of that he ended his role. What about the Steve large and clipped. Where. Pablo Torre is like trying to play his height me and egging him all right about now one. Which is these stereotypes that people have about white wide receivers and therefore you get a little cheaper like Chris all the for example. We'll try to explain tonight how that lady Chris Hope people don't look at the darkness of people don't believe it because he's white so you can go windier that you didn't wipe deals wouldn't cheat with. The bodies it received this is bad. Eric Decker fitting in with the pat let me get us it is may have been near with the pets right they had my question god has been built ballots checked apple Google alerts that Decker. Or quit this sort of thing happens do they call went to call the lay it all worth ally since I was. Okay they have all of the good guy that perhaps they could read about it this evil largely foundation but it's fair to let them know that there's somebody else. Or perhaps the public to call bullets did you find out who they know there might be good for the job. What else is here to say when someone the only like if ESPN wits about money Jones said. No more race car dropping. You. Think the ball is struck the race card. He's he's a rape speeding. Fight your starting wanna be Stephen A Smith this is what he does you're inferring. That Bill Belichick is only interested in air ticker because he's white. So let me ask you this. Memory jogged and cracked like I I just just 2007. Amen before it sees in the brandy moss. What is it lost white. I know he's he's Chad Johnson why. I know. Okay no further questions your honor and just with commuted just started with Welker people forget the first like right harbor many years of Belichick coaching where they've really didn't. And eat it or not is all right none. It would Welker and it went with Julian Edelman in until. Just always bringing up the race card each is on the we global I think the market inefficiency thing is the smartest point oh well it out and I but even that car would you'd tree sit with all sorts of stories it's everything races with him. Bomb Donnie Quincy hello Don. Hi mark I you don't. Mock I have a couple quick digression number one speaking of Omani police say peaceful Florida. I. It he has please bring up rosewood front of them please. Thank 'cause I'm tired of the African. Bringing up the old stop okay. The last time we had a real racial problem here was when. He brown got arrested by the world we police I believe the it's not the last one you not pick out different front. Got and here's his thing this is what he does he's made a career out. All I understand I understand it's picking up the violence. Brings violence back football I believe that's why against. Spending all of this money on. Bringing all this back I'm so I believe he's bringing back except felt too. Bring back old football including the we good cornerback. In all. I believe that's why he spent all this money and it's taken so long. Get it back out there. Well we need a then I'll watch wonder what you think about that one yeah yeah well then I'm all watch it I will all watch and definitely not. I I but everybody's saying that it's not gonna last I don't know if they didn't put a piece of bringing back the old will fall like leaves. It well yeah I was little draw out of the end. Exactly because it now granted there but yeah that the only thing is that the quality at talent might deal you know not so great but. You know what looked like it this thing is that will will get to see at least I wanna see real full. As it progresses mark don't you think a more and more. I NFL guys will go to the upset about it progresses and now. I know is I don't think it's a man and visit me can afford these guys these teams can't afford to pay that kind of money that's the thing about it they they can't afford. The NF the NFL to football is what the WW used to wrestling I mean it's it's it's the top. Bottom line just in Roxbury thanks for holding in their Justin. Just stayed. If you don't. Would let mark wouldn't you know I need to adjust and go ahead I am the one about keeping yeah. Okay are you could take a quick yeah I think it's a bit off I think with the White Sox about the amount that you. I think that while Latvia right now it's not really doing. They're giving them some I'm all. First route we are you excited to be done. And that it you can have debate brought in the second half we see. Well I hope so I don't wanna see. I don't wanna see him break down and that's the thing I don't wanna see him break down. That's what I think I'd lead back right of the good here on the bill and our overall aren't well. I mean need to repeat I bought over a hundred that is. Yeah and here's the thing too is that you know. I don't like Al score as suing him for this series though. I didn't you know I don't know. I don't know that it was ignorant wrote. That probably already in and it would dump workers I think gate late in decided also outbreak that one let him down. But I'd ever grown a little. Well it to Rodney all star game. Sort of another shot him down. Given the sidewalk and you don't you've got to come back strong. It can go blue beat them are up until September you know. Yeah yeah I just dandy now know it's fine but. Yeah I don't want in the Stephen Strasburg came in not pitched in the post season obviously and allows corps won't do that. I. And are not asked a lot of neat yeah. Corporate yeah mid engine you know as we brought out loud yeah the next player he'd get licked. No outs or everything else chords on the this year I it except from the beginning of the season when he admitted he. He he that mistake on you know he didn't you know like he admitted that the beginning of the year against the Tampa Bay Rays everything he's done it's been pretty good for the most. The brought the original. You know I needed a income sort yeah at a new job everyone you know. You know the good thing the good thing about it Justin is that at least he's transparently unlike John Ferrell. My app that. That's actually end roster. And exactly hi Justin thanks for the things that phone call. Robs limit drug nexus abroad. I aren't good how are you hi I am so I thought all of my com. I or how old how old you rob. You're sixteen okay. I. I went well I'm glad I cooked all vote let. Go ahead and didn't hit it otherwise it'd hurt. Now I mean I don't look at how does not look so I want to know what life. And I agree with your coach. I grew of them yeah that's that that's the way you gotta play you that you do if you don't pull your head you're gonna get hurt. Heidi I've looked at what age I. Although late October or lower ahead in the car. That's right rob I agree what these what position you play linebacker I live right side. Okay good for you could for you are are you gonna go on play college ball are. All right all right are the schools sitting U letters. Yeah the yet is the operative term so get on that it did get in touch and exceed that in dabble Sweeney okay. I thank you are rob thanks for the phone call all Paula Milford Europe next. All my carried on and you on all political while violent again it you know hatred dynamite click are you doing trigger an attorney commodity outlook outlook and it. Well they're going to be coming up noon to three to getting back together. So law you know that's a good like if that that's it I mean. You know we can see here and make the argument that this product that they're calling football that we seen over the course of the last. Four to five years is good because it's not. And I agree on relatively young I'm thirty years old might either direction and I don't like and extravagant and you know you know it is all week we Watson's full. Our blog I remembered eat like a lesson and it'll. OK great so your your perfect guy that you your millennial but Europe millennial. Within old school mentality that you're someone who grew up watching. You know when football was football you know getting to see guys in I I keep mentioning Sean Taylor because. He hit like a truck in. These guys that they would put you in the ground you know John Randall like you watch Warren Sapp Ray Lewis who will be inducted. And to the Pro Football Hall of Fame tonight you know these guys couldn't play the way. That they played in and in these current conditions. Exactly and that's how they they've been millions by being talked strong athletic freak. And now they don't completely that went and got their bodies look like we'll all. Exactly. I now and pretty soon they're going to be getting finding suspended every week. I don't want no I don't either so do you agree makes football violent again. Under all right and by the way just so you know Paul a relates you know and things to amen I ordered the shirt. Comment it's and beat it should be at my door by Wednesday Damon's right goal exceed. Just just type in makes football violent again you can wore the shirt in the T shirt I just ordered. A lot of our. I guess a well they make enough money. Believe it yet yet they they take it up mud but yes they can get on that that's true I'd probably buy their stuff to. So are our hard ball. Pay. It is what it is man. But you cannot tell me I mean that's flagged eight through the other night. Is was just an absolute joke in the bears ravens pre season game. Like Al Michaels Chris Collins worth was speechless. Absolutely speechless. Robin Charlestown it's a problem. Don't lie I. Well. I yeah I. A little quote all I. Ask. I just meeting NFL product goes on our. Okay in a long time no order are brought to go all out there. I know I I doubt it 00000. I. The result on a dark and I doubt they all thought. I. Yet al-Qaeda. Ought to not what I heard it. All. I thought it. Only our oil trust I almost. Out credit like I all I want. But rob don't she feels so big game how old do you. It OK so you see. The Jenna grace and all of the thing that we call the NFL now. Without a doubt but. I orders and all. I bought I ordered. A ball. Our side. All but when robbed you and rob listen relative to keep you on your come up against it but we all week deftly turning to assist the fight society. And you can see at the NFL economy. Move everything everything is is completely watered down from the weight used to be plain and simple. Art come back one more segment and then. It off to a lot trainee in some mossy. Who will be at Fenway getting you ready for the Red Sox yankees pregame which will start about 320 inch. Right here on WX. Is. X odd week EI. Final segment. Mark James job. What apple bought her minions favorite we can show the other half Greg Dickerson needing. He he's one of those guys he complains about having a lack of ships and he gets offered to do shows two weeks in a row. And he is like I can't do it. And Eddie Eddie makes fun of himself for being. Under gainfully employed. At that you're all you're you're being offered shifts in you don't come in Dewey he got to show. Amen. Half of life is showing up you show up you BI service you know punctuality. There's also premium that's that's pretty good as well confidence is is it is a real premium six months 777 I seven I 37 let's. Close strong I did I literally ordered to. The on the T shirt make football violent again you can you can order written whatever call you want my fear callers blacks like global black. So locked it's on its way I cannot wait for it to arrive to Watertown. Hopefully by Tuesday may but probably be Wednesday so I'm looking forward to getting that T shirt. In the mail. Because I don't recognize this game anymore I in an unlike a lot of people here. I watched not only the NFL on Sundays I grew up on my father got me into a huge college football fans Saturdays and a diehard Miami hurricane fans. As I say kudos. We just say this might owed it to 52. You call whatever you want. And people dare I heard it I still hear the state people call a murderer. A criminal. And they use you know just absolutely. Horrible. Offensive terms like thug. Which you call them the greatest middle linebacker and NFL history. A two time Super Bowl champion. And now a hall of Famer his name is way. Freaking Lewis and he will be inducted in a moral lies into Cantu in and night. Rightfully and he represented to meet. And he represented the University of Miami and very proud I think he's the most successful all due respect to Michael Irvin. I think Ray Lewis is the most successful. Miami hurricane player. In NFL history and Michael Irvin got three Super Bowl titles one more than Ray Lewis. But I don't think that Michael. Would well it's a toss they are both you know two of the greatest at their position I think great you know. Obviously degrees wide receivers Jerry Rice in rainy Mossad Michael Irvin third Ray Lewis degrees middle linebacker of all time bought Tom. And then you know. One of the greatest linebackers. And you can say what you want about it I love them and I'm glad he's getting inducted into the whole thing tonight so he's one of the greatest leaders in sports history to. So you don't have to like it you can see whatever you want about him he never gonna change my and for people to still called a murder and criminal. It's it's absolutely joke three hear from him what sell Al talking about just. Pure nonsense yesterday two days ago whatever what is sure while. To see my kids skew things that I told them. To see my high school coaches and some know. With that one cupid didn't have as positive. Out of that one Q that's I was too small. I couldn't do it and that's what a kick it. Around me in my life when you who don't opening. Mil and then Hampton and that's probably the belief is right thing is really what nobody else's opinion is about to us about what you really do. And this group people who pay attention has seldom take them. I just haven't goes excellence and that for ever changed my perspective. Well actually they can sincerity here to shock he did age it there's an easier there's a two and a half second or two and a half a minute out of a game and if Lou Holtz. Read the world's worst list. Makes 50000 dollars per motivational speech Ray Lewis should be making 200000. Dollars per motivational speech. Seriously. Bought some love Ray Lewis. And in all I know he's not exactly revered here in New England but I don't care I love many will always be hurricane. Our job is up next aiming you might have the pull this one out my the good thing here though like a John. Why you don't it's two words. It we'll explain why they don't what they're doing now was there stately. Marble room nobody but no but this is Greg then that the noblest and not all animal. I know John I know John but but listen. And I and I don't condone that either those is like those are just part of the you know unfortunately. Rest you're one shot I mean what about nick what do Connie so. He opened a wheelchair the rest his wife Ann and I don't like to see his game that I grew up loving. He's a show of its former self. It means being the so called game show and still being bought out. And so actually. Lodged but there's just changed people are all out. Greatest greatest middle linebacker Robert not but I do you got all in the all murdered. And I knew that was common I knew that was common I get I I yelled. Reacts you know listen baucus is yeah I mean I've what they say there's an award named after the guy guys phenomenal he's. You know but. I I knew people we're gonna go there it's like once I bring a ray lewis' name murder wears the white suit here we go we were yup first of all. If you check the facts Ray Lewis didn't murder anybody. He was weak people who murdered someone in heat. Got blamed for. Okay he's with the wrong people in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I'm not absolving him exonerating him but she did not murder anyone. OK Andy you had these very. Ambitious may error. At the time a Billy Campbell it has laid out who's trying to run for governor Georgia was commuted to everything he could to prosecute and make this. You know he's grandstand and Billy Campbell just went away after that would Ray Lewis do you win on the to become a the Super Bowl MVP the following year NFL defensive player of the year two times. Two times. That's it. We squeeze Bob and win here. I'd bother Lynn go ahead Bob. Are you don't you. Unproven do you wish your option open it. I love it and at what the topic of great so you agree makes football violent again I wanna become a mix football I would again member. Oh cable go antsy I don't have a god I wish I'd thought these T shirts man. Gold at C. It's sick it's like it sort of just like eBay. ET SY and type it makes football violent again you'll get T shirts and hats are are just bought one shipping and handling included 21 dollars and thirty cents so it's becoming less yeah. Opponent and it achieved not to call on quarterback Tony should put a skirt on. You know because it's he would. I didn't wanna you know I can't say that you weren't such a girl got rid of all that you can't. Egypt's that address our united flight at all amounts or 88 by violent people. He needs and its people. It is there's no doubt about it it is Bob Bob Black. Show it thank you Bob I appreciate and I appreciate you listening don't forget make football violent against seizure go get it. There you can the whole. Well I. It is is that the wraps are now in our aim and convoy. Alt you don't. I'll keep going good all right so so for for those you that are waiting for trains a mossy bad news for those you don't want your trains a Mossad is. They're not quite hooked up yet at Fenway Park so I will continue to take your calls 617. 7797937. Blob in Newton is up next who saw Bob. I yes this is not brown knows Bob you're just decided it killer sound like it actually be Ray Lewis is leading lawyer and attic court. And immoral. Or crap like you. Now. Don't people much of what he was not try. It was found dead after he got beaten with a baseball that you know that's. Okay. And hanging. What will hold hold on Martin's first are you question me about things that happened the university might be marlin Barnes he got killed by some guy 80. We talk about the Citigroup. About the guy Ray Lewis children to baseball bat. OK I know why you were. Roommate. That was killed when you were in college. And instant updates as they didn't do it. You joy and I was convicted for there was a guy at the moment. It. Early. I I literally can't do this right now I just can't I knew once I brought up Ray Lewis it was like here they come here and it's like here we go. On. You know I had one little self serving moment I wanted for myself to just one thing. One thing and lick each can't even do that. Always say you know his thing. You can say what you want about Ray Lewis. But he did not he is not a murderer acuity when says about Aaron Hernandez was OK unfortunately is much kills. Get people to hear public that was not the Greek word to use there Aaron Hernandez was a convicted. Murder. And then of course we all know what happened there aim in great job buddy you I appreciate it trains a mossy coming up next live from Fenway Park all right. Trades a mosque coming up next security until three Tony right here on WBI. It's.