Mark and Kichen - HR 1 - 8-1-20

WEEI Providence
Saturday, August 1st
Jayson Tatum terrible job yesterday

Giannas should have fouled out

If tacko fall was in it wouldn’t have been easy

Why isn’t tacko in the game

The Celtics played better when they were small

Eric Bledsoe is a really good player

If you’re your jayson tatum that’s unacceptable to play that poorly

Jayson Tatum will be better on Sunday

Red Sox are a disappointment

Will the season be shutdown

It will be frustrating for the season to be over

The mlb should be concerned about this coronavirus

Whats going on with Andrew Bentitendi aand Devers

Bennitewndi isn’t a leadoff hitter

Benny is sucking at hitting

Have pillar be our leadoff guy

Mookie wouldn’t be rescuing the sox this year

The pitching is the problem for the sox right now

Nathan evoldi is the only pitcher we could rely on

Workman is a very stressful pitcher

The offense has been bad for the sox

Devers need to improve a lot

Devers performance that is unacceptable

Have to find a way to improve devers

Devers is very uncomfortable at the plate