The Mark and Kichen Show - Amendola opens up about the Patriots; Andre the Giant documentary 4-15-2018

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Sunday, April 15th

Hour 2. Mark and Ben talk about Danny Amendola's comments to Mike Riess, wher he opens up about contracts and what it is liek to play for Belichick. They finish the hour talking Andre the Giant.


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It's Martin. What has happened down the stretch your you'd be slightly concerned facing them at least person. The Maple Leafs. 'cause of the way they play does that present some problems. If you wanna see them win the title you know sometimes you wanna see those couple of cupcake grounds. I'm deadly dollar. Thought there were David Foster and I think that Greg on sports Radio One 03 point seven. WEEI. How come nobody ever thinks that. He had could got a bit about Danny Amendola being single after the break up with. Olivia Cole well I am fine without him and not about leaving the patriots talked sickened by it. A lot of things I didn't like about playing for a Dini doesn't need anyone else's line and no jury does. As one pretty eclectic combination of Fergie and he's now it's time for Martin KG. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. We're Smart kids show one of their voice. Seven WE I still can't get over what we're talking about before the break David Price basically. Already lining up an excuse for why he won't pitch well in the post season. I didn't put it together before then but I mean what are not creating experience that was listening to the David Price is already. Coaching his post season performance before he does that's on the mound. They paid him to be the guy V got. Not a guy one of the guys these guys and he's talking about. Well you out for my whole life when it's been cold my fingers. I can't feel them. Are you doing are always able. Whenever it's cold outside the kind of intensifies that. You know he needs remember when the the the two dozen port eighty it would take a shot before the game yes he needs is it a shot he needs a little bit alcohol loosens up blood get blood flowing a little bit and global warmer. Sticker shock just one shot before it got pitch maybe one every inning. Stay. The Boston Bruins are rolling we both think that series is over. Tom brewers up 20 on the Maple Leafs and David Pasternak actually dominating the series. So we both think that series is over arm we talked about the Celtics parade I wanna get into the patriots. Com. We're getting all kinds of answers in my mind about the patriots in the offseason. We're getting answers to what happened in the Super Bowl were getting answers most importantly. About why the patriots lost the super. And I think the reason they lost the Super Bowl. Is because there issue is if it wasn't already confirmed that I think was confirmed when Davenport he opened his mouth three weeks ago or we do whatever was. But if it was an already concerned I mean confirmed. And it was confirmed when Danny Amendola. Spoke to my Greece in what the back of Clark. It's okay. I am in dole who is now the Miami Dolphins backup you're doing a relief for life event a believer supporting relay for life. And spoke with my Greece on and he said a lot of different things and I believe we have some of that sound diamond that's. And with open. And I understand tolerance tight ship. You know he he hasn't been known to pay its players really. You know I I understood that I gave money back to him so like and so I can play for him in place for my teammates and for film side of the contract. And you know at the end of the day I I have had faith that he was get a he was get you know give me an opportunity to stay. You know odds and a free agency or current you know this case it was the beginning in. Lynn wood free agency broke you know it did it came to. You know realization that it. You know he he wasn't in it really come close to them any of the other offers that I had it and I had to make a decision from him in. And you know go get them in the. Continue my yeah. Com. Lot of stuff there interest seem to actually hear a player opened up about the patriots. What the unwillingness to really dive deep into the into their pockets impaired guy like Danny Amendola who is. I don't call my role player because he was so much more than that during the playoff run. And multiple playoff runs but essentially he's a piece. Is there more sound on bill as the coaching playing for bill. With open. And I understand Biller on a tight ship. He's just as it pays players sound. You know I I Anderson. She is more salary and I'm glad OK death like that way. You know so it's not easy that's for sure. You know. You know he's and times. A lot of things I didn't like. About playing forum but I must say things that I didn't like. We're all. In regard to getting the team better and I respected. So. You know I didn't like tracks in the snow and it Mike Tyson in the rain that was gonna make us a better football team. That was gonna make me a better football player. It wasn't easy. And he was he'd be the first to admit that at the ring ceremony that it wasn't it wasn't easy plane. And. You know the silver lining is that if you wrapped it makes him. So interesting stuff from Danny Amendola com. Your reaction to that day and me talk about not liking practicing in the rain and snow it just kind of slaps him. I really doesn't want to work all of that hard I mean said the right things in terms of you know it's to make us better and all that. Okay them what's your complaint. It's to make you better and to make you win and if you win you make more money so what's your real complaint here. You to practice in the rain in the snow that's just hard work. Get over yourself. I mean. I really liked what he had said. I liked the player he did a good job he was never a top player wide receiver here. You know 65 catches most he ever had here I the only played sixteen games wants. In New England mom and twice in his entire career for that matter but. Did the stuff that I found more interesting is coming up a little bit. You know I I just kind of look to the goat remained coming up that we had all of that was all the selling half was an ally of the Malcolm by herself all. We have that sound to match. Because I don't know what we have the British react to what he said what you just react to. A guy that's what we can read it. What he said there. I I don't have I'm certainly not gonna criticize bill certainly not know Tom he doesn't yesterday a it's tough chip. It's a tough program you know I mean he's admitted to do to make them most amount of money I have no problem with him going someplace else to make more money. I've no prom feeling a little bit slighted if you feel like this place is gonna pay you what you work but every other team is gonna pay you would you at least think your words I have no problem would that. But the comments about basically just want to work that hard. That that's should bother you a little it should bother you little I would think that he'd probably like to have Allen back. I love so I really hope that was the -- sound a little whiny way set yet he came off a little bit yeah and I didn't like practicing in snow and I like price or let me say this. I am I love Dave Campbell what he did for that team. Luck he said that I know what that guy it's only guy. Hi is not soft that guy is a Frick and he's dog he's a hard nosed mentally tough. Producer. And that is who he is and he was great for this team he. Did you know he had taken a pay cut long enough and he was done yeah I don't blame mom but that the bitching just in the whining S about. Working hard in practice in the arena practicing in the snow. That annoys the hell enemy. You're getting paid millions of dollars and you just don't like practicing in the rain in the sub shop just work hard that's what he's trying to get you to do. To work as hard as you can see at the end of the day you win. That's all that matters to bail is to win a player you you actually make more money when you win. I was a little surprised actually how I hadn't heard those comments. When he said that he can be an A hole sometimes yes I was a little surprised that's where he went. I was surprised he went to they may just practice outside. I got a delegate sold had to say Tom. What was in my is that might have been a little more. Where I was thinking we're shoulder and we have the he had a post on the players' tribute about him going to the giants which we can talk a little bit about little bit. But he said. It was essentially say I Sunday's walk around there you feel like a probe or other days you feel like you to get caught. That is in the most fun to be that environment that kind of uncertainty. Is that a lot of fun. So I thought that was more along lines of where Ammon to all go stuff that I wouldn't have known about feelings that I wouldn't have known about. Com. Instead yeah either you practicing in the cold I mean that's. So I cannot. Yeah I mean this is a guy who wins and he pay you a lot of money you know they so holder's comments make a lot more sense and they resonate with people more because that feeling of for me to get fired powered get a pat on the back and yeah today. Everyone goes through their very an every workforce goes through and you feel like you're doing really well you're doing a good job due to treat and nobody's ever tells you. Yeah that frustrates them yet there's no validation but you you kind of you wonder if he'll under appreciated you feel under you but you always kind of wondered where I stand in you're spending too much time wondering where you stand in so doing the job at hand. Stock to Democrats and then the morning. If you imagine a miserable more experience into the fairway pocketed for a baseball game. Point I mean I oh yes I'm not a maybe. Danny alongside the marathon route tomorrow and fortunately I mean that other. Now they'll be rained out so there probably earlier that tomorrow is correct the let's go to school all other. It's unbelievable. And this story one the greed and started the season the way we wanted to decide to season what. Go down south for a couple of weeks go to doubling down there in a warmup bought an iron it's terrible yep. So a dead so I called up. Bill. I agree with everything you descend on him and bill and they get paid a lot of money do you meet. Now banned it's it's it's a lot of money but to them it's not. You know I mean yeah X. I read the winning is what they're made the patriots and patriots for the last eighteen years people came into get rings they already had their money. What does your rings you know I need you motivation becomes different and you want your money. I realize you guys grab their rings you'll grunt candor ranks he wanted money you know I think they'll take up a grand. Yeah you're you're a 100% right and that's going neither of us have a problem with him taking more money to go to Miami. From that. In that particular one and the other is something to that mediate that I don't think it's on a scale. You know he's just brutally honest and weak weak and so like he can they can't win no matter what makes. Yeah I mean that's fair to a certain extent but if you're going to be honest we're gonna give your honest reaction to wait your honesty was. And paranoid you're kind of being whiny and and yes we want them to be honest. But we also want them to say the right thing at the right time and it isn't going to be honest and we see your true feelings. And you kind of a baby and you're kind of a Weiner then yeah we we're allowed to react that way even know we want you to be honest. If I am an old case. If I think he's an exception because user and you that you paid when you win. Indicate he didn't win any got cut cut cut so are we accepted it and to win. Well I didn't have a god could argue that he preserved and that such a fat. Well while we are they win they get bonuses go to my I was more talking about those are pretty sizable bonus yeah couple 100000 dollars apiece so I was taught him the bonus I know what you're talking about and yes you're right we've seen those players. For years and years get paid and get overpaid. I can always go back I was go back to the cowboys of the mid ninety's when that dynasty surge to crumble a break up. All those guys are getting paid way more than they were worse we've seen that over and over and over. They are very real quick about this week is being cute we don't know Brady is in Dubai Korea it's a weakness in the first Abel PH yeah but I think. The next two weeks will say everything you need to know about where the patriot span. In terms of who showed up Pirro PA good crop isn't there the Brady takes a whole week topic saying he's quote to just missed tomorrow. And then be there. If you and bill all week I think you get up need to story going on and what they're going to do in the draft 'cause I only Belichick gonna sit around and like say I don't want these guys here premiere run legacy in the start. But cycling and I'll. When deeds do you believe they take a quarterback in the draft. Know. Where that I'm aware no big Tuesday at all did you believe they're gonna take a quarterback in the draft at all. I just think I think they're gonna make a big move for a big player with one of those complex I love the see some elected gave inquiry here they need somebody on defense. You've got to be unexpected pick they're gonna do something with one of those no more picks and bump and also bring in a big time player that forum opened or. I can help now not two years from now. I'm harm somebody damn cars after the called dead a 100% especially with where Tom Brady is that his career we've talked about this but I also think there. Not also I did I think they're taking a quarterback no I am what I mean is I'm a 100% with a moan I I. Feel that that's what they should do what did I just outlined is what they should do I think they're going to take a quarter. I really do I think they're going to. We have to go to break we get back Danny Amendola had comments about Malcolm ball is benching in the super bought that was the most interesting part. Of his conversation with my Greece that's next on the market to show one after point seven WB. Just simply you wanna share what Martin and give them a call at 4017371287. On sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Yeah right clicked. And those types of dollars it's that he answers it. You know. I have my thoughts about it because you know I was out there you know. You know put my blood sweat and tears out on the field that night it one of our best players wasn't on the field game. It's issued I don't know why. I did ask I didn't get any answers and you know like I can't make decisions like that so I don't really necessarily worry about it. I don't Malcolm's a great player and he could help to us. For whatever reason he wasn't there so. You know he's gonna play that he's gonna play more football in his career. And it is gonna be a great player for a long time and I know. It's going to be tough line up against it. OK. Welcome back marking kitchen. On a three point seven WEI. That was Danny Amendola talking in my Greece about Malcolm Bulger's benching fours are 17371287. Is the phone number. Have a lot to say about those comments but first battle where you have the floor Borchardt take away from that part of the conversation. I think it shows you that a lot more people were frustrated about what the hell happened that night and disappointment him bail. I think it's obvious we've been speculating time and time again why he didn't play whether as a punishment there is a game plan or scheme what was going on why. Why is his vision made. Clearly the players don't know and if if you're leader doesn't give you the answers when you fail as to. Why the team failed or why this decision was made then you're going to be incredibly frustrated you're gonna lose faith in you gonna lose trust in your leader. And I think that's clear what's going on right now. Do you think the way the Super Bowl played out and Malcolm bought work. Not playing and the lack of an explanation did that have anything to do with some of these guys who left. At all or is just financial. News. Now I think it's just finance you look at the guys who left they all got a lot more money than they're gonna get here there was no guy they've looked at and go well the mine is about the same why do you wanna leave. Emmett Till it got more money than he was gonna get your sobered up more money than he was gonna get here Dion Lewis got more money than he was gonna get here those guys albeit those Almonte. That was our money and I'm sure. They sub one things that Danny said no the way you're treated by bill. Doesn't. Help the situation for the in favor of the patriots. So if you're gonna get more money and you feel like you're gonna be happier and less to lonely little bit you're gonna go there you're gonna go there. You get an in you're gonna get an opportunity that you know you're not gonna get here so. Money is the real reason why these guys left its money. But the way the Super Bowl went down doesn't help anyone doesn't help anyone's feelings. About the organization doesn't help anyone's feelings about bill and the way they're treated. Acted honestly. And nobody really got an explanation for it. You know he's a brother bars it was a rather cars a year and you know I I hate to I hate this guy. Who worked so hard throughout the season. Not get a chance to play in the biggest game in the years. And really get no explanation so. That's I don't know how old you know the business aspect. We went into that decision and other personal aspect. To that decision to him. You know as a friend. And I would have loved to see you feel that. Here here's my other problem too is that when the message is constantly preached to you do your job do what's best for the team. And the person that's preaching that doesn't practice. It doesn't do what's best for the team and put the best guy out there for the team you're gonna be really fractured about what's gone and and you get a tune now. That's the biggest worry is that guys start to tune bill out. Now bill still has the cash day of in the greatest head coach of all time and will. Not hesitate to cut someone he feels isn't giving their all or participating or doing what's best for the team he will do that. You're gonna to now it's tiny human nature when you're told to do one thing for very long time. And you do it and the guy who's telling you to do that doesn't do it himself into and out. You lost. You know what I'm I'm just realizing something. And and I I have a question. What if if so our whole thing and I'll speak for myself and you can remind me of your position. My whole time or this whole time. I have fought. That did I agree with Malcolm butler's benching no I didn't agree with that a bomb. Did I think that Malcolm what was benching cost in the Super Bowl. Org or was I going to crush bill for benching Malcolm Boller no and I dated because. I put my faith in bill that if he was going to sit welcome Butler. There must have been a reason. That he sat Malcolm but we heard rumors. On what was your position on that did you think that I thought. The reason it had to be some kind of punishment I have to be so one way or another there was some kind of thing that was punishment here for bad behavior at some point or come in late. Or something there was not just I can't abide that it was just a game plan decision I am I. So not only. Not only did bill I think cost the team is suitable because. Of his lack. Of communication and he's pork communication you know forget about butler's ability to cover and tackle which they could have certainly used I forget about that I'll give you the past. Because I'm assuming there was a reason. Forget about the lack of communication. Which I think cost the patriots to Super Bowl because. Look on your biggest day on the biggest day of your life. You'll want surprised you're getting married right you getting married at some point some. You don't want some big surprise tonight for the web on the big step late Elijah tells me she is Ted yes lets you dole won a big surprise. The patriots got a big surprise that the moment they found a knuckleballer was playing in the Super Bowl and bill did not handle that appropriately tech. And I think that's why it especially look at what was their biggest doubtful on that game tackle the most physical part of the game. The most mentally exhausting part of me trying to tackle another human is strong big human being that's what cost him more than Malcolm and not be grounds there inability it'd tackle unfinished they they were you we heard of from Danny Amendola we heard from them according they felt a certain way about ball not being on that field there are looking over their shoulder there no explanation. But here's my question and the biggest. The biggest mr. You do what's best for the team right bill that's what he always does what's best for the team and so will give you the benefit of the doubt that he did what was best for the team. And he bench Malcolm Butler because he had a reason to there was a reason that he got benched. What good does it do you. If you'll tell anybody what the reason us. What were you sending a message. What you're doing it nobody knows why he was benched other players on the team. Now maybe he's going to wait until this year's team is final and then tell I don't know but it nobody knows the reason. That you bench Malcolm Butler. What was the point of Bengie nobody knows there's no message receipt. So all that happened was you benched a really good player guy whose talent could've helped you in the game but they didn't because you bench them. So eating get his talents eating get to use his physical abilities in the game and whatever message you're trying to send didn't get across because you tell anyone why he was bench whether or so what are you doing that is not. Daddy's not what was best for the team because nobody got the message and nobody got to play a lot site Malcolm Boller heating get to help them win the game. Whether nobody benefited that's not best for the team whether it's punishment. Or game plan you should at least explain yourself to a certain regard you don't have to give away everything to your players you just don't have to you're paid to make the decisions we get that. But if it's punishment you kind of wanted to explain this is what happens when you step out of money when you do this. You can't miss the super ball. Or if its game plan and its team you you kind of explain and you walk them through your thought process as to why because. The worst single team can do the worst thing a leader can do is have the people underneath him lose respect and trust them. The worst thing that can happen new team once they lose respect and once they lose trust it's over it's done. You either have to blow the entire team or you gotta go to another team yourself. Does not gonna work so you have to released. Say something to him you can't just walk by and the fact that you won five Super Bowls and go wow I make the decisions that that. You got to let people in you gotta explain to them it's a teaching moment for not only for yourself but for the team. You can explain it's fine it's there adults. If they can't handle it the McCain namely you get rid of them. That's fine. If it was probably his worst moment as a manager. Not understanding that the Super Bowl army and I'm not gonna seek and understand but not giving enough credit to the back. Acted Super Bowl is a different animal. And you got to treat I mean look. If the best man of the wedding. Goes they wall. The night before or tells you that he's leaving port can't be at the wedding or will miss the wedding. He better have a damn good explanation or else relationships are gonna be fractured. I mean better BA game good explanation he just up and leave in the wedding fourteen hours before the charm. Bill. You know NATO decision that was gonna impact a lot of people was gonna make people feel a certain way. And this now this wasn't a wedding you can still muscled through the wedding without the best match this is super bore everybody's relying on everybody else. I don't understand. Why you wouldn't. Held the players which is clear he didn't now again I don't know if they've been together I don't know if you look at it say they've gone to bed angry. I would think at some point he has major addresses. People are still on the court the teen's mind it has to be addressed he's got to do it at some point training camp the first meeting I don't know went. Com. He's going to address it he passed to the team he's not gonna do it at the podium he's not gonna give all of us the satisfaction maybe we'd hear something through. Guys talking in the locker room but he's not gonna talk to talk about with the media but he has to address the elephant has become too big I don't. Blame him and I don't expect him to not explain it to the media the fans. Now we know it's the player golf course you owe it to the order of this quote great year. I lost. A lot Cornell it was I took my blood sweat and tears out of that field. And one of the best players wasn't on the field exactly right. That's how they felt. You owe it to the players to the guys who were practicing all yearlong in the snow in the cold freezing their fingers off like David Miller into. It's not like it's high school or college. You know him saying where you you kinda how. Have to punish them. Because it's teachable moment for young men and young women where you're kind to you how it works you know what you're not saying in that scenario we're all adults here. These are adults these third overall man these are doubts you can guess you can't control the way they react. You can control the way you react to their reaction. And if they're act poorly done or not the right person of the team you move on from whatever it is. This is just it just bad leadership does badly she leadership and that's not something we very often if ever say I think there's been. To real times when we looked at this ego bad leadership from know about it. Right to. This and then lawyer Malloy. Now metal Cutler Malloy was the right decision for the team. But he didn't communicate everyone is pissed at them that was a moment where he could have explained it and he didn't they got past that they won the Super Bowl that year. I'm not leaving us I'm not even going there. But that doesn't deal in two examples. And do that other one is kind of and maybe works maybe it doesn't work that's it. Other than that as a leader there hasn't been really that many complaints about him. They don't like the fact that they don't get paid as much they showed fine I understand that he's trying to build a team. And he needs some people to make sacrifice to make the team as good as possible. But when you have a moment like this were you don't explain to anybody on the team what your decision while I was. And it's a decision that affected the entire team and they lost the Super Bowl because of it. Yeah those people remember I'm gonna start rolling their eyes they're gonna lose respect and not gonna paid nearly as close attention just what happens it's just human nature. That's how works. Once the leader has lost the Rome Rome doesn't potential enemy. And that's an example. Set. Bad leadership. That leadership nets one moment. Maybe two moments. Out of damn near twenty years reloaded and go wall that's that's really that. That was down. That's it. Yeah the the problem I mean war Malloy diplomas that was really bad leadership had a really bad time. The Moya Juan and all this out really bad time for badly but that's what it was you were not able to ascertain that this is not. The waited this is not the way to handle this. And we don't look there is it's indefensible. The whole bomb. Well we don't know what's going on. We don't so well how are we to judge what bill did it did or didn't do with Malcolm Boller we don't know what's go we don't know what happened. Unfortunately though nobody else does so nobody knows what happened. Yeah does it does nobody any of the problem that we don't that the prom with us we there is no real problem with us not knowing what goes on. They're easy guests were curious we want to know we wanna talk about it the problem is if the players that play the game don't now. But you say sometimes the media and it's our job you can AKA can end up a little bit unfair for example. Where crushing each sold are crushing meets older he's he not playing well he Sox what happened on his players just dropped off. And we do know that he was dealing with cancer his son was dealing with cancer I mean all these heartbreaking things he's going there. In the meantime work crushing. You don't know what the guy could be going through a guy here. We don't know could have gone on. But the problem is nobody else knows the players don't know the people directly affected don't know so the rich as it is ball. Imply it's totally fair because it's one thing for us not to now Tom. But the players don't meet some of the national. Some you've got to if you if you're gonna bench arm I mean what was it so personally you he's afraid to say some. Joining me in my I I know what you mean. When it's no enjoy getting out he slept with bills golf you know I don't know without now. Susan had Delonte West LeBron not mom's situation I'm sick irony what could be so. I mean you have to go and every nook and cranny. But you've got to give the players something. As to why this happened. Or else they'll just think dorsal. Even if it's simply just well it has to be a little bit more than just saying we thought this guy gives us a better charted out you have to is that my next question if I'm in the room as. Why did you think Rowe gives us a better chance than Butler. And you kind of worried about offending robot at the same you want to know the answer. As to why if if you get caught with drugs and blow up at the coaches know prom you'd have to say. You know Malcolm broke some rules and blew up at the coaches. He was out too late he got in trouble with the police you don't have to tell that he was caught would this drug had this many ounces and we've been telling you don't what that. I don't know what happened but you've got to give the players something if they're very dull it said. I mean this would be a totally different conversation vandal had said yeah I. I don't really know he told us something but it was a BS explanation. At least he tried to tell you some not telling you anything it's inexplicable. Because like I said there's no way you could argue the Dow was best for the team by pitching camp not having his skill and talent and experience out on the field. We don't you get in with a guy that won you a Super Bowl once upon a time was a Pro Bowl player all pro player wants Obama not having him out there. While the defense is getting shredded and then. Not at least having the message get. Sent. I mean you you betcha that's a huge message and nobody understands why yet you punished him by benching him. What's the point of doing that if you're not gonna use that as an example what ever really know what other recently. Because it was a if I mean. The only reason you can punish someone like that and you bench him like that. Is to send a message to everyone else and it is unacceptable and not gonna play if you do this and the reason we think it was a it was a punishment because they were getting destroyed. And you never can never came into the game if he came in the second half human like OK at least you can understand. Or are you had a bigger taller guy Eddie taught to do a better job against Al John Jeffrey. OK right your wrong but I at least understand the thought process or or if the game had been played in the teens. All all day I was going OK no defense is really getting exposed and OPEC. They're the butler's replacement is playing five and it's the game losing control here but they were getting this I mean it was the worst performance I've ever seen defensively. Embarrassing. It leaves scars left and right that was the worst defensive performance in the history of the Super Bowl in history of playoff football in the history of high school I mean it was just so bad. We could all Q simultaneously. And this was just. Not having him come into the game. Is what tells me it was some sort of punishment obviously. So was in a matchup was in this match shop or whatever it was in any of those things 'cause he would have come in because your second. On a historic level to nick faults. Not if so that makes us say it was a punishment and if nobody knows why he was punished the message doesn't get. Doesn't get out there and all that does is her she'll. Which hurts the team. And you know and just kind of for those people that think Belichick is just arrogant or too damn arrogant. Here's more evidence on that's another evidence point is that. He doesn't feel like he owes it to the team to explain it to them yeah isn't really goes on to explain it to them. Derek and yeah. So if that's what you think about bill and I I understand that I don't necessarily think that really is the case it probably is to a certain extent. Hey that plays right into that narrative yes that's it those just too damn we inflating the sound he did have a press conference this week in sick much wanted to focus on the draft. But it's clear he. He's never gonna bring this up to the media again. It'll never happen again to the media it'll happen hopefully in the locker room plot may be once the team is assembled or at least the start of trying to. Tom when everybody's there. He hops to address he asked. As I did get worse you have to pull your boy who you think your team leaders are your captains so to speak. Yet to pull those guys so I don't think I mean yeah you can work. Serious sag but I think that's the everybody I think or tuba players had not just for the guys who were there yeah for the guys who are no for the new guys you can't have. I don't want any preconceived notions of me. I knew everybody needs got the same page I think to address everybody the patriots uniform I agree but at worst you tell a cap out works at worst a tell our captains meal like. This is sensitive information this is what happened now you know why or maybe give the captains a little more detail and then just address. The biggest and more generalities what you're doing in that situation is your your building ol' ball in front of you. So when other players complain at least the captains now on the captain's gonna step in and heard that before it ever gets the bail that's what you're doing that's the whole point of doing. Yeah letting in a small number of people know so they can protect you in insulate you from. And instead. You get the wild wild west here but this team where no one knows what's going around. Aren't we got to go to break we get back mom I want to bring up the under the giant documentary HBO that's next markets will be. All right back here marking kitchen marking kids in show wanna two point seven W ya. I'll real quick I wanna bring up the Andre the Giant documentary which dropped last week. Dez Bryant you want him patriots. Outside the cowboys this week at first as a lump slightly intrigued and I don't realize no he's not that good. He had one mere drop off and play over the last three C he had gone really really good season and Tony Romo and after that he hasn't been any good it's funny it I'd treated this. It's for the patriots fan and they got Cordero powders Patterson this year. If you ever got Dez Bryant it would be like when A-Rod dated Madonna many many many years after probably. Having some crush on the singer when she was huge and when she was hot. And now he gates or wait later when she's not nearly as just look to fulfill some titles in fantasy this I mean when these guys were coming out of the draw I remember they were the hot flashy sexy. The one of the patriot fan base Paterson Bryant. I forget who the patriots took instead of them. Like I hear dating take Dez Bryant I think they got a good what year did he get drafted 1211. They got a good player a year that was the Neitzel here you can check but I am I mean look if the money if he played for nothing. Well I think that I think they've brought many would necessarily make the team what I like to see him come in I'd sure. He's a bigger receiver I would see the I would like to see how he would perform with Tom Brady throwing him the ball. But I don't think it's a guy that I would pursue for Rosh sleep. Williams 20102010. They drafted Devin court and the rocks that's why they got good players that's not a it was. Spot yet behind where data plan remember do there's the talk of moving up to try I think what's it somewhat of a surprise you still available. Yet he wasn't just to be available in the twenties and went 2.4 yeah. And in 27 was McCourt aka an irritated a draft pick and draft a guy. I you know. The Obama team is not that good yet they're that good for a long time. He's got it just doesn't really score doesn't make atomic catches either. 69 catches 5031. Last three years. That's not good before that use very good 889392. And that's when news double digit touchdowns 1213 sixteen to lead the NFL. But since then he hasn't been any good. Don't need and he was a pain in the ass on that team use crying because Tony Romo had a better relationship would Jason Witten a tight end. And all the histrionics on the sideline him is he's just a huge distraction he would not fit here or Needham don't want them. A don't need to. You would you want a thirty year old thirty year old wide receiver who's been getting worse for us Lashley Ayers is flashy name. Do I think he won't contribute anywhere in the league is his career over no but I don't think you need him appear. Now however gimme all pro guy. OK so before we go here that document I thought was her first ought not wrestling now that Andre the Giant was so big. I know I've under the I knew what I wanted to watch what did you think you're more wrestling. I thought it was really good I I could've been 2530 minutes longer there's lot of stuff they left on the table com. I really liked the narrative about the myths surrounding him. You know but his size and he's got two rows of teeth he's got to hearts like that was really interesting because you can kind of understand why people would think that has never seen someone that it. I've seeing. Asked what players have been in person would damn you know they're very tall it's weird. But they're also really skinny for the most part they look bigger on TV when you see this guy. He looks so much bigger than ever announced there's one picture they didn't show it's a very famous picture it's Arne. On the right is under the giant on the left is Wilt Chamberlain in the middle is Andrei. Arnold Schwarzenegger. And they're just holding him up. Now will it was a legit X 720 yeah and he's just a hair taller than under now what was the big guy to even for being so importers big solid used wide. Hundred towards him he looks like to move wilt Chamberlain's standing there and easily picking up Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know there's that there's some of the stuff there that they miss that I thought they could have put in their it was excellent. And even my fiancee. You know one point put down the iPad to watch out and understand what the hell's going on of this guy. Sad it was really set was out when he got to a point where he's refusing medical care. It's like a hot men I mean I'm not even talking about his career like his life he just didn't want. I think you just kind of was tired. Of said just a constable and when the stories they didn't tell about that back they told about the back surgery but one of the surge does Thursday didn't say was. They were trying to figure out how much anesthesia to give him. Is it never doubt someone that big before. And he didn't really know how would you know so. They started asking how much alcohol. Does it take to get to draw. And you saw the documentary drinking is the most legendary drinker of all time how much she actually needed to get drunk was at a minimum sixty years. Just to get drunk. So they had to figured out balance it based often what is alcohol intake had to. Just so bizarre such an interesting life that. I don't know I was always fast they were under when I was a kid because that was about the time was like three or four years old and under and Hogan were going wrestle mania three in a gap is bigger than life. And I'm a huge fan of the princess bride it's my favorite movie is all time it's being. And I mean it and do our good friend. And now. You sit down by in my even as it is good movie series yet it's just an American chick flick. It is eight here's why I say it's the best date movie of all time. Because there's enough for both of for both of yeah it's a it's a love story but there's not oh there's a good amount of action a good amount comedy. Odd those those are you the animal it's your eyes watching your wife she wouldn't hate that's what are the best date movie. Because he'll be into you'll laugh at some of the stupid stuff she'll be into it because there's a good love story in the middle of I read something about. When he in his later years he really get into the home shopping network yeah I doubt what they can touch down and out that was intersect there's so many interest in parts of it. The stuff on the plane I mean think about all the traveling he did with. And an hour flight made the point in the documentary I think that fourteen hour flights in 1987. Are what they are today now obvious BC you know the amenities weren't there. And you can't just I would've loved to have seen him purse just reach it I saw the big show in person doesn't he's human being I've ever seen in person. And he discovers even bigger. That story than just sad that sort about being on the plane yours at those fourteen hour flight to Japan. And he can't. Listen in any big person can't really fit in those bathroom stalls they have. He couldn't fit fit to close the curtain surrogate in a bucket. How large is human being it's. As we here at the wheel chair look at see they got nine of the photos talking about yet that is insane. Schwarzenegger he looks like a major and Schwarzenegger is like 6162. He's a big guy right. A major. And they look tiny he looks tiny compared to the two of them. And see you see what I mean by Wilt Chamberlain big solid dude fairly muscular big shoulders under looks a tool to. It was fascinating to me a whole whole cold and dynamic was really good arm but it was just yet I I thought it was also. I was it was disappointing. But the fact it was it's like a nice guy sweet gentle giant was. And we should talk more bowel the that mythical like trial with the Redskins yet Ray Allen was. The head coach the time and yes it was a PR stunt but he was legitimately interest in him because he's never seen someone that big. And that strong. Alia yes it was a PR supposition was he trying to play a defensive tackle Gergen put on a deal line and just get your hands up and block every pass it comes throw. Com. Guess there was a PR stunt element to and they mentioned that but there was a legitimate. Level of interest there because. Has freaked you've never seen anything like it before. Who's gonna block them who's gonna stop him is you could at that age you so much bigger and stronger than ever. Incredible story. He is like real life go by. Yeah. Yet she game. I mean it did feel I know Heatley his life was cut short unfortunately he died at 46. But it did feel like in this is actually something that's sort of impress me he he squeezed everything out of the toothpaste tube. That he had in terms of his wrestling career and he tried dated as long as he could. And got everything he could out of it and the ages his body betray avenues to mr. hitters once or they didn't tell. Craig has the other guy involved and it has since passed away as well but there's these guys as late seven these guys were bothering him Andre in a bar. There's like four guys there's bothered him nuisance and you've got drunk and he was pissed. He goes outside basically chases them outside they all get into their car that in the car and starts trying to leave under picks up the rear and the Carson they can't drive. As a rewrote just picked up so it couldn't drop just shown a bigger and battered and don't ask leave me alone. Literally. It's not like humans don't action knowledge humans can do or should be able to do. All right so we are going to. Next week we'll have a lot of discussion. About the draft the NFL draft is not this Thursday the following Thursday. Working on a guest might have a guest next week. Leading into the draft were planning on having a guest. The garden that is. Some people here we're gonna look throughout locations you know that kind of thing and we'll get guess there's some interviews Iraq. My part but next we will folks on the draft we'll see the Bruins this year's bee wrapped up by then where the Celtics stand and how hot the Red Sox. Will they still be as hot as they are right now we'll see where they're at next week. For another marking kitchen show 13 point seven W yeah.